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16 September 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 00:52 GMT+2

16/09/2019To the European industry of shipping the relation on the directive on the taxation of produced energetic like little or the nothing
Dorsman (ECSA): we consider that this directive would have to be used as means for the transition towards the decarbonizzazione of the transports

15/09/2019L'Ucraina avvia la privatizzazione dei porti con i bandi di gara per gli scali di Olvia e Kherson
La durata dei contratti di concessione sarà rispettivamente di 35 e 30 anni

13/09/2019Revocation of the concession to a company of the active port of Gioia Tauro in the construction and repair of yacht
The provision as a result of a happened mortal incident in June

13/09/2019Luigi Legnani is the new president of FerCargo
The assembly of the association has turned a thanks to outgoing president Giancarlo Laguzzi

13/09/2019Eurogate and Contship participate to a logistic project Egyptian who includes the construction of a container terminal to Damietta
Previewed an initial investment of 750 million euros

13/09/2019The Council of Ministers has named 42 undersecretaries
To Infrastructures and of the Transports vice minister is Giancarlo Cancellieri and undersecretaries Salvatore Margiotta and Roberto Traversi

13/09/2019Tampa will be home port of cruise ship MSC Harmony
The unit will be placed in Florida from the end of 2020

13/09/2019New initiatives for the development of the crocieristica industry to Shanghai
Encounter for rinsaldare the ties with the Italian partner Fincantieri

13/09/2019Last month the containers enlivened from the port of Long Beach are dropped of -2,3%
In the first eight months of this year the total has been of 4,97 million teu (- 6.6%)

13/09/2019To August the containerized trade in the port of Singapore is diminished of -2,0%
The total of the goods has been of 50,60 million tons (- 7.7%)

12/09/2019This summer in the port of Ancona they are journeyed 652 thousand passengers
601 thousand the passengers of the ferries and beyond 51 thousand the crocieristi

12/09/2019MSC Cruises program the lengthening of MSC Magnifica
The work will be carried out to beginning 2021. Investment of 130 million euros

12/09/2019In the first semester the 2019 Moby group has more than halved the losses come down to -27,4 million euros
_THE revenue be increase of the +8,7% (with a +5,0% in the only according to trimester)

12/09/2019of Friend International Shipping it has closed the first semester with a net loss of -24,3 million dollars
Stable the revenues Time base charter (+5.3% in the second solo trimester)

12/09/2019Slow down of the increase of the GDP of the economies of the G20
In according to trimester of this year precedence has been pairs to +0,7 regarding +0,8% in the quarter

12/09/2019Fit Cisl asks the creation for a direction cabin that verifies the conditions of safety in from Liguria ports during the bad weather
Devious: it is not acceptable that decisions so important are remitted the single operators

12/09/2019The port of Los Angeles has established own record of traffic of the container for the August month
The container full to the disembarkation and those empty ones grow. Decrease of the containers in export

11/09/2019The European shipowners are many satisfying of the new team of the EU commission
Dorsman: we support the objective absolutely to return the future more coherent College in its decisional process

11/09/2019In the first semester the traffic of the goods in the port of Palermo is diminished of -1,0%
To Termini Imerese the decrease has been of -22,1%

11/09/2019Spediporto and the harbour community and genoese economic-financial institution to the Belt and Road Summit of Hong Kong
Fires (Association Italy Hong Kong): we will introduce the Italian excellence to leader, politicians, entrepreneurs and top manager

11/09/2019MSC creates a specific brand for the segment of the luxury cruises
The field is placed under the guide of the Austrian Michael Ungerer

10/09/2019They will be ten, and all of new construction, the portacontainer from 23.000 teu that they will enter in the fleet of Evergreen
Orders to the yards Samsung Heavy Industries, Jiangnan Shipyard and Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding. The investment will be able to arrive to 1,6 billion dollars

10/09/2019To Monfalcone last phases of preparation of the cruise ship Sky Princess
Concluded with success the tests in sea

