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23 February 2017 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 05:50 GMT+1

22/02/2017Inaugurated the intermodal service the Adriatic-Baltic Sea on the director Trieste-Kiel-Goteborg
the train leaves every Wednesday from the giuliano port
ABB Marine Solutions

22/02/2017Summit on the future of the section of the naval repairs of the port of Genoa
On the agenda of the first reunion of the Committee of Management of the AdSP the documentation for the start of the procedure of the allocation of the dry docks
Est Europea Servizi Terminalistici

22/02/2017crocieristico group NCLH closes 2016 with an ulterior increase of the economic performances
the prosecuzione of the positive trend in 2017. Del Rio: "as for reservations, now we are in the best position in the history of our company"

22/02/2017Fincantieri Agreement, CSSC and Carnival for the construction of two ulterior ships from cruise in China and four in option
Store clerk of a value of approximately 1,5 billion dollars for the first two units

22/02/2017To deep the Infracapital and InfraVia almost the totality of the capital of the Group Harbour Investments
5% will be maintained by Giulio Schenone, that he will become the new managing director of the Italian terminalista company

22/02/2017exercise 2016 of the Danaos, closed with a net loss of -366,2 million dollars, suffers of the impact of the failure of the Hanjin
the revenues are diminished of the -12,3%

22/02/2017ABB announces to have uncovered a case of embezzlement near the branch South Korean
the removal of funds will produce to burdens before taxes pairs to approximately 100 million dollars recorded in budget 2016

21/02/2017DryShips re-enters in the market of the tanker with the acquisition of a Aframax new and a VLCC
the total investment piles to approximately 102,5 million dollars

21/02/2017the construction of the first ship from cruise to the world that will be able to employ the GNL like single fuel
Cut of the first sheet in the ship yard of Papenburg

21/02/2017CEMAT increases the departures of the intermodal connection Verona-Kiel-Goteborg
departure from Italy the friday with closing loaded to the 21,00 with the thursday

21/02/2017the third edition of Adriatic Sea Forum - cruise, ferry, sail & yacht will hold to Budva, in Montenegro
the event is in 28 the 27 program and April

21/02/2017Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Taranto is diminished of the -2,1%
is enlivened 1,98 million tons of cargos

21/02/2017In increase to January the traffic of the passengers and the rotabili in the ports of the Sardinia North
the passengers have been 99,024 (+12.0%)

21/02/2017the Spanish Boluda Corporación Marítima has acquired the German society of towing URAG
Has a fleet of 18 tugs employed mainly in the ports of Amburgo and Bremerhaven

20/02/2017FS Italian has grouped all the societies of the group engaged in the transport goods and the logistics in Polo Mercitalia
In Industrial Plan 2017-2026 is previewed expenses for 1,5 billion euros, the more meaningful investment - it has evidenced the company - than the group has never made in the field

20/02/2017APM Terminals has ordered to the Kalmar thirty shuttle carrier hybrids
will be used in according to container the terminal of Tanger Med that will become operating in 2019

20/02/2017the Italian navalmeccanici groups Fincantieri and Ferretti sign a collaboration agreement
Interesserà the civil and military fields, is national that international

20/02/2017Last month the Suez Canal is crossed by 1.369 ships (- 3.9%)
Trasportavano 70,2 million tons of goods (+7.2%), of which 36,6 million boarded on the ships journeyed from north to south (+25.1%) and 33,6 million on those in opposite direction (- 7.3%)

20/02/2017ECSA, the regional approach EU to the emissions of the shipping favors the extra-EU ports of the Med and those English post-Brexit
Regret of the shipowning association for the support expressed from the associations of the ports and the shippers to the recent ballot of the Parliament EU

20/02/2017the quota the government of Taipei in Yang Ming will go up to 36.62%
Previewed successively an ulterior increase of the public participation

17/02/2017Vopak has closed 2016 with an increase of +89% of the profit clearly thanks to the extraordinary voices
Revenues in decrease of the -3%

17/02/2017To January the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona has grown of +5%
the containers are increased of +13%

