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19 January 2017 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 07:33 GMT+1

18/01/2017In vigor the new dispositions of abandoned convention MLC 2006 to safeguard of the marine ones on board of the ships
On the ships must be present documentation that attests it is in vigor a guarantee financial institution that protects the marine ones
ABB Marine Solutions

18/01/2017Last year to the Interporto Toscano is enlivened 605,000 trailer trucks (+35%)
Fulcieri: with I climb over it railway between port and interporto the Vespucci will become fundamental a logistic node for the development of the Leighorn port of call
Est Europea Servizi Terminalistici

18/01/2017In the 2016 the container terminal of COSCO Shipping Ports has enlivened 95,1 million teu (+5.1%)
the traffic in the Chinese terminals has been pairs to 81,5 million teu (+1.2%) and in the terminals foreign countries to 13,6 million teu (+36.8%)

18/01/2017Brian Darnowski is named president of the Container Owners Association
the charge of vice-president is assigned to Uffe Ernst-Frederiksen
Evergreen Line

18/01/2017the portuguese group Teixeira Duarte will manage the container terminal of the port of Will yelp It
Undersigned a contract of concession of the duration 20-year-old

17/01/2017Correction of the statistical data of the traffic enlivened last year from the port of Savona I go
the total has marked a decrease of -5,8%. Bending of goods several (- 21.0%) and of the solid bulk (- 14.4%); increment of cargos liquids (+8.0%)

17/01/2017Last year the port of Dunkerque has enlivened beyond 46,7 million tons of goods (+0.3%)
Record in the field of the container with 221.196 teu (+7%)

17/01/2017Course in order to compulsory form the figure of edge assistant
is activated by GNV and the Italian Academy of Marina Mercantile

17/01/2017DP World has begun to operate the container terminal of the Canadian port of Saint John
Can receive portacontainer until 6.500 teu

17/01/2017the Chinese group CMPort invests ulteriorly in the port of Djibouti
joint venture Costituite two in order to develop to new activity

17/01/2017VARD signs a letter of attempts for the planning and construction of a ship from cruise for shipments
the contract will have a value of approximately 110 million euros and the unit will be delivered in 2019

16/01/2017In the 2016 traffic of the container in the port of Tanger Med has remained stable
the Moroccan port of call has enlivened 2.963.654 teu

16/01/2017Last year the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Savona I go is diminished of the -12,1%
Fleeting of the cruises and the ferries in decrease respective of the -7,3% and the -20,6%

16/01/2017In the 2016 marine traffic in the Suez Canal is diminished of the -3,7%
the journeyed ships transported 819,1 million tons of goods (- 0.5%), of which 400,6 million on those directing towards south (- 4.0%) and 418,5 million on those directing to north (+3.2%)

16/01/2017the port of Piombino has archived item 2016 with a traffic of 3,2 million passengers (+2.9%)
the goods is piled to 4,3 million tons (- 9.2%)

16/01/2017In the 2016 port of Ningbo has enlivened 21,6 million container (+4.5%) and the port of Hong Kong 16,6 million (- 2.5%)
To Hong Kong December has enlivened 1,8 million teu (+14.3%)

16/01/2017Last year the port of Constanta has enlivened 59,5 million tons of goods (+5.5%)
In the segment of the container the traffic has been pairs to 711.339 teu (+3.2%)

13/01/2017increase of the traffic of the goods in the port of Amsterdam
Last year the Dutch port of call has enlivened 78,8 million tons (+0.5%)

13/01/2017Last year the port of Zeebrugge has enlivened 37,8 million tons of goods (- 1.3%)
New record in the fields of the new cars and the cruises

13/01/2017Fincantieri will modernize an offshore pattugliatore of the Maltese Armed Forces
the contract has a value of approximately seven million euro

13/01/2017Uiltrasporti exhorts the government to face the issue of safety in harbour and marine within
the union asks the resumption for the interrupted Tables and a system that previews more controls and more inspections

