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27 March 2015 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 04:37 GMT+1

26/03/2015Aspedo, with the operation of the Ikea corridor the competences of the doganalisti shippers will come totally bypassate
Borra: "it is not acceptable that it is entered to stiff leg in dynamics of privatistico market"
ABB Marine Solutions

26/03/2015In the fourth trimester the 2014 index of the services of transport and the activities of support turns out in increases of +2.0%
Regarding the trimester precedence the increment is of +0.9%

26/03/2015Ok of the Harbour Committee of Genoa to the outline of Portuale Town development plan to subject to Vas
the document is approved of unanimously

26/03/2015After three archived item consecutive years in loss, in the 2014 shipowning group Yang Ming is returned to the profit
Last year the revenues are piled to 134,8 billion dollars of Taiwan (+13.4%)

26/03/2015Brussels approves of joint venture between Wärtsilä and China Is been Shipbuilding Corporation
the new society will produce in diesel China motor four times "medium speed"

26/03/2015Maersk has ordered the construction of seven portacontainer ice-class from 3.600 teu
the ships will be realized by Chinese ship yard COSCO Shipyard

26/03/2015Costa (AP Venice): the Mediterranean Union of the Freeways of the Sea must become a priority objective of European politics
In the lagoon city is on the European conference "sea Motorways of the"

26/03/2015Launched in Japan before the four new Supramax ships of the fleet of dACC Maritime
the second unit will be taken in delivery to september and the third and fourth one will be operating in the second half of 2016

26/03/2015the prompt ERFA the acceleration towards a oriented railway system at the market
"Continues to being to us - Violeta Bulc has confirmed the European commissioner - too many technical and normative obstacles"

26/03/2015Confetra, the AGCM equipara the logistic activities to the postal services
the consequence - denunciation the Confederation - is that today many enterprises of shipment and road haulage must be titular of postal authorizations

26/03/2015In the 2014 revenues of Chinese COSCO Pacific is increased of +8.9%
With the exclusion of the stopped activities, the profit attributable to the shareholders has grown of +2.3%

25/03/2015the ship from Deutschland cruise is sold to an American society
will be delivered within the May end

25/03/2015Ten companies exit from UCINA and the association speaks about "detail gesture gravity"
Friday will hold the assembly of the associates. President pro tempore Lamberto Tacoli has withdrawn its candidacy to president

25/03/2015Summit to Messina with the objective to restore the landings place of the ships to the port of call of Tremestieri
the Municipality proposes the installation of a dredging system fixed aspirant

25/03/2015With the Azipod D Helvetian ABB widens the range of ships to which the system of propulsion is destined
the new motor is particularly attractive for the field of the transports offshore

25/03/2015the regional council of the Tuscany has approved of the Portuale Town development plan of the port of Livorno
Gallanti: "the city is historical day for all and the port"

25/03/2015Interporto South Europe nozzle an appeal in order to save the port of Naples
the objective is to promote a very pragmatic plan in order to check the crisis

25/03/2015In the 2014 ports of Olbia, Golfo Aranci and Porto Torres has enlivened 3,6 million passengers (+3.1%)
Goods several and rotabili is piled to 5,9 million tons (+0.9%)

24/03/2015In the 2014 port of Messina has enlivened 5,6 million tons of goods (- 1.3%)
the traffic of the passengers. Crocieristi in decrease of the -36,2%

24/03/2015Pacific International Lines and Luen Thai Group have bought Mariana Express Lines
the company work services of line in the Asian south-east and Oceania

24/03/2015Today in the port of has arrived two new destined cranes of dock to LSCT
the means of raising ultra post-Panamax have a sbraccio of 62 meters

24/03/2015Last year the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Ancona has recorded a rise of +22.9%
Fleeting in decrease of the -8,0%

24/03/2015Chinese SIPG will manage the new Israeli harbour terminal of HaMifratz (Haifa)
the concession contract will have a duration 25-year-old and the port will become operating in 2021

24/03/2015In the 2014 number of losses totals of great ships is come down to the level more low of last the ten years
If 75 are verified. Altogether the marine incidents have been 2,773

