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29 April 2016 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 12:05 GMT+2

29/04/16Cargotec clearly records operating profit and in increase and a decrease of the revenues and the orders
Spiccano the positive performances of the Hiab brand
ABB Marine Solutions

29/04/16To March the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Genoa is diminished of the -9,3%
In the first trimester of the 2016 traffic has been of 12,4 million tons (- 2.4%)
Evergreen Line

29/04/16Carnival Cruise Line has taken in delivery the new Seen Carnival ship
is constructed in the ship yard of Monfalcone of the Fincantieri group

28/04/16In the first three months of the 2016 harbour terminal of DP World has enlivened 15,5 million container (+3.7%)
In the United Arab Emirates the traffic is dropped of the -5,9%
A.P. Savona

28/04/16the Harbour Committee of Venice has approved of consuntivo budget 2015 of the Harbour Authority
Costa: "anyone will guide the new Harbour Authority of System will not only have in hand between the more vituous Authorities of Italy"

28/04/161° the september Tirrenia CIN will inaugurate the two new lines goods Livorno-Catania and Catania-Malta
From an initial frequency respective of eight and six times to week, from the 2017 will be passed to every day departures

28/04/16In 2015 in the port of Livorno is spold 34 million for the infrastructural participations
the Harbour Authority complains the lacked allocation the bottom Vat: regarding 5,5 million the slid year, "this year - denunciation the agency - has not arrived nothing, without some formal justification from the Mef"

28/04/16Nereo Marcucci is confirmed president of the Confetra
Shortly the nomination of vice-president

28/04/16Renewed the Harbour Committee and the Advisory Commission of the Harbour Authority of Genoa
Concluse the procedures of nomination of the new members

28/04/16the Spain submitted for the second time to the Law court EU for the lacked adaptation the norms on the harbour job
Denunciation for violation of the sentence of 11 Decembers 2014

28/04/16the Harbour Authority of Cagliari participates to the fair MED Ports 2016
To Tangeri the agency is placed side by side by the Cagliari International Container Terminal

28/04/16the chartering society container SUCH accusation the impact of the difficulties of the market
In the first trimester of this year the profit clearly is diminished of the -75,1%

28/04/16Agreement ABB - Cavotec for the systems of power supply electrical worker to the ships berthed in the ports
Scope of the memorandum of understanding is to supply systems of cold jointly ironing

28/04/16the shipowning societies Japanese "K" Linens, MOL and NYK close the trimester January-March with a net loss
Trend negative is in the segment of the line transport that in that of the marine bulk transport

27/04/16Arkas Line will introduce ports of call to Brindisi in the line Adriatic Service
the apulian port will be touched 9 for the first time May

27/04/16In the first trimester of this year the revenues of COSCO Pacific are diminished of the -2,3%
in decrease of the -14,7%

27/04/16Five enterprises and consortia are left in the running for the acquisition of 67% of the Harbour Authority of Salonicco
Three societies have not renewed the interest manifestations

27/04/16Mearelli (Assologistica) has entered in the technical-scientific committee of the BLEEPING, Best Ideas & Projects
the association work from trait of union between society, enterprise and world of the search for the innovation and the sustainable development

27/04/16Reunited Tugs will buy Augustan Marine Enterprises and of Spa Rescues
Opera the main activities of harbor tug and height of the Holding Augustan group

27/04/16alliance CKYHE announces a restructure of the transpacifici services of line for the east coast of the USA
the Network of lines on the routes East-West will remain unchanged

27/04/16Cooperation ABB - Aker Solutions in order to improve the extraction of oil and gas from reservoirs submarines
the two companies will collaborate to the realization of specific technologies in the field of the energy and the automation

27/04/16In the first trimester of this year the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Ravenna is increased of +15.3%
To March is recorded an increment of +11.7%

27/04/16In the 2015 profit clearly of the terminalista group German Eurokai has recorded an increase of +18.4%
Revenues in increase of +1.1%

26/04/16Seago Line will eliminate the ports of call to the port of Genoa from the service Marmara Sea
the connections between from Liguria chief town and the Turkish ports will be assured through the partnership with Turkon

26/04/16After ten consecutive trimesters in red, Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. is returned to the profit
In the first three months of this year the navalmeccanico group has recorded a bending of the -16% of the revenues

