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21 July 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 02:37 GMT+2

March 1, 2019

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As they change the professions in the field of the logistics

Thursdays to Milan Gi Group and Assologistica anticipate the search "Evolution of the roles of the logistics"

Next thursday near the Palace of the Job Gi Group, in square IV November to Milan, will hold a convention on the topic "the evolution of the roles in the field of the logistics - the study Gi Group The Matrix Star" in the course of which the professional roles of the logistics as in increase will be illustrated classified, stable or in decline based on their current and future importance.

Gi Group, first Italian multinational of the job, in fact has realized in collaboration with Assologistica the study "Evolution of the roles of the logistics" in order to supply a useful contribution on the development of the professions of the field in next the 3/5 years. For this study the model is used owner of management of the roles and of the people Gi Group The Matrix Star and of a segmentation of the main professional figures with identification of those in increase is derivative, stable or in decline, to light of the factors that interest the field scene. Thursdays the results of the analysis will be the frame of a moment of confront with the main players of field.

"The chain of the value of the entire section - it has observed Michele Savani, division manager Logistics Sector di Gi Group, anticipating the topics of the encounter - is changing to light of the changes of context in normative, technological within and for effect of new it draft of consumption: the evolution of the necessary competences along all the logistic and distributive row is natural consequence of the transformation in existence. With this study - it has specified Savani - we intend to support the reflection on the level of service demanded to the logistic operators that more and more is elevated, is in terms of flexibility that in terms of professionality. The strategies of people managements that can support the evolution of the field must, therefore, to include solutions differentiated, it is of recruiting, for the structured management of the fluctuations of market, is of Talent Acquisition or specialized formation, in order to saturate the gap of competences and to afford to the companies of the field competitive advantages".

"From we have quickly put the search on the professional trends of our field - the general secretary of Assologistica, Jean François Daher has explained - as job and occupation are from always to the center of our activity of association that represents the world of the logistics in all its many spirits. The transformation factors that are modifying the entire total economy have an impact directed on the logistic row, with a determining role of technology and digitalisation of the processes from the fallen back inevitables occupational. And then to wonder which it will be the future of our trade and as will change the way to make logistics is an imperative that also our association cannot not set itself. How to face all this? Investing firstly in formation and reconversion of own collaborators, inserting at the same time new professionalities completely regarding those traditional ones. Apparently obvious solutions, but not always and from all feasible in times breviums. And in this process the logistic operators, whose role prince is the efficientamento of the distributive process, cannot and they do not have to be left single".



Registrazione and Welcome Coffee


Institutional salutes and Introduction

Assologistica - Jean-Francois Daher - Secretary Generale

Gi Group - Michele Savani - Division Manager Logistics Sector


Analysis of context

Observatory Contract Logistics - Damiano Frosi - Director of the Observatory Contract Logistics "Gino Marchet" of the Polytechnic of Milan


Gi Group The Matrix Star: Evolution of the roles in the Logistic field

OD&M - Rossella Riccò - Senior Responsible Consultant Area Studies and Searches

OD&M - Ruggiero Coratella - Consultant Area Organization & People Development


Round table

Columbus Logistics Srl - Stefano Bianconi - Director Generale

DHL Supply Chain (Italy) Spa - Claudia Garufi - HR Business Partner

Fercam Spa - Marcello Corazzola - General Strategic Manager Logistics Area

Fiege Logistics Italy Srl - Gaetano Scuzzarella - Chief Financial Officer

Gi On Board - Federica Marani - Administrator Delegato

Group Martini Dumas - Massimiliano Patierno - Director Operations


Emergent job and professionalities: the point of view of Assologistica

Assologistica - Pamela Calderoli - Member of the Directive Council of Assologistica


Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition as levers for the management of the change

Gi Group - Nicoletta Bressa - Candidated Management Manager

Gi Group - Michele Savani - Division Manager Logistics Sector

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