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27 May 2016 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 22:06 GMT+2

27/05/16the operators of the ports of Genoa, La Spezia and Savona to the Breakbulk Europe 2016 of Antwerp
Miazza: the Belgian review has confirmed the strategic valence of Savona and more in general terms of the ports of the Tyrrhenian North in the traffics with Europe and the America
Evergreen Line

27/05/16Alla Spezia conference on the environmental GNL and challenges in the marine transport
Study of the Harbour Authority spezzina in order to verify the technical feasibility and the sustainability of a fed logistic chain to GNL

27/05/16the undersecretary to the Transports Vicars confirmation the goodness of the Italian organizational model for the technical-nautical services
Convention of the national Association Groups Ormeggiatori and Barcaioli Italian Ports
ABB Marine Solutions

27/05/16the Harbour Authority of Genoa announces that the requests of delay of the concessions of three terminalisti head physicians will be voted within July
"In any case, in absence of a normative detailed list in matter - it has specified admiral Pettorino - we will carry in vision our determination to the Ministry of Transportation"

27/05/16FS Italiane and Hupac will activate three new intermodal terminals to Milan, Brescia and Piacenza
the initiative in order to manage the increment of the volumes of goods determined from the opening of the new gallery of base of Saint Gottardo

27/05/16Last month the port of Barcelona has enlivened four million tons of goods (- 1.7%)
Aumento of the goods several and the bulk sand banks. Decrease of cargos liquids

27/05/16the German Wolfgang Göbel is the new president of the Association of European Vehicle Logistics
the assembly of the ECGs has met yesterday to Baveno, on the Maggiore Lake

27/05/16Chilean CSAV has closed the first trimester of this year with a net loss of -26,9 million dollars
the result negative is attributable mainly to the loss recorded in the segment of the line transport

27/05/16To Trieste is introduced a plan for the reduction of the noise and the vibrations on board of the ships from cruise
is financed by the Region Friuli Venice Julia with resources FSC

26/05/16the port of Gioia Tauro wants to become a pole for the maintenance of the portacontainer
the Harbour Committee has approved of unanimously a modification to the POT in order to realize the preliminary works to the putting in work of a dry dock

26/05/16In the first trimester of this year ZIM has recorded a net loss of -56 million dollars
the revenues are diminished of the -20,5%

26/05/16To April the traffic of the goods in the port of Valencia is diminished of the -3,0%
In the first quadrimestre of this year the harbour port of call has enlivened 21,5 million tons (+2.2%)

26/05/16In the first trimester the 2016 index of the turnover of the transport services has recorded a +0.1%
In the four trimesters of 2015 has marked an increase of +1.4%

26/05/16Tomorrow to Butera (Caltanisetta) will hold the convention "the service of mooring to the European challenge"
Is organized from the national Association Groups Ormeggiatori and Barcaioli Italian Ports

26/05/16In the first quadrimestre of the 2016 traffic of the goods in the port of Ancona is increased of +5%
increase (+9%) of produced oil destined to the refinery the BEES of Falconara

26/05/16Monday to Genoa the presentation of a study on the economic-social impact of the port of from Liguria chief town
is realized by Nomisma in collaboration with Prometeia and Tema

26/05/16the harbour operators spezzini trace an identikit of president of the new Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Orientale
La Spezia Port Service, the objective is to ask for beforetime, if you of it were the will, political lottizzatorie drifts/

26/05/16Russia inaugurates the first oil terminal harbour assets all the year in the Arctic area
Investment of approximately 2,8 billion dollars

26/05/16Agreement Royal Caribbean - STX France for the construction of three ships from cruise
a fifth unit of class "Oasis" will be delivered in the spring of 2021 and two ships of class "Edge" in 2021 and 2022

25/05/16ESPO says yes to a limited review of the directive EU on the harbour systems of collection for the refusals of the ships
Ryckbost: "this does not have to carry to a review all-out"

25/05/16Nuovo railway service Italy-Rumania of P&O Ferrymasters and Transmec Group
will be activated 1° the june with two departures weeklies magazine in both the directions between Piacenza and Oradea

