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06 May 2015 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 19:31 GMT+2

06/05/15the increase of the traffic in the Latium harbour system is accompanied by an important increase of the occupation
In a year the dependent number of the sun 35 former authorized enterprises art. 16 has grown of 186 units
ABB Marine Solutions

06/05/15from Liguria ports to the fair of the logistics of Monk in order to convince the operators to take advantage of more the ports of call of the south Europe
New opportunities offered from a plan of investments that has a total value of beyond 2,2 billion euros

06/05/15the Interporto of Bologna in looks for of new logistic operators to the international fair of Monk of Bavaria
Works in progress in the structure of Bentivoglio

06/05/15In the first trimester the traffic goods in the harbour system of Civitavecchia - Fiumicino - Gaeta has grown of +15.8%
Crocieristi in decrease of the -5,3%

06/05/15d' Amico International Shipping, first positive trimester graces to a market of the tankers in strong increase
an increment of +65.7% of the revenues Time base charter

06/05/15Freeway of the Sea of the Grimaldi group between the ports of Venice and Patrasso
the frequency will be of three departures weeklies magazine and will be employed two ships ro-ro

06/05/15Textainer sees rose although lasting of the difficulties in the field of the chartering of the container
Brewer: we are not in presence of a surplus of container in the world-wide market

06/05/15In the first three months of the 2015 revenues of the group Bureau Veritas has grown of +19.1%
In the Offshore segment Marine & the volume of transactions has been of 98,9 million euros (+36.6%)

05/05/15Yang Ming begins to use the port of the Pireo like hub of transhipment for the Mediterranean and the Black Sea
the transfer in Greece of part of the up to now carried out activity of transfer in Egypt

05/05/15Great purchases for XPO Logistics that buys Bridge Terminal Transport and Norbert Dentressangle
the transactions have a value respective of 100 million dollars and 3,24 billion euros

05/05/15the railway alliance Xrail announces an initiative in order to increase the European rail shipment to complete wagons
will be managed a system of reservations for international services

05/05/15Ustica Lines announces the suspension of the marine services and the lay-off of 400 workers
Orlando (AnciSicilia): "unheard-of that to the eve of the summery season creates a damage of such proportions"

05/05/15critical Confetra the vision of the shown logistic field from the Ministry of Transportation
Marcucci: "this initiative is not only banally semplicistica, is also above all dangerous"

05/05/15the Eimskip Icelandic acquires the Seatours compatriot
the company work marine and tourist services in the bay of Breidafjördur

05/05/15To Livorno is born the Lucarelli Terminal Livorno, the Lucarelli Transports and the Lucarelli Forwarding Logistic
Reorganization of the company of Cristiano Lucarelli

05/05/15Assologistica, the customs corridors are to all purposes and effects an offer of additional services for the customers
Mearelli: we manifest astonishment in reading that the Fast Corridor alter the free market

04/05/15Aumento of the ability to the travelling freeway Italy-Germany di Trenitalia Cargo and Trasposervizi
Saliranno to 23 the wagons transported for every train

04/05/15Meeting in La Spezia Confindustria on the topic of the customs corridors
the president of the manufacturers and the presidents of the shippers, the doganalisti and the shipping agents has met senator Caleo

04/05/15Al Transport Logistic the Apulia will introduce two new centralized logistic services on the port of Bari
will be realized through the Regional Interporto of the Apulia

04/05/15Corsica Sardinia Ferries has acquired the ship ro-pax Silja Festival
From July half will be employed on the line Livorno-Gulf Oranges

04/05/15China Shipping has taken in delivery fifth portacontainer from 19.000 teu
Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. has closed the first trimester with a net loss of -125,2 billion won

04/05/15Green light unanimously of the Harbour Committee of to consuntivo budget 2014 of the Harbour Authority
the topic of the procedures of Ikea clearance

04/05/15Count (To propel Taras Club) proposes to transform the terminal containers of Taranto in a distripark
the traffic of transhipment - it observes - "by now in the Mediterranean is appanage of the new ports of the Africa North, Spain, Greece, Egypt and Malta"

04/05/15Merlon announces own resignation from president of the Harbour Authority of Genoa
Lascerà the assignment the 30 june. It explains to have assumed the decision "in order protect the port of Genoa from dismal political controversies"

