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May 30, 2016

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a new study finds the economic and occupational value of the harbour row of Genoa

Estimated beyond 9,5 billion euros of added value and 122,200 man-work units

Second a study cured from the grouping formed from Nomisma-Prometeia-Topic on behalf of the Harbour Authority of Genoa, that it is introduced today near the center of the harbour agency to Saint George Palace, the activity of the port of from Liguria chief town would generate and induced directed, indirect effects for beyond added value 9,5 billion euros and would create 122,200 economic value, man-work units (if transformed in the old Italian lires) and given occupational that amazingly turn out respective approximately six and two advanced times regarding how much estimated from a study of the Censis relatively per year 1998( the 18of July 2000).

the precise Nomisma-Prometeia-Topic study that regarding the single Liguria region, emerges a production of 10,9 billion euros for 4,6 billion euros of added value and an employment of 54.000 man-work units, for a "weight" to regional level of the harbour row of Genoa that is pairs to 10.8% of the added value and 8.3% of the occupation. Relatively to the single Metropolitan City of Genoa, the total effects for the territory reach 3,2 billion euros of added value and the 37,000 working units, that is 12.6% of the added value and 9.7% of the occupation.

the study finds as the harbour row withholds to its inside 60.9% of the total effects of the port in terms of added value, while remaining 39.1% are reflected in the following fields: real estate activities (9.6%), commerce wholesale (3.9%), services of lodging and catering (3.3%), activity of chartering and leasing (2.1%), financial services (1.6%), activity of architecture studies and engineering (1.2%), activity auxiliaries of the financial services and insurance activities (1.0%) and services of investigation and vigilance, activity of services for buildings and landscape and activity of support to enterprises (1.0%).

"Is important to consider - Francesco Capobianco has confirmed, project manager of Nomisma - like, for all the data aggregates, more of the half of the total effects is reflected to out of from Liguria borders, to demonstration of national the strategic valence of the genoese infrastructure". In particular, the study evidences that against the 54,000 from Liguria man-work units, 22,500 man-work units in Lombardy are activated by the port of Genoa also, 13,000 in Piemonte, 7,600 in Emilia Romagna, 5,600 in Tuscany, 5,100 in Veneto and 14,100 in the remaining regions. "It is the first turns - it has specified Massimo Guagnini, partner of Prometeia - that is realized an elaboration through a model data-output fines regional that has afforded to photograph induced indirect the direct impact//of the harbour row is to national regional level that".

Moreover, second the study, the total effects of the new Portuale Town development plan defined from the Harbour Authority of Genoa will reach 940 million euros of added value (2.2% of the regional total) and an increase of 18.000 man-work units (2.8% of the regional total), all against a plan of investments for approximately two billions of euro. The investment program previewed from the new Portuale Town development plan will involve an increase of the production of approximately 6,1 billion euros and an added value of 1,9 billion euros with an occupational increase of 42.000 units.

"This important study, that it will be part integrating of the Environmental Appraisal of the Town development plan - has commented the director Pianificazione and Sviluppo of the Harbour Authority, Marco Sanguineri - gives the measure of a patrimony constructed in the time that, for being preserved and developed, the community needs of a constant engagement from all. In so far as it is a study that recalls the responsibility of all in order to work for the future of the port".="">

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