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22 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 08:47 GMT+2

02/01/2012In the 2011 port of Algeciras supremacy also for the container with beyond
3,5 million has enlivened a traffic record of 80 million tons New teu (+25%)

02/01/2012The port of the Havre freezes the harbor taxes for the portacontainer for the third consecutive year
From 1° January discounts to the less polluting ships

02/01/2012Zim has not still reached an agreement with the banks on the financial engagements of the society
It has announced the group Israel Corporation

02/01/2012Made official the cession of the Toremar to the Moby
the new contract of service has a duration 12 years. The purchase price is of 10.258.000 euros

03/01/2012In 2012 Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. previews to confiscate new orders for 30,6 billion dollars (+19.8%)
Attended a turnover of 27.573 billion won (+9.6%)

03/01/2012Brussels authorizes the acquisition of the British Wincanton International from the Rhenus German
the Germanic logistic enterprise will become the main operator of container terminal in the region of the Reno river

03/01/2012Record of traffic in the port of Santos
In the first eleven months of the 2011 Brazilian port of call has enlivened 88.844.100 tons

03/01/2012Last November the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa is diminished of 10.9%
In the first eleven months last year is enlivened 47,6 million tons (0%)

03/01/2012New Intercargo, urgent measures in order to ask for the caused marine incidents from the liquefaction of the Lomas
cargo: determining the role of the competent authorities

04/01/2012Stable the traffic in the port of Venice in the first eleven months of 2011
In increase goods several (+5.7%) and solid bulk (+4.9%). Decrease of liquid bulk (- 6.2%)

04/01/2012APM Terminals has taken to possession of the Skandia Container Terminal
the Dutch society will acquire three new cranes of super dock post-Panamax

04/01/2012Trasportounito, the breathtaking increase of the operating costs has forced to the arrest warrant 20% of the trucks
From the 23 to 27 January is in program a blackout total of the transport services goods on road

04/01/2012DP World will manage the Canadian port of Nanaimo
the Middle Eastern group has yielded its participation in the Med Europe Terminal to CMA CGM

04/01/2012The minister Passera confirmation the convocation of the 10 unions of January in order to examine the situation of Finished
Fincantieri the manifestation to the airport of Genoa of the workers of the plant of Sestri West

04/01/2012BIMCO, 2012 will be still a difficult year for the industry of shipping
the field of the container will have to get to terms with an ulterior increase of 50% in the number of ships of great dimensions

04/01/2012The Agency of Customs announces the code pays in order to anticipate the reimbursement of the octrois 2011
Franchini: such provision strengthens the Cna-Fita in its convincement that the road of the dialog is the obliged way

05/01/2012Last year the traffic of the container in the port of Tanjung Pelepas has grown of 15%
the port of call malaysian has enlivened approximately 7,5 million teu

05/01/2012The units christened two new product/chemical tanker of L.G.R of Navigation
, 50.000 tpl, are long 183,0 meters, wide 32,2 meters and have a speed of 15,2 knots fully loaded

05/01/2012Frontal crash between the Harbor Authority and the Municipality of the Pireo
the city administration denunciation not to be consulted on the development plans of the port and rejects the plan for the construction of a monorail

05/01/2012Saturday Marino Rosettes will deliver a new Platform Supply Vessel to the D'Amato Siblings
Is seventh of ten ordered twin ships from the Neapolitan shipowner

05/01/2012The Sardinia Region continues the tariff challenge with the private shipowners
Between two Saremar weeks will reactivate the connections between Olbia and Civitavecchia with the same rates of season 2011

09/01/2012In the 2011 port of Kaohsiung container (+5.0% has enlivened 9.636.289)
Last month the traffic has grown of 0.5%

09/01/2012The property left at death one of portacontainer the Rena has broken in two
150 Persi others container

09/01/2012Unexpected proposal of Eurotunnel for the rescue of SeaFrance
the group is ready to buy three ships and to rent them to the dependant of the navigation company

09/01/2012The commercial court of Paris has confirmed the liquidation of SeaFrance
the ministers Kosciusko-Morizet and Mariani wishes the prosecuzione of the plans of throws again of the activity introduced from DFDS/LDA and Scop/Eurotunnel

