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18 June 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 23:10 GMT+2

01/02/2012Unblocked the intense activities of construction of the outer Pier of sopraflutto of the port of Ancona
the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT Marche it has rejected the resource proposed from Italian Society for Conducts D' Acqua Spa

01/02/2012Last year the port of Tacoma has enlivened 17,3 million tons of goods (+4.5%)
the container has been 1.488.799 teu (+2.3%)

01/02/2012The port of New Orleans has established own new record anniversary of traffic of the container
Last year the port of call American has enlivened 476,413 teu (+11.6%)

01/02/2012Björk.Eklund Group changes to own corporate name in Greencarrier AB
the Swedish logistic group has approximately 650 dependant

01/02/2012Friuli Venice Julia, definitive approval of the bill on the portualità of regional competence
13 January the Ddl was approved of unanimously by the Council of the Autonomies

01/02/2012Hapag-Lloyd and Maersk Line try to give to a jolt at the market of the hires
From 1° March the two companies will apply GRI respective of 750 and 775 dollars/teu to the shipments westbound Far East - Europe/Med

02/02/2012I renew of the directive organs of Tawny the Italian Association of Naval Technology
Of the Loggia is confirmed national president

02/02/2012Also Hanjin Shipping will apply consisting increases to the rates of the shipments westbound Asia-Europa/Med
From 1° March the increase for the Asia route (excluded Japan) - North Europe/Med will be pairs to 700 dollars for teu

02/02/2012In the 2011 system of the transports of the Germany it has enlivened beyond 4,3 billion tons of goods (+6.5%)
In increase street transport (+7.7%), railway (+5.1%), marine (+6.8%) and airplane (+4.8%); sign less for fluvial transport (- 4.3%) and the pipelines (- 2.5%)

02/02/2012MOL updates to the services ocean-going liners introducing a new line from the Mediterranean
the spin ddell'AMX will touch the ports of Livorno, Genoa, Fos, Valencia, Newark, Norfolk and Savannah

02/02/2012Kuehne + Nagel will buy the Australian shipment house Logistics Link
the company is specialized in the logistics of the perishable produced ones

02/02/2012From the 8 to 10 February to CarraraFiere the tenth edition of Seatec will hold
Will be anticipates 626 marks. Compotec, which reached the fourth edition, will accommodate 121 marks

02/02/2012Sled to 20 February the arrest warrant of bisarche in Italian
Italy It has decided the executive committee of Bisarche after the convocation of the ministry for confronts technician on the costs minimums

02/02/2012CMA CGM announces total increases for 750 dollars for teu for the Asia-Europa/Med route
From 1° March will be applied to Installments Restoration of 200 dollars and a Interim Surcharge Fuel of 550 dollars for container teu

02/02/2012Monassi (AP Trieste) Today thanks Gerini for the results reached to the guide of Trieste
Passenger terminal the assembly of the society, that it is passed under the Maritime control of the Trieste Adriatic Initiatives

02/02/2012Agreement of collaboration between the ports of Miami and Livorno
a Tuscany delegation has met the main representatives of politics and the imprenditoria of the American city

02/02/2012In the 2011 result clearly of Royal Caribbean Cruises a decrease of the 10-15%
of the reservations after the shipwreck of "Coast Concord" has grown of 14.6% the group American confirmation

02/02/2012UCINA will collaborate to the realization of a nautical hall to cadence anniversary in the Chinese province of Hainan
Protocol of understanding with the premises Department of Industry and Information Technology

02/02/2012Coast Cruises, within March the operations plan for the entire removal of the hull of the Coast Concord
cannot be excluded slidings from now, date the complexity of the operation, has specified the company

03/02/2012MSC announces a total increase of 750 dollars of the hire Asia-Europa/Med
Emergency Restoration Installments of 225 dollars more Emergency Surcharge Bunker than 525 dollars for teu from next 1° March

03/02/2012In 2012 a new record of demolition of the ships Mark Williams (
Braemar Seascope is attended): "this year 1985 like year of peak of the demolitions could easy be exceeded"

03/02/2012Last year the traffic in the port of Portland has grown of 2%
the increase is determined by the container, that they have been pairs to 197.446 teu (+9%)

