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24 July 2014 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 21:22 GMT+2

24/07/14the delay of the exception for the boarding of security guards in antipirateria function
Grimaldi (Confitarma): in such a way it is possible to continue to guarantee the defense of our mercantile ships from attacks

24/07/14In the first semester the traffic goods in the port of Ancona is increased of +36%
Completed the intense activities of the overwhelmed bathtub of, where the mud of the dredgings of the marchigiani ports will be deposited
ABB Marine Solutions

24/07/14To Taranto is constituted Greenmed Srl
the initiative takes part of the plan in order to stimulate the traffic of producing agricultural and food- in the Jonian port
Salerno Container Terminal

24/07/14Royal Caribbean Cruises archivia according to trimester with positive results
the profit clearly has grown of +456.3%. Sensitive increase (+9.3%) of the passengers

24/07/14To september the Italian Academy of Marina Mercantile will start the formation of beyond 100 young people
Run in collaboration with Large Costa Crociere and of the Navi Veloci

24/07/14In the first semester the harbour terminals of DP World have recorded an increment of +10.7% of the traffic of the container
In the solo second according to trimester is enlivened 15,06 million teu (+9.8%)

24/07/14Euronav has closed the first semester with a net loss of -39,3 million dollars
the revenues are increased of +30.8%

24/07/14Bending of the economic results of the chartering society container SUCH International
the American company has closed the second trimester with a profit clearly of 29,4 million dollars (- 22.5%)

23/07/14HHI anticipates a system of aid to navigation in order to determine the best one broken and in order to prevent the collisions
will be commercialized by 2016

23/07/14CLIA Europe subjects to European politics five priority for the crocieristica industry to insert in the policies of the EU
the crocieristico tourism contributes with beyond 39 billion euros to the European economies

23/07/14Assologistica asks the immediate withdrawal for the provision of increase of the cost of the electric power of the trains cargo
Mearelli: the increase of which spread 30% on three years is not an acceptable answer

23/07/14Confetra, the sentence of death sentence of the rail shipment of the goods is about to become definitive
the Confederation in extremis invokes an participation to the Senate in order to block the effect of an amendment to the bill "Competitiveness"

23/07/14the EU commission submits Italy to the Law court for the lacked recovery the aid to SEA Handling
draft of approximately 360 million euros granted between 2002 and 2010

23/07/14group ABB records an increase of the orders and a contraction of the economic results
Rise of the performances in the Italian market

23/07/14the Comarit Moroccan is placed in judicial liquidation
the navigation company had stopped the activity at the beginning of 2012

22/07/14the port of Venice archivia the first semester with a -13,9% because of the zero setting of the volume of crude oil
the crocieristi have recorded a decrease of the -6,8%

22/07/14APM Terminals sells own container terminal in Virginiums to Alinda Capital Partners and Universities Superannuation Scheme
Christian Moller Laursen: for next the 16 years we would have been not operating lessors of the structure

22/07/14In the first semester of the 2014 traffic of the goods in the port of Taranto has recorded an light rise of +0.9%
To june is totaled a decrease of the -3,1%

22/07/14Saipem assigned to Sembcorp Marine the contract of conversion for two FPSO
the store clerk has a total value of approximately 483 million dollars

22/07/14Scorpio Bulkers tightens a preliminary agreement for a credit line of 540 million dollars
the deep ones will be used in order to finance until 55% of the price of construction of 24 to rinfusiere

22/07/14Goldman Sachs will acquire 30% of the new Turkish port of Petkim
the investment will pile to 250 million dollars

22/07/14In the first semester 2014 Fincantieri records an increment of +87% of the new orders
the workload has reached 9,5 billion euros (+39%)

22/07/14ANITA invites the government to "a courage action" on the SISTRUM
Coppey: the association asks that the obligatory nature of the SISTRUM, also to the aims of the contribution, is suspended

22/07/14Panalpina clearly closes according to trimester with an increment of +8.6% of the result and a decrease of the -5,4% of the turnover
In the segment of air shipments is enlivened 213,400 tons (+1.9%) and in that of 402,100 marine shipments container (+9%)

