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23 July 2017 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 10:41 GMT+2

21/07/2017the BERS distributes a loan to the Turk Transport Alternatives for the purchase of a ship ro-ro
the unit will be employed on the route between the ports of Haydarpasa (Istanbul) and Trieste

21/07/2017In the first semester of the 2017 fluvial port of Duisburg has enlivened 34,8 million tons of goods (+7%)
the container has been pairs to 2,01 million teu (+12%)
Vincenzo Miele

21/07/2017Hyundai Merchant 16,288 Marine buys container
the store clerk includes 6,134 teu and 10,154 feu
ABB Marine Solutions

21/07/2017Ok to the cancellation of the Rickmers Maritime from the share list of Singapore
the debut of the company in Stock exchange had happened 4 May 2007
Evergreen Line

21/07/2017Which installed the National Conference of Coordination of the Authorities of Harbour System
Assoporti will be the technical structure of support and RAM will collaborate to the main dossiers of study, the analysis of the traffics and the strategic planning of the works

20/07/2017Wärtsilä Corporation, in increase the economic results and the orders
In according to trimester the revenues of the Marine Solutions division is dropped of the -23%, while the new orders are increased of +11%

20/07/2017Agreement of strategic collaboration between Fincantieri and Mapei
Is face to the development of innovative solutions and producing

20/07/2017Federico Barbera is confirmed to the presidency of FISE Uniport
will be placed side by side by new vice-president Salvatore Di Bella and Carlo Torlai

20/07/2017Bending of the quarterly results of the Cargotec group
In the period April-june of this year the new orders have reached a value of 800 million euros (- 3%)

20/07/2017Nuovo absolute semiannual record of traffic for the port of Barcelona
increase of handling of container (+27.2%) graces mainly to the rise of transhipment (+101.4%)

20/07/2017the ERFA exhorts not to hinder the rail shipment at best goods programming the intense activities on the lines
At least 22 yards are opened on the railway corridor north-south that connects the Italy north with Germany and Holland

20/07/2017In the first half of the 2017 port of Rotterdam has established own absolute record of semiannual traffic of the goods
New peaks of the traffics of container and rotabili

20/07/2017positive Trend of increase of the results of group ABB
the continuous segment Marine to accuse the impact negative of the difficulties in the section of the oil and the gas

20/07/2017Good economic performances in according to trimester for the logistic group Panalpina
Karlen: we have brought back to the profit the field of marine shipments

20/07/2017Agreement Interporto Bologna - RFI for the potenziamento of the railway system of the hub emiliano
the participations will allow to receive trains until 750 meters and to adapt the shape to the transit of the semitowings and the travelling freeway

19/07/2017Uiltrasporti rejects the proposal of Provincial allowing with former harbour enterprises art. 16 to supply "job to call"
Odone: if the good is wanted to be made for our ports it is necessary to put aside the localistici interests and the situations pad

19/07/2017In decided rise the traffic of the goods in the ports of and Carrara
the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Oriental has traced a budget of the first six months of activity

19/07/2017Assoporti has given a new associative charter
Francesco Mariani is named general secretary

19/07/2017terminalista group Chinese HPH Trust records an increase of the traffic and a decrease of the economic results
In the first six months of this year is enlivened 11,3 million container ((+4.9%)

19/07/2017a review of the plan of the Europe Dock of Livorno that would have to allow to accelerate the execution of the harbour work
the intense activities would have to be under way within 2018 and concluded in 2022

18/07/2017the port of Antwerp has closed the first semester and according to trimester of 2017 with record of traffic of the container and the liquid bulk
Altogether in the first half of this year the Belgian port of call has enlivened 111,4 million tons (+2.8%)

18/07/2017Signalling to the Agency of the Entrances on not the imponibilità Vat "in open sea"
is sent by Anpan, Assopetroli, Assorimorchiatori, Fedarlinea, Federagenti and Fincantieri

18/07/2017In the first semester of this year the terminals of the COSCO Shipping Ports have enlivened 41,8 million container (+11.8%)
In the port of the Pireo the traffic has grown of +3.8%

18/07/2017In the first half of the 2017 traffic of the container in the port of Tanger Med is increased of +11.2%
In according to trimester the increase has been of +12.0%

18/07/2017DP World will collaborate to the development of the Indonesian ports of Kuala Tanjung and Belawan
is situated in the province of the Northern Sumatra

