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August 3, 2012

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The Liguria Region anticipates a new site web on infrastructures in plan and under realization on the territory

Analogous monitoring is carried out by Trail Liguria and OTI Nordovest

A new site web for knowing all on infrastructures under realization in Liguria and relative state of advance of the intense activities. The initiative is of the Liguria Region, that it has put online to the address the new site “Infrastructures in Liguria” dedicated to this topic. Today the agency explains that the portal puts on complete information, written in clear way, on every work: from cronoprogramma to the complete cards of the participations with the detail of the economic investments and a synthetic outline on the state of advance of every infrastructure.

Other sites exist already that monitor the state of advance of the plans of the infrastructural works of the Liguria. One is Trail Liguria, an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa in collaboration with Unioncamere Liguria, than to the address a panoramic one puts on on the works in course and those in phase of planning. An other is the Territorial Observatory Infrastructures NordOvest (OTI Nordovest) realized from Assolombarda, Industrial Union of Turin and Confindustria Genoa with the scope to verify with the aid of the site the development of the infrastructural works on the territory of north-western Italy.

Difficult to resist to the temptation to compare the content of sites web that watch the state of execution of plans that the subject promoters of the three initiatives consider essential for the economic and social development of the Liguria. A work between most vital - they agree unanimously in fact - is the Third railway Pass on the line Milan-Genoa, an analyzed plan the last time from Trail Liguria in september 2011, from OTI Nordovest 17th January and Infrastructures in Liguria 20th june. Perhaps because last been born, Infrastructures in Liguria seem not to have memory of the past much to reward with the respect of the times of the plan brands green. For the Liguria Region year zero of the Third Pass, evidently, is yesterday. For OTI Nordovest, instead, the semaphore it is red, since the plan - second the Observatory - anticipates a serious delay in the respect of the times. Trail Liguria is not entrusted to the identifying semaforica in order to express judgments on the tempistica of the plan, but it in detail lists to its iter beginning from 1992. Infrastructures in Liguria and OTI Nordovest are limited to remember the last phases of validation and start of the plan, beginning from the approval of the preliminary planning from the part of the Liguria Region and the Interministerial Committee for Economic Planning in 2003.

Also on the cronoprogramma and the state of advance of the intense activities Trail Liguria it prefers to avoid to supply graphical indications entrusting itself instead to the description of along and difficult I walk covered from the plan, defined also on the article base of prints, but - being dawned to the slid autumn - it does not give news of the more recent and important facts, between which the signature on the contract for the intense activities of the Third Pass on purpose 21 December 2011 from Italian Railway Net and general contractor the COCIV. The cronoprogramma of OTI Nordovest, updated to beginning 2012, it last May previews the start of the intense activities in order and the completion of the work in 2020. The cronoprogramma of Infrastructures in Liguria it renounces to formulate forecasts on the date of completion of the plan. Less laconic it is not the relative voice to the economic resources available and the amount of the intense activities. OTI Nordovest and Infrastrutture in Liguria are of the same warning: the cost of the work is of 6,2 billion euros (the site of precise the Liguria Region that this amount is “Limite di Spesa to Vita Intera of the entire draft high speed/high ability Third party Pass of Giovi”). According to OTI Nordovest, that it evidences the criticalities connected to the economic-financial execution of the plan of the plan, the financings available are pairs to 1,72 billion euros, while for Infrastructures in Liguria “the work turns out only partially at the moment financed for the amount of 500 million euros”. On Trail Liguria there is turning it of figures: doing again to news and declarations which released to it prints in the course of the years, the site proposes the tumult of suppositions, hypothesis, illazioni and forecasts on the cost of the work, that it is impossible to define on such bases.

Specific the Liguria Region that its intention, with the initiative, is “to guarantee transparency and possibility of I confront the citizens” offering a site that “he heads to inform, but also to collect suggestions and observations”. Our suggestion to the regional institution is that guarantor of the correct and punctual execution of the work makes itself rather than umpteenth advisory officer of information that little clarify. Yesterday perhaps not, but today the citizen wants to know how much coast the work and above all that such amount that is effectively corresponded for the execution of intense activities to lead a cronoprogramma second detailed, not second a plan of the times and the amounts that does not define neither ones neither the others.

Bruno Bellio

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