25/05/16Green light of the authority Chinese antitrust to the plan of takeover of CMA CGM on the NOL
the formal offer will be introduced within the 2 june

25/05/16Varate in Vietnam two new product tanker of Friend International Shipping
Takes part of the maxi-plan of investment of 755 million dollars of the company

25/05/16In 2015 Italy has confirmed the European nation leader in the marine exchanges with the Mediterranean area
the new number of the newsletter "Porti and the Mediterranean" of Assoporti and SRM

25/05/16Today is constituted the Agency for the Harbour Job of the port of Trieste
the organic one is of 111 units

25/05/16To April the traffic goods in the port of Genoa is increased of +5.2%
the summits of the Liguria Region have made the point on the Third Pass with the ambassador of Switzerland in Italy

25/05/16Singapore Exchange starts negotiations in exclusive right in order to acquire the Baltic Exchange
the board of directors of the London society puts the offer

25/05/16the creditors of STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Co. they throw in the towel
the navalmeccanica company will be placed under controlled administration

25/05/16the ports of Seattle and Tacoma will be equipped in order at the same time to receive two portacontainer from 18.000 teu
a period of public consultation on the plan of potenziamento of Terminal 5

25/05/16Chinese group HNA is in negotiations in order to buy logistic company CWT of Singapore
the society is founded in 1970 and has approximately 6.000 dependent

24/05/16RINA will acquire the Londoner Edif Group for 118,5 million pounds
Salerno: the operation will afford us to continue in the process of quotation in Stock exchange in the medium period

24/05/16Saturday to Freezes will hold a national convention on the transports
Is organized from TransfrigoRoute Italy Assotir

24/05/16Confirmed the summits of association ASPT - ASTRA
confirmed Visintin president. In the next few days a delegation Hungarian will visit the Trieste Marine Terminal

24/05/16In the 2015 arranged transport European has recorded an increase of +0.75% of shipments
increase of the transnational and intercontinental traffic, while beam and that accompanying are diminished the traffic short

24/05/16Acknowledgment to Italian Guard Costiera for the aid to the migrants
Larsen (ECSA): alleviated the pressure on the mercantile fleet

23/05/16Angelo Novelli is confirmed to the presidency of the National Association Provveditori Naval Contractors
the directive council

23/05/16STX France will sell the ship yard of Lanester to the Kership
the transaction will be capacity to term in autumn

23/05/16Rolls-Royce has developed with Benetti a new generation of propulsive azimutal
is planned for the market of the fast yachts, but it will be employed also on the fleeting ships and the boats from job

23/05/16Within june the allocation of the concessions to the Polisettoriale Pier of the port of Taranto
To April the port of call has enlivened 2,5 million tons of goods (+30.8%)

23/05/16the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven has closed the first trimester with a traffic of 18,3 million tons (- 0.3%)
Stable the containerized cargos. Bending of the goods conventional and increase of the bulk

23/05/16In the first trimester of the 2016 traffic in the port of Amburgo is diminished of the -2,5%
In decrease the goods several and the solid bulk

23/05/16Completed the intense activities of dredging to the Tuscany Dock of Livorno
the backdrops are deepened to -13 meters

23/05/16Ferrotramviaria upgrades the segment cargo with the insertion of a third locomotore
At the beginning of 2017 will be taken in delivery fourth means of traction

20/05/16In the first trimester CMA CGM is incurred in a net loss of -94,8 million dollars
the French shipowning group announces "an important slowly of cost reduction" and confirmation the intention to carry to term the acquisition of the NOL

20/05/16Pappalardo (Federagenti): the game that is played on the ports cannot be only political
Would be a fatal error - it has emphasized - to immolate them to the interests of politics being chosen mistaken presidents, I yield of logical of partition old and new, or of an improvisation

20/05/16From the 10 to 12 April 2017 to Rome will hold the first edition of international conference TIS Transport Infrastructure & Systems
Is organized from the Italian Association for Engineering of the Traffic and the Transports in collaboration with AAA road service Automobile Club of Italy and Transportation Research Board