18/07/2017In increase the economic results of the logistic group Kuehne + Nagel
Acquired American CFI and keniota the Trilvane, both specializing in the segment of the perishable produced ones

18/07/2017Cgil, Cisl and Uil exhort to complete the team directive of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern
Without the full realization of the contained forecasts in the PRP - they have denounced - the port of Livorno unavoidably will be marginalized

18/07/2017In the first semester of the 2017 port of Los Angeles City has enlivened 4,5 million container (+8.4%)
To june the traffic has grown of +8.1%

17/07/2017Martino Conticelli is the general secretary of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale
is named unanimously by the Committee of management of the agency

17/07/2017To May the port of Genoa has established the own new record absolute salary of traffic of the container
is enlivened 233,995 teu

17/07/2017In the first semester of the 2017 ships journeyed in the Suez Canal transported 439,3 million tons of goods (+10.4%)
On the ships directed to south tons (+20.0%) and on those directed to north were boarded 230,0 million 209,3 million tons (+1.4%)

17/07/2017Stena buys the ferries Superfast VII and Superfast VIII
the ships will be yielded by the Tallink for 133,5 million euros

17/07/2017P&O Ports (DP World group) will manage and upgrade the container terminal of the French port of Sête
the single contract has a duration of three years, but it could be converted in a concession in the long term

17/07/2017Yang Ming prepares the emission of new actions for 165 million dollars
80% of the offer will be classified to the current shareholders of the company

17/07/2017(Assologistica): to the wide one from the monocratic and personalistiche associations of the transport
These organizations - it has denounced - risk to disparage the functions key of an association

17/07/2017Hupac will activate a railway service for the transport of semitowings between Bari and Busto Arsizio
Programmed three spins weeklies magazine

17/07/2017the containerized trade enlivened from the port of Hong Kong to june
In the first six months of this year the total has been of 10,2 million teu (+10.8%)

17/07/2017Disney will order a third ship from cruise of 135 thousand tsl to the Meyer Werft ship yard
the new unit will be delivered in 2022

14/07/2017Ok to the bestowal in the channel of calm of the airport of Genoa of the material of turns out coming from the realization of highway Gronda
from Liguria regional committee has approved of also the adaptation of the PRP of the relative port to the plan of upset to sea of the Fincantieri yard

14/07/2017woven Rafforzare entrepreneurial of the medium small the enterprises of the "blue economy"
Is, with the development of an Observatory of the harbour economy, one of the scopes of the Blueconnect plan that involves Marine the Alps regions, Corsica, Var, Liguria, Sardinia and Tuscany

14/07/2017Mercitalia Rail has put in exercise trains until 2.200 tons of rimorchiabile mass
Services dedicated to the food industry and iron worker

14/07/2017the Law court of the EU fine Spain in order to have been late to liberalize the field of the harbour services
the payment of a lump sum distribution of three million euro for 29 months of delay

13/07/2017the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT for the Liguria blocks the resources of Italy Ours against the ok to varying of the new Multipurpose Platform of Vado Ligure
Was faces to the impugnation of the actions with which the Region it had concluded the procedure of VIA for the realization of varying of the harbour infrastructure

13/07/2017the port of Singapore has established the own new record of traffic enlivened in the first semester of the year
Nuovo record also of the volume of the goods enlivened in the single month of june

13/07/2017Sfuma the possible sale of the fleet of the Mercator Lines
the official receiver will have to look for other investor

13/07/2017the port of Koper has closed the first semester of the 2017 with a traffic record of 11,9 million tons (+5.7%)
Nuovo semiannual peak of the containerized trade with 4,6 million tons (+10.9%)

13/07/2017Porto of Genoa, agreement between Customs and Harbour-office for the control of fuel of the ships
verified Verrà the contained sulfur amount in the fuel

13/07/2017the Dutch Antitrust starts an investigation in order to ascertain if the bunkeraggio societies have constituted trusts
Under investigation the companies that operate in the ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp

12/07/2017Confetra, well the package EU for the road haulage", but is necessary corrective
Marcucci: we expect that Italy makes to feel its voice

12/07/2017Every year the container lost in sea is 1,390
the figure is the medium anniversary reported to estimated three years 2014-2016 from an analysis of the World Shipping Council. Excluding the serious indicenti, the average is of 568 losses

