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September 15, 2017

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Previewed in the first months of the 2019 start of the intense activities of the first phase of the Harbour plan "Hub Ravenna 2017"

Four years for the realization of infrastructures and the system of treatment of the materials of dredging and others two years for the deepening of the
the plan for I throw again today of the port of Ravenna, introduced in the room Null Baldini of the Palace of the Province, previews mainly the deepening of the backdrops of the zone of access to the port until -13,50 meters, the deepening of the Candiano channel to -12,50 meters until Saint Vitale, in order to allow the income in port of ships of greater dimensions regarding the current ones, the realization of a new dock of beyond 1.000 linear meters destined mostly to the traffic of the container in the area of the Trattaroli Peninsula, that it will be reached by the railway line, the structural adaptation of beyond 6.500 meters of harbour docks and realization of new which urbanized and equipped logistic platforms.

the plan, that "Hub Harbour Ravenna 2017" is called and is constituted by two phases of which before the value of 235 million euros, will be deposited monday to the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports.

the first phase of the plan includes the deepening of the backdrops to -13,50 meters of the marine channel and the outer harbor and the deepening of the Candiano Channel to -12,50 meters until the Dock Saint Vitale, with the dredging of beyond 4,7 million cubic metres of material, the realization of the new destined dock to the container on the right side of the Candiano Channel in Trattaroli Peninsula, the structural adaptation to the antiseismic norm and the new backdrops of beyond 2.500 meters of existing docks, the deepening of the backdrops of ulterior docks (already adapted) for a linear development of beyond 4.000 meters and the new realization logistic platforms which urbanized and equipped in area harbour for approximately 200 hectares using part of the material of turn out from the dredgings opportunely dealt.

In the second phase of the plan, that it will have beginning as soon as completed the intense activities of the first phase and will be realized the system of treatment of the materials turning out from the escavo, will be completed the escavo of the backdrops until the depth of -14,5 meters.

After the warehouse of the plan to the Ministry is previewed that the relative preliminary investigation will have the duration of approximately a year. As soon as completed the iter autorizzativo and obtained the deliberation of the CIPE provvederà to call the contract contest, in order to start the intense activities in the first months of 2019. The intense activities of the first phase of the plan are previewed to last approximately four years for the realization of infrastructures and contemporary realization of the system of treatment of the dredging materials. The phase of deepening of the backdrops will last others approximately two years.

the first phase of the plan will be financed with an appropriation pairs 60 million euros, to be worth on the resources of the "Bottom railway, street infrastructures and relative to works of strategic interest" for the preliminary plan of the "Hub harbour of Ravenna", that it is approved of in definitive way in 2012 from the CIPE. To these deep ones they join to the distribution of a financing of scope until 120 million euros for the Harbour plan "Hub of approved of Ravenna" in 2013 from the European Investment Bank (BEAUTIFUL) and deep own already available for 55 million euros of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Centro-Settentrionale, the agency that manages the port of Ravenna.

the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Centro-Settentrionale has specified that the plan of infrastructural potenziamento joins in the widest Harbour program "Hub Ravenna 2017" of valorization of the port previews investments in the potenziamento of the net of railway connection with resources for approximately 30 million, for which agreements with RFI are on, that they will allow to realize an important railway underpass and two stations goods in harbour area in order to avoid the transit of the coming trains from the port in the city central station and to return the maneuvers and the connections faster, in the completion of the digitalisation of the documentary processes in order to ulteriorly improve the customs procedures of pre-cleaning and clearance in sea, in the realization of a net of transmission given on broadband for all the length of the harbour area and in the potenziamento of safety in harbour within with the installation of an adulterated system of surveillance camera that will cover great part of the area and the ways of access to the port for which they are defining the operating agreements with Prefecture, Municipality of Ravenna and Police. Moreover the investments will be faces also to the realization of a system of treatment of the dredging materials and theirs I re-use, for which it is in preparation the relative ban of contest, to the construction of the infrastructural works of support to the realization of a system of storage and distribution of GNL, that it will be a private investment, for which is on relative iter the autorizzativo one, and to the widening of the destined terminal ro-ro to storage and transport of towings.

"the potenziamento of a fundamental platform for the economy and the logistics of the Emilia-Romagna as the port of Ravenna - it has emphasized president Regione Emilia-Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini - represents for we a strategic objective and that today is a step ahead important in order to center it. We had said since the day of our takeover: this is a legislature in which we intend to engage every energy in order to contribute to unblock or to start the participations and the works necessary to equip our territories of that infrastructural net that allow with our region to still increase more to own attrattività and competitiveness on the domestic market, European and on those international ones".

"draft of a plan - the regional city council member to the Transports, Raffaele Donini has remembered - that is born thanks to the engagement of the institutions, the Harbour Authority and also of the private ones. The new port, larger and able, will be an important occasion of ulterior development and occupation for the city of Ravenna and not only. The participation joins in the widest plan that regards the regional infrastructural nets. In fact the railway intense activities are connected to this plan, previewed from the agreement from 21 million euros with RFI, Harbour and Common Authority of Ravenna, in order to improve accessibility to the port".

Also the mayor of Ravenna, Michele de Pascale, has evidenced the importance of the plan and the day today that - has specified - "it represents one I unwind crucial in the history of the port of Ravenna. The which got ahead job side by side to support of the Harbour Authority in these little months from the takeover of president Rossi - it has added de You graze them - has been the worry of this administration. It is not passed a single day in which, also personally, it has not made a reunion, a phone call, an encounter to the aim to try to give the maximum of the aid and the support. The introduced plan today is a lot to delineate and wonderfully simple; all have been operated the choices that had the percentage higher than possibility than happened. The initial plan is rimodulato, also not diminishing of the ambition, in order to offer the certainty to the system of the ravennati enterprises and to the many investor who look with interest to the port of Ravenna, than already in the next few years will be begun to dig".

president Autorità di Harbour Sistema of Mare Adriatico Centro-Settentrionale, Daniele Rossi, has specified that the reasoning is while continuing also with all the operators of the port "on the cantierizzazione of the plan in order to characterize the actions apt to limit in any case possible the impact of the intense activities on the full operativity of the port of call. The plan - it has explained - is in itself functional but there are actions of improvement that can place side by side it and that they can some accelerate the effects benefits, also, eventually, shortening the previewed times today. We depend on the fact that the knowledge of the value of this plan for the territory can induce to exceed the visions "details" for the benefit of a general interest, of an only opportunity of economic development that the "system Port" is today in a position to offering to our city".

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