04/05/15Delrio has named two military ones which commissioners of the Harbour Authorities of Naples and Gioia Tauro
Is rear admiral Basile, marine director and commander of the Harbour office of Naples, and the commander, commander Barbagiovanni Minciullo of the Harbour office of Gioia Tauro

04/05/15the government of Panama hat has approved of the new one slowly of the rates for the transit of the ships in the Central American channel
Will take effect 1° April 2016

04/05/15Uiltrasporti announces that Crossrail has suspended realized the railway services goods with a single machinist
the labor organization had introduced exposing to the Procura and the ANSF

30/04/15of the Harbour Committee of Trieste to budget 2014 of the Harbour Authority
the agency will participate the next week to the fair Transport Logistic di Monaco

30/04/15ANITA newly asks the definitive suspension for the SISTRUM
Baumgartner: we hope that the negative experience is not repeated with UIRNet, which charged subject to realize national the logistic platform

30/04/15Alla Spezia an exhibition of all the plans on the next port and front sea to the realization
Is the plans performance of the Portuale Town development plan

30/04/15the Harbour Authority of Ravenna has accommodated the mid term conference of the European plan Easyconnecting
the objective is the improvement of infrastructures and the intermodal services in area IPA (Program of Cross-border cooperation in Adriatic)

30/04/15the Harbour Committee of Savona has approved of consuntivo budget 2014 of the Harbour Authority
Approved of also the relation anniversary on the activity of the port and the administration of the state property areas

30/04/15the economy of the Italian sea is supported by 181.820 enterprises
Fourth relationship on the economy of the Sea produced from Unioncamere

30/04/15Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Valencia has grown of +3.9%
In the first trimester of the 2015 increment has been of +7.4%

30/04/15the Harbour Committee of Livorno has approved of consuntivo budget 2014 of the Harbour Authority
Rinnovo of the authorizations for the enterprises of which to art. the 16 of law 84/94

30/04/15the Japanese "K" Linens, MOL and NYK anticipate the results of fiscal year 2014
an economic result pairs respective to clearly 26,8 billion yen (61.1%), 42,4 billion yen (- 26.2%) and 47,6 billion yen (+44.0%)

30/04/15China COSCO reduces the losses
In the first three months of the 2015 fleet of 2.344.629 COSCON has transported container (+12.8%) recording a decrease of the -0,4% of the medium revenue for teu

30/04/15CMA CGM has acquired a participation in the logistic society Indiana LCL Logistix
the society has center to Mumbai and 42 offices in all India

30/04/15the first portacontainer from 18.800 teu of the fed UASC to GNL
the ship takes part of a program of new constructions that includes 11 units from 15.000 teu and six from 18.800 teu

29/04/15Zeno D' Augustin is named president of the Trieste Terminal Passeggeri
the assignment of managing director to Franco Napp

29/04/15the Harbour Committee of Taranto on a collision course with Taranto Container Terminal
the acquisition of a legal opinion on the possible effects of the zero setting of the traffic on the concessorio relationship with TCT

29/04/15Last month the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Genoa is increased of +10.1%
the passengers are 59 thousand for cruises (+45.8%) and 49 thousand for ferries (- 5.0%)

29/04/15In the first trimester the producer of crane Konecranes has recorded an increase of +18.1% of the new orders
the increase is of +9.5% to constant currency

29/04/15the port of Palermo archivia the first trimester with 1.563.141 tons of goods (+8.0%)
the crocieristi have been 101 thousand (+17.3%)

29/04/15In occasion of the Expo Propeller Club Port of Venice anticipates a plan for the development of the nautical tourism
"Lagoon is" takes part of the initiative "Venice to Expo 2015"

29/04/15In the first trimester of this year the traffic goods in the port of Ancona has grown of +4%
the oil produced ones are piled to 1.026.378 tons (+1.3%) and the goods solid to 932.458 tons (+7.1%)

29/04/158 May to Porto Cervo will hold a convention on the topic "Yacht: the forum of the possible luxury"
Is organized from Federagenti and the Association Shipping agents Raccomandatari of the Sardinia

29/04/15the understanding for the sdemanializzazione of the Old Port of Trieste and for the passage of the areas to the Municipality
Visintin (ASPT - ASTRA. F.V.G.): "the Franco Internazionale Port of Trieste cannot continue to wait for beyond"

