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02 April 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 08:52 GMT+2

01/04/2020ALIS propone al governo alcune misure urgenti di sostegno alle aziende del trasporto e della logistica
Grimaldi: la pandemia sta provocando un forte impatto sulla salute e sulla vita della popolazione, con ricadute inevitabili anche sul ciclo economico delle imprese e dell'intero sistema Paese

01/04/2020The Central Adriatic Port System Authority establishes the suspension of the royalties
Giampieri: We have therefore used the tools that the law gives us to try to lift, at least a little, the weight that port companies face during this period

01/04/2020The Port Authority of Pireo assigns COSCO oversight of the management of containerized traffic at Pier I
The goal for the first year is to move 650,000 containers

01/04/2020In Livorno a city-port crisis table to monitor and manage the economic and social effects of the emergency
Mapping of unused port and backport areas to be made available for goods if necessary

01/04/2020The IMO urges governments to allow seafarers to depart from or reach their ships
I also invite them to be named as indispensable workers

01/04/2020The Association of Greek Passenger Shipping Companies is also asking for help with the collapse of freight transport
SEEN stresses that ships can no longer bear the high port and wage costs

01/04/2020THE Alliance plans 32 empty containerized trips due to the impact of the pandemic
Cancel five departures of Asia-Mediterranean services that in Italy climb to Genoa and La Spezia

01/04/2020The Greek HRADF begins the privatisation of the ports of Alexandroupolis, Igoumenitsa, Heraklion and Volos
Enabled search for an operator who provides financial due diligence services

31/03/2020L'ANPAN denuncia che aziende associate, essenziali per assicurare la continuità del trasporto marittimo, non possono operare
Assologistica chiede alle Dogane di ampliare la non applicazione della sospensione delle Customs Decisions anche alle attività produttive e commerciali

31/03/2020Tomorrow the CEO of PSA Italia, Giuseppe Danesi, will retire
He will continue to sit on the boards of the Group's Italian entities

31/03/2020Mit and Mise asked Tirrenia to adopt within 24 hours the necessary acts to unlock the ships
The aim is to ensure territorial continuity services first

31/03/2020Battisti: 2019 was the best year in the history of the State Railways group
Revenues up 3.0% and net profit up 4.5%

31/03/2020Filt Cgil chiede al governo forme di tutela per i lavoratori marittimi e portuali
Fit Cisl, il fermo di Tirrenia CIN rischia di mettere in ginocchio non solo il traffico merci sardo, ma anche il lavoro portuale

31/03/2020Yang Ming's economic performance fell in the fourth quarter of 2019
Last year, the revenues of compatriot Wan Hai Lines grew by 9.2%

31/03/2020Beijing's Ministry of Transport is issuing stricter provisions to avoid "return contagion."
Prohibition of the replacement of foreign national crews on all ships staying in Chinese ports

31/03/2020Tre proposte della Confetra al governo affinché la pandemia economica non faccia più danni di quella sanitaria
Nicolini: si tratta di un pacchetto di misure che necessita di coperture per circa nove miliardi

31/03/2020The cruise ships Cunard and Seabourn announce the extension of the stoppage period of the ships
They extended it until 15 and 14 May respectively

31/03/2020After the arrest of Tirrenia, the other shipowners ensure that their services guarantee territorial continuity with the islands
The Coast Guard sends the patrol boat "Diciotti" to the Tremors

30/03/2020Per far fronte all'emergenza Assiterminal chiede l'azzeramento dei canoni demaniali
La crisi - sottolinea l'associazione - colpisce sia il settore dei passeggeri che quello delle merci

30/03/2020MIT, with the blockade of Tirrenia, the transport of goods with the islands will be guaranteed by other shipowners
MIT and MISE will urgently convene the Commissioner's College and Tirrenia CIN

30/03/2020Assarmatori, la sospensione dei servizi della Tirrenia è un ulteriore grido d'allarme
Messina: l'esempio potrebbe essere seguito da altre compagnie dato che il governo non ha previsto sostegni al settore

30/03/2020Uiltrasporti urges the government to ensure territorial continuity and employment
It is unthinkable, the union stressed, that the very serious health problems should also be added to those relating to links with island regions

30/03/2020In the fourth quarter of 2019, the COSCO Group's container fleet carried more than 6.6 million teu(15.1%)
Net profit increased by 643.8%