21/07/14the ICS asks a harmonization for the relative inspections of PSC the sulfur tenor in the fuel of the ships
"six months are solo upon maturity - the general secretary Hinchliffe has explained - and are fundamental that as soon as possible Paris MOU and its Member States clarify all the details of the performance of the inspections in zones SECA

21/07/14the French group of classification and certification Bureau Veritas has acquired Brazilian System PRI
the company is specialized in the assistance to the management of plans in the fields of the transports, the constructions and the energy

21/07/14To Klaipeda has concluded second the meeting of the plan "SOS Stress On Ships"
Guided from the Italian Academy of Marina Mercantile, is centralized on stress that on board involves the working life of the ships

21/07/14To Marseilles is instituted the society that will realize a new terminal for the transport arranged in the French port
is participated by Harbour Authority, Chamber of Commerce, Greenmodal Transport (CMA CGM) and three financial institutions

21/07/14First rough draft of the lines guides for the drawing up of the new Portuale Town development plan of Monfalcone
Friday to Trieste is examined by the advisory Committee of the Port

21/07/14One hundred shippers of Switzerland and the Italy North have visited the port of Livorno
Initiative of the Harbour Authority of the Leighorn port of call and the General Export

18/07/14the European Rail Freight manifest Association worry for the tendencies of rimonopolizzazione of the railway market
the association exhorts to complete progresses on the political pillar of the Fourth Railway Package

18/07/14the 27 July the port of will be opened to the city with a concert
Sul theater box 25 coming musicians from Turkey, Egypt, Albania and United Regno

18/07/14the new communal administration of Livorno is confronted with the Harbour Authority on the topics of the port
mayor Nogarin and the city council members Aurigi and Gordiani have met the general secretary of the Provincial authority

18/07/14Reconstitution of the The International Propeller Club Port of Civitavecchia-Rome
Presided from Giannandrea Palomba, part from a base of 21 associates

18/07/14In the first half of the 2014 traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona has grown of +7.1%
To recorded june an increment of +3.3%

18/07/14the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Rotterdam in the first semester
the Harbour Authority previews that entire 2014 will be archived item with a progression of +1% approximately

18/07/14Wärstilä Corporation - It lowers It are Shipbuilding Corporation in the field of the two-stroke engines
In the new society, participated respective to 30% and 70%, will meet the activities in this segment of market of the Finnish group. Wärstilä closes according to trimester with a profit before taxes of 109 million euros (+5%)

18/07/14Assomarinas supports the development of the tourist portualità also through the formation
To November will leave the second edition of "Emma - Executive Master in Marina Management"

18/07/14Hapag-Lloyd announces the next cessation of the ports of call feeder to
the cargos will be forwarded through the ports of Genoa and Livorno

17/07/14Zambrano (National Engineers Council): it is necessary to plan surer ships and ports
the Italian Space Agency puts on the acquisitions radar of satellites in order to follow the operations of transfer of the property left at death one of "Costa Concordia"

17/07/14Passage of deliveries to the summit of Apulian Ports
Priest (port of Taranto) is succeeded to the outgoing president Marian (port of Bari)

17/07/14Zim exults for the positive conclusion of the negotiations with the creditors for the restructure of the debit
has lasted 18 months

17/07/14Pasqualino Monti will be confirmed to the presidency of Assoporti
the directive council has decided unanimously to indicate to the assembly its confirmation for two years

17/07/14In the first half of this year the transported cargo volumes from the ships journeyed from Suez have grown of +8.2%
the channel Egyptian is crossed by 8.160 units (+1.8%)

17/07/14In first semester HHI has recorded a decrease of the -16% of the value of the new orders of shipbuilding
the consistency of the pocketbook orders has grown of 3%

17/07/14In the first semester of the 2014 port of Long Beach has enlivened 3,3 million container (+2.5%)
To june the increment of the traffic has been of +8.0%

17/07/14the Hyundai group sells own branch logistic Hyundai Logistics
88.8% of the capital of the company will be yielded to special purpose company a 70:30 participated from the Orix Japanese and South Korean HMM

16/07/14To Bari has held the event of closing of the JOYFUL plan
the initiative, started in 2012, has allowed to realize the Port Community System of the ports of the East

