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26 February 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 23:45 GMT+1

January 21, 2021

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Assiterminal, yes to the creation of an institution that is dedicated to maritime activities

Ferrari: it is not a wish, it is not a suggestion, but it should be a concrete and strategic need of the Italy system

The Italian Association of Port & Terminals Operators (Assiterminal) agrees with the exhortation addressed to the government by The International Propeller Clubs and the of the Sea to establish a Ministry of the Sea or in any case a political and administrative coordination for the activities of the Maritime. "The appeals and reflections that are being proposing by the Propeller and the Federation of the Sea, as recently pointed out by Umberto Masucci and Mario Mattioli - took over the director of Assiterminal, Alessandro Ferrari - fall within the path of the best expression of the unity of vision of the composite blue economy cluster: the economy of the sea, broadly speaking, or transport logistics, if we want to give a more systemic sense to the production dynamics of the sector that seeks to re-emerge at the honours of the chronicles and of the country's political and programmatic attention - agreed Ferrari - would also need more incisiveness administrative system, and consequently of an effectiveness in the planning and implementation of concrete development measures, by the of the government.'

"Focusing on establishing governance ad hoc institutional framework - underlined the director of Assiterminal - it is not a wish, it is not a suggestion: it should be a concrete and strategic need of the Italian system also to better "ground" the opportunities of the NGEU and the forward-looking missions contained in it. Probably the policy would succeed on this issue even to give a reading not cencelliana seizing this opportunity in the current context: and as often happens, the goal is not necessarily achieved through a functional path to "what instrument" but through a clear awareness and willingness to realize a project with its own clear vision and mission: to the development of a strategic sector for the Italian production system as ours".

"Each of us, understood as an integral part of the cluster - noted Ferrari - needs to simplify legislation, to clearly identify who are the decision-makers and of a system of transparent and uniform rules, to develop synergistically the processes of digitization, to have a system labour and training standards that promote development, rationalisation of the tax system, to name but a few some assets, unravelling the network of decision-makers and stakeholders Actuators. Even in the course of the debate within our recent conference "port taxation and port governance" - recalled Ferrari - these demands have emerged, even more so supported by some distinctions that have, however, highlighted the how, on the merits, there is convergence, unity of purpose and also desire and need to team up".

"The maturity of this sector- continued the director of Assiterminal - we believe you can see precisely in these circumstances: beyond the legitimate and normal distinctions that dialectics and business, the issues of governance, governance and rules, the integration of technological infrastructure and networks, synergistic industrial planning at the logistic and tourist system, sensitivity (including needy, why not) to the problems of the impacts environment and social issues (link with the territory and its collective in a non-localistic vision but as a summation of people, opportunities and sustainability) are just a few of the aspects on which the requests and their assumptions are commonly oriented.'

"So- agreed Ferrari - we all promote the yes institution (Ministry, Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council, Ad Hoc Department with harmonizing delegations ...) that collars in itself functions and professionalism, passion and determination in systemising the current administrative bureaucratic fragmentation from which it has suffered for several years of twenty years this world: if other countries, including the EU, have already moved in this direction it is evident that what we are saying it's not wishful. There are, in the public administration, profiles and professionalism to be enhanced with a clear and ambitious project, but over the years we have seen depleted resources and authority: this could really be the time to relaunch them in a win-win really functional to the country: and if for this you have to create new "armchairs" it will be for once also aimed at the composition of the public good or collective.'

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