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10 October 2015 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 10:59 GMT+2

09/10/2015logistic company Danish DSV will buy the American UTi Worldwide for 1,35 billion dollars
the new group will have 44,000 dependent, 848 offices and 339 logistics centers in 84 nations
ABB Marine Solutions

09/10/2015Tuesday to Livorno will hold an international workshop on the forest produced ones
Is organized from the Harbour Authority in collaboration with the IRCrES of the CNR
Salerno Container Terminal

09/10/2015Yildirim confirmation the possible cession of the participation in CMA CGM within end 2015
the president and managing director of the Turkish group has announced that a purchaser is found

09/10/2015the Carnival group has inaugurated a third crocieristica dock to Cozumel, in Mexico
the harbour work has cost beyond 20 million dollars

09/10/2015the ministers of the Transports of the EU have approved of the political pillar of the fourth railway package
CER exhorts to do so as that the technical pillar takes effect in the short possible time

08/10/2015Romagna Confindustria denunciation the decision to abandon the plan of the street connection E55 from Civitavecchia to Venice
the association has restated also the worries for the delays in the deepening of the backdrops of the port of Ravenna

08/10/2015Green light in Switzerland to the construction of the new gallery of the Bözberg
Is the more important participation in the removal of the obstacles to the completion of the transalpine railway corridor that will allow the transport of the semitowings on train

08/10/2015French union SNCNMM asks the exclusion of towing from the field of application of the regulations proposal EU on the harbour services
Letter opened to eurodeputato Knut Fleckenstein, reporter of the bill

07/10/2015unit FPSO Four Rainbow is transferred to joint venture Anteros constituted from Premuda and Yinson
the Italian shipowning company, through FVSN, stops 49% of the new society, while the group malaysian possesses residual 51%

07/10/2015Interest of the agency for the internationalization of the newyorkesi enterprises in confronts of the port of Trieste
Incontro to New York with a delegation of the Region Friuli Venice Julia

07/10/2015the Harbour Committee of Naples has sent back to 23 October the decision on the lapsing of concessionaire's right to the Conateco
the dismissione of the quota stopped from the Harbour Authority in the SEPN

07/10/2015Collaboration of SBB CFF FFS Cargo and Bosch in order to realize the digital cargo train
the scope is the digitalisation of the logistics on track in order to transform it in a system of transport connected in net

07/10/2015Tomorrow will be inaugurated the new Pier of sopraflutto of the port of Ancona
the work is financed entirely with deep civil servants and has cost 57 million euros

07/10/2015Unifeeder has bought the services of line of the Tschudi Logistics
Verranno realized with the brand Tschudi Express

06/10/2015In the first eight months of this year the traffic of the goods in the Spanish ports has grown of +3.5%
Crocieristi in increase of +11.5%

06/10/2015Glencore yields 49% of the society of bunkeraggio Chemoil-Adani to the Adani group
the share capital will become of entire property of the Indian group

06/10/2015the Dutch group Damen has bought the yard of naval repairs D. van de Wetering di Rotterdam
the plant is founded in 1880

06/10/2015Deiana (Sardinia Region) confirmation that will be guaranteed the resorption of all the workers of the Saremar
a clause of safeguard in the procedure of contest for the management of the marine connections

06/10/2015Varate two new tankers of Friend International Shipping
the total investment is piled to 62 million dollars

05/10/2015Nuovo pre-emptive seizure of assets of the shipowners of Raise Pugs
would be omitted the declaration of profits for beyond 37 million euros

05/10/2015Air France announces a reorganization plan that previews 2,900 esuberi
Assalto to the center of Roissy, with the Xavier Broseta manager forced to the escape

05/10/2015Participations of improvement of the road system in the commercial port of Porto Torres
Besides to rationalize the traffic and to realize a new area you park, are faces to the fruizione of an archaeological zone

05/10/2015Satisfaction of the ECSA for the declarations of which released conformities to Hong Kong Convention to two yards of naval demolition of Alang
Emitted from the ClassNK Japanese regarding R.L Kalthia Ship Breaking and Priya Blu Industries. The European shipowning association exhorts the EU commission to accept this appraisal

05/10/2015Rolls-Royce announces an ulterior cut of the staff in the division Marine
the 1400's places of work in less besides the reduction than 600 dependent communicated in the May month