29/04/15ABB has closed the first trimester with a profit clearly of 564 million dollars (+4%)
In Italy ABB Spa has recorded orders pairs 637 million euros (+14%) and a turnover of 604 million euros (+5%)

28/04/15Cargotec records an increase of +9% of the new orders in the first trimester
the revenues are increased of +18%

28/04/15In the first trimester of the 2015 traffic of the goods in the port of Marseilles has grown of +6.9%
Record salary of traffic of the container to March. Decrease of the crocieristi

28/04/15UCINA, the field of the nautical exhibition resumption signs
Convention to Livorno on the fallen back ones of the section on the territory

28/04/15Agreement in order to guarantee the occupation against the bending of the traffics container to Pier VII of Trieste
Negotiations with the mediation of the Harbour Authority

28/04/15Hapag-Lloyd will add the port of Bari to the ports of call of the line Adriatic Express Service
Potenziamento of the service Express East

28/04/15In the 2014 Hupac has recorded a trading profit of 7,5 million franchi Swiss (+15.0%)
Bertschi: the induced effects to take it in turns Swiss franc/euro and from the decrease of the price of the diesel engine they have determined clearly an increase of the railway transport costs regarding the street transport

28/04/15quarterly of terminaliste societies the Chinese COSCO Pacific and HPH Trusts
In increase the economic result clearly of the company of group COSCO. Decrease of the performances of the enterprise of group HPH

28/04/15Seaspan confirmation new orders for two portacontainer from 10.000 teu and five from 11.000 teu
the society has closed the first trimester of this year with a profit clearly of 21,3 million dollars (+18.3%)

28/04/15Agreement Confagricoltura - UIR with the scope to value the system of the logistics for the agricultural and food- row
the partnership is signed to the eve of the Expo

27/04/15the port of Ravenna converses with the Turkish enterprises
Incontro to Istanbul with representatives of institutions and companies

27/04/15d' Amico International Shipping enters in the market of the tankers LR1
Tidy two unit to the South Korean yard Hyundai MIPO Dockyard Co…

27/04/15Comforts is confirmed president of Assiterminal
the 12 june to Genoa will hold the shareholders' meeting of the association of the European harbour terminalisti Feport

27/04/15In the first trimester Lowers Shipping Lines Container clearly records an increase of the result of +284.1%
the revenues are diminished of the -9,4%

27/04/15Saipem has closed the first trimester with a result clearly of 77 million euros (+26.2%)
Acquired new orders for 2.399 million euros (- 38.5%)

27/04/15the Grimaldi group upgrades the Freeway of the Sea that connects the ports of Genoa, Livorno and Catania
From the next month will be introduced a fourth ship ro-ro

27/04/15(Assologistica) critical the worries on the expressed customs corridors from representatives of categories of the logistics
the innovation - it emphasizes - goes "accompanied, supported and taken advantage of. Perhaps but - denunciation - these are not adaptable thoughts to some our "rigid and localist" Italian truths"

27/04/15the container terminal of Dammam of joint venture PSA - PIF has become operating
Has 700 linear meters of dock equipped with six crane STS

27/04/15Mission of the port of Trieste to Moscow in order to widen the relationships with the markets of Russia and the East
the Harbour Authority and some companies of the giuliano port of call have participated to TransRussia

27/04/15To beginning 2015 Busan confirmation to the sixth place in the ranking of the first world-wide ports container
Dubay reconquers the eighth position exceeding Guangzhou

27/04/15In the first trimester of the 2015 terminal of DP World has enlivened 15,0 million container (+4.4%)
the increase of the traffic in the terminals in Europe, Africa and Middle East has been of +9.2%

27/04/15To Rotterdam is inaugurated the container terminal APM Terminals Maasvlakte II
Has a annual ability to traffic pairs to 2,7 million teu that it will be elevated to 4,5 million

24/04/15Costa Crociere still more Chinese
From the next year the ships of the crocieristica company in China will go up to four

24/04/15ABB installs a system of monitoring and energetic management on the entire fleet of AIDA Cruises
draft of tools of decisional support studied in order to diminish the all in costs on the power consumption

24/04/15Agreement between the regional agencies of Liguria and Campania on the formation in marine field
the first step will be to characterize the demanded working figures from the edge organization

