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21 December 2014 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 06:28 GMT+1

19/12/2014Green light of the town council ravennate to the harbour plan "Hub of Ravenna"
Mingozzi: "when plans are approved of by the Cipe as this can be sure that answer to all the requisti of law"
ABB Marine Solutions

19/12/2014the crocieristico group Carnival has closed fiscal year 2014 with a profit clearly of 1,24 billion dollars (+15%)
the operating profit is piled to 1,79 billion dollars (+33%)

19/12/2014NYK will sell 49% of branch terminalista North American NYK Ports to bottom MIP III
the quota will be yielded for approximately 290 million dollars

19/12/2014the port of Tenerife chooses which only Gioia Tauro hub in order to reach the markets of the South Europe and the Mediterranean
Visit of the general secretary of the calabrian Harbour Authority to the Spanish agency

19/12/2014To November the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona has grown of +15%
In the first eleven months of the 2014 is enlivened 42,0 million tons (+10%)

19/12/2014Record of trucks transported from the travelling freeway through the tunnel under the Handle
In the week 8-14 December on the trains is loaded 36,285 heavy vehicles

19/12/2014Carnival orders two new ships from cruise to Fincantieri
Will have a tonnage of 133.500 and 99.500 tons and will be delivered respective to Carnival Cruise Lines and Holland America Line

19/12/2014IPC, Mitsui & Co., NYK and PSA will realize a new container terminal in the port of Tanjung Priok
Will have a annual ability to traffic pairs to approximately 1,5 million teu

19/12/2014Gallanti: I throw again of the competitiveness of the port of Livorno is subordinated to the approval of the Portuale Town development plan
Between the 15 and 20 January the publication of the contest notices is for the cession of the quotas the Port of Livorno 2000

19/12/2014Introduced in Harbour Committee the dossier of the investments in existence in the port of Savona-Go
Waiting for to close the iter that it will assign to the Harbour Company others five contract years, is approved of a delay of 90 days

18/12/2014Reached the agreement on the contract of the dependent of the marine agencies
Pappalardo (Federagenti): to close beforetime I renew of a national contract represents a real oneness and I believe that it is the first time that happens also in our field

18/12/2014the new port of Wilhelmshaven makes sure three main services of line
line ME1 of Maersk will so touch the new German port of call like two spins of the alliance 2M

18/12/2014Hupac has activated new intermodal connections with Croatia
Two services in collaboration with the Transagent Croatian

18/12/2014the agricultural and food- group Nidera has bought a terminal in the port of Constanta
Has a storage capability of 250 thousand tons

18/12/2014Finished to the intense activities for the realization of the railway port of call goods of Capannori-Porcari (Lucca)
the total investment is piled to beyond 35 million euros

18/12/2014Tomorrow minister of the Transports Lupi will meet the representatives of the harbour community spezzina
the appointment to hours 16,30 near the Auditorium of the Harbour Authority

18/12/2014Last month the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 642,2 million tons of goods (+6,0%)
the containerized trade has been pairs to 15,7 million teu (+7.1%)

18/12/2014To November the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City is diminished of the -3,0%
In the first eleven months of the 2014 is enlivened 7,7 million teu (+6.5%)

17/12/2014Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach has grown of +2.1%
In the first eleven months of the 2014 is enlivened 6,2 million teu (+1.7%)

17/12/2014Propelling Club of Trieste has conferred Propeller d' Oro to the president of BREATHES, Francesco Parisi
the triestine section of the Club has exceeded the 100 associates

17/12/2014the Council of the EU has reached a political agreement on the relative regulations to the emissions of co2 of the ships
From 1° January 2018 the shipowners will be obliged to monitor the emissions of their ships

17/12/2014To the genoese Messina the store clerk for the transport of 36 conveys railway destined to Saudi Arabia
the first train has been boarded some days before in the port of Barcelona

17/12/2014neoClassica Costa re-enters in the fleet of Costa Crociere after a complete restyling
Intense activities for approximately 22,5 million euros executed in the yards of Saint George of the Port of Genoa

17/12/2014the American authorities fine the Carbofin for the pollution provoked from a ship
the endorsement piles to 2,75 million dollars

17/12/2014Morini (Filt Cgil Ravenna): the distinction between harbour companies and terminaliste enterprises must permanere
Friday the national initiative "We unblock the ports, we protect the job"