05/10/2015In increase the transported volumes of goods on the German fluvial net
In the first six months of this year the traffic has been of 116,4 million tons (+3.2%)

05/10/2015Kalmar will increase to the ability to handling of cranes STS of the MSC Terminal of Valencia
the means of raising could be used on portacontainer of the 19.000 ability to teu

05/10/2015Seminary on the work safety promoted from National the Bilateral Agency of the Ports
has carried out thursday in the port of Bari

05/10/2015In the 2016 Nautical Hall will double placing side by side to the event in autumn to Genoa a new appointment in spring to Venice
From the 1 to 10 April in from Liguria chief town will hold also the Hall of the used one

02/10/2015Reunion of Propeller Club of Genoa on the perspectives of the local airport
Is in program next 6 October

02/10/2015To August the port of Genoa has marked an increase of +1.4% of the container and a decrease of the -9,4% of the total traffic
In the first eight months of this year is enlivened 34.519.003 tons of goods (+1.7%)

02/10/2015In 2016 is attended an increment of +6.2% of the crocieristico traffic in the Italian ports
Al via Italian Cruise Day, organized event from Answers Tourism with the Harbour Authority of Civitavecchia

02/10/2015In the 2014 operating costs of the companies of the shipping has recorded a decrease of the -0,8%
Greiner (Moore Stephens): a wider picture reveals that the expenses remarkablly are increased during the last few years

02/10/2015Franceschini, Serracchiani and Cosolini see in it use of the port of Trieste the solution to the problem of the great ships to Venice
the minister proposes the giuliano port of call which hub and the president of Region FVG and the mayor of Trieste consider such hypothesis founded and reasonable

01/10/2015Mingozzi: the Harbour Authority of Ravenna will maintain own autonomy
From the last news - the mayor of the ravennate city has explained - emerges that minister Delrio has proposed it during commission. Critical Confartigianato the decision not to realize the E55

01/10/201523 October to Milan will hold a dedicated day to marine and logistic economy
Is organized from Promos, Federation of the Sea and The International Propeller Clubs

01/10/2015After almost 50 years of activity City Terminal of the port of Rotterdam closes down
ECT enlivens the traffic of the container in others two terminal of the area Maasvlakte II

01/10/2015Eurogate has acquired a participation in Logistic the Contrail Brazilian
the South American company has in program to widen own intermodal Network

01/10/2015Hapag-Lloyd makes sure a renewable credit line of 372 million dollars
the loan will be used in order to finance the construction of five portacontainer from 10.500 teu

01/10/2015Costa Crociere has introduced the budget of sustainability 2014
the document defines also future objectives and distances in the within of the produced one and the innovation and in the engagement towards a sustainable increase

30/09/2015Arkas Line will insert directed touching to the Lebanese port of Beirut in the GPS service
Verrà connection weekly magazine with transit a Time of nine days

30/09/2015the Japanese Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding Co. it will acquire Marine German TGE
the transaction will have a value of approximately 164 million euros

30/09/2015the Turkish group Yildirim extends own net of harbour terminals to Portugal
Agreement in order to acquire the Tertir, that it manages seven terminal in Portugal, two in Spain and in Peru. The understanding includes the Mota-Engil Logística and the Transitex

30/09/2015Costa Crociere will increase own presence in the Indian Ocean
an agreement with the local authorities will allow to double the cruises in order to visit the islands of the region

30/09/2015Cruises Saga orders a new ship from cruise of 55.900 tsl to the Meyer Werft ship yard
the agreement includes an option for the construction of a second unit

30/09/2015Last month the traffic in the port of Valencia has grown of +8.0%
In the first eight months of the 2015 increment has been of +8.2%

29/09/2015a delegation of the German association SVG has visited the port of Trieste
the Italian city has been center of a directive board meeting of the association of the shipment enterprises and road haulage

29/09/2015Riconsegnate to the Harbour Authority the areas of the container terminal of the port of Taranto
the agency will be able to start the procedures for the location of a new terminalista

29/09/2015To Ancona the Italian Harbour Authorities study the new rules of public accounting
the anconetano agency is selected which actuator of the activity of experimentation for the adoption of the Integrated Chart of accounts

29/09/2015the Liguria Region wants to have right to vote in reorders of the norms on portualità and logistics
a specific motion introduced from the Movement 5 Stars