10/09/2019Thursday to Livorno will be introduced the first relationship on the carbon footprint of the Harbour System of Alto Tirreno
Calculated the emissions of co2 produced from the connected activities to the marine transports

10/09/2019The Rumanian Rovana Plumb will be European commissioner of the Transports
The team of the new EU commission is introduced by elect president Ursula von der Leyen

10/09/2019Suspended for a year from their functions the summits of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Centro Settentrionale
The provision regards the president, the general secretary and a technical leader. Duci (Federagenti): it is in existence a libanizzazione of the harbour system

10/09/2019Tomorrow to Amburgo it will take to the way the fair Seatrade Europe 2019
The AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central will introduce the innovations of the ports of Naples and Salerno for the field of the cruises

10/09/2019Deliberated the relative lapsing of concessionaire's right of CICT to the Port Channel of Cagliari
In order to characterize the new manager of the container terminal the AdSP will proceed "with a "sollicitation of market" to international level

09/09/2019CMA CGM has archived item the second trimester with a net loss of -109 million dollars
The revenues have grown of +35.0%. Increment of +6.3% of transported containerized cargos from the fleet

09/09/2019ESPO illustrates its proposal of review of Regolamento EU on the development of the net TRIES
For the association of the European ports, the moment has reached to adapt the normative picture to the new truths of the market, to the new challenges and requirements

09/09/2019Moby sells two ro-pax to the DFDS from which she acquires two older ships of the same type
They will be yielded "Moby Wonder" (2001) and "Moby Aki" (2005) and bought the "King Seaways" (1987) and the "Princess Seaways" (1986)

09/09/2019On 19 September to Trieste the "Trieste Intermodal Day" will hold
It will be discussed about the future of the European intermodalità

09/09/2019Delivered the first cruise ship for polar shipments constructed in China
Realized in the yard of Haimen, it is before seven units ordered from the American Sunstone Ships

06/09/2019The ERFA clearly expresses "" to the hypothesis not to return to companies that operate railway services and manage also the infrastructure
It would have as only effect - it has emphasized the association - an impact negative on the rail shipment of the goods and on the climatic objectives with which the field of the transports is confronted

06/09/2019The work for the lengthening of the ships of Windstar Cruises is begun in the ship yard of Palermo
The new sections for two unit will be constructed and inserted near the Sicilian plant of Fincantieri

06/09/2019Adjudicated the contract in order to plan the potenziamento of the container terminal of the port of Salonicco
The study will be realized by the American Hill International and the Greek Rogan Associates

05/09/2019New advertising mission of the From Liguria AdSP Oriental and Contship in the USA
It will take the way to New York on 9 September

05/09/2019The EMSA has diffused given statistical on the marine ones in possession of recognized certificates of qualification from the EU
In the 2017 they were 202,190 official commanders and who stopped certifyd of competence

05/09/2019Assarmatori to the new minister: the industry of the sea needs clear answers and concrete facts
By the new government they are attended in particular on the topic of infrastructures

05/09/2019Boredoms (Confcommercio-Conftrasporto): I hope that the new government comprises that the economy leaves again if Italy is connected
Between the priorities, the law of reform of the ports and the logistics, the completion of the corridors TRIES and Ferrobonus and Marebonus

05/09/2019In according to trimester the traffic of the goods in the ports of the Southern Adriatic it is diminished of -0,3%
Bending of the -14,4% to Brindisi. Increase of +20.8% to Bari

05/09/2019Nicolini (Confetra) lists to new minister De Micheli the priorities for the field of the logistics
"The Country, on our topics - it has emphasized - must recommence to run"

05/09/2019China-Singapore agreement on the use and acceptance of the electronic certificates for the marine transport
The scope is to simplify the operations of clearance and control of the State of landing place

04/09/2019Paola De Micheli will be minister of Infrastructures and the Transports
Tomorrow the oath of the new Italian government

04/09/2019The ARPAC will monitor the noise and the emissions produced from the operations of dredging in the port of Salerno
Signed a convention with the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central