20/05/16the P&I Norwegian Club Skuld will buy the branch hull & machinery of the SMA/Gerling Norway
Undersigned a letter of attempts

20/05/16the Euronav Belgian melts joint venture with the Panamanian Bretta Tanker
the property of four Suezmax ships

20/05/16the port of Venice enters in the Corporate Partnership Board of the International Transport Forum
Is a composed committee of excellence gives approximately 50 companies

20/05/16Monday to Genoa will hold a convention on the harbour reform
Is organized from the Circle of the Harbour Authority in the within of the initiatives for the seventy years of the society

20/05/16Concentration in Europe in the field of the chartering of the railway rotabile material
Beacon Rail Leasing will buy the Ascendos Rail Leasing

20/05/16Federagenti proposes to make of the Sicily a platform for the management of the migratory flows
Panfalone (Sicilian shipping agents): the island has all the papers in rule in order to place the bases to a solution of along period of an otherwise not gestibile problem

19/05/16D' Alfonso guarantees that the marine service Pescara-Croatia di Jadrolinija will be made
the president of the Abruzzi Region promises that the agency will make cargo to retrieve the resources necessary to restore an adequate draught of the backdrops of the port

19/05/16Fercam upgrades own operating structure to Livorno
the staff of the branch that work near the Interporto Toscano Amerigo Vespucci is gone up to 18 units

19/05/16Uiltrasporti appreciates the reassurances of Delrio on the harbour reform and the nomination of the president of the port of Naples
After four years of commissariamento - the union emphasizes - the partenopeo port of call needs to return to competitive being

19/05/16the Harbour Authority of Salerno has introduced the new Town development plan of of the Campania port of call
a rationalization of the harbour watery mirror and the operating areas in order to increase the mooring ability

19/05/16Venice has introduced the plan of the offshore-onshore harbour system to the summit of the ITF to Leipzig
Costa: to have ports for mega the ships it could allow to pull down the emissions from 120 to 30 kg for container for day

19/05/16In the first quadrimestre of the 2016 port of Algeciras has enlivened 1.568.109 container (+15.4%)
the containerized trade of transhipment has recorded an increase of +19.8%, while that of import-export is dropped of the -21,0%

19/05/16Agreement CNR - Costa Crociere for activity of search in the fields of oceanography and marine sciences
the collected data will be elaborated and used for the study of the climatic changes in the Mediterranean

19/05/16DFDS will rent two new ships ro-ro with options in order to acquire them
will be constructed by the German ship yard Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft

19/05/16Diana Containerships has archived item the first trimester of 2016 with a net loss of -5,8 million dollars
the revenues are diminished of the -14,2% to 13,5 million dollars

18/05/16Bottom is named temporary acting general secretary of the Harbour Authority of Genoa
Will succeed to Giambattista D' Aste

18/05/16the logistic group CEVA has closed the first trimester in profit, but the turnover is dropped
Urbain: the market turbulences continue to having impact on all the operators of the field

18/05/16In the first trimester of the 2016 traffic of the container in the port of Tanger Med is diminished of the -7,9%
the decrease is determined by the contraction of the -8,4% of the activity of transhipment

18/05/16To Livorno is being thought to anticipate the start of the realization of the terminal ro-ro of the Europe Platform
"we are estimating the situation - it has announced Gallanti - shortly we will make of the concrete proposals"

18/05/16the port of Genoa is being prepared for the effectiveness of the norms on the certifyd weighing of the container
is previewed the location of external points of weighing to the harbour perimeter and the city context

18/05/16Laghezza and Fontana are confirmed presidents of the associations of the shippers and the shipping agents of
Renewed the directive councils

18/05/16In Brazil the Ministries of the Ports and the Civil aviation are incorporated in the Ministry of Transportation
the ministry is guided by minister Maurício Quintella Lessa

18/05/16Régional Lines Container records a new decrease of the transported containerized volumes
the company has closed the first trimester of 2016 with a net loss of -243,4 million baht

17/05/16Antonio Donato is named extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Augusta
Is commander of the Harbour office of the same Sicilian port of call

17/05/16In the 2015 GEFCO has recorded a turnover of 4,2 billion euros (+3%)
EBITDA in decrease of the -18%

