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June 16, 2020

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ECSA, the renewed multilateral commercial system of the EU must be free, open and total

Dorsman: the EU must act quickly in order to rejuvenate the European economy, protect and to create occupation and to show the leadership in the process of total resumption

Today the EU commission has given the go-ahead to a procedure in order to put into effect a substantial reform of the business policy of the EU with the scope to promote the resumption of the economy hit from the effects of the pandemic of Covid-19, reform that - the association has asked for the European shipowners commenting the announcement of the initiative - must take into consideration the requirements of the naval industry that needs a free commercial system, opened and total.

The re-examination of the business policy of the European Union proposed from the Commission previews a public consultation time to collect the contributions of the European Parliament, of the Member States, the bearers of interests and the civil society, with the objective to construct a consent on a new in the mid term guideline of the business policy of the EU that allows to answer to a series of new total challenges and holds account of the instructions drawn from the crisis tied to the coronavirus. "In order to contribute to repair caused the economic and social damages from the coronavirus pandemic, to throw again the European resumption, protect the occupation and to create places of work - of the EU commission has explained vice-president, Valdis Dombrovskis - we have recently proposed a solid one slowly for the European resumption that heads to completely take advantage of the potential one of the budget of the EU. The European Union is world-wide the commercial superpower. An open and founded commerce on rules will contribute in meaningful measure to the world-wide resumption. We must make sure that the business policy servant our citizens and our enterprises. Today we start a review of the business policy in order to adapt the approach of the EU to the world-wide commerce in this critical moment for the total economy".

"The current pandemic - it has added the European commissioner to the Commerce, Phil Hogan - is changing to the world that has known up to now and our business policy must be adapted for being more effective in pursuing the European interests". A requirement of change shared from the European Community Shipowners' Associations (ECSA): "the pandemic of Covid-19 - it has agreed the general secretary of the European shipowning association, Martin Dorsman - has still caused and is causing diffuse economic and social destructions that Europe and the remainder of the world have urgently need to diminish and to repair. As important total commercial partner - she has observed Dorsman - the EU must act quickly in order to rejuvenate the European economy, protect and to create occupation and to show the leadership in the process of total resumption. The current crisis has demonstrated the intrinsic and vital importance of the total commerce with Europe, its citizens and its societies".

"As actor key in the world-wide commerce - he has continued the general secretary of the ECSA - the naval industry depends on a free, opened and total multilateral system commercial, that already he was questioned before the pandemic. The ECSA is felt sorry totally of the start of the review of the business policy and shares the objective of the EU commission of "a strong business policy and investment of the EU in order to support the economic resumption, to create quality places of work, abroad protect the practical European enterprises from treacherous in homeland and". To European level - it has found Dorsman - we must construct an economy of the EU resilient and sustainable. To total level, the EU must guide the reform of the World-wide Organization of the Commerce in order to not only create commercial opportunities for Europe, but also in order to improve the conditions of parity for the European enterprises and citizens who currently are weakened. To such fine, the ECSA takes note and supports the proposal to institute "in charge of the execution" in order to guarantee the respect and the performance of the engagements assumed between the EU and the third party partner".

"The European marine industry - it has concluded Dorsman - does not see the hour to participate actively to the consultation processes and will collaborate with the EU commission in order to supply all the necessary contributions from our points of view".

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