09/01/2012Assagenti, published the ban of the second marine edition of the course for broker
Will begin 6 February in the classrooms of the Foundation Italian Academy of the Merchant navy

09/01/2012The assembly of the shareholders of Hamworthy has approved of the plan of takeover of Wärtsilä
has obtained also the green light of the authorities antitrust of the Germany and Norway

10/01/201219 January the Observatory will meet on the marine connections with from Tuscany archipelago
Will be the first sitting after the acquisition of the Toremar from Moby

10/01/2012The Sardinian ports of Olbia, Golfo Aranci and Porto Torres archiviano 2011 recording a traffic hemorrhage
Also 2012 do not promise bond nothing. Piro: "the insularity will end in order to become a strong one discriminating"

10/01/2012Eurogate has ordered 14 straddle carrier to Konecranes
new means of raising will be taken in delivery in according to trimester of this year

10/01/2012Federmar-Cisal denunciation the situation of stall in which the procedure of cession of Tirrenia to the CIN is found
the union has declared the immediate state of agitation of all the staff of the company

10/01/2012To Shandong Heavy Industry Group the attainment of an agreement with the main
creditors of the Italian group will go 75% of Confirmed the Ferretti Group

10/01/2012Middle Eastern group GAC has acquired the activities in the marine field of the hand Danish Lehmann
Nordic Passano five offices in Denmark, Sweden and Norway

10/01/2012New record traffic anniversary cruises in the port of Amburgo
In the 2011 is enlivened 314,500 passengers, with an increment of 28% regarding the year precedence

11/01/2012Passera promises the support of the government for throws again of the navalmeccanico group Fincantieri
the minister has emphasized the importance "to diversify and to widen the offer to specialized platforms, also for giving greater certainty to the productivity of all the yards". Satisfied the unions Fim and Uilm; disappointment of the Fiom

11/01/2012DFDS and LDA confirm the intention to reactivate the marine service Must and to assume 300 people
the route will be operated with two ships of French flag

11/01/2012Technical encounter in order to insert accessibility and the nodes of the harbor system of Trieste in plan TAV
Convened from the regional city council member Riccardi, has held yesterday to Udine

11/01/2012Tankers Nova is called new pool VLCC constituted from Maersk, MOL, Samco and Ocean Tankers
Opererà 50 ships of single the medium age of three years

11/01/2012The vice minister To hunt illustrates the actions of the government in order to resolve the problems of the road haulage
Callback to the sense of responsibility in facing the current situation of crisis

11/01/2012Odfjell will realize a harbor terminal for liquid bulk to Joint venture
Tianjin with the Nangang Port Company, branch of the Tianjin Economic - Development Technology Area

11/01/2012Fincantieri dispute, Fiom-Cgil proclaims eight hours of strike
Cgil of Genoa asks an encounter local institutions, Cisl and Uil. Fim-Cisl flays the declarations of Marta Vincenzi: "the affirmations of the mayor of Genoa - accusation Flour - are serious and irresponsible"

12/01/2012The new Greek prime Minister Papademos has met the Veniamis
shipowners: we do not have advanced some proposal for the reconstitution of the ministry of the Merchant navy

12/01/2012Trasportounito, the effort of the government in confronts of the road haulage is appreciable, but not sufficient
Positive, with reservation, also the first appraisal of Unatras

12/01/2012Marinsa and Quiñenco have undersigned leave of the increase of CSAV capital
Today approximately 80% of marine shipments of the Chilean shipowning group are realized graces to agreements with other companies

12/01/2012Carlo Mearelli is the new president of Assologistica
Succeeds to Nereo Paolo Marcucci. Designated new vice-president

12/01/2012In the 2011 port of Trieste the traffic has enlivened a traffic container record of 393.195
teu To Decembers has grown of 49%

12/01/2012Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore is increased of 5.4%
Calo in December after 26 consecutive months of increase. Having enlivened 29,9 million teu (+5.3%) Singapore it is second in behind classifies world-wide of the ports container of Shanghai

