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26 November 2014 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 17:12 GMT+1

26/11/14the Harbour Committee of Livorno approves of the decision of the Harbour Authority to temporary acquire a quota the ALP
Gallanti: "the which devised solution is clearly temporary". Paoletti (Confindustria): "the occupation cannot be safeguarded without to touch nothing"
ABB Marine Solutions

26/11/14Writers of the shipping in yellow
Is the topic of the next conviviale reunion of Propeller Club of Genoa

26/11/14Last month the marine traffic in the Suez Canal is increased of +3.7%
the journeyed ships transported 71,8 million tons of goods (+7.1%)

26/11/14Bergmann (DNV GL): with the portacontainer from 24.000 teu we are approaching the limits of dimensional development of the ships
the operativity of the ships hooligan-large could be hindered from restrictions in the ports and the water ways

26/11/14CMA CGM has acquired the company of German navigation OPDR
Opera a net of logistic services of line and for container and rotabili between the ports of Atlantic Europe and from and for Africa

26/11/14NCL has bought the ship from cruise Oceania Princess for the company Oceania Cruises
the unit will be renamed "Siren" and to March 2016 it will be introduced in basin to Marseilles for being restructured

25/11/14Thursday to Bari will hold the final conference of strategic plan ADB Multiplatform
the prevailing one is that of the sustainable intermodalità

25/11/14Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna has grown of +16.5%
In the January-October period is enlivened 20.739.298 tons (+11.4%)

25/11/14Friday and saturday to Sassari a convention on "the territorial continuity of the Sardinia. Passengers and goods, low-costs and tourism"
the meeting will constitute an opportunity of reflection on the problematic ones of the transports with the island

25/11/14Federimorchiatori, for a long time the towing societies adopt solutions of environmental and economic sustainability
Initiatives in existence in various Italian ports

25/11/14To October the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa has recorded a decided increment of +8.1%
the crocieristi are dropped of the -31,0%, while the passengers of the ferries are increased of +8.4%

25/11/14Al Medcenter Container Terminal of Gioia Tauro has arrived ten new straddle carrier
is ordered to the Kalmar with an investment of beyond seven million euro

25/11/14Clarkson agrees with the majority of the shareholders of the Platou the takeover on the Norwegian company
the acquisition will have a value of 281,2 million pounds

25/11/14the Board of Directors of the Harbour Authority of the Pireo has approved of the agreement for the investment of group COSCO to Pier III
the plan will allow to increase the ability to traffic of the Greek port from 3,7 million to 6,2 million container

25/11/14the Harbour Authority of Livorno proposes the just temporary income in the social compages of the ALP
Is the solution assumed from the agency in order to answer to the crisis of the agency of harbour job

24/11/14Alla Spezia a conference on the innovative solutions for tracking of the intermodal transport of the goods dangerous
Is organized in the within of the European plan ChemLog T&T

24/11/14the European shipowners are worried for the acceleration which printed to the regulations on the emissions of co2 of the marine transport
In particular, the fears are legacies to the reliability and the confidentiality of the data on the cargo of the ships

24/11/14a search evidences the possibilities in order to consolidate the crocieristico traffic in the port of Trieste
"Goes promoted - it has found mayor Cosolini - a serious alliance with Venice, in order not to always put again us to the dance of the fog"

24/11/14transported containerized cargo Record from the fleet of CMA CGM in the third trimester
the French shipowning group clearly has archived item the period with a profit of 207,6 million dollars (+166%)

24/11/14Unions and operators of the port of Trapani invokes the resumption of the intense activities for the rifacimento of the Ronciglio dock
the work - the New Consortium of the Port emphasizes - is of fundamental importance for the development of the harbour economy

24/11/14Costa Crociere has introduced own Budget of Sustainability 2012-2013
Directory of the initiatives realized from the company for a sustainable development

24/11/14In the first nine months of this year the port of Amburgo has enlivened 109,9 million tons of goods (+5.7%)
Container in increase of +6.4% to 7,4 million teu

24/11/14the mexican government announces the construction of three new harbour landings place in the Gulf of Mexico
the objective is to maximize the benefits from the energetic reform that previews the development of the oil industry

24/11/14DP World and Qingdao Port International have undersigned an agreement of strategic cooperation
Riguarda mainly the harbour and terminalistiche activities in the fields of the container and the cruises

