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25 February 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 12:37 GMT+1


Marina di Carrara, workshop "Port and city: school, culture, formation, job, atmosphere. The challenges for the future"
Thursday in the within of the program of Porto Lab Academy will hold

From the 9 on 12 April to Genoa the first edition of the Economy Blue will hold Summit
The event will explore all the activities that use the sea, the coasts and the grounds as resources for industrial activities and the development of services

Tomorrow to Genoa the convention "Gas and steam: an enemy for safety on the ships"
It is organized from the National College Master mariners and of Car

Tomorrow to Castelvolturno the course "Technical for the conduction of technical systems will be introduced ships"
It has been organized To together form (Confitarma9 to some between the more shipowning large groups of the Campania

To Genoa a workshop on the factors of change in the logistic field, you carry and you transport
One will hold on 31 January near the Chamber of Commerce

Encounter of Propeller Club of Trieste on the perspectives of increase of the city port after the record of 2017
One will hold on 29 January

The 1 and on 2 February to Milan will hold "Shipping, Forwarding&Logistics meet Industry"
The event is promoted by The International Propeller Clubs, Assologistica and supported Alsea and from the Federation of the Sea

Tomorrow to Rome the entitled convention "the way of the development. Market and customs between controls and opportunity"
"Nova Itinera - Covered of the right in XXI the century" is organized from the legal magazine and from the National Council of the Customs brokers

The program of the assembly of Federagenti
The appointment is in order on 13 December to Rome

Thursday in the port of Genoa will hold an organized convention from the Logistic Section, Transports and Shipments of the ANIMP
The event on board of ro-ro portacontainer "Jolly Quarzo" of the Messina group

Monday the MIT will introduce position paper "the Actions for throws again of the aerial cargo"
For the first time it faces thematic of the transport the goods for aerial way in systemic way

Assotir saturday will propose the associations of the road haulage to tighten a pact for throws again of the field
The proposal in the course of the third national conference of the organization

Agreement between the Authority and Bank of Naples of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central
Thursday to Naples in the course of an encounter on the topic of Special the Economic Zones will be introduced

Assoporti has convened in order on 12 December a public programmatica assembly in order to examine the topics of the portualità
Of Augustin: we are working because this event is the beginning of a new course

On 20 November to Livorno a convention on the role of Customs
It is organized from Propeller Club Port of Leghorn

Wednesday to Naples a convention on the economy of the sea
Is organized from Propeller Club of Naples and Salerno with the Order of the Commerces graduate of Naples

Today to Salerno I convene "the reform of the harbour job"
Is organized jointly from Propeller Club of Salerno and Naples

Wednesday to Naples will be introduced the book "NapoliPorto. The new city"
is centralized on the relationship port-city in its various aspects and its complexity

13 December to Rome will hold the assembly of Federagenti
faced Verranno the topics of the portualità

26 October to Venice will hold States general of the Logistics of the Northeast
will be signed a position paper strategic for throws again of the logistics of the region

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