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16 July 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 12:08 GMT+2

01/12/2011Cargotec signs a preliminary agreement of collaboration in the long term with the Komas compatriot
the understanding previews the cession to Komas of the plant estone of production of members to Narva

01/12/2011Summa and United Grain Company will realize a terminal for the granaglie in the port of Vostochny
will be completed in 2014

01/12/2011Slowly in order to quadruplicate the ability to coal export of the Australian port of Abbot Point
Previewed investments for nine billions of dollars

01/12/2011Collaboration of Seago Line and Hamburg Süd on the route Europe North - Mediterranean oriental
the companies will realize two services with nine portacontainer from 4.200 teu

01/12/2011Christened a new portacontainer from 10.000 teu of group NOL
Tomorrow it will follow a second ship of analogous ability

01/12/2011Konecranes has bought the Swiss division of ABB that takes care of systems of automation for the cranes
the activity appoints to a job 30 people

01/12/2011Inaugurated the container terminal of DP World in the port of Dakar
its ability to annual traffic is elevated to beyond 600.000 teu

01/12/2011MSC and CMA CGM tighten an alliance in the long term
Wide cooperation between second and the third world-wide company of the line transport

01/12/2011Investment of 40 million euros in order to today create a connection directed between the Dock Tuscany of the port of Livorno and the railway net
RFI, Tuscany Region, Province, Municipality and Harbor Authority of Livorno an appropriate agreement has undersigned

01/12/2011Transits in the Suez Canal dearer from March 2012
the port of Rotterdam, instead, freezes the rates

01/12/2011Decided bending of the economic performances of CMA CGM
In the first nine months of the 2011 fleet of the French group it has transported 7,4 million container (+9.4%)

02/12/2011Matson will be returned independent by the Alexander group & Baldwin
the separation plan does not include the sale of some activity neither the loss of places of work

02/12/2011Pocketbook P&I of The Swedish Club has reached the quota record of beyond 50 million tsl
Decided an increment of 5% of the prizes for the cover of protection and indemnification

02/12/2011The port of Venice is interrogated on the priorities in order to face the challenges of the crisis
Between these, to assure nautical accessibility at least -12 meters until the terminals of Marghera Port

02/12/2011Started the intense activities of dredging on the container terminal of the port of Previewed
Sines the deepening of the backdrop to -17,5 meters

02/12/2011ABS will buy the society of Norwegian engineering Safetec Nordic
the company is specialized in the appraisal and management of the risk

02/12/2011Brussels authorizes the acquisition of ATIC Services from the ArcelorMittal group
To the French society is under responsibility some of the greatest European harbor terminals for the import of coal and iron mineral

02/12/2011Grimaldi Sunday will inaugurate a marine service fleeting between the ports of Salerno, Cagliari and Valencia
will be employed the ship ro-pax "Catania"

02/12/2011The infrastructural connections constitute a game essential in order to upgrade the economic relations of Italy with the area of the Mediterranean
a relationship of Studies and Searches for Southern Italy evidence the importance of the marine modality and the role of the ports

05/12/2011Prize WISTA Italy 2011 is assigned to the director of the Apostolate of the Italian Sea
Accomplice the crisis economic, the demands for solidarity and assistance regarding the seafarers are multiplied

05/12/2011Worry of UCINA and Assomarinas for the impact negative of the new maneuver nautical financial institution on and tourist portualità
Perocchio speaks about "incomprehensible aimed norms to penalize a section pulling ahead for the economy of the Country"

05/12/2011NOL refutes of being about to introducing a new offered for the acquisition of a quota in Hapag-Lloyd
In the 2008 group of Singapore had advanced an offer successively withdrawn

05/12/2011Al via the propedeutici participations to the installation of the terminal of floating rigassificazione of Livorno
is realized with unit of the fleet of Saipem

05/12/2011The Technip French has carried to term the acquisition of American the Global Industries
the American society work a fleet of 14 ships to service of the offshore industry

