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29 October 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 03:20 GMT+1

July 27, 2020

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In June the traffic of the goods in the ports of Genoa and Savona - Vado Ligure is dropped respective of the -27,2% and -9,3%

In according to trimester of this year bendings they have been of the -31,0% and -16,6%

Also last month, after the decrease of the -35,5% and the -30,6% recorded to April and May, the volume of traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Genoa has marked an emphasized bending of the -27,2% having been is pairs to 3,57 million tons regarding 4,90 million tons in June 2019. Less consisting in June, instead, the decrease of the traffic enlivened from the port of Savona - Vado Ligure, also administered it from the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western, that tons have been pairs 1,04 million, with a reduction of the -9,3% on the june 2019 that follow the contractions of the -16,8% and of the -22,9% totaled respective in the precedence months of April and May.

Last month to Genoa a resumption is found alone in the segment of the bulk sand banks enlivened in the commercial section, than tons (+45.8% have been attested to 40 thousand), and in that of the not oil liquid bulk that has turned out pairs to 73 thousand tons (+24.7%), of which 43 thousand tons of chemicals (to +36.5%) and 31 thousand tons of oils vegetables and wine (+11.3%). Down it is the mineral oils (914 thousand tons, -31,6%) is the solid bulk in the industrial section (47 thousand tons, -78,3%), so as the goods several that are piled to 2,41 million tons (- 24.1%), included 1,64 million containerized tons of goods (- 26.9%) realized with a container handling pairs to 172.155 teu (- 28.7%) and 776 thousand conventional tons of goods (- 17.4%). In June the traffic of the passengers of the ferries has been of 90 thousand unit (- 66.9%), while still it stops has turned out the activity of the crocieristi cruises regarding 139 thousand enlivened in June 2019.

Last month in the port of Savona - Vado Ligure several tons of goods are enlivened 415 thousand (- 16.3%), of which 89 thousand tons of goods in container, with an increase of generated +96.7% from the entrance in activity to end 2019 of the new platform I go Gateway, 274 thousand tons of rotabili (- 28.5%), 37 thousand tons of fruit (+13.6%), 9 thousand tons of steels (- 65.9%) and 5 thousand tons of producing forest (- 38.0%). The solid bulk is diminished of the -38,9% to 102 thousand tons, included 46 thousand tons of cereals and oily seeds (+31.4%), 15 thousand tons of coal (+35.9%), 9 thousand tons of minerals (- 46.4%) and 32 thousand tons of other solid bulk (- 68.9%). In the segment of the liquid bulk the traffic has been of 526 thousand tons (+7.9%), of which 474 thousand of crude oil (+12.6%) and 51 thousand producing tons of oil refined (- 6.0%). The traffic of the passengers of the ferries has been of 5 thousand unit (- 89.0%) and the arrest warrant of the crocieristico traffic is confronted with 62 thousand fleeting of june 2019.

In according to trimester of the 2020 traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa it has turned out down of the -31,0% being piled to 9,77 million tons regarding 14,17 million tons in the period April-june last year. The sun goods in container pairs to 4,99 million tons (- 24.7%) and are totaled with a handling of containers pairs to 512.515 teu (- 26.5% have been). The goods conventional has been attested 1,85 million to tons (- 29.3%). In the field of the liquid bulk, the mineral oils have been pairs to 2,07 million tons (- 44.5%) and other cargos to 181 thousand tons (- 9.7%). The bulk sand banks in the commercial segment is piled to 152 thousand tons (+11.6%) and in that manufacturer to 285 thousand tons (- 53.1%). The passengers of the ferries have been 103 thousand (- 77.5%) and the crocieristi beyond thousands (- 99.7%).

The port of Savona - Vado Ligure it has archived item the second trimester of this year with a total of 3,06 million tons (- 16.6%). The goods several tons (- 14.8%), of which 387 thousand tons of goods containerized (+153.8%), 670 thousand tons of rotabili (- 38.0% have been 1,23 million), 105 thousand tons of fruit (- 9.6%), 55 thousand tons of producing forest (to +19.5%) and 14 thousand tons of steels (- 71.7%). The liquid bulk has grown of +6.1% to 1,49 million tons, while those solid ones are dropped of the -59,0% to 335 thousand tons. To the zero setting of the crocieristico traffic (205 thousand passengers in according to trimester of the 2019) sum bending of the -93,1% of the passengers of the ferries that have been less than 5 thousand.

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