17/02/2017Delay in actions compulsory, acquitted because the fact not sussiste the former president of AP of Gioia Tauro, Giovanni Grimaldi
Sentence of the Appeals Court of Reggio Calabria

17/02/2017Feport invites the shipowners to "giving a movement" and engaging themselves in order to resolve the issue of the emissions of the ships in center IMO
Kerdjoudj-Belkaid: "if one of the parts does not supply to a reduction of the carbon emissions, the total result will remain unsatisfactory beneath and of the objectives"

17/02/2017the 1400's operating of the field has participated to BiLOG, the Biennial one of the Logistics
Roncallo (AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Oriental): "in organizing the next edition, than will hold to, will treasure the obtained results

17/02/2017Textainer, decided signs of resumption of the market of the chartering of the container
the American company has archived item also the fourth trimester of 2016 in loss

17/02/2017the failure and the state of liquidation of the Hanjin Shipping
Hyundai Merchant Marine has bought the terminals of the company to Tokyo and Kaohsiung

16/02/2017in the 2016 containerized trade enlivened from the Maltese port of Marsaxlokk
the total has been of 3,08 million teu

16/02/2017Begun in the yard of Fincantieri to Ancona the construction of the ship from Viking Spirit cruise
Verrà the next year

16/02/2017To Ravenna first reunion of the Committee of management of the AdSp of Mare Adriatico Centro-Settentrionale
Under way the intense activities for the removal of the present back in outer harbor

16/02/2017SAAR, Silomar and Warehouses coordinate the respective activities in the ports of Genoa and Savona
Nuovo annual traffic of 70.000 tons on the savonesi docks

16/02/2017Step behind of the Spanish government on the reform of the harbour job and strike is revoked
the Ministry of the economic Development has exhorted unions and datoriale part to return to the table of the negotiations

16/02/2017Beyond thousand Sardinian students will participate to the fifth edition of the plan To form
From February to june internships of the ships of Moby and Tirrenia will be carried out on board

16/02/2017To January the harbour terminals of COSCO Shipping Ports have enlivened 8,4 million container (+7.0%)
the volumes of traffic in the Mediterranean terminals of the Pireo and of Port Saïd have grown of +11.9% and +5.0%

16/02/2017Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti have proclaimed in order today a strike of the workers of the Artoni
the accusation to the unions to have made to fail the negotiations with Fercam

16/02/2017the German shipowners are furious for the inclusion of the shipping in the European system of exchange of emissions
Nagel: "who wants to reduce in sustainable way the emissions of co2, she must be engaged to make it through regulations world-wise near the IMO"

16/02/2017Norwegian Cruise Line orders four new ships of 140 thousand tsl to Fincantieri, with option for others two unit
the store clerk has a value of approximately 800 million euros for each ship from cruise

15/02/2017Engagement of the AdSP of Tyrrhenian Headquarters in order to guarantee an adequate operating continuity to the port of Salerno
Spirit: the job is face to giving impulse to the decisions for the port of Naples and in order to allow with the port of Salerno not to lose the acquired competitive advantage

15/02/2017the Parliament EU has voted in favor of the inclusion of shipping in the system of exchange of emissions ETS beginning from 2023
Ryckbost (ESPO): the ballot would have to be intended like a dew claw for velocizzare the intense activities of the IMO. Verhoeven (ECSA): it is not the way to proceed. The ICS exhorts the States EU to reject the proposal

15/02/2017the port of Venice has archived item 2016 with a traffic of 25,2 million tons of goods (+0.5%)
the crocieristi have been 1,63 million (+1.5%)

15/02/2017To January the traffic of the container enlivened from the port of Hong Kong has grown of +3.5%
is enlivened 1.733.000 teu

15/02/2017Last year the port of Amburgo has enlivened 138,2 million tons of goods (+0.3%)
the containers have been pairs to 8,91 million teu (+1.0%)

15/02/2017RUSCON has bought the logistic company Russian SLG-Operating
Opera presses of Moscow where it has a structure of 60 thousand square metres

15/02/2017In the 2016 port of New York has enlivened 6,25 million container (- 1.9%). Record salary to Los Angeles City
To January 2017 the Californian port has enlivened 826,640 teu (+17.3%)

