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17 July 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 23:06 GMT+2

17/07/19Global Holding Ports looks for managers of the commercial spaces in the terminals cruises of Cagliari, Catania, Malaga and Zara
The activities will be assigned in concession for the duration seven-year-old

17/07/19Appreciation of Uiltrasporti for the will of Assarmatori to reach soon I renew of the contract of the marine ones
Fantappiè: we wish that the declarations are prelude of the attainment of a common vision of reform of the marine system

17/07/19The solution in order to resolve the crisis of the road haulage - a report of Contship Italy emphasizes - consists in heading for the intermodalità
The node of the issue - the document explains - is the necessity to redistribute the heavy traffic, limiting the most possible drafts than long distance and taking advantage of the flexibility of the street carrier

17/07/19Proposals of ALIS in order to improve the competitiveness of the Italian logistic companies
Agreement with the association Marevivo enviromentalist. Hupac joins to ALIS

16/07/19Filt Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti on 24 July have indetto in order a general strike of the marine ones
Between the demands, a reform of the Placement of the Seafarers and the insertion of the social clause in the notices for the allocation of the marine concessions

16/07/19Rettighieri (Cociv Consortium) will be the commissioner for the Third Pass and the railway node of Genoa
Nomination agreed from Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports and Liguria Region

16/07/19The AdSP of the Sea of Sicily Oriental to experimentally suspend additional of the "security fee"
Programmed an improvement of the harbour services

16/07/19Assarmatori asks the EU a change for route in matter for shipping
The prompt shipowning association the nomination of an Italian in the role of European commissioner to the Transports

16/07/19Assoferr suggests the essential measures for the development of the railway cargo
A priority is to return the Ferrobonus a structural measure for the field

15/07/19Nicolini (Confetra) to Salvini: our enterprises cannot compete alone with dossier of historical, political and supernational caratura
Since the next Law budgetary - it has emphasized - will be necessary that the government gives coherent answers with a more total design

15/07/19In the first semester of the 2019 harbour terminal of COSCO Shipping Ports they have enlivened 49,5 million container (+4.5%)
In the second solo trimester is recorded an increase of +4.0%

15/07/19Piraeus Bank plans a partnership with an Asian group financial for the financings to the shipping
The initiative is time specifically to satisfy the necessities of the Greek customers

15/07/19In June the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of -11,3%
In the first six months of this year 8.1% are enlivened 9,06 million teu (-)

15/07/19The port of Singapore has established the own new historical quarterly record of traffic
It is obtained thanks to the increase of the oil bulk. Decrease of the container

12/07/19MSC Cruises has joined "Genoa Blue Agreement"
This year the company will enliven in the port of Genoa beyond 1,1 million passengers

12/07/19The Special Company for the Port of Monfalcone will be acquired from the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Orientale
The eight dependent will be inserted in the organic one of the Authority of Harbour System

12/07/19Grimaldi Lines will double the Civitavecchia-Olbia connection
From end of month two departures to the day in both the directions

12/07/19The British government has defined a plan in order to reduce the produced atmospheric pollution from the ships
It previews that the ships ordered from the 2025 will have to be planned with technologies in a position to annulling the emissions

12/07/19Costa Crociere has undersigned the agreement "Genoa Blue Agreement"
It previews that the ships use diesel oil with not advanced sulfur tenor to 0,10% before the income in the ports of Genoa and Savona

12/07/19Joint venture of the navalmeccanico group German Meyer in Lithuania for the production of tubes
The initiative in order to tackle to the competition of the Chinese ship yards

12/07/19Al via the operating phase of the digital platform for shipping the GSBN
The objective is to accelerate the digital transformation of the marine transport

12/07/19In according to trimester of the 2019 traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach it is dropped of -8,7%
In June a bending is recorded of -10,0%

11/07/19New system in order to annul the bestowal in rubbish dump of the harbour refusals to Civitavecchia
Of Majo: it allows to anticipate the prescription of the most recent directive EU on the refusals produced from the ships

11/07/19In the period April-june of 2019 is recorded the new historical quarterly record of goods on the ships that have crossed Suez
Marked also the new relative maximum peaks to the month of june and the first semester of the year

11/07/19Guido Nicolini is the new president of the Confetra
It succeeds to Nereo Marcucci

11/07/19Protocol of understanding between Body of the Harbour offices and Authority of Regulation of the Transports
It has the scope of disciplining to forms and modality of collaboration and exchange of information

11/07/19New technological infrastructure in order to manage the flow of truck between interporto and the port of Trieste
Started the project that will have a duration of ten months

