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October 19, 2017

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Panalpina, the positive trend in the segments of air shipments and the logistics is stopped by the unsatisfactory performances in the marine field

the Helvetic group has closed the third trimester with a profit of 18,5 million franchi clearly Swiss (- 25.0%)

In the third trimester of this year the logistic group Helvetic Panalpina, against an increment of +13.1% of the turnover clearly that it is piled to beyond 1,4 billion franchi Swiss (1,2 billion euros) regarding than 1,3 billion franchi less Swiss in the period July-september of 2016, has recorded a decrease of the results operating and clearly that it is consequence essentially of a deterioration of the performances in the segment of marine shipments. In particular, Swiss EBITDA and EBIT have been attested respective to 40,6 million and 30,1 million franchi, with decreases of the -10,6% and the -8,4% on the third trimester last year, and the profit to 18,5 million franchi clearly Swiss (- 25.0%).

In the single field of marine shipments the turnover clearly has grown of +12% going up to 555,1 million franchi Swiss, while the Gross Operating Margin is dropped of -90% to 900 thousand franchi the Swiss ones and the operating result has been of sign negative and Swiss pairs to -2,9 million franchi Swiss respect to an operating profit of 5,1 million franchi in the period July-september of 2016. In the third trimester of the 2017 marine shipment volume enlivened from the group it has been pairs to approximately 385 thousand container teu (+2%).

In the section of air shipments the turnover clearly is piled to 738,9 million franchi Swiss (+16%), the EBITDA to 34,9 million franchi Swiss (+8%) and the EBIT to 30,3 million franchi Swiss (+13%). The air shipments realized by the group in the third trimester of this year have been pairs to 249 thousand tons (+9%).

logistic other asset of 139,4 million franchi the clearly Swiss group has produced a turnover (+2%), an EBITDA of 4,8 million franchi Swiss (+26%) and d an operating profit of 2,7 million franchi Swiss (+201%).

In the first nine months of the 2017 clearly total turnover of the group has been 4,1 billion franchi almost Swiss pairs, with a progression of +5.2% on the same period of 2016, of which 2,1 billion franchi Swiss generated from the air shipment activities (+10.1%), 1,6 billion franchi Swiss from those of marine shipment (+2.8%) and 405,7 million franchi Swiss from logistic other asset (- 7.6%). The group has recorded an EBITDA of 103,9 million franchi Swiss (- 0.7%), of which 83,3 million produced from air shipments (- 5.9%), 5,5 million from marine shipments (- 80.6%) and 15,1 million from logistic activities (+9.4%). The operating profit of group is piled to 72,0 million franchi Swiss (+6.7%), with a contribution of air shipments pairs to 65,4 million (+15.7%), a contribution negative of air shipments pairs to -5,5 million respect to a positive contribution for 6,3 million in the first nine months of 2016 and with a contribution of logistic other asset of 8,1 million (+572.8%). Panalpina has archived item the first nine months of this year with a profit of 48,4 million franchi clearly Swiss (+4.2%).

"In the course of the first nine months of the year - the managing director of Panalpina has commented, Stefano Karlen - the fields Air Freight and Logistics have been developed positively and have continued to record turned out important. In the segment Ocean Freight we are growing online with the market, but because of margins and levels of productivity that continue to being limited the results not have reached a satisfactory level". Karlen has specified that Panalpina previews that the positive trend in the segment of air shipments will continue in the next few months, while that of air shipments will continue to record difficulty with forecasts of a moderated increase on the base of actions for the control of the costs.

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