24/11/14In the third trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Marseilles is increased of +1.4%
In the first nine months of the 2014 port of call has enlivened 58,7 million tons (- 3.3%)

24/11/14Royal Caribbean constitutes with Ctrip the new crocieristica company SkySea Cruises for the Chinese market
joint venture will become operating to half 2015, but already the activities of commercialization and marketing have been under way

24/11/14the ship from cruise Majesty of the Seas will pass from the fleet of Royal Caribbean International to that of Pullmantur
With the unit the fleet of the brand of the group Royal dedicated Caribbean at the market Spanish will grow of 20%

24/11/14Norwegian Cruise Line has completed the acquisition of Prestige Cruises
the marks Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises are passed of hand for three billions of dollars

24/11/14In the third trimester the profit clearly of shipowning group DFDS has recorded an increment of +20%
the revenues are increased of +7%

24/11/14the port of Ravenna has participated to the logistic fair Logitrans to Istanbul
a third party of the marine interchange between Italy and Turkey journeys for the port of call ravennate

21/11/14the ITF invites the EU commission not to put to risk the social dialogue in the ports
Samuelsen: we will continue to remember to the Commission the saying "if it is not broken, not to fix it"

21/11/14Agreement between the government of the Ghana and joint venture APM Terminals-Bolloré for the expansion of the port of Topic
In program investments for beyond a billion of dollars

21/11/14rise of the economic performances of Luka Koper
For the period July-september is recorded a profit clearly of 21,8 million euros (+77.2%)

21/11/14In three years the number of the cruises within Asia will go up from 802 to 981
CLIA Southwest Asia and CLIA North Asia have introduced the results of a first analysis on the Asian crocieristico market

21/11/14Increase of the operating and economic results of the shipowning group Greek Attica
the trimester July-september has been archived item with a profit clearly of 27,2 million euros

21/11/14Ischia Lines abandons the plan of the marine connection Naples-Ischia
the company denunciation the numerous difficulties frapposte from the local bureaucracy

21/11/14Fincantieri signs agreements with Carnival and CSSC for the development of the shipbuilding Chinese in the field of the cruises
Bono: "we are happy for contributing with Carnival to the development of the shipbuilding ability to China for the Chinese market"

20/11/14In the third trimester of this year the fleet of portacontainer of the Zim has transported 557 thousand container (- 13%)
In the period, excluding the effect of the burdens of restructure of the debit, is recorded an improvement of the economic results

20/11/14Protocollo of Unioncamere understanding - Harbour offices in order to improve the operativity of the enterprises of the economy of the sea
is centralized on administrative and managerial simplification of the enterprise activities, environmental protection of shorelines and the marine areas and promotion of the sustainable development

20/11/14the mexican Antitrust approves of the agreement of fusion Hapag-Lloyd - CSAV
Up to now the transaction already has been authorized person, between the others, from the USA, European Union, Chile and Brazil

20/11/14In the port of Livorno is activated a system paperless for the withdrawal and the delivery of the container
the innovation is yields of years of job for the improvement of the platform Tuscan Port Community System

20/11/14To Milan the Harbour Authority of Livorno has introduced the eighth edition of "Open Port"
Previewed television programmes ad hoc in order to favor the income of the young people in the world of the job

20/11/14In the 2013 the goods transported via sea in the world is piled to 9,6 billion tons (+3.8%)
the containerized trade enlivened from the ports has been of 651,1 million teu (+5.6%)

20/11/14Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Valencia is increased of +12.7%
In the January-October period the increment has been of +2.5%

19/11/14Q&A between the commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Piombino and BluNavy, that they maintain positions divergent
Warriors accusation the company to have released incorrect communications. BluNavy rejects the heavy and unwarrantable critic considering it

19/11/14the government has constituted a working team for the privatization of the Railroads of the State
the objective is to manage all at the opening the necessary measures of the capital of the society and to its quotation

19/11/14Di confirmed Marco extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Cagliari
the new mandate will expire next 31 December

19/11/14Mission of the Group Young Shipping of Confitarma to Singapore
Met exponents of local authorities and Italian and foreign companies

19/11/14Tirrenia anticipates the Plan Transparency and on-line publishes the information on the Convention with the State
Morace: up to now a lot has been spoken about the Convention, but in reality almost nobody of it knew really the terms and the conditions