11/07/19Transfesa Logistics, Renfe Mercancías and SLISA will manage the intermodal terminal of Granollers (Barcelona)
Last year a traffic of 673 trains is recorded

11/07/19The port of Los Angeles has established own record of containerized trade for the june month
New historical peak also of the containers enlivened in the first six months of the year

10/07/19Audition of Confetra to the Chamber in matter of deep integrating of the National Health Service
Marrocco: more elevated it is the spread of deep sanitary more the free SSN of implementations and burdens

10/07/19New quarterly historical record of the traffic of the goods in the port of Antwerp
April-june of this year thanks to the new maximum peak of the container is recorded in the period

10/07/19In according to trimester of this year traffic of the goods in the port of Koper it is increased of +1.6%
In increase liquid container and bulk. Decrease of other cargos

10/07/19Agreement between Assarmatori and European Escola - Intermodal Transport
It is centralized on the realization of training courses

10/07/19Soon the fifth edition of MOST Italy, training course for professionals of the logistics and the transports
Organized from the European Escola - Intermodal Transport, will hold from on 28 September on 1° October

10/07/19In the 2018 Dutch ports they have enlivened a traffic record of 604,5 million tons of goods (+1.5%)
Last year the traffic on the Dutch railway net is piled to beyond 41,5 million tons (+0.9%)

09/07/19Fedepiloti, to Venice Costa Deliziosa is hit by a sudden and unforeseeable storm
The ship - specific the Federation - has left from the Marine one with good meteorological conditions

09/07/19Within the end of 2020 Denmark it will have a digital naval registry
Announced the start of the project

09/07/19Tikehau Capital supports FPIM, PMV and MRG in the acquisition of Euroports
The transaction is authorized last month by the EU commission

09/07/19GEFCO buys the digital platform Chronotruck
The service is planned in order to connect shippers and conveyors

09/07/19Helvetian ABB yields the activity in the segment of inverter solar estern the FIMER
The field counts about 800 dependent in beyond 30 Countries, with productive sites and situated in research & development in Italy, India and Finland

09/07/19Agreement of cooperation between the port of and the port of Casablanca
A logistic corridor previews the realization international

08/07/19Still down the actions of piracy against the ships
In the first six months of the 2019 they have been 78 regarding 107 incidents in the first half last year

08/07/19InRail has started an own service of rail shipment goods on Slovenian territory
The service connects Opicina Villa, on the Italian border, with Dobova

08/07/19The mayor of Venice accusation minister Toninelli to block the solution for the transit of the great ships in Lagoon
The decision - Brugnaro has remembered - already is assumed in Comitatone 20 months ago

08/07/19Offer of the Naturalis Energy in order to acquire the entire capital of the society that manages the port of Ploce
Previewed an investment of about six million euro in order buying 108 thousand it sets in action

08/07/19On 16 July to Rome the assembly will hold anniversary of Assarmatori
The relation of the president will face in particular thematic relative to European politics for transport marine and job

08/07/19Thursday to Milan a convention on the topic "the logistics hauls the Lombardic economy"
The occupational impact of the logistics in Lombardy will be introduced the search relationship ""

08/07/19Published the "National Account of Infrastructures and the Transports - Anni 2017-2018"
The relationship of the MIT has reached the forty-seventh edition

08/07/19The precise State treasury that the accessory tourist-recreational performances to local the marine transport are not free from VAT
The purpose of such performances - the Agency of the Entrances explains - is not that to integrate, to complete and to return the main operation of the transport possible

08/07/19Also Fedepiloti exhorts to name in the government a figure of reference for the marine field
The Italian Federation Pilots of the Ports is associated to the appeal of Federagenti

08/07/19In the first half of this year on the Russian railway net they are enlivened 2,38 million container (+14.7%)
The single full containers have been pairs to 1,59 million teu (+13.9%)

08/07/19Samsung Heavy Industries has completed the portacontainer of greater ability to the world
The unit, in a position to loading beyond 23 thousand teu, is before six destined ones to shipowner MSC

05/07/19Duci (Federagenti) asks re-integrates to vice minister of the Rixi condemned or the nomination of an undersecretary for ports and shipping
For the second hypothesis it proposes the names of Mauro Coltorti and Mattia Crucioli

05/07/19Undersigned a contract that gives the go-ahead to the project for the realization of the multipurpose terminal to Noghere (Trieste)
Estimated total investment in about 100 million euros. The area will be destined in prevalence to the foreign trade Hungarian