04/09/2019Agreement Samsung - Zvezda for the construction of ships to metaniere icebreaker
The propulsion of the new units will be fed to which liquified natural gas

04/09/2019RINA has signed an agreement in the segment of the cruise ships with CMIT-Europe di China Merchants Group
It is centralized on the normative verification of innovative solutions for new projects

04/09/2019It continues in the port of Algeciras the emphasized increase of the traffic of the container
In the first seven months of this year 2.989.657 teu (+8.1% are enlivened)

04/09/2019Named Gian Paolo Gotelli managing director of TX Logistik
Its task is to make of the company the pillar of the international development of Polo Mercitalia

04/09/2019Hupac, new intermodal service between Germany (Duisburg) and Italy (Pordenone)
Ulterior departure on the draft Duisburg - Gadki/Pruszków (Poland)

04/09/2019Al port of Catania sit in of protest for the cut of 20 places of job of Charon & Tourist
Only 30th August - Grasso and Pagliaro (Cgil have denounced) - the dismissione of the activity is communicated

04/09/2019The group resident of Upper Adige GRUBER Logistics has opened a filial new in Poland
It has center to Katowice, in Alta Slesia

04/09/2019Vague (MSC Cruises) has met the summits of Lowers Merchants Group
From the next june new the Beautifulst cruise ship "MSC" will have Shenzhen which home port

03/09/2019Ok to the extraordinary redundancy fund for the 207 workers of the Port Channel of Cagliari
From today but - Pellecchia (Fit-Cisl comments) - it is necessary to think to I throw again

03/09/2019Juan Pablo Richards is the new one in charge of the area for southern Europe of Hapag-Lloyd
To the genoese center the 15 marine agencies of the company of the region will be under responsibility

03/09/2019A study commissioned from ILWU Canada evidences the loss of places of work determined from the automation of the harbour terminals
Examined two scenes, with the cut of 50% and 90% of the occupied ones

03/09/2019Published a guide on the supply and the use of naval fuel IMO 2020
Between the warnings, those to load the fuel to low tenor with sulfur in empty tanks

03/09/2019Ban of contest of the Cluster Aerial Cargo for the realization of the "II Study Observatory Aerial Cargo"
It will be tried to characterize for goods the aerial modality is competitive and it will be analyzed as increasing appeal of the Italian airports for the goods the more potential high

02/09/2019Tomorrow to Rome the signature for the redundancy fund of the workers of the CICT of Cagliari is previewed
Undersigned today the pre-agreement

02/09/2019Left from Genoa the first shipment for the second edition of China International Import Expo
Boarding of the container to terminal PSA Genoa Pra'

02/09/2019First tests in sea for Huge cruise ship MSC
The first ship of the class "Wonder" will be delivered to the company on 31 October

02/09/2019Genting Hong Kong has closed first semester 2019 with a net loss of -56,5 million dollars
The revenues are diminished of -6,2%

02/09/2019Merchants Group lowers would have in course negotiations in order to acquire terminalistiche activities of CMA CGM
The French group work in the field with the societies Terminal Link and CMA Terminals

02/09/2019To July the traffic in the port of Barcelona is diminished of the -8,1%, in that of Valencia has grown of +10.0%
In the first seven months increments respective of +0.2% and +7.0% are recorded

02/09/2019COSCO Shipping Holdings records a decided rise of the semiannual economic performances thanks to the acquisition of OOIL
In the first six months of the 2019 fleet of portacontenitori of the group it has transported 12,46 million teu (+39.8%)

02/09/2019First investment of PSA International in the USA
The terminalista group of Singapore has bought Penn Terminals

30/08/2019Swiss Combos (Planzer, Transport Truck, Galliker and Bertschi) has acquired 35% of SBB CFF FFS Cargo
To conclusion of operation SBB International Cargo it will be scorporata by the company and it mails under the direct control of group public SBB CFF FFS

30/08/2019In the first semester the port of Amsterdam has enlivened 45,4 million tons of goods (+12.3%)
In increase bulk and container. Decrease of conventional cargos