29/09/2015the Daiichi Japanese has introduced request in order to approach the procedure of restructure in the within of the bankrupt norm
Delisting of the title of the shipowning society to the Stock exchange of Tokyo

29/09/2015Last month the traffic in the port of Ravenna is diminished of the -5,1%
In the first first eight months of the 2015 is enlivened 16,1 million tons of goods (- 1.2%)

29/09/2015To Genoa is about to completion the intense activities of refitting of Saipem 10,000
theplanofrestylingput into effectfromSaint Georgeof thePortis beguntoMarseilles

29/09/2015In the first semester of the 2015 operating result of Italian Railroads of the State has recorded a decrease of the -24%
Turned out clearly in increase of +2.5% and operating revenues of +0.7%

29/09/2015Study on the effects of the opening of the galleries of base of Saint Gottardo and of Ashes on the railway traffic fleeting and goods
is realized by the Helvetic federal Office of the territorial development

28/09/2015To August the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice has grown of +44.8%
Crocieristi in increase of +3.1%

28/09/2015Agreement for the takeover of the Agency of Customs in the logistic platform of Terni-Narni
is signed by the Umbria Region and the interregional direction of Customs for the Tuscany, the Sardinia and the Umbria

28/09/2015Hapag-Lloyd previews to collect 500 million dollars from the initial public offer
the company intends to subscribe to the Stock exchanges of Frankfurt and Amburgo within this year

28/09/2015Zim will upgrade the Asia services - Mediterranean oriental
Rinnovo of the spins of lines EMX and AME

28/09/2015Thursday will be put into effect the spin-off of the activities of shipbuilding of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd
Inizieranno the activity the two new societies Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. Shipbuilding Co. and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. Hull Production Co…

28/09/2015the BERS confirmation the acquisition of a quota minority in the Global Turk Holding Ports
the investment in sight of the income in Stock exchange of the terminalista society attended between 2016 and 2018

25/09/2015Tirrenia increases the departures of the marine service regular Cagliari-Livorno
the Express ship Catania, that it has a cargo ability of 1.600 linear meters

25/09/2015the Istat communicates the variations of the price indices to the production of the services
In according to trimester the services of aerial transport has recorded a decrease of the -8,2% and those of marine transport an increase of +0.5%

25/09/2015In the port of is inaugurated the new terminal cruises
In 2017 will be announced publicly a contest for the management of the crocieristico traffic

25/09/2015Whilhelmsen Ships Service buys the producer of cables and Timm ropes
the Norwegian company is founded in 1772

25/09/2015the Grimaldi group upgrades own marine services from and for the Sicily and the Sardinia
the connection between the ports of Genoa, Livorno and Palermo will be extended to Cagliari. The Livorno-Palermo line will become every day and transport also fleeting

25/09/2015Rail Group Cargo will acquire the railway society private German EBM Cargo
will be renamed Rail Cargo Carrier - Germany

25/09/2015From the 1 to 3 October is in program fair GIS - Italian Days of the Raising and the Exceptional Transports
will hold in the exhibition quarter of PiacenzaExpo

25/09/2015bending of the traffic of the goods in the port of Trieste in the first eight months of 2015
Calo of several the liquid bulk and the goods. Decided rise of the bulk sand banks

25/09/2015Memorandum of understanding between Propeller Club Port of Venice and ATHENA Venetian
In program the organization of meeting thematic on the several technical and economic fields of the sea

24/09/2015Agreement of cooperation between the ports of Livorno and Piombino
Delrio: "it is the demonstration that the synergies previewed from the Strategic Plan of the Logistics and the Portualità can be anticipated"

24/09/2015To August the traffic of the container in the port of Algeciras has grown of +9.4%
In the first eight months of 2015 is recorded a bending of 6.9%

24/09/2015Evening of Propeller Club of Trieste on the Nautical Academy of the Adriatic
Is in program 1° the October

24/09/2015the Italians Augustan, Cafimar and Scafi constitute an only society for the activities of towing and the harbour services
Italtugs will have a fleet of beyond 70 units

24/09/2015With Eighty-five Fincantieri and Pininfarina rinverdiscono the pomps of the Steed
Concept for megayacht of luxury of 85 meters of length and 2,460 tons of tonnage

24/09/2015GEFCO buys the Dutch Global shipment house IJS
the society has center to Amsterdam and 500 dependent