12/07/2017To june the containerized trade in the port of Long Beach has grown of +9.2%
In the first half of the 2017 increase has been of +5.1%

12/07/2017In the first semester of the 2017 Chinese marine ports has enlivened 4,31 billion tons of goods (+7.3%)
the traffic of the container has been pairs to 101,7 million teu (+7.8%)

12/07/2017prompt Confitarma ABI to stop speculative actions to the detriment of the Italian mercantile fleet
Worry of the Confederation for the decision of Pillarstone Italy to ask the failure for the Shipping RBD

12/07/2017the Municipality of Trieste nozzle an alarm for the lacked programming ports of call of the ships Coast in the port of the city
the Bucci city council member invites AdSP and Region (than manifest surprise for the initiative agreed to institutional level) not to find a solution with the Municipality

12/07/2017has passed away the Italian shipowner Gianfranco Messina
From the late 1960s has been to the summit of the shipowning group genoese Ignazio Messina & C

11/07/2017Assocostieri is candidated to support the programs for the infrastructure realization for the GNL in Italy
a vademecum for the institutions involved in the autorizzativo procedure and for the investor

11/07/2017Al via in the port of Rotterdam the construction of a new area of 70 hectares
will be dedicated to offshore wind energy and the field of the oil and the gas

11/07/2017Mario Mattioli is designated to the presidency of the Confitarma
To the end of September will hold the assembly that will have to proceed to the election of the president

11/07/2017In the first semester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Marseilles Fos has grown of +2.0%
In according to trimester the increase has been of +7.8%

11/07/2017tourist group German TUI has yielded the residual participation in the Hapag-Lloyd
In recent months is sold 14,5 million sets in action

10/07/2017COSCO Shipping, with harbour group SIPG, has introduced an offer of the value of 6,3 billion dollars in order to acquire the OOIL
the proposal is accepted by the shareholders of control of the group of Hong Kong who together stop 68.7% of the capital

10/07/2017In increase the traffics of the goods in the ports of Naples and Salerno
the container has been pairs to 209.014 teu in partenopeo port of call (+11.4%) and to 173.233 teu in that Salerno province (+8.6%)

10/07/2017Vatican invites the authorities to supervise on the exploitation of the marine job
Esistono still - it has emphasized Cardinal Turkson - too many cases of crews tricked on the salary, taken advantage of and victims of abuses

10/07/2017South Korean HMM has signed an agreement of cooperation with the Vietnamese Saigon Newport Corporation
the scope is the development of harbour and logistic activities in Vietnam

10/07/2017Workshop to Salerno on the marine arbitrateed one
from the Chamber of Commerce and Propeller Club, will hold friday

10/07/2017the Croatian port of Rijeka has established the own new record of traffic container enlivened in the first semester
In the first six months of the 2017 total has been of 103.791 teu (+16.2%)

10/07/2017the Ocean Japanese Express Network will have five regional Generali quarters
will be situated to Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, the United States and Brazil

10/07/2017To Trieste the encounter anniversary for the implementation of the agreement on marine transports EU-China
the objective is to improve destined and coming the conditions of the marine transport of goods from China

10/07/2017Tomorrow to Naples will hold a workshop on the topic "the routes for the GNL"
Is organized from Assocostieri in collaboration with the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central

07/07/2017In the yard of Marghera is begun the construction of the third ship from cruise of "the Seen" class
will be delivered in the autumn of 2019

07/07/2017Cemat has started a new intermodal service Milan - Pomezia - Marcianise
Effettuate five departures weeklies magazine in both the directions

07/07/2017"K" Linens, MOL and NYK have constituted joint venture Ocean Express Network
the center of the holding ones is to Tokyo and that of the operating society to Singapore

07/07/2017the UK Chamber of Shipping exhorts the EU to take note that a Hard Brexit would have an impact negative on own ports
"Not creed - Platten has asserted - that the EU has totally comprised this aspect"

07/07/2017In the first five months of the 2017 traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna is diminished of the -3,2%
is enlivened 10,69 million tons of cargos

07/07/2017Inauguration of the new Luxemburgian intermodal terminal of Bettembourg-Dudelange
Has an ability to traffic of 300 thousand container and of 300 thousand you semitow per year

07/07/2017COSCO Shipping previews to clearly close the first semester of 2017 with a result of positive sign
In the first six months of this year the transported containerized volumes from the fleet of the group have grown of +34.72%

