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25 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 14:36 GMT+1

02/11/2011In the third trimester Seaspan Corporation it has recorded a net loss of 122,6 million dollars
the revenues have grown of 39% to 154,8 million dollars

02/11/2011Yang Ming has archiviato the period July-september with a net loss of 89 million dollars
the volume of transactions is diminished of 26%

02/11/2011Worsening of the economic performances of Lowers COSCO
In the third trimester the Chinese group has recorded a net loss of 325 million dollars

02/11/2011Started on Genoa the intense activities of complete restyling of Romantic Coast
investment piles to approximately 90 million euros. The ship from cruise will be renamed "neoRomantica Costa"

02/11/2011Inaugurated the extension of Washington United Terminals of the port of Tacoma
the dock is time of 792 linear meters

02/11/2011Carnival orders to two new ships from cruise to the Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.
the units, of 125.000 tons of tonnage, will be introduced in the fleet of the German brand AIDA

02/11/2011New terminal for liquid bulk of the Vopak in the port of Amsterdam
Has an initial storage capability of 620.000 cubic meters

02/11/2011Assologistica asks the abrogation for the norm that imposes to private the CCNL of Railroads of the State
the imposition for law of those contracted - it has denounced the association - is finalized to break off on being born the competition between railway enterprises

02/11/2011Holding UCL buys 75% of Freight One, the main railway society Russian cargo
Constituted harbor division UCL Port

03/11/2011On the results of hung Panalpina the strengthening of the Swiss franc
In the third trimester the revenues of the group are diminished of 16.2%

03/11/2011In the third Attica trimester the traffic records an increment of the traffic volumes on the Greece-Italy
routes In fort decrease on the Greek national lines

03/11/2011GEFCO Italy has completed a specific formative plan for the business requirements
the program has seen the participation of 111 dependant for a total of 729 hours of formation

03/11/2011A manifestation of "indignados" has blocked the port of Oakland
open Letter of the harbor authority to manifesting

03/11/2011The Polish Coastgard will equip of a new national system of marine safety
the system, developed from Alcatel-Lucent and Indra, will in open sea offer to information for safety and the environmental protection in the coastal areas and

03/11/2011In the third trimester of this year the traffic in the port of Rotterdam has grown of 3%
Attended a slowing down of the activity in the fourth trimester

03/11/2011Fedex Trade Networks opens new alleviates to Bologna, Johannesburg, Ankara and Izmir
the group today counts 45 offices in Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Asia

03/11/2011To the first formative phase is begun the plan of formation of the managing staff of new the great Iraqi port
of Al Faw will last seven months, comprised an activity of project work in Iraq

03/11/2011Workshop on anticipates and shipbuilding future of the naval one in the globalization of the 8
markets November to Genoa will hold

03/11/2011ANITA emphasizes the urgency to increase to the prices of the transport
the field is to the collapse, denunciation the association of the road haulage enterprises goods

04/11/2011Yang Ming would be about to order new portacontainer from 16.000 teu
has declared the president and CEO to It of the company to the news agency "Central Agency News"

04/11/2011Hanjin Shipping closes the third red trimester in
the revenues is increased of 3.2%

04/11/2011Agreement between the Harbor Authority of the East and the Regional Interporto of the Puglia
Has as objective the development of from Bari logistic system in the picture of the new configuration of the European net TRIES

04/11/2011Next friday to the Interporto of Rovigo will hold the final convention of European plan NINA-NET
Is face to the promotion of the system of inland navigation and fluvio-marine of the Italy North and the Adriatic North

04/11/2011A series of foreign delegations in visit to the port of Venice
Last week meets with representations of Korea and China. Attended for next monday a vietnamita delegation

04/11/2011A courage action the presentation of the bill on the regional portualità of the Friuli Venice Julia
has said the city council member to It to the Riccardi Infrastructures emphasizing the indispensability of the provision

04/11/2011Premuda has archiviato third trimester 2011 with a profit clearly of 1,6 million euros (- 52.0%)
the revenues is diminished of 10.4%

07/11/2011The Maltese government has authorized the transfer of 50% of Malta Freeport Terminals from CMA CGM to Yildirim
the concession canon is increased for five total years of 10 million dollars