05/12/2011The shipbuilding society German Blohm + Voss will pass to the STAR Capital Partners
According to the daily paper "Financial Times Deutschland", the cession will be agreed within two weeks

05/12/2011By January the fresh fruit Del Monte will be disembarked to the port of Livorno
will be stoccata in the warehouse of the Livorno Reefer Terminal

05/12/2011DP World will construct to a new container terminal in the port of Jebel Ali
Will have a annual ability to traffic pairs to four million teu

05/12/2011Zim will introduce a third ship in the service West Med - West Africa operated with COSCON
the frequency of the line will become fortnightly

05/12/2011They continue the negotiations for the fusion of the services of towing in America of Agreed SAAM and
SMIT the appraisal of the two activities, pairs respective to 520 million and 470 million dollars

05/12/2011Tomorrow reunion of the Cipe with the objective to mobilize at least 5,2 billion euros unblocking yards and infrastructures
Between these: high speed, AC Treviglio-Brescia and Terzo Pass of Giovi

06/12/2011New pool VLCC constituted from Maersk Tankers, Phoenix Tankers (MOL), Samco Shipholding and Ocean Tankers
Will have a fleet of approximately 50 oil tankers

06/12/2011The society fines Services Navy is named commercial agent in Italy di Great White
Fleet has centers to Genoa, Savona, Porto Nogaro and Livorno

06/12/2011Umberto Masucci is the new president of the The International Propeller Clubs
Mariano Maresca, after 25 years of national presidency, is elected unanimously honorary president

06/12/2011The governors of Calabria and Sicily invite the new government to realize the bridge on the Strait of Messina
Scopelliti and Lombardo has sent letters to Mounts

06/12/2011Al port of Venice the portacontainer can land also in the night hours
Navigation allowed with the units until 300 meters of lenght overall

06/12/2011In the first eleven months of this year the traffic in the port of Savona has grown of 5.9%
Prize of the Chamber of Commerce of Cuneo to the president of the harbor agency from Liguria Canavese

06/12/2011The Cipe unblocks 1,1 billion euros for according to constructive lottery of the Third Genoa-Milan Pass
Teasing: "to January the yard can leave"

06/12/2011The port of Salerno previews to close 2011 with advanced increment to 10% of the traffic goods
the Harbor Committee has approved of programming documents anniversary

06/12/2011Previewed an increase of 348% of the traffic container in the ports NAPA to the 2030
association it emphasizes that the adriatic ports must be confirmed between the European priorities

07/12/2011Fincantieri shows the extraordinary redundancy fund for reorganization for 3,670 dependant
the measure will regard biennium 2012-2013

07/12/2011The European Shippers' manifest Council worry for the possible effects distorted on the market of the alliance between Delineated MSC and CMA CGM
the configuration to you of the services operated in collaboration from the two carrier on the Asia-Europe route

07/12/2011Riccardi (Friuli Venice Julia): necessary to make pressing on Parliament and Council EU for the corridor Baltic Sea-Adriatic
the regional city council member has evidenced the role key carried out from the europarlamentari

07/12/2011The EU commission has adopted the new discipline of the aids of shipbuilding State to the naval one
Will take effect next 1° January

07/12/2011Trasportounito and ANITA ask that the reimbursement of the octrois on the diesel oil happens with quarterly cadence or Longo
salary: for the category draft of an ulterior burden pairs to beyond 600 euros truck to the month. CNA-Fita invites the committenza to confronts on the dear diesel oil

07/12/2011The Board di Frontline has approved of a floor of division of the shipowning company
In the new society will meet almost the totality of the debits, a part of the investments in new constructions and 15 ships, of which five in order

07/12/2011Xiamen International Port will acquire 25% of Xiamen Songyu Container Terminal Co.
Al group APM Terminals will remain 25% of the capital of the terminalista society of Xiamen

07/12/2011Encounter to Brussels for I throw again of the activity of the port of Gioia Tauro
Agreement with the Interporto of Bari for the creation of a way of intermodal transport towards the Italy North and the South Europe