24/04/15Conship Italy inaugurates the potenziamento of the Rail terminal Hub Milan
Investment of 30 million euros in two phases

24/04/15OOCL records a bending of the containerized volumes and the revenues
In the first trimester the fleet has transported 1,3 million teu (- 2.5%). The revenues are piled to 1,43 billion dollars (- 3.2%)

24/04/15Kalmar will supply 27 means of raising to Algerian GICEP
will be employed in the ports of Algeri, Skikda, Djen Djen and Tenes and in logistics centers AILC and ACS

24/04/15the Navios group acquires seven to rinfusiere and seven portacontainer from HSH Nordbank
the 14 ships have a medium age of approximately four years

24/04/15Ok of the EU commission to the concessions which released from the Harbour Authority of Trieste to SIOT, TMT and Teseco
D' Augustin: "razie to this news we can ourselves be concentrated finally on the more operating issues"

23/04/15In the 2015 is previewed approximately 4,89 million crocieristi enlivened in the ports of Adriatic (+5%)
the new edition of Adriatic Sea Tourism Report

23/04/15Hamburg Süd closes 2014 with a +2% in the containerized volumes and -1% in the revenues
the result in the field liner, while it is still in red in the segment tramp

23/04/15the port of Livorno celebrates the next arrival of the service Medgulf di CMA CGM
from Tuscany port of call already is touched by four regular services of line with the America of the French company

23/04/15Valencia reconquers the summit of the ranking of the Spanish ports container
In the first period of two months of this year has enlivened 100 thousand teu in more respect to Algeciras

23/04/15In the port of Naples will be instituted a commission with the objective to reduce the costs of the harbour port of call
Karrer: the issue is complex and it is not lend to a simple court appearance with other ports

23/04/15In the first trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna is diminished of the -5,2%
To March a bending of the -3,9%

23/04/15German NSB announces the success of the plan of increase of 20% of the ability to portacontainer a Panamax
the ability to ship "MSC Geneva" is elevated by 4.870 teu to beyond 6.300 teu

23/04/15Convention on the opportunities of offered job and development from the nautical one to Livorno
Is organized from the Harbour Authority with the Lusben

23/04/15Wärtsilä records an improvement of the performances with the exception of the segment of the naval propulsion
Rosengren: "as expected, 2015 are begun with a weak marine market"

22/04/15Solutions in order to supply electric power to the ships from cruise moored to the Marine Station of Trieste
a proposal consists in realizing a new power line to high voltage between Roiano and Broletto

22/04/15Three million euro for the discouragement of the anchor duties of the port of Gioia Tauro
the appropriation is approved of unanimously by the regional council of the Calabria

22/04/15Brussels authorizes the acquisition of the combined control of F2i Airports from F2i SGR and Ardian
49% of the company will be acquired from the composed network from Ardian (60%) and Crédit Agricole Assurances (40%)

22/04/15Four demands for participation to the contest for the management of the harbour railway connection of Monfalcone
opens the phase of preliminary analysis of the reached documentation

22/04/15ship yard HHIC confirmation orders for the construction of others portacontainer of large-capacity
draft of six ships from 11.000 teu

22/04/15the shipowning group Messina orders seven fork trucks to the Kalmar
the new ones forklift ro-ro have an ability to raising of 33 tons

22/04/15In the first trimester the port of Bari has recorded increments of traffic of the passengers and the goods
the ferries have enlivened 151 thousand people

22/04/15In the first trimester of this year the marine traffic in the Suez Canal is increased of +1.4%
In the period the journeyed ships transported a total of 197,3 million tons of goods (+3.8%)

22/04/15the logistic group Panalpina has closed the first trimester with a profit of 19,6 million franchi clearly Swiss (+10.0%)
the turnover clearly is diminished of the -5,8%

22/04/15Scorpio Bulkers will sell seven ships under construction
will be yielded for a total of 290 million dollars

21/04/15Doyle (FMC): shipowning and great alliances portacontainer are cause of the congestion on the docks of the ports
Problems of increase - it has specified - can be generated from alliances formed from more than two or three companies

21/04/15Fusion of the societies of towing and marine rescue Svitzer Salvage and Titan Salvage
1° the May will jointly become operating joint venture Ardent participated from Crowley and Svitzer

