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October 3, 2012

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The port of Civitavecchia will be first in endowed Italy of a dam in a position to converting the billowy energy in electric power

Nello port of call will be realized the plan “Rewec3”

The Harbour Authority of Civitavecchia has adopted one of the 700 ideas in order to make to share Italy introduced in the initiative of the Association and the Foundation “ItaliaCamp”. In the port, in fact, the plan “Rewec3” will be realized applying the licence for the production of energy from the sea of the “”, spin-off of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria and of its natural laboratory of marine engineering Noel. The device, a dam to Rewec3 large chests in a position to converting the billowy energy in electric power, is the point of arrival of the long work of search which got ahead from professor Paolo Boccotti, like illustrated monday slid to Palazzo Chigi from ingegner Alessandra Romolo, researcher of the Mediterranean University.
Taking part to the encounter in Sala Verde di Palazzo Chigi, to which they have participated the undersecretary to the Prime Minister's Office, Antonio Catricalà, also in quality of honorary president of the association Italiacamp, the honorary president of the Italiacamp Foundation, Gianni Letta, the president of Italiacamp, Fabrizio Sammarco, the president of the Italiacamp Foundation, Pierluigi Celli, the president of the Harbour Authority of Civitavecchia, Pasqualino Monti, has emphasized that the port is proud “of being able to contribute to realize one of the ideas winners of the competition regarding the South, having confirmed moreover the port of Civitavecchia as an excellence of the Country, not only regarding the traffics and the role conquered in the productive system, but also for research purposes and the development of absolutely innovative plans in the field of renewable energies and the environmental protection”.

“The Harbour Authority - it has explained Mounts - beyond engaging itself in order to make to realize and to place the large chests “Rewec3” on the pier of sottoflutto of the new dock services, that it will be completed within next the two years and means, will take part directly investing approximately a million euro for the purchase of the first two turbines for the electric power production. The objective is that to arrive to 10 MW of power thanks to the cellular large chests in a position to taking advantage of also a billowy motion much content”.

The plan was introduced in the within of the initiative “your idea for the Country” of ItaliaCamp during the “States general of Southern Italy d' Europe”, the first plugs of the second edition of the manifestation 30th june turns to Catanzaro, turning out one of the 16 ideas selected between beyond 700. The Rewec (Resonant Wave Energy Converter), regarding traditional the Owc (Oscillating Column Toilets), have better efficiency in terms of energy absorption. Hydrodynamics of the Rewec is studied is with an analytical approach, is with two executed experiments scale reduced in the natural laboratory of marine engineering. The results have confirmed the principles of operation of the systems of this category. In 2005, to the aim to favor the industrial exploitation of the licence, the called society, recognized like spin-off of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria is constituted.

Recently some plans for the insertion of Rewec3 large chests are being developed inside outer dams for the protection of ports and artificial islands. Such progettuale choice is favorite from the fact that this device, regarding the traditional large chests widely used for the realization of ports, acquits the same functions with the advantage of being able to produce electric power with a limited increment of the costs.

The first series of Rewec3 large chests in Italy will be realized and mails in work in the port of Civitavecchia. The consortile society Dnc (Docks Nord Civitavecchia), that it is realizing the new dock you ferry “Sant'Egidio” and the dock services, has already offered own availability to produce the cellular large chests modified, that they will constitute the pier of sottoflutto of the new dock services of the port, covering a total length of approximately 350 meters.

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