05/07/19Global Holding Ports announces the start of a strategic review of the group that it could lead to cessions
The Turkish company has confirmed to have already received offered. Decided the nomination of three regional directors for Core business of the cruises

05/07/19Started the second phase of construction of the great port singaporean of Tuas
The new area will have a annual ability to containerized trade pairs to 21 million teu

04/07/19Named vice-president of Assiterminal
Sono Alberto Casali, Pasquale Legora De Feo and Vito Leonardo Totorizzo

04/07/19The produced Volvo cars in China will arrive in Italy via railroad
The service will be realized by the Lineas Belgian through the connection Ghent - Sacconago (Milan)

04/07/19Undersigned a new protocol of legality for the realization of the Third Pass of Giovi
It updates and it replaces the precedence agreement which signed in 2012

04/07/19ZES and ZLS can increase the synergies between industry and logistics, but they proceed still slowly
It evidences SRM in its sixth annual report "Italian Maritime Economy"

04/07/19Started the demolition of three cranes of dock in the port of Gioia Tauro
To fine summer they will be replaced by as many new cranes of last generation

04/07/19Hapag-Lloyd has ordered to 13,420 new container refrigerator
To November 970 units from 20 ' and 12,450 from 40 ' will be taken in delivery

04/07/19The port of Clydeport (Glasgow) will have a new terminal cruises
Terminal with an investment of beyond 21 million euros will be realized to the Greenock Ocean

04/07/19The Greek Attica Holdings has bought the ship ro-ro Anglia Seaways
It will be introduced on the national routes

03/07/19Renewed the directive council of Propeller Club of Trieste
Fabrizio Zerbini confirmed to the presidency. Vice-president is Paola Bardi and Alberto Pasino

03/07/19The consortium One Sea signs an agreement with the European Spatial Agency
Previewed the development of digital technologies and independent systems in naval field using technical of connectivity of last generation

03/07/19ZIM announces two new transpacifici services in the within of the cooperation with the alliance 2M
They will be activated to half of the next month and will connect Asia with the USA Gulf

03/07/19Started a project in order to realize a digital version of the port of Ravenna
It will be used for simulations and planning and in order to test the efficiency of the harbour activities

03/07/19New reunion of the Committee of address of the Economic Zone Special Calabria
Approved of the procedures of fruizione of the credit of tax by the economic enterprises that operate in the ZES

03/07/19Kombiverkehr accusation partner DB: the arranged transport cannot grow if trains are not put on
The intermodal society denunciation that the German railway operator is able to not to satisfy the question

02/07/19Alfredo Scalisi is new general the manager of La Spezia Container Terminal
Until May it has been deputy general manager of Medcenter Container Terminal

02/07/19For the ninth consecutive year Koper first marine port for the import-export has been classified Austrian
Last year this flow of traffic through the Slovenian port of call is piled to 6,85 million tons

02/07/19Agreement Royal Caribbean - Meyer Turku for the construction of a third cruise ship of 200 thousand tsl
It will be delivered in 2025

02/07/19An explosion and a fire on board of the Syn Zania liquefied gas tanker have caused the dead women of a marine one
A ferry of Grimaldi faulty on the Salerno-Catania route

02/07/19Advanced Prime Minister of the Public works Pubblici visiting to the port of Livorno
Illustrated the potentialities of the harbour port of call and the details of the first phase of the Europe Platform

02/07/19Postponed the voting on the lapsing of concessionaire's right to the Cagliari International Container Terminal
Deiana: received the invitation of the MIT and ulterior the social parts in order to leave a last space to and delicate attempts of mediation

02/07/19MSC Cruises has reached the goal of 20 million passengers accommodated on own ships
Honored: the objective is to triple our ability within 2027

02/07/19ONE and Hapag-Lloyd join to the platform blockchain for shipping the TradeLens
It is developed by Maersk and IBM with the recent contribution of CMA CGM and MSC

02/07/19In the 2018 active ships in European waters they have emitted 152,3 million tons of co2
The EU commission has published the data for the first time

02/07/19Agreement between the ports of Barcelona and Civitavecchia in order to promote an intermodal corridor in the Mediterranean
He has been undersigned yesterday on board of cruise ferry "the Cruise Rome"

02/07/19Confirmed the project of fusion of two main navalmeccanici groups Chinese CSSC and CSIC
China CSSC Holdings has announced

01/07/19Active Seaways aegean a service direct ferry Turkey-Greece
It connects the ports of Cesme and Lavrion (Athens)