26/04/16Tomorrow to Bari will hold 1° the National Forum on the Portualità and the Logistics
will be illustrated the state of the implementing phase of Strategic the National Plan of the Portualità and the Logistics

26/04/16In decrease import-export Italian with the extra Countries the EU
Also in the entire the first trimester of 2016 conjunctural dynamics has been confirmed negative

26/04/16Maersk Line announces the institution of the first service of line directed between the North Europe and Cuba
the first portacontainer has reached in the port of Mariel

26/04/16In the first trimester of the 2016 profit clearly of Seaspan has recorded a decrease of the -66,6%
Revenues in increase of +14.3% thanks to the income in fleet of eight new portacontainer

26/04/16Sign the contracts that assign the management of the port of Limassol to the consortia guided from Eurogate and DP World
the privatization of the activities is realized in ten months

26/04/16the crocieristico group Carnival is ready to inaugurate the cruises towards Cuba
In the next few months will reach in the Caribbean island also the ships of the group Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

26/04/16Undersigned to Venice the Venice agreement Blue Flag 2016 in order to diminish the emissions of the ships from cruise
the main and auxiliary motors of the ships will use fuel with not advanced sulfur tenor to 0.1%

22/04/16the port of Trieste has archived item the first trimester with increments in all the main merceologici fields
handling of the container has been pairs to 120.360 teu (+4.9%)

22/04/16the shipowners are satisfied of the progresses completed with meeting IMO on the emissions of the ships
Second the organization not governmental Transport & Environment, instead, with the lacked agreement the field the shipping "is left to heels over"

22/04/16Hanjin Shipping wants to slowly agree with the creditors a new one of restructure of the debit
Communicated today to the Stock exchange of Korea

22/04/16OOCL records an increment of +4.2% of the container transported from the fleet and a decrease of the -17,1% of the revenues
On the single Asia-Europe route the cargo volumes are diminished of the -11,1% with a -36,3% of the revenues

22/04/16Premuda, the acquisition of great part of the debits from Pillarstone can represent a possible one throws again of the group
the precise society that the operation could ulteriorly place to risk the business continuity

21/04/16To Monfalcone has been carried out "coin ceremony" of MSC Seaside
Is before the two ships from cruise of class "Seaside" ordered from MSC Cruises to Fincantieri

21/04/16Interpellation of the M5S on the passages nominations of Cosimo Indaco to commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Catania
a "evident conflict of interest" being Indigo associate not administrator of a shipment house that work in the Sicilian port of call

21/04/16In the first trimester of the 2016 port of Taranto has enlivened beyond 5,8 million tons of goods (+12.6%)
To March the traffic has grown of +12.0%

21/04/16To Genoa is inaugurated the new center of Assagenti
In net the new multimedia Internet site of the association

21/04/16outlines a new concentration in the field of line with the plan of fusion of Hapag-Lloyd and UASC
the relative appraisal of the two businesses has defined quotas pairs respective to 72% and 28%

21/04/16the Canadian company Nova Scotia Cruises has declared failure
For two years the society has carried out the marine connection Yarmouth-Portland

21/04/16the Rettig Finn will sell the marine company ro-ro Bore to the Spliethoff Dutch
Passa of hand the fleet constituted from nine ships ro-ro

21/04/16Wärstilä announces another reduction of the staff
the Finnish group has closed the first trimester of 2016 with a profit clearly of 60 million euros (- 30%)

21/04/16In the first Panalpina trimester has recorded decrease of the revenues and the profit clearly pairs to -13,1% and -11,7%
the air shipment volumes have grown of +5%, while the marine shipments are diminished of the -10%

20/04/16the agreement on the fourth railway package strongly disappoints the ERFA
Violeta Bulc, instead, "this understanding opens a new chapter for the European railroads"

20/04/16ESPO, FEPORT, CLECAT and ESC exhort the national authorities EU to adopt an approach coordinated on the weighing of the container
From the next 1° July will be obligatory to communicate the weight before the boarding of the container on the ship

20/04/16In the port of Livorno is renewed the Advisory Commission
Received the new designations introduced some days before to the Harbour Authority