13/01/2017Francesco Messineo is named general secretary of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central
has been general secretary of the Harbour Authority of Salerno, managing of AP of Gioia Tauro and president of AP of Massa Carrara

13/01/2017the ECSA invites the EU to as soon as possible open the European directory of the systems of recycling of the ships to third-country
Verhoeven: it is necessary to include yards to you that they already satisfy the established international standards from the Convention of Hong Kong

12/01/2017the Clean Shipping Coalition defines deplorable the exhortation of the IMO to the EU "to brake" on the emissions of the shipping
we are worried - Maggs to Lim has written - that you have chosen to criticize those who are answering in adapted way, timely and prorated to the pressing appeal to the action of the agreement of Paris

12/01/2017the international law firm Ince & Co has opened one office to Marseilles
the objective is to assure greater assistance to the customers of the field of the shipping

12/01/2017Propelling Club of Trieste has organized a convention on the total heating and the shipping
Is in program next monday

12/01/2017Fincantieri, postponed to 2 February the closing of the Opa on Vard
the offer is declared unconditioned

12/01/2017Study on the conditions of occupation and salary and wage of the international drivers in Europe
will be introduced 18 January to Rome in the course of an organized convention from ANITA

12/01/2017terminalista group PSA has closed the 2016 with a traffic record of beyond 67,6 million container (+5.5%)
Meng: 2017 will be newly a difficult year for the harbour field and that of the marine transport

12/01/2017Alliance in Germany in the segment of the naval repairs
is constituted by the yards German Dry Docks, BREDO and Mützelfeldwerft

12/01/2017Last year the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach is diminished of the -5,8%
Guzmán: 2016 have been blustering, but now we are ready for a resumption

11/01/2017the port of Los Angeles City has archived item the 2016 with an historical record anniversary of handling of the container
the traffic has been pairs to 8.856.783 teu (+8.5%)

11/01/2017In the 2016 port of Singapore has enlivened, like the year precedence, 30,9 million container
the total traffic of the goods has been pairs to 593,3 million tons (+3.0%)

11/01/2017Merlon is named institutional director Rapporti for Italy of MSC
: it will accompany our group in its process of ulterior evolution in Italy

11/01/2017and February to Piacenza will hold the first edition of the Biennial one of the Logistics
the manifestation is yields of a protocol of understanding which signed from the Municipality of Piacenza and the Harbour Authority of

11/01/2017Started on Taranto the procedure for the institution of the Agency for the job in port
the Harbour Committee has voted unanimously the deliberation in favor of its institution

11/01/2017Trenitalia enters in the railway market of the United Kingdom
an agreement in order to acquire railway society English NXET for approximately 70 million pounds

11/01/2017Procedure of sale of the interporto of Cerignola
the conservation tillage state of the entire real estate complex, realized in 2001, is very bad

11/01/2017Shanghai and Shenzhen confirm first and third party port container in world-wide ranking 2016
Last year has enlivened 37,1 million teu (+1.6%) and respective 24,0 million teu (- 0.9%)

11/01/2017Hyundai Merchant Marine will assume until 220 former ones employee of the Hanjin Shipping
the first 60 will be inserted in the organic one of the company after a formation course that will be started monday

11/01/2017Fercam will acquire the activities of transport and logistics of the Artoni group
With the new activities the turnover of the group of Bolzano will go up to 900 million euros

10/01/2017In the 2016 port of Naples has enlivened 483,481 container (+10.3%)
Increment of +22.8% in the second half of the year. The crocieristi have been 1.306.151 (+2.8%)

10/01/2017In Tuscany leaves two plans of formation on the logistics, nautical and the blue economy
is approved of by the European Union and 400 people will participate to you

10/01/2017the port of Charleston has closed 2016 with a traffic record almost two million container
the precedence record was established in 2005