17/05/16Convention of Assologistica on logistics 4,0
will hold to Milan the 9 june

17/05/16Turned out economic quarterly in decided decrease for the South Korean and taiwanesi shipowning societies
In loss Evergreen, Hanjin, HMM eYang Ming. Risked profit for Wan Hai Lines

17/05/16In the first quadrimestre of the 2016 traffic of the goods in the port of Savona I go is diminished of the -6%
In increase the bulk. Decrease of the goods several

17/05/16In the next few years the shipping will need a greater number of officials and less municipalities
Currently lacks 16,500 officials and there is a surplus of 119.000 ratings

17/05/16the transfer of the services of the CSCL to the operating system of the COSCON
reorganizes It will be capacity to term 1° August

17/05/16Konecranes signs a new agreement in order to buy the division Material Handling & Port Solutions of the Terex
Could be rescisso if the American company will decide to melt with the Zoomlion Chinese

16/05/16Clavarino, Morace and Musso enter in the council of Confitarma
Matacena in the executive committee

16/05/16Vard will construct two small ships from cruise
the hulls will be realized in the Rumanian yard of Tulcea and the ships will be completed to Langsten, in Norway

16/05/16Twenty-seven consecutive months of increase of the traffic of the goods in the Spanish ports
In the first trimester of the 2016 is enlivened 124,4 million tons (+5.3%)

16/05/16To April the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of the -9,3%
In the first quadrimestre of the 2016 bending has been of the -11,2%

16/05/16Rinnovo of the charges of the National Association Companies Harbour Enterprises
Nuovo president of the association is Luca Grilli, president of the Harbour Company Srl of Ravenna

16/05/16the new container terminal of Izmit of the DP World group
Has a annual ability to traffic pairs to 1,3 million teu

16/05/16Thud of the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach to April
the Californian port of call has enlivened 479 thousand teu (- 22.1%)

16/05/16Tomorrow to Trieste a seminary on the tendencies and the perspectives of the logistic field in Turkey
Reporter professor Halim Yurdakul, than logistic standard near Okan University to Istanbul

16/05/16Premuda has closed the first trimester of 2016 with a net loss of -7,2 million euros
Revenues Time base charter in decrease of the -28,1%

16/05/16Giuliano Gallanti is confirmed extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Livorno
Rimarrà in charge until the nomination of the new president and, however, for a not advanced period to the six months

13/05/16In the first trimester the ports of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta have recorded a decrease of the -1,6% of the goods
Bending of the -13,5% of the crocieristi

13/05/16the CIPE has approved of the plan of requalification of the Manfredi Pier of Salerno
the work joins in the picture of the renewal of the waterfront of of the Campania city

13/05/16To April the port of Singapore has enlivened 2,5 million container (- 4.0%)
the total traffic of the merciè piled almost 51,2 million tons (+4.2%)

13/05/16Evening of Propeller Club of Trieste on the railway connections with the giuliano port
will hold 17 May

13/05/16Hapag-Lloyd closes the first three months of 2016 with a net loss of -42,8 million euros
Revenues in decrease of the -16,4%

13/05/16Maersk begins the start of ships to Alang in the within of the plan of demolitions with responsible and sustainable procedures
will be dismantled in the plant of the Indian group Shree Ram

13/05/16a German and Swiss delegation has visited the port of
the port of call has been also center of an encounter with customers and companies of organized navigation from logistic group DHL

13/05/16Bono: "Fincantieri has archived item the longest crisis of the field"
In the first three months of this year the revenues of the controlled VARD I am diminished of the -34%

13/05/16Hanjin, Hapag-Lloyd, "K" Linens, MOL, NYK and Yang Ming form the THE Alliance, to which it will join also the UASC
the alliance for the routes East-West, that it will become operating in April 2017, will have a fleet of beyond 620 portacontainer for an ability to 3,5 million teu

12/05/16To April the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City is diminished of the -1,0%
In the first quadrimestre of 2016 is recorded an increment of +8.1%