17/12/2014Rossi: or the port of Livorno completes carrying out or will become a marginal truth
the objective - it has emphasized the president of the Tuscany Region - must be that to recover competitiveness regarding the concurrent ports quickly

17/12/2014the Harim consortium - JKL Partners has introduced an offer in order to acquire Pan Ocean
the proposal would assign to the South Korean shipowning group a value of approximately 970 billion dollars

17/12/2014Wärstilä Corporation will acquire the L-3 Marine Systems International
the value of the company is of approximately 285 million euros

16/12/2014CMB will enter in the field of the portacontainer acquiring the fleet of the Delphis
the Belgian group has ordered also two portacontenitori new to the HHIC and it has bought two second hand

16/12/2014the port of Gioia Tauro and Tianjin Port Group has undersigned a twinning agreement
Grimaldi: the understanding will be able to supply covered indications on the best ones between undertaking in the start of Special the Economic Zone

16/12/2014Cambiaso Risso Marine and Henschien Insurance Services constitute joint venture
To the new society goes all the capital of Henschien Insurance, that it will be acquired from the Italian company and senior management of the Norwegian company

16/12/2014the European harbour community exhorts the EU commission not to introduce proposed legislative that can undermine the social peace in the ports
ETF, IDC, FEPORT and ESPO: "the role of the European institutions would have to be mainly that to assure that sussistano the best conditions for the dialogue"

16/12/2014the Harbour Committee of Naples has approved of budget of forecast 2015
the general secretary of the Harbour Authority has revoked resignation

16/12/2014Cruise and Maritime Voyages has bought the ship from Astor cruise
Has a tonnage of 21.000 tons and an ability to 600 passengers

16/12/2014Federagenti plaude to the acceleration which printed from minister Lupi on the topic of the ships from cruise to Venice
Is necessary hour - it has emphasized the federation - that is defined a pragmatic choice quickly

16/12/2014the fleet in ClassNK class has exceeded the threshold of 230 million tons of tonnage
Agreement of collaboration with the center of formation and search Maritime United States Resource Center

16/12/2014Pan Ocean Container Supplies (former Nevaeh Enterprises) will begin to manufacture container in China
a annual production pairs to 180.000 teu

16/12/2014Tomorrow a delegation of Turkish operators will visit the port of Livorno
Will be anticipates the representatives of the companies Arkas Line, Ulusoy and U.N. RO-RO

15/12/2014the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven gets ready to close entire 2014 with a traffic of 78,4 million tons (- 0.4%)
For the containers is attended a total pairs to 5,8 million teu (- 1.1%)

15/12/2014AP of anticipates the plans sent to Rome for the National Plan of the Portualità and the Logistics
the previewed investments pile to beyond 464 million euros

15/12/2014RINA Services has acquired a majority quota the Hayes Stuart Canadian
the company of Montreal work in the field of the naval inspections

15/12/2014shipowning group Middle Eastern UASC creates own marine agency in Switzerland
UASAC Switzerland finds the activities in this field carried out from the Fiege Logistics

15/12/2014decrement of the traffic goods on railroad in Germany in the third trimester
In the first nine months of the 2014 is transported 276,4 million tons (+0.8%)

15/12/2014Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore has recorded a decrease of the -5,0%
In the first eleven months of the 2014 is enlivened 530,6 million tons (+3.5%)

15/12/2014Fifth consecutive month of the reduction of the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong
To November is enlivened almost 1,8 million teu (- 5.7%)

15/12/2014Divampa the controversy for the possible public financing to the new Brebemi freeway
M5S, is a totally useless work. CNA-Fita, the mission of rescue completed from the minister us leaves appaled

12/12/2014Shortly the contests for the sale of societies Adriafer, PTS and TTP participated from the Harbour Authority of Trieste
Under consideration the possible initiatives in matter of reduction of the harbour taxes and anchorage

12/12/2014Is the seven offers for the purchase of the company of Polferries navigation
is introduced by Tallink, DFDS, TT-Linen, Finnlines, Konsorcjum Polen Line, Patrycjusz Gruszko and Zegluga Polska

12/12/2014Contship Italy reorganizes the activity in the segment of the intermodalità and the logistics
: the initiative has the objective to create society mainly specialistic and focused on the various offered services

12/12/2014the Harbour Authority of Civitavecchia has undersigned protocols of understanding with the Tunisian agency for the ports and with the Zai Consortium
Valorization of the synergies between the port of Civitavecchia and the Interporto Europe Quadrant of Verona