10/01/2017the IMO exhorts the EU not to assume an unilateral decision on the emissions of the shipping
Lim: it would be not only premature, but it would have also a serious impact on the job which got ahead from the International Maritime Organization

10/01/2017Last year the traffic of the container in the port of Oakland has grown of +4.0%
full historical Record of disembarks of container

09/01/2017Last year DB has transported 40 thousand container via railroad between Germany and China
a traffic of approximately 100 thousand containers within 2020

09/01/2017In 2017 is attended an ulterior increase of the traffic in the Spanish ports
2016 has been archived item with the new historical record of approximately 509 million tons

09/01/2017to Shanghai a new factory of marine engines of Wärtsilä and CSSC
per year Has a productive ability pairs to 180 motors

09/01/2017Gulf Holding Navigation signs an agreement with marine agency Turkish Polimar
will be constituted a new marine agency with center to Dubay

09/01/2017In the port of Singapore will be experienced a system of truck platooning
the system of transport with convoys of truck to seed-automated guide will be defined in collaboration with Scania and Toyota

05/01/2017DFDS buys Italcargo, society that work camionistici services between Sweden and Italy
the company records a annual turnover of approximately 65 million Swedish crowns

05/01/2017Euronav tightens a salt agreement and leaseback for four ships VLCC
is yielded to the Wafra Capital Partners

05/01/2017To November the port of Venice has enlivened 2,1 million tons of goods (- 0.7%)
In the first eleven months of the 2016 traffic has been of 23,2 million tons (+0.3%)

04/01/2017Cessa the activity of the crocieristici marks Swan Hellenic and Voyages of Discovery
the British group All Leisure Holidays is placed in controlled administration

04/01/2017Apprehension of UCINA, Assomarinas and Assonat for the next Constitutional pronunciamento of the Court on the tourist-recreational concessions
"Will be decisive - they have emphasized - for the survival of 26 tourist harbour structures between the greater ones of the Country"

04/01/2017COSCO Shipping in the long term signs a strategic agreement of cooperation with automotive house FAW
the parts collaborate in the transport activities and storage of the vehicles and the relative ones you exchange again

04/01/2017"K" Linens, MOL and NYK begin the year preparing itself for the fusion in the segment of the programmed container for 1° April 2018
Ikeda, Naito and Murakami: the containerized marine transport will continue to being Core business of the companies

04/01/2017French Government and unions is mobilized in sight of the possible acquisition of STX France from Fincantieri
Today the secretary of state to the Industry will meet the representatives of the institutions of Saint-Nazaire and the labor organizations

03/01/2017Protocollo of understanding for the advanced driving licence to thousand young haulers
has been undersigned from the White one of the Haulers and the associations of the field

03/01/2017selected Fincantieri preferential offerer in order to acquire the control of STX France
the proposal advanced from another society

03/01/2017the shareholders of Korea Line Corporation block the acquisition of the transpacifici services of the Hanjin Shipping
the plan is rejected as the South Korean company does not have experience in the field of the containerized marine transport

03/01/2017Hyundai Merchant Marine will constitute consortium HMM + K2 with the compatriots HA-Linen and Sinokor
Agreement of cooperation for the routes with Japan, China and Southeastern and southwestern Asia

02/01/201713 January will install the Committee of Management of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central
the designated members are Luigi Iavarone, Umberto Masucci, Gaetano Criscuolo and Arturo Faraone

02/01/2017the intermodal operator Kombiverkehr intensifies the connections with Holland, Germany and Italy
the offer on the transalpine axis is elevated to 120 trains to the week through Brenner

02/01/2017In 2016 Colombo International Container Terminals has exceeded the million threshold two teu
the record is established in according to year of activity of the cingalese terminal

02/01/2017the unions denounce the impact of the crisis of the field of the aerial transport on the workers
Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Ugl Aerial Transport ask an encounter with the institutions

30/12/2016the Grimaldi group will extend the Ancona-Igoumenitsa-Patrasso line to the port of Venice
the service for the transport of goods and passengers will have biweekly frequency

