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June 15, 2012

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Nel the 2011 increase of the container in from Liguria ports has been of +2.6%

The rate of increase has been inferior to that of the other ports of call of West Med and the ports of the Northern Range

Nell'excursus on the economies of the Italian regions published this month from the Bank of Italy the institute finds like in the 2011 from Liguria ports of Genoa, La Spezia and Savona, having totaled an increase of the traffics of the container of +2.6% regarding the year precedence, has recorded a slightly inferior increment regarding that obtained from the ports of the western Mediterranean of Barcelona, Marseilles and Valencia (+3.0%, based on the data of the European Sea Ports Organisation) and meaningfully more content regarding that of the ports of the North Europe (+7.7%).

The increase recorded from from Liguria ports is due to the port of call of Genoa, where the crisis is grazed the level maximum of handling precedence, and in minor measure to that of La Spezia, where such level already was exceeded in 2010. In the port of Savona you it has been a reduction of the movement of container.

Nel period the 2003-2011 annual medium rate of growth of from Liguria ports (+2.8%) - it has found the Central bank of the Italian Republic - has been pairs at less than the half of that of the ports of call of West Med (+6.3%). In the same period the ports of the Northern Range, that they enliven volumes much more elevated regarding the ports of call of the Mediterranean, have recorded a annual medium increase of +6.1%.

The analysis evidences that in the 2011 total movement of goods near from Liguria ports it has recorded a light decrease (- 0.8%) and that the decrease has been concentrated to La Spezia and Genoa and in the member of the liquid bulk. In the first trimester of the 2012 total traffic of goods ulteriorly it is diminished of -4,8%. In the first trimester of the 2012 single traffic of container in Liguria +0.2% have remained stable (), reflecting the increase near the port of Genoa, compensated from the reduction recorded near the ports of call of La Spezia and Savona.

The excursus of the Bank of Italy other regional harbour truths like that of the Tuscany examine some, where the ports quickly have negatively the slow down of world-wide the economic activity and in the 2011 they have recorded a generalized decrease of the cargo handling expressed in tons, on the whole pairs to the -3,2% on 2010. This result - the analysis explains - is determined by the contraction of the liquid and solid bulk (between which produced oil, metallurgical, coal), only partially compensated from the increase of the other goods, comprised those in containers. The volume enlivened of these last ones, excluded the transfers, is gone up of +2.7%. The number of the passengers has continued to be reduced (- 3.9%).

In Veneto the traffic of passengers in the port of Venice has grown to high rhythms (+8.8% on 2010), in particular in the segment of crocieristica (+11.1%). In the first fleeting trimester of the 2012 movement in the port but it has recorded a slow down.

Nel the 2011 commercial traffics near the harbour ports of call of the Campania are diminished. In the port of Naples a decrease of the goods and container (- 4.2% and -1,1% is recorded respective) that it has more than compensated the increments found in the port of call Salerno province. The traffic fleeting has remained almost constant (- 0.4%), while the number of croceristi has resumed to grow (+14.1%) after the decrease of 2010.

Nelle Marche, last year the traffic of goods in the port of Ancona is diminished of 1.3% (- 2.9% in the year precedence). The traffic of the containers, on the contrary, ulteriorly is increased (+9.3%), reaching the quota 11.0% on the total of the goods enlivened. The number of passengers is diminished of the -6,1%, mainly because of the reduction of the traffic on the ferries, in particular those which connect Greece. The passengers in transit on the ships from cruise (6.5% are increased) that now they represent 9.3% of the total.

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