12/12/2014the Law court of the EU establishes that Spain in matter of harbour job has violated the communitarian norms
Forcing the harbour enterprises to participate to a SAGEP, does not comply according to with the obligations on the right of plant of article 49 of the TFUE

12/12/2014the German duisport will close the 2014 with traffic record of 65 million tons
For the container the total will be of 3,4 million teu (+13%)

12/12/2014the Meyer Turku ship yard will construct a ferry for the Tallink group
the ship will be fed to which liquified natural gas

12/12/2014Consults It of the partenopei harbour operators asks the withdrawal for Shrill resignation
the port - the organism emphasizes - does not need useless internal diatribes, but to consolidate its traffics, passengers and goods

11/12/2014To Molfetta the communal administration decides to make to manage the port to the Harbour Authority of the East
the truth of the traffics - it has emphasized the Abbattista city council member - crystallizes and places the port of Molfetta in a truth, under the harbour profile, depressed

11/12/2014Today to Dubay is inaugurated the third terminal cruises of Port Rashid
Has a every day ability to traffic of 14.000 passengers

11/12/2014GEFCO has opened a center in Algeria
the field automotive is in strong increase in the North African nation

11/12/2014Al via the European plan Port of Ravenna Fast Corridor
Prevede the experimentation of new services for the harbour community and all the operators of ravennate the logistic chain that connects the port of call to the terrestrial terminals

11/12/2014To Venice the conclusive event of the Adriamos plan
In the lagoon city the initiative has been realized with the realization of the new terminal ro-ro of Fusina

11/12/2014Loan of the BEAUTIFUL ones for the modernization of the airport of Malpensa
also the railway company ÖBB-Infrastruktur Austrian

11/12/2014Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding will construct a mining ship in a position to operating on backdrops of -2.500 meters
Verrà delivered in 2017 to a society of Singapore

11/12/2014Federturismo Confindustria, Venice must maintain the role of first crocieristico home port of the Mediterranean
the plan of the Twisted channel Sant'Angelo - the federation emphasizes - is the better solution in order to continue to guarantee the transit of the great ships

10/12/2014Improvement of the performances of the crocieristica division of TUI in fiscal year 2014-2015
Recorded an increase of the operating result pairs to approximately 24 million euros

10/12/2014has reached Madrid the first railway convoy goods directed between China and Spain
the line of approximately 13.000 kilometers is covered in 21 days

10/12/2014To Samskip January will inaugurate a new railway intermodal service between Holland and Italy
connected Verranno the RSC of Rotterdam and the hub of Melzo (Milan) with possibility of connections from and for Padua, Frosinone and Bari

10/12/2014STX France signs a contract with ArcelorMittal in order to obtain 116,000 tons of steel
the program of constructions of the French ship yard includes a ship from cruise for Royal Caribbean and two for MSC Cruises

10/12/2014Marine Petroleum Network Aegean widens own distribution network of marine fuel to West Coast the USA
Acquired assets of the OW Bunker

10/12/2014Saturday to Genoa a convention on the new Customs Code of the European Union
Is organized from the From Liguria Association Customs brokers and the Council of the Customs brokers of Genoa

09/12/2014Agreement of Confcommercio, Assoporti and Federagenti with the scope to guarantee the landing place of the ships from cruise to Venice
the role of the port of call is irrenounceable for all the Adriatic. Disembarkation record of agricultural and food- bulk to Marghera Port

09/12/2014the ICS has introduced lines guides on the assistance of the ships mercantile to the boats loaded with migrants
Hinchliffe: to find a solution to the current crisis remains a task of the governments

09/12/2014In Colombia is inaugurated the new great harbour infrastructure of Puerto Brisa
is situated on the Caribbean coast of the South American nation

09/12/2014C.RO Ports (Cobelfret group) will buy the Broekman Automotive
the company work logistic services for the automotive industry

09/12/2014To October the port of New York - New Jersey has established the record salary of traffic of the container
In the first ten months of the 2014 American port has enlivened 4.802.214 teu (+4.1%)

09/12/2014the port of Livorno, for the first time in Italy, has experienced the pre-clearing procedure on a ferry
the procedure of the clearance in sea is tested in occasion of the arrival of ro-ro "the Salambo"