30/03/2020Assarmatori, le compagnie di traghetti sono vicine al punto di non ritorno e devono essere prese misure d'emergenza
Messina: diversamente non ci sarà altra alternativa al blocco dei collegamenti nazionali

30/03/2020Anche dagli armatori nordeuropei giunge un grido d'allarme per il drammatico impatto della crisi sul settore
Richiesto il sostegno immediato dei governi, in particolare per le compagnie di traghetti

30/03/2020Mercoledì a Livorno si terrà una riunione sulla crisi del settore crociere in porto
Salvetti: proporremo una riconversione temporanea delle aree inutilizzate per i passeggeri per dare una risposta compensativa alle necessità delle merci

30/03/2020Comparison between De Micheli and the presidents of the ADS on the health emergency and the maritime economy
The Minister called for the port authorities themselves to be the architects and promoters of a plan to relaunch the sector

30/03/2020Coronavirus, nuove disposizioni per chi rientra in Italia
Disposte anche misure organizzative che devono adottare vettori e armatori

30/03/2020In February, 6.3 million tonnes of container goods were handled in the port of Algeciras( or 25.9%)
Overall traffic grew by 15.6%

30/03/2020COSCO Shipping Ports ended 2019 with revenues of USD 1.03 billion, or 2.7%
Net profit fell by -6.4%

30/03/2020MSC extends the temporary stop on cruises until May 29
The detention had previously been scheduled until 30 April

30/03/2020Postponement to next year of the Venice Boat Show
The decision following the continuing coronavirus emergency

30/03/2020Filt Cgil, irresponsible the seizure of the current accounts of the Italian Navigation Company
Colombo: Immediate government action is needed to prioritise this emergency emergency

30/03/2020Thanks to Confitarma for making it possible to moor in The Italian ports of national cruise ships
Mattioli: once again it is confirmed that when you make system, you always find a solution

30/03/2020Tirrenia stops ships in response to the seizure of CIN's bank accounts
Suspended services to Sardinia, Sicily and the Tremiti

30/03/2020First eastbound departure of Maersk Line's Europe-Far East rail-maritime service
From next month the line will have fortnightly frequency

30/03/2020Assologistica contesta la decisione dell'Agenzia delle Dogane di non concedere autorizzazioni sino al termine dell'emergenza Covid-19
Morelli: nel momento peggiore per il Paese dal secondo dopoguerra, la possiamo considerare una disposizione quanto meno discutibile

30/03/2020Swiss rail group SBB suspends passenger transport with Italy
The company specified that the measure was taken as a result of a new order from the Italian authorities

30/03/2020In 2019, the net economic result of the Chinese terminalist group CMPort grew by 16.1%
Revenues fell by -12.4%

30/03/2020HHLA expects a sharp decline in revenues and operating profit by 2020
Titzrath: The economic shocks of the coronavirus pandemic present us with a challenge of a magnitude never seen before

27/03/2020OOCL, COSCO, ONE and Yang Ming postpone the start of the new Mediterranean service - East Coast USA by three weeks
It will be activated on April 25

27/03/2020Greek ferry companies expect to see revenue fall by -45.1% in 2020
Expected reductions of -50.7% and -30.8% in passenger and commercial vehicle transport revenues. SEEN, the sector is in danger of collapsing

27/03/2020While the Genting Group has reduced its losses in 2019, 2020 is full of unknowns
The Hong Kong-born company is already forecasting a negative operating result for the current year

27/03/2020Freight traffic on the Austrian stretch of the Danube grew by 18.2% in 2019
However, this is the second-lowest volume of cargo since 1995

27/03/2020De Micheli has extended the suspension of the ban on heavy goods vehicles on public holidays
It was arranged for the days of 29 March and 5 April

27/03/2020Assologistica calls for a director's box to coordinate measures to deal with the crisis
The fragmentation of regulatory interventions - explained Gentil - disorients economic operators even more

27/03/2020La Cina rafforza i controlli ai confini per evitare un ritorno della pandemia sul territorio nazionale
Il ministro dei Trasporti dispone un irrigidimento delle misure

26/03/2020Fedespedi urges the government to clarify that warehouse activity is allowed in all companies
The federation stresses the need to avoid the blockade of the Italian logistics system

26/03/2020Once the passengers disembarked in Civitavecchia, Costa Pacifica will arrive in La Spezia tomorrow
Costa Cruises is committed to the repatriation of more than 25,000 guests and part of its crews