23/03/2015In the 2014 clearly recorded profit from Singamas is dropped of the -16,3%
the production of contaner is increased of +30.6%

23/03/2015GIC and Exeter Property Group are interested to acquire logistic areas in Europe
Previewed investments for 300 million euros

23/03/2015Indiana Shreyas Shipping will buy four portacontainer
the ships, of the ability to 1.700-2.500 teu, will be acquired in next the 18-24 months

23/03/2015Tarros upgrades the Great Pendulum Service with the insertion of a fifth ship
the service is carried out in collaboration with the Turk Arkas Line

23/03/2015intimate Brussels to Greece to recover the aids in terms of fiscal advantages granted to the Piraeus Container Terminal
the EU commission has ordered ALSO the immediate cessation of the concession of ulterior facilities

23/03/2015In the 2014 Mediterranean ports of MedCruise has enlivened 25,8 million crocieristi (- 7.2%)
the ports of call of ships from cruise are diminished of the -7,7% regarding 2013

23/03/2015Last month in the Suez Canal is journeyed 1,219 ships (- 1.5%)
the units journeyed in the water way Egyptian transported 59,2 million tons of cargos (+0.2% altogether)

23/03/2015Last year the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of the Pireo is diminished of the -9,0%
the container has been 3,6 million (+13.3%). Crocieristi in decrease of the -19,2%

23/03/2015Saipem, Saint George of the Black Port and Group have introduced the new pole of planned naval demolition to Piombino
the beginning of the activity is previewed within the half of 2016

20/03/2015a Chinese consortium will buy 49.99% of the society that manages the airport of Toulouse
the quota will be yielded for 308 million euros

20/03/2015minister Lupi confirmation own resignation to the Parliament
Assoporti and Confetra ask that it continues the iter of reform of the law in harbour matter and is defined new the Slowly National one of the Portualità and the Logistics

20/03/2015the Italian mercantile ships will not be able more to embark military in function anti-piracy
the minister of the Defense, Roberta Pinotti, has announced that the employment of the military Nuclei of protection will stop

19/03/2015Costa: on the proposal of landing place of the ships to the Marine Station of Venice the Harbour Authority has the conscience in order
"We attend with confidence - it has explained - than the Commission of Appraisal of Environmental impact recognizes the facts"

19/03/2015Mounts: the contract of State program is strategic for the increase of the ports of Civitavecchia and Fiumicino
unthinkable Era - it has emphasized - than the first Italian crocieristico port and the international airport were not connected directly

19/03/2015ABB acquires an order of the value of 60 million dollars in the crocieristico field
Fornirà arranges of Azipod propulsion and systems constituents for two new ships of the NCL

19/03/2015the European shipowners ask a fast and adapted application the new standards for the demolition for the ships
Verhoeven (ECSA): we encourage the shipowners to on a voluntary basis make already use of the directory of the authorized yards of demolition from the EU

19/03/2015Fedarlinea, for a cabotage more hard must think to the rivisitazione of the harbour services
Maninchedda (Sardinia Region): it would like to us to exit from the monopoly in the connections with the island. Tirrenia CIN announces the return to the tariff levels of 2009

19/03/2015In the 2014 economic result clearly of the DP World group has recorded an increase of +8.4%
the volume of transactions has grown of +12.7%

19/03/2015Meeting of Propeller Club of Venice on the inland navigation
will hold 24 March to Mestre

19/03/2015Al via the participations of dredging in the port of Gioia Tauro
the participation heads to conform the existing backdrop to the -18 quota meters of depth

18/03/2015international arbitrateing will have to dirimere the controversy between the Authority of the Channel of Panama hat and the consortium GUPC KNOWS
the partner of the consortium asks a compensation pairs 345 million dollars

18/03/2015In the 2014 port of Trieste has enlivened 57,2 million tons of goods (+1.0%)
the passengers have been 130 thousand (- 12.0%)

18/03/2015In the 2014 European crocieristico market has established a new record with 6,39 million passengers
Thamm: beyond the half of the increase recorded in last the five years Coast is generated by the group. "MSC Seaside" will be called the new ship of MSC Cruises that will to make one's debut to November 2017