09/12/2014the Harbour Authority of Ravenna asks the Italian government to make to write up "true" a two diligence on the study of the Platform of Height of Venice
If it were so productive - denunciation the agency - "would not neither serve to speak with MSC, Maersk, Contship or others, would be enough to call a bottom of private equities"

09/12/2014euro in order to develop the railway intermodal services from and for the port of Trieste
the appropriation is deliberated by the regional committee of the Friuli Venice Julia

05/12/2014the Harbour Companies of Genoa and Savona anticipate a plan for a new organization of the harbour job
Sommariva: not commented the proposal with "here they are of new"

05/12/2014Arrived in the port of Livorno the Amazone dredge of the SIDRA that will operate to the Italy Pier
the intense activities will last approximately 30 days

05/12/2014Tomorrow Marino Rosettes will deliver to a new unit AHTS to the Finarge Genoese Armament
the Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessel has a value of approximately 50 million euros

05/12/2014To October the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is diminished of the -16,7%
Crocieristi in decrease of the -7,8%

05/12/2014Norwegian TTS constitutes joint venture with the South China Marine Machinery
will take care of supplies to the industry of the shipbuilding in China

05/12/2014the Virgin group enters in the crocieristico market with the new brand Virgin Cruises
the company, with center to Miami, will be equipped of two ships from cruise of new construction

05/12/2014Letter of attempts signed from Celebrity Cruises and STX France for the construction of two ships from cruise of new class
Will have a tonnage of 117.000 tons, will be long 300 meters and wide beyond 37 meters

04/12/2014Costa: the new offshore port of Venice is an investment appreciated from the community international financial institution
Is - it has emphasized - the best contribution that can be given also to the development of Trieste and Ravenna, so like of Koper and Fiume

04/12/2014Russian Maritime Register of Shipping celebrates 55 years of classification in the segment of the nuclear-propelled ships
the society is collaborating to the construction of the first floating nuclear power plant and a new icebreaker nuclear

04/12/2014Ustica Lines has stopped to operate the marine connections for the Islands Pelagie and Ustica
Procedure of collective lay-off for 57 workers of the service Messina - Reggio Calabria

04/12/2014CNA-Fita and Trasportounito contest the provisions for the road haulage included in the Law of Stability
Thought: they are disappeared the measures that could be determining for the category

04/12/2014Tomorrow to Genoa will hold a convention on the harbour job
Is organized from the Harbour Companies of Genoa and Savona

04/12/2014confirmed Solimeno president of the Italian Board Airline Representatives
the assembly of the association has approved of the budget the 2013 and previsional one of 2014

04/12/2014Maersk and MSC anticipate the new marine Network of 2M that it previews 15 touched to Italian ports
Five ports of call to Gioia Tauro, four to, two to Genoa and Naples and one to Livorno and Trieste

03/12/2014Plan in order to optimize the traffic between the ports of Genoa and La Spezia and the logistic hire of Ikea to Piacenza
the first phase of the plan "the longest dock" will become operating from 31 March 2015

03/12/2014Russo and Philippi (PD): the plan of the new offshore port of Venice does not go financed
the two senators propose to recover approximately 100 million previewed for the plan in favor of integrated plans that the logistic and harbour structures upgrade all already existing

03/12/2014a study advices against the construction of the tenth container terminal of the port of Hong Kong
a annual increase of the containerized trade in the Asian port of call of mainly produced +1.5% from the transhipment

03/12/2014Genoa Naval Industries anticipates own plan for rearranges of the area of the genoese naval repairs
is centralized on the widening of the dry dock n. 4 and on the tombamento of the Marina Duke of the Abruzzi

03/12/2014To the Harbour Authority of Livorno 49% of the agency for temporary the harbour job
Gallanti: asked for the putting in liquidation of the former society article 17

03/12/2014the Sardinia Region postpones to all the 2015 convention with Saremar
Allocated 16 million euros

03/12/2014Debora Serracchiani throws again the election campaign for the presidency of the Harbour Authority of Trieste
We are - president of the Region Friuli Venice Julia emphasizes - in front of the opportunity to put again our port in the conditions for regaining the lost time

02/12/2014Within next the six months will know the destiny of the offshore port of Venice
has said the president to It of the Harbour Authority of Venice in an encounter to London with the community international financial institution

02/12/2014In the port of Koper will be activated the pre-clearing procedure
From 1° January will be possible to carry out the clearance in sea of the goods

02/12/2014Seminary on the organized container reefer from the C.I.S.Co…
will hold 10 December near the Interporto Toscano Amerigo Vespucci

