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26 October 2016 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 19:15 GMT+2

26/10/16From the 2017 RFI will stipulate agreements picture with the operators of the logistics
the objective is to increase the volume of the goods transported on iron
ABB Marine Solutions

26/10/16In the third trimester the revenues of terminalista society COSCO Shipping Ports have grown of +3.4%
the profit clearly is piled to 51,1 million dollars (- 47.1%)
Est Europea Servizi Terminalistici

26/10/16Beyond 200 representatives of first floor of the marine field participates to Naples to "Shipping and the Law"
Two days of arguments between shipowners, bankers, producers of technologies and experts of finance

26/10/16In improvement the economic performances of the producer of crane Konecranes
In decrease, instead, the new orders

26/10/16In the third trimester the containerized trade enlivened from the HPH terminals Trust is diminished of the -7,9%
In the first nine months of this year the bending of the traffic has been of the -7,4%

25/10/16In the third trimester of the 2016 traffic in the port of Ravenna is diminished of the -1,5%
In the first nine months of this year the total has been of 19,3 million tons (+5.7%)

25/10/16Porto of, ok to the extension until end 2019 of the fleeting concession and the service to the Apls
Withdrawn the point on the agenda of the Harbour Committee on the contest ban

25/10/16Panalpina archivia the third trimester with an increase of the operating result and the result clearly
the turnover clearly instead is dropped of the -13,7%

25/10/16Confetra, the fiscal bill will have fallen back negative on the Italian imports
Marcucci: it is a norm that of night destroys the constructed canvas by day

25/10/16the full operativity of the new terminal cruises of the port of Cagliari
2 November three ships will carry in city beyond 9.000 passengers

25/10/16In decided decrease the economic performances of the Cargotec group in the third trimester
In the period the value of the new orders is diminished of -19%. Cut of approximately 260 places of work in MacGregor

25/10/16Incontro of Propeller Club of Trieste on the traffics between the Middle East and the Adriatic
Is in program thursday

25/10/16Costamare has closed the third trimester with a profit clearly of 20,7 million dollars (- 40.6%)
the revenues are dropped of the -4,6%

25/10/16Accentuation of the bending of the economic results of the Wärtsilä group in the third trimester
the orders in the marine and offshore field are diminished of the -29%

25/10/16In the third trimester the terminals of DP World have enlivened 16,1 million container (+1.6%)
In the first nine months of the 2016 total has been of 47,5 million teu (+2.2%)

24/10/16To september the traffic in the port of Valencia has turned out stable
In the first nine months of the 2016 Spanish port has enlivened almost 3,5 million container (- 0.3%)

24/10/16Traffic goods in decrease of the -1% in the port of Zeebrugge in the first nine months of this year
is enlivened altogether 28,6 million tons

24/10/16Occupation and competitiveness of the Italian armament to the center of the relation of Grimaldi to the assembly of Confitarma
the president of the Confederation has evidenced the impact of the return of the protectionism on the shipping

24/10/16Green light of American FMC to shipowning alliance OCEAN
the four companies are authorized to share ships and spaces of cargo

24/10/16the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Rotterdam in the third trimester
In increase the liquid container and bulk. Decrease of the other goods several and the solid bulk

24/10/16Launch of three product tanker of Friend International Shipping
the ships are constructed by the Vietnamese yard Hyundai Vinashin Shipyard Co…

24/10/16APM Terminals orders a series of crane for according to terminal that will manage to Tanger Med
Twelve ship-to-Shore means are commissioned to Chinese ZPMC and 32 gantry Crane to the Künz Austrian

24/10/16Hanjin specific Shipping which branches European will stop the activity
draft of Hanjin Shipping Europe, Hanjin Shipping Hungary Transportation, Hanjin Shipping Poland and Hanjin Spain

24/10/16Hanjin Shipping would be about to stop own activities in Europe
the closing of the offices would be started this week

21/10/16In the third Premuda trimester has recorded a net loss of -5,5 million euros
the revenues Time base charter have been pairs to 12,3 million euros (- 11.3%)

21/10/16Confronto Danwatch - Maersk on the problem of the sustainable recycling of the ships
Inquiry of the Danish center of investigative journalism on the yards of Alang. Stube (Maersk): we have decided to act quickly and to begin to improve the conditions in the plants

21/10/16In the third trimester of this year of traffic of the goods in the port of Antwerp is increased of +2.6%
In increase the goods several and the liquid bulk. Decrease of the bulk sand banks