15/02/2017Sfuma the passage of the trasportistiche and logistic activities of the Artoni to the Fercam group
Lacked agreement with the unions on the organic one

14/02/2017Friday the Council of Ministers Spanish will approve of the provision on the harbour job
the today's reunion between datoriali government, unions and parts has been concluded with a black smoke

14/02/2017Potenziamento of the service Nord Europe - East Med di CMA CGM, Seago and Hamburg Süd
the line connects the two regions via Spain (Algeciras), Italy (Salerno) and Malta

14/02/2017Convention on waterfront organized from Propeller the Clubs of Trieste and Naples
will hold next monday in the giuliana city

14/02/2017the ships of Carnival Cruise Line will land to Cuba june beginning from
the group Carnival American will increase the total number of cruises for the Caribbean nation

14/02/2017the new public society for the financings in naval field KSC will introduce thousand billions of won in the HMM
Korea Shipping Co. it will acquire approximately ten portacontainer of the company and this last one of it will order to five new let alone two or three oil tankers

14/02/2017the promotion of the port of Gioia Tauro in the segment of the ortofrutta passes from Berlin
the Harbour Authority has participated for the fourth time to the international fair Logistic Fruit

14/02/2017Rolls-Royce has closed 2016 with a having consisted loss before taxes
contraction of the results in the segment Marine

14/02/2017aggravates the crash between the Spanish government and the unions on the topic of the harbour job
the Ministry of the economic Development sentence the actions that would be put into effect in order to slow down the activity in the ports

13/02/2017Proseguiranno the negotiations for the income of group MSC in the capital of the shipowning society genoese Messina
Thursday to Geneva the president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western has met Gianluigi Aponte

13/02/2017Sixth consecutive trimester in loss for Diana Containerships
In the 2015 revenues of the Greek shipowning society is diminished of the -47,7%

13/02/2017Al via to Muggiano the construction of the first polyvalent pattugliatore of height
Altogether nine naval units will be realized for Marina Militare Italiana

13/02/2017Workshop of Propeller Club of Genoa on the system MRV for the monitoring of the emissions of co2 of the ships
will hold tomorrow to Saint George Palace

13/02/2017the representative of the Municipality of Salerno named member of the Committee of management of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central
Spirit: "Naples and Salerno can grow together"

13/02/2017COSCO Shipping Ports will increase the participation in the Qingdao Port International
the value of the operation will be pairs to approximately 843 million dollars

13/02/2017Maersk Line will start a new service Europe Asia-North and a broken new the Asia-USA (East coast)
Fusion of transpacifici services TP8 and TP3

13/02/2017Federagenti denunciation that the harbour reform, launched after ten years of wait, is still firm to the pole
"All this - Duci accusation - happens in a moment to say little complex of the world-wide and Italian portualità"

13/02/2017In the 2016 harbour terminal of HHLA has enlivened 6,7 million container (+1.5%)
In the solo fourth trimester the increment of the traffic has been of +16% approximately

13/02/2017Last month the traffic in the port of Singapore is increased of +10.1%
the increase is produced by the rise of +31.0% of the oil traffic

10/02/2017Norwegian DHT has rejected an offer of fusion proposed from the Frontline compatriot
the plan is rejected unanimously by the board of directors

10/02/2017the mayor of Salerno emphasizes the requirement to exit from the stall condition that stops the city port
Engagement in order to verify the iter procedural of I decree that it contains the dispositions with respect to the governance transitory of the port of call

10/02/2017the ports of Genoa and Savona anticipate their offer in the segment of the perishable ones to the Logistic Fruit of Berlin
In the 2016 two from Liguria ports has enlivened in total approximately 99 thousand container cooled

10/02/2017To January the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach is increased of +8.7%
handling has been pairs altogether to 583 thousand teu

10/02/2017Last year the harbour terminals of HPH Trust have enlivened 22,5 million container (- 5.9%)
In the last trimester the traffic has been of 5,8 million teu (- 1.5%)

10/02/2017In the 2015 aerial transport in Italy has recorded an increase of +4.4% of the passengers and +3.1% of the goods
the traffic cargo concentrates in the two great airport systems of Milan Malpensa and Roma Fiumicino