07/11/2011Characterized an area near the Military Arsenal of where to accommodate activity of Intermarine
"Such possible solution - it has specified Forcieri - will have to be carefully sifted to central level from the Defense Ministry"

07/11/2011Dockwise signs an agreement in order to sell the Dockwise branch Transport Yacht to the Coby Enterprises
the transaction will be completed in the course of the first trimester of 2012

07/11/2011"Shipping and Finance: the crisis can be an opportunity"
It is the topic of a round convention-plank who will hold 22 November to Genoa

07/11/2011Austal has bought Marine Philippine ship yard FBMA
the Australian group previews at the beginning to reactivate the plant of the next year

07/11/2011The port of Venice has signed a memorandum of undestanding with the Indian port of call of Nhava Sheva
One of the objectives is to increase the traffic container between the two ports

07/11/2011In the third trimester the profit clearly of Textainer has grown of 49.3%
the revenues is increased of 45.5%

07/11/2011The increase of the dimension of the portacontainer will affect the development of the Mediterranean ports
Trenchard (APM Terminals): another element that will guide the evolution of the ports of call will be the demographic increase

07/11/2011Confetra asks the government contractual freedom in the utilities and operating customs h24
the proposals - emphasized the Faustus Strong - are to cost zero for the state treasury

07/11/2011Chipolbrok reactivates the marine connection with the Persian Gulf
Departures from the European ports of Antwerp, Amburgo and Venice

07/11/2011Horizon Lines has closed the third trimester with a net loss of 126,5 million dollars
the volume of transactions has grown of 8.2%

08/11/2011Proposal of the Helvetic federal Council in order to adapt the destined resources to the railway infrastructure
will be centralized on a new Bottom for the railway infrastructure

08/11/2011Agreement of share exchange between Spanish terminaliste societies Marmedsa and SLP
Both operate terminal in the port of Bilbao

08/11/2011In the fleet of Coast the first cruise of "Costa Voyager" enters a new ship
dedicated to the cruises in the Red Sea will leave from Savona 20 November. Successively the ship will sail every monday from Sharm el Sheik

08/11/2011Alfredo Sheared is elected president of the European association of ship chandlers OCEAN
Succeeds to the Swede Stefan Ericson, that it has covered the charge for four years

08/11/2011New oil terminal in the port of Houston
will be realized by the Battleground Oil Specialty Terminal Co. and it will become operating in the spring of 2013

08/11/2011The port of Koper gets ready to close the 2011 with a traffic container Previewed
record a total almost 600 thousand teu. Yesterday the box is enlivened number 500 thousand

08/11/20111° the December to Mestre a meeting on the topic "From transactions of port to the port of the transactions"
Is organized from the The International Propeller Club Port of Venice

08/11/2011The Board di Yang Ming decides to acquire five new portacontainer from 8.200 teu
In program also the cession of three ships from 3.600 teu

08/11/2011Rise of the economic results of Finnlines
the company previews to close the exercise in course with advanced results regarding those of 2010

08/11/2011At the end of the month BBC Chartering will inaugurate a new service ocean-going liner Med salary - South America
Will touch the ports of Izmir, Marghera Port, Genoa, Suape, Rio de Janeiro, Santos and Buenos Aires

09/11/2011In the third trimester the trend is continued negative of the results of shipowning group A.P. Determined
Møller-Mærsk worsening of the performances of the activity of line transport

09/11/2011Agreement to Trieste between Harbor Authority and Chamber of Commerce for the promotion of the giuliano port of call and the provincial territory
will be managed a plan of territorial marketing and combined promotion on the markets foreign countries

09/11/2011Cancelled the conventions of public service with relative SNCM and CMN to the marine lines with the Corsica
has established It the administrative Appeals Court of Marseilles

09/11/2011Tomorrow to Genoa the third edition of Port&ShippingTech will be opened
the international forum will articulate in two days of conventions and specialized appointments

09/11/2011Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Kaohsiung is increased of 13.0%
In the first nine months of 2011 is recorded a bending of 4.7%

09/11/2011Signed a protocol of understanding for the requalification of the Fincantieri plant to Castellammare
the navalmeccanica company is engaged to guarantee the productive continuity of the site