30/12/2016From Sunday the documents emitted from COSCON will be marked by name COSCO Shipping Lines
corporate name COSCO Lines Container

30/12/2016Fincantieri has postponed the expiration of the Opa on the actions of Vard
the period of the public purchase offer is extended to 12 January

29/12/2016the quota the terminalista group DP World in the Pusan Newport Co. it is gone up to 66.03%
HPH Trust acquires the control of the Huizhou International Terminals Container

29/12/2016the port of Antwerp gets ready to close 2016 with a record of beyond 214 million enlivened tons
Peaks of traffic of the container and the liquid bulk

28/12/2016RFI implements new technologies in order to upgrade the railway connections with the Europe North
Conclusi the tests in order to install the technology Infill Radio with system ERTMS/ETCS level 1 on the Domodossola-Novara line of the European corridor the Rhine-Alps

28/12/2016CNA Fita asks minister Delrio not to grant in the 2017 some increase of the highway tolls
Second the association, the freezing of the rates is necessary in order to facilitate the resumption of the traffic of the goods

28/12/2016In the first ten months of the 2016 traffic in the port of Taranto is increased of +12.9%
To October is enlivened 1,6 million tons of goods (- 24.1%)

27/12/2016a single offer for the acquisition of shipbuilding society STX France
the term for the presentation of the proposals will expire tuesday

27/12/2016Kalmar will deliver seven new cranes to portal on rubber to the Algerian port of Oran
the order has a value of approximately ten million euro

23/12/2016Green light of the government to the Agencies for the harbour job to Taranto and Gioia Tauro
Uiltrasporti, this result affords of traguardare a long crisis and lasts and to look tomorrow to with minor the uncertainty

23/12/2016Exim Bank of China will support the investments of Lowers Merchants Group
will assist It in the development of the national and foreign operations

23/12/2016a missile has hit a ship Iranian in the Red Sea
Dead at least seven marine Pakistanis

23/12/2016BLG yields 51% of the capital of the BLG Coldstore Logistics to the Kloosterboer Dutch
the company manages most department store refrigerator of the port of Bremerhave

23/12/2016the unions have asked the government a urgent encounter on the crisis in the ports for Gioia Tauro and Taranto
the necessity to face the issue of the institution of the Agency for the administration of harbour job and professional requalification

23/12/2016the VLCC of Oman Shipping Company exit from pool VL8
Is the 15 tankers of great capacity that the omanita company had entrusted to the management of Navig8

22/12/2016the EU commission has defined the first European directory of the systems of recycling of the ships
Between the 18 approved of plants does not figure Italian yards

22/12/2016Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona is diminished of the -10,1%
Calo of the bulk. Containerized cargos +0.7%

22/12/2016Eighth consecutive month of the reduction of the marine traffic in the Suez Canal
To November the ships journeyed in the water way transported 68,9 million tons of goods, with an increment of +4.8%

22/12/2016Vopak buys activity and asset in the segment of the terminals of regasification of the Exmar
Currently the fleet of the Belgian company is constituted by ten units FRSU

22/12/2016"K" Linens brings charges to the APL Logistics
the compensation of the damages provoked from the false information is diffused by dependent of the company of Singapore

22/12/2016Wallenius Lines and Wilh. Wilhelmsen signs an agreement that specifies the terms of the fusion
the completion of the operation is previewed for the beginning of the next April

22/12/2016November record to the port of New York - New Jersey
the new traffic of the container of the month with a handling pairs to 527.974 teu (+5.5%)

21/12/2016To November the containerized trade in the port of Valencia has grown of +0.6%
In the first nine months of this year the Spanish port of call has enlivened 4.274.581 teu (+1.2%)

21/12/2016Inaugurated in the port of Monfalcone a new crane acquired from the Harbour Company
Has a capacity of 150 tons with a sbraccio of 54 meters