24/09/2015definitively the bill of delegation to the government for the reform of the code of the nautical one from diporto
Ok of the Chamber. Demaria (UCINA): a success of the association that the row goes for the benefit of all

23/09/2015the Harbour Authority of Barcelona grants to BEST an extension 15-year-old of the concession to the Catalunya Terminal
the total investment of the society in the Catalan port piles to 580 million euros

23/09/2015the Torm Danish exits from the field of the bulk carrier
the company confirmation the cession of last the two ships

23/09/2015Last year the total of the prizes in the segment of the marine insurances is piled to 32,6 billion dollars (- 3.2%)
the decrease is attributable in great part to the strong dollar. The IUMI has evidenced the important impact that the great lefts with losses of cargo can have on the field

23/09/2015d' Amico International Shipping orders to others two new tanker LR1
Flowers: "I am convinced that ships LR1, thanks to the their greater ability to transport, will be many demands in the next few years"

23/09/2015Salta the agreement for the cession of naval means GNL of the Exmar and the Geveran Trading to the Flex LNG
the parts have not succeeded to agree the terms of the agreement

23/09/2015the Dutch boat yard Acico Yachts has bought the Jongert compatriot
the company, founded in 1953, constructs to motor and sail yacht

22/09/2015CNA-Fita accusation the governor of Tirol of wanting to declare war to the free circulation of the goods
a provision that, if put into effect - the association supports - Italy would penalize heavy and above all the regions of the north

22/09/2015Undersigned I renew of the concession to the Navalmare ship yard of Lerici (La Spezia)
the due date is fixed to 2033

22/09/2015In the trimester june-August Carnival Corporation has recorded a profit clearly of 1,22 billion dollars (- 2%)
Donald: the not-GAAP performances of our third trimester have been best regarding any the other trimester

22/09/2015the ICS emphasizes that norms IMO for the cut of the emissions of co2 of the shipping are already producing important results
Hinchliffe: the International Maritime Organization is the only forum that can achieve ulterior meaningful reductions

22/09/2015Order to Hyundai Mipo Dockyard for the construction of four ships PCTC
the store clerk has a total value of approximately 312 million dollars

22/09/2015Others ten brands are associated the Italian Nautical baby
Salt to 35 the total of the represented nautical marks from the association

22/09/2015BAE Systems will cut 650 places of work in the ship yard of Norfolk
the reduction is consequence of the decrease of the activities of naval repair for the units of US Navy

21/09/2015From the 1 to 4 October to Bergamo will hold the first meeting anniversary of Africa Logistics Network
Saponaro: in single four months from the launch we have reached the cover almost total of Africa

21/09/2015a new railway service goods connects Frankfurt and Bologna
is realized in collaboration from Cemat, DB Schenker Rail, Interporto Bologna, Kombiverkehr, Lokomotion and RTC

21/09/2015From end 2017 Silversea Cruises will employ the ship from cruise of luxury Silver Cloud in the segment of the explorations
the unit will receive the notation ice-class

21/09/2015To July the port of Genoa has enlivened beyond 4,6 million tons of goods (+2.3%)
Record of traffic of the container to terminal VTE. Donation of the plan of Renzo Piano for the new Tower Pilots

21/09/2015Seago Line will start a new service that will connect Spain and Italy with Turkey
Ports of call to Valencia, Barcelona, Genoa, Ambarli, Izmit Korfezi and Izmir

18/09/2015the Liguria Region drafts the directory of priority infrastructures to deliver to minister Delrio
Giampedrone: the minister has specifically asked to us to reduce the package of the participations

18/09/2015UCINA and Assomarinas anticipate to the Chamber of Deputies the requirements of the nautical one and the tourist ports
organized Convention from the Party Democratic

18/09/2015Bolloré Africa Logistics will upgrade the container terminal of the port of Freetown
the landing place in Sierra Leone will have a traffic ability pairs to 750 thousand teu

18/09/2015American XPO Logistics has signed a definitive agreement in order to buy the compatriot With-way
the transaction will have a value of approximately three billions of dollars

18/09/2015ABB orders the construction of an innovative ship put down-digs out to the Norwegian yard Kleven
the unit will be taken in delivery in 2017

18/09/2015the Genting group signs agreements in order to buy the German ship yard Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven
Acquisirà initially 70% of the capital stock, with option in order to obtain remaining 30%