26/03/2020Interferry is urging governments to support ferry companies severely affected by the coronavirus emergency
It called for the inclusion of the sector in financial aid packages for companies affected by the crisis

26/03/2020Filt Cgil, take advantage of the back-to-door areas to avoid port congestion
Colombo and De Rose: they are ready to give immediate outlet to the management of container traffic to and from our country

26/03/2020At least half of the hauliers are at risk of closure due to outstanding loans and coronaviruses
Longo: thousands of requests for further deferral of payment times

26/03/2020I produttori cinesi di container CIMC e Singamas archiviano un 2019 difficile
I ricavi delle due aziende sono diminuiti rispettivamente del -8,2% e del -60,6%

26/03/2020CMA CGM concludes the sale of its holdings in eight port terminals at Terminal Link
They've been sold for 850 million dollars. Another 150 million by June for the handover of two more shares

26/03/2020CLECAT, ETA, ESC, ETF e FEPORT manifestano profonda delusione per la proroga del Regolamento UE di esenzione per le compagnie di navigazione containerizzate
Le cinque organizzazioni respingono nuovamente la tesi secondo cui la norma avrebbe generato benefici per gli utenti

26/03/2020Evergreen's net profit returned to negative territory in 2019 due to the growth in financial charges
Revenue and operating profit increased by 12.6% and 402.9%, respectively

25/03/2020Assarmatori calls on the government to declare a state of natural disaster also for maritime transport
Messina: without compensatory interventions in a short time, the survival of shipping companies operating on cabotage, the Highways of the Sea and in connections with the islands is at risk

25/03/2020In 2019, revenues generated by the port activities of the HHLA group grew by 7.3%
Operating profit was 204.4 million euros (-9.0%)

25/03/2020Ok of Brussels at the entrance of the AustralianSuper pension fund in Peel Ports
It will acquire 25% of the UK company's capital

25/03/2020In the port of Brindisi a pilot project for the generation of energy obtained from the swell
The South Adriatic AdSP has signed a memorandum of understanding with Kuma Energy

25/03/2020Confetra chiede che in fase di conversione del decreto “Cura Italia” si espliciti che è consentita l'apertura dei magazzini logistici delle imprese
La comunità portuale spezzina offre una capacità di stoccaggio di oltre mezzo milione di teu a servizio delle aziende del Nord Italia

25/03/2020UNCTAD urges governments to ensure the smoothness of maritime and cross-border transport
Kituyi calls for seafarers to be declared indispensable workers

25/03/2020The presidents of the Italian ports write to the government asking for measures to support national airports
The sector, they explained, is going through a "perfect storm" between linear cuts to current spending and the Covid-19 emergency

25/03/2020Assologist's acclaim for the initiative of Ebilog and Freight Leaders Council to activate the first Logistics Think Tank
Dear: we need to start thinking about how to deal with the kind of "reconstruction" that awaits us once the current very difficult situation is over

25/03/2020IATA predicts that in 2020 airlines will lose 252 billion dollars in revenue
This is if travel restrictions and the resulting economic crisis for the coronavirus emergency will last three months

25/03/2020Royal Caribbean Cruises extends suspension of cruises due to coronavirus
Operations will resume on May 12

25/03/2020ICS stresses the importance of ok to maintain current EU rules on containerised maritime consortia
Bennett: The knowledge that cooperative ship-sharing agreements can continue to exist will help overcome the crisis

24/03/2020In the last quarter of 2019, freight traffic in the port of Taranto decreased by -25.7%
For the full year, the decline was -11.3%

24/03/2020Containerized traffic in the port of Algeciras grew by 25.9% last month
Overall, goods increased by 15.6%

24/03/2020The World Shipping Council welcomes the extension of the Exemption Regulation for Containerized Shipping
Butler: Ship sharing is the backbone of the global line shipping network

24/03/2020Trentatré associazioni europee dei trasporti esortano le istituzioni a rendersi conto della centralità del settore per affrontare e superare l'emergenza
Invito a favorire la mobilità dei lavoratori del comparto

24/03/2020La Commissione UE ha concesso l'estensione per quattro anni dell'esenzione dalle norme sulla concorrenza a favore delle compagnie di navigazione containerizzate
Nicolette van der Jagt (CLECAT): «un'occasione mancata per modificare le norme sul trasporto marittimo di linea affinché rispecchino in modo più equo il punto di vista dei clienti»

