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13 February 2016 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 01:23 GMT+1

12/02/2016JES International Holdings sells own navalmeccaniche activities
will be yielded Hong Kong Victo International
ABB Marine Solutions

12/02/2016To Livorno is introduced the ban for the harbour new work Europe Platform
Gallanti: "naval gigantism is lungi to have exhausted own propulsive thrust"
Autorita' Portuale di Palermo

12/02/2016Palumbo will carry out important intense activities of restructure on three ferries of the Moby
Two ships will enter in the ship yard of Naples and in that of Malta

12/02/2016DFDS closes an exercise anniversary record
Fort increment of the rotabili and the passengers transported from the fleet

12/02/2016De Luca restates to Delrio not of the Campania to the amalgamation of the Harbour Authorities of Naples and Salerno
According to the governing one lives, is the risk to introduce new officialisms rather than new simplification

12/02/2016rise of the traffic of the container in the ports of Los Angeles City and Long Beach to January 2016
the first port of call has enlivened 704,398 teu (+33.0%), second 536.188 teu (+24.8%)

11/02/2016Shipping has concluded an operation of refinancing of 560 million euros
the proceeds of the entire operation are used in order to refinance the controlled debit of the Moby and Tirrenia and the holding ones of Honored Shipping

11/02/2016the Maersk group announces the start of a collaboration with some Indian yards of naval demolition
Currently - the Danish company emphasizes - sustainable procedures of dismantling of the ships imply an additional cost 1-2 million dollars for every unit

11/02/2016the 2015 has revealed a difficult year for the chartering society Textainer container
In 2016 is attended an ulterior contraction of the economic results

11/02/2016the Italian government announces ulterior investments in the railroads
Resources concentrated on the development of the four European corridors TRIES that they cross the nation

11/02/2016Third encounter of the port of Trieste with institutional representatives and economic Iranians
Developed the operating details of the collaboration with the port of Bandar Abbas

11/02/2016Tuesday Propeller Club of Genoa will face the current criticalities of the marine transport
Incontro conviviale on topic "2016: difficult year for the shipping"

11/02/2016In the 2015 port of Bremen/Bremerhaven has enlivened 73,4 million tons of goods (- 6.2%)
the imports and the exports are diminished respective of the -4,4% and the -7,9%

10/02/2016the North American travel agents preview an ulterior improvement of the market of the cruises
This year is attended an increment of the revenues

10/02/2016In increase the results of the division cruises of German group TUI
In the trimester October-December of the 2015 groos profit is gone up to eight million euro

10/02/2016Last year the goods in container enlivened by the port of Amburgo is diminished of the -10,0%
Altogether the German harbour port of call has recorded a traffic of 137,8 million tons (- 5.4%)

10/02/2016Young Debate of the Group of Assagenti on the markets of the liquid bulk and sand banks
Is in program 1° March to Genoa

10/02/2016Study of environmental monitoring on the impact of the crocieristico traffic to Savona
Costa Crociere emphasizes that from the results it turns out that the presence of ships of the company in port meaningfully does not affect the quality of the air

10/02/2016the Maersk group archivia an exercise 2015 to forget
the perspectives for the 2016 are anything but promising

09/02/2016Bennett (ICS): they do not have more sense arbitrary distinctions between the open registries and the traditional States of flag
the International Chamber of Shipping has published the last annual report on the performances of the naval registries

09/02/2016With the contest for the confidence of the services of towing in the port of Trieste saved million euro
Delle Piane: the notices publics will put the Italian shipowners of the field in front of challenges until now never neither assumed

09/02/2016the group Black Siblings of Livorno has taken in delivery a new Damen tug
the naval means "Luisa Neri" will be employed in the port of Livorno

09/02/2016the contract for the newsroom of the new Portuale Town development plan of Venice
the job will be executed by ATI composed gives Of Appolonia, Maritime MTBS and Transport Solution Business, Acquatecno, Paola Viganò Study and Rina Services

09/02/2016This year the works in order to reduce noise and emissions of harbour terminal VTE of Genoa will be under way
In program the electrification of the docks and the realization of the so-called "dune"

09/02/2016Completed the last step towards the final adoption of the standards on the emissions of co2 of the airplane
the new norms could be formally adopted from the council of the ICAO in the first months of 2017

