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September 11, 2018

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A relationship analyzes to challenges and opportunity for the determined ports of the United Kingdom from independent navigation

Ballantyne (BPA): it is time that political and businesses leader strive in order to assure that the British ports are to the head of this innovative development

Independent navigation does not only represent a rich challenge of risks and opportunity for the field of the marine transport, but also for the harbour field, topic this last one that is analyzed in the relationship "written up Automation of ships in ports and harbours" from the law firm Setfords Solicitors on behalf of the British Ports Association (BPA). The publication, rather than to interrogate itself less - as they make other analyses on the topic - on the possibility or than the ships without crew controlled by remote can in a near future be employees in the commercial traffics, takes for granted that this will happen and currency which could be the consequences of the introduction of this type of transport on infrastructures of the ports and the management and planning of the harbour activities.

"The independent ships - it has evidenced the managing director of the BPA, Richard Ballantyne - could soon become a modality of more common transport for the national and total traffics. The ports of the United Kingdom have the possibility to pick the opportunity to lead the way in the world in making just this change".

"The automation - it has found Andrew Higgs, adviser near Setfords Solicitors and coauthor of the relationship - is about to introduction in all the fields of the transports in harbour within and is part of the evolution of the field of the transports that has carried to the advent of automobiles, leading trucks and automated terminals or without. He is the government who the industry - he has emphasized Higgs - must begin to analyze that impact these changes will have tomorrow on the traffics and the logistics. In particular, the ports would have to begin to take in consideration the requirements of another type of user: what work independent ships or independent seeds".

The specific relationship that some of the challenges that the ports will have to face with the advent of independent navigation are centralized above all in the fields of safety and the security, computer science safety and the dysfunctions of the systems of communication, but will have to be held on account also possible events which fires or mechanical breakdowns on board of these ships let alone the operativity of the services of pilotage and towing regarding this type of marine transport. Moreover they will be from estimating the relative aspects to the assurances of the ports and will be necessary modifications of the docks in order to allow the berthing of these ships.

To this end Sudan Macpherson, adviser near Setfords Solicitors and coauthor of the relationship, has specified that, before the port of call of independent ships in the ports becomes a truth, he would be favorable to carry out a review of the harbour regulations to the aim to take into consideration the perspectives of the ports that in future will receive independent ships and independent seeds. "This - it has explained - would guarantee that the normative picture of the United Kingdom is in favor of the introduction of new innovative technologies that will carry new places of work to the marine economy of the United Kingdom, that it is in increase, let alone potential determined environmental benefits from the quantitative transport of a greater one of goods for marine way".

The relationship evidences in fact that an opportunity for the ports deriving from the introduction of the independent ships could be that of an increase of the places of work that they demand elevated levels of technical competence in the segment of the harbour services and in that of the suppliers of services of support to earth.

The relationship lists other challenges with which the harbour field coasting navigation will have to be confronted when independent navigation begins to being a truth, beginning from in order then to extend itself to the international traffics. We - he has concluded the managing director of the British Ports Association - hope that this relationship does so as that political and businesses leader strive now in order to assure that the ports of the United Kingdom are to the head of this innovative development.

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