18/03/2015To strong February decrease of the traffic of the container in the ports of Los Angeles City and Long Beach
Enlivened respective 503 thousand teu (- 10.2%) and 413 thousand teu (- 20.1%)

18/03/2015a study of the CLIA evidences the supported increase of the crocieristica activity in Asia
Goldstein: "2015 will be a year record in Asia with a number of crocieristi in the elevated region more that never"

18/03/2015the port of Trieste attends an increment of the crocieristico traffic
commercial Mission of the Trieste Passenger terminal to the Cruise Shipping Miami

17/03/2015the crocieristica company Lindblad Expedition will melt with the active trust Capitol Acquisition Corp. II
In sight the acquisition of new ships

17/03/2015Yes of the regional committee of the Tuscany to the new Portuale Town development plan of the port of Livorno
Manca only the final passage in regional council

17/03/2015the representatives of the ports of Alto Adriatico have met the European commissioner to the Transports
the support for the infrastructural development of every port and the relative logistic systems

17/03/2015Round table on the operations of search and aid in the Mediterranean
will hold friday to Rome near the center of the Confitarma

17/03/2015Ch Rongsheng confirmation the intention to yield the division of shipbuilding
the company of Hong Kong wants to sell to a potential Chinese purchaser also the ingegneristiche activities in the offshore field

17/03/2015the mayors of Genoa and Livorno ask a greater role for the local institutions in the reform of the legislation on the ports
Doria and Nogarin: necessary a strategic and defined role of the Municipalities in the debate

17/03/2015To February the traffic of the goods enlivened from the Chinese marine ports has grown of +3%
the containerized trade is increased of +13%

16/03/2015VARD announces the cancellation of two contracts for the construction of two Platform Supply Vessel
was ordered by two affiliated of German E.R. Offshore

16/03/2015Eighth consecutive month of the reduction of the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong
To February the port of call has enlivened beyond 1,4 million teu (- 3.7%)

16/03/2015Last year the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Salerno has recorded an increment of +11.3%
In sensitive increase also the traffic of passengers (+12.3%)

13/03/2015In the first period of two months of the 2015 traffic in the port of Algeciras is diminished of the -3,8%
In decrease (- 14%) the container. Increase of liquid bulk (+6%) and sand banks (+56%)

13/03/2015To January the traffic of the goods in the port of Valencia has grown of +13.2%
the container has been pairs to 401 thousand teu (+27.3%)

13/03/2015the next week the government will define its engagement financial for the Europe Dock of the port of Livorno
New deep opportunities of from the cross-border cooperation program Marine Italy-France PÒ 2014-2020

13/03/2015Last year the traffic of the container enlivened from the port of Naples is diminished of the -9,5%
Crocieristi in decrease of the -5,2%

13/03/2015To February the port of Singapore has enlivened 45,8 million tons of goods (+6.8%)
the container has been pairs to 2,6 million teu (+8.1%)

13/03/2015the Alpiq Swiss invests in the field of railway infrastructures acquiring the Italian Balfour Beatty Rail
the company is active mainly in the field of engineering, the systems for the railway electrification and of public transports

12/03/2015Sent back from the Harbour Committee of Naples the approval of the directory anniversary of the works and the POT
Five members of the harbour sat one have abandoned the classroom in sign of strong uneasiness for the diffuseness of the procedures for the plan of the dredging

12/03/2015This year the Italian ports will enliven approximately 10,9 million crocieristi (+5.4%)
the number of the ports of call of ships from cruise - a publication of Answers specifies Tourism - will come down instead of the -2,3% to 4.566

12/03/2015In the port of Ancona has carried out the first operation of experimentation of the preclearing
the new Port Community System of the port of call

12/03/2015Propelling Club Port of Trieste has organized an encounter on the topic of the rigassificatore
will hold next 18 March

12/03/2015To Naples a conference on the topic "the transformation of the total scene, opportunity and risks"
from Propeller Club, will hold 18 March

12/03/2015PSA clearly has archived item exercise 2014 with a profit of approximately a billion of dollars (- 1.7%)
the revenues are increased of +2.9%