12/01/2012Cargotec will supply four cranes of dock and 18 cranes to portal to ICTSI
Are destined to the terminals of the Philippine group in the ports of Manzanillo and Manila

12/01/2012CTE - Consortium European Transports has introduced rerun to the Regional Administrative Court on the costs minimums for the road haulage
"Such costs - it has emphasized Mason - at all does not violate the norms on the competition"

13/01/2012Rolls-Royce will deliver to the Norwegian BB the first tugs with propulsion to gas
will be employed to service of the groups Statoil and Gassco

13/01/2012In the 2011 marine traffic in the Suez Canal it is dropped of the 1.1%
volume of cargo on the ships is increased of 7.1%

13/01/2012The Grendi Group introduces a new ship on the Go-Cagliari route
will be employed the "Future Ark", that it has a capacity of 2.300 linear meters or 650 teu

13/01/2012Man Capital (Mansour group) has bought operator NVOCC American OTS Logistics Group
the group of Los Angeles City has more beyond 2.800 dependant and than 170 offices and centers of representation

13/01/2012Saipem adjudicates onshore contracts E&C for approximately 600 million dollars
In program the realization of a new system for the urea production in Saudi Arabia

13/01/2012NOL obtains total loans for 1,14 billion dollars
will be used in order to finance the construction of the 12 large ones portacontainer ordered to june

13/01/2012In the 2011 terminal of 57.090.000 group PSA the terminals have enlivened container (+5.6%
) foreign countries of the group have totaled a traffic of 27.720.000 teu (+5.0%)

13/01/2012Emanated I decree implementing that it definitively abolishes the roles of the marine peace brokers
Assagenti has remembered that they already remain requirement demanded previously for the exercise of the peace broker activity

13/01/2012Two new cranes ship-to-Shore of the Konecranes for the multipurpose terminal of the port of Beira
will be delivered in 2013 to the Cornelder de Moçambique

13/01/2012Zim would be dealing the reduction of 12% of the staff in Israel through early retirements
To the leaders of the company would be proposed a cut of 10% of the salary

16/01/2012Coast Concord, an absurdity and dramatic shipwreck
Is of dead six and 16 dispersed the budget of the incident caused from the impact against a stumbling block

16/01/2012Assiterminal, Assologistica and Assoporti remember to the competent ministries the necessity to establish criteria for the release of the materials of escavo
"For the ports - they have emphasized - the dredging of the backdrops are a strategic priority"

16/01/2012Last year the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach is diminished of 3.2%
full Sbarchi and embarks of container is dropped respective of 3.3% and 3.6%

16/01/2012Saudi Aramco is associated Sinopec in order to realize a great refinery in presses of the Saudi port of Yanbu
the investment piles to 8,5 billion dollars

16/01/2012Edition 2012 of the prize "Award on Societal Integration of Ports" of ESPO will be dedicated to the young people
the acknowledgment will be delivered 7 November to Brussels

16/01/2012Grimaldi Lines starts a new freeway of the trisettimanale sea between the ports of Salerno and Catania
Connection weekly magazine with the Maltese port of the TV assistant

16/01/2012Hong Kong maintains to the third party place in the world-wide ranking of the ports container
Last year the Asian port of call has enlivened 24.404.000 teu (+3.0%)

16/01/2012A.N.CA.NA. P. asks an encounter the minister Passera in order to illustrate the problems of shipbuilding naval the private one
"In Italy - Silvestroni emphasizes - does not exist alone a shipbuilding emergency of the naval one publishes, but also of great part of that private one"

17/01/2012In the 2011 fleet of 3.127.600 Chilean CSAV container (+8.1%) In
the course of the year has transported the number of the ships is come down from 157 to 77

17/01/2012Group MSC places side by side Contship Italy and APM Terminals to Gioia Tauro
To TIL, terminalista society of the Genevan shipowning group, a third party of the share capital of Medcenter Container Terminal

17/01/2012Thursday and friday to Livorno the Info Day of European plan MOS4MOS will hold
the initiative has the objective to contribute to the realization of an European marine space without barriers

17/01/2012Satisfaction of the Harbor Authority of Gioia Tauro for the agreement Contship Italy-MSC
Grimaldi: "shortly three new services will be started by MSC in the port"

