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20 February 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 08:05 GMT+1

September 9, 2019

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ESPO illustrates its proposal of review of Regolamento EU on the development of the net TRIES

For the association of the European ports, the moment has reached to adapt the normative picture to the new truths of the market, to the new challenges and requirements

In the picture of the public consultation in sight of the review of Regolamento EU 1315/2013 on the guidelines of the European Union for the development of the transeuropea net of the transports, that it is started before the beginning of the summer from the EU commission in the optical to introduce a proposal of review in the first semester of 2021, the association of the European ports has introduced an own proposal of review in which it has evidenced that the re-examination of Regolamento would have to be used above all as an opportunity in order to update the net TRIES in relation to the new truths of market, as the increase of the traffic volumes and scale increments, to the social challenges, that they are centralized on the issues of the climate, the atmospheric pollution, the noise and the increasing urbanization, and on the new requirements, as the digitalisation, the automation and the e-commerce.

Relatively to the role of the ports in this context, the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) has found that the ports are more than a "member of the infrastructure of marine transport" and that the new lines guide TRY would have to be adapted in order to recognize the role that many marine ports carry out as multimodali strategic nodes in addition to their role classic of members of the infrastructure of the marine transport.

In its proposal of review of Regolamento, moreover, the ESPO has emphasized as during the last few years the European ports more and more are involved in a process of cooperation, grouping and fusion, is from the bottom up that from the top down, and has observed that the political new TRIES would have to consider and to encourage these developments in the harbour field. In particular, the association considers that the harbour clusters must be clearly defined in the picture of the future politics TRY. However ESPO has specified that this evidenziazione of the harbour clusters would not have to modify the identification of the ports that already is put into effect subdividing them in ports "Core" and "comprehensive" ports, even if the single projects would have to be estimated in terms of importance for the cluster and therefore for the net IT TRY.

Moreover in its proposal the ESPO has rimarcato the importance of the freeways of the sea as important integral part and of the net TRIES and has evidenced that the marine dimension would have to be considered equally important how much that of the corridors TRIES earthlings. The association considers that in order to fully take advantage of the potential one of the marine connections of the net, the marine transport short beam would have to strongly be facilitated and, to such purpose, requirement of the freeways of the sea would have to be see again and the marine connections between two nations would have to be totally recognized and considered priority.

In its proposal the ESPO has remembered moreover that a study of the association on the requirements of investment of the European ports has revealed that these pile to 48 billion euros in next the ten years and that in period 2014-2017 the agencies and organisms that manage the ports have been able to obtain single 4% of the destined amount from program CEF to the field of the transports.

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