21/10/16characterizing Elements and points of criticality of the reform of the governance of the Italian ports
is evidenced in the course of a meeting promoted from the Union Pilots

21/10/16Hanjin Shipping in negotiations with MSC in order to yield own quota in Total Terminals International
the society manages container terminal in the ports of Long Beach and Seattle

21/10/16the conclusive action of the Agreement of program with the deep ones for the Europe Dock of Livorno
is previewed participations for beyond 580 million uro, in prevalence destined to the realization of the harbour work

20/10/16In the first nine months of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Taranto has grown of +17.6%
In the solo third trimester the increment has been of +8.6%

20/10/16to Turin of the society of sale and means chartering for logistics CLS
In the center operates beyond 25 people

20/10/16In the fiscal year the 2016 channel of Panama hat is crossed by 13.114 ships (+5.9%)
net tonnage of the journeyed units has been pairs to 330,7 million tons PC/UMS (- 2.7%)

20/10/16DB Cargo UK announces the cut of 893 places of work
also the reduction of the fleet of locomotives and railway wagons and of the number of offices

20/10/16the Greek Kyriakos Anastassiadis will be the new president of CLIA Europe
Is managing director of the company Celestyal Cruises

19/10/16Up to now HHI has obtained in the field of the shipbuilding only 14.5% of the new waited for orders for entire 2016
In the first nine months of the year has been pairs to 1,23 billion dollars

19/10/16CMG CGM signs an agreement with ENGIE for feeding the large ones portacontainer with GNL
has been undersigned today to Marseilles

19/10/16will be conserved the last blockhouse of the realized chain to defense of the port of Cagliari
the detail historical-artistic interest of the manufactured product

19/10/16Ok of Brussels to the combined acquisition of UECC Ibérica from Marmedsa and UECC Portugal
the society manages a terminal ro-ro in the Spanish port of Pasajes

19/10/16In the first nine months of the 2016 terminal of COSCO Shipping Ports has enlivened 70,2 million container (+3.9%)
In the single month of september the traffic has grown of +4.1%

19/10/16Prosegue the phase of difficulty of the division of Bureau Veritas that work in the naval and offshore segment
Altogether in the first nine months of this year the revenues of the French group are diminished of the -3,0%

18/10/16Provision in order to facilitate the participations of dredging in the marchigiani ports
the participations previewed in the agreement will have a all in cost of approximately 17 million euros

18/10/16the Liguria Region is almost unanimous in rejecting the hypothesis of offshoring of the genoese section of the naval repairs
Manifestation of protest of the workers of the field

18/10/16the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona to september
In increase goods several (+12.9%) and solid bulk (+8.5%). Decrease of the -30,1% of the liquid bulk

18/10/16Contraction of the economic results of Kuehne + Nagel in the third trimester
marine and the enlivened aerial shipment volumes from the group are increased of +4.5% and +3.8%

18/10/16Profit warning of the Chinese constructor of container CIMC
for the first nine months of a 2016 loss for the shareholders comprised between -86,2 and -344,9 million yuan

18/10/16In the first nine months of this year the crocieristico traffic in the port of Livorno has grown of +18%
Aumento of +12% of the passengers of the ferries

18/10/16Chinese COSCOCS places side by side APM Terminals in the management of the terminals for container and reefer of the port of Savona I go
To the initiative participates also the Qingdao Port International Co…

17/10/16Disembarked in the port of Genoa the 3,000 destined Hanjin container with goods to Italy
Alberti: "draft of "an auspicious and supported solution from Fedespedi"

17/10/16In the first nine months of the 2016 port of Los Angeles City has enlivened 6,4 million container (+4.1%)
In the single month of september the increment has been of +2.4%

17/10/16Widening of the terminal cruises of the Carnival group in the port of Long Beach
the surface will be more than doubled

17/10/16This year Navy blue has transported 440 thousand passengers on the Lead-Portoferraio route
the ship "Acciarello" has carried out 1,839 race

17/10/16Large the Navi Veloci returns to climb to Malta
the objective is to double the frequency of the service weekly magazine goods and to extend it also to the transport of the passengers

17/10/16In Italy is constituted the Logistic Association of the Sustainable Intermodalità
President is elected Guido Grimaldi. General manager is Marcello di Caterina