20/04/16Hamburg Süd considers the results achieved in 2015 unsatisfactory
Revenues in increase of +16.8% thanks to the acquisition of the activities in the segment of the container of Chilean CCNI

20/04/16the port of Rotterdam closes first trimester 2016 with a traffic of 116,9 million tons (+0.2%)
Calo of goods containerized (- 3.1%) and of the solid bulk (- 4.0%); in increase other goods several (+2.7%) and the cargos liquids (+3.3%)

20/04/16Fercam, the competitiveness of the ports of the Europe North will grow ulteriorly to the detriment of the Mediterranean ports
Baumgartner: "already now our customers ask us to embark the container in the Nordic ports"

20/04/16Plan to for the creation of a hub cultural and operating for the Economy Blue
the initiative is got ahead by Blue Vision, costituenda a society nonprofit of coordination

20/04/16CMA CGM, COSCON, Evergreen and OOCL constitute alliance OCEAN
the agreement will have initially a duration of five years with beginning previewed in the April of 2017

20/04/16ABB closes the first trimester with a bending of the economic results and the orders
Impact negative of the crisis of the oil section on the performances of the group in Italy

19/04/16Confitarma, postpones until a year of the mandate of the president and the other confederal organs
Deliberation of the assembly in sight of the modification of the demanded confederal charter from Confindustria

19/04/16Kuehne + Nagel has closed the first trimester with a profit of 169 million franchi clearly Swiss (+10.5%)
the revenues are diminished of the -2,1%

19/04/16the Indonesian PT. Pelni will order to the fleeting construction of a ship to the German yard Meyer Werft
Letter of attempts signed in occasion of the forum Indonesian-German

19/04/16will sign an agreement with Milan Fair in order to realize international an exhibition palimpsest
In program international a nautical hall "outdoor" dedicated to the average and large nautical to hold in spring to Genoa and an exhibition hall "indoor" dedicated to the nautical small and the sports of the acquache will be carried out in autumn to Milan

19/04/16Open the reservations for the transit of ships neoPanamax in the channel of Panama hat
the ceremony of inauguration of the widening of the Central American water way will hold the 26 june

19/04/16Moby and Toremar upgrade the marine connections with the Island of Elba
Increment of the frequencies on the Lead-Portoferraio-Lead line

19/04/16Tomorrow to Rome will hold a technical seminary on the topic "Dredgings and management of sediments: state of the art"
Is organized from Ferrara Fairs in collaboration with Assoporti

19/04/16In the 2015 ferries from and for the Corsica four million passengers (- 1.1% have transported beyond)
the ships in departure from the ports of continental France have transported 2,73 million passengers (- 2.8%) and those in departure from Italy 1,29 million fleeting (+2.6%)

18/04/16Norway and Korea of the South intensify the collaboration in the field of the constructions of ships and platforms offshore
Under consideration also the new broken marine around the Arctic polar circle

18/04/16In the first trimester of this year the HPH terminals Trust have enlivened 5,2 million container (- 8%)
the revenues are diminished of the -6,7%

18/04/16UASC signs an agreement with Shell and Qatargas for the employment of the LNG like fuel of the ships
the understanding has also the scope to promote the used one of the which liquified natural gas for the marine transport in the area of the Middle East

18/04/16Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. has accused a decrease of the -63,2% of the new orders in the field of the shipbuilding
In the first three single months of the 2016 is piled to 234 million dollars

18/04/16In the first trimester the traffic of the container enlivened from terminal COSCO in the port of the Pireo has grown of +9.6%
In terminal SCCT of Port Saïd is recorded a bending of the -20,3%

15/04/16Toti (Liguria Region): the port of Genoa must exit from the phase of commissariale management
Summit between Municipality and Harbour Authority for the valorization of the compendium of the Spider

15/04/16Deutsche Bank will sell the terminalista society American Maher Terminals to the Macquarie Infrastructure bottom Partners III
the company manages a container terminal in the area of Port Elizabeth of the port of New York - New Jersey

15/04/16Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. has constituted a branch in Australia
MHOS Australia, Pty. Ltd. it has center to Sydney

15/04/16In the first three months of this year the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of the -10,4%
To March is recorded a bending of the -8,0%

15/04/16Trasportounito asks the simplification for the procedure of identification of the haulers for the income the ports
the only institution of identifying a national one

