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August 9, 2012

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Assistance of European Bottom FEG to the workers of the ship yards of the Galizia that have lost the job

It has proposed the EU commission in order to help them to find a new occupation

Today the EU commission has proposed to assign resources for two million euro captured from the European Bottom of adaptation to globalization (FEG) in order to contribute to find a new occupation to 450 people employed in companies of the field of the shipbuilding in the region of the Galizia and the induced one that they have lost the job.

Draft of deep demanded from the Spanish authorities and destined to help former workers of 35 small and averages enterprises of the section. Spain in fact has asked the assistance for the FEG in order to tackle to 878 lay-offs happened in factories and companies that in great part produce to metallic structures and elements for the naval industry and the support of the FEG is destined to the 450 workers who have greater difficulty to approach new places of work.

Program, for which a all in cost of approximately three million euro is estimated of which two million coming from the FEG, previews to help the workers offering professional advising and assistance for the creation of new activities, distances of requalification and professional training, measures of accompanyment which the assistance in the occupation search and tutoraggio.

The proposal of the Commission will be transmitted to the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers EU for the approval.

“The crisis - it has found the European commissioner to the Occupation, social transactions and integration, László Andor - has transformed the field of the shipbuilding and great part of the section is moving in areas to low cost, mainly in Asia. The workers of the shipbuilding industry and the induced one particularly are hit; from the proposal to assign two million euro from the European Bottom of adaptation here to the globalization in order to help them to adapt their competences, to find new places of work and to construct a new future”.

The EU commission has remembered that the pocketbook orders of the European ship yards is diminished of 30% between 2008 and 2009 and of ulterior a 32.5% in the 2010 regarding the year precedence. In the september the 2011 orderbook of the European plants it had a consistency of 5.950.000 tons of compensated tonnage, with a decrease of 6.9% regarding the year precedence. Moreover the occupation in the field is diminished of last 23% in the three years coming down from 148.792 workers in 2007the 114,491 in 2010. The shipbuilding Spanish has followed this negative tendency: in the september the 2011 pocketbook orders of the Spanish yards was diminished 73.18% regarding 2008 and, like directed consequence of the decrease of the orders, the force job in the ship yards of the Galizia is come down of last 30% in the three years passing from 10.000 workers (3,500 direct places of work and 6,500 places of work in the induced one) at the end of 2008 to 7.000 in the October of 2011. Particularly critical - it has explained the EU commission - it is the situation in Galizia, where the economic crisis has involved the closing of 6.839 companies on a total of 203.374 companies in activity in 2008, with a consequent increase of unemployment: the unemployment rate is increased by 8% at the end of 2008 to 17.25% in the third trimester of 2011.

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