01/07/19Confetra, Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti ask Toninelli to convene the Table of Partnership for the Logistics and the Transports
A single time at the end of the precedence is reunited - they have remembered - legislature

01/07/19Concluded the procedure of liquidation of the Agency Industrial Zone of Trieste
Of Augustin: it begins a new phase in which port, consortium and territory must play an important game for throw again and the attrattività of this area

01/07/19Introduced to Civitavecchia renewed cruise ferry the Cruise Rome
Now the ship can accommodate 3,500 passengers, 271 cars and beyond 3.700 linear meters of commercial means

01/07/19The electrification of the docks of the ports of the Ligurian Sea Western
It is the topic of a publication that will be introduced tomorrow near the center of the AdSP to Genoa

01/07/19First realized containerized shipment with the aid of the Deliver platform based on Blockchain
The partner of the project is ABN AMRO, Port of Rotterdam Authority and Samsung SDS

01/07/19DP World buys Topaz Energy and Marine Ltd
The transaction will have a value of 1,079 billion dollars

28/06/19Agreement between Italian RINA and Chinese CSSC for activity tied to the construction of fleeting ships
The Italian company will supply technical support

28/06/19Confetra Liguria is instituted
The new territorial organization is presided by Alessandro Laghezza

28/06/19Started the yard for the realization of the pole of naval demolitions in the port of Piombino
In the Piombino port of call Marine Industries it has a total surface of 103 thousand square metres

28/06/19The Maersk group celebrates the start of the activity of the own second container terminal of Tanger Med
It has an ability to beyond 3,3 million teu

28/06/19The AGCM inflicts a million fine two euro to Costa Crociere
The company is accused not to have supplied a correct and timely information on a state of sanitary emergency in Madagascar

28/06/19Assigned to Corsica Line the task to guarantee the territorial continuity between continental France and the Corsica
The companies will realize services between the ports of Marseilles, Fortification, Ajaccio and Ile-Rousse

27/06/19Announced in all finery from it prints (foreign), the inauguration of Tanger Med 2 seems sent back tomorrow
The wait made useless from not very clarified "technical problem"

27/06/19The port of Marseilles Fos adopts measures in order to reduce the impact of the marine traffic on the quality of the air
In case of overcoming of the pollution limits, the ships will have to reduce the speed entering in the harbour port of call

27/06/19Ports of Genoa and Savona-Go, rideterminazione of the canons for 2019 in order to compensate the effects of collapse of Morandi bridge
Ok to the start of the first functional lottery of the widening of the air terminal of the capital of Liguria

27/06/19Brussels approves of the acquisition of the P&O Ferries by DP World
Limited horizontal overlaps between the activities of the societies

27/06/19Course for operators of straddle carrier destined to residents in Liguria
It will be realized with the collaboration of Is.For.Coop and APM Terminals

27/06/19Honored Shipping it has formalized the contract with Chinese yard GSI for the construction of two ships ro-pax
Achille Onorato: possible shortly the confirmation of the option for another couple of ships

27/06/19The Urp of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Western has inaugurated an own emplacement to Genoa Port Center
In the 2018 office it has answered to beyond thousand questions

27/06/19The next year the question of HSFO for the ships will be more than halved
The International Energy Agency previews that it will come down from 3,5 million to 1,4 million barrels to the day

27/06/19The Department of managing USA Justice former accusation two of the Höegh Autoliners of anti-competitive practices
The Höegh - it has explained the substitute Delrahim attorney general - already has been declared guilty and now we must make so that managing its answer some

27/06/19Toninelli and Scheuer write to the Bulc: the limitations to the transport in Tirol violate Dealt and free market
The unilateral measures that agree to adopt from on 1° August - have emphasized the Italian minister - our enterprises of road haulage will damage heavy

26/06/19Confitarma has introduced own Vademecum for computer science safety on board of the mercantile ships
Novel: it is not excluded that shortly we will proceed to the drawing up of an updated edition

26/06/19In Liguria a course ITS for the field of the shipbuilding one will be realized
The initiative in the within of the agreement between the E region the Fincantieri group

26/06/19Initiative of Verallia and SMET for the transport of goods with railway a marine intermodal system/
Alimentary bottles and containers in glass on board of the Freeways of the Sea or the railway service Verona-Bari

26/06/19Project pilot in South Korea in order to supply electric power from the terrestrial net to the ships in the ports
Next 1° January with systems on eight docks will be started, that they will go up to 40 within the end of 2021