10/02/2017In the 2016 Chinese marine ports has enlivened 8.081 million tons of goods (+3.0%)
the traffic of the container has been pairs to 194,4 million teu (+3.4%)

10/02/2017the Zeaborn German buys the Rickmers-Linie compatriot
the new concentration will count on a fleet of approximately 50 multipurpose ships

09/02/2017Hupac increases the offer for the transalpine rail shipment of megatrailer
couple of trains on the connections Ludwigshafen - Novara and Cologne Eifeltor - Novara

09/02/2017In the 2016 Trieste Marine Terminal has enlivened 449,481 teu (+1.3%)
the container traffic full has grown of +8.9%

09/02/2017Today in the port of Ancona is inaugurated the intense activities of potenziamento of Dock 22
Delrio: in the 2016 Italian ports they have exceeded 11 million the crocieristi, an historical record

09/02/2017To Berlin the port of anticipates own offer and potentiality for the field sour-food
In the within of the plan Fresh Food Corridors from Liguria port of call is charged to develop a specific study of feasibility

09/02/2017In the 2016 traffic in the port of Rotterdam is diminished of the -1,1% because of the reduction of the solid bulk
In the solo fourth trimester is enlivened 116,5 million tons of goods (+1.4%)

09/02/2017the thesis of Marco Zunino rewarded with the "Student Naval Architect Award"
the international acknowledgment is conferred by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects and by the shipowning group of Friend

09/02/2017Hyundai Merchant Marine has closed 2016 with a decrease of the net loss
the revenues are diminished of the -18,8%

09/02/2017In 2016 Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. is returned to the profit
the revenues of the South Korean navalmeccanico group are diminished of the -15,0%

08/02/2017Fedespedi, has concluded positively the destined event of the six thousand Hanjin container to Italy
Some days before is finished in the established tempistiche gives back it of the empty containers

08/02/2017New bottoms in order to finance the infrastructure plans of transport in the European Union
Resources will come also from the European Bottom for the strategic investments

08/02/2017In increase the recorded economic results from Konecranes in 2016
the new orders are diminished of the -2,3%

08/02/201721 February to Rome will hold a convention on the Economy Blue
Is organized from Blue C&G Vision, Unioncamere and Legambiente

08/02/2017ABB has closed the fourth trimester of 2016 with a rise of the economic results
Stable the new orders

08/02/2017the crocieristica company British Swan Hellenic will resume the activity in 2018
is not still famous the destiny of the brand Voyages of Discovery

08/02/2017group A.P. Møller-Mærsk has closed 2016 with a net loss of -1,9 billion dollars
In 2017 is attended an improvement of the results of Maersk Line

07/02/2017In the 2016 port of Salerno has enlivened a traffic record of 13 million tons of goods
Increment of +1.6% on the year precedence

07/02/2017the port of Ancona has closed 2016 with a total of beyond 8,9 million tons of goods (+4.0%)
the traffic of the passengers has been little more than a million than people (- 0.5%)

07/02/2017Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna has grown of +5.0%
Aumento of the volumes enlivened in all the main merceologici fields

07/02/2017In the 2016 port of Naples has enlivened a traffic record of 22,4 million tons of goods (+6.7%)
Goods several +8.5% and liquid bulk +1.9%. Record of the solid bulk with +8,7%. The crocieristi have been 1,3 million (+2.9%)

07/02/2017increment of the economic results of group DFDS
In the 2016 fleet han transported 37,8 million linear meters of rotabili (+21.1%) and seven million passengers (+12.4%)

07/02/2017Last year the harbour terminals of DP World have enlivened a containerized trade record
the total has been of beyond 63,6 million teu (+3.2%)

06/02/2017the Spanish union Coordinadora towards the crash with the government in matter of harbour job
Goya: "we will defend our profession by all means"

06/02/2017In the first two months of exercise in the gallery of base of Saint Gottardo is journeyed 3,980 cargo trains
the every day mean load of the convoys cargo has turned out pairs to approximately 41 000 tons