12/05/16In the first trimester the revenues of Bureau Veritas are diminished of the -4,2%
In the single naval and offshore field the decrease has been of the -1,2%

12/05/16To April the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 678,2 million tons of goods (+3.6%)
the containerized trade has been pairs to 16,3 million teu (+2.9%)

12/05/16In the 2015 turnover of genoese the Marine Stations is diminished of the -4%
a profit clearly of 868 thousand euros respect to beyond 1,4 million euros in the exercise precedence

12/05/16Uiltrasporti, the rivisitazione of the International Registry places of the strongly worrisome question marks on the future of 1.500 marine Italians
For the union, "does not convene to repeal in part to politics the management of the rules of an important field, like that marine one"

12/05/16This year in the adriatic ports is attended beyond 4,9 million crocieristi (+3.6%)
In the field of the ferries the annual report of Answers Tourism previews a traffic of approximately 17,9 million passengers (+1.9%)

12/05/16Traffic quarterly container record in the harbour terminals of ICTSI
Bending of the economic results of the Philippine group

12/05/16Hupac records a decrease of the economic results, but for the future it sees rose
the opening of Saint Gottardo - it has emphasized the company - will be an epochal event that will involve a strong increment of the opportunities

12/05/16Chinese COSCO Pacific disembarks in the port of Rotterdam acquiring 35% of Euromax Rotterdam Terminal
the transaction has a value of 125,43 million euros

12/05/16DFDS celebrates a diamond first trimester of the year
the period has been archived item with a profit before taxes of approximately 21 million euros

12/05/16In the first three months of the 2016 traffic of the container in the harbour terminals of HHLA is diminished of the -7,7%
In the intermodal segment is recorded an increase of +2.4%

11/05/16the traffic volume goods enlivened from the port of Marseilles in the first trimester
Fleeting of the ferries and crocieristi in decrease respective of the -8,5% and the -15,7%

11/05/16Left from the port of Venice the first train of the Fresh Fruit Corridors
the entire operation of transport until Rotterdam has been carried out in 32 hours

11/05/16Alberto Banchero is the new president of Assagenti
the new council of the association will remain in charge in biennium 2016-2018

11/05/16Agreement for the boarding of Sardinian young people on board of the ships of Tirrenia CIN
Protocollo of understanding with the Mo.So.S Foundation…

11/05/16Finnlines has closed the first trimester with a profit clearly of 8,3 million euros
Revenues in decrease of -10,0%. The EBITDA has recorded an increase of +42.9%

11/05/16"the societies cooperatives: a valid partner in the outsourcing of the logistic activities"
Is the topic of the encounter of 18 May to organized Milan from Assologistica Culture and Formation

11/05/16Genting Hong Kong orders to ten new ships from cruise to its shipbuilding group Lloyd Werft
Two oceanic major unit will be destined to Cruises Star and eight ships of luxury of smaller dimensions, of which six fluvial ones and two South Sea islanders, to Crystal Cruises

11/05/16Confitarma alarmed for the legislations that could penalize the Italian companies
Approved of from the Senate the amendment of the reporter of the Ddl 2228 Cociancich

10/05/16the Council of State considers the legislative reform on the ports necessary, but not sufficient
the administrative and jurisdictional organ of the State evidences the main elements to develop and those of risk

10/05/16Royal Caribbean will sell 51% of the companies Pullmantur and Croisières de France to the Springwater Capital
the American group will maintain the entire property of the ships

10/05/16Positive turned out quarterly for the crocieristico group Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings
In the first three months of 2016 is recorded a profit clearly of 73,2 million dollars

10/05/16To March 2016 the cargo volume on the ships journeyed in the Suez Canal has turned out in decrease of the -1,1%
On the ships directed towards south tons of cargos were boarded 35,6 million and on the ships directed to north 32,0 million tons (- 0.4%)

10/05/16the marine-harbour operators of denounce the delays of the intense activities of expansion of the port of from Liguria city
Fontana: "the responsibilities are not from searching themselves in particular in or more subjects, but in the system of our Country"

10/05/16Agreement EDF Energies Nouvelles - Enbridge for the realization of the first three wind parks offshore French
the construction will be started in 2017