12/03/2015Belts (Spediporto) has entered to take part of the Board of the European association of shippers CLECAT
the nomination - it has emphasized - allows with Italy of being to the center of the debate in European center on the topics more important than development of the field

12/03/2015the mayor of Livorno has signed varying to relative the structural plan to the new town development plan of the port
Nogarin: it is convene with the president of the Region "of wanting to share a method of understanding for procedures of I renew of the Harbour Authority"

12/03/2015Permangono points of divergence on the cronoprogramma of the intense activities in the port of Taranto
minister Maurizio Lupi has met the mayors of the Municipalities interested to the intense activities of the Third railway Pass of Giovi

11/03/2015Triennial Operations plan 2015-2017 of the Harbour Authority of Ravenna
the document contains and reassumes all the fundamental elements of the harbour plan "Hub of Ravenna"

11/03/2015the council of Livorno has deliberated to rerun to the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT being appealled the advanced action of caveat from the Tuscany Region
Nogarin: "I consider the interference of the Region serious and lesiva"

11/03/2015In the 2015 port of Livorno previews to enliven 700 thousand crocieristi
Gallanti to the first Pan-European symposium on tourism and cruises and the relationship port-city

11/03/2015Agreement of strategic cooperation between railway society Croatian HZ Cargo and that Pole PKP Cargo
Between the objectives the increase of the volumes of goods transported on the Corridor Baltic Sea-Adriatic

11/03/2015the Harbour Authority of Venice has sent to the Commission of VIA the clarifications demanded on the plan of adaptation of the Twisted Channel S. Angel
an agreement in order to constitute task force of experts for every ulterior activity of planning and monitoring of the plan

11/03/2015Clarification between Rossi and Nogarin on the iter of the Portuale Town development plan of Livorno
a thing - it has specified the president of the Region - is the approval of the PRP, another is the issue of the nomination of the Harbour Authority

11/03/2015Morgan Stanley has yielded Montreal Gateway Terminals to a consortium capeggiato from Fair Axium Infrastructure
Last year the terminalista society of Montreal has enlivened a traffic of the container pairs to 800 thousand teu

10/03/2015To Southampton is christened Britain
Is the greatest ship from cruise specifically planned for the British market

10/03/2015Nogarin: "from the Municipality of Livorno not it has been some will to block the iter relative to the town development plan of the port"
we will not reject the plan - it has emphasized the mayor - if the president of the Region will hold account of our requests

10/03/2015Fiom Cgil, "enormous" the distances between the positions of Fincantieri and the demands for the labor organizations
Bucchioni (La Spezia Confindustria): "it is incomprehensible as a part of the union instrumentalizes any initiative proposed from the company"

10/03/2015In the 2014 port of Hong Kong has enlivened 297,7 million tons of goods (+7.9%)
the halving of the harbour taxes for the oceanic ships that use fuel to low sulfur tenor

10/03/2015the internationalization of the logistic processes: legal systems to I confront
Is the topic of an organized convention for 20 March to Milan

10/03/2015Mistrusts the Tuscany Region to the Municipality of Livorno for the harbour town development plan
Consegue the lacked approval varying to relative the structural plan to the new Prp

09/03/2015To January the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa has grown of +4.2%
In increase is crocieristi (+15.6%) that the passengers of ferries (+15.8%)

09/03/2015In the 2014 clearly achieved result from group OOIL of Hong Kong has recorded an increase of +473.8%
Revenues in increase of +4.7%

09/03/2015is begun the attempt of first flight around the world with a fed airplane only to solar energy
the "Solar Impulse 2" is taken off today by Abu Dhabi

09/03/2015To Naples is placed the first stone of the Museum of the Sea
To the initiative has joined a group of forty between private associations, agencies and

06/03/2015the Interporto of Novara is inserted in the InlandLinks net promoted from the port of Rotterdam
an audit has established that it is online with requirement of qualities established from the Dutch Harbour Authority

06/03/2015the Liguria Region makes the point on the works in progress in the ports of Genoa and Savona I go
Teasing: "in Liguria, transhipment excluded, 60% of the goods pass that enter in Italy via sea"