17/10/16In contraction the quota the Italian marine carriers in the market international transportations of goods from and for Italy
the investigation anniversary of the Bank of Italy has found in 2015 a gone back of the quota the Italian operators in the street transport and light decrease in the aerial section

17/10/16In the first nine months of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Palermo has grown of +1.2%
the traffic of the passengers is increased of +5.0%, with a decrease of -9,2% of the crocieristi and increase of +11.4% of the passengers of the ferries

17/10/16the port of Piombino has closed the first nine months of 2016 with a traffic of 3,4 million tons of goods (- 6.3%)
the traffic of the passengers has been of 2,8 million people (+2.5%)

17/10/16To september the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of the -0,7%
In the first nine months of this year the Chinese port has movimentato14,1 million teu (- 8.5%)

14/10/16Fit-Cisl invites the Mit to modify the circular on the adaptation certifications for the marine ones
Olivieri: to worse not there is fine. Al term of the 2016 we will find ourselves with a great number of marine that will not be able to work

14/10/16Tomorrow to Genoa will hold 49ma the edition of the Saint George Prize
the plates "Attilio Traversa" and "Guglielmo Levi" will be delivered to the best graduates of Istituto Nautico

14/10/16and October to Olbia will hold seminaries on safety for the harbour operators
will be centralized on the dependencies and will evidence the effects negatives of the abuse of alcohol, drugs and game

14/10/16the West from Liguria accommodates the fourth edition of the event business-to-business "The Italian Job"
Dedicated to the field of the super yachts, is organized from Friend & Co in collaboration with Pesto Sea Group

14/10/16the Harbour Authority of Damietta has entrusted to Chinese CHEC the construction of according to container a terminal
Will have a line of dock of 2.225 meters

13/10/16Hanjin Shipping offers for sale the Asia-USA services and the relative commercial net
the interest manifestations will have to be introduced within 28 October and the offers within 7 November

13/10/16Assorimorchiatori has introduced the book "Towline connected"
Collection of breviums tests and images in order to tell what is the harbor tug

13/10/16digital Workshop on the supply chain organized from Interporto Bologna and Assologistica
will hold 25 October to San Marino of Bentivoglio (Bologna)

13/10/16proposed of the EU commission in order to change the norms on the aids of States to the ports and the airports
Invitation to the interested parts to introduce observations within 8 Decembers. Greater flexibility for the duration of the concessions in the ports

13/10/16the ports of Genoa, La Spezia and Savona participate to the fair of logistics CILF to Shenzhen
the objective is to illustrate to the Asian operators the offered increasing of the three from Liguria ports of call

13/10/16In the first semester of this year the traffic of the goods in the German ports is diminished of the -2,0%
Cali of the -3,5% of the exports and the -0,9% of the imports

13/10/16To september the traffic of the container enlivened from the port of Long Beach is diminished of the -16,6%
the port of call accusation the impact of the crisis of the Hanjin, than in the port American generated a traffic pairs to 12.3% of the total

13/10/16In the first nine months of this year the containerized trade in the port of Singapore is dropped of the -2,2%
In the single month of september is recorded an increase of +5.1%

12/10/16Satisfaction of the European shipowners for the activation of Guard Costiera and European Frontier
Verhoeven: a greater sharing of the abilities to the Coastgards and the information will be sure of aid

12/10/16PSA acquires a participation in the immensest net than intermodal terminals of China
the group of Singapore has bought 15.33% of the capital of China United International Rail Containers Co…

12/10/1624 October to Rome will hold the public session of the assembly of the Confitarma
the president Emanuele Grimaldi who the point on the current situation of the Italian mercantile fleet and on the future perspectives

12/10/16ANITA addresses to the EU commission in order to obtain the suspensory one of the Austrian sector prohibition
Baumgartner: an imposition cannot be tolerated that hinders the Italian exports of determined goods

12/10/16the new crocieristica company Asian Dream Cruises has taken in delivery the first ship
the "Genting Dream", of 151.300 tsl, is constructed in the ship yard of Bremerhaven di Meyer Werft

12/10/16In the first nine months of this year the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 6,05 billion tons of goods (+2.1%)
the container has been pairs to 144,9 million teu (+3.3%)

11/10/16To Venice holds the conference GreenPort Cruise today
to follow the international conference GreenPort