09/02/2016In the gallery of base of Saint Gottardo is journeyed a cargo train of the length of 1.500 meters
the new railway tunnel, that it is longest of the world, will be inaugurated 1° the june

09/02/2016Last year the port of New York - New Jersey has established the own new record of traffic of the container with 6,37 million teu (+10.4%)
the full imports of container are increased of +9.2%, while the export of empty boxes is diminished of -2,6%. Attenuation of the increase in the fourth trimester

08/02/2016In the 2015 port of Salerno has enlivened a traffic record of beyond 12,9 million tons of goods (+6.0%)
New record in the fields of the goods in container, the rotabili, the goods conventional, the passengers and the crocieristi

08/02/2016the port of Venice participates to the Italian institutional mission in Iran
Interest to the development of the traffics break bulk and project cargo

08/02/2016In the yard of Monfalcone di Fincantieri is launched the Majestic Princess
the ship from cruise will be delivered to the company Princess Cruises in the spring of 2017

08/02/2016BLG Logistics will manage the new offshore terminal for the wind industry of the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven
a contract of concession of the duration 30-year-old

08/02/2016Entrusted the intense activities for the realization of the new mouth of the port of Salerno
Consentirà the income in the harbour basin with the ships of new generation

08/02/2016Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Livorno has grown of +15.4%
Record of handling of containers with a total of 780.874 teu (+35.2%)

08/02/2016the Board of Asciano is expressed in favor of the introduced offer of takeover from Qube
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners has five days of time in order to equal the proposal

08/02/2016Financing of the IFC for the construction of a terminal for liquid bulk in the port Egyptian of Sokhna
the plan, that it previews an investment of 504 million dollars, will be realized to the Sonker Bunkering Company

08/02/2016In the 2015 harbour terminal of the DP World group has enlivened 61,7 million container (+3.0%)
In the solo fourth trimester of the year the traffic has been of 15,2 million teu (+1.2%)

05/02/2016After four years in loss Hanjin Shipping has closed 2015 with an economic result clearly of positive sign
Last year the revenues are diminished of the -15,3%

05/02/2016This year in the ports of Olbia, Golfo Aranci and Porto Torres is attended 139 ports of call of ships from cruise
Precious: the crocieristico calendar is still in continuous evolution and will be able to grow ulteriorly in the next weeks

05/02/2016NGO Shipbreaking Platform denunciation that 60% of the naval demolitions still happen on the spiagge of the Asian south-east
Of the 768 ships dismantled in the course of 2015, 469 is demolished on the spiagge of Bangladesh, India and Pakistan

05/02/2016Civmec buys the Forgacs, society that work the greatest private ship yard of Australia
is situated to Tomago, in New South Wales, to 14 kilometers from the port of Newcastle

04/02/2016the Harbour Authority of Antwerp has signed an agreement with bank group Chinese ICBC
In the 2015 total volume of the traffic of the Belgian harbour port of call with China is increased almost 40%

04/02/2016DNV GL and Russian Register of Shipping signs a cooperation agreement
is met on the activity areas in which the two companies they are complementary

04/02/2016Manifestation of protest to the Argentario in order to ask the protection for the marine ones that works under the Italian flag
Savino (Italian Yacht Master): "we want to be listened from the minister because we need political and not bureaucratic choices"

04/02/2016the port of Tarragona has closed 2015 with a traffic of 33,2 million tons of goods (+3.9%)
Particularly consisting increase (+17.7%) of embarks of cargos directed towards foreign destinations

04/02/2016In the 2015 harbour terminal of HHLA has enlivened approximately 6,6 million container (- 12.3%)
the volume of managed intermodal traffic from the German company has grown of +2.7%

03/02/2016Royal Caribbean Cruises closes exercise 2015 with a profit of 666 million dollars (- 12.9% clearly)
the clearly rectified result anticipates an increment of +40.9%

03/02/2016the Ferretti group widens own activity to the fields of safety and soldier
new division FSD - Ferretti Security and Defence

03/02/2016the plan Fresh Food Corridors in display window to the Logistic Fruit of Berlin
is centralized on the development of a logistic corridor for the sour-food produced ones that give the Middle East disembark in the ports of Koper, Venice and Marseilles

03/02/2016Reorganization of the social order of RINA Academy with the income of ESA Group
is to become point of reference for the shipowners and the operators in formation topic

03/02/2016Last year ABB has recorded a decrease of the economic results and an increase of the orders
In Italy is achieved instead an increase of the turnover against a reduction of the store clerks

