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September 27, 2017

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Nogarin: creed is not from being worried that the mayor sits in the Committee of management of a AdSP

the reform of the governance harbour - the mayor of Livorno has denounced - scollegherà the Harbour Authorities from the rappresentatività of the
"I decree that it corrects the reform of the Harbour Authorities, launched in August 2016 in the within of the delegation Kneading trough, is introduced by the government like mere restyling. Draft instead of an participation that, if it were approved of in the current form, could turn out deflagrating above all because scollegherà the Harbour Authorities from the rappresentatività of the territories". Filippo Nogarin has said, mayor of Livorno and president of yesterday consults of the harbour cities of the ANCI (National Association Common Italians), in the margin of the numerous encounter to which they have taken to part mayors and administrators of various cities, between which Messina, Genoa, Pescara, La Spezia, Augusta and Monfalcone.

"the disposition - the mayor of Livorno has explained - sight to break in definitive way any form of rappresentatività direct of the territories, prohibiting to the mayors and to the administrators, let alone to those who they have covered assignments in the public societies, to sit inside of the representative organs of the committee of management of the authority of harbour system. Not draft in fact - Nogarin has denounced - of dispositions that concur to the prevention and repression of the anticorruttive conducts, but of norms that aim to in fact transform the Harbour Authorities in uncoupled economic subjects from forms of representation directed with the territories".

Nogarin speaks for direct experience being rejected in the slid months its designation to member of the Committee of management of the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern, the which succeeded to agency the Harbour Authority in the management of the port of Livorno. Successively the Regional administrative court of the Tuscany has before denied the demand for suspensory for the failure advanced from the Municipality of Livorno then at the beginning of this month has received the resource introduced from the communal administration against the decision of the AdSP to convene a reunion of the Committee of management also without the presence of a member designated from the Municipality.

"To the current state - it has continued Nogarin - in the Committees of management of the Authorities, that they assume decisions of strategic importance for the development of the harbour cities, the mayor will not be able more to proceed with a nomination of an administrator; in this way the role of the Municipalities regarding central topics for the policies of the territories like occupational plans, town development plans, economic activities is denatured. While before the norm guaranteed the protection of diffuse Generali interests and through the participation in the decisional organ of a subject not named, but elected. Why then - he has proposed Nogarin provocatively - not to proceed for competition in order to select all the members, included president, of the Committee of management of the Harbour Authority? It seems strange that all the norms of incompatibility and inconferibilità are not proposed also for president and secretary of the Committee".

During the reunion consults it ANCI has worked in order to elaborate proposed to carry to the attention of the government when the provision passes in Which unified Conference, "proposed of good sense - it has specified the mayor of Livorno - that they realign the management of the ports with the dialogue with the territory, in the optical of the development of the connected Italian portualità with the cities and with who lives to them. Creed is not then from being worried that the mayor or another local administrator sits in the Committee of management".

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