26/06/19Approved of functional adaptations technical of the Portuale Town development plan of Livorno
The producing are relative to the development of traffics of forest, the rotabili and the cars and to multipurpose other asset

25/06/19Confitarma, to widen the directory of the ship yards authorized from the EU to carry out activity of recycling of the ships
The Confederation emphasizes the importance to promote the Convention of Hong Kong of 2009

25/06/19Uiltrasporti, the "Day of the Seafarer" is dedicated to the died relatives of the marine ones on the job
During the last few years - they have evidenced Tarlazzi and Fantappiè - a real massacre of marine is being recorded, than it does not know truce

25/06/19Tomorrow a convention of Spediporto on the port of Genoa and the Swiss market
One will hold in the capital of Liguria near Palazzo Ambrogio di Negro in Benches

25/06/19ART at the market asks a strengthening for own competences in the field of the access harbour infrastructures and of the harbour services
The Authority of Regulation of the Transports remembers that Regolamento EU 2017/352 arranges to characterize the competent authority from the discourse of inherent controversies the determination of the rights and the canons applied in the ports

25/06/19Fercam upgrades the intermodal connection Italy-Tunisia
In program the opening of second a branch in southern Tunisia

25/06/19GSCCO (Gulftainer group) will manage the harbour port of call industrial Saudi King Fahad Industrial Port
Agreement with Red Sea Marine Services Co

24/06/19Italy Ours exhorts the Unesco to enroll Venice and the Lagoon between the sites to risk
The association enviromentalist denunciation the lack of a project on the city

24/06/19Joint venture 50:50 of the Royal Caribbean American and Mexican ITM Group
The objective is to develop new crocieristiche destinations

24/06/19New railway corridor goods that connects Italy and Russia through Slovenia, Hungary and Ukraine
It previews an agreement of cooperation between the railway groups of Hungary, Italy and Russia

24/06/19Confetra denunciation newly invasions of field of ART in fields with would not compete to them
The Confederation has announced that of the Authority of Regulation of the Transports will not participate tomorrow to the presentation of the annual report

24/06/19Stop to the project for the construction of a port in deep waters to Badagry, Nigeria
Cancelled the contract for the drawing up of the master plan, that it will be reassigned

21/06/19Agreement for the interoperability between the Integrated Platform of Circulation and the Port Community System of Genoa and Savona
It is signed by the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Western and RFI

21/06/19To May the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona has grown of +4.0%
The container has been pairs to 321 thousand teu (+11.6%)

21/06/19Fit-Cisl denunciation the lacked convocation the unions to the encounter on the Port Channel of Cagliari near the MIT
Diamante: an absurdity not to involve the representatives of the workers when it is spoken about the future of the same workers

21/06/19Fitch Ratings considers next to be exhausted the phase of consolidation in the field of the containerized marine transport
For the agency a prosecuzione of the strategy of the companies of navigation to widen the activity to other branches of the logistics is more probable

21/06/19On 2 July the opening of the offers for the management of the container terminal of the port of Douala
There compete CMA Terminals, DP World, Hutchison Ports, TIL and RSGT

21/06/19Saverio Cecchi is elected UCINA president Nautical Confindustria
Named also the vices president of the association

20/06/19Last month the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 19,8 million container (+4.3%)
The total traffic of the goods has been of 791,4 million tons (- 0.6%)

20/06/19In the first three months of the 2019 traffic of the goods in the French ports it has grown of +0.8%
Increase of the liquid bulk and the rotabili. Decrease of cargos in container and the bulk sand banks

20/06/19Confirmed Luca Becce president of Assiterminal
The assembly has elected the new directive council

20/06/19Tomorrow baptism of Confetra Tuscany will hold
Round table to the Old Fortress of Livorno

20/06/19The increase of the costs makes useless the effect of the quarterly results records recorded from Carnival Corporation
In the period March-May of this operating and useful useful year clearly they are diminished of the -7,9% and of -19,6%

20/06/19The port of Salonicco will be equipped of two new cranes of super dock post-Panamax
In program also the purchase of a mobile crane from 140 tons

20/06/19The experimental travel of portacontainer a Maersk fed with biofuel is concluded today
On "Mette Maersk", of the ability to 18.300 teu, a mixture constituted for 20% has been head from biocarburante

20/06/19Others eight ship yards are included in the directory EU of the systems authorized to the recycling of the ships
Draft of two Danish plants, five Norwegians and a Turk

19/06/19In the first five months of the 2019 traffic of the container in the port of Valencia it has grown of +10.0%
The total traffic of the goods has been almost 34,0 million tons (+7.1%)