19/11/14To October the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona is increased of +25%
In the first ten months of the 2014 increment has been of +9%

19/11/14Ancona has introduced own port to the EU commission
Giampieri: our investment plans are considered extremely coherent with the objectives of the European policies of transport

19/11/14the ports of Alto Adriatico will be managed by an only great Authority or everyone will continue to make for himself, one against the other armed men
Is one of the question marks emerged during a debate of Propeller Club of Venice

19/11/14Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Taranto is diminished of the -1,1%
the decrease in the first ten months of 2014

19/11/14the Tuscany Region confirmation the intention to cover a quarter of the costs for the construction of the Europe Platform of Livorno
Rossi: I am available to assign to an important figure, a regional participation never carried out, but I will only make it if there will be the full involvement of all the social forces

18/11/14In the first nine months of the 2014 terminal of Eurokai has enlivened 11,2 million container (+5.0%)
In Italy the terminals of Contship Italy have recorded a traffic of beyond 3,8 million teu (+0.6%)

18/11/14Rinnovo of national the directive council of the The International Propeller Clubs
Umberto Masucci president

18/11/14In the first nine months of this year the traffic of the container in the port of Gioia Tauro is dropped of the -2,6%
Enlivened approximately 2,3 million teu

18/11/14the intermodal operators Bertschi, Hoyer and Hupac buy 49% of railway terminal RSC Rotterdam
Agreement with the Harbour Authority of Rotterdam for a new contract of concession of the duration 20-year-old

18/11/14HHI has completed the construction of the portacontainer larger of the world
the "CSCL Globe" of the Chinese shipowning group Lowers Shipping, has a 19.000 ability to teu

18/11/14Agreement Fincantieri - Marina Militare Italiana for the formation of the crews of foreign Navy
Delivered to Palermo before the four ships of MSC Cruises in restructure in the within of the program "Renaissance"

18/11/14To October the traffic of the container in the ports of Los Angeles City and Long Beach has grown respective of +4.6% and +1.1%
full bending of embarks of container

18/11/14Dutch NMT buys the services ro-ro North Europe - Africa of compatriot RMR
From 1° January new company NMT Africa will offer regular departures between Europe and Dakar, Abidjan, Topic, Lagos and Pointe Noire

17/11/14Agreement of strategic cooperation between the Chinese groups Lowers Shipping and China Merchants
Prevede among other things to explore the possibilities of collaboration in the harbour field and the transports

17/11/14BluNavy protests for the prohibition to restore own winter marine service Lead-Portoferraio
the Harbour Authority of Piombino has rejected the demand for the company

17/11/14Fourth consecutive month of the reduction of the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong
To October is enlivened 1,8 million teu (- 3.5%)

17/11/14In the first ten months of the 2014 traffic of the goods in the Chinese ports has grown of +4.6% to 9,3 billion tons
the container has been pairs to 166,5 million teu (+6.0%)

17/11/14Di Marco: for the Italian ports they do not serve who knows which reforms, enough to import the best practices world-wide
Auspico - the president of the harbour agency of Ravenna has explained - a business model like that of Rotterdam, than could be applied quickly after a radical reduction of the number of the Harbour Authorities. The financings through the VAT constitute aids of State

17/11/14In the first nine months of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Ancona has grown of to +31,3%
In increase is the containerized bulk that the goods

14/11/14Evidenziate you are criticality in the plan Venice Cruise 2,0 in order to move the terminal cruises of Venice in mouth of port of Lido
1200's million euro in order to transform the petrochemical one of Marghera Port in an integrated pole of green chemistry

14/11/14the shipbuilding society genoese Friend & Co has inaugurated one covered and which air-conditioned basin of 102 meters
and Wilhite: we expect that the proposals of the institutions for the management and development models are sustainable regarding the rules of the total market

14/11/14Uiltrasporti, incomprehensible that the unions are excluded by the predisposition of the strategic plan of the portualità and the logistics
Tarlazzi: it would be opportune that such stortura was corrected

14/11/14quarterly economic Performances in increase for Evergreen and Yang Ming
In the period July-september of this year the revenues of the two companies are increased respective of +4.5% and +16.4%

14/11/14Matson and Pasha Group have shared the activities of the company of American navigation Horizon Lines
Signed agreements of the total value of approximately 600 million dollars