24/03/2020Il Registro Navale della Liberia ha attivato un sistema di gestione elettronica e remota delle procedure documentali
Nell'ambito delle iniziative per contribuire al contenimento del Covid-19, è stata attivata anche con l'italiana RINA un'operazione pilota per ispezionare le navi della d'Amico a distanza

24/03/2020ICS and IAPH are calling on governments to do everything they can to maintain the efficiency and security of the global supply chain
Platten: Without the safe and efficient transport of food, medical supplies, raw materials and fuels, nations could find themselves in an even more difficult situation than we are all facing

24/03/2020Costa Cruises extends the suspension period of its cruises until April 30
The decision caused by the protracted emergency situation and the further introduction of pandemic containment measures

23/03/2020In February, freight traffic in the port of Genoa fell by -1.0%
Goods in containers up 9.5%

23/03/2020Confetra welcomes the government's latest measures to contain the spread of the virus
Moretto: The executive is showing great sensitivity to the demands of the logistics industry

23/03/2020L'AdSP di Civitavecchia esorta l'intera comunità portuale alla coesione per superare la fase di crisi
Dure accuse della Compagnia Portuale che annuncia il possibile blocco dello scalo una volta conclusasi l'emergenza

23/03/2020The Costa Victoria cruise ship will not be able to land at the port of Trieste
Fedriga: We cannot allow the descent into the regional capital of individuals who may be unaware vectors of coronavirus

23/03/2020European private port terminalists are calling on EU states to financially support primary infrastructure
Bonz: We are experiencing exceptional moments that require extraordinary action and it is important that all appropriate mechanisms are mobilised

23/03/2020The port authority of Gioia Tauro asks to subject the airport's operations staff to tampon checks
The goal is constant risk monitoring and health protection for workers

23/03/2020In February, freight traffic in the port of Barcelona fell by -15.2%
Falling containers and bulks

23/03/2020Confitarma applauds the measures of the South Adriatic AdSP for support for maritime operators
Mattioli: The hope is that the other Port Authority authorities will also take similar measures

23/03/2020Le compagnie di traghetti greche temono che le nuove misure per arginare la pandemia mettano in ginocchio il settore
L'associazione di categoria ha chiesto al governo un sostegno finanziario con effetto retroattivo

23/03/2020Last year, freight traffic from German ports fell by -0.3%
Containerized traffic remained stable at 15.1 million teu

23/03/2020In the second half of 2019, OOIL's revenues increased by 3.5%
Operating profit fell -23.3%

20/03/2020Advocates are calling for shipping companies to be able to access state-backed loans
Messina: decisions are needed in a short time, to protect businesses, the logistics system, suppliers and the thousands of workers in the sector

20/03/2020A febbraio il traffico delle merci nei porti marittimi cinesi è diminuito del -6,9% con un azzeramento della crescita delle merci internazionali
Drastico calo del -17,2% dei carichi containerizzati

20/03/2020Assoporti confirms that Italian ports are open to goods traffic
Only cruise traffic has been banned

20/03/2020Brussels authorizes the sale of CMA CGM shares in ten terminals to Terminal Link
The terminal company is owned by the same owner group French and the Chinese company CMPort

20/03/2020Federitrators, port towing activities continue without interruption despite the emergency
Ensure that ships enter and exit safely from Italian ports

20/03/2020Hapag-Lloyd closed the fourth quarter of 2019 with a net profit of 77 million euros, or 126%
Habben Jansen: We will take precautionary financial measures to overcome the Covid-19 emergency

20/03/2020A sharp drop in costs allows the ZIM shipping company to close the last quarter of 2019 in surplus
Decline in revenues, containerized volumes transported and rentals

20/03/2020The Italian government is blocking cruise activities
Established the stop of Italian flag cruise ships and the blocking of the arrival in Italian ports of foreign flag cruise ships

19/03/2020ICS and ITF call on the UN to make governments understand that maritime transport is crucial to tackling the coronavirus crisis
In particular, it highlighted the need for seafarers to be given the status of essential workers

19/03/2020GNV has delivered to the Liguria Region the Splendid transformed into a "hospital ship" for the Covid-19 emergency
Initially it is able to offer 25 beds, which will rise to a total of 400

19/03/2020Coronavirus, soon a measure to extend the validity of certifications for seafarers
It will be issued by the General Command of the Port Captains

19/03/2020IATA, airlines will need aid of up to 200 billion dollars to recover from the emergency
The association urges the governments of Africa and the Middle East to support air carriers in the region struggling to survive the Covid-19 crisis