03/02/2012In the 2011 result clearly of Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. the volume of transactions is diminished
of 31.4% has grown of 11.7% and the operating profit is dropped of 26.7%

03/02/2012An other airline throws in the towel
the Malév Hungarian has announced today the immediate cessation of the activity

03/02/2012Assoporti will newly ask the government participations for the resumption for the competitiveness for the harbor system
Between the ulterior proposals, the issue of not the applicabilità of the LOCAL PROPERTY TAX in harbor within

03/02/2012Kallas: a total re-examination of safety of the fleeting ships in center is necessary EU and IMO
Incontro with a delegation of the European Cruise Council

03/02/2012DFDS and LDA will inaugurate 17 the Must service February
will be employed the "Norman Spirit initially", that it will come then placed side by side from a second ship

06/02/2012Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna is increased of 6.5%
Increase of goods several (+18.1%) and of the bulk sand banks (+2.4%). In decrease liquid bulk (- 2.5%)

06/02/2012OOCL announces an increase of 800 dollars of the Asia-Europa/Med hires
will be applied by 1° March

06/02/2012In the 2011 port of Venice it has enlivened 26,3 million tons of goods (- 0.3%)
the crocieristi are increased of 11.1%

06/02/2012Within end of month the association of the apulian ports Apulian Ports will be born
Will have the task to move like an only subject in the international system

06/02/2012Last year the port of Taranto has enlivened 40,8 million tons of goods (+17.1%)
the goods several is increased of 20.6%. In increase also bulk liquid (+4.4%) and solid (+19.7%)

06/02/2012Plan for the realization of a Travelling Freeway between Marcianise-Maddaloni and Bologna
is introduced by the provincial coordination of Caserta of the party Force of the South

06/02/2012HMM archivia the 2011 with operating liabilities of 366,6 billion won
operating revenue is diminished of 9.9% to 7.187, 9 billion won

06/02/2012Records of the traffic of the container in the South Korean ports to January
are enlivened 1.806.000 teu (+7.0%)

06/02/2012The Agency of Customs of has moved near the new Forcieri
center: the building is shaped physically like a first nucleus of only door

06/02/2012In the 2011 ships of Corsica Sardinia Ferries they have transported 3,4 million passengers (- 7.0%)
Al decrease of the traffic has made reply a consisting increase of the turnover

06/02/2012The Craig Scot orders to two ships PSV to the Spanish ship yard Balenciaga
Investment of 50 million pounds

06/02/2012Last year the port of Valencia has enlivened 4.327.371 container (+2.9%)
the transfers has been pairs to beyond 51% of the total

07/02/2012In the 2011 enlivened containerizzato traffic from German HHLA it has grown of 21.3%
Revenues and operating profit is increased respective of 13% and 6%

07/02/2012The definitive data of the traffic enlivened in the 2011 from the port of Rotterdam
container have been pairs to 11.876.921 teu (+6.6%)

07/02/2012To Bari the ship for the transport of eoliche members of the Enercon
For the propulsion makes use of diesel motors and four Flettner rotores

07/02/2012Last year the port of Livorno has enlivened 29,7 million tons of goods (- 2.1%)
the goods several is increased of 4.6%. Decrease of 15.3% of the bulk. Record of the cruises

07/02/2012Defined the directory of the ports and inland Italian terminals that will be connected to railway system European ERTMS
Within the 2015 they will have to be consistent Genoa, Milan, Novara, Padua, Trieste and Verona and within 2020 Bari, Bologna, Gioia Tauro, La Spezia, Naples, Rome, Taranto and Venice

07/02/2012In the 2011 profit clearly of the Cargotec group it has grown of 91%
the new orders in the Industrial field and Terminal is increased of 33%), while in the section Marine they are diminished of 4%

07/02/2012Stable the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Genoa in a 2011
To recorded December bending of 9.3%

07/02/2012Glencore and Xstrata make official the ok to the fusion between equal
will be created the fourth world-wide group in the field of the raw materials with a fair market value pairs to 90 billion dollars

08/02/2012Last month the port of Kaohsiung has enlivened 804,570 container
Traffic in increase of 1.5% on January 2011