10/05/16the Antitrust has inflicted an endorsement of 374 thousand euros to the Moby
is contested to the company to have immotivatamente refused the concession of a slot the competitor Navy blue

10/05/16MSC Cruises, Costa Crociere Royal Caribbean Cruises and Global Holding Ports enters in the society that manages the passenger terminal of Venice
Development acquires the participation of the Harbour Authority in the society that controls Venice Passenger terminal and contextually of it yields a quota to the private network

09/05/16Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. slowly announces new of control of the costs with reduction of the staff and a sale of assets
also the temporary cessation of the activity in some ship yards in order to diminish the productive ability

09/05/16the Boluda Spanish has become leader in the field of the services of harbor tug in Mexico
Obtained the concessions in the ports of Altamira and Manzanillo

09/05/16Toti (Liguria Region) denunciation "the filosovietico" address given to the reform of the Italian portualità
the assembly of Assagenti to the Palace of Meridiana

09/05/1627 May to Mestre will hold a meeting on the topic of the ecosostenibilità of the transports in Alto Adriatico
Is organized from Propeller Club of Venice, the Order of the Engineers of the Province of Venice and from the Venetian Section of ATHENA

09/05/16In the first trimester the Swiss fluvial ports on the Rhine have enlivened 1,66 million tons of goods (- 2.6%)
the container has been pairs to 28.754 teu (+0.6%)

06/05/16shipowning group NOL has closed the first trimester with a net loss of -105 million dollars
the volumes transported from the fleet are diminished of the -6%

06/05/16the port of Zeebrugge will be equipped of a new terminal cruises
will be completed in the second half of the year of 2017

06/05/16the port of Venice celebrates a new service of line directed with the Far East
Costa: the arrival of the Evergreen is an optimal news and a great occasion for the enterprises of the Northeast

06/05/16ECSA, to remove the obstacles that they prevent to the Indian yards of being enclosed in the directory of the approved of systems of naval demolition from the EU
Visit of an European delegation to the plants of Alang. Verhoeven: "we have encouraged these yards to according to demand the acknowledgment of the regulations EU on the recycling of the ships"

06/05/16I decree that fixed to criteria and norms for the obligatory weighing of the container
Introduce a transient period until the 30 june 2017 in which the maximum limit of error in the first weighing will be pairs to 500 kg

05/05/16the ormeggiatori of the port of Genoa introduce the innovative Shore Tension Mooring System
the system is employed for the first time in Italy

05/05/16has passed away Marco Simonetti, vice president of Contship Italy
Lavorava from 1995 in the terminalista group, in which it has covered increasing assignments responsibility

05/05/16R&A Telecommunication signs a not binding agreement in order to buy the company of navigation Semua Shipping
the value of the transaction is of approximately 37 million dollars

05/05/16Kalmar obtains a consisting store clerk for the potenziamento of dock crane
will be modernized seven means STS of the port of Tanjung Pelepas

05/05/16the charter of Textainer container incurs in the first quarterly net loss
the American company finds some fioco sign of improvement of the market

05/05/16Tests of union between the ports of Civitavecchia and Ortona
Incontro between the commissioner of the Harbour Authority of the Latium port of call and a from Abruzzo delegation

05/05/16Bureau Veritas buys the society of advising in Marine marine field TMC
Has center to London and offices in China, to Singapore, in Australia and the United States

05/05/16Monday will hold the assembly anniversary of the genoese shipping agents
will be traced a total budget of state of health of the category

04/05/16Bavaria confirmation that the port of Trieste is its door on the world
Undersigned an agreement of cooperation with the Region Friuli Venice Julia

04/05/16First Ship Lease Trust has closed the first trimester with a profit clearly of 2,3 million dollars (- 55%)
the revenues have been pairs to 26,7 million dollars (+8%)

04/05/16admiral Basile is confirmed extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Naples
the Harbour Committee has not approved of consuntivo budget 2015 of the agency for lack of the quorum

04/05/16In the first trimester of Friend International Shipping has totaled a profit clearly of 7,2 million dollars (- 36.7%)
the operating profit has grown of +5.8%