02/12/2014the plan of fusion of the activities in the segment of the container of Hapag-Lloyd and CSAV
Nasce the fourth world-wide company in the field of the line services

02/12/2014the new commissioner EU to the Transports, Violeta Bulc, assures the engagement of the Commission for the potenziamento of transport infrastructures
the new financial instruments - it has emphasized - will guarantee a greater ability to investment

02/12/2014It Lowers Shipowers' Association exhorts the Chinese government to strengthen the vigilance on the shipowning alliances
Shouguo: the concentrations could draw indebtedness advantage from their position of dominance

01/12/2014Cambia dresses the organization of the administration of Customs to Genoa
has been born the Offices "Genoa 1", "2 Genoa" and "Rivalta Scrivia - Retroporto of Genoa"

01/12/2014In the first 10 months of the 2014 Piraeus Container 2.476.000 Terminals has enlivened container (+20.5%)
the new agreement which signed with the Harbour Authority of the Pireo previews a suspension of the payment minimum wages

01/12/2014has left from Naples the "Container of the Solidarity"
the The International Propeller Club Port of Naples has coordinated a beneficial initiative

01/12/2014ICS, the shipping are not a cow to milk
Second the shipowning association, the contribution of the field to the Green Climate Fund must reflect the modest contribution of the marine transport to the total of the total emissions of co2

01/12/2014Nuovo directive council of Fleeting the Shipping Italian Association Transport
confirmed Michelini president from the assembly met to Genoa

01/12/2014Agreement MedCruise - ASCAME in order to promote the role of the crocieristici ports of the Mediterranean
In program a series of initiatives from the two associations

01/12/2014Seaburn exercises an option with Fincantieri for the construction of a second ship from cruise extra-dislocates
Will have a tonnage of approximately 40.350 tons and will be delivered in the spring of 2018

28/11/2014Palmira Petrocelli president of Istituto Italiano di Navigazione
the agency is founded in 1959

28/11/2014the company of French navigation SNCM is placed in controlled administration
the procedure of judicial reorganization previews a period of observation of six months

28/11/2014Adjudicated to the Astaldi the intense activities of dredging in dock Polisettoriale Pier in the port of Taranto
the economic offer of the company has been pairs to 51,87 million euros more 279 thousand euros for the performance of the safety plans

28/11/2014the port of BEAUTIFUL Savona has made sure the financing for the construction of the platform of Goes
Undersigned the document that grants the opening of the credit line for 60 million euros

28/11/20149 December to Rome the economic categories of the sea will motivate theirs "yes" to the ships from cruise to Venice
organized Convention from Federagenti

28/11/2014In the third trimester the profit clearly of Anek Lines has recorded an increase of +21%
the revenues are diminished of the -4%

28/11/2014the Harbour Authority and the Chamber of Commerce of Livorno have undersigned a convention
the objective is among other things to promote days of deepening on the port and to favor integration of the port with the city

28/11/2014the shipowning society malaysian MISC sells 15.73% of the harbour group NCB to compatriot MMC
NCB possesses and manages the harbour area Northport di Port Klang

28/11/2014the mandate of the operation anti-piracy of the EU to the wide one of the Somalia is postponed until 12 December 2016
Verhoeven (ECSA): we compliment ourselves for the initiative to extend the capacity of the mission

28/11/2014Transfennica will cancel the service Bilbao - Portsmouth - Zeebrugge because of the new norms EU on the fuel
the line - it has emphasized the company - has always recorded a remarkable increase is of the transported volumes that of the economic results

28/11/20142 December the round table on the future of the port of organized Naples the premises To propel Club
Interverranno Francesco Karrer (Harbour Authority) and Ambrogio Prezioso (Unindustria)

28/11/2014UASC christens the first portacontainer of large-capacity fed to GNL to the world
the "Sajir" will be able to transport until 15.000 teu and will be employed on the Asia-Europe routes

27/11/2014the ICS shares the worries of the DECOY on the unilateral adoption from the EU of regulations on the emissions of co2 of the ships
Second the shipowning association, not is some reason for which the EU it must adopt so these norms quickly when they are not put into effect until 2018

27/11/2014the ESPO summits have met the European commissioner to the Atmosphere, marine Transactions and Peach
Vella: both sides of the medal are important to face the topic the ships from cruise to Venice examining

