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June 27, 2019

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Ports of Genoa and Savona-Go, rideterminazione of the canons for 2019 in order to compensate the effects of collapse of Morandi bridge

Ok to the start of the first functional lottery of the widening of the air terminal of the capital of Liguria

The Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western will proceed with a rideterminazione of the concessori canons for year 2019 to the aim of last August giving a support to the terminalistiche enterprises hit by the effects of collapse of the highway viaduct Morandi happened to Genoa and of the imposing seas storm on October 29, 2018. The measure is approved of today by the Committee of management of the agency. The AdSP has explained that, on the base of the requests to introduce within prossimo15 the september equipped by the relative documentation to the endured damages, to the terminalistici operators hit from the effects negatives of the collapse of the bridge will be applied to a reduction of the canon in the maximum limit of 200 thousand euros with a plateau which put on from the administration pairs to 3,3 million euros. If the total of the reductions for the enterprises that have right some exceeds this roof, the figure will be reduced to every subject in the same proportion. For the endured damages because of the seas storm of October 2018, to the having terminalisti straight will be applied a reduction until the maximum limit of 200 thousand euros for a total sum until 2,1 million euros. Identical the mechanism if the questions are of advanced amount to the fixed roof.

In the today's reunion the Committee of management also has expressed to seem favorable on the relative concessions to the sheds of East of the industrial district of the naval repairs of the port of Genoa. In particular - it has specified the agency - in order to value an industrial area completely reconstituted in the within of the harbour section of East, to the six subjects that they had made demanded - Macgregor Srl; Srl Ferfrigor-port; Amico&C Srl; Lagomarsino Anielli Srl; Gennaro Srl; Naval Diesel Srl - they are assigned to the single sheds for the duration four-year-old.

Moreover, always to East of the Port, in the within of the requalification of the Waterfront, with the green light today's of the Committee of management the AdSP has transferred in concession for fifty years to the Municipality of Genoa Kennedy large square, object of propedeutici work of hydraulic accommodation to the prosieguo of the project of requalification of the exhibition compendium and realization of the Waterfront of East. Positive appraisal of the Committee also for the subingresso of Ancient Port of Genoa Spa in the title of the marine state property concession currently in head to Fair of Genoa Spa in liquidation for the management of the dock for exposure of boats and of the large square of parking, for management and mooring for pleasure crafts with floating wharves and for the planning, the realization, the organization of exhibition and extrafieristiche manifestations, let alone of every assimilable or however compatible other asset with the functional characteristics of the exhibition quarter.

The Committee has given also to seem favorable to the convention between AdSP, extraordinary commissioner, Enac and the society of management of the genoese airport, for the realization of a first participation previewed from the Extraordinary Program for the aerial macro Airport. Draft of the first functional lottery of the widening of the finalized air terminal to improve receptivity and accessibility of the structure with reference to the perspective important of development of crocieristico tourism. The participation previews the manufactured realization of a new one of about 5.500 square metres on three levels and the meaningful restructure of the existing building, with particular reference to the area acceptance and embarks. The project comprises also the realization of a new system shunting baggages and the pre-emptive reclamation and predisposition of the sottoservizi. The participation is financed for 11,3 million euros from AdSP with deep of the Law budgetary and for 4,7 million with deep own of Airport of Genoa Spa.

For the harbour area of Savona, the Committee has expressed ballot favorable to the extension of the temporary concessorio title to the Palumbo Super Savona Srl Yacht until on December 31, 2019. After the resources of the yards Monk Marine and Rodriguez al Tar against the allocation of the state property concession to the Palumbo and the next appeal to the Council of State - it has specified the AdSP - the chosen way has been that to grant a temporary authorization in order to allow the operativity of the yard and the safeguard of the work force, visas the times being necessary to the definition of the judgment and the fixed date for the public audience on October 29, 2019.

For the harbour basin of Vado Ligure, from the Committee She has arrived also the ok to the release of the concession to the society Italian Srl for approaches near the Alkion Wharf for boarding operation/mineral oil disembarkation. Against I renew of the duration ten-year-old, Italian It has introduced a plan of participations for the maintenance and the development of the activity of the wharf.

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