04/05/16Workshop of Propeller Club of Genoa on the optimization of the marine routes
will hold 12 May to Saint George Palace

04/05/16terminaliste societies PSA, Terminal Link, TIL and APM Terminals in race for the management of the Panamanian terminal of Corozal
the landing place will be dedicated to the traffic of transhipment of the container

04/05/16worsening of the economic performances of shipowning group Danish A.P. Møller-Mærsk
Maersk Line has closed the first three months of 2016 with a profit clearly of 37 million dollars (- 95%) on revenues for 4,97 billion dollars (- 20%)

03/05/16the Yilport Turk assumes the entire management of the Swedish port of Gävle
a contract of concession of the duration 30-year-old

03/05/16Today in the port of Rotterdam is celebrated the start of the era of the containerizzazione in Europe
3 May 1966 in the Dutch port of call reached the ship "Fairland" with 226 on board container from 35 feet

03/05/16In the first trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Valencia has grown of +4.2%
To March is enlivened 5,7 million tons (+2.0%)

03/05/16In the container genoese terminal VTE is activated the system of control of the accesses to the international area
Assicura a meaningful increase of the standards of safety

03/05/16ECSA and ETF newly denounce like unjust the inflicted sentence the commander of Prestige
- the two organizations emphasize - the period of fourteen long years of judicial persecution

03/05/16Worsening of the results of the activities of shipbuilding and offshore of Kawasaki Heavy Industries
In the fiscal year the 2015 division has recorded an operating result of sign negative pairs to -7,9 billion yen

02/05/16a study evidences the best environmental sustainability of the transit of the imports EU from Far East through the nordeuropei ports
is commissioned by the Harbour Authority of Rotterdam and the Deltalinqs

02/05/16Day of deepening on the organized road haulage from Assologistica Culture and Formation
will hold 10 May to Milan

02/05/16Terex Corporation has archived item the first trimester with a net loss of -71,0 million dollars
the volume of transactions is dropped of the -4,6%

02/05/16To Singapore great harbour area for the traffic of the container is begun the intense activities in order to realize the new
the infrastructural works of the first phase of the plan will be completed in 2020

02/05/16Modern Terminals has ordered five new cranes of dock to the ZPMC
also the potenziamento of four already operating means of raising in the port of Hong Kong

02/05/16Nordic American Tankers buys four second hand Suezmax oil tankers for 106 million dollars
Two ships are constructed in 2004, in 2003 and in 2000

02/05/16Ok of the CIPE to the financing of 50 million to the Harbour Authority of Livorno for the Europe Dock
the appropriation falls back in the within of the Agreement of program for throws again competitive of the livornese coastal area

02/05/16first trimester 2016 of the Global Ship Lease
the revenues have recorded an increment of +13.0%

29/04/16first quarterly 2016 of the Chineses Lowers COSCO and CSCL shows a strong deterioration of the economic results
In the first three months of this year the COSCON ships have transported three million container (+14.8%)

29/04/16unanimously general statement 2015 of the Harbour Authority of Trieste
In the 2015 society of the railway maneuvers Adriafer has carried out 17 assumptions

29/04/16the Harbour Authority of has archived item the 2015 with trading profit record
the statement is approved of unanimously by the Harbour Committee

29/04/16Green light of the Harbour Committee of Ancona to consuntivo budget 2015 of the Harbour Authority
the administration remainder is of approximately 88 million euros

29/04/16Royal Caribbean navigates full sail
2016 positive one for the crocieristico group, that it previews to close the entire year with optimal performances

29/04/16the Harbour Committee of Savona has approved of consuntivo budget 2015 of the Harbour Authority
Miazza: 2015 have been a particularly important year for the port of call

29/04/16In the first three months of the 2016 traffic of the goods in the port of Venice has grown of +9.5%
To March is recorded an increment of +2.0%

29/04/16the EU commission has authorized the fusion between the shipowning groups CMA CGM and NOL
company APL of the group of Singapore will have to exit from the G6 alliance after 31 March 2017

