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April 17, 2012

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In the 2011 fleet of Hamburg Süd it has transported approximately 3,1 million container (+9%)

Inferior economic performance to the waits. For 2012 attended a result "not still satisfactory"

Last year the fleet of portacontainer of the shipowning group German Hamburg Süd has transported volumes of cargo pairs to a total of approximately 3,1 million container teu, with a next progression to 9% regarding 2010. Particularly consisting - Hamburg Süd has explained - they have been the volumes on the routes from Asia and satisfactory performances are supplied also by the services intra-Americans and transpacifici, while the activity in the Mediterranean have produced turned out inferior to the expectations so like the exports from Brazil, hindered from the appreciation of the domestic currency.

The Germanic company has announced to have recorded in the 2011 stable installments of hire regarding the level of the year precedence. However, which effect of the weakening of the dollar, last year the generated revenues of the group from the line services, acts with the German brand Hamburg Süd and that Aliança Brazilian, are increased of 6% approximately attesting itself to 4,2 billion euros. With the inclusion of the turnover produced in the fields of the transport of loose liquid bulk and goods, in which the group work with the Rudolf marks To. Oetker (RAO), Furness Withy (Chartering) and Aliança Bulk (Aliabulk), the revenues of the 2011 have totaled altogether 4,8 billion euros (+7%), with the contribution of 303 million from field tramp (- 9) and of 283 million euros from other asset (+77%).

Hamburg Süd has announced that the result of 2011 has turned out beneath of the forecasts and light inferior to that of the exercise anniversary precedence. "Meaningfully inferior" - it has specified the company - it has been the result generated from the line services.

In 2011, centoquarantesimo year from the foundation of Hamburg Süd, the German group has given job medium to 4.468 people, with an increment of 9% regarding the year precedence. The company has specified that the increment of the staff has become necessary in order to tackle to the increase of the volumes transported from the fleet in 2010 and 2011, but that soon an sensitive increase of the number of the dependant will not happen ulterior.

At the end last year the fleet of Hamburg Süd was constituted by 160 ships (107 employees in the services of line and 53 in the field tramp), of which 43 ships of property of the group. The consistency of the fleet of portacontainer was of 107 units (6 in less regarding 2010) for an ability to hold of 395.000 container teu (advanced to the 371,000 teu of 2010).

Hamburg Süd previews for the exercise a 2012 increment of the result on condition that an increase of the economy and the world-wide exchanges happens, result that however - it has specified - will not be still satisfactory.

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