16/07/14Introduced to the Parliament the first relation anniversary of the new the Authority of Regulation of the Transports
Occorre - president Camanzi has said - than the Authority is put in condition operatively for accelerating the putting of its operating ability

16/07/14the EU co-finances a plan for the development of the intermodal logons between the ports of Alto Adriatico
For the first time a Croatian port front man of an European plan

16/07/14Al via the activity of HEARS - Workshops of Arquata in the field of the maintenance of locomotori and railway wagons
the iter in order to reactivate the operating activities previously in head to ODA96

16/07/14In the first half of this Chinese marine year the port has enlivened 87,1 million container (+6.9%)
To june the traffic has been pairs to 15,2 million teu (+7.1%)

16/07/14ClassNK buys the Canadian computer service company Helm Operations
the company of Victoria has developed computer science systems currently in use on approximately thousand ships

16/07/14Seatrade starts a program of new constructions of ships for perishable goods
Tidy two portacontainer from 2.200 teu to the Chinese group Yangfan

16/07/14In the first six months of the 2014 traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City has recorded an increment of +9.2%
the Californian port of call has enlivened beyond four million teu

15/07/14In the first half of the 2014 terminal of COSCO Pacific has enlivened 32,5 million container (+10.1%)
In according to trimester the increase has been of +11.0%

15/07/14In the plant Fincantieri di Sestri West is started the construction of the Seven Seas Explorer
the ship from cruise will be the flagship of the fleet of Regent Seven Seas Cruises

15/07/14the Harbour Committee of Livorno unanimously gives the green light to the economic support to the Agency for the Job in Port
Sent back to the 28 July the reunion on the cession of the quotas Porto 2000

15/07/14Is the eight admitted subjects to participate to the privatization of the Harbour Authority of Salonicco
Between these figures APM Terminals, ICTSI, Mitsui & Co., DP World and Russian Railways

15/07/14Saipem adjudicates new contracts for FPSO in Brazil and Angola
Has a total value of 600 million dollars

15/07/14is begun to Genoa the course of high Expert formation "of the Logistics of the transports and the Shipping"
Is organized in partnership from Asfor, Assagenti and Spediporto

15/07/14In the first semester of the 2014 port of Hong Kong has enlivened 11,1 million container (+3.5%)
To june the increment of the traffic has been of +5.6%

15/07/14Norwegian Cruise Line orders to two new great ships from cruise of 164.600 tsl to Meyer Werft
the store clerk will have a total value of approximately 1,6 billion euros

14/07/14the port of Antwerp has closed the first semester of 2014 with a traffic record
Movimentate 98.229.046 tons of goods (+2.7%)

14/07/14a delegation of Osaka Port and Harbor Association Welfare has visited the port of
the scope has been that to comprise the managerial modalities of the main European ports

14/07/14Incontri exploratory of the two "tests" in sight of the nomination of the president of Assoporti
Thursday Giovanni Grimaldi and Luciano Guerrieri will report to the directive council

14/07/14In according to trimester of this year result clearly of the group Kuehne + Nagel has grown of +5.2%
Stabilization of the revenues, than in last the six trimesters billions of franchi Swiss have been pairs to 4,1-4,1

14/07/14China COSCO orders the construction of ten ships to rinfusiere
the store clerks have a total value of 263 million dollars

14/07/14In the first semester of the 2014 traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore has grown of +7.2%
In the segment of the container is enlivened 16,5 million teu (+4.4%)

11/07/14Porto of Ancona, the two third party of the traffic goods of the ferries has origin in north-western Europe
Affinity (RAM): the Ecobonus becomes practical a European not limited to the single marine draft, but to support for the entire logistic chain of the freeways of the sea

11/07/14In the first five months of the 2014 Spanish ports has enlivened 194 million tons of goods (+3.8%)
solid Bulk +9.6%; liquid bulk +3.2%; goods several +2.6%

11/07/14ANITA returns to ask an improvement for the services the road haulage in the port of
the association remembers that the haulers can demand to the outsourcers the payment of 40 euros the hour for the overcoming of the period of exemption

11/07/14Confetra invokes the dismissal of the payment of the contribution Antitrust
Marcucci: he would not be neither fair neither rational to ask the enterprises to pay a contribution based on a estimate of expense that the government has tax to reduce

