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28 February 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 14:49 GMT+1

January 20, 2021

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The Federation of the Sea is also calling for a political and administrative coordination dedicated to the activities Maritime

Ministry or dedicated department of the Presidency of the Advice, or at least - explained Mattioli - a structure that know how to systemo manage the entire maritime cluster

The Federation of the Sea, which brings together most of the organizations in the Italian maritime sector, has made its the exhortation addressed to the government by the President of The International Propeller Clubs, Umberto Masucci, to a Ministry of the Sea is established, a constitution that is far from hypothetical given the possibility that a reshuffle of government, a reworking that often leads to the extension of the Council of Ministers.

"We are aware - said Mario Mattioli, President of the Federation of the Sea and the Confederation of Italian Shipowners (Confitarma) ‐ of how it can be complex at this time to evaluate the demands of the many sectors of our economy. Nonetheless, the world of the sea believes that it is precisely in times of change like these that they can important opportunities to safeguard the country's interests in a sector of strategic importance such as the maritime sector.'

Recalling that the sea sector consists of maritime transport, shipbuilding, fishing, recreational boating, ports and terminal extraction industry, research and protection of the territory, in addition to related related activities of the related sector, such as insurance, brokerage, logistics services, nautical schools as well as sports and recreational activities, Mattioli has highlighted that it is "a world that produces goods and services worth €34 billion (2% of GDP) and buys supplies from other branches of the economy for 20 billions of euros, providing employment for 530,000 people."

"Therefore, in this difficult phase of reflection on the structure of the country - concluded the President of the Federation of the Sea - the maritime cluster strongly calls for the established an effective forum for political and administrative coordination dedicated to maritime activities: Ministry of the Sea or dedicated department of the Presidency of the Council, however a structure that can put the management of the entire system maritime clusters, whose aspects are now dispersed between different administrations, with certain damage to their and Italy's development, reading and innovating the past tradition of the Ministry of Marina mercantile, now reduced to a single ministerial direction.

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