14/11/14the competitiveness of the ports of the Mediterranean South constitutes a challenge for the efficiency of the Italian portualità
the ports of call hub Africans constantly earn discapito market shares to the European and Italian ports

14/11/14the next year Spain will invest 862 million euros in the ports
Aumento of 10% of the resources regarding the budget for 2013

14/11/14the marine-harbour community of Singapore at work in order to diminish the impact of the OW failure Bunker
MPA and SSA guarantees that the case of swindle and consequent bankruptcy of the Danish society will have the minimal impact on the supplies of bunker in the Asian port

14/11/14Premuda has concluded the third trimester with a net loss of -18,7 million euros
In the first nine months of the 2014 liabilities clearly is piled to -34,1 million euros

14/11/14Rinnovo of the directive council of the The International Propeller Club Port of Naples
2 December the round table from the title "Port of Naples: waiting for the future, which it anticipates"

13/11/14Reunion of the Italian marine cluster in order to throw again the strategic weight of the economy of the sea
Demanded for an involvement of the field inside of the process of definition of the decisions

13/11/14Massidda: it makes bitter me that in order to hit to me the entire Italian harbour system is being put in difficulty
Retort of the former president of the Harbour Authority of Cagliari to the declaration of minister Lupi on the harbour agencies commissariats

13/11/14Daniele Testi (Contship Italy) is named SOS-LOG president
the objective of the association is to promote a more efficient and more respectful logistics of the quality of the life

13/11/14the containerized trade enlivened from the harbour terminals of group HHLA
the German group clearly has archived item the period July-september with a profit of 20,9 million euros (+34%)

13/11/14Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore is diminished of the -5,2%
containerized Volumes in increase of +5.8%

13/11/14Convention of Propeller Club of Monfalcone on the excellence of Italian engineering
will hold tomorrow with the participation of representatives of the naval industry

13/11/14has taken to the sea Jolly Titanio, the greatest ship ro-ro portacontainer of the world
the new ship of the Messina group will be introduced in the Mediterranean service - Red Sea - Middle East

13/11/14In sight of the imminent performance of the plan of fusion Hapag-Lloyd and CSAV anticipate the results of the third trimester
the German company is not satisfied of the result. The Chilean society has reduced the liabilities

12/11/14the future of Genoa. Infrastructures, port and industries
Is the topic of the next organized conviviale encounter from Propeller Club of from Liguria chief town

12/11/14Cruise Lines International Association announces a restructure of its Program Partner
Raphael von Heereman is named new general secretary of CLIA Europe

12/11/14Instead that on rubber, now the grain of Barilla travels between Ravenna and Parma on track
the intermodal transport of the coming raw materials from the America North

12/11/14In the port of Bremen/stopped Bremerhaven the container, while they accelerate the other goods
In the period January-september is enlivened altogether 59,2 million tons of cargos (- 0.3%)

12/11/14In Confitarma is introduced the "Plan Fast Ship"
the protocol that abroad previews a simplification of the procedures for the release of the certificates of safety of competence of the marine Authority

12/11/14Royal Haskoning has completed the definitive layout of the new port of height of Venice
the total value of the work is reduced of 750 million euros and today is estimated in 2,1 billion euros

12/11/14d' Amico International Shipping clearly has archived item the third trimester with a profit of 283 thousand dollars
the revenues Time base charter have recorded an increment of +13% to 52,3 million dollars

12/11/14the Harbour Authority of Livorno has introduced the software for the control of the organization of the job in port
Verrà tried for some weeks from the operators before being officially adopted

12/11/14In decided increase the economic result clearly of group A.P. Møller-Mærsk
Positive the performances of the line transport

12/11/14In the first nine months of the 2014 Fincantieri has recorded a decrease of the result of exercise and an increase of the orders
the value of the pocketbook orders has grown of +7.5% to 9,5 billion euros

12/11/14Convention on the works of engineering in the recovery of Costa Concordia
from the Order of the Engineers of Ravenna, will hold 28 November to Ravenna

12/11/14Monday to Gioia Tauro a convention on the calabrian port
is promoted by Mario Oliverio, candidate of the centre-left to the presidency of the Calabria Region

12/11/14Textainer records turned out economic in increase in spite of the pressure on the rates of chartering of the container
Brewer: "we consider that the prices of the containers are next to the production cost"