21/04/15shipowning associations ECSA and ICS speed up all the States EU to face the humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean
"the capacity of the tragedy happened in the weekend - it has emphasized Verhoeven - is without precedence and the European leaders cannot more ignore the catastrophe"

21/04/15the Spanish ports are vital for the automotive industry of the Iberian nation
In the 2014 has enlivened 2,66 million new automobiles of factory (+4.6%)

21/04/15In the 2014 operating result of logistic group GEFCO has recorded an increase of +10.5%
the volume of transactions is increased of +1.5%

21/04/15Agreement University of Palermo - Fincantieri in order to start a formative distance of excellence on the topics of the shipbuilding
integrating Instructions with which put on qualified staff from the navalmeccanico group

20/04/15will call MSC Wonder the first new ship of class "Seen" of MSC Cruises
STX France will deliver the unit, that it will have a tonnage of 167.000 tons, to May 2017

20/04/15Hapag-Lloyd has ordered five new portacontainer from 10.500 teu to Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries Ltd
Verranno employed in the traffics with the South America

20/04/15Seminary of the Harbour Authority of Livorno on communitarian directive 2010/65
From 1° the june the norm will obligate to standardize and to return more practical fluid bureaucratic for the arrival and the departure of the cargo vessels from the ports

20/04/15Genoa is a primary international center for the large one yachting
In the course of a convention of Assagenti is evidenced the offer of from Liguria chief town

20/04/15In the first trimester of the 2015 profit clearly of Royal Caribbean Cruises has recorded an increase of +71.0%
Revenues in decrease of the -3,8% to 1,8 billion dollars

20/04/15the International Chamber of critical Shipping the USA and EU for the unilateral norms adopted in topic of marine transport
the American norms on ballast waters and those Europeans on the reduction of the emissions of co2 could create considerable obstacles to the commercial exchanges via sea

20/04/15Royal Caribbean Cruises signature an agreement for participations of repair and modernization of the ships of the fleet with the Navantia Spanish
the understanding is relative to all the ships of the group American (included TUI Cruises) that they operate in Europe and will have validity until 2017

20/04/15the first portacontainer to the fed world to which liquified natural gas
the ship is ordered by the American TOTE to the ship yard General Dynamics NASSCO

17/04/15Green light to the harbour concession to the spezzina Terminal of the bound Gulf to new investments
Will have a duration 37-year-old

17/04/15In the first three months of this year the port of Koper has enlivened 5,0 million goods (+2.8%)
the container has been pairs to 192.596 teu (+18.8%)

17/04/15the port of Taranto closes the first trimester with a decrease of the -23,6% of the traffic
Monday will hold the third workshop in the within of European plan "GIFT 2,0 - Greece - Italy Facilities for Transport"

17/04/15In the first trimester of the 2015 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Venice is increased of +12.0%
Fleeting in decrease of the -35,5%

17/04/15Traffic goods record recorded from the fluvial harbour system of Duisburg
Last year is enlivened 131 million tons

17/04/15China Harbour Engineering Co. one will take care for Cevital of the reconstruction of harbour areas to Piombino
the involved Chinese group also in the logistic activities

17/04/15liquid Bulk and container hauls the increase of the traffic in the port of Rotterdam that in the first trimester has been of +7.2%
is enlivened 116,7 million tons of goods

17/04/15for the moment the issue job, to March the traffic of the container in the ports of Los Angeles City and Long Beach has been pulled up
Recorded respective you increase of +17.3% and +32.0%

16/04/15Confetra, must ask for the definitive block of the administrative car
Marcucci: necessary the emanation of a provision of maximum urgency that plugs up the effects of the sentence of the Constitutional Court

16/04/15the shipowning group Mediterranean Shipping Company inaugurates to Genoa own Towers MSC
the buildings accommodate the Marine Agency the Ships, general agent of the company, and shortly they will receive also MSC Cruises, MSC Italcatering and Grandi Navi Veloci

16/04/15In the first three months of the 2015 terminal of COSCO Pacific has enlivened 16,5 million container (+6.6%)
Piraeus Container Terminal has totaled a traffic of 736 thousand teu (+7.5%)

16/04/15rise of the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona to March
In the first three months the Catalan port of call has enlivened 10,2 million tons (- 3.6%)