03/02/2016in the 2015 number of actions of piracy against the ships
246 incidents have happened altogether, in more regarding the year precedence

03/02/2016Incontro to the Ministry of Transportation in order to elaborate a strategy of I throw again of the rail shipment goods
Of the 14 ports "the Cores", solo 10 turn out connected via iron

03/02/2016Simonetti is named vice-president for the development and the reorganization of the group Contship Italy
Hannibal introduces a sixth railway connection weekly magazine between Melzo and Padua

02/02/2016Last year the port of Monfalcone has enlivened 4,45 million tons of goods (+3.9%)
solid Bulk in several increase of +11.4% and goods in decrease of the -9,9%

02/02/2016under way Interporto Padua the contest in order to acquire four cranes to portal
Raddoppieranno the operating ability to the intermodal platform

02/02/2016Agreement COSCO - ABS with the objective to use the Arctic marine route in order to connect Asia to Europe
the cooperation will be centralized on the development of ships ice-class

02/02/2016New railway connections with the Interporto of Bologna
Cooperation with Trenitalia Cargo and Italy Terminals

02/02/2016the Harbour Authority of Naples has received a representative of the government Egyptian
Sul table the possibilities of development of new commercial relations between the partenopeo port of call and Egypt

02/02/2016In the 2015 harbour terminal of HPH Trust has enlivened 23,9 million container (- 1.3%)
In the port of Hong Kong the traffic has been of 11,8 million teu (- 6.4%) and in the port of Yantian of 12, 2 million teu (+4.2%)

02/02/2016the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven curls the fifth consecutive month of the reduction of the traffic
In the first eleven months of the 2015 port of call has enlivened 67,5 million tons of goods (- 6.4%)

02/02/2016Green light of the COSCO shareholders and Lowers Shipping Lines Container to the fusion plan
COSCO is in race for the privatization of the port of Limassol

02/02/2016the Bolloré group wins the contest for the realization and construction of the new international port of East Timor
the concession contract will have a duration 30-year-old

01/02/2016Zim will restructure own organizational structure
Strengthening of the three main businesses unit and cancellation of the subdivision in managerial areas

01/02/2016In the 2015 ports of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta has enlivened 16,6 million tons of goods (+6.3%)
the passengers of the line services have been beyond 1,5 million (+4.4%) and the crocieristi almost 2,3 million (+6.2%)

01/02/2016MSC Cruises confirmation the construction of two ulterior ships from cruise near STX France
Will have an ability to 6.300 passengers and will be taken in delivery to October 2019 and september 2020

01/02/2016Forcieri is the new president of turn of the Ligurian Ports Alliance
Credo is important - it has declared - that the action of LPA points today to the putting to system of the mutual excellence

01/02/2016the volume of railway traffic enlivened in 2015 from the intermodal operator Helvetic Hupac
the transalpine traffic is diminished of the -2,8%, while on the other guiding ones an increase of +5.9% is recorded

29/01/2016Ferries and Linéa Corsica plan the fusion
While Corsica Linéa and the Méridionale collaborates to the creation of a marine company that will be controlled by the Territorial Collectivity of Corsica

29/01/2016In the 2015 port of Genoa has established the own new record anniversary in the field of the container
Movimentate 21,9 million tons of containerized cargos (+1.0%) for a volume pairs to 2.242.902 teu (+3.2%)

29/01/2016the Svitzer Danish will supply services of towing in the port of Guangzhou
Agreement in order to constitute joint venture with the Chinese Guangzhou Port Group

29/01/2016Al via the phase of constitution of the Agency for the Harbour Job in the port of Trieste
In the experimental phase of 12 months will be participated with 51% from the Harbour Authority. Initially the organic one will be of 111 units

29/01/2016"K" Linens, MOL and NYK close the third trimester of fiscal year 2015 with a decrease of the economic performances
Registrate newly losses in the segment of the portacontainer. Deterioration also in the field of the bulk

28/01/2016ESPO and ECSA plaudono to the adoption of the lines guides EU on the places of shelter for the ships in danger
is defined by the Cooperation Group on Places of Refuge

28/01/2016Nuovo attempt of privatization of the railway society Greek Trainose
the interest manifestations will have to prevent to the HRADF between 1° the February and 21 March