17/01/2012Clini: I will propose to the cruise companies an agreement in order to manage the routes in sustainable way in the zones of environmental interest
Mounts (AP Civitavecchia): "the cruise remains a sure vacation". Zaia (Region Venetian): the intention is not sure that to boycott the crocieristica, but that it is necessary a reflection is beyond question

17/01/2012Christened a new ship multipurpose of 17.000 tpl of Rickmers-Linie
Currently the fleet of the German shipowning group is constituted by 122 ships

17/01/2012UASC and CSCL will upgrade service AMC1/AMX1 that connects the Mediterranean with Far East
will be operated with ten ships from 7.000-8.500 teu

17/01/2012New service shuttle Verona - Ostrava (Czech Republic) of Bohemiakombi, Cemat and Kombiverkehr
Three departures weeklies magazine in both the directions

17/01/2012Gallanti (AP Livorno) has met the workers of interim agency Intempo
the objective is they attended temporary absorption in that occupational new lease on life in the crocieristico field is created

18/01/2012Albertoni (UCINA) evidences to the minister Passera the insostenibilità of the tax parking for the pleasure crafts
the association proposes the definition of a taxation form that you regard all the possessory Italians of boats and ships, even if with foreign flag

18/01/2012Last year the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City is increased of 1.4%
In next the five years investments for 1,5 billion dollars in the port of call

18/01/2012In the 2011 profit clearly of shipowning society Saudi NSCSA fourth trimester is diminished of
88.4% In the recorded solo has been an increase of 105%

18/01/2012Agreement Interporto Rivalta Scrivia - Conad for the fresh product management near the logistic platform of Nocetolo of Gattatico
To March will enter in function a new cooled warehouse of 13.000 square meters

18/01/2012Profit warning of Lowers Shipping Lines Container
the company previews to record the exercise anniversary 2011 with a net loss

18/01/2012Saipem adjudicates Offshore contracts E&C for 1,8 billion dollars
the activities will be realized mainly with the new means posatubi "Castorone" under construction near the yard Keppel Shipyard

18/01/2012The first phase of the increase of the capital of CSAV, classified to the shareholders, has concluded with the collection of 659 million dollars
the plan of financial strengthening previews the emission of total actions for 1,2 billion dollars

18/01/2012Agreement Agency of Customs - MCT for the potenziamento of the controls on the goods in the port of Gioia Tauro
Has the objective to return the action more effective than prevention and of repression of the illicit traffics

18/01/2012Protocol of understanding between Harbor Authority of Ravenna and Invitalia for the development of the nautical one from diporto
the plan previews a total investment of beyond 600 million euros

19/01/2012The EU commission has opened an investigation deepened on the acquisition of Tirrenia from Italian Company of Navigation
the final outcome of the inquiry within next the 4 june

19/01/2012Assologistica nozzle an alarm on the state of abandonment of the airport of Fiumicino
the association asks the competent supervisory bodies, the Lazio Region and the government to quickly restore the normal conditions of market of the free competition

19/01/2012The New Alliance World will realize a third dedicated service ocean-going liner
Will touch the ports of Manzanillo (Panama hat), Charleston, New York, Rotterdam, Bremerhaven and Felixstowe

19/01/2012The removal of the crocieristico traffic from Venice - Propeller emphasizes Club Port of Venice - would provoke to a serious economic and tourist damage to the city
Harbor office Harbor Authority: to Venice the practical one "of the bow" is completely impossible. Confitarma attends of being convened from the minister Clini

19/01/2012The definitive data of the traffic enlivened in the 2011 from the port of Antwerp
Record of the container (tons and teu) and of the liquid bulk

19/01/2012Vitol acquires 35% of the carboniferous terminal of the Grindrod in the port of Maputo
the two groups will constitute a new trading company

19/01/2012The unions worried for the future of the terminalistica activity of Terminal Italy Bulk to Genoa
"We are to acquaintance - they have accused Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti - than the same continuous terminal to refuse traffics"

