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March 30, 2012

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Of container, in this case empty, it has been discussed today to Genoa

Organized convention from the C.I.S.Co., the Genoa jib Port Center and the Department of Economy and Quantitative Methods of the University of Genoa

The container is the means prince with which they give to some decade the nations, goods and producing the enterprises and the communities of exchange. Being become an element hinge of the world-wide transport, about container it is spoken from many years. One refers but to the container full, never to those empty ones. They have tried to make up for to this gap the C.I.S.Co. (Council of Intermodal Shipping Consultants), the Genoa jib Port Center (GPC) and the Department of Economy and Quantitative Methods (DI.E.M.) of the University of Genoa organizing a convention on the empty topic "Container "not graces"" that one has held this morning to the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa.

The opinion inforMARE

We do not know of the future political ambitions of Paolo Pissarello. Therefore we cannot maliciously frame its phrase in an pre-electoral context.

Taking part to the convention, deputy mayor of Genoa it has evidenced the impact of the harbor traffic on the local community: "this topic - Pissarello has said - for the city of Genoa is very heavy, for the citizens is very heavy".

Perhaps it cannot be said that, rimarcando the second part of the phrase, Pissarello have left to intend that the communal administration listens to the voice of the residents more than that of the port and its citizen-workers. The underline cannot not even not be catalogued of deputy mayor as an retort to proclaims of the director of Assiterminal that - speaking about the difficult relationship between the city and the port - has declared: "I am with the port". Neither we can diagnose that the syndrome Nimby (Not in my back yard) has contaminated Pissarello. Certainly it seems that between city and port, which put in a spot, deputy mayor it would choose the city.

However, fortunately, us it does not seem necessary to resort to a method of "triage" in order establishing which patient goes saved for first: if lend aid to the port or the city. It is necessary but to bear in mind that to Genoa in-patient is a couple of siamesi binoculars: if one dies, the other dies. If one of the two is not in health, also the other of it suffers. Port and cities are legacies indissolubly, willy-nilly.

We are therefore attention not to try to recover one of the binoculars maintaining the other in agony.

Bruno Bellio
Cue in order to introduce the debate, moderated from the secretary of the C.I.S.Co., Jordanian Bruno Guerrini, has been the graduation thesis "empty the economic and territorial impact of the container" (Parodi) that it evidences the importance of the corrected management and positioning of the container parks in order to return the logistic chain efficient and, above all, for appropriately feeding of container empty the marine-harbor traffic.

The importance for the marine modality of the container, empty full load or that is, is emphasized by the managing director of the Ignazio Messina & C. Spa: "the container is a ship piece", it has observed Ignazio Messina, and it has remembered that also the container empty "pays less" (of the full loads - has specified - but they pay).

The shipowning group Messina terminalista work also as and is careful therefore to that it happens is on the docks that to their shoulders. Ignazio Messina has rimarcato the importance of localization of the parks container to the aims of the development of the traffic containerizzato in the ports. In particular, if of Genoa the areas of storage to beyond Apennines - it has explained - cannot be considered a retroporto for their distance from the docks.

The remarkable consistency of the enlivened empty volume of container from the Italian ports is evidenced by the director of Assiterminal (Italian Association Terminalisti Harbor), Luigi Robba: if to Genoa it is little more of 20% of the total traffic, to is of the 22-25%, to Livorno of the 20-22%, to Savona it represents a more important quota and to Venice it is arrived also to 70%.

Deputy mayor about Genoa, Paolo Pissarello, it has spoken about the co-existence difficulties of the port and the city. Also emphasizing that the communal administration must manage many confrontations, it has confirmed that also the ancillary services, between which the areas of storage of the container, "they must find solutions".

Of attention to the areas for the container, instead, Genoa of it has classified little. At least this is the impression of the president of the Harbor Authority, Luigi Merlo: "the spaces for the empty ones that were outside from the port (task to Fiumara and the Erzelli) have been closed, in controtendenza regarding the Italian panorama (task to with Saint Stephen Lean)". If on one side Merlon has remembered the difficulty to retrieve to Genoa areas for storage of the container, from the other it has found also the resistance found during definition of the Flat Communal Urbanistico to characterize such spaces.

Also according to the president of the Harbor Authority, the areas beyond mountains do not constitute a solution: for beyond Apennines - it has explained - "we do not have to tell them them", the problems are the costs (with collapse of the hires - it has remembered Merlon - cost more to transport a container to beyond the Apennines that to send it in Asia).

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