12/11/14Bibby Ship Management and United Ship Management have constituted joint venture for the Chinese market
the new Bibby-USM Shipping has the scope to contribute to diversify the activities in Asia

12/11/14the Boskalis Dutch has acquired 14.8% of the capital of the Fugro compatriot
the company is world leader in the acquisition and interpretation of data on the terrestrial ground and the seabeds

11/11/14SEA Europe invites to take advantage of negotiates on agreement TTIP in order to remove the barriers to the income of the European naval produced ones in the USA market
All the economy of the USA - the association emphasizes - will be able to benefit of a more competitive price of national the marine transport

11/11/14the German shipowners ask an economic support in order to convert own fleets to the use of the GNL
In the next few days Maritime the Safety Committee of the IMO will examine the proposal advanced from Belgium, Italy and Norway in order to institute the LNG Delivery Bunker Notes

11/11/14the organizations of the fluvial transport exhort the nations crossed from the Danube to supply to a better maintenance of the river
Second a study, single the necessary investments would pile approximately to 100 million euros

11/11/14the European railway industry is an economic motor important of the EU
the field, explains a study commissioned from the CER, appoints to a job 1,06 million people and generates 66 billion euros of annual gross added value

11/11/14IATA previews that in the period the 2014-2018 aerial cargo will record a medium annual rate of growth composed of +4.1%
Tyler: "however, although the positive picture, sussistono multiple risks of a worsening of the economic perspectives, and therefore of the aerial transport"

10/11/14Stavros Hatzakos is named president of the Cruise and Ferry Port Network constituted from ESPO
Will take part also of the new executive committee of the European Sea Ports Organisation

10/11/14the Italians finaliste InRail and FuoriMuro for the title of "Better European railway operator of 2014"
Tomorrow to London will hold the second edition of the European Rail Awards

10/11/14the crocieristico traffic to Koper brings 3,7 million euros to the Slovenian economy per year
the medium total expense for single passenger piles to 78 euros

10/11/14To Amburgo is constituted an organism in order to coordinate the ports of call to the port of mega the ships
From the 2008 annual number of landings place of unit of great dimensions is gone up by 621 to 989

10/11/14Alilauro is equipping to the fleet in service on logon the Ischia-Naples route Wi-fi
Tomorrow the experimental start on board of unit "DSC Celestina Lauro"

10/11/14UASC announces the decision to increase own fleet of container refrigerators
the initiative as a result of the widening of the traffics to the South America thanks to the agreement with Hamburg Süd

10/11/14the New Consortium of the Port of Trapani denunciation the unconcern with which the Region it has lowered the decision of Tirrenia to abandon the Trapani port
To who - the operators wonder for the port of call - we will have to address for protecting the interests of our port and our territory

10/11/14In the port of Savona is inaugurated the second terminal of the Palacrociere
In the new Costa Crociere station has invested nine million euro

10/11/14To Trieste an historical exhibition on "the Port, Shipowners, Services and Ships from 1919 to 1975"
Is organized from the Marine Association Aldebaran in collaboration with the Harbour Institute of Marine Culture

10/11/14Thursday to Genoa will be conferred the acknowledgment Student Naval Architect Award 2014
technical Conference on the innovative plans for the perforation in high backdrops

07/11/14In the first nine months of the 2014 traffic of the goods in the Swiss Rhenish ports is diminished of the -8,7%
Containers in increase of +1.1%

07/11/14Today to Genoa the baptism of Costa Diadema, the new flagship of Costa Crociere
tomorrow until the end of the summery season the 2015 ship will propose cruises of a week in the western Mediterranean

07/11/14Marcucci circumscribes the capacity of the Ministry Circular on the management of the crocieristico traffic in the ports
the circular - the president of Confetra specifies - does not take part on the application of the most complex and important norm on the harbour concessions and the rights of the terminalisti

07/11/14Kalmar is delivering 18 forklift to four Algerian ports
the means will be used in the ports of call of Algeri, Bejaia, Djen Djen and Mostaganem

07/11/14Agreement Fincantieri and Technip for the offshore market
the understanding reaches valley of the collaboration between the two societies already in existence

07/11/14In the first nine months of the 2014 ports of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta has enlivened 11,5 million tons of goods (- 5.3%)
Fleeting of the ferries and the ships from cruise in decrease respective of the -2,0% and the -0,1%

