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May 23, 2012

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At the beginning of 2013 the new logistics center of FERCAM near the Interporto of Bologna will become operating

The intense activities are started some days before

In the first months of 2013 the new logistics center of the company will become operating altoatesina of transports and logistics FERCAM near the Interporto of Bologna. The intense activities for the realization of the center, that they involve an investment of 16,5 million euros, are started some days before with a symbolic blow of pickax on the presence of the mayor of Bentivoglio, Vladimiro Longhi, on whose communal territory rises the Interporto, of the president of the Interporto let alone president of the Union To interpose to you Reunited (UIR), Alexander Ricci, of the logistic responsible for FERCAM, Marcello Corazzola, of the managing director of the society altoatesina, Thomas Baumgartner, let alone of other collaborators of the company.

The new logistics center will cover a surface total of 50.000 square meters on which a system of 38.000 square meters with an internal height of 14 meters for 60,000 places will be realized grape shots with 100 cargo doors for an easy simultaneous refuel/defuel of as many motor vehicles. For the administrative activity and of management 1,500 square meters of offices are previewed.

The new center will go to replace the current logistic system of the company to Bologna, inadequate to tackle to the increasing asks of specialized logistic services. Branch FERCAM of Bologna serves from hub for all the branches of the national net and is an important triage center for the Pan-European net of the company, connecting the region Emilia Romagna to all the greater Italian and European economic markets.

When the new from Bologna system is operating at full speed, the number of current the 42 dependant and approximately 100 assigned to the operations of warehouse and distribution will go up respective 55 and 120 people.

"FERCAM - the logistic responsible for the ' company has declared, Marcello Corazzola - invests in the constant and gradual widening of own logistic net in order to guarantee the vicinity to own customers and the markets of outlet. The market of the logistics is a market in constant evolution with more and more which adulterated requirements; it changes to the thickness and the type of the demanded logistic services from the committenza". On such topic FERCAM it has organized, in collaboration with Interporto Bologna Spa, a convention from the title "Who and because it invests in the next logistics" that the 14 will hold june near the interporto.

"Before the realization of the Interporto, to the half of the Eighties - it has found the mayor of Bentivoglio, Vladimiro Longhi - ours it was a municipality to purely agricultural vocation; the Interporto has carried job and until little time makes had a rate almost nonexistent unemployment. Unfortunately the crisis now is made to feel here also and therefore we are particularly pleased that companies like FERCAM invest on our territory, creating new working opportunities".

The president of UIR and the Interporto of Bologna, Alexander Ricci, has remembered the three main objectives that have been determining for the realization of the interporto: "we wanted to free the city from the heavy traffic, to offer to our manufacturers of the logistic services competitive and specialized and to stimulate the arranged transport; creed of being able to assert not without pride - it has emphasized - that we are successful to reach the fixed objectives wide".

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