16/04/15In the first trimester of the 2015 traffic of the container in the port of Livorno has grown of +30%
is enlivened 170 thousand teu

16/04/15CEVA Logistics sells Italian SITTAM to Oil Italo Rumena
the company of groupage international has center to Cornaredo (Milan)

16/04/15Last year the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Naples has grown of +7.9%
the crocieristi have been 1,1 million (- 5.2%) and the passengers of the ferries 6,1 million (+5.6%)

16/04/15Monday to Genoa a convention on the large one yachting
from Assagenti, will hold in the Palace Stock market

16/04/15Premuda closes 2014 with a consolidated net loss of -41,8 million euros
For exercise 2015 attended a result still in loss

15/04/15the terminalista group Spanish Grup TCB has bought the Polyvalent Terminal Castellón
Last year the terminal of the port of Castellón has enlivened 161,935 container (+5%)

15/04/15In the first three months of the 2015 traffic of the goods in the port of Antwerp is increased of +5.9%
the container has been pairs to 2.351.299 teu (+9.5%)

15/04/15Incontro of Propeller Club of Trieste on the norms for the reduction of the sulphureous emissions, with reference to the shipping
will hold 21 April

15/04/15In the first trimester of this year the port of Piombino has enlivened 901 thousand tons of goods (- 27.2%)
the passengers have been 264 thousand (- 7.5%)

15/04/15the port of Hong Kong comes down of another step in the ranking of the world-wide ports container
Which climbed over from Ningbo-Zhoushan and come down to the fifth place, sees its current position threatened from the port of Busan

15/04/15Launched to the terminal Fines Service of Marghera a barge that will be employed for the dams of the port of Genoa
is realized by the yard Marine Tech di Fusina

15/04/15the German family Meyer will become only owner of the Finnish ship yard of Turku
In the next weeks will be acquired the quota stopped 30% from the Finnish Industry Investment

15/04/15Shipping Italian RDB asks to approach chapter 15 of the bankrupt Code American
If admitted to such procedure, the American assets of the company would come places protected from the actions of the creditors

14/04/15Thursday to Genoa will hold a seminary on naval paintings
Is organized from the From Liguria-Piedmontese section of ATHENA

14/04/15the Harbour Authority of Taranto denunciation that Evergreen will start a new service Pireo and Bari rather than to scale the Jonian port
This - it has emphasized the agency - although to the terminal of Taranto, closed for unilateral choice of the TCT of which the same Evergreen she is partner, is available approximately 900 meters of dock

14/04/15the WTO previews a modest rise of the world-wide traffic of the goods in 2015 and 2016
the increase of recorded +2.8% in 2014 is inferior to previewed +3.1% last September and +4.7% assumed a year ago

14/04/15In the 2015 economic result clearly of the German terminalista Eurogate has grown of +4.7%
the revenues are piled to 566,0 million euros (+5.3%)

14/04/15Mission of the Harbour Authority and the Association of the Shippers of the port of Trieste to Praga
Friday will introduce the harbour and logistic system of the giuliana city

14/04/15A.N.CA.NA. P., serious if in Italy the prospecting technique "air gun" became a crime
the shipbuilding association asks the abolition for art. the 452 - quaterdecies of the bill n. 1345

14/04/15After 72 consecutive months of increase, to March 2015 the traffic of the goods in the Chinese ports has recorded a bending
the traffic of the container has been pairs to beyond 15,1 million teu (+2.7%)

14/04/15Kuehne + Nagel closes the first trimester of this year with an improvement of the economic results
bending of the volume of shipments enlivened for marine way. In increase the shipments for aerial way

13/04/15Fusion in the field of the marine agencies: the S5 North Europe will buy the Jardine Shipping Services
Both take part of the net S5 Agency World

13/04/15Qatar Navigation and UACC in negotiations for the fusion of the fleets of product tanker and chimichiere
Between the objectives, the strengthening of the market share

13/04/15the SCOP SeaFrance and its operating company MyFerryLink are placed under judicial administration
the surveillance council has deliberated the revocation of the assignment to the general manager Doutrebente

13/04/15Bimco and ICS are realizing a new relationship on the conditions of job of the marine ones
This year is started a survey in order to involve the workers directly

