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August 29, 2018

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Assotir asks participations on the tolls and the times for guide in order to face the emergency after collapse of Morandi Bridge

It is urgent - the association emphasizes - the search of a solution in order to alleviate the uneasiness of the haulers

With the resumption of the productive activities the field of the road haulage begins to 14th August get to terms with the effects of collapse of the highway viaduct Morandi Bridge, happened to Genoa. It emphasizes Assotir evidencing that the search of a solution in order to alleviate the uneasiness of the haulers and asking the suspension for the tolls on the characterized highway drafts is made urgent which ways alternatives and of constraints of the times of guide and rest of leading of means.

"The road haulage - the general secretary of Assotir remembers, Claudio Donati - represents a fundamental field for the Italian economy: for this we ask the State the trade-union minim. As a result of the determine emergency on the genoese area for collapse of the Morandi bridge, is indispensable that the institutions, in way the Concorde and coordinate bond, assume with great timeliness coherent measures in order to alleviate the heavy uneasiness to which the entire geographic truth is subordinate".

"Nobody - it specifies Donated - expects miracles, but some things can and must be made from quickly, beginning from the immediate suspension of the payment of the highway tolls by the conveyors on "obligatory" the become drafts own because of the dissesto of infrastructures. Us it seems, moreover, an optimal idea that advance from president of the Confartigianato Trasporti, Amedeo Genedani, to ask the exception the application for Regolamento EU 561/2006, that it regards constraints of the times of guide and rest of leading of the motor vehicles". To such purpose Donated it remembers that analogous exceptions already were granted in the past by the EU commission for events much less impattanti, as for example to Great Britain in January 2016 as a result of the closing of the Forth Road Bridge, in Scotland.

"We are aware - it concludes Donated - than measures of this type have a limited capacity, than they cannot be considered in some way resolutive. On the contrary, draft of "the trade-union" minim that, in a situation of that sort, the State would have to be able to guarantee in order to return the march less traumatic than approach to the wished restoration of normality. Such measures would have to take part, with to others, of a package of first participation, with which facing a trauma that, before still that economic it appears to affect in depth the quality of life of all the subjects, to miscellaneous title, involved".

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