11/10/16Three groupings of enterprises have introduced offered in order to obtain the control of the Port of Livorno 2000
is constituted by Creuers of the Port De Barcelona, Bassani Adriatico and Aloschi Bros, from Sinergest Olbia, Moby, LTM and Marinvest and from C.F.G. Cruise & Ferry Group

11/10/16Transmec Group and P&O Ferrymasters have inaugurated the their new intermodal terminal in Rumania
is situated to Oradea, in presses of the border Hungarian

11/10/16Leroy Merlin has entrusted to CEVA the management in-house of the warehouse and the distribution in Italy
an agreement of the duration of four years

11/10/16Royal Caribbean Cruises agrees with Meyer Turku the construction of two ships from cruise of 200.000 tsl
will be completed in 2022 and 2024

10/10/16AP of Livorno rejects the accusation of do-nothing policy turned from the mayor to the harbour administration
Gallanti confirmation that will ahead go the contest for the cession of 66% of the capital of the Port of Livorno 2000

10/10/16To August the marine traffic in the Suez Canal is diminished of the -7,8%
In the first eight months of the 2016 is journeyed altogether 11,207 ships (- 3.4%)

10/10/16In the third trimester of this year the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Marseilles Fos has grown of +2.9%
Aumento of goods several (+6.2%) and of liquid bulk (+7.6%); decrease of the -17,9% of the bulk sand banks

10/10/16MHOS would have decided to abandon the activity of construction of great fleeting ships
the Japanese group would have in program a consolidation of own navalmeccaniche activities

10/10/16GNV has activated the plan of training & working "Hotel On Ship"
is turned the students of the hotel institutes

10/10/16In the 2015 air traffic fleeting in the European Union has grown of +4.7%
the passengers are transported 918,3 million

10/10/1619 October to Rome will hold a workshop on safety of the transports
Is organized from UIRNet in collaboration with HP Enterprise Services

10/10/16Concor, John Keells, APM Terminals and Maersk Line in contest for the development of the East Container Terminal of Columbus
the plan previews an investment of 500 million dollars

07/10/16historical Agreement in center ICAO for the reduction of the emissions of co2 of aviation
the ECSA emphasizes the necessity to establish "realistic objectives" also for the shipping

07/10/16the VTE of the port of Genoa has opened the doors to the families of the dependent of the terminal
Reception for 300 hosts in order to celebrate the twenty years of services of 70 dependent

07/10/16the Harbour Authority of Genoa is lined up to defense of the terminalisti of the port of call
the agency evidences the grindstones of investments carried out from the privately-owned companies in twenty years

07/10/16NYK announces that the consolidated semiannual budget they will not weigh on extraordinary burdens for 1,9 billion dollars
Ammonteranno to 100 million yen in the segment of portacontainer, to 85 billion yen in that of rinfusiere and to 10 billion in the air the cargo

07/10/16Ferries Virtue has ordered the construction of a fast ferry to the Incat
Vard confirmation the orders with Hapag- Lloyd Cruises for two new ships from cruise of luxury for shipments

06/10/16Collaboration of Evergreen and COSCON on the Adriatic-Israel route
joint service AIS

06/10/1620 October to Rome a convention on the new discipline for the management of the dredgings
will hold near the Auditorium of the Ministry of the Atmosphere

06/10/16Today is inaugurated new Guard Costiera and of European Frontier
Avramopoulos: "from now on the external frontier of a Member States of the EU is the external frontier of all the Member States"

06/10/16From 2019 Volkswagen will begin to use car carrier fed to GNL for the marine transport of the cars
the units will be rented by the Siem Car Carriers

06/10/16Pan-United Corporation sells its marine companies
Will be acquired from a society of entire property of the shareholders of control of the group of Singapore

06/10/16In the fleet of Toremar has entered the Schiopparello catamaran Jet
Verrà employed on the drafts for the Island of Elba between Piombino and the ports of Portoferraio and Cavo

05/10/16AP of Livorno will appeal the deliberation ANAC that it prohibits to Provincial managing the Port of Livorno 2000 temporary
Applicare the norms as if they were mathematical formulas - has emphasized the agency - door to disown the substance of rule of law

05/10/16the ambassador American in Italy has visited the port of Gioia Tauro
John Philips was accompanied by the consul general of the United States to Naples, Mary Allen Countryman

05/10/16the Italian Regions ask the activation for the cabin of direction in performance of the norms of reorder of the Harbour Authorities
the technical table will have also the function of monitoring of the implementing phase of decrees legislative