06/02/2017Salerno asks an encounter the president for the AdSP for the Tyrrhenian Sea Central in order to discuss about the perspectives of own port
Wednesday to Palace of City a reunion with AssoTutela and the unions

06/02/2017Slot purchase agreement of Maersk and Hamburg relative Süd to the services East-West of the Network 2M
the agreement will enter the vigor 1° the April

06/02/2017Last year the enlivened volumes of intermodal transport from the Kombiverkehr have grown of +0.7%
the national traffic is increased of +0.6% and that international one of +0.8%

06/02/2017In the 2016 traffic of the goods in the port of London has grown of +11%
the forecasts in the long term preview a annual traffic of 60-80 million tons

06/02/2017Record salary of tonnage of the ships that have crossed the channel of Panama hat
To April is in program the first transit in the Central American water way of a ship from cruise neoPanamax

03/02/2017Wednesday Centro Servizi for the Sea will be introduced the European Parliament
Supporta, among other things, the development of some financed strategic plans through program CEF

03/02/2017the contract for the definitive planning of the offshore-onshore harbour system of Venice
Costa: within six months the plan will be realized and introduced the government

03/02/2017Spain is next to a modification of the norms on the harbour job
the objective is not to incur in the endorsements of the EU

03/02/2017another Polish ship yard is about to acquired being from public industry PGZ
Its is the single offer in order to buy Naval Shipyard

03/02/2017To July Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. could put into effect the scorporo of the navalmeccanica division
the Japanese group has closed the first nine months of fiscal year 2016 with a net loss of -11,2 billion yen

02/02/2017Ok of the Chamber to the nomination of Musolino to president of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale
the new agency will govern the ports of Venice and Chioggia

02/02/2017Celebrated to Monfalcone the coin ceremony of the ship from cruise MSC Seaview
the ship, 154,000 tons of tonnage, will enter in service to june 2018

02/02/2017Pan Ocean has closed 2016 with a profit clearly of 82,5 million dollars (+141.9%)
In the fourth recorded trimester a net loss of -25,5 million dollars

02/02/2017Baleària has ordered two new ferries to the Visentini Ship yard
the store clerk has a value of 200 million euros

02/02/201717 February Hanjin Shipping could be mail in liquidation
the South Korean company could resort in appeal

02/02/2017Initiative of Trasportounito in order to resolve the problem of the area of pause for the trucks to the port of Genoa
Previewed areas of pause interconnected for via data transmission

02/02/2017In Japan six you carry are selected which hub crocieristici international
draft of Yokohama, Shimizu, Sasebo, Yatsushiro, Motobu and Miyakojima. Involved the companies Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Genting HK and NYK Cruises

02/02/2017Fincantieri announces an ulterior extension of the period of offer for the purchase of the actions of Vard
the closing has been fixed for next 16 February

01/02/2017Friday the signature of the contract for the definitive planning of the offshore-onshore harbour system of Venice
the activity will be entrusted to the grouping of enterprises Italian-Chinese 4C3

01/02/2017In the 2016 managed harbour terminal of Contship Italy has enlivened 6,4 million container (+1.7%)
the Liguria Region nomination admiral Camerini which own representative in the Committee of management of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Oriental

01/02/2017the intermodal operator Hupac celebrates its 50 years starting own marine services
Last year the Helvetic company has enlivened a traffic volume record

01/02/2017Yusen Logistics (Europe) has bought the Transfreight Automotive Logistics Europe
the French company work in the field automotive

01/02/2017Assologistica Culture and Formation celebrates the 10 years of activity with a nourished program of course, seminaries and workshop
will be carried out in the course of the first semester of this year

01/02/2017Last year Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. has recorded a bending of the -37,1% of the new orders
In the segment of the shipbuilding the decrease has been of 35.2%

31/01/2017In the 2016 traffic goods in the port of Barcelona has grown of +3.4% and in that of Algeciras of +4.7%
the port of call Andalusian has established record of traffic in the segments of the conventional container and the goods, that Catalan in the passengers and the cars

31/01/2017In the 2016 terminal of the Eurogate group has enlivened 14,6 million container (+0.4%)
the traffic in Germany (- 8.0% in the solo fourth trimester), while in Italy it has grown of +4.6% (+7.5% in the last trimester)

