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January 18, 2019

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The system in order to supply electric power to the ships in the port of Livorno realized from the harbour authority has not caused a revenue damage

It has established the State Audit Court of the Tuscany

The Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern has announced that the State Audit Court of the Tuscany has established that the system for the supply of electric power to the ships realized near the Sgarallino dock of the port of Livorno from the former Harbour Authority of the Leighorn port of call, agency that successively is met in the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Northerner, does not involve some damage for the state treasury.

With sentence n.23/2019 deposited yesterday, the State Audit Court has rejected the questions advanced from the regional Procura in confronts of the former president of the Harbour Authority, Giuliano Gallanti, and of the general secretary of the agency, Massimo Provinciali.

The AdSP has specified that in the judgment law that "the question proposed from the Procura turns out dismissed of foundation, mainly for defect so of illicit conduct as of imputable revenue damage to summoned person". In short, the State Audit Court has found the total absence of both the elements necessary in order to reach to a sentence: the damage and the serious guilt. The judges, vice versa, have totally received the formulated defensive theses, for Gallanti, from lawyers Luigi Cocchi and Luigino Montarsolo of Genoa and, for Provincial, from lawyer Paolo Bassano of Livorno.

The damage not is - precise the sentence - as the system has very long a technical life and they cannot be made appraisals to short term. Moreover, by when the system is inserted in the concession of the Port of Livorno 2000, on one side the investment will come progressively repaid to be worth on the concessori canons, from the other a its progressive one is likely uses thanks to the action of communication and marketing of the concessionaire. Not to case, already by the 2019 some are previewed approach and other reservations are near to realize themselves also for the future years.

The serious guilt goes excluded as the action of the summits of the Harbour Authority, lungi the superficial and unreasonable being, has corresponded instead to concrete and pressing communitarian, national and regional policies finalized to the improvement of the quality of the air (does not go forgotten that good part of the resources used financial institutions was own of origin Ministry of the Atmosphere and Tuscany Region, that they have supervised on the realization of the work).

The Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern has emphasized that "the 34 pages of this articulated sentence place end to an event that often has been object of controversies and instrumentalizations and has caused, this yes, useless losses of time and expenses lawyers".

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