06/11/14Reunion to Livorno with the objective to safeguard the places of work of the Agency for the Job in Port
For the Harbour Authority is necessary to guarantee the survival the ALP

06/11/14the perspectives of the port of Trieste in the crocieristico market
If by it Club is spoken Propeller about the giuliana city

06/11/14the port of Monfalcone will have an only manager of the railway maneuvers
Monday to Gorizia will hold the seminary of spread of the Safeport plan

06/11/14Prosegue the improvement of the economic results of Finnlines
In the third trimester the revenues are dropped of the -4%

06/11/14the Grimaldi group has obtained from a pool of banks resources financial institutions for 180 million euros
the financing, that it has general nature, is destined to the support of the characteristic activity

06/11/14the Harbour Committee of Genoa has approved of Triennial Operations plan 2015-2017
Green light to the budget of forecast 2015

06/11/14To risk to Taranto, besides the traffic of the container, is the iter of approval of the Portuale Town development plan
In city is interrogated to us on the future of the port with or without terminal container and a cancellation of the procedure of adoption of the PRP is feared

06/11/14Karrer is confirmed extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Naples
the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports has signed decrees of nomination

06/11/14In single 18 months the ability to the fleet of the Carnival group will grow of 10% with the insertion of four new ships from cruise
In solo 2015 will be carried out participations of modernization or restructure on 17 ships

05/11/14the main purchaser of destined ships to the demolition invites the representatives EU to visit the Indian yards
the scope of GMS is to make to state the progresses in the field of safety and the safeguard of the atmosphere completed from the plants and to block the new European norms in matter

05/11/14APM Terminals does not yield 50% of the container terminal of Port Elizabeth to the Brookfield
Sisco (APM Terminals North America): "a commercially percorribile solution is not reached"

05/11/14the Grimaldi group will strengthen the connections with Greece inaugurating in the summer the 2015 Brindisi-Corfù service
the frequency of the line will be of four times to the every day week and in the August month

05/11/14the port of Koper has won the ESPO Award 2014
the plan "Not waste, just resources"

05/11/14the ECSA starts a survey on-line in order to monitor the economic impact on shipping of the norms the EU on the sulfur tenor in fuel
Initiative under the promoters of the European Sustainable Shipping Forum

05/11/14Initiatives of TUI Cruises in order to ulteriorly reduce the emissions of own ships from cruise
the representatives dela German company have met the mayor of Civitavecchia

05/11/14the Harbour Authority of Tallinn orders four new ferries
Two will be constructed by the Polish yard Remontowa Shipbuilding and two from that Turk Sefine Shipyard

05/11/14Rolls-Royce announces a reduction of the organic one
the company will cut 2,600 places of work in next the 18 months

04/11/14the authority Brazilian antitrust has approved of the plan of fusion introduced from Hapag-Lloyd and CSAV
the green light has reached without prescription

04/11/14In the first nine months of the 2014 traffic of the goods enlivened from the Spanish ports has grown of +4.1%
the container has been pairs to 10,4 million teu (+2.3%)

04/11/14Santiago confirmed Garci'a-Thousand president of the European Sea Ports Organisation
Vices president is Annaleena Mäkilä and Eamonn O'Reilly

04/11/14China is interested to invest in the railroads and the ports of Serbia
a delegation of China Development Bank has met the representatives of the government

04/11/14Convention "the port-region, a scene for the future of the Friuli Venice Julia: to define it, to plan it, to realize it"
will hold the 11novembre to Udine

04/11/14the harbour terminalisti of Assologistica formulate a strategy in order to face the criticalities of the field
, worry for the closing of many productive enterprises

04/11/14In the third trimester the profit clearly of Seaspan Corporation has grown of +36.2%
the revenues are increased of +7.8%

03/11/14Cruise & Maritime acquired Voyages the ship Grand Holiday from Costa Crociere
the unit, of 46.052 tons and the ability to 1.250 passengers, will be renamed "Magellan"

03/11/14Carnival will equip its entire fleet of 101 ships from cruise of access to a new hybrid net wireless
the objective is to offer to the crocieristi and the members of the crews of the ships a faster and stable connection to the Internet net

03/11/14To December will be started a fluvial regular service the port of Venice and Valdaro (Mantua)
Costa: "we give start, with a tip of pride, to the only marine-fluvial system to south of the Alps"