27/11/2014From the 2015 logistic group CEVA will introduce a new operating model based on 17 geographic clusters
In existence an organizational restructure in some European Countries

27/11/2014the Harbour Authority of Rotterdam has established the amount of the harbour taxes for a three years
will be applied the maximum increase of +1%

27/11/2014Inchcape Shipping Services and OOCL constitute a marine agency in Egypt
joint venture OOCL Egypt will become operating the next month

27/11/2014a train of Rail Group Cargo with single locomotore of Bombardier Transportation has scaled the Carpazi
the convoy of 1.200 tons has covered 4,000 kilometers between Hungary and Turkey

27/11/2014the regional committee of the Latium has deliberated the institution of a bonded area in the port of Civitavecchia
Lineage (Unindustria): it is a fundamental instrument for the development of the economy of the sea

27/11/201431 December the shareholders of Israel Corporation will vote the spin-off of the Zim
Green light of the Israeli State to the cession of 32% of the capital

26/11/2014the Harbour Committee of Livorno approves of the decision of the Harbour Authority to temporary acquire a quota the ALP
Gallanti: "the which devised solution is clearly temporary". Paoletti (Confindustria): "the occupation cannot be safeguarded without to touch nothing"

26/11/2014Writers of the shipping in yellow
Is the topic of the next conviviale reunion of Propeller Club of Genoa

26/11/2014Last month the marine traffic in the Suez Canal is increased of +3.7%
the journeyed ships transported 71,8 million tons of goods (+7.1%)

26/11/2014Bergmann (DNV GL): with the portacontainer from 24.000 teu we are approaching the limits of dimensional development of the ships
the operativity of the ships hooligan-large could be hindered from restrictions in the ports and the water ways

26/11/2014CMA CGM has acquired the company of German navigation OPDR
Opera a net of logistic services of line and for container and rotabili between the ports of Atlantic Europe and from and for Africa

26/11/2014NCL has bought the ship from cruise Oceania Princess for the company Oceania Cruises
the unit will be renamed "Siren" and to March 2016 it will be introduced in basin to Marseilles for being restructured

25/11/2014Thursday to Bari will hold the final conference of strategic plan ADB Multiplatform
the prevailing one is that of the sustainable intermodalità

25/11/2014Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna has grown of +16.5%
In the January-October period is enlivened 20.739.298 tons (+11.4%)

25/11/2014Friday and saturday to Sassari a convention on "the territorial continuity of the Sardinia. Passengers and goods, low-costs and tourism"
the meeting will constitute an opportunity of reflection on the problematic ones of the transports with the island

25/11/2014Federimorchiatori, for a long time the towing societies adopt solutions of environmental and economic sustainability
Initiatives in existence in various Italian ports

25/11/2014To October the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa has recorded a decided increment of +8.1%
the crocieristi are dropped of the -31,0%, while the passengers of the ferries are increased of +8.4%

25/11/2014Al Medcenter Container Terminal of Gioia Tauro has arrived ten new straddle carrier
is ordered to the Kalmar with an investment of beyond seven million euro

25/11/2014Clarkson agrees with the majority of the shareholders of the Platou the takeover on the Norwegian company
the acquisition will have a value of 281,2 million pounds

25/11/2014the Board of Directors of the Harbour Authority of the Pireo has approved of the agreement for the investment of group COSCO to Pier III
the plan will allow to increase the ability to traffic of the Greek port from 3,7 million to 6,2 million container

25/11/2014the Harbour Authority of Livorno proposes the just temporary income in the social compages of the ALP
Is the solution assumed from the agency in order to answer to the crisis of the agency of harbour job

24/11/2014Alla Spezia a conference on the innovative solutions for tracking of the intermodal transport of the goods dangerous
Is organized in the within of the European plan ChemLog T&T

24/11/2014the European shipowners are worried for the acceleration which printed to the regulations on the emissions of co2 of the marine transport
In particular, the fears are legacies to the reliability and the confidentiality of the data on the cargo of the ships

24/11/2014a search evidences the possibilities in order to consolidate the crocieristico traffic in the port of Trieste
"Goes promoted - it has found mayor Cosolini - a serious alliance with Venice, in order not to always put again us to the dance of the fog"

24/11/2014transported containerized cargo Record from the fleet of CMA CGM in the third trimester
the French shipowning group clearly has archived item the period with a profit of 207,6 million dollars (+166%)