11/07/14Performance of relative the European directive to the sulfur tenor of fuel for marine use
the Council of Ministers has approved of a specific one decrees legislative

11/07/14Agreement Louis Dreyfus Armateurs - Golden Agri-Resources for the oil transport of palm in Indonesia
Maritime group GAR will acquire 50% of Orchard Services

11/07/14the Yilport Turk will manage the Sjursøya Container Terminal of Oslo
the contract will have a duration 20-year-old with option for others ten

11/07/14In the first semester of this year the port of Tanger Med has enlivened 1,5 million container (+24%)
In decided increase also the car traffic

10/07/14For the European Shippers' Council, the new introduced alliance 2M from Maersk and MSC is less worrisome of the P3, but not innocuous
Second the association of the loaders, the EU commission would have to extend own investigation on the aids of State to the ports to all the European ports of call and not to limit it to those of the Norther Range

10/07/14Eleven Neapolitan companies of the marine field have constituted the Net of the Sea
the initiative has been born on the wake of the action of the Campania Region in order to promote the nets of enterprises

10/07/14In the first semester the traffic in the port of Savona has recorded a caused decrease of the -2,8% from the firm activity of Tyrrhenian headquarters Power
the goods several has totaled an increment of +11.3% and the liquid bulk has grown of +7.6%

10/07/14A.P. Møller-Mærsk and UltraAcqua sell own participation in DESMI Ocean Guard to group DESMI
the company that work in the field of the disinfection and treatment of ballast waters

10/07/14Maersk and MSC try to repropose the constitution of the greatest shipowning alliance of the field of line without CMA CGM
the new 2M - they have assured the two partner - will not be managed by an independent organization, the ships will be operated independently, it will not include combined marine activities neither engagements or responsibility of commercial character

09/07/14the EU commission opens an investigation on the tax exemptions granted to the Dutch ports
Under examination also other harbour ports of call of the Northern Range, with demands for information sent to France, Belgium and Germany

09/07/14MSC Cruises a service of pediatric telemedicina on board of own ships
Initiative in collaboration with Istituto Giannina Gaslini of Genoa

09/07/14Forcieri (AP La Spezia): fundamental the completion within the 2015 of the doubling of the railway line Spezia-Parma
Near the Interporto Europe Quadrant of Verona is introduced a study on from Liguria harbour port of call

09/07/14the EU commission starts an investigation on the new society of ground handling of the airports of Milan
the objective is to ascertain if an injection of capital of 25 million euros is online with the norms EU on the aids of State

09/07/14the ECSA complains a delay in the simplification of the formalities for the ships that land in the ports EU
Verhoeven: "Europe does not need multiple national Windows Single, but of an European only door"

09/07/14Boredoms (Confcommercio) writes to minister Lupi in order to recommend a fast launch of the harbour reform
"an participation in this within"

09/07/14the Harbour Committee of Trieste has approved of update 2013 of the Operations plan
New effettuabili investments for 393,8 million euros within 2019

09/07/14Macquarie Infrastructure Company will acquire the entire property of the terminalista society American International-Matex Tank Terminals
the company possesses ten terminals for the liquid bulk. The transaction has a value of beyond a billion of dollars

08/07/14Introduced the plan for the construction of the navigation channel of 278 kilometers through Nicaragua
the width of the water way will be between 230 and 520 meters and its depth of 30 meters. The work, included others five infrastructural plans, will cost 40 billion dollars

08/07/14Porto of Ancona: between freeways of the sea and Scandinavian-Mediterranean corridor
Is the topic of a convention in program thursday to Ancona

08/07/14Rajesh Tandon (V. Ships India) is the new president of the International Maritime Employers' Council
Simon Spacey (CMA CGM) is named vice-president

08/07/14KVH has bought Teletext, society that supplies systems for the formation of the staff of the marine industry
the transaction has a value of 28,7 million pounds

08/07/14In the first five months of the 2014 traffic goods in the port of Genoa has grown of +1.9%
the containers have been pairs to 864.296 teu (+4.9%)

07/07/14Initiative to Taranto in order to develop the cooled producing traffics of through the port
C.I.A.O. Italy, agricultural cooperative consortium composed by organizations of producers of Apulia, Basilicata and Calabria