28/01/2016Evening of Propeller Club of Trieste on the activities of the nautical services technical of the giuliano port
will hold 3 February

28/01/2016group MSC buys railway operator portuguese CP Charges
the investment of the Helvetic shipowning group piles to 53 million euros

28/01/2016the Harbour Authority of Livorno says not to the landing place of the Cotunav ferries to the Italy Pier
the PRP establishes that the dock is destined to handling of the forest produced ones and cannot be stablily used for other traffics

28/01/2016Within year-end the results of the experimental program of monitoring of the emissions of the ferries
To the initiative of the Harbour office of Genoa and Arpal collaborates GNV for the Genoa-Palermo route

28/01/2016the consortium guided from Qube throws again the offer in order to acquire Asciano
To the proposal has joined China Investment Corporation

28/01/2016the Zoomlion Chinese has introduced an offer in order to acquire the entire capital of the Terex American
the proposal has a value of approximately 3,3 billion dollars

27/01/2016Last year the port of Algeciras has enlivened 4.511.322 container (- 1.0%)
the traffic of transhipment has grown of +0.2%, while it disembarks to it and it embarks to it are diminished of the -23,0% and the -4,6%

27/01/2016the ECSA recriminates for the "lacked occasion in order to adopt an approach including on the access at the market of the harbour services"
"the shipowners - it has emphasized the general secretary of the association - must still face practical restrictive and legal obstacles"

27/01/2016the port of tightens the ties with the crocieristico group American Royal Caribbean Cruises
In 2016 and the 2017 will be stablily placed in from Liguria port respective the ships "Harmony of the Seas" and "Freedom of the Seas"

27/01/2016In the port of Livorno the enterprises of the field ro-ro are available to estimate the subscription of a net contract
the summits of the Harbour Authority have introduced the proposal to the Lucarelli companies Terminal, LTM and Sintermar

27/01/2016Feport is satisfied of the outcome of the passage in commission Transports of the Parliament EU of the legislative proposal on the ports
Kerdjoudj-Belkaid: we appreciate the reference to the necessity that the agencies of management of the ports start reasonable consultations with the private investor

27/01/2016Arctic Securities and John Fredriksen constitute joint venture of marine brokerage
the Arctic Shipping Norway will begin the activity in the course of the first semester of 2016

27/01/2016Wärtsilä closes 2015 recording an increase of the economic results
the new orders are diminished of the -3%, with a -8% in the single naval segment

26/01/2016Fincantieri has signed three agreements with society Iranians
contracts Are propedeutici to the perseguimento of some and the potential development of combined activities

26/01/2016Grimaldi upgrades the freeways of the sea with the Sicily and the Sardinia
Breaking in of ro-ro "the Eurocargo Istanbul" on the Livorno-Cagliari route

26/01/2016In the 2015 port of Marseilles has established the own new records in the fields of the container and the cruises
Containers +4% and white ships +2%

26/01/2016in the 2015 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Ancona
In increase container and rotabili, liquid bending of the goods and sand banks

26/01/2016the harbour community spezzina against the government all politician of the Italian ports
the exclusion of the operators and the private customers from the direction cabin

26/01/2016the Croatian ship yard Uljanik will construct a ship from cruise for the first time
With the new unit the Scenic Australian, specialized in fluvial routes, will enter in the segment of the oceanic cruises

26/01/2016Agreement between HHI, Saudi Aramco, Lamprell Energy and Bahri in order to realize a navalmeccanico center in Saudi Arabia
In the next few months is in program the procedures of two diligence and other asset

26/01/2016Study in order to ulteriorly reduce the environmental impact of the harbour activities to Savona
a delegation of the Chinese port of Tianjin has visited from Liguria port of call

26/01/2016Ok of the Harbour Committee of Maritime Ancona to the concession to Frittelli on an area in which work ISA
will have lasted thirty-year (was demanded 50 years) and will have to be insured the naval shipbuilding activity in the productive site

25/01/2016the commission Transports of the Parliament EU says not to generalized the free access in all the ports the suppliers of the harbour services
ESPO, the outcome of the today's voting "opens the road to an acceptable legislative picture for the ports"

25/01/2016the port of Ravenna archivia 2015 with the 24,7 million one tons of goods enlivened (+1.1%)
Record in the container with 244.813 teu (+10.0%). Of Marco: "we are working with Venice which we have proposed a strategic alliance"