09/11/2011Vopak records an increase of the operating result
In the third trimester the EBIT is piled to 121,3 million euros (+7%)

10/11/2011"To cut the deep ones to the road haulage? Irresponsible action"
emphasizes It unitary coordination UNATRAS

10/11/2011It continues the mission of Federagenti for the collection of deep Well for marine of the ships abandoned in the Italian
ports the 14 runner that they have course the marathon of New York in the within of the mission of the Federation

10/11/2011Group RINA finalizes the acquisition of 80% of the capital stock of Of Appolonia
Transaction of the value of approximately 36 million euros

10/11/2011The Harbor Authority of Rotterdam wishes the completion of European Corridor 6 before the 2030
authority exports the governments Dutch and Swiss to renew the pressures on the Germany so that it realizes the drafts of German pertinence

10/11/2011Boskalis and CSAV in negotiations in order to jointly operate services of towing in Center and South America
the partnership would count on a fleet of beyond 170 naval means operating in 45 ports of nine nations

10/11/2011Forcieri proposes to Fincantieri the best one uses of the basin of Muggiano for the development of the naval repairs to
Assumed a potenziamento of the structure

10/11/2011In the third trimester of this year the terminals of 1.360.063 group ICTSI have enlivened container (+28.2%)
In the first nine months of the 2011 traffic are piled to 3.844.040 teu (+25.2%)

10/11/2011Merlon (AP Genoa): many Italian ports preview development plans of hundred of million euro without some cover financial institution
the Harbor Committee have approved of new the Operations plan Triennial one. It includes the participation of the agency to the realization of the upset to sea of Fincantiri, but not the sixth basin

10/11/2011Williams (Braemar): the trend of the orders of portacontainer is correlated to that of the price of the bunker
the operators of the line services - it has explained - cannot act effectively on the hires, but the unitary costs of the transport of the container can control

11/11/2011UIL exhorts the Puglia Region to take part in order to ask for the putting in mobility of 160 dependant of Taranto Container Sped up
Terminal a urgent encounter with the local unions and institutions

11/11/2011In increase the economic performances of terminalista group HHLA
In the third trimester the harbor terminals of the German company have enlivened 1,9 million container (+17%)

11/11/2011The children de "the Port of the Little ones" in visit to the Aerial Section of the Customs corps of Genoa
Tomorrow the operators of the association will accompany a group of children in cure near the Gaslini Institute

11/11/2011The Harbor Committee of Ravenna has approved of a plan of intense activities with infrastructural participations for 154 million euros
draft - it has emphasized the Harbor Authority - of totally programmed participations and with cover financial institution

11/11/2011In the 2012 port of Trieste it will receive from the Region an economic support of 7,2 million euros
Is a figure - the city council member Riccardi has explained - of a million advanced euro to how much already previewed with triennial programming 2011/2013

11/11/2011The 29 and 30 November to Rome will hold the third edition of MercinTreno
main Topic will be the role of the railway infrastructure in relation to the quality of the service

11/11/2011Maersk Industry Container will open a factory for the container construction refrigerator in Chile
ITF nozzle a new alarm for the reefer potentially dangerous in turn for the world

11/11/2011Paolo Boredoms reconfirmed to the presidency of Fai/Conftrasporto
Named also the vices president in representation of all the Italian territory

11/11/2011RFI and Cociv sign the contract for the first constructive lottery of the Third Pass of Giovi
Preview works and activity for 430 million euros

14/11/2011Order record of Emirates Airlines to Boeing
Commissioned 50 aircrafts 777-300ERs for a value of 18 billion dollars more options for others 20 ulterior aircrafts for eight billions of dollars

14/11/2011Last month the port of Singapore has enlivened 43.341.000 tons of goods (+3.8%)
the movimentazione of the container has been pairs to 2.568.700 teu (+7.4%)

14/11/2011Régional Lines Container has closed the third trimester with a profit of clearly 804,3 million baht (+125.8%)
the revenues is diminished of 12.8% to 3.525, 1 million baht

14/11/2011Undersigned the contract for the realization of the South Container Terminal in the port of Columbus
the intense activities will be started 1° the December

