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November 6, 2014

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the port of Monfalcone will have an only manager of the railway maneuvers

Monday to Gorizia will hold the seminary of spread of the plan Safeport

the Region Friuli Venice Julia has announced that the port of Monfalcone will have an only manager of the railway system as the agency has given the go-ahead free, with decrees, to the publication of the warning for the manifestation of interest with which an only comprensoriale manager of the entire railway system will be characterized, than is departed from the Railway station of Monfalcone until the harbour dock.

"Is a Copernican revolution for the Port of Monfalcone - it has emphasized the regional city council member to Infrastructures, Mariagrazia Santoro - as we will go to inside innovate in radical way the system of the railway maneuver of the port, having exceeded the current fragmentation in the management of the connections that involves a transport costs too much elevated for the enterprises that want to use of the railway modality. The railway connection at the moment - it has explained - is used in order less than a third party of its potentialities. Returning the service more competitive we expect an increase of the quotas goods transported on iron, with a benefit it is in terms of effective realization of the intermodalità principle, is for derived the ecological and environmental fallen back ones from the reduction of the transport on rubber".

the railway connection to service of the port of Monfalcone quickly has a drastic decrease of the number of the traffics carried out, passing from the 12,000 wagons of approximately six years ago current to the 6.000. One of the causes of such reduction is riconducibile to the splitting of the management of the connection in the two drafts: an external one, of property of the Consortium for the industrial development for the Municipality of Monfalcone, and an internal one to crosses harbour, currently managed from two various societies; two other connections complete the system also details. The Region attends that the only management guarantees greater attrattività to the railway service graces also to the increment of the economic technical competitiveness.

the hypothesis of the unitary management is shared by Italian Railway Net (RFI), while the Consortium for the industrial development of the Municipality of Monfalcone, owner of one of the two drafts of the connection, has been declared available to grant own segment in free loan to the regional administration.

While next monday, in the room auditorium of the Chamber of Commerce of Gorizia - Special Company for the Port of Monfalcone (REEL), will hold the seminary of spread of the Safeport plan - WP6 and WP7. Safeport is an initiative financed in the within of the Program for the cross-border cooperation Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013 inside of the Ambient priority ", transports and sustainable territorial integration", finalized to the strengthening and the protection of the atmosphere against the natural and technological risks. Work the packages object of the seminary inhere, respective, to the development of a common methodology in the collection and codify of the data and successive analysis statistics, to fine comparative between ports, regarding the prevention of the accidents deriving from harbour job and to the risk analysis deriving from handling of goods dangerous in port in order to promote a computerized system of management and control of the flows and loose parking of goods dangerous and in container, finalized to characterize possible the incident scenes, the measures of prevention and the procedures of participation in case of incident.

Seminary of spread SAFEPORT

WP6 - "Homogenization of the relative data to the industrial accidents in harbour within"

WP7 - "Risk analyses deriving from handling of goods dangerous in port"


Recording participants


Salutes of welcome and introduction to the seminary
CCIAA of Gorizia - Special Company for the Port of Monfalcone

It moderates: Ing Carlo Ferrari - valutatore outside of plan SAFEPORT


6 WP - Exposure turned out of plan
Harbour authority of Trieste
Luka Koper arranges harbour and logistic spa

  • Collection of relative the statistical data to the accidents
  • Proposals of actions for provisional remedy
  • Homogenous methodologies of collection, codify and analysis of the infortunistici data
  • Proposal of adaptation of the system of codifies European ESAW
  • Elaboration of a common database of the infortunistici data in the ports of the high Adriatic


7 WP - Exposure turned out of plan
Harbour authority of Venice

  • Risk assessment deriving from the phases of refuel/defuel from ship, storage and transport on road and dangerous, loose railroad of goods and in container
  • Verification of the state of performance and harmonization of the plans of safety for the modalities of transport of dangerous substances
  • Definition of the contents of a computerized system of management and control of the flows and dangerous parking of goods
  • Levels of risk and hypothesis of incident scenes: criteria of participation and mitigation of the consequences in case of incident




Closing of the seminary

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Vincenzo Miele

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