31/01/2017d' Amico International Shipping, salt and charter back of two tankers Medium Range
is sold for 13.5 million dollars each

31/01/2017the port of Livorno has closed the 2016 with a traffic stable total and a new record in the container
increase of the passengers with a +15.8% of the cruises and a +26.1% of the ferries

31/01/2017the Japanese "K" Linens, MOL and NYK anticipate the results of the period April-December 2016
Calo of the performances is in the segment of the line transport that in that of the bulk

31/01/2017Last year the traffic of the passengers of the ferries in the three ports of the Sardinia North has grown of +17.2%
the crocieristi are come down from 238 thousand in 2015 to 210 thousand

31/01/2017Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa is diminished of the -1,0% and has marked a record in the segment of the container
the passengers have been 3,1 million (+9.0%), of which 1,02 million crocieristi (+19.9%) and 2,09 million passengers of ferries (+4.4%)

30/01/2017In the 2016 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of is diminished of the -6,0%
In decrease the goods containerized and conventional and the liquid bulk. Increment of the bulk sand banks

30/01/2017Short the norm that previews the retroactive increase of the state property canons for the tourist ports
For Ucina, Federturismo and Assomarinas, is a great victory. Nautical Italian, the tabellari values will have to be applied on the consistencies to the moment of the action of the concession

30/01/2017a pie the choice of the center of the Authority of Harbour System of the Sea of Sicily Oriental
Catania, rather than Augusta, it will be in order not more than two years, assures minister Delrio

30/01/2017Rail Cargo has transferred the Italian operating center from Novi Ligure to Marghera Port
In the 2016 port of Venice - it has emphasized the Harbour Authority - has recorded the best one turned out railway than always

30/01/2017the Board of Directors of the APLS, the society that manages the marine station of
the nomination of a new board of directors has the purpose to lead to the liquidation of the company or the cession of the quotas

27/01/2017In the fourth trimester 2016 Costamare is incurred in a net loss of 11.0 million dollars
In the entire exercise anniversary is recorded a profit clearly of 81,7 million dollars (- 43.2%)

27/01/2017of the French Parliament to the completion of railway line AV Turin-Lyon
Virano: today on the Italian depositor the cutter, arrived in the last meters of the exploratory tunnel, will exceed the border

27/01/2017In the 2016 port of Taranto has enlivened 24,7 million tons of goods (+9.3%)
In the solo fourth trimester the traffic has been of 5,4 million tons (- 12.5%)

27/01/2017Propelling Club of Genoa in the next few years has organized an encounter on the topic "from Liguria portualità"
Parteciperanno also the Clubs of Savona and La Spezia. The encounter will hold 31 January

27/01/2017Tata Steel invests in the realization of the new Indian port of Subarnarekha
the iron and steel group will acquire the majority of the Creatives Port Development

27/01/2017Wärtsilä has concluded 2016 with an improvement of the economic results in the last trimester
Turnover and new orders in decrease

27/01/2017In the fourth trimester of the 2016 OOCL has recorded a rise of the revenues and the transported containerized volumes
a volume of transactions of 1,3 billion dollars (+10.3%) and goods in container pairs to 1,7 million teu (+20.2%)

26/01/2017Last year the port of Trieste has enlivened 59,2 million tons of goods (+3.7%)
liquid Bulk +3.6%, several solid bulk +22.5% and goods +1.9%

26/01/2017Mission of the European Agency for Marine Safety in Italy
Confronto to Rome and Genoa with the General Command of the Body of the Harbour offices

26/01/2017In the 2016 traffic in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven is increased of +1.0%
the container has been pairs to 5.488.999 teu (- 1.0%)

26/01/2017Royal Caribbean Cruises closes the 2016 with economic results record
an ulterior increase of the performances in 2017

26/01/2017Fincantieri has delivered third of six ships from cruise ordered from Viking Ocean Cruises
"Viking Sky" is constructed in the plant of Ancona