06/07/2017Al via the computer science procedure for the release of the certificates for the Transport of Food
will be made available by the next week

06/07/2017the Turkish group Yildirim tries again to sell 24% of the capital of CMA CGM
the proceeds of the cession would be employed in order to buy the American Ports America

06/07/2017To september in the port of Livorno will be returned a new system of control of the accesses operating
number of plate of the vehicles Will be acquired, photo of means, number of the container, personal identifying data and photo of the operators

06/07/2017Hupac has activated a railway service of connection between the European Network and the lines with China
Treno feeder between Ludwigshafen and Malaszewicze/Brest

06/07/2017This summer will be inaugurated the terminal cruises of the DP World group in the port of Limassol
Will have three docks of 400 linear meters

06/07/2017South Korean DSME would be about to sell Rumanian ship yard DMHI to the Damen Dutch
the plant is inaugurated in 1997, has constructed 127 ships and it has repaired some more than 300

06/07/2017center of the logistic group Fercam in Tunisia
is extended on a surface of 7.000 square metres

05/07/2017Prosegue the decrease of the number of attacks of the pirates to the ships
In the first semester of the 2017 87 have happened some

05/07/2017Confetra, to exempt the small enterprises of road haulage goods from the deposit of increase of 0.4% on the deposits of the taxes
the measure of the fiscal facilities is returned note only yesterday, after the term useful in order to carry out the payment without increase

05/07/2017Trasportounito invites to distrust "of the associazionismo of paper"
In view-finder A.L.I.S and "the new associations that, like many of the old ones, exchange associated customers for and institutions for secretariats"

05/07/2017edition of the lines guides on computer science safety for the ships
is elaborated by the working team constituted from Bimco, Intercargo, Intertanko, ICS, IUMI and OCIMF

05/07/2017Canada will invest two billions of dollars for the potenziamento of transport infrastructures
Altogether will be spold 10,1 billion dollars Canadian in order to finance plans in the fields of the transport and the commerce with foreign country

04/07/2017Introduced to Genoa a plan of formation in destined marine-harbour field to unemployed young people
will be articulated in 2.600 hours of formation distributed and will be formed 52 students

04/07/2017Fincantieri and GE Power will develop a system of control of the emissions of the ships
the objective is to reduce the polluting elements (SOx and particulate matter)

04/07/2017the Committee of management of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Western authorizes the agency to carry out 27 new future assumptions
Currently the dependent are 255

04/07/2017Usclac celebrates the fifty-year period wishing that own this year the marine job is re-inserted in the directory of the wearing activities
would benefit some approximately 1.800 workers

04/07/2017To April the containerized trade in the port of Bremen is diminished of the -14,9%
In the first four months of the 2017 decrease has been of the -4,9%

04/07/2017Hoyer increases the presence in the segment Brokered Bulk Container with the acquisition of the CCR
the French company has a fleet of beyond 14 thousand container reservior

03/07/2017Kjersti Kleven is elected president of SEA Europe
Is president and joint owner of Maritime the shipbuilding company Norwegian Kleven

03/07/2017To Ivano Russo, in representation of the MIT, the honorary presidency of the C.I.S.Co
Elect the nine members of the directive council for three years 2017-2020

03/07/201711 and July will hold a convention on traffic and mobility centralized on the Genoa case
the event will hold in from Liguria chief town to the Berio Library

03/07/2017Ok EU to the creation of joint venture between Wärtsilä and China It are Shipbuilding Corporation
will take care of the supply of systems constituents and destined systems of automation to being installed on the ships in China

03/07/2017Loan of 345 million dollars of the Bank World for the potenziamento of the port To give es Salaam
the plan is financed also by the government of the Tanzania and the United Kingdom

03/07/2017Al La Spezia Container Terminal the acknowledgment "Best Container Terminal in Europe" of prize AFLAS
In the first five months of this year the terminal breaks has enlivened 423 thousand container (+16%)

03/07/2017Pasqualino Monti Wednesday will assume the assignment of president of the AdSP of the Western Sicily
the new agency manages the ports of Palermo, Termini Imerese, Porto Empedocle and Trapani

03/07/2017Saipem obtains store clerks for a value of 500 million dollars
Between these, a new offshore contract E&C with Saudi Aramco

03/07/2017CMA CGM sells 90% of the container terminal GGS of Los Angeles City to bottom EQT Infrastructure III
the transaction will have a value of 875 million dollars