07/07/14Vincenzo Cannatella has assumed the assignment of president of the Harbour Authority of Palermo
21st September guided the agency like extraordinary commissioner

07/07/14Wednesday will be launched a new pilot's boat of the Body Pilots of the port of Genoa
is constructed in the Bellcraft yard of Viareggio

07/07/14This year in the adriatic ports is previewed a decrease of -13% of the crocieristico traffic and increase of +2.1% of the passengers of the ferries
Answers Tourism has introduced the second edition of the Adriatic Sea Tourism Report

07/07/14Vard (Fincantieri group) has bought the society of Marine naval planning STX Canada
Has center to Vancouver and offices to Ottawa and Houston

07/07/14the maximum duration of the harbour concessions in Spain is extended by 35 to 50 years
the financial institution of the Bottom for terrestrial accessibility of the ports

07/07/14the Norwegians Saga and Westfal-Larsen constitute a pool in the segment of the ships open hatch
the fleet will be formed by 52 units more two new ships that will be taken in delivery in 2017

04/07/14Agreement Region Friuli Venice Julia - Costa Crociere in order to increase the ports of call of the ships of the company to Trieste
the understanding among other things previews the strengthening of the presence of Coast in the Trieste Passenger terminal

04/07/14the port of Crotone will be equipped of gate of access
Investment of 1,3 million euros financed from the Calabria Region

04/07/14Last May the traffic of the container in the port of Genoa has grown of +11.2%
the increment of the total traffic of the goods has been of +14.7%

04/07/14CMA CGM and Adani will realize a fourth container terminal in the port of Mundra
Will be able to receive portacontainer super-Post and Ultra Large and will have an ability to traffic of 1,3 million teu

04/07/14the contract for the dredging of the backdrops to the Italy Pier of the port of Livorno
Monday will be signed the contract for the realization of micro the tunnel under the channel of access to the industrial port

04/07/14the resources generated from the ports of Barcelona and Tarragona will not end in the Bottom of Accessibility
the government of the Catalogna has signed an agreement with the Spanish central executive

04/07/14Assologistica asks the government to cancel the previewed increase of the energy cost at the expense of the rail shipment of the goods
Mearelli: "to capture ulteriorly from the enterprises, the transports and the logistics it will determine the collapse of the economic system"

04/07/14Monday to Catania will hold the workshop of presentation of the plan Log-In-Med
Is an instrument web-based realized for the encounter of the question and the offer in the field of the integrated logistics

03/07/14the shipowning group and logistic Danish DFDS is interested to the acquisition of Turk U.N. RO-RO
still is not introduced an offer

03/07/14Uno studio di ABB conferma un risparmio di carburante pari al 27% su navi dotate di sistemi in corrente continua
Riduzione del 14% durante le manovre di posizionamento in condizioni atmosferiche difficili

03/07/14Vicendevole exchange of accusations between the unions and Confitarma for the breach of negotiates on renews of the Ccnl of the marine ones
the Confederation relatively reproaches to the unions an attitude of closing to the section of the towing. Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti criticize Confitarma for the unilateral interruption of the negotiations and declare the state of agitation

03/07/14the installation of the last one of the 30 necessary large chests for the rigalleggiamento of Costa Concordia
the operation - Costa Crociere has explained - will be possible between ten days

03/07/14CLIA Europe appreciates the attention turned from the Italian presidency of the EU to the tourism which fundamental factor of increase for Europe
"the field of the cruises - Pierfrancesco Vago confirmation - is a key element for the European economy"

03/07/14Terminal Genoa Bulk puts in function a new depolverata hopper
the new system has cost approximately a million euro

03/07/14Rotterdam wants to become main the hub harbour nordeuropeo for the GNL refueling
Vopak and Gasunie decide the realization of the terminal LNG Break Bulk

03/07/14Mingozzi (Common of Ravenna): a "railway maneuver" in Italy coast three times the rates of Rotterdam, Amburgo and of the European ports north
Also for this reason - the vice mayor has explained - the goods is oriented still on the rubber and the street transport, that it constitutes the true challenge in the times and the tariff conditions

