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December 12, 2017

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Important increase of the containerized trade in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven in the last trimester of 2017

The forecast indicates a rise of +24% in terms of weight and enlivened +12% as for teu

The port of Bremen/Bremerhaven will close 2017 recording an light decrease of the -0,1% of the traffic of the goods enlivened regarding the total of 2016, marked more contained bending regarding the -3,2% from the German harbour port of call in the first nine months of this year regarding the same period of 2016. The improvement of the trend of the harbour traffic - second how much is deduced from the forecasts of the volume of traffic enlivened from the port in the entire year 2017 that have been yields notes from the senator to the Economy, job and ports of the Land of Bremen, Martin Günthner - is determined in last the three months of this year from an important increase of the containerized trade who would have itself to be attested almost 17 million tons in terms of weight and than more 1,4 million teu in terms of enlivened containers from 20 ', with rises respective of +24% and +12% about on the last trimester of 2016.

Günthner has announced that for entire 2017 a traffic of 75,1 million tons is attended, in light decrease regarding 75,2 million tons enlivened last year, with a previewed traffic of 13,1 million tons enlivened in the single harbour area of Bremen (+7.7%) and 61,9 million tons enlivened in the harbour area of Bremerhaven (- 1.7%).

This year in the single segment of the container the previewed traffic is of 56,6 million tons (- 1.8%), realized with a handling of containers pairs at less than 5,5 million teu (- 1.0%). It is attended instead an increase of the goods conventional and the bulk, previewed pairs respective to 8,4 million tons (+7.2%) and 10,0 million tons (+4.0%), so as of the new cars of factory, with a handling previewed of beyond 2,2 million vehicles (+8.9%). In increase also the traffic fleeting with a total of 166 thousand crocieristi (+68.1%).

If the German harbour port of call will be able to record entire the 2017 with a volume analogous traffic to that last year will be thanks to the total increment of achieved +15% in the last trimester of the year with a traffic of about 20,6 million tons regarding 17,9 million tons in the period October-December of 2016, increase that has made I keep on the three precedence closed quarterly periods with a contraction of the traffic. The total increase of the traffic in the fourth trimester of 2017 is entirely ascribable to the increment of the containerized trade, as the previsional data of the goods conventional, pairs to 1,6 million tons about, indicates a decrease of the -17% and that of the bulk, with a quarterly total of 1,3 million tons, shows a bending of -10%. In the last trimester of this year it is attended a handling of new cars pairs to about 547 thousand unit (+1%).

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