03/11/14In the third trimester of this year the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Palermo is dropped of the -0,4%
the passengers have grown of +16.6%

03/11/14Trasportounito exhorts the road haulage enterprises not to pay the contributions for the White one
Longo: "enough to the taxes and the unjust taxes in order to support agencies useless and to ditch the companies that work"

03/11/14Agreement of cooperation in the field ro-ro between Stena Line and Mann Lines
the ship ro-ro "Stena Foreteller" will be rented to the British company

03/11/14E.R. Schiffahrt has signed an agreement of cooperation in the long term in the field of rinfusiere with Sinotrans
Two Capesize ships are yielded to the Chinese company

03/11/14In the first nine months of the 2014 port of Piombino has enlivened 2,7 million tons of goods (- 14.2%)
the passengers have been beyond 2,7 million unit (+3.8%)

31/10/14international the European shipowners invite to liberalize the transport of goods between the Chinese ports
Verhoeven (ECSA): "to remove this discriminatory restriction it will offer advantages also to China"

31/10/14Plan eCustoms, must exit from the stall otherwise the clearance procedures will go one step further alone in 2020
has said the central director to It of the Area Technologies for the innovation of the Agency of Customs, Teresa Alvaro, in the course of the convention on the clearance in organized sea from Propeller Club of Ravenna and Milan

31/10/14the Harbour Committee of has approved of unanimously the budget of forecast 2015
To seem favorable to the proposal to assign approximately eight million euro to the reduction of the harbour taxes

31/10/14the Ministry of Transportation invites the Harbour Authorities to make reference to the "case" Livorno for the cruises
the Council of State has established that the Port Livorno 2000 is the only which titled subject to manage this traffic

31/10/14group NOL records a net loss for the fourth consecutive trimester
the period July-september has been archived item with liabilities of -21 million dollars

31/10/14Delrio: we have asked and obtained from the companies investor I renew of the engagements for the development of the port of Taranto
Cgil, Cisl and Uil have manifested appreciation for the affirmations of the government approximately the strategic importance of the apulian port of call

31/10/14"K" Linens clearly closes the trimester July-september with an increase of the result, while MOL and NYK record a bending
the volume of transactions of the three Japanese shipowning companies is increased respective of +9%, +3% and +6%

31/10/14Costa Crociere has constituted the "Costa Crociere Foundation"
the new organization has the objective to improve the social and environmental conditions in the communities in which work the company

30/10/14In increase the economic performances of Norwegian Cruise Line
the period July-september has been archived item with a profit clearly of 203,3 million dollars (+17.6%)

30/10/14Alpha Maritime Services has joined to the Universal Freight Organization
the objective of the platform is to offer to the societies of shipment the access to a world-wide net of agents

30/10/14CSCL has closed the third trimester with a profit clearly of approximately 33 million dollars
Stable the revenues

30/10/14Confermate the certifications of quality and atmosphere of the Harbour Authority of Savona
the verifications are carried out by the RINA

30/10/14In the third trimester of this year the fleet of the COSCON has transported 2,5 million container (+8.2%)
China COSCO clearly has archived item the period with a profit of approximately 264 million dollars

30/10/14In the first nine months of the 2014 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Taranto is dropped of the -1,1%
To september a contraction of the -50,7%

30/10/14New portacontainer giant for the companies CSAV and Seaspan
Battezzate two ships from 9.300 teu that they are largest of the fleet of the South American company

30/10/14Incontro of Propeller Club of Genoa on the routes East-West of Maersk Line
Is the program 4 November

30/10/14In increase the Marine performances of the division of Bureau Veritas
Al 30 past september the fleet in class BV had a consistency pairs to 101,8 million tsl (+6.4%)

30/10/14After fifteen closed consecutive trimesters with a net loss Hanjin Shipping is returned to the positive sign
In the trimester July-september of this year the revenues are diminished of the -20,7%

29/10/14Calo of the -5% of the actions of piracy in the first nine months of 2014
In the third trimester is recorded an increment of +24%

29/10/14Improvement of the economic results of CAI International in the third trimester
Garci'a: we have recorded an increase of the container question is in Asia that in Europe