30/08/2019In the first semester of the 2019 harbour terminal of the CMPort Chinese they have enlivened 54,6 million container (+1.4%)
The traffic of the bulk has been of 223,3 million tons (- 10.7%)

29/08/2019Signed the contract that assigns to Global Holding Ports the new terminal cruises of Nassau
Previewed an investment of 250 million dollars

29/08/2019Hupac upgrades the intermodal service Rotterdam-Bust Arsizio
Twelve trains to the week

29/08/2019Confitarma wishes that the new government turns greater attention to the shipping
Mattioli: it is imperative to preserve and to strengthen the competitiveness of the mercantile fleet of Italian flag

29/08/2019It continues the bending of the commercial exchanges with foreign country of the economies of the G20
In according to trimester the exports they are dropped of the -1,9% and the imports of -0,9%

29/08/2019To July the port of Genoa has enlivened 4,7 million tons of goods (- 1.2%)
Emphasized increase of the passengers

29/08/2019COSCO Shipping Ports has closed the first semester with a profit clearly of 172,1 million dollars (- 12.1%)
The revenues have grown of +4.5%

28/08/2019To July the port of Genoa has established the own new historical record salary of traffic of the container
Enlivened 249,892 teu (+6.9%)

28/08/2019In the first semester of this year the revenues of the logistic group Sinotrans are increased of +3.4%
The profit clearly has recorded a decrease of -1,2%

28/08/2019In the port of Cagliari the Saras has activated a bunkeraggio service
The fuel will be distributed is in dock that in sea

28/08/2019The Australian First State Investments will buy the American Patriot Rail & Ports
The American company work a series of harbour terminals and railway lines and infrastructures for the goods

28/08/2019The ITF exhorts the governments not to make of marine the lightning rod of the geopolitical tensions
The union invites to rather concentrate the attention on the system of the convenience flags

27/08/2019Stefano Corsini returns to guide the Harbour Authority of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern
Reassumed the charge of president of the agency

27/08/2019It continues the trend negative of the performances of the CIMC in the segment of the container
The Chinese company has concluded the second trimester with a profit to clearly 590,6 million yuan (- 19.3%)

27/08/2019The group Lowers Merchants Group wants to buy the Maritime AVIC International Holdings
The company is active in the fields of the planning and shipbuilding and the sale of ships

27/08/2019In winter 2020/21 a ship of Costa Crociere will return to carry out ports of call in Turkey and Israel
The company program a potenziamento of own presence in the Mediterranean

27/08/2019In according to trimester of the 2019 traffic of the goods in the Croatian ports it is diminished of -7,7%
In the solo the container 85,876 teu (+27.6% are enlivened)

27/08/2019The German producer of systems of naval propulsion Schottel cuts job 150 places
Currently the dependent of the company are about 950

27/08/2019NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers orders two new heavy-lift attendants vessel to the Chinese ship yard Nanjing Jinling Shipyard
They will be taken in delivery in August 2021 and in January 2022

26/08/2019In France the navigation companies are engaged to a greater protection of the marine and coastal atmosphere
Paper SAILS has been undersigned also from the Italian shipowning group Grimaldi

26/08/2019Slow down of the increase of the Gross Domestic Product one of the nations of area OCSE
In according to trimester that of the European Union it has been of 0.2% (Italy 0%)

26/08/2019Yusen Logistics has opened an own center to Koper
Last year the Slovenian port has enlivened almost means million tons of goods from and for Japan

26/08/2019Increase of the semiannual economic performances of Chinese OOIL
In the first half of the 2019 fleet of portacontainer of the OOCL it has transported 3,37 million teu (+3.2%)

23/08/2019Frontline will acquire ten new tanker Suezmax of the Trafigura
Options in order to obtain other four ships of the same type

23/08/2019It is about to be put in exercise the only floating nuclear power plant to the world
It will be used in order to produce electric power for the region of Chukotka, in the Russian Far East

23/08/2019Decided contraction of the traffic in the ports of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta in according to trimester
Stable the traffic of the passengers

