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21 October 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 23:12 GMT+2

October 9, 2020

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Adopted the project to improve accessibility at the port of Piombino

Early to 2020 some works in the ports of the Tyrrhenian Northern that had been scheduled in the annuities Subsequent

The Port System Authority Management Committee North Tyrrhenian Sea has adopted a new adjustment functional technicality to the Piombino Port Regulatory Plan, with improving the accessibility of the airport. Remembering that currently the area west of North Darsena is a water mirror in which the filled tanks required for the creation and completion of the forecourts provided by port planning tools Port Authority explained that the technical adjustment gives a different planimetric layout to the current PRP forecast of the west darsena North quay and the part not yet realized, which from Port Regulatory Plan included a tooth of about 180 metres and an additional slightly more open straight quay that joined at the Darsena Grande at the former Lusid wharf, partly to be demolished.

The new configuration provides for the West reduction of the first section to about 500 meters (rather than 700) and the straightening of the remaining part, which will go to current head of the SteelWorks, the will maintain the current length. The proposed change allows the deletion of the live edge that is present at the mouth of the north-west dock. It is also shortening the underflow pier by about 200 metres, advancing the circle of evolution, expanding its 520 metres in diameter, and improving the area of manoeuvre to enter and exit the port. In addition, there is expected to be a rectification of the terminal section of the Battery Pier, with the elimination on the inside side of the quay and the elongation of the tooth 25 meters.

At today's meeting of the Management Committee, The resolution amending the programme of three-year list, with the anticipation for 2020 of some work scheduled in subsequent annuities. A starting at the port of Livorno, where the work will be carried out necessary and urgent for the functionality of the Access channel to The Tuscany Darsena, also in order to ensure safer transit than large ships. The intervention, which is included in the annual list of works 2020, consists of the demolition of a section of the 13 (for a length of 35 metres) and in the next morphological remodelling of the seabed, through a dredging intervention at the altitude of -13 meters of an area of about 24,000 square meters. The surgery costs 1.5 million Euro.

In Piombino, on the other hand, the intervention that included part of the navigable canal (including the dredging) and the brush rooted at the root of the dam overflux of the port of Piombino. The work, immediately has a total cost of EUR 5.5 million, of which three million are anticipated for the 2020 annuity.

Finally, the Management Committee gave the green light to Forecast Budget 2020 will make some changes for competence and cash flow. In general, they are accounted for less current revenue of almost four million euros compared to those that the AdSP had planned to collect from port fees, boarded and disembarked, from anchorage and state-of-the-land. In addition, unplanned expenses were incurred Covid-19 and to secure the safety of employees of the institution. The ADSP has announced that it has, however, about 10 million euros of higher revenue that has allowed to absorb the pandemic shock: it was in fact obtained by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport EUR 2.2 million to be used in the Project review and another 7.3 million came from the Tuscany Region framework agreement to relaunch the port of Piombino. The 2020 budget settlement results in a total less use of the administration surplus of 2.3 million euros. The administrative surplus as of December 31 2020 is updated by 102.6 million euros (surplus as from Budget 2019) to 93.1 million.

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