03/07/2017"K" Linens, MOL and NYK confirm that the fusion of the activities of containerized marine transport will happen 1° April 2018
the Japanese companies preview that within such given they will obtain the authorization also of the South African authorities

30/06/2017Marine American SSA will manage the new Georgian port of Anaklia, on the Black Sea
Second the forecasts, the port of call will become operating in 2020

30/06/2017the Global Industry Alliance in order to develop innovative solutions in naval field
the scope is to favor the transition of the field towards a future to lowlands carbon emissions

30/06/2017Turns represents the metropolitan City of Venice in the Committee of management of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale
Is managing director of the Donelli Group

30/06/2017independent Cranes MacGregor on the new ships of the ESL Shipping
the means of raising can be monitored and controlled from the bridge of the ship

30/06/2017Convention to Genoa of the Young Groups of Federagenti and Confitarma on the rescues of the migrants in the Mediterranean
Pettorino: complex and of difficult performance every hypothesis of progressive "Italian freeing" from the operations of rescue and block of the Italian ports

30/06/2017the entire fleet of Friend is in compliance with requirement of MRV of the emissions of co2
Five years ago the shipowning company has created the department Fleet Perfomance Monitoring

30/06/2017In Argentina the authority antitrust recommends a cost reduction of the services of pilotage and mooring
Ostacolano the commerce with foreign country and has an impact negative on the costs of the logistics

29/06/2017Working harbour and terminalisti Spanish have reached an understanding that places term to strikes
social Peace in the course of the negotiations in order to agree an agreement picture that is previewed will finish to the end of September

29/06/2017Last month the containerized trade in the port of Algeciras has grown of +6.5%
In the first five months of the 2017 is enlivened 1.816.511 teu (- 7.5%)

29/06/2017the Triennial Operating first floor of system of the six main ports of the Adriatic mean
the ports of call are considered like only coordinated system, to develop according to lines guide municipalities

29/06/2017Incontro of Propeller Club of Trieste on the possibilities of increase of the fleeting traffics and goods in the giuliana city
will hold monday to the Hotel Greif Maria Theresia

29/06/2017the EU commission authorizes the fusion of the activities of containerized marine transport of the Japanese "K" Linens, MOL and NYK
Judged limited the impact that the concentration will have on the routes from and for Europe

29/06/2017To Antwerp is experiencing the Blockchain technology for the management of the container in the harbour area
Currently the initiative involves terminalista society PSA, the company of navigation MSC and a hauler

29/06/2017Convention on I throw again of Southern Italy through the sustainable intermodal logistics
from A.L.I.S., will hold the 17 July to Naples

29/06/2017I attack It hacker to the systems of Maersk Line constitutes a carried out point of for computer science safety of the shipping
Also the computers of group TNT Express are infected

29/06/2017In Italy the rail shipment of the goods is in increase, but it must still rise to the average European
Laguzzi (FerCargo), the carried out one needs being structured with other actions, between which the module of conduct to Agent Solo

28/06/2017Filt Cgil exhorts to get ahead the reform of law 84/94 on the portualità
Colombai: we are not available to share deregolamentati models

28/06/2017Kombiverkehr increases the frequency of the intermodal services that connect Germany, Greece and Turkey through the port of Trieste
Insertion of three ulterior trains to the week

28/06/2017Terminal Investment Limited (group MSC) acquires the entire control of the Brazilian port of Navegantes
50% of the capital of the Portonave stopped from the Triunfo Participações and Investimentos

28/06/2017Still out of service the it system of Maersk Line which violated from the Petya virus
the infection has caused problems also to Safmarine, Seago Line and APM Terminals

27/06/2017the ulterior efficientamento of the logistic chain passes unavoidably and intransgressibly through the digitalisation
Conference to Genoa of C.IS.Co. in order to celebrate the 50° anniversary of own foundation

27/06/2017the Harbour Committee of Gioia Tauro has approved of consuntivo budget 2016
In year four million euro have been destined for the reimbursement of the taxes of anchorage to the navigation companies

27/06/2017the yachts from cruise of luxury of the Ritz-Carlton will be constructed by the Spanish yard Barreras
Undersigned today the contract for the first unit with option for others two

27/06/2017Plans for the which co-financed port of Venice with more than three million than euro from the EU
Part of the deep ones will be destined to the realization of the second dock of the Terminal of Fusina