17/09/2015CLIA Europe and ECTAA invite the EU to return the Code of the approvals flexible
the objective is to allow with the industry of the tourism and the cruises to ulteriorly grow and to increase the contribution to the GDP and the occupation

17/09/2015Pacific International Lines has ordered the construction of eight portacontainer from 11.800 teu
will be realized by the ship yard Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group

17/09/2015This year the crocieristico traffic in the Italian ports will be of 11,05 million passengers (+6.01%)
and October to Civitavecchia will hold the fifth edition of Italian Cruise Day

17/09/2015D' Appolonia has acquired 68% of the society of SeaTech engineering of Fano
the company is specialized in services of advanced engineering for the market of oil & the gas

17/09/2015Seaspan Corporation signs an agreement with CEXIM for the financing of the credits to the export
Support financial until a billion of dollars

17/09/2015the Chineses Lowers COSCO, CMHI and CIC Capitals obtain the control of the container Turkish terminal Kumport
a participation pairs to 65% with an investment of approximately 940 million dollars

16/09/2015Meyer Werft begins the construction of the ship from cruise Norwegian Bliss
Will be long 330 meters, wide 41,4 meters and will be able to accommodate approximately 4.000 passengers

16/09/2015To August the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona is diminished of the -8,9%
contraction of the bulk volumes. In increase the goods in conventional container and the goods

16/09/2015In according to trimester of 2015 is recorded an increase of +2% of the goods transported through the Swiss Alps
the increment is entirely ascribable to railroad (+4.3%) that it has more than compensated the decrease of street transport (- 1.3%)

16/09/2015the Bureau International DES Containers has attributed seven scholarships
Rewarded three students of Singapore, two Americans, a ghanese and an Indonesian

16/09/2015Request of the group Joints for the extension of 40-60 years of the expiration of the concession with which work in the port of Genoa
Previewed investments until 270 million euros in order to increase the traffic to 610 thousand per year teu

16/09/2015shipowning group MSC has acquired 45% of the Trieste Marine Terminal
the society manages the container to Pier VII of the port of Trieste

16/09/2015Rickmers has taken in delivery the first two of a series of three new portacontainer from 9.300 teu
the ships are rented to CMA CGM

16/09/2015next Sunday will hold the Day Open of the port of Trieste
the event, organized from the Authority and the harbour community, has already recorded full house

15/09/2015the realization of the Logistic Platform in the port of Taranto
Investment di37,5 million euro of Logistic the Taranto concessionaire

15/09/2015Protocollo of understanding between Ministry of Transportation and Customs corps for the controls on the realization of infrastructures
is signed today by minister Delrio and general commander Capolupo

15/09/2015railway group Helvetic SBB CFF FFS records progresses in the field fleeting and a decrease in the cargo
the clearly consolidated result has grown of 34 million going up to 92 million franchi Swiss

15/09/2015Thursday and friday to Trieste will hold a forum on railway infrastructures between Italy and the Balkans
Is organized from FS Italian, CIFI, Anie/Assifer and Aniaf

15/09/2015Begun to Marghera the construction of the ship from cruise extra-I dislocate Seabourn Encore
will be delivered to the Seabourn company at the end of 2016

15/09/2015To 55ª the edition of the Nautical Hall of Genoa will be introduced beyond thousand boats
will hold from the 30 september to 5 October

15/09/2015the industrial and real estate group qatariota Aamal has constituted a shipowning society
the fleet will be employed for the import of raw materials

15/09/2015the logistics automotive is in difficulty in spite of the resumption of the automotive industry
ECGs, the problems of deficiency of ability is not will last, but quite they will get worse in the near future

15/09/2015To August the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong has recorded an sensitive decrease newly
In the first eight months of the 2015 is enlivened 13,7 million teu (- 8.9%)

15/09/2015Today to Brussels carries out the presentation of the plan of the new Europe Platform of the port of Livorno
Start of the search of the private entrepreneur whom it will invest in the new Dock. Nogarin protests because the Municipality is not invited

14/09/2015HSH Nordbank has introduced request so that Mercator Lines is placed under judicial administration
the board of directors of the company of Singapore has announced opposition to such demand

14/09/2015Genoa consolidates its role of primary harbour gateway for the Lombardic enterprises
In 2014 I use record of the port of call of from Liguria chief town from the companies of beyond Apennines