14/11/2011In the period January-september the containerizzato marine traffic with Europe has recorded an increase of 7.3%
the volumes in export is increased of 8.5% and those in import of 6.5%

14/11/2011Shipping Corporation of India has archiviato the period July-september with a net loss of 1,4 billion rupees
the revenues generated from the operating activity is increased of 3.5%

14/11/2011Continuous APL to record hires in dive
In the first ten months of the 2011 medium hire for feu is come down of 9%

14/11/2011Decided increase of the traffic in the port of Amburgo
the German port of call has archiviato the first nine months of this year with a total of 99 million tons (+10.6%)

14/11/2011Teasing: yes the confirmation of Merlon to the presidency of the Harbor Authority of Genoa
Friday the minister Matteoli had asked the understanding on the nomination from Liguria governor

14/11/2011Assomarinas wishes that the tourist portualità enters in the agenda of the next government
To January to the Boot of Dusseldorf the association will introduce the innovations of the system of the Italian nautical services

14/11/2011Friday and saturday to Genoa a convention will hold on the topic "Shipping, safety and security"
Genoa jib in collaboration with the Faculty of Economia and Assagenti Is organized from Propeller Port Club of

14/11/2011Voluntary agreement Containers: reunited the vectorial associations and of the Previewed
user the constitution of a technical commission

15/11/2011Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong has grown of 8.1%
In the first ten months of the 2011 increment has been of 3.6%

15/11/2011Assoporti wishes that the next government introduces measures for the development of the portualità
Between these, the autonomy financial institution for the Harbor Authorities, the simplification of the procedures, participations for the competitiveness of the enterprises and for who it invests in infrastructures

15/11/2011In third trimester HPH Trust the society has recorded a profit clearly of
141 million dollars has begun the operating activity 16th March

15/11/2011Head leaves the dredging of the port of
Pescara the extraordinary commissioner has announced the start of the first phase with the withdrawal of money of material for 72,621 cubic meters

15/11/2011STX Pan Ocean has closed the third trimester with a net loss of 37,1 million dollars
the volume of transactions is diminished of 12%

15/11/2011Change to the summit of Costa Cruises North America
the president and CEO Zarmati will continue to work for the company which senior consultant

15/11/2011Evitt (InterManager) nozzle a new appeal so that the crews of the ships are protect by the assaults of the pirates
To the shipowners and ship the managers must be granted the freedom to choose if on board to employ armed guards of the ships

15/11/2011To the technological super sailing boat guided from skipper the Soldini
Under consideration the institution of an oceanic school of sail in from Liguria city

15/11/2011Encounter to the Harbor Authority of Civitavecchia in order to face some problematic of the customs inspections
UIL PA Customs complains the absence of suitable structures to assure the current and sure development of the activity

15/11/2011In October the Chinese marine ports have enlivened almost 13,9 million container (+13.4%)
In the first ten months of the 2011 traffic have been of 120,9 million teu (+11.9%)

15/11/2011Tomorrow strike to the port of Taranto against the activation of mobility announced from TCT
the Harbor Committee has deliberated unanimously to ask the company the revocation for the start for the procedure

15/11/2011Fourth consecutive month of the reduction of the marine traffic in the Suez Canal
To October they are journeyed 1,541 ships (- 2.0%). In the first ten months of the 2011 traffic it is diminished of 1.5%

15/11/2011To October the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City has grown of 4.4%
In the January-October period the increase has been of 0.7%

16/11/2011Seminary on the topic "Procedures for the boarding and the rizzaggio of goods heavy lift and break bulk"
has been carried out some days before to Naples

16/11/20112 December to Milan will take place the seventh edition of the prize "logistic of the year"
In the within of the event the deepening on the topic "the customs only Door, innovation catalyst"

16/11/2011The book "Prontuario of the marine endorsements" Published from
Edagricole has exited, the authors are Stefano Tarquini and Ruggero Ruggeri

16/11/2011Point on the state of advance of the intense activities of the Agreement of Program Picture of Gioia Tauro
has held yesterday near the Calabria Region

16/11/2011Waiting for pronunciamento of the court on the future of SeaFrance, group DFDS throws again own supply and demand
the Danish group has archiviato the third trimester with an increase of 48% of the result before taxes