07/12/2011Confetra receives the invitation of CNA-Fita to confronts on the increase of the diesel oil that aggravates the crisis of the road haulage
the objective is the search of balanced solutions that they distribute to the greater burdens on all the row

09/12/2011DB Schenker Logistics will at the beginning constitute joint venture with the omanita Khimji operating
Ramdas Diventerà of 2012

09/12/2011Convention on safety in sea and port
will hold 16 December to Civitavecchia on initiative of the Legal Tributary Shipping

09/12/2011Affinity (RAM): the Ecobonus would deserve of being ulteriorly financed from the new government
Introduced in the within of the program TRIES a plan in order to create the bases of a communitarian Ecobonus in support of the freeways of the sea in the Mediterranean

09/12/2011New indices of the hires dry-bulk and tanker of Shanghai Shipping Exchange
will be introduced in according to trimester of the next year

09/12/2011Stable the marine traffic in the Suez Canal in November
In the first eleven months of 2011 has recorded a bending of 1.4%

09/12/2011Last month the port of Kaohsiung has enlivened 813,566 container (+2.0%)
In the first eleven months of this year the traffic has grown of 5.4%

09/12/2011The Federation of the Sea expresses "strong perplexity" on the tax parking of the pleasure crafts
Wished the possibility to rerun to taxation forms alternatives

09/12/2011Passera: the priority infrastructures are those which connect Italy with Europe
the government - it has emphasized the minister - are working to the co-financing of the European resources in order to avoid to lose ""the crazy" amounts of billions"; we are looking for - it has specified - "of raccattare all the one which is recoverable"

12/12/2011Today to Livorno a convention on the development of the crocierismo in the area of the Tyrrhenian High
Will begin to hours 15,00 to Palazzo Granducale

12/12/2011Undersigned the agreement for the cession of Blohm + Voss to the STAR Capital Partners
Is relative to the navalmeccaniche activities in the civil field

12/12/2011Yangzijiang Shipbuilding will constitute two joint venture with Qatar Investment Corporation
Will have center to Singapore and in China and they will take care of planning, construction and repair for the offshore industry

12/12/2011Today the Occupy movements intend to block the activity of the ports of West Coast USA
the initiative have increased to other ports and American cities, between which Houston and Honolulu

12/12/2011As.Pro.Na.Di. it proposes that the tax anniversary of parking of the units from diporto is tramutata in a "tax on the ecology"
Moreover the association asks that a part of the embedded taxes is invested in nautical infrastructures, services and contributions for research purposes

12/12/2011Inaugurated the new Harbor Office district of Ravenna
it is realized by the Sapir group with investment of 22 million euros

12/12/2011The port of the Havre will reward the less polluting ships that will land to the French port of call
Reductions in price on the harbor taxes until a maximum of 10% of the amount

12/12/2011Maersk Italy heads to an increase to two figures also in 2012
In the third trimester of this year Maersk Line has obtained a rate record of 82.9% of "on-Time reliability"

12/12/2011In the first nine months of the 2011 port of Tanger Med container (+25.6%) In
the third trimester has enlivened 1.810.588 the traffic is diminished of 2%

12/12/2011Brussels approves of the combined control of Terminal de Vridi from Maersk and Bolloré
the society manages a container terminal in the port of Abidjan

12/12/2011Realistic, bizzarre and fantastic hypotheses for the landing place of the ships from cruise to Venice
the Harbor Authority reassure the crocieristiche companies. Coast will meet the Orsoni mayor "sure to find the solution that it guarantees the child - the ships from cruise to Venice - throwing the dirty water of the annoyances that the crocieristica brings to Venice even if against great advantages"

12/12/2011To Shipping Agencies Services (group MSC) 51% of remaining
Bluvacanze 49% is subdivided between Associate UniCredit (41.7%) and Investor (7.3%)

12/12/2011The port of Trieste maintains the facilities for the warehouses used after warehouse of raw coffee
Monassi: this will allow with the port of call to increase the arrivals from the coffee-growing Countries