15/04/16the port of Antwerp has archived item the first trimester of 2016 with a traffic of 53,3 million tons (+3.9%)
container handling has been pairs to 2.459.847 teu (+4.6%)

15/04/16Costa Crociere will employ a fifth ship for all the duration of the year in Asia
10 April 2017 "neoRomantica Costa" will arrive to Shanghai

15/04/16In the first trimester of this year the traffic goods in the port of Koper has recorded a rise of +11%
the container has been pairs to 209.306 teu (+9%)

15/04/16the port of Long Beach has closed the first trimester with a traffic of 1,6 million container (+6.1%)
To recorded March a decrease of the -26,2%

15/04/16In the first trimester of the 2016 traffic of the goods in the port of Trieste has grown of +9.1%
Delrio: "the ports represent a resource for the Country as they are an opportunity to attract investments and to create places of work"

14/04/16Premuda announces that the Board of Directors is verifying the subsistence of the foundations of business continuity
Within 21 April the approval of plan budgetary 2015

14/04/16Algeciras is the first Spanish port to have enlivened beyond 100 million tons of goods in a period anniversary
In the EU such threshold is exceeded solo from the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Amburgo

14/04/16Al via the Franca Aperta Zone not interclusa in the port of Taranto
the Harbour Authority of it has officially assumed the management

14/04/16Fejfer (APM Terminals) exhorts the ports to adapt infrastructures to the larger ships
Is necessary - it has emphasized - puts up investments

14/04/16the Association Marine Agents and Brokers Province of Venice celebrates the ten years of life
the anniversary is celebrated with a workshop near the Church of Saint Marta

14/04/16the ports of Olbia, Golfo Aranci and Porto Torres record a fleeting rise of +31.4% of the quarterly traffic
In the first three months of 2016 rotabili cargos is diminished of the -3,4%

14/04/16Adria Kombi will activate a new service with train container shuttle between Koper and Salisburgo
In program two departures to the week in both the directions

13/04/16Today in the port of Venice has held an encounter with the European coordinator of the Adriatic-Baltic Sea Corridor
Reunion with main stakeholder and the fruitori of the infrastructural axis

13/04/16Federmar-Cisal denunciation that the International Registry has not produced an increment of the occupation
the union is in favor of the proposals to limit of the benefits to the ships that embark alone Italian or communitarian crews

13/04/16the Antitrust has opened a preliminary investigation regarding Italian Company of Navigation, Shipping Moby and Onorato
the procedure, started in order to assess eventual illicit conducts, follows signallings introduced from Trans Islands, Logistic New Lucianu and Grimaldi Euromed

13/04/16To new the shipbuilding society private Chinese Yangzijiang Shipbuilding orders for 510 million dollars
Store clerk of the ICBC Leasing for the construction of six Very Large Hours Carrier

13/04/16Friday to Trento will hold a convention on the competitiveness of the intermodal transport on the axis of Brenner
is promoted by the independent Province of Trento and the Community of Action for the Railroad of Brenner

13/04/16Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Singapore is diminished of the -8,0%
In the first three months of the 2016 is enlivened almost 7,4 million teu (- 9.0%)

13/04/16the port of Los Angeles City has closed the first three months of the 2016 with a traffic record for the period pairs to beyond two million container
disembarks to It and it embarks it of full containers have grown respective of +8.8% and of +7.6% and handling of teu empty it is gone up of +19.6%

12/04/16Nogarin: if not there will be the involvement of the Municipalities in the new system of governance of the ports we will take severe provisions
the Tuscany Region will participate to the reorganization financial of the Interporto Amerigo Vespucci

12/04/16In the next few days will be delivered the first ships with propulsion to methanol
Endowed of motors MAN B&W, is under construction near Hyundai Mipo Dockyard and Minaminippon Shipbuilding

12/04/1620 May to Trapani will hold the assembly anniversary of the Federagenti
the sat one will be called to elect new president Gian Enzo Duci designated from the directive council

12/04/16In the first three months of the 2016 traffic of the passengers in the port of Piombino is increased of +9%
the goods is diminished of the -10%