16/11/2011Cruise Shipping Asia emphasizes the appeal of the Asian market of the cruises
Bayley (Royal Caribbean Cruises): within the decade the birth of a Chinese crocieristica company

16/11/2011The Harbor Committee of Gioia Tauro has approved of unanimously the budget of forecast 2012 and POT 2012-2014
Previewed the construction of the Intermodal Terminal that becomes ring of conjunction between the harbor port of call and the regional, national and international connection terrestrial

16/11/2011SeaFrance is placed in judicial liquidation
the society will have to continue to operate until 28 January. Rejected the offers introduced from DFDS-LDA and the dependant of the company. Proposed new of purchase will have to reach within 12 December

16/11/2011New initiatives of the Piedmontese From Liguria Section of 24
the 18 ATHENA will hold and November near the center of the Faculty of Engineering of Genoa

16/11/2011Wiernicki (ABS) aims the index against the classification societies that take care of naval planning
"This - it has emphasized the president and CEO of the American society - do not have to be allowed"

16/11/2011STX Offshore & Shipbuilding will construct until 14 portacontainer from 16.000 teu for Zodiac Maritime
the amount of the orders has a total value of 1,6 billion dollars

17/11/2011Lo sviluppo del traffico crocieristico nel Mar Nero è ostacolato dalla carenza di banchine per navi lunghe più di 200 metri
Vaskov (Odessa Commercial Sea Port): solo gli scali di Odessa e Costanza sono attrezzati per accogliere navi di maggiore dimensione

17/11/2011Bahrain has signed an agreement with Rodriquez with the objective to develop to own naval industry
the Italian society emphasizes as the understanding constitutes an opportunity of development and diversification in a central region for the future strategies

17/11/2011The Puglia Region asks the government to stop the seismic prospectings in sea
the decision not to subject to VIA the authorizations to the Northern Petroleum - the Nicastro city council member has explained - has prevented to the Region to bring own contribution in phase of technical preliminary investigation

17/11/2011It is useless to connect the port channel of Cagliari with the railway net, supports Assospedizionieri Sardinia
the association throws again the plan to make to leave the customs bonded area in the chief town

17/11/2011Maersk Line and Safmarine exit from the association of the shipping agents genoese
Critics to the management financial institution of Assagenti and its relationships with other trade associations

17/11/201113 December to Bologna will hold an international conference on integration between ports and to interpose
the event will celebrate the conclusion to you of the European plan Hinterport

18/11/2011General Maritime Corporation has asked the admission Chapter 11 for the bankrupt law American
Injection for capital for 175 million dollars from Oaktree

18/11/2011Heavy contraction of the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach to October
Import and exports in decrease of 20.8% and 21.4%. Empty -19,3%

18/11/2011Coast is the first crocieristica company to constitute a Wholly-Owned Foreign Enterprise in China
the new society will offer financial services and commercial to the local travel agencies and to the passengers, which activities of marketing, ticket office and proceeds

18/11/2011Infrastructures and logistic innovation in order to exceed tuttostrada
Lorrain (GEFCO): also the logistic operators must make their part

18/11/2011In the summery season the regular marine lines with the Corsica have transported 3.489.487 passengers (- 5.7%)
the routes with continental France have recorded a decrease of 2% and those with Italy a contraction of 13%

18/11/2011The Zim Israeli has accommodated a delegation of 50 Palestinian operators
Visit to the offices of the shipowning company and to the port of Haifa

18/11/2011Today the National Society of Salvamento has rewarded 40 saviors and celebrated 140° anniversary of its foundation
ceremony on board of the ship from cruise "MSC Orchestra" in the port of Genoa

18/11/2011Three billions of dollars of investments in the Peruvian ports in next the five years
have announced It the minister of the Paredes Transports

18/11/2011Voltri Europe Terminal will donate a new ambulance to the Genoese White Cross
the organization of public assistance had lost identical means in the aids for the esondazione of the River Ferreggiano

18/11/2011The portuguese prime Minister Passos Coelho preannounces the privatization of the Possible ship yard of
Viana do Castelo the participation of vital angolani or Brazilians

21/11/2011Consisting crocieristico traffic in the week-end in the port of Trieste
is landed four great ships for a total of beyond 16.000 passengers