12/12/2011The Italian Harbor Authorities have jointly participated to the Turkish fair Logitrans
the manifestation have been carried out to Istanbul from the 8 to 10 December

12/12/2011IAPH, WSC, ICS and BIMCO speed up the definition in center IMO of a procedure of weighing of the container
Skaanild (BIMCO): it will allow to on board increase safety of the ships, in the ports and on the roads

13/12/2011Monday the court will decide if the proposal of the Scop (the only one reached) allows to maintain SeaFrance DFDS
while still alive and Louis Dreyfus Armateurs has renounced to introduce an offered new

13/12/2011Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore has grown of 0.6%
the container has been 2.472.100 teu (+2.3%)

13/12/2011Tomorrow to the Defended book "of a Marine Fort" will be introduced
is written by Stefano Danese, Roberto De Bernardi and Michele Provvedi and published from the Harbor Authority spezzina

13/12/2011Friday the Grendi group will inaugurate own new offices to Genoa
will be celebrated the 50 years of Tawny presidency of Musso

13/12/2011By the assembly of Assomarinas the provision will be thrown again an appeal for the modification of the new maneuver
financial institution - it has evidenced the association - risks to sink all the nautical-tourist section

13/12/2011As soon as started, the intense activities of dredging to the port of Pescara are already arrest warrants
the magistracy of l'Aquila has arranged the seizure of the dredge

13/12/2011The EU commission authorizes the cession of the Maersk Danish LNG
has been acquired from Teekay LNG Partners and Marubeni Corporation

13/12/2011TUI will propose to the consortium Albert Ballin to acquire ulterior a 33.3% of Hapag-Lloyd
the contract will have to be undersigned within the end of the next september, pain the possibility to yield the control of the company to investor third party

13/12/2011In the first eleven months of the 2011 transported containerizzati volumes from APL they are increased of 8%
the medium hire for container feu has been pairs to 2.532 dollars (- 10%)

13/12/2011The Dutch C. Steinweg has acquired the compatriot J. Oosterom & Zoon
the nordeuropeo group is present in Italy through the filial Metal Genoa jib Terminal

13/12/2011Seaspan Corporation buys the connected Seaspan Services Management
the group has started buys back of own actions until a total of 10 million unit

13/12/2011MSC Gate Bremerhaven enlivens the millionth container from the beginning of the year
the society is joint venture 50:50 between the terminalista group Eurogate and shipowning group MSC

14/12/2011Maersk Line is testing the employment of biocarburante derived from the algae for feeding the motors of the Maersk Kalmar
Viene employed in an auxiliary motor, but the objective is to use it in the main motor

14/12/2011Green light of the Swedish Antitrust to the acquisition of Skandia Container Terminal from APM Terminals
the society manages the container terminal of the port of Goteborg

14/12/2011Frenzel: TUI does not have some intention to buy back the control of Hapag-Lloyd
Nobody to Amburgo - it has emphasized the administrator of the group - would have to be surprised to see to exercise us stretching now right

14/12/2011Prize to GEFCO for the innovation in the formation
is delivered in the within of the event "the Logistic one of year 2011"

14/12/2011CNA-Fita, Confindustria and Confetra face the emergency of the dear diesel oil and of the Under way beloved
tolls I confront in order to search shared solutions and concrete

14/12/2011Second reunion to the permanent table on the realization of the Harbor Town development plan
a delegation of the Presidency of the Council engaged in the realization of a study on the Italian portualità has visited from Liguria port

14/12/2011I decree Mounts - the UIR contests - hides interposing to you behind an indefinite "harbor logistics"
the association has expressed own contrarietà also to financing CIPE "to better not defined logistic platform than Fiumicino"

14/12/2011UCINA, some step ahead in the reduction of the impact of the tax parking on the nautical
Albertoni: "he remains unacceptable that the tax is applied to the used boats which capital goods of the companies"

14/12/2011Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is dropped of 4.6%
In the first eleven months of this year the port of call has enlivened 22,3 million teu (+3.0%)