12/04/16the property of Siremar passes to Society Sicilian Navigation (Ustica Lines and Charon & Tourist)
the company guided from Morace will manage the field hydrofoils, while that directing from Repaci and Franza will operate the ferries

12/04/16Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona has grown of +11.2% thanks to the rise of the bulk
the total volume of containerized cargos

12/04/16To March the Chinese marine ports have enlivened a traffic of 671,0 million tons of goods (+3.1%)
the container has been pairs to 15,8 million teu (+4.5%)

11/04/16Agreement between Genting Hong Kong and China Merchant Group in order to develop to new Tai Zi Bay Cruise Terminal of Shenzhen
the crocieristico terminal will enter in service to November and will be the only one in China to being able to receive ships of 200 thousand tons of tonnage

11/04/16the ECSA shares the relation of the Parliament EU on the assistance and aid to the migrants in sea
Verhoeven: it correctly assigns to the responsibility at the level of the Member States and of the EU

11/04/16Alla Spezia leaves an initiative in order to tie the cruises to the business activities and museum of from Liguria city
the plan "We make center" the Center is devised by the Harbour Authority of and by the Alive Spezia Committee

11/04/16To February the port of Valencia has enlivened 389,008 container (+9.7%)
In the first period of two months of this year the traffic has been pairs to 740.363 teu (+0.1%)

11/04/16To February the traffic in the port of Taranto has grown of +16.5%
In the first two months of the 2016 increment has been of +13.0%

11/04/16Porto of Genoa, postpones until year-end of the concession of the New Dock
the area will continue to being managed from "the Nautical Halls"

11/04/16the minimal salary of characterized base ILO of the marine ones will have to remain to 614 dollars
Maritime the Commission of the ILO has met last week to Geneva

11/04/16Alla Spezia the plan Fast Import for pre-I clear of the container has entered in the alive one of its experimentation
the elaborated computerized system from La Spezia Port Service converses with that of Customs

11/04/16Ok of the Greek Antitrust to the allocation of the management of 14 Greek regional airports to Fraport/Copelouzos
In the 2015 has enlivened a traffic previewed of beyond 23 million passengers

11/04/16Raffaele Aiello is the new president of the Fedarlinea
will be placed side by side by vice-president Vincenzo Onorato and Giuseppe Savarese

11/04/16Regions Liguria, Lombardy and Piemonte, agreement for the performance of the strategic initiatives of the logistic system of the north-west
Maroni: "it must invest in infrastructures and the logistics"

11/04/16Convention to Naples on the topic "the harbour reform: opportunity for of the Campania ports of call"
from Propeller partenopeo Club, will hold 20 April

08/04/16the genoese group Messina widens own offer to the Adriatic and Black Sea in cooperation with Neptune Lines
Understanding for the rotabile cargo boarding from the ports of Koper, Novorossiysk and Constanta

08/04/1618 April CEMAT will activate a new railway service goods Novara - Trieste Porto Nuovo
In program three departures weeklies magazine for direction

08/04/16the Region continuous Venice Friuli to support the intermodal railway services from and for the port of Trieste
Adhesion to the plan Alpine Innovation for Combined Transport

08/04/16Navy blue has restarted today the marine service Bonifacio - Saint Teresa di Gallura
race every day until the 30 will be realized four september

08/04/16strategic Alliance between interposing you of Bologna, Marcianise-Maddaloni (Caserta) and Novara
Verrà the institution of new regular railway services between Southern Italy and the Italy North

08/04/16the frequency of the Livorno-Olbia line of Grimaldi will be doubled with the effettuazione of two departures to the day
In the next weeks on the route will be introduced also a ship ro-ro. Constituted marine agency Grimaldi Sardinia Srl

08/04/16the Agency of Customs has announced the widening of the operating range of the procedure of clearance in sea
will be able some to be made use also if the port of departure immediately preceding to the disembarkation is unionale and the time between the departure of the ship and the arrival to destination is inferior to the six hours

07/04/16Agreement of strategic cooperation between Lowers COSCO Shipping, Qingdao Port and the Harbour Authority of Constanta
Between the objectives, the institution of marine services between China and the Rumanian port

07/04/16Monday to Genoa a convention on the railway isolation from which it suffers the city
Is organized from Istituto Internazionale of the Communications

