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August 30, 2017

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In according to trimester the traffic goods in the ports of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta is dropped of the -1,0%

Crocieristi in increase of +2.4%

In according to trimester of this year ports of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta has enlivened a traffic of beyond 4,1 million tons of goods, with a decrease of the -1,0% regarding the correspondent period of 2016. In the field of the goods several tons (+5.7% are enlivened 1,5 million), of which almost 1,3 million tons of rotabili (+5.4%), 208 thousand tons of goods in container (+29.1%) and 10 thousand several tons of other goods (- 75.7%). In the section of the solid bulk the total has been of 1,4 million tons (- 7.0%), of which 1,1 million tons of coal (- 11.5%), 100 thousand tons of producing metalworkers, not ferrous iron minerals, minerals and metals (+31.6%), 86 thousand tons of crude ores, concretes, soccers (+34.6%), 12 thousand tons of chemicals (- 46.5%), 8 thousand tons of fertilizers (+22.4%) and 118 thousand tons of other solid bulk (- 1.5%). The traffic of the liquid bulk is piled to 1,2 million tons constituted from producing oil refined (- 1.5%).

In the segment of the passengers, the traffic of the marine services of line has totaled 399 thousand people (+8.8%) and the traffic of the cruises 687 thousand people (+2.4%).

In the first semester of the 2017 formed harbour system from the three ports of call has enlivened than altogether more 7,9 million tons, with a bending of the -3,4% on the first half last year. The goods several has been attested 2,7 million to tons (+4.8%), of which 2,3 million tons of rotabili (+4.6%), 377 thousand containerized tons of goods (+25.5%) realized with a handling of containers pairs to 49.621 teu (+38.3%) and 21 thousand several tons of other goods (- 71.7%). Liquid bulk and solid bulk are dropped respective of the -6,2% and -8,0% coming down to 2,5 million and the 2,7 million one tons.

In the first six months of this year the passengers of the ferries have been 541 thousand (+4.8%) and the passengers of cruises 857 thousand (+2.1%).

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