29/04/16Undersigned the contract for the loan of 90 million euros of the BEAUTIFUL ones to the port of Livorno
the sum will serve to finance the main programmed intense activities in three years 2016-2019

29/04/16In the first trimester of this year the traffic of the container in the port of New York is increased of +2.0%
full Containers in decrease of -0,5%; increase of +2.0% of the empty ones

29/04/16Cargotec clearly records operating profit and in increase and a decrease of the revenues and the orders
Spiccano the positive performances of the Hiab brand

29/04/16To March the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Genoa is diminished of the -9,3%
In the first trimester of the 2016 traffic has been of 12,4 million tons (- 2.4%)

29/04/16Carnival Cruise Line has taken in delivery the new Seen Carnival ship
is constructed in the ship yard of Monfalcone of the Fincantieri group

28/04/16In the first three months of the 2016 harbour terminal of DP World has enlivened 15,5 million container (+3.7%)
In the United Arab Emirates the traffic is dropped of the -5,9%

28/04/16the Harbour Committee of Venice has approved of consuntivo budget 2015 of the Harbour Authority
Costa: "anyone will guide the new Harbour Authority of System will not only have in hand between the more vituous Authorities of Italy"

28/04/161° the september Tirrenia CIN will inaugurate the two new lines goods Livorno-Catania and Catania-Malta
From an initial frequency respective of eight and six times to week, from the 2017 will be passed to every day departures

28/04/16In 2015 in the port of Livorno is spold 34 million for the infrastructural participations
the Harbour Authority complains the lacked allocation the bottom Vat: regarding 5,5 million the slid year, "this year - denunciation the agency - has not arrived nothing, without some formal justification from the Mef"

28/04/16Nereo Marcucci is confirmed president of the Confetra
Shortly the nomination of vice-president

28/04/16Renewed the Harbour Committee and the Advisory Commission of the Harbour Authority of Genoa
Concluse the procedures of nomination of the new members

28/04/16the Spain submitted for the second time to the Law court EU for the lacked adaptation the norms on the harbour job
Denunciation for violation of the sentence of 11 Decembers 2014

28/04/16the Harbour Authority of Cagliari participates to the fair MED Ports 2016
To Tangeri the agency is placed side by side by the Cagliari International Container Terminal

28/04/16the chartering society container SUCH accusation the impact of the difficulties of the market
In the first trimester of this year the profit clearly is diminished of the -75,1%

28/04/16Agreement ABB - Cavotec for the systems of power supply electrical worker to the ships berthed in the ports
Scope of the memorandum of understanding is to supply systems of cold jointly ironing

28/04/16the shipowning societies Japanese "K" Linens, MOL and NYK close the trimester January-March with a net loss
Trend negative is in the segment of the line transport that in that of the marine bulk transport

27/04/16Arkas Line will introduce ports of call to Brindisi in the line Adriatic Service
the apulian port will be touched 9 for the first time May

27/04/16In the first trimester of this year the revenues of COSCO Pacific are diminished of the -2,3%
in decrease of the -14,7%

27/04/16Five enterprises and consortia are left in the running for the acquisition of 67% of the Harbour Authority of Salonicco
Three societies have not renewed the interest manifestations

27/04/16Mearelli (Assologistica) has entered in the technical-scientific committee of the BLEEPING, Best Ideas & Projects
the association work from trait of union between society, enterprise and world of the search for the innovation and the sustainable development

27/04/16Reunited Tugs will buy Augustan Marine Enterprises and of Spa Rescues
Opera the main activities of harbor tug and height of the Holding Augustan group

27/04/16alliance CKYHE announces a restructure of the transpacifici services of line for the east coast of the USA
the Network of lines on the routes East-West will remain unchanged

27/04/16Cooperation ABB - Aker Solutions in order to improve the extraction of oil and gas from reservoirs submarines
the two companies will collaborate to the realization of specific technologies in the field of the energy and the automation

27/04/16In the first trimester of this year the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Ravenna is increased of +15.3%
To March is recorded an increment of +11.7%

27/04/16In the 2015 profit clearly of the terminalista group German Eurokai has recorded an increase of +18.4%
Revenues in increase of +1.1%

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