07/04/16the Emilia-Romagna Region has introduced a plan of reorders of the social participation that the maintenance of the quota in S.A.P.I.R previews…
In program the cession of eight participation and the reduction from seven to four of the societies in house

07/04/16Hapag-Lloyd will introduce ports of call to Tanger Med in the service that connects the western Mediterranean with Montreal
the Moroccan port will be touched 15 for the first time May

07/04/16From the 24 to 27 May to the Naval base of will hold "Seafuture & Maritime Technologies 2016"
the event is set as business platform and confronts technical-scientific between the big players of the economy of the sea

07/04/16Traffic goods record in the port of Cagliari in 2015 with the almost 41,4 million one tons
Record also of the fleeting cruises with 267 thousand

07/04/16To February the traffic of the goods in the port of Algeciras has grown of the +9,8%
In the first two months of the 2016 is enlivened 16,4 million tons (+8.7%)

06/04/16the within of administrative division of the new Authority of System of the Northern Adriatic will be rideterminato in order to value Venice
has assured It the Venetian city council member De Berti. Coast: it will be a vituous harbour logistic order it are under responsibility of the ports of Venice and Trieste

06/04/16Store clerk of MSC to STX France for the construction of four great ships from cruise
Has a value of approximately four billions of euro. The new units, of which two in option, will have a tonnage of beyond 200 thousand tons

06/04/16To February the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa has grown of +7.3%
In the segment of the passengers, you ferry (+28.5%) and cruises (+2.7%)

06/04/16the company Iranian IRISL signs an agreement of collaboration with the Turk Arkas Line
Riguarda the area of the Mediterranean and Turkey

06/04/16the Genoese Marine Agency is general representative of the Council of the Loaders of the Centrafricana Republic
the nomination in occasion of a visit to Naples of the general manager of the Ministry of Transportation of the nation African

06/04/16In the second half of the year of the 2015 has emphasized the decrease of the traffic of the goods in the German ports
Altogether last year is enlivened 296,2 million tons (- 2.6%)

05/04/16Eurogate is satisfied of the economic results of 2015, but confirmation that the market does not promise well
Schiffer: "we are confronted with a characterized mature market from a extremely intense competition"

05/04/16Rotterdam is the more favorable port for the transit of the goods that gives China reaches in southern Germany
Analysis of the Drewry that currency also the offer of the transports through the ports of Amburgo, Antwerp, Genoa, Koper, La Spezia and Trieste

05/04/16Stena orders the construction of four ferries to Chinese ship yard AVIC Shipyard
the store clerk includes options for other four ships ro-pax

05/04/16Trasportounito denunciation the White uselessness of the national one of the road haulage
Longo: to cut ties with instruments of the past that do not serve more and impose useless costs

05/04/1612 April will take to the way the public debate on the participations of transformation of the port of Livorno
will be articulated through informative moments, visits to the port and laboratories with events turned to all

05/04/16the taiwanesi companies Evergreen, Yang Ming and Wan Hai accuse an emphasized deterioration of the economic results
contraction of the performances in the second half of 2015

04/04/16Uiltrasporti, the competitiveness of the Italian ports can be developed with the creation of special economic zones
In particular - Tarlazzi has explained - the port of Taranto goes thrown again characterizing suitable measures in order to attract new operators

04/04/16manifest Assiterminal worry for hampers to it on the road of the reform of the governance of the ports
the association is alarmed also for the "delays in the performance of announced measures of good public administration for a long time"

04/04/1611 April Tirrenia CIN will inaugurate a new marine service Cagliari-Genoa for rotabili
the line will have trisettimanale frequency

04/04/16group ABB will supply the system electrical worker and of automation in order to set in action the Mo.S.E to Venice
the store clerks to the Helvetic company have a value of beyond 38 million dollars

04/04/16Fonasba confirmation that many nations are not ready to the performance of the norm on the weighing of the container
the verification of the weight will be obligatory from the next 1° July

04/04/16After seven closed years in loss, in 2015 Anek Lines is returned to the profit
Revenues in decrease of the -5,7% because of the reduction of the departures

04/04/16In the 2015 fluvial transport goods in Germany has recorded a decrease of the -3,1%
the containerized trade has been pairs to 2,4 million teu (+0.4%)