02/07/14Al via joint venture Boskalis - SAAM that work activity of harbor tug in the continent American
Initially is employed a fleet of 42 tugs in the Brazilian ports. Successively the operations will be extended to Mexico, Canada and Panama

02/07/14VTE has completed the process of auditing for the certification of the system of management of the quality
the society manages the container terminal in the harbour area of Voltri Prà to Genoa

02/07/14To Porto Torres has arrived the Equinox, ship from cruise that constitutes a record for the portualità of the Sardinia North
On board is 3,070 passengers and 1,200 members of the crew

02/07/14NYK, GDF Suez and Mitsubishi Corporation order the first ship for bunkeraggio of GNL to the world
Verrà taken in delivery in 2016 and will be based in the port of Zeebrugge

02/07/14Assiterminal, the increase of the costs of the electric power would put in knee the field of the rail shipment of the goods
would happen - the association emphasizes - fallen back negative on the intermodal the industry and the logistics, transport costs

01/07/14puts down It of the large chests of Mose will not interfere with the harbour activities of Venice
the extra-costs of the additional nautical services technical will not be debited to the harbour user

01/07/14Convention on the future of the logistics and the intermodalità in Italy
from NENS and UIR, will hold the 7 July to Rome

01/07/14Green light of the EU commission to the Great plan of the port of Salerno
Investment of 73 million euros, of which 53,2 million financed from the EU. Saturday to the way Sea Sun Salerno

01/07/14Ban of Fedarlinea for the bestowal of two Prizes of Study
Initiative in collaboration with the University of the Studies of Naples Federico II

01/07/14the negotiations lead from the Finnish government and Meyer Werft in order to acquire STX Finland are in advanced phase
Shortly - minister Vapaavuori has explained - we will be able to complete the necessary steps ahead

01/07/14Marcucci (Confetra): if one does not correct the shooting, I decree "Competitiveness" will put market in Italy outside the rail shipment of the goods
the Confederation denunciation that gives to years politics of the transports is decided by the Treasure and they do not give the minister of the Transports

01/07/14the rigalleggiamento of the property left at death one of Costa Concordia will be carried out within two weeks and the ship will arrive to Genoa to the end of July
the Council of Ministers has approved of the plan for the transfer and digestion of the ship proposed from Costa Crociere

30/06/14the next year in the fleet of British the CMV will enter the ship from Azores cruise
from the Portuscale Cruises, will be rented in the long term

30/06/14To May the traffic of the goods in the port of Taranto is diminished of the -27,1%
In the first five months of 2014 is recorded an increase of +1.9%

30/06/14To the institutional investors will go only 11% of the public offer for sale realized from Fincantieri
Al public retail will go 89%. The total proceeds deriving from the total offer are pairs to approximately 343,6 million euros

30/06/14a newyorkese delegation has met economic the harbour community and of
the reunion was finalized to create occasions of exchange of experiences and contacts

30/06/14FerCargo, the minimal increment of the costs of the electric power would determine immediate the default of the railway companies
In a note to the government full the manifest association and absolute contrarietà towards the heavy increase of the cost previewed from the bill "Competitiveness"

30/06/14the pension fund Danish Danica Pension becomes minority stockholders of the Unifeeder
has bought 400 million actions of the company

27/06/14Grimaldi (Confitarma): the shipowners do not want to elude the new rules on the atmosphere, but they must be put in condition for being able to apply them
the new norms - it has emphasized - will take effect at the same time, demanding participations also on the already existing units

27/06/14Sunday the maiden voyage of before 28 new ships from 9.400-10.900 teu of CMA CGM
"CMA CGM Danube" is long 300 meters, wide 48 1,458 meters and can transport container refrigerator from 40 '

27/06/14Cgil, Cisl and Uil denounce the bureaucratic diffuseness and the slowness of the administrative law that block the infrastructural works in the port of Taranto
to the government. Demanded the advance of the public audience of the fixed Council of State for 28 October

27/06/14ABB will sell Meyer Steel Structures to the American Trinity Industries for 600 million dollars
the transaction will be put into effect in the course of the third trimester of this year

27/06/14Assoporti asks the nomination for the presidents of the nine commissariate Italian Harbour Authorities
Mounts renews the appeal to the unit of the marine-harbour cluster

27/06/14the summit of the Agespedo, the genoese association of the customs brokers
President is named Claudio Melandri

