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12 August 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 20:18 GMT+2

July 24, 2020

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Shortly the convocation of a new reunion of the Committee of management of the AdSP of the Northern Adriatic

The harbour agency detailed list that the MIT has recognized the full regularity of consuntivo 2019

After three sitting of the Committee of management of the Authority of summoned in order to approve of budget 2019 of the agency and declared Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale not valid for the absence of the representatives of the Metropolitan City of Venice and the Region of Veneto, the AdSP has communicated today that shortly it will convene newly the Committee of management to the aim to approve of consuntivo statement 2019, but this time - with the announcement - the agency has specified moreover that with the new reunion "it agrees to give fulfillment to the indications received yesterday from the head of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports that, in a formal note sent to the agency, on 18 June recognizes the regularity of the consuntivo budget already introduced for the approval in the sitting of the Committee of management, to conclusion of the executed technical-administrative inspection from the Head office "Vigilance on the Harbour Authorities" of the same Ministry".

The harbour authority has emphasized that "in such appraisal the general manager has recognized that the legal regulation, that previews the commissariamento of the agency in case of lacked approval the budgets within the previewed terms, goes to light read in the context of the situation and of the correctness of introduced accounting records in Committee. The Head office, to this end - she has specified the harbour agency - has recognized, after adapted analysis technical-administrative and deepened documentary control, let alone as a result of the audition of president Musolino, than the consuntivo budget of the AdSP some criticality and is absolutely regular under the economic, financial does not anticipate and administrative profile".

"Meanwhile - the AdSP has still explained - the general manager has found as the expressed declarations of contrary ballot from the representatives of the Venetian Region and the Metropolitan City of Venice made reference to sums lain in wait for in consolidated balance sheet in 2018, by now as a result of the approval of the accounting statement by the Committee of management on April 29, 2019, approved of then by the Ministry of Infrastructures and also from the Ministry of the Economy and Finances, and not still used by the agency becoming, therefore, residual bound liabilities to the review of the PEF between AdSP and Venice Ro.Port. Mos Scpa (the society that manages the new terminal for the Freeways of the Sea of Fusina, ndr). The cancellation of such mail, as repeatedly formally demanded from the representatives of Metropolitan City and Region, would have produced the immediate one off balance sheet to form of a "debit" for the agency and therefore administrative and accounting coming true of illicit a extremely serious one".

"Getting to the point of the review of the PEF on Fusina - she has explained moreover the harbour agency - the Head office "Vigilance on the Harbour Authorities" then remembers the opinions favorable collected from the agency and expressed from the DIPE (office to the directed dependencies of the Presidency of the Council), district Legal profession of the State and called professionals to support the agency, on the necessity to act exactly as acts from the Authority of Harbour System, in order "to ask for a greater economic damage that was born, in terms of management of the risk, then anticipate in the action undersigned in 2010 from the president in favour of the concessionaire and to discapito of the harbour agency"".

The AdSP has remembered, at last, than "the object of the agenda of the Committee of management on 18 June it concerned on the approval of the statement for year 2019 and that such will be the agenda of the next sitting. The relative procedure to the re-balance of the PEF of the Terminal Freeways of the Sea of Fusina, than is not argument object or of voting in reference to consuntivo statement 2019, in fact it has been definitively concluded with the ballot favorable to majority of the Committee of management on January 20, 2020. They come therefore to fall, beyond every reasonable doubt, all the contrarietà and observations raised from the two members, respective of Metropolitan City and Region, the Committee of management".

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