19/01/2012Encounter to with the Iraqi delegation that participates to the formative plan for the "Great Port of Al Faw"
the objective is to form the managerial staff who will be preplace to manage the new Iraqi port

19/01/2012Christine Duffy (CLIA): "the crocieristica industry remains one of the surer recreational fields to the world"
the marine incidents - it has explained - is absolutely rare and the field is subject to rigorous norms

20/01/2012Cappellacci: the stop EU to the cession of Tirrenia is a first formal acknowledgment that our assertions were and is founded
"In order too much time - it has emphasized the president of the Sardinia Region - the opportunities of development of our economic-social system is compressed by a system of the marine connections blocked"

20/01/2012OOCL signs a preliminary agreement in order to operate new the great terminal to the Middle Harbor of Long Beach
Last year the fleet of the company of Hong Kong has transported five million container (+5.6%)

20/01/2012The institutions of Amburgo, Bremen and Bassa Sassonia exhort the German federal government to support the investments in the ports
Asked resources also for the development for the Aeolic parks offshore

20/01/2012The crocieristico group Carnival starts a review of all the answer and safety procedures on the Arison
emergencies: "I have flood confidence in safety of our ships and in the professionality of our crews"

20/01/2012Who is truly the commander of a ship?
It is time to clarify which are the tasks and the responsibilities of the people to which thousands of passengers are entrusted and thousands of tons of goods

20/01/2012Also critical Assagenti the management of the genoese terminal bulk of TRI
Cerruti: "we wish a timely participation of the Harbor Authority"

20/01/2012The Council of State gives reason to the Harbor Authority of the East on the rideterminazione of the concession canon to BPM
Cancelled the decisions of the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT Puglia that had asserted the invalidity of the provisions of recalculate

20/01/2012Gallanti exhorts the harbor enterprises of Livorno to occupy temporary the workers of Intempo
the Harbor Authority has received the ambassador of Yemen in Italy

20/01/2012In the 2011 harbor system of Amsterdam it has enlivened beyond 92 million tons (+2%)
In the single port of Amsterdam the traffic has been of approximately 74,8 million tons (+3%)

23/01/2012In the 2011 result clearly of group CMB it is diminished of 20%
the revenues are dropped of 4% to 468 million euros

23/01/2012Euronav has archiviato 2011 with a net loss of 96,4 million dollars
the revenues is diminished of 41.6% to 394,4 million dollars

23/01/2012The tax parking in the Italian ports for the pleasure crafts alienates the German boats
Häbich (ADAC): "the alternative for the many German diportisti that they attend or they are allocates them in the ports of the Italian coasts calls Croatia, Corsica, Greece and France"

23/01/2012Arrest warrant of the road haulage, yes of Trasportounito, not of Insufficient Cna-Fita and
Unatras the measures adopted of the government, support the first association. Unatras: we attend the respect of the engagements assumed from the executive

23/01/2012Last year the port of the Havre has enlivened approximately 68,5 million tons of goods (- 4%)
In decrease is the liquid bulk that solid is the container

23/01/2012Arrest warrant of the road haulage, ANITA denunciation vandalici actions and asks the government the restoration for the Arcese
legality: personages unscrupulous, having also null to that to see with the category, they are do not instrumentalize the protest

23/01/2012The ports of Paris, Rouen and the Havre have constituted the Haropa alliance
the harbor system are quarter in the ranking of the main nordeuropei ports for traffic volume

23/01/2012Nerli (Assoporti): the bill of the government on the liberalizations ignores the requests of cluster marine-harbor
the Two criticality: the norm in extrajettison at sea topic VAT for the societies of plan for the harbor works and the norm in matter of dredgings

23/01/2012Federmar-Cisal asks an encounter the minister Passera in order to make the point on the passage of Tirrenia to CIN
the union intends to know the measures of the government in order to avoid that the European authority antitrust blocks the operation

23/01/2012The consul general of Russia to Palermo has visited the port of Gioia Tauro
Encounter with the summits of the Harbor Authority calabra

24/01/2012In the 2011 port of Savannah Record also for Brunswick in the field of the cars has enlivened a traffic
of the container record of 2,95 million teu (+3.5%)