24/11/2014Unions and operators of the port of Trapani invokes the resumption of the intense activities for the rifacimento of the Ronciglio dock
the work - the New Consortium of the Port emphasizes - is of fundamental importance for the development of the harbour economy

24/11/2014Costa Crociere has introduced own Budget of Sustainability 2012-2013
Directory of the initiatives realized from the company for a sustainable development

24/11/2014In the first nine months of this year the port of Amburgo has enlivened 109,9 million tons of goods (+5.7%)
Container in increase of +6.4% to 7,4 million teu

24/11/2014the mexican government announces the construction of three new harbour landings place in the Gulf of Mexico
the objective is to maximize the benefits from the energetic reform that previews the development of the oil industry

24/11/2014DP World and Qingdao Port International have undersigned an agreement of strategic cooperation
Riguarda mainly the harbour and terminalistiche activities in the fields of the container and the cruises

24/11/2014In the third trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Marseilles is increased of +1.4%
In the first nine months of the 2014 port of call has enlivened 58,7 million tons (- 3.3%)

24/11/2014Royal Caribbean constitutes with Ctrip the new crocieristica company SkySea Cruises for the Chinese market
joint venture will become operating to half 2015, but already the activities of commercialization and marketing have been under way

24/11/2014the ship from cruise Majesty of the Seas will pass from the fleet of Royal Caribbean International to that of Pullmantur
With the unit the fleet of the brand of the group Royal dedicated Caribbean at the market Spanish will grow of 20%

24/11/2014Norwegian Cruise Line has completed the acquisition of Prestige Cruises
the marks Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises are passed of hand for three billions of dollars

24/11/2014In the third trimester the profit clearly of shipowning group DFDS has recorded an increment of +20%
the revenues are increased of +7%

24/11/2014the port of Ravenna has participated to the logistic fair Logitrans to Istanbul
a third party of the marine interchange between Italy and Turkey journeys for the port of call ravennate

21/11/2014the ITF invites the EU commission not to put to risk the social dialogue in the ports
Samuelsen: we will continue to remember to the Commission the saying "if it is not broken, not to fix it"

21/11/2014Agreement between the government of the Ghana and joint venture APM Terminals-Bolloré for the expansion of the port of Topic
In program investments for beyond a billion of dollars

21/11/2014rise of the economic performances of Luka Koper
For the period July-september is recorded a profit clearly of 21,8 million euros (+77.2%)

21/11/2014In three years the number of the cruises within Asia will go up from 802 to 981
CLIA Southwest Asia and CLIA North Asia have introduced the results of a first analysis on the Asian crocieristico market

21/11/2014Increase of the operating and economic results of the shipowning group Greek Attica
the trimester July-september has been archived item with a profit clearly of 27,2 million euros

21/11/2014Ischia Lines abandons the plan of the marine connection Naples-Ischia
the company denunciation the numerous difficulties frapposte from the local bureaucracy

21/11/2014Fincantieri signs agreements with Carnival and CSSC for the development of the shipbuilding Chinese in the field of the cruises
Bono: "we are happy for contributing with Carnival to the development of the shipbuilding ability to China for the Chinese market"

20/11/2014In the third trimester of this year the fleet of portacontainer of the Zim has transported 557 thousand container (- 13%)
In the period, excluding the effect of the burdens of restructure of the debit, is recorded an improvement of the economic results

20/11/2014Protocollo of Unioncamere understanding - Harbour offices in order to improve the operativity of the enterprises of the economy of the sea
is centralized on administrative and managerial simplification of the enterprise activities, environmental protection of shorelines and the marine areas and promotion of the sustainable development

20/11/2014the mexican Antitrust approves of the agreement of fusion Hapag-Lloyd - CSAV
Up to now the transaction already has been authorized person, between the others, from the USA, European Union, Chile and Brazil

20/11/2014In the port of Livorno is activated a system paperless for the withdrawal and the delivery of the container
the innovation is yields of years of job for the improvement of the platform Tuscan Port Community System

20/11/2014To Milan the Harbour Authority of Livorno has introduced the eighth edition of "Open Port"
Previewed television programmes ad hoc in order to favor the income of the young people in the world of the job

20/11/2014In the 2013 the goods transported via sea in the world is piled to 9,6 billion tons (+3.8%)
the containerized trade enlivened from the ports has been of 651,1 million teu (+5.6%)

20/11/2014Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Valencia is increased of +12.7%
In the January-October period the increment has been of +2.5%

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