27/06/2017I decree implementing for the management of the Franco Internazionale Port of Trieste
D' Augustin: "premiums a new era for the port and Trieste is opened"

27/06/2017Kuehne + Nagel will realize a logistic platform in Switzerland dedicated to the industry pharma & to healthcare
Will have a surface of 16.300 square metres and will manage approximately 46.000 places pallet

26/06/2017Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is diminished of the -2,7%
the crocieristi are dropped of the -20,5%

26/06/2017ANITA and Confindustria manifest appreciate the measures for the road haulage inserted in the so-called Manovrina
Baumgartner: "also being to cost zero for the State, they represent a concrete incentive to the development of the intermodalità"

26/06/2017Group Harbour Investments announces the income of new managers in own directive team
promotion of two manager at the level of group

26/06/2017CEVA Logistics will activate a new railway service between China and Europe
Collegherà Shilong, in the province of Guangdong, with Amburgo

26/06/2017the port of Marseilles Fos approaches the markets of Europe center-oriental
the railway connection between the French harbour port of call and Geneva is included in the European corridor Sea of the North - Mediterranean

26/06/2017To November will become operating the dry dock of greater ability to the port of the Pireo
Will be able to receive long ships until 240 meters and wide until 35 meters

23/06/2017the Italian naval provveditori relatively speed up clarity to the norms that regard the field
Between these - it has specified president Novelli - I decree 101/2016 of the Ministry of the Atmosphere and the resolution 2/E of the Agency of the Entrances

23/06/2017the Committee of management of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Oriental has examined the Triennial Operations plan
the plan of rationalization of the societies participated from the agency

23/06/2017the President's executive office of Assiterminal
Luigi Robba is confirmed director of the association of the Italian harbour terminalisti

23/06/2017the hotel society Ritz-Carlton will enter in the market of the cruises
Debutterà to end 2019 with first of three new yachts of luxury

23/06/2017Abu Dhabi Ports will manage the port of Fujairah
the construction of a linear kilometer of docks

23/06/2017Moby introduces a second ship ro-ro on the Livorno-Olbia route
the "Superfast Baleares" can transport 90 motors vehicle and 3,400 linear meters of rotabili

23/06/2017From July SNCF Logistics will have the property of 45% of the capital of Helvetic the railway society goods BLS Cargo
Green light of the authorities antitrust of Switzerland and Germany

23/06/2017the Spanish unions revoke three days of strike of the harbour workers
the association of the terminalisti of the port of Barcelona has announced that various companies have exited from the ANESCO

22/06/2017In the trimester March-May the revenues of the crocieristico group Carnival have grown of +6.5%
the period has been archived item with a decrease of the -37,4% of the profit clearly determined from burdens not operating pairs to 116 million dollars

22/06/2017Request of Royal Caribbean and MSC in order to manage the crocieristico traffic in the port of
Roncallo: if the proposal will be considered of public interest, a contest procedure will set off

22/06/2017harbour Lavoro, Filt Cgil exhorts to consolidate the "Genova model"
the union emphasizes the urgent necessity concrete actions to protection of the port of Genoa and national the harbour system

22/06/2017Wednesday in the historical port of Cagliari will be inaugurated the new dock fishings boat
Is the greater work realized in the Sardinian port of call during the last few years

22/06/2017the next week the C.I.S.Co will celebrate the 50° anniversary of own foundation
In program a series events in the center of the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa

22/06/2017Monday to Genoa will open the clappers the third edition of Genoa Shipping Week
the week dedicated to the economy and the culture of the sea will be concluded with the fourteenth edition of the Shipbrokers and Shipagents Dinner

22/06/2017the Damen yard will construct to 19 fluvial boats for the German Combos Lift attendant
will be employed on the amur river, that it marks the border between Russia and northeastern China

22/06/2017Not of the Antitrust of the South Africa to the fusion of the activity in the field of the container of "K" Linens, MOL and NYK
the Chilean agency for the competition starts an investigation on the plan of the three Japanese companies

22/06/2017strike yesterday in the Spanish ports has involved 27.8% of the workers
the minor adhesion is consequence of the agreements sign unilaterally from the terminalisti with the unions

22/06/2017COSCO Shipping would have the intention of order to others 14 new portacontainer of large-capacity
Store clerks de value of approximately 1,78 billion dollars to the yards Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding and Jiangnan Shipyard di Shanghai

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