24/01/2012Panalpina inaugurates a new logistics center near of Moscow
is equipped of an area of storage of 6.000 square meters

24/01/2012Workshop on the topic "the development of the intermodalità goods in Europe and Lombardy"
will hold monday to Milan in the within of the European plan Transitects

24/01/2012Trasportounito nozzle an appeal to the haulers to distempered the tension
the prefect of Rome prohibits the not authorized crowds of motor vehicles in proximity of the highway tollbooths

24/01/2012The workers of the naval repairs of the port of Genoa speed up the institutions to make clarity on the future of the section
Perplexity regarding the hypotheses of the presidents of E region Harbor Authority to carry out repairs in the area of Sestri West

24/01/2012Stable the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona
In the 2011 bending of the second half of the year is compensated by the increment of the volumes recorded in the first six months

25/01/2012First official encounter of the Academy of the Territory and Sciences of the Sea
has held some days before to Naples, near the MSC center Cruises

25/01/2012Kawasaki complete Heavy Industries Ltd. the plan for a portacontainer from 9.000 teu fed to LNG
Approval in principle of Det Norske Veritas

25/01/2012In 2013 Disney Cruise Line will return in the Mediterranean
the next year the company will which second use Miami home port in Florida

25/01/2012Asciano dismantles own branch harbor and logistic Patrick
Will be aliquot in the three divisions Terminals & Logistics, Ports & Stevedoring and Autocare

25/01/2012Brussels starts an investigation on the purchase of assets of the ship yard of Gdynia
the EU commission intends to ascertain if the support supplied from the Polish governmental agency for the industrial development constitutes an aid of State

25/01/2012Assologistica exhorts the government not to linger on the topic of the reform of the world of the Mearelli
job: "it is an historical occasion that all we must pick"

25/01/2012Asamar Lazio denunciation the serious damages caused from the block of the Tir
Trasportounito has exhorted politics to giving immediate answers

25/01/2012Maersk Line will restructure service AE11 Asia - Mediterranean western
the ports of call to Gedda and La Spezia will be cancelled. The line Marmara Sea di Seago Line will be started the next month

25/01/2012The dry dock n. 10 of Marseilles will be managed by a consortium formed from STX France, Mariotti, Saint Giorgio of the Port and CNM
Last year the French port has enlivened 88,2 million tons of goods (+3%)

26/01/2012Otter Ports Holdings (Forth Ports) becomes only shareholder of Tilbury Services Container
Acquired the quotas DP World and Associated British Ports

26/01/2012Nerli (Assoporti): the proposal of the EU commission for the nets TRIES does not seem to fully value the Mediterranean area
"With the choices that propose for the ports - it has explained - almost exclude completely from "the central" net regions like the Sicily - with the single exception of Palermo - and the Sardinia, to discapito not only of these regions, but of all the noon of Italy"

26/01/2012Salt to 788 million dollars the quota undersigned of the increase of capital for 1,2 billion the CSAV
From the 10 to 15 February is in program a new classified phase of subscriptions to the shareholders

26/01/2012Order to ABB for the supply of a system of energy management for a new ship of Viking
the cruise ferry will have an ability to 2.800 passengers and will use which liquefied natural gas like fuel

26/01/2012Development China and Propeller Club of Milan celebrates the Chinese New Year's Day
conviviale Evening to which Joanne Chu has participated, assistant representative of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office to Brussels

26/01/2012In the 2011 intermodal operator Alpe Adria container (+17% has transported cargo volumes pairs to beyond 211.000)
Encounter between Antonio Gurrieri, managing director of the company, and Marina Monassi, president of the Harbor Authority of Trieste, shareholder of the society

26/01/2012Nerli (Assoporti) exhorts the government to correct the norms on the extrajettison at sea VAT for the harbor works
Fundamental - it has specified - the role of the banks to the aim to return the norm concrete

27/01/2012The port of the Pireo doubles the traffic of the container
Last year the Greek port of call has enlivened 1.680.133 teu regarding 878.083 teu in 2010

27/01/2012Course of marine English for apprentice officers
Is organized from the Foundation Italian Academy of Saint the Nautical Merchant navy and dalll'Istituto "Giorgio" of Genoa