19/03/2020Last month, the port of Valencia handled 435 thousand containers, or 0.4%
Total freight traffic was 5.86 million tonnes, or 4.9%

19/03/2020A measure by the South Adriatic AdSP to mitigate the impact of the emergency on the operators of the system's ports
Further extensions of payments are expected compared to those set by the decree-law "Cura Italia". Including other categories

19/03/2020Assiterminal e Assologistica scrivono al governo per spiegare che le misure d'emergenza adottate non sono sufficienti
Le associazioni chiedono la sospensione mediante azzeramento, per almeno sei mesi, del versamento dei canoni concessori dovuti dai concessionari portuali e l'annullamento dell'addizionale IRES per i concessionari e per le imprese autorizzate ex art. 16 legge 84/94

19/03/2020RINA-union agreement to introduce flexibility in fixed-term contracts
The understanding in the light of the current health emergency

18/03/2020Emergenza Covid-19, nel decreto del governo misure anche a sostegno del settore dei trasporti
Disposti tra l'altro l'esonero dalla tassa di ancoraggio fino al 30 aprile e la sospensione dei canoni relativi alle operazioni e concessioni portuali fino al 31 luglio

18/03/2020Fim-Cisl and Fiom-Cgil, no to the use of the advance of collective leave for the detention of Fincantieri
They report that it is in breach of the protocol signed by trade unions and employers and the BCC of the metalworkers

18/03/2020In February, ships passing through the Suez Canal carried 84.1 million tonnes of goods, or 8.8%
Loads on southbound units amounted to 51.0 million tonnes (up 26.4%) 33.1 million tonnes (-10.4%)

18/03/2020ETFs, FEPORT, IDC and ESPO are seeking financial support from port companies affected by the Covid-19 emergency
They asked the EU Commission to provide guidance on emergency health measures to be implemented at ports

18/03/2020Donation of USCLAC-UNCDIM-SMACD to fight coronavirus
It has been donated to the intensive care units of hospitals in Genoa, Viareggio/Lido of Camaiore and Torre del Greco

18/03/2020Come il personale medico e le forze di sicurezza - sottolineano ECSA e ETF - in questi momenti critici i marittimi sono lavoratori essenziali e c'è bisogno che i governi li riconoscano come tali
Le due organizzazioni chiedono all'UE e agli Stati membri misure straordinarie affinché lo shipping europeo possa superare la grave crisi causata dall'emergenza coronavirus. Proposte della Confitarma al governo italiano

18/03/2020The Association of European Ports urges the EU and Member States to prioritise the transport of goods
O'Reilly: These are extraordinary and difficult times, and it is vital that essential goods and materials can be exchanged without interruption

18/03/2020Emergency coronavirus, De Caterina (ALIS): we hope that we will return immediately to the normality of road, sea and rail transits
International restrictions on the movement of goods should be avoided, he stressed

17/03/2020Coronavirus, the Coast Guard has taken new measures to ensure the safety of sea transport
They include instructions for remote visits on international voyage ships

17/03/2020In the third quarter of 2019, freight traffic at Greek ports grew by 3.2%
In the first nine months of the year, there was an increase of 3.3%

17/03/2020La logistica britannica esorta nuovamente il governo di Londra a “svegliarsi” e a prepararsi veramente alla Brexit
La Freight Transport Association sottolinea la necessità che le esigenze del settore siano considerate prioritarie

17/03/2020The decline in production in China due to coronavirus is having a negative impact on the business of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach
In February, the two California airports saw drops in container traffic of -22.9% and -9.8%, respectively

17/03/2020Yilport confirms the order at Mitsui E&S for four new STS cranes
They are destined for the Portuguese Liscont Container Terminal

16/03/2020Falling freight traffic in the port of Ravenna in January. Business in the ports of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea is growing
The airports of Naples, Salerno and Castellammare di Stabia handled 2.61 million tonnes, or 6.5%

16/03/2020Appreciation of Confetra for the government's announcement of support for the logistics and transport sector
With transport, freight transport is one of the sectors with deferral of taxes and general measures

16/03/2020First effect of coronavirus on employment in European shipping: Stena Line lays off 950 employees
The company does not rule out further staff reductions

16/03/2020Greece places a temporary ban on the shipping of passengers with Italy
The green light for goods. Interdiction at cruise ship stops in Greek ports

