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30 May 2017 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 15:00 GMT+2


the 14 june to Milan the public assembly of the Lombardic Association Shippers and Haulers
will be centralized on the topic "motor Milan and the Lombardy of Italy also in the logistics and the transports"

To Rome has carried out a convention on the topic "Marine sediments characterization, dredging, treatment and res-use"
propedeutico Event of RemTech Expo 2017

26 May to Ravenna will hold according to national forum on safety in the ports
Is organized from the Angopi in collaboration with the Body of the Harbour offices and Federagenti

Friday a meeting of Propeller Club of Venice on the topic "Euradria: beyond the container"
Is organized in collaboration with ATHENA and the University of Trieste

Course in Right of Navigation and the Transports organized from Propeller Club of Salerno
the fourth edition will be inaugurated friday

3 May to I confront on the opportunities offered from integration between the ports of La Spezia and Carrara
Convention from the Objective title ": hub logistic"

Mission of the The International Propeller Clubs in Greece for I confront between shipping Italian and that Greek one
Today to the port of the Pireo has reached first nourished group of 250 Chinese crocieristi

sustainable Logistic Conference ". The role of the ports, interposing to you and the road haulage"
will hold 3 May near the Interporto Europe Quadrant

Confronto on the Triennial Operations plan of the ports of Naples, Salerno and Castellammare
will hold 20 April to the Marine Station of the partenopeo harbour port of call

Propelling Club of Livorno has organized an encounter with Bruno Musso, president of the Grendi group
In its last book, "the Heart in Port", the shipping shipper/travels over again the history of the portualità and the Italian marine transport

Propelling Club of Trieste examines the opportunities offered from the governance only of the ports of Trieste and Monfalcone
exceptional Disembarkation in the monfalconese port of call graces to a new crane of the Harbour Company

Tomorrow to the Palace of the Stock exchange of Genoa will hold the public assembly of Spediporto
In program the participation of the candidates to the next local elections

12 April to Rome will hold a workshop on the harbour reform and the innovations for the marine cluster
Is organized from Assocostieri and Confcommercio Enterprises for Italy

Convention of Propeller Club of Genoa on the liquidators of damages
will tomorrow hold to the Galata Museum of the Sea

Friday to Salerno a round table in order to discuss about the future development of the ports of Naples and Salerno
Is organized from Propeller Club of the two of Campania cities

Tomorrow to Livorno will hold According to National Forum on the Portualità and the Logistics
Incontro on the topic "Portualità, logistic marine transport and: the Italy that it changes in the world that it changes"

Al via to Cagliari a plan in order to identify solutions to the problem of the sand fill of the ports
Tomorrow the public event of launch with the participation of the interested institutions and the stakeholders

Thursday to Naples the convention "regeneration of the waterfront harbour: Naples and Trieste experiences to I confront"
Is organized from Propeller Club of Naples and Trieste

11 April to Roma Confetra will introduce the volume "When Italy of the transports was born"
the book recalls the birth of the general first floor of the transports Italian

Propelling Club of Venice has organized a convention centralized on the profession of the marine raccomandatario
will hold 4 April to Mestre

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