27/01/2012In the 2011 turnover and profit before taxes of Wärtsilä they are diminished respective of 8% and of 22%
the operating result is come down of 4%

27/01/2012Usclac-Uncdim, solo after the conclusion of the investigations will be able to be judged the acts of the commander Skate
Agreement between Coast Cruises and the associations of the consumers on the compensations to the passengers involved in the shipwreck of "Coast Concord"

27/01/2012Trasportounito already announces a new arrest warrant of the road haulage from 6 February
the association program an ulterior strike of five days to March

27/01/2012The EU commission opens an inquiry on the collaboration between Air France-KLM, Alitalia and Delta on the aerial routes ocean-going liners
Closed the investigation on the agreements of cooperation between eight members of SkyTeam

27/01/2012The Harbor Authority of Gioia Tauro signs a pact of collaboration with the port of New York
the objective is to support the commercial routes between the Mediterranean and the East Coast USA via Suez and to intercept the traffics of Far East

27/01/2012Aitken Spence yields own quota (30%) in Columbus International Terminals Container to Chinese CMHI
the society is participated to 15% also from Sri Lanka Ports Authority, that she will acquire ulterior a 6.43%

30/01/2012Exmar has archiviato 2011 with a net loss of 45,4 million dollars
the revenues is increased of 9.6% to 453,7 million dollars

30/01/2012Spanair has unexpectedly stopped the activity
Friday is cancelled 222 flights with immediate effect

30/01/2012The commanders of the fleet of Costa Crociere to dissociate oneself from the declarations of USCLAC-UNCDiM, than in its turn accusation she prints
the opinion “to inform”: an ill-prepared union to I confront media continues to offer elements in order to discredit, to damage and to defame not only Skate, but all the commanders of the ships

30/01/2012Hanjin Shipping closes the 2011 with a heavy loss
operating result of the containerizzato transport has been negative for 550 billion won

30/01/2012Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Durrës has grown of 2.0%
the passengers is increased of 2.4%

30/01/2012ABB acquires Thomas&Betts for 3,9 billion dollars
the American company is leader in the America North for produced of lowland the tension

30/01/2012After four years of negotiations the agreement for the fusion of Universal Shipbuilding Marine Corporation and IHI United
will be put into effect the next 1° October here

30/01/2012Last year the revenues of Eurotunnel are increased of 16%
have been attested to 844,8 million euros

30/01/2012Green light definitive to the performance of the railway line to high Turin-Lyon speed
Agreement undersigned today to Rome

30/01/2012Last year the APL fleet has transported almost three million container feu (+7%)
the medium hire for container has recorded a decrease of 10%

31/01/2012In the 2011 terminal of the DP World group they have enlivened beyond 54,7 million container (+10%)
In the United Arab Emirates the traffic has been of 13,0 million teu (+12%)

31/01/2012Assoporti: not to the application in harbor within of the regional taxes on the state property concessions
Nerli: the association will support the Harbor Authorities in the actions that with regard to will consider opportune to undertake

31/01/2012Carnival has recorded a decrease of the reservations in the successive days to the shipwreck of Coast Concord
group previews that the incident will clearly have impact negative on the profit of the exercise anniversary 2012 pairs to 85-95 million dollars

31/01/2012In the 2011 volumes transported from Hupac they have grown of 6.6%
Calo of the activity in the second half of the year. Kunz: it is necessary to give the priority to the corridor of four meters on the axis of Luino

31/01/2012Thursday to Nice will hold according to Steering Committee of the European plan MoS 24
Has the scope to develop the multimodale traffic in the southern part of corridor 24 and in the adjacent areas

31/01/2012The Japanese "K" Linens, MOL and NYK close the trimester October-December of 2011 in loss
In bending also the revenues

31/01/2012New Med service Shuttle of Deutsche Afrika-Linien
Will have frequency weekly magazine and will connect the western Mediterranean and oriental with southern Africa via Algeciras

31/01/2012BLUE BIG Al of Rome Assomarinas looks for a new one and more responsible dialog with roman politics
ISYBA announces "class action" for protecting the nautical enterprises

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