22/08/2019DP World has closed the first semester with a profit clearly of 753 million dollars (+19.9%)
Revenues record pairs to 3,46 billion dollars (+31.9%)

22/08/2019Freeways for Italy, the analysis cost-benefits of Gronda is characterized by macrocospic errors
The company evidences that any type of modification of the project would make to leave again from zero the iter progettuale and autorizzativo causing to a delay 6-10-year-old

22/08/2019In decided decrease the cargo on the ships journeyed for Suez direct or coming from the ports of the northern Mediterranean
Last month the total of cargos on the ships that have crossed the channel Egyptian is increased of +4.3%

22/08/2019Quarterly bending of the results of Wallenius Wilhelmsen
In the period April-june the profit clearly is piled to 3 million dollars (- 87%)

22/08/2019The analysis cost-benefits of Gronda of Genoa exhorts to a more punctual appraisal of the project alternatives
The Ministry invites "to pick the opportunity to pursue more efficient infrastructural options". Toti (Liguria Region): it is "the blow of tail of Toninelli"

21/08/2019Hapag-Lloyd will eliminate the ports of call to the port of Salerno from service EMX
The last one touched to of the Campania landing place will happen on 27 October

21/08/2019Hard contraction of the financial results of the Singamas Chinese
In the first semester the container production is dropped of the -32,8% and the sale of containers is come down of -35,2%

21/08/2019Ulterior improvement of the economic results of the ZIM in according to trimester
It has been emphasized, instead, the decrease of the transported containerized cargo volumes from the fleet

21/08/2019Qatar will invest in the potenziamento of the port somali of Hobyo
Mwani Qatar has signed an agreement with the authorities of the nation African

20/08/2019Positive results of terminalista group Turkish GPH in the field of the cruises
In decided decrease the performances in the commercial segment

20/08/2019Eurogate Tanger upgrades four cranes of dock
Store clerk to the Kalmar

20/08/2019Agreement AIDA Cruises - Corvus Energy for the installation of A batteries the lithium ions on the cruise ships
The project pilot will be started the next year

20/08/2019Stagnation of the traffic of the goods in the Chinese marine ports
Last month tons of cargos (+0.2% are enlivened 778,4 million). The container +6.6% have been almost 20,2 million teu ()

19/08/2019DryShips, ok to the fusion with it SPIES ON Holdings di George Economou
The operation will be put into effect in the last trimester of this year

19/08/2019To July the harbour terminals of COSCO Shipping Ports have enlivened 8,87 million container (+3.3%)
In the first seven months of the 2019 traffic it is piled to 58,34 million teu (+4.3%)

19/08/2019Al terminal IMT of the port of Genoa is landed the first ship of the MSC service Canada Express 1
The line will connect from Liguria landing place to Montreal in 12 days

19/08/2019DSV carries to term the acquisition of the Panalpina
Previewed synergies that pairs will allow annual savings with about 295 million euros

19/08/2019In the first half of the 2019 traffic of the goods in the Swiss fluvial ports on the Rhine it has grown of +12.5%
The increment is determined by the rise of the producing imports of oil

16/08/2019In according to trimester the traffic of the goods in the port of Amburgo it has grown of +2%
Containers in increase of +10%

16/08/2019The WTO previews that in the third trimester the increase of the world-wide commerce will remain weak person
Introduced the last reading of the Goods Trade Barometer

16/08/2019To July the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of -9,0%
In the first seven months of the 2019 8.3% are enlivened almost 10,6 million teu (-)

16/08/2019In according to trimester the EBITDA of Maersk Line it has grown of +24.8%
The transported containerized cargos from the fleet of the company have grown of +1.4%

16/08/2019Cgil and Cisl exhort the government to resolve positively the dispute of the Port Channel of Cagliari
Considered the imminent expiration of the lay-off procedure - they have evidenced - not there is more time in order to distort

29/07/2019In the first half of the 2019 traffic of the goods in the ports Albanians it has grown of +13.9%
The total has been of 2,21 million tons

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