29/10/14In the third trimester the HPH terminals Trust have enlivened 6,6 million container (+8%)
In the first nine months of the 2014 traffic has been almost 18,0 million teu (+7%)

29/10/14the Harbour Committee of Livorno has approved of the budget of forecast the 2015 and POT
the triennial program of the works includes 31 plans and investments for 121 million euros

29/10/14To Genoa, with the Concord, tests the possibility to reactivate the activities of naval demolition
the consortium Ship Recycling has introduced the plan of dismantling of the property left at death one of the ship from cruise

29/10/14In the first semester of the 2014 German ports has enlivened 152 million tons of goods (+2.7%)
the container has been pairs to 7,9 million teu (+3.3%)

29/10/14the Polish ministry of the treasury restarts the procedure of privatization of Polferries to which Finnlines will participate
the company of navigation of the Grimaldi group announces the sale of two ships

28/10/14In the port of Savona I go are programmed participations for 166 million euros in three years 2015-2017
the budget of forecast 2015 of the Harbour Authority that anticipates a remainder of administration of 42 million euros

28/10/14the port of Amburgo will close the 2014 with traffic record of beyond 142 million tons
For the container is attended a total of beyond 9,5 million teu

28/10/14In the first nine months of the 2014 terminal of COSCO Pacific has enlivened 50,1 million container (+9.6%)
In the third trimester the traffic has been of 17,6 million teu (+8.7%)

28/10/14the port of Taranto with or without terminal container
Is the topic of the convention in program 4 organized November from Propeller Club Port of Taras

28/10/14Chinese CIMC records one sensitive increase of the economic results and the sales of container
the third trimester has been archived item with a profit of clearly 731 million yuan (+35.9%)

28/10/14Meyer Werft has delivered to the new ship from cruise Quantum of the Seas to the Royal Caribbean Cruises
Has an ability to 4.180 passengers and approximately 1.550 members of the crew

28/10/14conviviale Evening of Propeller Club of Trieste on the topic of the ships from cruise
will hold 5 November

28/10/14In the third trimester the harbour terminals of DP World have 15,4 million container (+9.0%)
In the first nine months of the 2014 traffic has been pairs to 44,8 million teu (+10.1%)

28/10/14Blue Attica Holdings has sold the ferry Ithaki Star to the Canadian government
the ship is yielded for 31,2 million euros

27/10/14the Neapolitan shipowning group Lauro has signed an agreement with Google
the objective is to return to tourists and citizens easyr navigation on waters of the partenopeo Gulf

27/10/14the port of Piombino celebrates the completion of a series of works
Inaugurated first Varying banchinamento 2 to the PRP, the new Lanini Dock and the road of connection industry-port

27/10/14Seizure of 33,3 million euros for the president and the managing director of MSC Cruises
the assumed crimes are of unfaithful declaration and of omitted annual tax return. The company emphasizes that ""the disputes are completely groundless and in evident dispregio of relative the international norms in particular to the marine field"

27/10/14In the first nine months of the 2014 port of Venice has enlivened 15,9 million tons of goods (- 12.1%)
the traffic of the crocieristi has been of 1,4 million people (- 4.3%)

27/10/14minister Lupi and the president of the Harbour Authority of Genoa have met the summits of terminalista group PSA
Merlon: "we have put PSA in the conditions of being able to increase own investment to Genoa"

27/10/14DP World will plan a port in deep waters in Bangladesh
also the construction of new a great airport

27/10/14a delegation of the shippers and Czech shipping agents has visited the port of Trieste
the initiative on invitation of the Association of the Shippers of the Port of Trieste

27/10/14Sines has entered in the club of the ports that they per year enliven beyond a million container
the terminal managed from PSA Sines has begun the activity in 2004

27/10/14Last month in the Suez Canal is journeyed 1,458 ships (+3.0%)
In the period January-september the marine traffic has been of 12.646 ships (+3.4%)

27/10/14Last month the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Ravenna is increased of +13.7%
In the first nine months of 2014 is recorded a +10.7%

27/10/14Threats to the harbour secretary of the Coordination of Cagliari
a ticket with the written one "Thinks to what you make. Today the ticket tomorrow fire" on the car of Roberta Massoni

27/10/14SUCH has closed the third trimester with a profit clearly of 32,6 million dollars (- 5.9%)
the revenues generated from the charterings of container are piled to 150,5 million dollars (+4.2%)

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