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November 6, 2017

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Federtrasporti, the new rules on the separation of the workers cut outside the
road haulage
Villa: the institute serves to only pull down the costs of labor to advantage of the companies of some
the new rules on the separation of the workers approved of in Europe are migliorative, but they except the road haulage. President of Federtrasporti, Claudio Villa has denounced, evidencing like the topic, in spite of impacts in important way on the Italian economy, does not enter instead in national the political agenda.

Referring to the agreement reached at the end last month from the Council of the European Union with respect to the directive on the separation of the workers, norm created with the scope to facilitate the performance of services in the EU respecting at the same time the loyal competition and the rights of the workers assumed in a Member States and sent from the employer in another Member States in quality of detached workers, Villa has specified that the European agreement in order to improve the discipline of the international separation size outside the road haulage that is sent back to a Package Mobility to approve of. "We are speaking about an institute, like the separation of the workers inside of Europe - it has found the president of Federtrasporti - than in practice servants to pull down the costs of labor. But it only goes to advantage of the companies of some areas and strongly damages those of others".

Remembering that some days before president of the Region Friuli Venice Julia, Debora Serracchiani, has not mince words of "a treacherous competition from society mostly of the East Europe" that generates "great uneasiness to the category of the road haulage", Villa has plaudito the taken one of position of Serracchiani because faces thematic a practically nonexistent one in the Italian debate, Hush - has observed - than does not find reply in other countries: "France, also through personal initiatives of president Macron - it has specified the president of Federtrasporti - is itself much expense on the argument, while in Italy the topic does not succeed to find place neither in the political agenda, neither on the pages of newspapers".

Villa has specified that the road haulage, also because of this competition, has seen to not only disappear almost 17,000 enterprises in six years, according to the counting carried out from Federservice, society of services of the Federtrasporti Group, but in the same amount of time has yielded to foreign enterprises 69.5% of the ton-kilometer managed previously, second when found from Centro Studi Confcommercio on Eurostat data.

Moreover Villa has evidenced another aspect of the phenomenon: "as it happens unavoidably when it is engaged a contest to the decrease - it has explained - the fantasy of who it does not succeed to find a balance in the budgets quickly puts to the search of subterfuges and trick. Not to case only between 2015 and 2016, being to the data of the Labor Inspectorate, the irregular forms of separation in the single road haulage have grown of 116%. So at the end adding regularity to irregularity an obvious consequence is determined: the transport costs comes down in determined way and worrisome. And of this, perhaps, in many they will be content. But this control of the rates to pay will not be own in order to enliven the goods - it has concluded Villa provocatively - to induce many to remain in Hush on the argument".

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