14/12/2011Uno studio dei Giovani Armatori di Confitarma individua misure “a costo zero” per incrementare la competitività della bandiera italiana
Tra queste, la semplificazione di tutta una serie di procedure

14/12/2011Signed the convention for the connection of the port of Livorno to the high railway speed
the understanding has been undersigned from Tuscany Region, Railroads, Harbor, Common Authority and Province

15/12/2011Maersk Supply Service has ordered to two new ships offshore to the Chilean yard Asenav
the store clerk has a value of approximately 200 million dollars. Option for other four units

15/12/2011Partnership MSC - CMA CGM? Nothing of new under the sun, according to Alphaliner
the agreement will not involve some reduction of the ability offered from the two carriers on the route To make East - Europe North

15/12/2011ANITA, constructive I confront between Confindustria and associations of Arcese
road haulage: "we estimate positively the opening of a new phase in the relationships between carriers and committenza"

15/12/2011Group CMB orders to the construction of six Handysize to the SSI South Korean
Options for others two ships

15/12/2011The section grows the contribution of the crocieristica industry to the European
economy Last year has generated a volume of transactions record of 35,2 billion euros

15/12/2011The traffic of the container in the port of Taranto assumes a negative fold. In increase the other goods
the Puglia Region has signed a protocol of understanding with Italian Railway Net

15/12/2011The Harbor Committee of Savona has approved of investments for the potenziamento of the terminals
Green light also to the determination of the maximum number (22) of the which released authorizations in order to operate in port

15/12/2011By saturday to the exhibition "From Cavour to Cavour"
is dedicated to the planning and shipbuilding in Italy over 140 years

15/12/2011Maxi check of Federagenti to the Committee of the Welfare of the Seafarers
is delivered by Filippo Gallo to admiral Marco Brusco

15/12/2011Royal Caribbean collaborates with Trawel Group in order to strengthen the commercial garrison in Italy
will be upgraded the support to the travel agencies

15/12/2011Liguria region and region SOOTHE promote the insertion of the coastal Mediterranean arc in the nets TRY
the objective are the realization of a railway line to high ability between Genoa, Marseilles and Barcelona

15/12/2011Unatras and Trasportounito incline for the arrest warrant of the road haulage, CNA-Fita oppose
the union of the haulers proclaim the arrest warrant that will be carried out within the January end

15/12/2011To Trieste it leave a plan in matter of health and safety in harbor atmospheres of job
Agreement between the Harbor Authority, the INAIL and the Institute of Marine-Harbor Culture

15/12/2011Record of the export containerizzato through the port of Los Angeles City
Last month the traffic has grown altogether of 4.1%

16/12/2011Fifth consecutive month of the reduction of the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach
In the first eleven months of 2011 is recorded a decrease of 3.3%

16/12/2011Municipality and Harbor Authority of Venice have agreed lines guide for the management of the crocieristico traffic
Within three months will be carried out a combined appraisal of the impact of the traffic in terms of aerial emissions, of noise, billowy motion and effect on the rivers of the channels. The objective: "emissions zero"

16/12/2011The control of the Italian group Ferretti to the Chinese Shandong Heavy Industry Group Co.
Agreement with the creditors

16/12/2011Started the intense activities for the construction of the first container terminal of the new harbor area of Columbus
It will become operating at the beginning of 2014

16/12/2011Al port of Venice has taken to the way European plan INWAPO
Promuove the increase of competitiveness of the alternatives to the transport on road

16/12/2011Saipem adjudicates new Offshore contracts E&C for approximately 600 million dollars
Store clerks with Petrobras and PDVSA Petroleo

16/12/2011To January the port of Gioia Tauro will tighten an agreement of collaboration with New York
Encounter with the consul American to Naples, Donald L. Moore

16/12/2011The system of environmental management of the harbor agency of Livorno is in compliance with the international norms
has attested certificatore agency to It RINA

16/12/2011Minervini (Puglia Region): more permissions than transit from Turkey for the ports of Bari and Brindisi
the city council member has sent a letter to the minister Passera. The apulian ports of call suffer the competition from the port of Trieste

