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27 February 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 05:42 GMT+1

August 22, 2019

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The analysis cost-benefits of Gronda of Genoa exhorts to a more punctual appraisal of the project alternatives

The Ministry invites "to pick the opportunity to pursue more efficient infrastructural options". Toti (Liguria Region): it is "the blow of tail of Toninelli"

The Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports has published the analysis cost-benefits and relative the legal analysis to Gronda of Genoa, project that previews the lightening of the traffic on the draft of the A10 freeway that is connected to the capital of Liguria having realized new highway infrastructures for a total of beyond 60 kilometers. If the preliminary conclusions of such analyses appear interlocutorie, more resolutive they seem the consequences of such investigations drawn from the Ministry that in a note of accompanyment to the document it emphasizes that "the outcome of the lead appraisals suggests to pick the opportunity to pursue more efficient infrastructural options in trasportistici terms, environmental and financial, than the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports it wishes can, beginning from the carried out study, to be groundbreaking and characterized through I confront with the territorial institutional levels".

Conclusions, those drafts from the ministry, than are not at all piaciute to the president of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti, that it considers are "the blow of tail of Toninelli". "Even if the government more does not exist - from Liguria governor has commented - the Ministry of Infrastructures to guide grillina rejects Gronda of Genoa, a project already made and that the Italians are already paying. Indeed, many people and many companies already are expropriated because the yard already would have had to leave months ago. The arrogance does not have limits: in order to feel sorry the grillini from Liguria, than in election campaign they have lined up themselves against the work, the government rejects a strategic infrastructure for all the ports and the north-west of the Country. And this although all the enterprise associations, the unions, the categories, the professionals, anyone weever and work in Liguria are in favor of its realization. I confront institutional - Toti has remembered - already has been! So as the public, intentional debate from the Pd, between the citizens involved in the project. And here is what after to have waited for years for guilt of the left, now still we are blocked for guilt of 5 Stars. And now that they are also put together with Rome - it has concluded Toti - than disaster it will be? Aspect the Pd that comes to say, also to go to the government, that Toninelli is right"

Relatively to the costs already paid to which it has made reference the president of the Liguria Region, in contractual the problematic analysis of the legal-administrative ones connected to the obligations enclosed to the analysis cost-benefits one remembers that "the costs already supported by REELS (Freeways for Italy, ndr) for this work and functional to its realization, they add to about 1.030 million euros". The total costs for the performance of the project are estimated in 4,75 billion euros.

In the preliminary conclusions of the analysis cost-benefits law that "the conditions of high and generalized congestion of the genoese node allow with all the examined alternatives (the analysis has taken in fact in consideration several progettuali alternatives in varying under consideration produced from the SPEA Engineering of the Atlantia group, ndr) to reach bonds levels of feasibility, but at the same time those projects are rewarded that increase the street ability in general terms, even if not correctly conceived, and it becomes therefore essential in these cases to be able to confront various alternatives of project". Moreover the analysis finds that "from I confront carried out from the Group of Appraisal emerges as the examined alternatives are not equally favorable; a different choice from that optimal one would involve in fact not negligible reductions of the potentially acquisibili benefits, that is a bad use of the resources". The analysis evidences also as "the operation of the two lotteries that compose the project of Gronda of Genoa, and that is from a part the doubling of the A7 and, from the other, that of the A10, has been demonstrated to be functional separable and characterized from different levels of feasibility, with the first (A7) meaningfully more elevated of the second (A10)". The analysis observes at last that "the functional order with the solo first lottery however would have to preview also the extension of the third lane of the new Morandi until the interchange of Cornigliano". "How much over - the analysis concludes - suggests the opportunity to carry out a deepening, with the involvement of the interested subjects, for a more punctual appraisal of the project alternatives".

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