25/01/2016Last year the harbour terminals of Eurogate have enlivened beyond 14,5 million container (- 2.0%)
the traffic in the German terminals has been pairs to 8,2 million teu (+1.5%)

25/01/2016With I decree legislative on the ports the Italian government opens third via bisector traditional regimes in vigor in Europe
Between the nordeuropea managerial management and that collegiate sudeuropea the executive guided from Matteo Renzi seems to prefer that partisan of State control one

25/01/2016military group has purchase a majority participation in the American Clipper
the German group will start a service ferry between Florida and Cuba

25/01/2016Last year the ports of Olbia, Golfo Aranci and Porto Torres have enlivened 3,78 million passengers (+6.1%)
Car and camper van to the continuation of the passengers has been 1,22 million (+6.0%)

22/01/2016Premuda confirmation that the negotiations with the banks for the restructure of the indebtedness are in advanced phase
Up to the present - the company emphasizes - does not exist some indication of intentions from the creditors to interrupt them

22/01/2016Cargill announces the closing of the London office of the division of marine transport
the activities in the segment of the shipping will be concentrated in the center of Geneva

22/01/2016Profit warning of Lowers Shipping Lines Container
the company previews to record exercise 2015 with a net loss attributable to the shareholders of approximately 425 million dollars

22/01/2016Filt Cgil and Fit Cisl appreciate decree legislative of the Italian government on the ports
Only that we do not share - emphasizes the general secretary of the Fit - it is the abolition of the Harbour Committees

22/01/2016In the 2015 revenues generated from the activity of the OOCL fleet is diminished of the -10,1%
the total transported containerized cargo volume from the ships of the company of Hong Kong

22/01/2016the German federal government has adopted new strategic a slowly national one for the ports
Include Generali measures and detailed lists in order to increase the competitiveness and the efficiency of the ports of call

22/01/2016intimate Brussels to Belgium, France and Holland to abolish the exemption from the deposit of the social taxes granted to the ports
Vestager: "I will introduce a proposal in order to facilitate the investments that can create job, excluding them from the controls relatively to the European norms on the aids of State". The port of Rotterdam is ready to introduce a resource

21/01/2016positive Reactions to the passage in Council of Ministers of I decree on the reorganization of the Italian harbour administration
the opinions of Marcucci (Confetra) and Coast (AP Venice). Silvia Velo emphasizes the opportunities of increase of the blue economy. Uiltrasporti: necessary an ulterior provision that it disciplines the harbour job

21/01/2016Hyundai Merchant Marine confirmation negotiations for the possible cession of the division Bulk
Is on with the society of private South Korean equities Hahn & Co…

21/01/2016Reunion of Propeller Club Port of Leghorn on the new operating orders of the port of Livorno
will hold 25 January near the center of the Yacht club

21/01/2016Confirmed deep the destined ones from the EU to the Great Plan for the port of Naples
4 February will hold the sitting for the approval of the budget of forecast 2016 of the partenopea Harbour Authority

21/01/2016the Italian government has examined in via preliminary matter decrees on the reorganization of the harbour administrations
Of current the 24 Harbour Authorities, nine will be declassed to territorial Offices of Port of call and will be under responsibility of 15 Authorities of Harbour System with center in the ports "Core" of the European net

21/01/2016the port of Palermo has closed 2015 with traffic goods record of 6,89 million tons (+10.2%)
the crocieristi have grown of +2.9%

21/01/2016Greece chip ax the proposal of COSCO for the acquisition of 67% of the Harbour Authority of the Pireo
Offered of 368,5 million euros for the quota. The agreement with the Chinese shipowning group, included investments, dividends and interests, has a value of 1,5 billion euros

20/01/2016Cargotec will acquire the Interschalt computer service company
the German company work for the marine industry

20/01/2016the port of the TV assistant has archived item 2015 with a new record of crocieristico traffic
This year is attended ulterior consisting an increase

20/01/2016a program of control and analysis of the quality of the air in the port of Naples
On the docks port of call will be installed equipment in order to find the main types of polluting

20/01/2016the share of Diana Containerships has lost the conformity to the regulations of the Nasdaq
the Greek company will put into effect a grouping of the actions

20/01/2016the Harbour Authority of Livorno will propose to the terminalisti of the field ro-ro to sign a net contract
the objective is of giving organicity to the section and increasing the competitiveness of the port of call