19/06/19Confitarma, the obstacles that stop the Italian fleet are partially superable with a drastic simplification of the bureaucracy
Mattioli: an area ECA in the Mediterranean could be taken in consideration after to only have estimated the benefits deriving from the implementation of Sulphur CAP 2020

19/06/19To the unions confirmation via pec has arrived of the start of the procedure of lay-off of the workers of the CICT
Deiana restates that, contrarily to how much some assert, the port of Cagliari is opened to the traffics and perfectly operating in all its fields

19/06/19To Mediterranean Tugs, Neri and Cafimar 80% of the capital of the Zouros Greek
Operation through joint venture GMC

19/06/19Feport invites the new European legislators see again the exemptions for category for the containerized shipowning consortia
Bonz: the thing worse that it could happen would be that DG COMP considers that it is not necessary to modify the regulations because currently the hires of the marine transport are many low

19/06/19Prompt Solinas an participation of the government in order to tackle to the crisis of the Port Channel of Cagliari
The president of the Region has made reference to the solutions already taken in consideration for other Italian ports that have had similar difficulties

19/06/19On 5 July to Salerno the presentation of a book will hold on the history of the city port
The volume is cured by the marittimista lawyer Alfonso Mignone

19/06/19Approval of Confetra to the project of the Agency of Customs for the digitalisation of the customs procedures in the ports
The Confederation of the logistics enterprises has assured own support and contribution of ideas

19/06/19Group ICTSI will manage the multipurpose terminal of the new port camerunense of Kribi
The Philippine company is declared temporary highest bidder

19/06/19Appeal of Propeller Club of Venice in order to allow with the lagoon port to put into effect its indispensable development
Bernardo: we are all on the same boat, in order not to look for the shipwreck but for giving a concrete contribution to the future of our port and the blue economy

18/06/19The Agency Customs and Monopolies announces a new project for the complete digitalisation of the customs procedures in the Italian ports
Sarà Bari the first Italian port to experience the new special project

18/06/19Eleven banks sign principles in order to distribute useful financings to the decarbonizzazione of the shipping
The value of their pocketbook in the field piles to about 100 billion dollars

18/06/19Introduced the results of six realized multidiscipline research projects from Fincantieri and CNR
They are realized in the within of the relative financing to the innovation in naval field of the MIT

18/06/19In the 2018 exports from the Liguria towards China they have recorded a collapse of -40%
The From Liguria Association Foreign trade will move own center in Confindustria

18/06/19Confetra, not to the new no thoroughfares for heavy means through Brenner previewed from Tirol
The Confederation tomorrow assures own support to the denunciation of Unioncamere

18/06/19In the last trimester of the 2018 traffic of the goods in the Greek ports it has grown of +5.8%
The passengers have marked an increment of +3.1%

18/06/19It on board continues the project of sampling of the "DNA of the realized sea" of the ferries of Corsica Sardinia Ferries
The company collaborates with the University of Milan Hut and ISPRA

18/06/19Joint venture Correos - Kerry - GFS in order to manage flows of e-commerce from China
A hub logistic near Hong Kong will be realized

17/06/19Proposta di revisione delle tariffe per il transito delle navi nel canale di Panama
The effectiveness is previewed in order on January 1°, 2020

17/06/19CVS Ferrari supplies new reach stacker to harbour operators Egyptians
To five delivered means in the past few months, in summer two units will join to others

17/06/19From the 24 on 30 June Genoa will accommodate the fourth edition of Genoa Shipping Week
It will be an edition renewed with beyond 50 events to calendar

17/06/19Launched to Muggiano the Polyvalent Pattugliatore of Height Paolo Thaon di Revel
It is before seven destined units to Marina Militare Italiana

17/06/19To May the ships journeyed in the Suez Canal transported 88,3 million tons of goods (+2.3%)
Cargos for 45,9 million tons on the units directed to south (- 1.6%) and for 42,5 million tons on those directing to north (+6.9%)

17/06/19DM Shipping (of Friend Tankers - Mitsubishi) sells a product tanker constructed in 2009
The ship is yielded for 16,1 million dollars

17/06/19BCUBE acquires the majority of Logistic Zeroquattro
Bonzano: the objective is that to consolidate the position in the field Food & Beverage

17/06/19Traffic in increase in the French ports of the Havre, Rouen and Paris
In the first five months of the 2019 total it has been of 40 million tons (+5.1%)

17/06/19To May the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of -7,2%
In the first five months of this year the decrease has been of -7,7%

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