21/11/2011Hapag-Lloyd has archiviato the third trimester with a profit clearly of 9,6 million euros (- 95.6%)
the revenues is dropped of 13.7%, while the transported containerizzati volumes are increased of 5.0%

21/11/2011Tomorrow the Grimaldi group will inaugurate the new freeway of the trisettimanale sea Genoa-Valencia
will be operated with two ships in a position to transporting 1,600 towings to week from both ports, besides 72 guided and 1,500 cars

21/11/2011The shipowning group and logistic Spanish Ership Alvargonzález buys the terminalista society Seporta
the company work a terminal of the port of Tarragona dedicated mainly to the agricultural and food- produced ones

21/11/2011Convention to Bari on "strategic Infrastructures, private public territorial quality and partenariato"
will hold tomorrow near the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic

21/11/2011Convention on the topic "Between Venice and Mantua an opportunity river"
will hold 2 December to Mantua in order to introduce the service of fluvial transport for container between the ports of Mantua-Valdaro and Venice

21/11/2011Procedure of insolvency for German ship yard J.J. Sietas with the objective to maintain it on the market
the attempt - it has assured the senator to the Economy of Amburgo, Frank Horch - is to guarantee the maintenance as many as possible of places of work and to assure the prosecuzione of the activity

21/11/2011Inaugurated in the port of Antwerp the intense activities for the second one closed on the left river of the Schelda
the investment it is of approximately 340 million euros, of which financed 50% from the European Investment Bank

22/11/2011Wärtsilä advances a proposal of takeover on the British Hamworthy
Ammonta to a value of 383 million pounds

22/11/2011In October the port of Barcelona has accused a decrease of 19.1% of the traffic of the goods
Emphasized bending of liquid bulk (- 42.3%), of the goods several (- 7.0%) and of the bulk sand banks (- 6.2%)

22/11/2011Confirmed the closing of two course of marine formation of Philippine PMI
deficiencies regarding the standards Anticipate

22/11/2011Diana Containerships closes the third trimester with a profit clearly of 2,7 million dollars
the revenues is piled to 9,7 million dollars

22/11/2011Bonanni (CISL): the representative of the union is necessary to open an important argument on
the port of Gioia Tauro wishes a "more sober attitude"

22/11/2011Reduction of 99% of the anchor duty for the portacontainer that they scale the port of Taranto
Regards the ships that carry out operations of transhipment in the apulian port of call

22/11/2011Mission to Algeri di Harbor Autorità of, Fincantieri, Rina and Cetena
In program two days of study on the management and the economy of the ports and the naval industry

23/11/2011B+H Ocean Carriers announces the delisting from NYSE Amex and the landing place at the market which ordered
the assembly of the shareholders has not approved of the effettuazione of reverse a stock split

23/11/2011The role of the nations developing in the world-wide industry of shipping However
the Countries with minor grows to be able commercial risks to be neglected because of the consolidation in existence in the field

23/11/2011Next Sunday will be born the new Italian association of the road haulage "Bisarche"
Will group the enterprises specialized in the transport of motors vehicle

23/11/2011Contested the nomination of Massidda to president of the Harbor Authority of Cagliari
Deiana, headmaster of the Faculty of Jurisprudence of Cagliari, has introduced resorted to the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT

23/11/2011The German ship yard Nobiskrug consolidates the tie with HAD
strategic Investment in the family of producing HAD Enterprise Resource Managment

23/11/2011Tomorrow in the port of Genoa the launch of a new pilot's boat will hold
the motor-ship is constructed in the Bellcraft yards of Viareggio

23/11/2011ABB will acquire the Canadian Envitech Energy
the North American company work in the field of the equipments and arranges constituents for the railway field

23/11/2011Repetto (Province of Genoa): in from Liguria chief town it is necessary to institute new cluster operating marine
a port - it has emphasized the president of the Harbor Authority Merlon - has today the enough wide shoulders in order to compete on a more and more demanding world-wide market and in continuous evolution

23/11/2011Maximum Provincial is the new secretary of the Harbor Authority of Livorno
its nomination is made official this afternoon