16/12/2011Costa (AP Venezia): la segnalazione dell'Antitrust «ci libera finalmente dall'equivoco del falso assioma che la sicurezza nei porti esiga servizi tecnico-nautici forniti in regime di monopolio»
Il meccanismo del “price cap” - evidenzia l'ente portuale veneziano - consentirebbe di superare una «regolazione arcaica delle tariffe senza alcun effetto benefico sulla competitività dei porti italiani»

16/12/2011Completed the cession of GE SeaCo to HNA and Bravia
the society has a 870.000 fleet of container

16/12/2011The evolution of the volume of the world-wide exchanges of goods confirmation the current macroeconomic inactivity
Relationship of the International Transport Forum. The commerce with the foreign country via sea of the EU and the USA is still under the levels pre-crisis

16/12/2011General UCINA launch the Sat one of the Nautical
ASAMAR, because of the parking tax the shipping agents of the Lazio will lose approximately five million euro

16/12/2011The Harbor Authority of Rotterdam juts complaint against ECT
the terminalista society of group HPH has denounced the harbor agency asking a compensation for 900 million euros

16/12/2011New Turkey service - West Med di Seago Line and Turkon Line
Will have frequency weekly magazine and will be started the next month

19/12/2011Coast Crociere and Alpitour Bravo Net buys the distributive groups - HP Vacations
In the 2011 have realized a volume of transactions of approximately a billion of euro

19/12/2011Yesterday the new Indian port of Dhamra is inaugurated officially
is constructed and managed by the Dhamra Port Co., joint venture 50:50 between Tata Steel and Larsen & Toubro

19/12/2011Grand Alliance, Zim and Hamburg Süd will introduce ships of greater ability in the service ocean-going liner ATX
will be operated with four portacontainer by 5.400 teu

19/12/2011Søren Skou is the new managing director of Maersk Line
Previously was CEO of Maersk Tankers Succeeds to Eivind Kolding, that it assumes the charge of president of Danske Bank

19/12/2011Saipem obtains new contracts in the perforations for approximately 400 million dollars
the activities to sea will be carried out with jack-up "the Perro 6 Black person" and "Perro Black person 8"

19/12/2011OOCL participates to the phase pilot of the new one e-Manifest introduced from USA customs
of electronic cargo is part of the system Automated Commercial Environment

19/12/2011In the 2012 harbor taxes to Amburgo the portacontainer will only grow of
3.5% Pagheranno of ability until approximately 11.000 teu

19/12/2011DB Schenker Rail, TX Logistik, SBB Cargo and BLS Cargo anticipate a position common for the development of European the railway corridors goods
Emphasized the importance to eliminate the infrastructural throttlings on the lines to transfrontaliere, in particular on the Genoa-Rotterdam axis

19/12/2011To Genoa S.L.O has been born. - Operating Logistic Services the plan
mainly addresses the world of the road haulage and it is proposed to place side by side CNA FITA in the distribution of the services to the category

19/12/2011Undersigned the agreement on the occupation for the Maersk platform of Savona I go
the unions: it is the only agreement signed in 2011 for new assumptions and not for redundancy fund and mobility

19/12/2011Callback to the unit of Assoporti in order to tackle to the crisis and the decrease of the Nerli
traffics will meet the presidents of the eight Harbor Authorities that they have threatened to leave the association

20/12/2011The decision on the future of SeaFrance is sent back to 3 January
union CFDT has renewed the invitation to the government to enter in the capital of the company

20/12/2011Slowing down of the traffic of the container in the Chinese ports in November
In the first eleven months of 2011 has grown altogether of 12.0%

20/12/2011New consolidation in the field of the line transport: the The G6 Alliance is born
is constituted by the companies of the The New World Alliance (APL, HMM and MOL) and from those of Grand Alliance (Hapag-Lloyd, NYK and OOCL)

20/12/2011Tomorrow the signature of the general convention picture and the implementing conventions for the Third Pass of Giovi
Encounter near the Liguria Region