14/09/2015MedCruise index a contest for the definition of lines guides in order to realize a terminal cruises
the document will have to be written up over six months

14/09/2015the Global Russian Ports records a strong contraction of the economic results and the enlivened volumes
In the first six months of this year the containerized trade in the Russian terminals of the group has been pairs to 834 thousand teu (- 32%)

14/09/2015the new container Rotterdam terminal World Gateway in the harbour area Maasvlakte 2 of Rotterdam
is managed by DP World within an international consortium with HMM, APL, MOL and CMA CGM

14/09/2015Sixth consecutive month of the reduction of the traffic of the container in the port of Singapore
To August is enlivened 2,5 million teu (- 12.0%)

14/09/2015Wednesday to Genoa will be celebrated the decennial one of the Italian Academy of Marina Mercantile
To the ceremony will participate the minister of the Instruction, Stefania Giannini

14/09/2015To August the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City is increased of +3.8%
In the first eight months of the 2015 port of call has enlivened almost 5,4 million teu (- 2.5%)

14/09/2015Agreement between Liguria, Lombardy and Piemonte in order to work on a plan of potenziamento of infrastructures
is signed by Toti, Maroni and Chiamparino in occasion of the encounter "The Rhin Alpes Arena 2020"

11/09/2015Green light of the Ministry of the Atmosphere to the upset to sea of the yard of Fincantieri to Sestri West
Merlon: now it must quickly obtain the final approval of the Higher council of the Public works

11/09/2015the agreement for the redundancy fund for the workers of the Taranto Container Terminal
Tarlazzi (Uiltrasporti): now but a definitive solution is necessary that you carry operators and industrial plans of development

11/09/2015Tomorrow the ports of Bari and Durrës will sign an understanding protocol
the objective is to promote the development of the traffic goods between the two ports of call and the quality of the services offered to the passengers

11/09/2015Yang Ming and Evergreen upgrade the fleets of portacontainer
the first company agrees the chartering of five portacontainer from 14.000 teu, the second one orders the construction of 10 ships from 2.800 teu

11/09/2015In the first semester of the 2015 export Italian has recorded an increment of +5.0%
the value has reached quota 206,6 billion euros

10/09/2015DryShips sells 17 to rinfusiere to Economou and classifies the remaining 22 of the fleet like destined to the sale
the 17 ships will be yielded for 377,0 million dollars and with transfer of financial debits for 236,7 million

10/09/2015Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach is increased of +22.8%
In the first eight months of this year the Californian port has enlivened 4,7 million teu (+5.4%)

10/09/2015the 30 september to the Interporto of Bologna will hold the event "To interpose you open for EXPO 2015"
Scope of the encounter is to introduce, through the great display window of Expo, the function of the interportuale center

10/09/2015Matteo Paroli will be the new general secretary of the Harbour Authority of Ancona
is named today unanimously by the Harbour Committee

10/09/2015the mayor of Trieste expresses confidence in the development of the city port
Cosolini: in the reform process it comes finally recognized the international role of the port of call

10/09/2015Chinese group COSCO orders the construction of eleven portacontainer from 19.000 teu
the investment piles to 1,5 billion dollars. The ships are commissioned to four Chinese ship yards

10/09/2015Maersk Line reopens own trade commissions to Naples
Next opening of offices of the company to Segrate, Venice and Florence

09/09/2015In the first semester of this year the harbour terminals of Contship Italy have enlivened 2,48 million container (- 3.9%)
In the port of Gioia Tauro the traffic is diminished of -13,9%. Decided increment to La Spezia, Salerno and Ravenna

09/09/2015Hyundai-Kexim Agreement in the fields of the international logistics, import-export and the investments foreign countries
the financial institution will offer to assistance financial institution

09/09/2015From the 14 to the 20 Genoa september will accommodate the second edition of Genoa Shipping Week
the organized initiative from Assagenti and ClickutilityTeam will be concluded with the Shipbrokers and Shipagents Dinner

09/09/2015Bureau Veritas has bought the society of French engineering HydrOcean
is specialized in digital simulations in the field of hydrodynamics for the marine transport

09/09/2015Martini (Common of Livorno): within tuesday the credit scheme of the Europe Platform must be ready
the 15 september the plan will be introduced to international the harbour community to Brussels

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