26/01/2017In six years the incidents in the terminal of Voltri-Prà of the port of Genoa are diminished of 80%
Beyond 150 people of the genoese marine-harbour cluster has participated to the Safety Day

26/01/2017Last year the Russian ports have enlivened a traffic record of 721,9 million tons of goods (+6.7%)
the exports are piled to 567,3 million tons (+5.3%) and the imports to 31,7 million tons (- 5.0%)

26/01/2017the German Oskar Wehr Reederei is exiting from the segment of the portacontainer
the company of Amburgo will concentrate the single attention on own fleet of rinfusiere

26/01/2017In the 2016 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Marseilles Fos is diminished of the -0,9%
the containers have been pairs to 1,25 million teu (+2.5%)

26/01/2017COSCO Shipping previews to record exercise 2016 with a net loss pairs to approximately -1,4 billion dollars
a profit before the interests and of the taxes of approximately 700 million yuan

25/01/2017Al via the intense activities of dredging to the Polisettoriale Pier of the port of Taranto
Will have a duration of approximately a year

25/01/2017COSCO Shipping tightens an agreement of cooperation with CMA Terminals of the group CMA CGM
the understanding will be centralized mainly on the ports of port of call of the services of the OCEAN Alliance

25/01/2017Rolls-Royce will supply the motors for two new units to high speed of Marina Militare Italiana
the boats are constructed by Intermarine in the ship yard of Sarzana

25/01/2017Wärtsilä signs an agreement with Carnival for the maintenance of the motors of 79 ships from cruise
the store clerk has a value of approximately 900 million euros

25/01/2017the port of Busan salt to the fifth place in the ranking of the main world-wide ports container
Last year the South Korean port of call has enlivened 20 million teu (+2.7%)

24/01/2017the port of Valencia has closed the 2016 with new records of traffic total, container and passengers
the harbour system of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandía has enlivened 4.722.273 teu (+2.3%)

24/01/2017Polish ship yard SSN is sold to the bottom MARS FIZ that is under responsibility of public industry PGZ
is yielded for approximately 23 million euros

24/01/2017In the 2015 traffics of the goods and the passengers on the Italian railway net has grown of +1.6% and +1.0%
the total has been almost 80,0 million tons of goods and 829,5 million passengers

24/01/2017the Czech Republic is interested to the potenziamento of the railway line with the Slovenian port of Koper
the government of Praga could participate to the plan for the construction of the second Divaca-Koper draft

24/01/2017Feport confides that the implementation of the regulations on the ports allows to release the contained potential opportunities in the norm
Kerdjoudj-Belkaid: the adoption of the text more creates expectations approximately an improvement of the norms of governance of the ports and approximately aimed investments

24/01/2017the Arcese group has renewed the logistic pole of Gerbole of Volvera (Turin)
the structure covers a surface total of beyond 26.000 square metres

24/01/2017Profit warning of the Chineses Genting Hong Kong and CIMC
budget 2016 will be archived item with considerably inferior results to those of the exercise precedence

23/01/2017financial Yang Ming anticipates a reorganization plan
an increase of the consistency of the quota vital prisoner from the government

23/01/2017the Council of the EU has adopted the regulations on the supply of harbour services and the transparency financial institution of the ports
Will take effect 20 days after the publication on the Gazette of the European Union

23/01/2017Giuseppe Bottiglieri Shipping Co. it has asked the admission the agreed procedure for with reservation
the Italian company has a fleet of 15 ships

23/01/2017a new intermodal service will connect the port of Trieste with Kiel and the market of the Baltic Sea
Will be operating front line along the corridor TRIES the Adriatic-Baltic Sea

23/01/2017Last year the crocieristico traffic in the port of the TV assistant has grown of +4.3%
the Maltese landing place is scaled by 316 ships from cruise

23/01/2017Eimskip will order two portacontaner ice class from 2.150 teu to a Chinese ship yard
the store clerk in the within of the agreement that the Icelandic company has signed with Royal Arctic Line

23/01/2017Turkish company U.N. Ro-Ro buys the compatriot Ulusoy Ro-Ro for 215 million euros
the acquisition will allow to increase the frequency of the Cesme-Trieste service and to activate a line with Bari

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