24/11/2011MISC throws in the towel and exits from the field of the line transport
the shipowning group malaysian will focus own activities on the section of the energy

24/11/2011A new railway service weekly magazine connects the Interporto of the Marche with the Italy north and the European markets
the train is unloaded and recharged with goods destined to the Germany, England and the ports of the Tyrrhenian one via Bologna and Milan

24/11/2011The container terminal of TNMSC in the port of the Havre will become operating at the beginning of the 2012
investment piles to 160 million euros

24/11/2011In the Interporto Rivalta Scrivia a new garrison for the hygienic-sanitary verifications is active on the goods of extra-EU origin
Operatively you will operate a specialist doctor and two technicians of the prevention

24/11/2011Bending of the crocieristico traffic in the ports of Olbia, Golfo Aranci and Porto Torres
This year recorded the ports of call of 71 ships regarding 93 in 2010. Attended a record of traffic in 2012

24/11/2011Convention on the infrastructural improvement of the idroviario system of Italy of the North
will hold 2 December to Parma

24/11/2011The Italy submitted to the European Law court for the exemption VAT granted on the ships
Asked also the respect for the new safety regulations for the fleeting ships

24/11/2011CSAV archivia the third trimester with a net loss of 340 million dollars
the revenues are diminished of 13%

24/11/2011The town council of Palermo has approved of the Harbor Town development plan
the last instrument of planning of the port goes back to 1954

25/11/2011Minervini (Puglia Region): "the Taranto Container Terminal has restated the will to invest"
Al via the realization of the overwhelmed bathtub of, propedeutico participation to the realization of the dredgings

25/11/2011The planner Epaminonda Ceccarelli As.Pro.Na.Di has passed away
.: its professional spirit, uniform between the engineer and the architect, have left important testimonies also in the naval planning

25/11/2011Maersk Line will melt line ICON with own network of the Asia-Europe services
the rationalization will happen at the beginning of February

25/11/2011Appeal of the Federation of the Harbor Operators of Porto Torres to the institutions in order to answer to the crisis of the portualità
Between the measures, wished the immediate start of the so-called "coastal warehouse"

25/11/2011The ship from cruise Charming Coast will be christened 6 May to Savona
Costa Crociere has invested approximately 510 million euros for its construction

25/11/2011The new portacontainer of Aliança will be constructed in Brazil
In forecast an order for four ships from 3.000 teu to the ship yard Estaleiro Ilha

25/11/2011I throw again of the tourist port calabro of Taureana of Palmi
the port of call is included in the jurisdiction of the Harbor Authority of Gioia Tauro

25/11/2011Edition 2011 of TRIES 30 Days will hold the 29 and November to Antwerp
the Harbor Authority of Taranto I will participate to the round table "Cross-Alpine Corridors and "hands on" approach"

25/11/2011Freed the rinfusiera Rosalia D'Amato
Farnesina: the operation will be able to be considered only concluded when the crew is taken in delivery the Italian military authorities

28/11/2011In the third Zim trimester it has totaled a net loss of 66 million dollars
the revenues are diminished of 8%. The transported volumes are increased of 8%, while the medium hire for container is dropped of 12%

28/11/2011Towards a co-ordinate planning of the harbor system Grosseto
E region Province emphasize the necessity of a greater normative clarity on the harbor concessions

28/11/2011Governor calabro Scopelliti asks the new minister Passera an encounter on the port for Gioia Tauro
Calogero (CGIL Flat for Gioia Tauro): necessary rather to indicate from quickly development ideas

28/11/2011Widening of the plan of customs collaboration China-EU for safety of the marine routes
the second phase will be extended to the Chinese ports of Chongqing and Shanghai and to the European ports of Amburgo, Antwerp, Genoa, the Havre and Zeebrugge

28/11/2011In basin 8 of Chantier Naval de Marseille two million euro leave the intense activities of
restyling of Norwegian Jade the store clerk have a value approximately

28/11/2011Attended in the next hours the signature of an agreement for the rescue of SeaFrance
the company would come acquired from society cooperative and partecipativa guided from the former CEO of Brittany Ferries

28/11/2011Saipem has adjudicated new contracts E&C Onshore for approximately a billion of euro
the Italian company participates to the development of the Moroccan port of Tanger Med