16/03/2020COVID-19, la Commissione UE raccomanda misure per assicurare il trasporto di merci e servizi essenziali nel mercato interno
Si specifica tra l'altro che i viaggi di lavoro volti a garantirlo dovrebbero essere consentiti

16/03/2020Coronavirus, gran parte delle principali compagnie crocieristiche cessa temporaneamente l'attività
Anche diverse compagnie di navigazione che operano servizi di linea per passeggeri fermano le navi. I cantieri navali di Fincantieri chiudono per due settimane

16/03/2020Assarmatori, Confitarma e Federagenti manifestano apprezzamento per le prime risposte del governo sull'emergenza viru
Proroga dei certificati di competenza e dei certificati sanitari dei marittimi

16/03/2020Container traffic collapses at COSCO Shipping Ports Chinese terminals on Feb
3.91 million teu (-19.6%) were handled

16/03/2020Declared a blockade of air, land and sea links with Sicily
Free way to goods, flights between Rome-Palermo/Catania, intercity with Rome and passenger maritime services in the Strait

16/03/2020Container traffic in Hong Kong port grew by 2.6% last month
Highest sign after 24 consecutive months of decline

16/03/2020Coronavirus, De Micheli calls on Hungary to lift blockade on lorry drivers
Prompted the restoration of the regular flow of Italian goods

13/03/2020Fedespedi is calling on the government to take more decisive measures to safeguard the logistics sector
The federation has highlighted that the discomfort of businesses and workers is growing

13/03/2020This year the world's containerized shipping volume could fall by 10% due to coronavirus
Sea-Intelligence warns that the difficulties could reverberate in the long term

13/03/2020Costa Cruises temporarily suspends cruises around the world
The company, unlike others, opts for a shorter break, until April 3

13/03/2020Celestyal Cruises suspends cruises until April 30
The decision - explains the company - is the result of the inevitable circumstances arising from the continued spread of COVID-19

13/03/2020Nicolini (Confetra): To deal with the virus emergency, we need a clear discipline to protect the workers in our sector
In the forthcoming government decree, he stressed, the supply chain of logistics and freight transport must be considered among those most affected

13/03/2020A causa dell'emergenza COVID-19 un camion su quattro è fermo nei piazzali
Lo denuncia Trasportounito. Lettere al governo di FAI-Conftrasporto e UNATRAS

13/03/2020Last month, container traffic in the Port of Singapore was 2.9 million teu , or 5.8%
Overall, freight traffic fell by -1.0%

13/03/2020Pacific International Lines sells Pacific Direct Line to Neptune Pacific Line
PDL operates containerized maritime services in the South Pacific

12/03/2020Assarmatori, Confitarma e Federagenti chiedono al governo un tavolo di analisi e di confronto con lo shipping sull'emergenza COVID-19
In una lettera evidenziano le principali criticità affrontate dal settore

12/03/2020De Micheli calls on Austria to restore the normal transit of goods to the Brenner Pass
The European Commission also called for action

12/03/2020Fim, Fiom, Uilm call for a temporary halt for all metalworking companies
The Rsu-Rls of Fincantieri Sestri Ponente call for the suspension of the production activity of the shipyard

12/03/2020Princess Cruises announces decision to suspend all cruises for 60 days
It is - explains the company - a proactive response to the unpredictable circumstances that are occurring from the global spread of COVID-19

12/03/2020International Shipping reported a quarterly profit
In the quarter of last year alone, basic time charter revenues grew by 12.5%

12/03/2020Appreciation of ECSA for recognition of the role of shipping for the EU economy
This is highlighted by a statement from the transport ministers of the European Union

12/03/2020Strike at the naval repairs sector of the port of Genoa
It was called for lack of safety conditions due to the coronavirus emergency

12/03/2020In 2019, Moroccan ports handled a record traffic of 153.1 million tonnes of goods (up 11.3%)
Passengers down -1.1%

12/03/2020Viking Cruises has suspended operations until April 30
Quarantined the 29 passengers of a river cruise in Southeast Asia, including one positive for coronavirus

11/03/2020Le associazioni del trasporto intermodale ferroviario sottolineano la strategicità del settore per superare l'emergenza
Lettera aperta alle istituzioni italiane ed europee

11/03/2020Global Ports Holding's economic results fell in the last quarter of 2019
Net sales fell by -9.6%

11/03/2020Asports, Italian ports are fully operational ensuring the safety of people and goods
All offices, including control offices, ensure that activities are carried out on a regular basis