20/12/2011Within April to Livorno the levelling of the backdrops of the basin of evolution of the port Between five
months will be completed will leave the procedures of contest for the real dredgings

20/12/2011This Interporto year of Bologna has recorded an sensitive increment of the Curly flows of
traffic: "the fruibilità and the productivity of the area could be ulteriorly improved if a series of infrastructural works came true"

20/12/2011In the exercise 2011 Carnival has recorded an increase of 9.2% of the revenues and a decrease of 3.3% of the profit clearly
Arizon reassures the shareholders, to which it promises to transfer the liquidity in excess

20/12/2011The railway maneuvers to the examination of the Harbor Committee of Naples
Sent to the Dassatti president with the objective to accompany positively the voluntary process of liquidation

20/12/2011Hamburg Süd will restructure the services that connect the North Europe/Med with the coast the west of the North, Center and South America
Cooperation with Hapag-Lloyd, CMA CGM and CCNI

21/12/2011Konecranes will cut approximately 125 places of work in Europe
Reduction of the dependant in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Holland, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine

21/12/2011CSAV will restructure service MEDECSA that connects the Mediterranean with the east coast of the South America
the variation will be put into effect 16 January with departure from Valencia

21/12/2011Signed the agreement that establishes the passage of all the staff of Siremar to Company of the Islands
he has been undersigned monday from the two companies, Fedarlinea and the unions

21/12/2011The Law court of the EU has condemned Austria for the limits sets up to the road haulage in the valley of the Inn
Of Boca (Confartigianato Transports and UETR): "draft of a sentence that we asked from long time and that we greet with great satisfaction"

21/12/2011RFI and COCIV have signed the contract for the intense activities of the Third Pass of Giovi
the value total of the works and of the contrattualizzati intense activities it is pairs to approximately 4,8 billion euros

21/12/2011The pirates have released the oil tanker Savina Caylyn and the 22 marine ones of the crew
would be paid a ransom of 11,5 million dollars

21/12/2011The Council of State confirmation the right of the Harbor Authority of Venice and the Marine Authority to administer the technical-nautical services independently
Restated how much already established from the sentence of the Regional Administrative Court of Veneto

21/12/2011Ghini (Uilm): "Fincantieri will not close some yard and no center"
"Task - the trade-union leader has declared - than us can be the conditions in order to continue to search an understanding"

21/12/2011The Harbor Authority of Antwerp has decided an increase of 2% of the amount of the harbor taxes
Will remain in vigor a series of reductions in price

22/12/2011Viking River Cruises has ordered to two oceanic ships from cruise of luxury to STX France
the store clerk includes an option for a third unit. The ships will be employed mainly in the Mediterranean

22/12/2011The harbor system of Bremen-Bremerhaven will close the 2011 with a traffic record of approximately 81,3 million tons of goods
the container is increased of beyond 20% going up to approximately 5,9 million teu

22/12/2011Riallontana the Fincantieri dispute Cgil from the other unions
Pays (Fiom): "the agreement yesterday is in some way pejorative regarding the plan withdrawn from Fincantieri in the past june". Ghini (Uilm): "we are satisfied of the understanding undersigned"

22/12/2011Hamburg Süd and MSC will melt the respective services Mediterranean - east coast South America
the new line will be operated with eight portacontainer by 5.900 teu

22/12/2011The new International Cruise Terminal of Singapore will be managed by joint venture SATS - Creuers of the Port de operating
Barcelona Diventerà in according to trimester of 2012

22/12/2011Port of Civitavecchia, protocol of legality and transparency in the field of the contracts publics
has been undersigned from the prefect of Rome and the president of the Harbor Authority

22/12/2011Brussels authorizes the acquisition of the logistic operator German Lehnkering from the South African group Imperial Holdings
the transaction has a value of approximately 270 million euros

23/12/2011New service of Seago Line between Italy, Morocco, Spain, Egypt, Israel and Turkey
will be inaugurated the next month and will have frequency weekly magazine