28/11/2011Tomorrow to Genoa the association onlus the Port of the Little ones will trace the budget of a year of Eight thousand
activity the children involved in the initiatives

28/11/2011In increase the economic performances of STX Europe
In the third trimester the volume of transactions are increased of 34%. Decrease of the new orders

28/11/2011Visit of a delegation of the Foundation Marisa Bellisario to the port of Gioia Tauro
Grimaldi: with the autonomy financial institution the Harbor Authorities could program own participations based on the requirements of own port of call

28/11/2011ABB anticipates an unit of Azipod propulsion that it more offers of 2% than increment on the hydrodynamic efficiency
the system of new type is installed for the first time on the ship from cruise "Radiance of the Seas"

28/11/2011EPCSA will introduce a guide for the development of the Port Community System in Europe
Seminary on the topic in program 14 December to Geneva

28/11/2011New council of the International Maritime Organization for biennium 2012-2013
is constituted by 40 nations

28/11/2011From the system of rigassificazione to Livorno previewed fallen back economic on the territory for beyond 400 million euros
Agreement for the reopening of the Incile Channel, with the restoration of the navigability from the center of Pisa to the port of Livorno

29/11/2011CSAV confirmation the intention not to yield the division of line transport
However the South American group admits of being in looks for of a strategic partner

29/11/2011Verhoeven (ESPO): the terrestrial connections with the European ports, included those street ones, would have to be able to receive subsidies until 40% of the costs permissible
Necessary to develop the net TRY in spite of the crisis

29/11/2011Encounter on the topic "We connect the Nordovest. The strategic infrastructures for the development of the Organized territory
" from the Group Young of Genoa Confindustria, thursday to Alexandria will hold

29/11/2011Undersigned the agreement with the unions for the cession of Tirrenia to CIN
the understanding previews the passage of all the staff let alone the maintenance of current the condition retributive

29/11/2011The European plan "Wind and Ports" ago stage to Savona
the objective is the elaboration of a model for the forecast of the wind attended in various zones of the port

29/11/2011The aerial group American AMR Corporation asks the controlled administration
Continues the activity of the companies of the group, between which American Airlines

29/11/2011Vanished the agreement between the judicial administrator of SeaFrance and the unions
Green light to according to terminal you ferry in the port of Dover

29/11/2011Next fusion of the fleets of tankers of the Danish Erria and Ones
the new company will have of 16 product tanker and to chimichiere

29/11/2011The Harbor Authority of the Pireo will introduce incentives and discounts in order to promote the crocieristico traffic
the initiative is framed in the plan of potenziamento of the field

29/11/2011Collaboration of Hupac and Intercontainer Scandinavia in order to develop to the intermodal traffic between Italy and Inaugurated
Sweden the new headquarters of the Helvetic company to Uproar

29/11/2011Combined proposal of Oxfam, WWF and ICS for an ulterior reduction of the gas emissions greenhouse of the marine traffic
is advanced today to the conference on the climatic changes of the UN in course to Durban

30/11/2011Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa is diminished of 6.6%
Light decrease of the goods several. More emphasized the contraction of the bulk volumes

30/11/2011Reduction of the anchor duties and control of the social burdens between the measures anti-crisis of the port of Gioia Tauro
Assumed a norm that you in transit obligate the goods from Gioia Tauro towards other Italian ports to being cleared in Calabria

30/11/2011New self-moving crane Gottwald in the port of Ancona
has been acquired with an investment of 3,5 million euros from Ancona Goods

30/11/2011The port of Port Everglades has established the new world-wide record of crocieristico traffic every day
Saturday is totaled 53,500 passengers

30/11/2011Tomorrow in the port of Naples it will begin the first phase of the activities of dredging
To Shanghai and Amburgo the harbor agency lives has introduced the intense activities for the construction of the New Terminal of East

30/11/2011Minoan Lines has archiviato the first nine months of 2011 with a net loss of 22,3 million euros
the revenues is increased of 16% to 157,4 million euros

30/11/2011The three million euro for the prosecuzione intense activities of escavo of the channel of access of the port of Monfalcone
Appropriation of 200.000 euros for some extraordinary maintenance operations in the port of Trieste

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