20/01/2016MSC Cruises has suspended the ports of call in the ports of Turkey
the decision as a result of recent the tragic events of Istanbul

20/01/2016Boluda Towage and Salvage orders four new tugs to the French yard Piriou
will join to two means taken in delivery to end 2015 and will be employed in France

20/01/2016Last year Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. has recorded a decrease of the -26,7% of the new orders
In the segment of the shipbuilding the bending has been of the -3,4%

20/01/2016in the 2015 traffic of the container enlivened from the port of Tanger Med
has been pairs to approximately three million teu, of which 119 thousand teu in import/export

20/01/2016Ports the port of Oakland lascerà America
In the 2015 port American has movimentato2.277.515 container (- 4.9%)

19/01/2016has passed away the shipowner Pascal Lota course
In 1968 has founded the group Corsica Elba Ferries Sardine

19/01/2016Feport exhorts the national authorities to make clarity on the performance of the norms on the verification of the weight of the container
the harbour terminalisti fear an impact negative on the logistic chain and a possible distortion of the competition

19/01/2016the port of Busan has closed the 2015 with a traffic container record of 19,4 million teu
the traffic has recorded an increment of +4.1% on the year precedence

19/01/2016Tomorrow on the Gazette will be published the ban of contest for the realization of the Europe Platform
Contract for the planning of the first phase of the work and the construction and management of the new terminal containers of the port of Livorno

19/01/2016Last year the container enlivened from the Italian harbour terminals of Contship Italy has been pairs to 5,0 million teu (- 5%)
Bending of the volumes to Gioia Tauro, increase in the other ports

19/01/2016In the 2015 traffic of the goods in the port of Venice has grown of +15%
Crocieristi in decrease of the -10%

19/01/2016the Indian group Mercator places in sale the fleet of ships portarinfuse
the board of directors has decided the cession of the company Mercator Lines (Singapore) Ltd…

19/01/2016Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics will acquire the entire control of the CAT-WWL
the society manages ten centers of service, storage and maintenance of motor vehicles in South Africa

19/01/2016In the 2015 ports of the Havre, Paris and Rouen has enlivened 91,4 million tons of goods (+2.4%)
the crocieristica activity has recorded a bending of the -12%

18/01/2016Last year the crocieristico traffic in the port of Naples has grown of +14.0%
In the port of call is landed 445 ships from cruise (+11.5%)

18/01/2016the port of Barcelona has closed 2015 with a total of 45,9 million tons of goods (+1.3%)
the passengers have been 3,7 million (+7.2%), of which 1,2 million in the field of ferries (+6.6%) and 2,5 million in that of cruises (+7.4%)

18/01/2016the port of Antwerp has established new records of traffic total and handling of the container
In the 2015 containers has been pairs to 9.653.511 teu (+7.5%)

18/01/2016Christophe Tytgat is named general secretary of SEA Europe
1° March will succeed to Douwe Cunningham

18/01/2016In 2015 has remained unchanged the volume of cargo on the ships journeyed in the Suez Canal
Those directing towards south transported 417,2 million tons of cargos (directed +0.3% and those towards north 405,7 million tons (- 0.1%)

18/01/2016the construction of the new Algerian port of El Hamdania is entrusted Chineses CHEC and CSCEC
Diventerà to four years from the start of the intense activities and will be completed in seven years

18/01/2016In the 2015 airplane of the Lufthansa Cargo group has transported only 1,6 million tons of cargos
the load factor has been pairs to 66.3%, 3,4 points percentages less of the year precedence

15/01/2016In the 2015 port of Piombino has enlivened 4,76 million tons of goods (+2.5%)
the traffic of the passengers has been of 3,12 million people (+2.3%)

15/01/2016Last year the traffic of the container in the port of Naples has grown of +1.5%
the full containers are increased of +11.5%, while those empty ones are dropped of the -1,3%

15/01/2016Brussels starts an investigation in order to verify if two harbour terminalisti of Antwerp have obtained aids of State illicitly
the Harbour Authority of the Belgian port of call has granted to the operators a reduction of the due indemnification for the lacked attainment the minimal level of traffic

15/01/2016the port of Rotterdam has archived item 2015 with an increment of +4.9% of the traffic thanks to +10.9% of the liquid bulk
Containerized trade in decrease of the -1,1%

15/01/2016the direction of the harbour terminal of Genoa of the Messina group will be entrusted Roberto Ferrari
Will have the task to develop important programs of increase, with detail reference to new markets

