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24 November 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 13:19 GMT+1

November 10, 2020

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Assologist will ask the government for recognition logistics as an essential public service

Also called for the inclusion of service contracts logistics in the Civil Code. Gentile: in the comparison on renewal the "flexibility" component must be be featured

Assologist will ask the government that logistics immediate recognition of "service" is assigned essential public sector" and that logistics service contracts are included in the Civil Code. This was announced today by the President of the association, Andrea Gentile, at the opening of the 2020 edition of the Contract Logistics Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, this year dedicated to the effects of health emergency on third-party logistics. "It is it is necessary to emphasize - explained Gentile - how, in a moment as difficult as it was the first phase of the pandemic, alongside structures and healthcare professionals engaged with self-denial in an extraordinary effort, a role equally important has been carried out by logistics operators. A beginning of 2020 - noted the President of Assologistica - course the objective risk of adding to the health crisis also that of supplies. All this, however, is not Success. Logistics on behalf of third parties, although with enormous difficulties and in an often chaotic climate, instead gave an answer of efficiency, effectively avoiding the collapse of the system socio-economic development of our country.

Announcing that "Assologistica will ask the government the immediate recognition of "essential public service" for all logistics activities with their application the rules of Law No 146/90 and subsequent amendments for the duration of the stay of the state of emergency." Gentile pointed out that "this would increased awareness of all social components Involved. Such a rule, he added, could generate a very positive media effect: it would be clear to everyone that those who work in logistics are contributing to the support of the country. Of course - specified the President of Assologistica - such status is requested only for the period of stay of the state of emergency and would have zero burdens on the state."

Gentile announced that, moreover, Assologistica "has decided to call for government and parliamentary intervention to the inclusion in the Civil Code of the contract of logistic services. The logistics operator - he explained - is in fact still provided with regulatory protections provided instead for other parties who specific phases of logistics activity. Among the different advantages of the revision we requested must be a decline in civil litigation, the causes of which today are determined not only by reasons of non-compliance, but precisely by defects in the interpretation of the rules that the new legislation would go and sort it out. It should be remembered that the entry between contracts consecrated in the Civil Code also represents the recognition of a contractual model governing daily the handling of goods in our country, contributes very significantly to GDP growth and it guarantees the livelihood of millions of people."

Gentile also addressed the theme of the renewal of the contract logistics workers remembering that the renewal table of that contract, which expired in December 2019, had just begun its work, made difficult by the large and composite employers (more than 20 organisations are present at the table employers), when the health crisis actuallyed the Negotiated. Gentile specified that despite the interruption of the comparison the counterparts have never lost sight of in these months and that the theme of social shock absorbers as well as that of health protection with the signing of the protocols has kept alive and incessant confrontation with a spirit -- he pointed out the president of Assologistica -- that you can define collaborative. Now the union, starting from the level confederal - gentile also recalled - asks to return to the negotiating table and in September and October the parties met again. Of course, he pointed out, the meetings have taken place in small groups or remotely but it is not only the mode of meetings that has changed, even the themes of the discussion at this stage will not be the usual: as asks the union - anticipated Gentile - will face the theme of smart working, but -- pointed out the president of Assologistics - it will be necessary to evaluate whether this mode, where technically possible, is an effective organizational choice because it is clear that the emergency has imposed choices which force them to adapt, but with the return to the normality the choice should be evaluated from the point of view of economic and organizational. Gentile also made it known that, starting from the strategic importance of the world of logistics and aware of the difficulties facing the sector, the parties intend to propose to the institutions measures in support of the companies and workers, but also actions and interventions for the prevention of irregularities and the development of legality.

"Assologistica - said Gentile - does not intend to to avoid confrontation on the classic themes of a contractual renewal, but in the face of a situation of extreme uncertainty like the one that we're experiencing the first concern must be maintaining on the business market and safeguarding jobs. The all with a bargaining key in which the "flexibility" component is put in the foreground, managing to adapt the rules of work to the needs of the business and the contingencies that the pandemic we are certain will not spare us."

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