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26 April 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 09:37 GMT+2

July 19, 2012

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Antonini (Assonave): the 2012 get ready to being numbered between the years of historical minim of the question

Between the elements of worry, the recent acquisition of the double store clerk of Aida Cruises from the Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.

The field of the construction, repair and Italian naval supply still lives a state of criticality. It has evidenced the president of Assonave, the National Association of the Industry, Corrado Antonini, in occasion of the assembly of the association held today to Rome. Antonini, in the relation that we publish in the address book “Forum of the Shipping and the Logistics” has explained that last year the world-wide orders have been attested on 32 million the tons of tonnage compensated, with a decrease of 18% regarding 2010, and that in the first trimester of the 2012 orders five million tslc have been inferior to, with a bending of 24% regarding the same period of 2011. If this tendency had to continue - it has observed - would make to number 2012 between the years of historical minim of the question.

The crisis financial institution, that it has produced a strong slow down of the traffics - has specified the president of Assonave in its relation - in fact has added to the highest volumes of deliveries of new ships between the 2009 and 2011, that they have determined fallen generalizing of the hire installments, having compromised profit of the shipowning companies and consequently the new orders. The slow down of the orders has not interested the solo forehead of the ships standard, but also that of the ships to evolven technology more, included the ships from cruise, with the sun exceptions of the liquefied gas tankers and means dedicated to the offshore one, productions in which excel shipbuilding Korean and Norwegian.

The course of the shipbuilding Italian, though mostly placed in specialized niches, reflects the general course of the crisis of the field: the acquired orders in last year, pairs to approximately 330.000 tons of compensated tonnage, are confronted with average of approximately million tslc acquired ones annually in the period pre-crisis To same stregua the pocketbook orders are come down from 2,8 million tslc to the 885,000 tslc of end 2011.
If it is considered that in the medium term the world-wide question would not have to exceed the 40 million one tslc and that such volumes will have to be confronted with a productive ability that has reached the 60 million one tslc, he completely turns out obvious - it has emphasized Antonini - the entity of the serious sovraccapacità that will plague the field in the years to come.
In such context, the field of the cruises has recorded in a 2011 total of 19,5 million passengers transported world-wise against 18,8 million 2010, with an increment of 3.7%. For the future the forecasts are confirmed positive. However, the fact that in the 2011 is ordered 10 ships against the seven of the year precedence - has admonished Antonini - it does not have to give rise to easy optimisms; in fact in terms of lower berths the tidy units they pile to approximately 23.000 LB against beyond 24.100 LB of 2010. Moreover, an appraisal that puts to I confront the orders of four-year term 2004-2007, before crisis, with those of period 2008-2011, evidences a dramatic trend, with a halving of the number of ships: 51 against 21.

Antonini has evidenced also the always greater commercial aggressiveness of the Asian ship yards that, above all in time of crisis, head to acquire store clerks in the fields of production of excellence of the shipbuilding European Italian and. In such context the president of Assonave has manifested worry for the acquisition of the double store clerk of the Aida Cruises company (group Carnival Corporation) from the Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. to valley of the financing of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation ( of 2 November 2011).

Moreover Antonini has found that in the military section, beside positive results in international field, permane the worry approximately the degree of continuity of the question expressed from the Marina Militare Italiana, whose budget, strongly reduced in the years, ulteriorly is curtailed by the measures of control of the public expense.
The president of Assonave has remembered that the EU commission has undertaken various ways in order to face this critical conjuncture, and through CESA - the European association of the naval constructors - has been possible to obtain more favorable credit policies from the BEAUTIFUL ones and I renew, for biennium 2012-2013, of the Shipbuilding Framework that the concession of aids for the innovation to the European shipbuilding enterprises regulated. Contextually the initiative is started Leadership 2020, in order to design a centralized industrial political new on the development of a sustainable marine transport and on the stimulus to the plans for the exploitation of the renewable marine energies, using the three levers of the finance, the search and innovation and the social policies.
“We have in front of we - Antonini in the margin of the assembly has commented - an ulterior period of difficulty, but also numerous levers, on the industrial, strategic plan and of the search, that we are engaged to activate Alle you leave social we ask to strengthen the engagement on the plan of the productivity and to the institutions to assure support on the normative front and that financial, in particular for the export and the technological innovation. An action coesa represents in fact the indispensable condition for being vital and ready to pick it yields of a resumption of the field, than all we wish arrivals before how much it is not currently possible to preview”.

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