06/03/2015the positive course of the Italian traffic of the goods has been strengthened in second half of the year 2014
Confetra, the resumption of the national traffic seems to preludere finally to a resumption of the internal consumption

06/03/2015Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti, highest the adhesions to national strike of the workers of the ports
Giachino and Biasotti (FI): increase and investments to make in the ports are the objective which it must be answered

06/03/2015In the 2014 logistic group CEVA has recorded a net loss of -413 million dollars
Improvement of the results to year-end

06/03/2015d' Amico International Shipping has closed 2014 with a net loss of -10,6 million dollars
Clearly improvement of the operating result in the second half of the year

05/03/2015After five closed years in loss, in the 2014 Attica Greek is returned to the profit
the group has concluded the last exercise anniversary with a profit after the taxes of 4,3 million euros

05/03/2015ESPO will define a series of good practical for the crocieristici ports
Individuate six main challenges with which the ports of call must be confronted landing place of ships from cruise

05/03/2015In the 2014 harbour terminal of ICTSI has enlivened 7,4 million container (+17.9%)
the Philippine terminalista group has archived item the exercise clearly anniversary with a profit of 142,3 million dollars (+4.9%)

05/03/2015Is the nine included Italian ports in the Network of services of Hapag-Lloyd/CSAV
Ports of call to Ancona (1 service), Cagliari (6), Genoa (9), Gioia Tauro (1), Livorno (8), Naples (1), Salerno (3), Vado Ligure (1) and Venice (1)

04/03/2015Contribution of the European marine cluster to the medium term review of politics EU for the shipping
combined Declaration of ECSA, CLIA, ECASBA, ETA, EuDA, Interferry and WSC

04/03/2015the Codacons invites to execute the sentence of the Regional Administrative Court and to regulate the prohibition of income of the great ships in the Lagoon of Venice
the association has sent a caveat to the Municipality, to the Venetian Region and the Harbour office

04/03/2015In the 2014 traffic in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven has been of 78,3 million tons (- 0.6%)
the container has been pairs to 5.795.624 teu (- 0.6%)

04/03/2015Ship Lease has closed 2014 with a profit clearly of 6,1 million dollars (- 81.2%)
the revenues are diminished of the -3,2% to 138,6 million dollars

04/03/2015ABB has realized the modernization electrical worker of the ship from Artania cruise
Between the participations, retrofit of the switchboards of edge and substitution of the system of alarm and monitoring

04/03/2015Panalpina archivia 2014 with a decided improvement of the economic results
the air shipment volume and marine enlivened by the group has recorded increases of +4.0% and +7.4%

03/03/2015To January the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is increased of 2.3%
almost two million tons are enlivened

03/03/2015Greater engagement financial of the Tuscany Region for the Europe Dock of the port of Livorno
the ignition of a mutuum from 200 million euros

03/03/2015In the 2014 port of Taranto has enlivened 27,8 million tons of goods (- 2.2%)
To December is recorded a bending of the -27,6%

03/03/2015for and against of the use of marine combustible the which liquified natural gas as
the EU commission has introduced the preliminary results of a specific study. The contribution of the shipping to the GDP of the EU is of 147 billion euros

03/03/2015the marine transport is expensive, but sure
Survey Eurobarometer on the quality and safety of the field

03/03/2015Ban of contest for the intense activities of adaptation for the berthing of the mega one portacontainer to the port of Augusta
the total amount of the contract is fixed in beyond 23 million euros

03/03/2015the Japanese group Nippon Yusen Kaisha yields Crystal Cruises to the Genting Hong Kong
the crocieristica company will be equipped of a third ship from cruise of luxury of new construction

02/03/2015Nuovo point of inspection for the Office of Marine Health in the port of Trieste
is delivered some days before by the Harbour Authority. Satisfaction of the shippers

02/03/2015Royal Caribbean Cruises will sell the ship from cruise Splendour of the Seas to the TUI Cruises
the unit will be operated by British Thomson Cruises

02/03/2015Tourist guides and students will receive this year the crocieristi in the port of Olbia
Is in program 85 ports of call of ships from cruise to Olbia, 11 to Golfo Aranci and 11 to Porto Torres

