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17 October 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 06:51 GMT+2

October 4, 2017

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Nencini: previewed harbour investments important in southern Italy in order to capture the opening of the second mouth of the Suez Canal

Introduced a study on the "Scenes for the transport goods and the logistics in the mean and long period"

the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports has introduced today a study on the "Scenes for the transport goods and the logistics in the mean and along period", document - vice minister Riccardo Nencini has explained - that takes part "of an integrated strategic plan that looks to the importance and the centrality of Italy regarding the traffics in the Mediterranean".

"the challenge that we have of forehead - has asserted Nencini - the necessity regards to promote the greater mobility is inside that outside from our borders. The greater mobility means also the greater handling of goods. There are three meaningful points that the Ministry is getting ahead. The first, fundamental one, is the digitalisation of the infrastructures on which we have put in field meaningful investments. According to, Italy has taken to a fort engagement in order to transfer within 2030 the 25-30% of the traffic goods on iron to go to 50% within 2050: in order to make this it is clearly that the so-called "last mile", the connection with ports and airports, is fundamental".

"At last - it has continued the vice minister - is the plans on the three great infrastructural strategic platforms: that of the Northeast, that it includes Brenner and it opens the connection with central Europe and the Way of the Silk. Then there is that of North-West that looks to France and that it represents the secular crossroads of the European development. At last the great topic of southern Italy: we have previewed harbour investments important in order to capture the opening of the second mouth of the Suez Canal and to intercept the traffics of origin from the East of the world that cruise our sea".

Nencini has remembered that the Ministry, on initiative of minister Graziano Delrio, has started in a 2015 new ambitious season of planning for infrastructures and the services for the transport goods and the logistics, realized in numerous documents planners and of address: Strategic slowly National of the Portualità and Logistics (2015), To connect Italy (attached to the Document of Economy and Finance 2016 and 2017), Position paper on I throw again of the rail shipment of goods (2016) and consequent implementing norms (2017), Position paper on aerial cargo (2017), intense activities of the logistic Areas integrated (2016-2017) and comes to an agreement/sovraregionali cabins of direction (2016-2017).

the vice minister has specified that the vision integrated of this effort it is the implementation of a efficient logistic system, resilient and sustainable to service of national productive the economic system, that it has seen in the "cure of the iron" and in the "cure of the water" its first practical declinations, and in coherence with the Generali principles of: useful, thin and shared infrastructure promotion; simplification and efficientamento procedures and governance; incentives for the more sustainable modalities of transport.

In the course of the presentation of the study on the scenes for the transport goods and the logistics is evidenced that the realizzativo effort, based on a partenariale sharing of the actions, is supported by considerable appropriation of resources, among other things for investments in the harbour field and the Marebonus (128 million euros for biennium 2017-2018), the Contract outline of Program RFI 2017-2021 (66 billion euros of investments already financed in the first place in order to complete and to adapt the national net to the European standards and for the alpine tunnels of base), until the incentives for the rail shipment: Ferrobonus (20 million euros per year for three years), reduction in price toll (approximately 100 million euros per year for five years), formation machinists (two million euro per year for three years), adaptation railway wagons goods to the antinoise norm (20 million euros).

the results, in terms of resumption of the traffics and international acknowledgments - it is emphasized - are obvious: the rail shipment of the goods is increased in 2015, in terms of treni‚ąôkm, of +4% regarding 2014 and in 2016 of +4.6% regarding 2015, with analogous projections of increase for 2017. Also the harbour traffic has grown, in terms of tons, of 5.2% in 2016 regarding 2014, the tendential data for 2017 very show a annual increase of +5.4% of the traffic container and +9.8% of the traffic ro-ro, and the Country - it is still emphasized - is passed by the 38° to the first place of classifies Doingbusiness of the Bank World for the Trading pointer across bordergrazie to the initiatives of simplification and optimization of the customs operations.

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