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November 6, 2014

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the Harbour Committee of Genoa has approved of the Triennial Operations plan 2015-2017

Green light to the forecast budget 2015

Given main

  • 47,3 million euros for fiscal entrances
  • 30,2 million euros for patrimonial yields and proceeds (of which 29,6 million euros for state property canons)
  • 3,5 million euros of other entrances
  • 74,7 million euros for transfers from the State, of which 63,2 million euros resources dedicated to the financing of participations of the Triennial Program of the Operas concern and 11,5 million euros concern the quota devoluzione of the jettison at sea VAT of exercise 2015
  • 27,8 million euros for assumption of mutua, connected with the financing of works inserted in the directory anniversary of works 2015
  • 157,6 million euros for the realization of works and extraordinary maintenance operations
  • 15,2 million euros for material and immaterial immobilizations, included 10 million euros connected with the procedure of contest for the planning of the new outer dam there
  • 23,4 million euros which free remainder, turning out from the remainder free to the 01.01.2015 (23 million euros) and increased of the result of the management of 2015 of approximately 410 thousand euros, already destined resources to the realization of new works previewed in the triennial plan
Today the Harbour Committee of Genoa has approved of the budget of forecast the 2015 and Triennial Operations plan 2015-2017 that for the first biennium previews participations for 303 million euros, of which 157 million for 2015 already covered from the state financings for the upset to sea of Fincantieri and from the mutua with BEAUTIFUL for Bettolo Descent, and 106 million in 2016 for which the covers are being activated.

For the next year is financed the progettuali activities tied to the widening and the access to the basin of Sampierdarena. 2015, beyond upset to sea of Fincantieri, 12 million euros will be also the year of the plan of electrification of the docks to Pra' () and of the update of the plan of the dredgings to Sampierdarena (10 million). The works in program for the 2016 comprise the elevated modernization of harbour and the adaptation of the saint knot Benigno, the new one slowly of the iron of the basin of Sampierdarena that will have like priority the realization of the connection with the Park of the Campasso, the realization of the new Tower of the pilots (10 million euros), the completion of the plan of the dredgings of Sampierdarena (10 million), the planning of the new mouth of West of the basin of Sampierdarena, some participations on the PED (take-off point designated) of the VTE. They continue moreover the propedeutiche works to the plan of Parodi Bridge for seven million euro and works on the calm channel of Prà for 1,5 million with the realization of dunes on the respect belt.

Triennial Operations plan 2015-2017 describes moreover the phases that will lead to the approval of the new Portuale Town development plan that - it has announced the Harbour Authority of Genoa - will be introduced in Committee in the December month so that the procedure of strategic environmental appraisal can be started quickly, propedeutico action to the prosecuzione of the iter administrative.

In the course of the today's sitting the president of the harbour agency, Luigi Merlo, has made signal also optimal the performance of the traffic of the containers that in last month of October it has made to record 200,000 teu against 170.034 teu in October 2013 (+17.6%) and in the first nine months of this year 1.814.694 teu regarding 1.663.874 teu in the correspondent period of 2013 (+9.1%).

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