13/04/15Agreements of GTT with the yards Samsung and Hyundai in the field of the membrane reserviors for ships to metaniere
the understandings have the objective to industrialize the new constructive technology Mark V

13/04/15To March the traffic goods enlivened from the port of Singapore has recorded a decrease of the -3,4%
In the first trimester of the 2015 is totaled 145,6 million tons (+2.7%)

13/04/15Fincantieri has delivered to the ship from cruise estra luxury the Lyrial to the Ponant French
the unit can accommodate 244 passengers in 122 cabins all with external sight

10/04/15Mario Sommariva will be the new general secretary of the Harbour Authority of Trieste
the commissioner of the agency, Zeno D' Augustin, has introduced to the Harbour Committee the lines directives of its mandate

10/04/15Trasportounito throws again the agreement of field for the container
the initiative will be introduced tomorrow to Genoa

10/04/15From three years the alive port of Venice in the uncertainty of its future crocieristico
Today is signed the voluntary agreement Venice Blue Flag 2015

10/04/15Reunited Tugs Panfido acquires an important quota Neapolitan Tugs
the fleets of the Venetian company and that Neapolitan are constituted altogether by 41 tugs

10/04/15Meyer Werft has delivered the new ship from cruise Anthem of the Seas to the group Royal Caribbean
will be christened 20 April in the port of Southampton

10/04/15In the 2014 ferries that carry out connections with the Corsica has transported 4,07 million passengers (- 4.3%)
the traffic on the ports of continental France has been of 2,81 million passengers (- 7.5%) and that on the Italian ports of 1,26 million passengers (+3.6%)

09/04/15Prize of the International Salvage Union to Titan Salvage and Micoperi for the recovery of Costa Concordia
Acknowledgment of the exceptional service returned to the industry of the marine recovery

09/04/15the Harbour Committee of Livorno has approved of unanimously the relation on the activities carried out in 2014
the ban of contest for the consent in concession compendium of the dry docks

09/04/15Al port of a day of study in matter of work safety
is promoted by National Bilateral Agency (EBN) Ports

09/04/15Series of encounters on the port of Genoa and its relations with the city
the 15, 22 will hold in from Liguria chief town and 29 April

09/04/15In the Swiss transalpine traffic the goods travels more and more on track
In 2014 is recorded the minor number of transits of truck of last the 20 years

08/04/15Genco Shipping will acquire the company Baltic Trading Ltd…
Together will have a fleet of 70 to rinfusiere of the total ability to beyond 5,1 million tpl

08/04/15In decrease the traffic of the goods in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven
In decrease goods containerized, goods conventional and solid bulk. Increase of cargos liquids

08/04/15Which Italian ports would be included in the Core net of TRIES on the base of the more recent data of traffic
To the question has tried to answer Luca Antonellini (Italian Society of Politics of the Transports)

08/04/15Shipping and unions of the shipping speed up the nations EU to face the humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean
All the Member States of the EU - according to ECSA, ETF, ICS and ITF - must share the burden financial of the operations of search and aid

08/04/15To February the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa is diminished of the -0,9%
Goods several in increase of +8.1%. Decrease of mineral oils, the industrial bulk and the passengers

08/04/15the consortium CMA CGM - Terminal Link will manage Kingston Container Terminal
Undersigned the contract of concession of the duration 30-year-old

07/04/15Incontro to in order to clarify the issue of the customs corridors
Forcieri: concrete points are characterized on which acting definitively in common way closing the controversies

07/04/15In the 2014 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Cagliari is diminished of the -3,9%
the crocieristi are dropped of the -43,9%

07/04/15Nuovo western Mediterranean service - Central America of CMA CGM
will be inaugurated 24 April and will have frequency weekly magazine

07/04/15Great fusion in the field of the deliveries express: Fedex will acquire TNT
Offered of the value of 4,4 billion euros

07/04/15STX France announces a reorganization of the activity of the ship yard of Lorient
In the plant will be used the half of the workers employed previously

07/04/15CMA CGM orders three new portacontainer from 20.600 teu
will be constructed by the Philippine ship yard Subic Shipyard of HHIC

30/03/15Study for the development of railway connections between the port of Ravenna and the Interporto of Parma
Interest for the activation of "a multiprodotto-multicliente" service

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