23/12/2011Det Norske Veritas has acquired 74.3% of the capital of the society of advising and Dutch certification KEMA
constituted Verrà DNV KEMA, in which the 1,800 dependant of KEMA and 500 dependant of DNV will meet all

23/12/2011Agreement for I throw again sustainable of the areas of the port of Trieste undersigned from the ministry of the Atmosphere and by the Harbor Authority
it will be introduced tomorrow near the center of the giuliano agency

23/12/2011Concessions and aids of State to the ports to the examination of the Commission and the Parliament EU
ESPO, are not still clearly the impact of the directive proposal on the modalities of allocation of the harbor areas

23/12/2011Voltri Europe Terminal delivery a new ambulance to the Genoese White Cross
In the 2011 VTE has recorded own performances record

23/12/2011Pesaresi (Interporto Marche): to be extended the Corridor Baltic Sea-Adriatic at least until Ancona is an absolute priority
the interportuale society will close 2011 with an active balance of 500 thousand euros

23/12/2011This year the port of Zeebrugge has enlivened 47,3 million tons of goods (- 4.5%)
Record of the crocieristico traffic

27/12/2011Intergroup has inaugurated a new logistic platform in Puglia
is composed of a distributive point to Brindisi and an operating base in the industrial zone of Foggia

27/12/2011CSAV will restructure the service that connects Asia with the Black Sea
will be added a port of call directed to the South Korean port of Busan

27/12/2011Manifestation of protest of Assomarinas against the new taxes on the 12
boats will hold January in public square of the Unit to Trieste

27/12/2011Evergreen will stablily place side by side to consortium CKYH on the Asia-Europa/Med route
the five companies will realize twelve services altogether

27/12/2011The Italian chimichiera Enrico Ievoli is captured by the pirates
the ship was navigating under the coasts of the Oman

27/12/2011A Swiss investigation evidences the numerous cargo errors that prejudice safety of the cargo trains
In the 2011 UFT have controlled 247 convey for a total of 4.554 wagons

27/12/2011Fifth crane of super dock post-Panamax in Terminal XXI of the port of Sines
the next year will arrive sixth ship-to-Shore means

27/12/2011Zim will renew the spin of the Mediterranean service - east coast South America
the line will be modified to half of the next month

27/12/2011APM Terminals will manage according to container the terminal of the port of Lázaro Cárdenas
the plan is adjudicated to the consortium constituted from the Dutch society and the Controladora Mexican of the Operaciones de Infraestructura

27/12/2011Fifth consecutive month of the reduction of the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona
In the first eleven months of the 2011 port of call has enlivened 39,9 million tons (+1.7%)

28/12/2011Agreement between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. and Larsen & Toubro in the field of the shipbuilding
the Japanese group will supply to the Indiana company licenses and technological support for the construction of commercial ships

28/12/2011Answer of Chineses COSCON and CSCL to the consolidation in existence on the Asia-Europa/Med route
Agreement of relative exchange slot to six services of the two companies

29/12/2011In the 2011 traffic in the port of Rotterdam it has grown of 0.8%
the CEO of the Port Authority, Hans Smits, behind considers that in the second half of 2012 lascerà Europe the crisis

29/12/2011The port of Miami will buy four new cranes of super dock post-Panamax
Currently the port of call American is equipped of single two means of raising of this type

29/12/2011Cgil genoese asks Cisl, Uil and sussiste institutions if an univocal engagement on the future of the ship yard of Sestri
the union intends to verify before the encounter with the minister Passera "if the conditions of a common reading of the situation still exist"

30/12/2011In the 2011 traffic in the port of Antwerp it has grown of 4.6%
Volumes record for the goods containerizzate and the liquid bulk

30/12/2011Limak Investments has finalized the acquisition of the Turkish port of Iskenderun
the company will construct to a container terminal of the ability to 1.334.000 teu

30/12/2011The Ust-Luga Container Terminal has become operating
the first phase of the plan per year has an ability to traffic of 440.000 teu

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