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24 November 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 12:31 GMT+1

November 4, 2020

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Mit's first periodic report on logistics and Transport

Strong growth differential in Italian GDP and national passenger and freight traffic

The first issue of "Connecting" was published. Dots", a periodical bulletin on logistics and transport aimed at policy makers, technicians and experts, stakeholders in the sector that is developed by RAM Logistics Infrastructure and Transport and by the Mission technical structure for the strategic address, the development of infrastructure and high surveillance, arms operational operations of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The document information on the economic and structural trends in transport and logistics, also in relation to developments in the economy of the country, and is structured in three macro-sections focused on on the analysis of macroeconomic, transport, and a last part dedicated to the analysis of acts and studies of interest transport, logistics and their Interactions.

The first issue of the report highlights the strong growth differential in gross domestic product recorded in italy in the period 2009-2019 compared to the other countries of the Union (+2.4% in Italy against, for example, +21.4% of Germany), identifying the trend of domestic exports the component that allowed to maintain a path, although modest, growth of the country. The document specifies that in front of to this macroeconomic stasis of the country, over the same period however, there has been a substantial increase in the passenger and especially freight traffic: a decoupling compared to the GDP of all modes of transport, particularly visible in the air freighter (which grows 21.5 times gdp), in the segment (factor 15.8), air transport (factor 20.3) and passenger rail (factor 8.9).

The document also analyses the consequences of the first phase outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic crisis, in which GDP italian level fell by -12% compared to the first half of 2019 and with recovery forecasts in 2021 that cannot balance the estimated annual decline for 2020 (-9%). During the first six months of the year, however, there was a general the volumes of traffic in the freight sector, which ensured that the supplies to production units and consumers finals in the approximately three months of lockdown. In the first half of 2020, in fact, the decrease in road traffic (-20.8% on the motorway network and -16.8% on the ANAS network), the decrease in port movements (-13,6%) and rail freight traffic (-12.3%) were found much more limited than the decreases that occurred at the passenger segment that saw cumulative half-year declines of -70% in air transport and still persistent declines in June 2020 in high-speed services (-81.4% compared to June 2020) 2019) and urban collective transport (average decrease of -50% compared to the pre-Covid period against an -10% average in EU countries 27).

"The mission of this tool- explained RAM's sole administrator, Ennio Cascetta - is building a lowest common denominator, a database as much as possible shared and unambiguous at national level, in terms of data and analyses that can be functional to the planning of sector, programming and, as far as possible, the choices of investment of individual companies, especially in a phase of uncertainty like the one we are experiencing due to Covid. The report does not, in fact, have the objective of replacing the usual data sources or create additional data sources, such as that of connect and bring existing data to a common fact by providing a integrated overview able to define and identify the trend of the transport sector as a whole. Hence the name of the Connecting Dots report.

"The idea of "Connecting Dots" -- added the coordinator of the Technical Mission Structure for the address development of infrastructure and high-level surveillance of Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Giuseppe Catalano - is to monitor the evolution of the transport system goods and passengers of the country to better plan, plan and manage investments in infrastructure and Transportation. The large amount of data available today for the sector may not be fully exploited without a reading that can allow a clear synthesis also in order to better understand where we are and especially where we're heading as a country system. "Connecting Dots" can also be also become a useful reference for companies, operators and experts in the field who want, in a single document monitor the evolution, trends and needs of the the Italian transport and logistics sector.'

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