05/10/16To August the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Genoa has grown of +6.7%
In the first eight months of the 2016 total has been of 33,8 million tons (- 2.1%)

04/10/16Agreement of collaboration between the coastal Municipalities and the Harbour offices on the marine topics
has been undersigned from minister Delrio, president of the ANCI Fassino and from the general commander of the Harbours-office Melone

04/10/16the regulations on the biocidi can create remarkable problems to European shipowning the navalmeccanica industry and
has emphasized It the representatives of SEA SMRC, SEA Europe, ECSA and of the producers of varnishes to the EU commission

04/10/16a new crocieristico landing place in the port of the Pireo
COSCO Shipping confirmation investments in order to increase the traffic to 1,5 million crocieristi in the short term and to three million in along period

04/10/16the Americans Ports America and Cooper/T. Smith joins the forces in the port of Houston
joint venture Cooper/Ports America

03/10/16Zim has archived item second trimester 2016 with a net loss of -74,2 million dollars
contraction (- 19.8%) of the revenues. The transported containerized volumes from the fleet have grown of +6.9%

03/10/16Otto ministers of the Transports invites the EU commission to apply the norms against the treacherous competition in the road haulage
Such regulations - they emphasize - cannot be considered like protezionisti

03/10/16has become operating the Agency for the Harbour Job of the port of Trieste
Sommariva; it is a "model that can be exported and adapted also in the other Italian ports of call

03/10/16DFDS orders two ships ro-ro to Jinling Shipyard more four in option
the investment for the first two units will pile to approximately 134 million euros

03/10/16Concentration in the field of the systems of communication for the marine section
the Telenor Norwegian Maritime has bought the SatPoint Swede

03/10/16Agreement Carnival - Shell for the supply of GNL to two new ships from cruise
Will be first to use the fuel is in port that in navigation

03/10/16Convention of Propeller Club of Genoa on the evolution of the ships from cruise
Friday in from Liguria chief town will hold also national the directive council of Propeller Italian Clubs

30/09/16Fincantieri has delivered the Alpine frigate to Marina Militare
Is the fifth unit of program FREMM

30/09/16Which replaced on Pier VII of the port of Trieste before three cranes in phase of potenziamento
the intense activities will be completed the next spring

30/09/16In the first seven months of the 2016 transits of ships in the Suez Canal is diminished of the -2,7%
Tankers +3.3%, other units -4,6%

30/09/16Last reunion of the Harbour Committee of Bari before the birth of the Authority of Harbour System of the Southern Adriatic
the Relation Anniversary 2015

30/09/16In 2017 is attended a decrease of the -3,6% of the crocieristico traffic in the Italian ports
Answers Tourism, the total will be stopped to 10,99 million passengers regarding 11,40 million in 2016

30/09/16Costa Crociere has selected four studies that will plan the internal ones of two new ships of the fleet
draft of the societies Jeffrey Beers International, Dordoni Architects, Partner Ship Design and Rockwell Group

30/09/16UECC has taken in delivery the first Pure Car and Truck Carrier fed to GNL
the ship is able to transport 3,985 motors vehicle

30/09/16Propelling Club of Venice promotes the institution of the Propellers Adriatic Network
the objective is to value all the potentialities that the Adriatic-ionic portualità can express

29/09/16Anek has closed the first semester of 2016 with a net loss of -9,2 million euros
the revenues have grown of +3.4%

29/09/16Moby acquires a participation in the society of Russian navigation St Peter Line
the company work two you ferry on the route that connects Saint Petersburg with Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn

29/09/16Contship Italy anticipates the new governance of the terminalista group
Cupolo and Grasso are the managing directors of the areas Operations and Sales and Business Services

29/09/16a consortium guided from Chinese CCCC will spread the definitive planning of the offshore-onshore harbour system of Venice
is participated by 3Ti the Plans of Rome and And-Atmosphere of Marghera

29/09/16the ambassador of Uruguay has visited the port of Cagliari
In 2013 was signed an agreement of collaboration between the Sardinian port of call and the system of the Uruguayan ports

29/09/16Chilean SAAM will manage the Costa Rican port of Puerto Caldera
Acquisirà 51% of the capital of the Harbour Sociedad of the Caldera and the Harbour Sociedad Granelera of the Caldera

29/09/16China COSCO Shipping Corporation has introduced the own new logo
the Chinese shipowning group could buy the harbour terminals of the Hanjin Shipping