04/04/16Carnival and Fincantieri have formalized contracts for the construction of five ships from cruise
the store clerks have a total value of beyond three billions of euro

01/04/16Consolidation of the activities of naval insurance intermediation and marine agency of the group Cambiaso Risso
the fusion of some foreign structures

01/04/16US Navy exercises an option with Fincantieri and Lockheed Martin for the construction of LCS 25
the new naval unit will be delivered in 2020

01/04/16Green light of the regional committee of the Friuli Venice Giulia al Piano Regolatore of the port of Trieste
Serracchiani: it is an historical moment for the port, the city and the region

01/04/16Ok of the Unified Conference State-Regions and State-City to the reform of the governance of the ports
Understanding also on National the Strategic Plan of the Portualità and the Logistics

01/04/16Fincantieri closes the 2015 with new orders record and a net loss of -289 million euros
the workload records the historical record of 15,7 billion euros

31/03/16Denunciation of the Cinquestelle for the professional discrimination that penalizes the marine Italians
a interrogation parliamentarian

31/03/16China COSCO Shipping orders ten new VLOC of 400.000 tpl
an agreement of strategic cooperation with navalmeccanico group CSSC

31/03/16Incontro of Propeller Club of Trieste on the impact of the slow down of the Chinese economy on the Mediterranean ports
will hold 5 April to the Hotel Greif Maria Theresia

31/03/16Norwegian Cruise Line has ordered to Fincantieri a new ship for the brand Regen Sevent Seas Cruises
Will be twin of the "Seven Seas Explorer". To Marghera the "Koningsdam" is delivered

31/03/16CMHI lays a trap the HPH leadership which first world-wide terminalista of the field of the container
In the 2015 terminal of Hutchison Port Holdings has enlivened 83,8 million teu (+1%) and those of CMHI 83,7 million teu (+3%)

31/03/16Last year the fleet of Chinese COSCON has transported 9,8 million container (+4.1%)
China COSCO has closed exercise 2015 with a profit of clearly 1,30 billion yuan (- 16.3%)

31/03/16the second container terminal of APM Terminals in the port of Tanger Med will become operating at the beginning of 2019
Will have an ability to traffic of 4,2 million teu that it will be able to go up to 5,2 million

30/03/16China Shipping Lines Container has concluded the last exercise anniversary like ocean carrier with heavy liabilities
In the 2015 revenues of the company is diminished of the -11,8%

30/03/16In the next few months the crocieristico group Carnival previews an ulterior increase of the economic results
the first trimester of fiscal year 2016 has been archived item with a profit clearly of 142 million dollars (+189.8%)

30/03/16the Jolly Quarzo ship has drawn in salvo beyond 200 migrants
Boat in difficulty in the area of sea to south of the coasts of Peloponnese and to the west of Crete

30/03/16the French Bourbon whiskey will buy the activities in the field of gas the marine transport of the compatriot Jaccar Holdings
the total investment will pile to 320 million dollars

30/03/16the budget of forecast 2016 of the Harbour Authority of Salerno
Previewed infrastructural investments for approximately 160 million euros

30/03/16Course of Assologistica Culture and Formation in sight of the new customs regulations EU
will hold 12 April to Milan

30/03/16For 2016 group HHLA previews unchanged revenues and an ulterior contraction of the operating profit
exercise 2015 has been archived item with a profit after the taxes of 95,8 million euros (+5.8%)

30/03/161° the April to Vicenza the port of Trieste will be introduced to the enterprises of the Italian Northeast
Round table in the within of the ninth edition of the Festival City Enterprise

29/03/16To February the traffic of the goods enlivened from the grown port of Venice of +6.7%
In the first period of two months of the 2016 increment has been of +13.7%

29/03/16deterioration of the economic performances of the producer of Chinese container CIMC
Last year the container sales dry cargo are diminished of the -19,1%, while those of container reefer are increased of +40.8%

29/03/16Hyundai Merchant Marine has obtained a delay of the maturity dates of part of the debit
oxygen Puff for the South Korean shipowning company

29/03/16the COSCO-PSA terminal Terminal to Singapore will be equipped of a third dock in order to receive the mega one portacontainer
In the 2015 revenues of COSCO Pacific is dropped of the -8,3%

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