02/03/2015logistic group GEFCO upgrades own hub of Padua
Which installed task force for the "Service Design"

02/03/2015ECSA, FEPORT and WSC, is priority to supply information on the new formalities of declaration of the ships in arrival or departure from the ports EU
directive 2010/65 - the three associations emphasize - "cannot be put into effect without to impose a cost to cargo own of the field clearly that the directive intends to support"

02/03/2015Confindustria Reggio Calabria, yes to the controls in the analogous port of Gioia Tauro but to those ducts in the concurrent ports of call
"Or the controls are conformed, at least on the European side - it has emphasized the association - or this infrastructure will not have future"

02/03/2015the Japanese MOL orders to Samsung Heavy Industries Ltd. four new mega portacontainer from 20.150 teu
Store clerk of the value of approximately 618 million dollars. Moreover MOL has agreed with Shoei Kisen Kaisha the chartering of two new ships from 20.000 teu

02/03/2015Rinnovo of the directive organs of the Italian Association of Naval Technology
Della Loggia national president. Delivery of acknowledgment CEMT Award 2014 to Lanfranco Benedetti

27/02/2015Introduced in Harbour Committee the outline of the Town development plan of the port of Genoa
the iter of approval would have to carry to the adoption of the new Prp within a year

27/02/2015In the 2014 value of the new acquired orders from the Fincantieri group is gone up of 13%
Calo of the operating result and the result of exercise against an increment of +15% of the revenues

27/02/2015the American Geneesee & Wyoming buys British the railway society goods Freightliner
Acquisirà 95% of the capital for approximately 490 million pounds

27/02/2015Last month the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Ravenna is diminished of the -12,5%
Di Marco: not to realize the Progettone, with the consequent loss of the public resources, would be a real suicide is politician who, above all, entrepreneurial

27/02/2015Plan for the development and the application of new technologies in the port of Livorno
"Cloud of Ports" is candidated to the ban To make Fas 2014 of the Region

27/02/2015railway group Helvetic SBB wishes an participation of the government in support of the rail shipment goods
the strengthening of the Swiss franc and the decrease of the price of the diesel engine has an impact negative on the field

27/02/2015VARD records a bending of the orders and the economic results
Last year the company has obtained store clerks for a value of 9,45 billion Norwegian crowns (- 33%)

27/02/2015Last year the terminals of Hutchison Whampoa have enlivened 82,9 million container (+6%)
the activity has generated revenues for 4,6 billion dollars approximately (+4%)

27/02/2015To January the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City is diminished of the -22,8%
Reached a preliminary agreement on I renew of the employment contract, depends on a return to normality

27/02/2015the drawing up of the "Strategic Plan of the portualità and the logistics"
Yesterday the Committee for the portualità and the logistics has delivered the document to minister Lupi

26/02/2015Protocollo of understanding in order to on board favor the boarding of the Italian students of ships of Italian and foreign flag
has been undersigned from Confitarma, Fedarlinea, Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti

26/02/2015Uiltrasporti has sped up the participation of the Italian and European Antitrust on the event Tirrenia-CIN - Moby
Tarlazzi: equally it will be made the Authority anticorruption

26/02/2015Fusion in the field tanker between General Maritime Raw Corporation and Navig8 Tankers
the new Gener8 company Maritime will have a fleet of 46 tankers

26/02/2015the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT declares improcedibile the resource for the cancellation of the regional deliberation that approved of the PRP of
the sentence is deposited yesterday

26/02/2015DFDS has archived item 2014 with a profit of clearly 434 million Danish crowns (+33%)
Smedegaard: we are in optimal position in order to widen our activities

26/02/2015the Harbour Committee of Savona confirmation the ok to the Harbour Authority for the purchase of 64% of the Interporto di Vado
the harbour agency stops already 8% approximately of the VIO share capital

26/02/2015Last year the revenues of Bureau Veritas have exceeded for the first time quota four billions of euro
the profit clearly has been pairs to 307,5 million euros (- 13.7%) and the clearly rectified result to 391,3 million euros (- 1.4%)

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