29/09/16the ITF accusation the USA to violate the rights humans preventing to the marine ones of the Hanjin ships to come down to earth
Crumlin: "this is morally and legal unacceptable"

29/09/16the German group Lürssen buys the ship yard Blohm+Voss di Amburgo
Will be active in the new construction of military ships and, if the market demands it, of yacht

28/09/16COSCO Shipping Ports will manage new Khalifa Port Container Terminal 2
will be constituted joint venture with Abu Dhabi Ports Company

28/09/16express courier DHL will introduce a proposal in order to acquire the British UK Mail
the offer will have a value of 242,7 million pounds

28/09/16industrial plan 2017-2016 of the Railroads of the State previews investments for 94 billion euros
an increase of the dependent number from 69 thousand to 100 thousand. Ambitious - the unions say - but is necessary deepenings. The segment cargo entrusted to the Mercitalia new

28/09/16Undersigned a protocol for the protection of the job in the port of Ancona
extension of the application also in the other ports of the Harbour System of the Central Adriatic

28/09/16Confetra exhorts to adopt in Italy the procedure that allows with the Hanjin ships to land in Germany and Spain
Marcucci: "the time tightens and there is the fear that in many cases the damages become infallible"

28/09/16the marine transport is indispensable for the commercial exchanges of the European Union
Via sea happens 53% of the imports of the EU and 48% of the exports

28/09/16In the port of Olbia is instituted a task force in order to monitor the environmental impact of the ships
Is composed from shipowners, marine agencies, Harbour office and Harbour Authority

28/09/16the control of Danish Ship Finance passes to pension funds PFA and PKA and to the bottom of private Axcel equities
72% of the capital is yielded by the financial institutions Danske Bank, Nordea Bank and Danmarks Nationalbank and from shipowning group A.P. Møller-Mærsk

28/09/16Maersk 14,800 Line buys container refrigerator
Partially will replace reefer old and partially they will widen the box fleet refrigerators that a consistency of beyond 270 thousand containers has

27/09/16the port of Trieste looks with confidence to the future shown from the reform of the harbour legislation
Doormats (To propel Club): the field from a do-nothing policy has let out that lasted very from 22 years

27/09/16Alarm of the WTO: this year the world-wide commerce will only grow of +1.7%
the rise of the GDP total will be hardly of +2.2%, the rate increase more contained after the crisis financial institution of 2009

27/09/16Rolls-Royce will supply to Fincantieri arranges of propulsion and machinery of covered for five ships from cruise
will be installed on units ordered from Viking Ocean Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Princess Cruises

27/09/16the second phase of the intense activities of potenziamento of the Lebanese port of Tripoli
New areas dedicated to storage of the containers

27/09/16In the first six months of this year the turnover of the Gefco group has grown of +3.5%
the EBITDA has turned out pairs to 91,3 million euros (+27.5%)

26/09/16Assiterminal restates that the norms EU do not demand to announce publicly contests for renew of the concessions in the ports
the association expresses abashment for the situation that has been generated in the port of Genoa

26/09/16ESPO, the current legislative picture TRY impose deep EU for the ports online with the objectives of European politics of the transports
Ryckbost: it would intrude to use the audit of the European State Audit Court in order to place in argument the political new IT TRY

26/09/16Carnival clearly closes the third trimester of exercise 2016 with the best one turned out economic than always
Record also of the revenues and the operating result

26/09/16Usclac, Uncdim and Smacd speed up the insertion of the marine ones in the category of the wearing intense activities
the three trade-union acronyms ask that it happens in the next law of stability

26/09/16To August the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna has grown of +22.2%
In the first eight months of the 2016 is enlivened 17,5 million tons (+8.6%)

26/09/16Agreement MSC Cruises - Alitalia in order to ulteriorly strengthen the respective presence to Cuba
the crocieristica company previews to carry you 300 thousand passengers in the period December 2016 - April 2018

26/09/16Thursday to a seminary on "the responsibilities of the raccomandatario agent"
Is organized from the Association Shipping agents La Spezia and the Maresca Law firm

26/09/16Agunsa withdraws own offer for the management of the Ecuadorian port of Mantums ray
the decision as a result of a dismissal of 60 days of the due date for the presentation of the proposals

26/09/16Nuovo crocieristico landing place to Antalya
the inspections on the site, in which it will be realized also plays hooky

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