11/03/2020The COVID-19 emergency caused a traffic crash in the port of Shanghai
In February, goods fell by -24.2% overall and containers alone by -19.5%

11/03/2020Jadrolinija suspends the maritime services Split-Ancona and Dubrovnik-Bari
The connections are scheduled to be reactivated on April 1st and 19th, respectively

11/03/2020DP World ended 2019 with record revenues of 7.69 billion dollars
Net profit fell by -12.0% due to higher financial charges

11/03/2020OOIL orders five new 23,000 teu container carriers
The ships will each cost USD 155.68 million and will be taken over in 2023

11/03/2020ALIS proposes a series of measures to support the transport and logistics sector at the time of the emergency
Catherine's: timely and coordinated measures must be taken

11/03/2020Chantiers de l'Atlantique ordered a large-capacity portal crane at Konecranes
It will be taken over in the spring of 2022

10/03/2020The results and operational activity of the Swiss SBB CFF SFF Cargo decreased in 2019
Decline in freight traffic after six consecutive annuities of growth

10/03/2020Royal Caribbean Cruises is also moving to increase liquidity to deal with the virus emergency
Measures are also expected in 2021

10/03/2020Coronavirus, Costa Cruises modifies the itineraries of ships that will stop at Italian ports
The cruises currently underway will touch Italian landings only to allow passengers to disembark and return home

10/03/2020In 2019, freight traffic in the port of Livorno, with a slight increase of 0.4%, reached a new all-time high
Record of rolling stock

10/03/2020In the last quarter of 2019, the containerized cargo carried by CMA CGM ships was stable
Revenues from this business segment decreased by -9.6%

10/03/2020SAAM Towage orders two new tugboats at the Turkish shipyard UZMAR
They will be delivered next year

10/03/2020China cuts port taxes to stimulate activities affected by the COVID-19 epidemic
A 20% discount will apply from March 1 to June 30

10/03/2020Norwegian Cruise Line gets a loan of 675 million dollars to deal with the coronavirus emergency
The aim is to have additional liquidity to be used just in case

09/03/2020Confetra, il decreto del governo sul coronavirus «non blocca né trasporti né produzione»
Confartigianato Trasporti conferma che Ministero degli Esteri e dei Trasporti hanno fatto chiarezza. Conftrasporto rileva che problemi possono scaturire da disposizioni regionali

09/03/2020The port of Ancona fears the impact of the Albanian decision to suspend maritime and air links with part of Italy
Giampieri: you can feel the first clear signs of a season that is not simple

09/03/2020Falling economic results of container renter CAI International
The impact of the spread of COVID-19 is still unclear

09/03/2020The U.S. State Department advises against people with health problems from boarding cruise ships
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found an increased risk of COVID-19 infection on board

09/03/2020Kuehne - Nagel sells most of its contract logistics business in the UK to XPO Logistics
In 2019 they generated a turnover of about 750 million Swiss francs

09/03/2020The international cruise association CLIA strengthens measures to deal with the coronavirus emergency
Craighead: They will be denied boarding to some of our guests, but health and safety are the top priority for the industry

09/03/2020Sardinia stipulates that passengers arriving at ports and airports in the region from the red zones observe the quarantine period
They are also obliged to provide a availability to health authorities

06/03/2020An emergency coronavirus, Royal Caribbean gives customers the option to cancel the cruise up to 48 hours from departure
A credit will be given for any cruise made by the group's ships in 2020 or 2021

06/03/2020Dredging operations for the routine maintenance of the harbour seabed have been started in Gioia Tauro
The three-year programme includes work of EUR 3.5 million

06/03/2020The effects of the Covid-19 on the Italian and international economy are potentially very serious
Published the sixteenth quarter-year economic information of the Study Centre

06/03/2020In 2019, the size of the world's tanker fleet grew by 7.9%
Container production fell by -8.5%

06/03/2020Container traffic in the port of Valencia fell in January, while Algeciras increased
Total goods decreased by -4.7% and increased by 11.0%, respectively

06/03/2020In the fourth quarter of 2019, the terminalist company ICTSI reported a decline in economic results
Container traffic is stable

05/03/2020The merger with Poseidon Containers was good for Global Ship Lease
In 2019, the company recorded a significant increase in economic results

05/03/2020The air shipment industry is under pressure from coronavirus
Albertini: however, although difficult, the Italian air way and airports are not closed, they operate and guarantee the service