21/12/2016In vigor contract MSC Cruises - STX France for the construction of the two ships from class cruise "Plus Wonder"
the deliveries are previewed to October 2019 and september 2020

21/12/2016the Harbour Authority of Savona has introduced edition 2015 of the Budget of Sustainability
has been the last official action of the agency before the amalgamation with the genoese harbour authority

21/12/2016the UNCTAD is defining a system of appraisal of the performances of the ports
Currently to the plan participates 42 world-wide harbour ports of call

21/12/2016In the 2016 fleet in class Norwegian International Ship Register has grown of +9%
To the increase has contributed the norms that allow with single means in class NIS of being employed on the Norwegian continental platform

21/12/2016To Shanghai the meeting fondativo of the "Global Shipping Think Tank Alliance"
SRM is the only Italian center studies and one of the three Europeans to become partner of the initiative

21/12/2016Hanjin Shipping will sell own quota in Total Terminals International to the MSC
the Helvetic shipowning group will have the entire property of the terminalista society of Long Beach

20/12/2016the crocieristico group Carnival American celebrates the conclusion of a financial year record
an ulterior increase of the economic performances in 2017

20/12/2016Andrea Gentile is the new president of Assologistica
will be placed side by side by the vices president Sebastiano Grasso, Massimiliano Montalti and Umberto Ruggerone

20/12/2016Assiterminal and Trasportounito have joined to Confetra
the shareholders' meeting of the Confederation has received the demands for the two associations

20/12/2016Satisfaction of Confitarma for the ok of the EU to the Ferrobonus and the Marebonus
Grimaldi, already in the 2007 Confederation the first Ecobonus promoted

20/12/2016In the crocieristica season the 2016 ports of the Sardinia North have recorded the landings place of 135 ships
135 fleeting ports of call and 200 thousand regarding 149 fleeting ports of call and 238 thousand in 2015

20/12/2016Provincial will be general secretary of the Harbour Authority of Livorno until 31 March
Only depriving - it has asserted - could think that the contest for the Europe Platform spun smooth in six months

20/12/2016Damen has delivered a new tug Augusta Tug
Has an ability to shooting to the cleat of 60 tons and is employed in the port of Augusta

20/12/2016the contracts which signed from Virgin and Fincantieri for the construction of three ships from cruise have become executives
the three units will be realized in the plant of Sestri West (Genoa)

20/12/2016To November the traffic in the port of Ravenna has grown of +12.1%
In the first eleven months of the 2016 is enlivened 23,8 million tons of goods (+5.9%)

20/12/2016the unions speed up the institutions to face the topics of safety in the marine and harbour field
the resumption and the conclusion of the iter legislative for the update of you decree legislative 271 and 272 of 1999

19/12/2016concentration in the marine-harbour field with an agreement between COSCO Shipping Ports and HPH Trust
Together will manage 16 docks in the harbour area Kwai Tsing di Hong Kong

19/12/2016Sabato nel porto di Genova è deceduto un marittimo
I sindacati hanno proclamato 24 ore di sciopero

19/12/2016the railway connection directed between the port of Livorno and the Tirrenica line
Stefano Corsini, managing of the DIPE, is designated to the charge of president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern

19/12/2016the EU commission has approved of the Italian programs of incentives Ferrobonus and the Marebonus
Brussels has confirmed that they are consistent to the norms EU on the aids of State

19/12/2016Agreement for the takeover of Hutchison Ports in the port of Chornomorsk (Illichivsk)
the terminalista group of Hong Kong could operate in the Ukrainian port of call already the next year

19/12/2016Holding Grimaldi will equip two ships of systems of treatment of ballast waters of third generation
will be supplied and installed by Laval Alpha

19/12/2016Shanghai becomes center of China Shipowners' Association and the navalmeccanico cluster of group COSCO
Strategy in order to consolidate the role of the city which world-wide center of the shipping

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