27/06/14Others two ships in the agreement Wärstilä - Prestige Cruise for the maintenance of the motors of the fleets
the understanding now covers eight ships for a total of 35 motors

27/06/14Agreements between Kotahi, Port of Tauranga and Maersk Line in order to develop the export New Zealand with ships from 6.500 teu
To the Danish company is guaranteed a traffic of export until 2,5 million teu in the arc of next the ten years

26/06/14Propelling Club of Trieste renews the efforts in order to promote the development of the economy of the sea in the giuliana city
In the year the 2013-14 number of the associates is gone up to 96

26/06/14In the 2012 produced direct added value from the six ports Belgian is diminished of the -0,5%
That producing from the single marine cluster is increased of +8.2%

26/06/14the Harbour Authority of Livorno to the TOC Europe 2014 of London
the agency has realized two road show in order to introduce to the international community the plans of technological innovation

26/06/14Al Transport Logistic China the port of Cagliari has tightened the ties with the Asian market
Which met the responsibles of a series of enterprises and institutions

26/06/14AP Venice, not to decide on the great ships to S. Marco makes us to make a very bad figure in front of world-wide the public opinion
the Regional Administrative Court has sent back to October the pronunciamento on the decree of the Harbour office

26/06/14Federmar-Cisal denunciation the indefensible condition of the marine labor market
the union has sent a letter to the minister of Infrastructures and the Transports

26/06/14the manager of the UIRNet platform will be chosen within December
the society wishes the definition of a norm that assures also for the future the gratuity of the onboard equipments

26/06/14ARPA Tuscany, yes to the transfer of the Concord to Genoa if before verification the availability of the port of Piombino
the new examination of the final destination - second the Agency - is necessary in order to ulteriorly reduce relative the environmental risks and of safety to the towing operations

26/06/14Rossi (Tuscany Region): Piombino is "the only port in Italy that has the authorizations for destruction"
the "window" useful in order to carry the "Concord" in from Tuscany port - it supports - would be opened all the year. Visit to the port of call of the Pietrelli alderman in order to state the state of advance of the intense activities

25/06/14To Livorno the Harbour Authority will economically support the Agency for the Job in Port
the proposal has obtained the positive opinion of the Advisory Commission and will come subordinate to the attention of the next Harbour Committee

25/06/14Costa Crociere emphasizes that the only suitable solution in Italy for the dismantling of the Concord is its transfer to Genoa
"Piombino - it has explained the CEO Thamm - does not constitute a valid alternative because of the substantial delays in the operations of adaptation of the port"

25/06/14Sled still the decision on the destination of the property left at death one of Costa Concordia
Would have to be assumed in the next few days from the Council of Ministers

25/06/14strategy of marine safety of the EU
is approved of yesterday by the Council of the European Union

25/06/14Agreement on the acquisition of 49% of Alitalia from Etihad Airways
Colaninno: Etihad is for Alitalia an ideal strategic partner

25/06/14Brussels extends until April 2020 the validity of the regulations of exemption for category for the companies of marine transport of line
Satisfaction of the World Shipping Council and the European Community Shipowners' Associations

25/06/14the Harbour Authority of Trieste asks the restoration for the circulation on "Transalpine" the railway draft
the temporary suspension of the percorribilità - the agency emphasizes - constitutes an important limitation to the access via iron to infrastructures of the port

24/06/14Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna has grown of +17.6%
In the first five months of this year is enlivened 10,3 million tons (+12.4%)

24/06/14In the trimester March-May the profit clearly of Carnival Corporation has recorded an increment of +158%
the increase is determined by a reduction of the not operating expenses

24/06/14Kombiverkehr depends on an ulterior increase of the volumes transported on the Germany-Italy axis
Last year has been pairs to 389.806 shipments (+3.6%)

24/06/14Gulftainer enters in the harbour market American
the Middle Eastern society will manage a new terminal for several container and goods in the port of Port Canaveral

24/06/14the harbour community of Barcelona does not have some intention to pay 30% of the terrestrial connections with the markets of all the Spanish ports
Harbour Authority and Chamber of Commerce is lined up against the modality of financing of the Bottom of Accessibility previewed from the government

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