05/03/2020The ICS publishes a new guide to help the shipping industry counter the spread of coronavirus
Platten: the document wants to be exhaustive, but also easy to understand and implement

05/03/2020The second Maersk Line service arrived at the port of Vado Ligure
The container ship "Maersk Nora" has made a stopover at Vado Gateway

05/03/2020L'UNCTAD analizza l'impatto del coronavirus sui trasporti marittimi containerizzati
Drastico calo degli scali di portacontainer ai porti cinesi tra la fine di gennaio e l'inizio di febbraio

04/03/2020Social shocks required for the logistics sector affected by the coronavirus emergency
Notice signed by employers' associations and Filt Cgil, Cisl and Uiltrasporti

04/03/2020Nel transito alpino - denunciano Unioncamere e Uniontrasporti - le aziende tirolesi sono avvantaggiate
Contestate le dichiarazioni della giunta del Tirolo

04/03/2020Confetra satisfied with the outcome of the technical table at MIT with the transport and logistics sectors to deal with the coronavirus emergency
Russian: The situation of import-export freight controls from ports and airports is particularly delicate

04/03/2020Coronavirus, a ferry in isolation in the port of Genoa
He transported a passenger to Tunis who tested positive once he landed

04/03/2020Last year, freight traffic at Sardinian ports fell by -2.9%
Passengers also fell, with a 4.3% increase in ferries and a drop of -11.1% in cruises

04/03/2020Coronavirus, Confitarma wants measures to safeguard the activity of Italian shipping
The confederation is calling for a freeze on the payment of anchoring fees for Italian ships

04/03/2020Due to the coronavirus, the port of Rotterdam is counting the possible loss of two million tonnes of goods per month
The most affected sector is the container sector

04/03/2020The coronavirus gives the coup de grace to the Japanese Luminous Cruising that files for bankruptcy
The company has suspended its cruise business pending it being placed in receivership under the Civil Rehabilitation Act

03/03/2020Assarmatori urges a number of measures to minimise the impact of coronavirus on the maritime cluster
These include the request for the suspension of the anchor tax

03/03/2020Assoporti expresses solidarity with the president and secretary general of the port of Civitavecchia
The association reports that Di Majo and Macii suffered a violent verbal attack

03/03/2020Tomorrow in the port of Ravenna will begin some dredging operations
Provide a sub-bank bottom leveling action to remove the appendage restrictions

03/03/2020The cruise ship AIDAaura resumes sailing after it was denied the presence on board of coronavirus cases
The results of the analysis carried out on two German passengers failed

03/03/2020Federagenti launches the "we take care" campaign
It points out that in Italy the necessary measures have been taken to safeguard nautical tourism from the risk of coronavirus

03/03/2020From an initial estimate the port of Antwerp believes that due to the coronavirus will lose 115 thousand containers
This is the volume of traffic handled in a month to and from China

03/03/2020CEVA Logistics Italy has exited the judicial administration procedure
The measure was applied on 6 May

02/03/2020Confetra, our industry is experiencing total chaos due to the coronavirus emergency
The federal government is calling on the government to have a permanent task force for mutual listening and structured coordination

02/03/2020Coronavirus, Filt, Fit and Uilt are calling for a strong government commitment to support air transport
I meet with MIT to discuss the issues facing the transport and logistics industry

02/03/2020In January, freight traffic in the port of Genoa grew by 0.4%
Passengers up 14.2%

02/03/2020J.F. Lehman & Co. completes the acquisition of the Global Marine Group
The company specializes in laying undersea communication cables

02/03/2020La Commissione Europea sollecita l'Italia a recuperare da Tirrenia 15 milioni di euro di aiuti incompatibili con le norme UE
Conformi alle normative, invece, gran parte delle compensazioni degli obblighi di servizio pubblico concesse alla compagnia di navigazione

02/03/2020Agreement between the Port of Venice Propeller Club and the Association of Captains Laguna Navigation
It was signed by presidents Massimo Bernardo and Lorenzo Boscolo

02/03/2020HMM will use underwater robots to clean the hulls of ships
Agreement with South Korean TAS Global Co

02/03/2020Measure to streamline the procedures for stopping and transiting dangerous goods in the port of Livorno
A specific regulation will come into force on 1 June

02/03/2020In 2019, the Port of Vancouver set its new historic container traffic record
New peak also of cruises

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