15/01/2016Last year the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of the -9,5%
the port of call is come down to the fifth place in the ranking of the first world-wide ports container

15/01/2016In the 2015 traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City is dropped of the -2,2%, while to Long Beach it is increased of +5.4%
is enlivened respective 8.160.458 teu and 7.192.069 teu

14/01/2016Rejected the resources of the Livorno Porto 2000 against the Harbour Authority of
the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT for the Liguria has declared them inadmissible and has condemned the Leighorn society to the payment of the argument expenses

14/01/2016In the first eleven months of the 2015 traffic of the goods in the Spanish ports has grown of +4.0%
Enlivened 7,9 million crocieristi (+10.4%)

14/01/2016Al port of Ancona will be assigned deep for 2,4 million euros for the intermodalità
the resources will be destined priority to the plan of extension of the bundle of railroads to service of the goods in new dock

14/01/2016In the 2015 logistic group and trasportistico Fercam has recorded a turnover record
Totaled almost 600 million euros, with an increment of +12.5% on the year precedence

14/01/2016Last year the containerized trade enlivened from the harbour terminals of PSA is dropped of the -2,0%
To Singapore is enlivened 30,62 million teu (- 8.7%) and in the terminals foreign countries of group 33,48 million teu (+5.0%)

14/01/201626 January to Milan will hold a convention on the sustainable logistics
Is organized from Assologistica Culture and Formation with Mayday LOG

13/01/2016For the first time on the travelling freeway Freiburg - Novara is transported beyond 100 thousand truck
In 2015 on the draft the trains have transported 100,500 and 10,000 on that Basel - Lugano

13/01/2016the former managing director of Italian Railroads of the State, Michele Mario Elia, has left the group
minister Padoan has specified that in its audition yesterday near the parliamentary commissions it did not intend to express judgments on the precedence management of the company

13/01/2016the association of the European private harbour operators Feport will sign an agreement with the ICHCA
Bonz: the understanding will allow to connect our job to European level with the efforts and the international initiatives of the ICHCA

13/01/2016In the 2015 traffic of the container enlivened from the port of Singapore has been stopped to quota 30.922.400 teu (- 8.7%)
Altogether the traffic of the goods in the Asian port of call has been pairs to 574,9 million tons (- 1.1%)

13/01/2016In the 2015 traffic of the passengers in the port of Genoa has grown of +3.9%
the crocieristi have been 848,227 (+2.9%) and the passengers of ferries 2.005.626 (+4.4%)

13/01/2016In the port of Genoa takes to start the system of computerized interchange of the goods
After three years is finished the phase of test

13/01/2016harbour group Chinese CMHI will acquire 21.05% of Dalian Port
Investment of the value of 558 million dollars

13/01/2016the port of Trieste is ready to sign an agreement with the marine administration of Iran
Incontro to Tehran between a delegation of the Region Friuli Venice Julia and the representatives of shipowning society IRISL and the Ports & Maritime Organization

12/01/2016Last year the port of Zeebrugge has enlivened 38,3 million tons of goods (- 9.9%)
Fort decrease of the traffic of container (- 23.8%)

12/01/2016COSCO is the only offerer for the acquisition of 67% of the Harbour Authority of the Pireo
Currently the Chinese shipowning group, through the Piraeus Container Terminal, work on docks II and III of the Greek port

12/01/2016Which installed the committee administrator of the Bottom of bilateral Solidarity of the marine field
Leonardo Piliego (Confitarma) is elected president

12/01/2016MSC Cruises has introduced a new strategy of positioning of own brand
Agreement with Samsung in order to more equip the ships of next generation of the company of the advanced technology of the South Korean group

12/01/2016Filt, Fit and Uiltrasporti speed up the Tuscany Region to activate themselves in order to create a real regional harbour system
System - they specify - that Piombino exists only if, Livorno and Marina di Carrara are together

12/01/2016the EU commission approves of the acquisition of 12.5% of Saipem from Italian Strategic Bottom
FSI is controlled by Bank of Deposits and Loans

12/01/2016the port of Dublino closes the 2015 with a traffic record of 32,8 million tons of goods
Increment of +6.4% on the year precedence

12/01/2016the port of Shanghai confirmation first port of call world-wide container
In 2015 has enlivened beyond 36,5 million teu (+3.6%)

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