08/02/2012The G6 Alliance anticipates the new Asia-Europe services
will be inaugurated at the beginning of the next month

08/02/2012In the 2011 containerizzato marine traffic from and for Europe it has grown of 6.4%
the exports are increased of +8.6% and the imports of +4.7%

08/02/2012The American Vigor Industrial will buy the ship yard Alaska Ship & Drydock
the society manages the navalmeccanico plant Ketchikan Shipyard

08/02/2012The EFIP emphasizes the necessity of a multimodale approach to the performance of the corridors of the net TRIES
the association Second, would have to be guaranteed a balanced development more of the transport modalities

08/02/2012Zim announces a GRI of 750 dollars/teu for the shipments westbound Asia-Europa/Med
will be introduced 1° March

08/02/2012Also Evergreen Line will increase the hires of the services westbound Far East-Europa/Med
Rincaro of 600 dollars/teu from March and of 300 dollars/teu from April

08/02/2012Partnership of the American Crowley and Australian PB Towage
Prevede integration of services and activity in the region of the Asian south-east and in Oceania

09/02/2012In the 2011 traffic fleeting in the terminal ro-pax of the port of Savona I go has grown of 14.6%
the increment is determined by the activation of the service with Porto Torres of the Saremar. Goods +27.8%

09/02/2012Last year the traffic of the goods in the harbor system Port Vancouver Meter is increased of 3.4%
the cruises has totaled 663,425 passengers (+14.6%)

09/02/2012YML, "K" Linens, GDP, WHL and CSCL will upgrade their service Asia-Black Sea
will be introduced eight portacontainer of the unitary ability to approximately 5.500 teu

09/02/2012Moretti is confirmed for the third time president of the association European railroads CER
the main objectives to realize in next the two years

09/02/2012Federtrasporti, the road haulage must be equipped for the emergencies, but the highway concessionaires must make circular and the prefectures to control
Pietrelli: "our economy royal palaces on the transport"

09/02/2012The crocieristica industry introduces a practice of obligatory emergency before the departure of the ships from the port
the new safeguards measure is adopted voluntarily by the associates of CLIA, ETC and PSA

09/02/2012The ports of Genoa, Savona Vado and Tarragona to Berlin for Logistic Fruit the 2012
manifestation confirmation like main reference for the ortofrutticola Italian offer in European within

10/02/2012Stable the traffic of the goods in the port of Seattle
In the 2011 the container enlivened has been 2.033.535 teu (- 5.0%)

10/02/2012Maersk Line will inaugurate a new service Middle East - Mediterranean western
It will scale the ports of Jebel Ali, Salalah, Jeddah, Tanger Med, Algeciras, Valencia and Barcelona

10/02/2012Completed the second phase of widening of the Lebanese port of Tripoli
the plan is realized by China Harbor Engineering Company

10/02/2012ANITA and Trasportounito denounce improvvido the block of the traffic goods for the snowed
Boredoms (Confcommercio/Make Conftrasporto): "we allow the circulation Sunday"

10/02/2012Ugl proclaims the state of agitation of the marine staff and administrative for Tirrenia
the union asks the minister Passera to take part opening confronts

10/02/2012After the shipwreck of Coast Concord the market of the cruises is recording a resumption
Massa (MSC Cruises): "from two weeks we are already recording signs of a return to normality"

13/02/2012Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore is increased of 1.8%
the container has been pairs to 2.542.500 teu (+5.2%)

13/02/2012UASC constitutes an own marine agency in the United Kingdom
With the cessation of current service SAM1 the company will continue to serve the South America with the acquisition of slot in the service Rhumba of Maersk Line

13/02/2012Last month in the Suez Canal they are journeyed 1,559 ships (+5.0%)
the goods transported in the direction north-south and south-north they are increased respective of 47.8% and 4.8%

13/02/20122 March to Mantua a convention on the perspectives of the rail shipment and fluviomarittimo in Val Padana
will hold in occasion of the convocation of the committee of presidency of the The International Propeller Clubs

13/02/2012In the 2011 traffic of the goods in the port of Amburgo the container is increased of
9.1% has been pairs to 9,0 million teu (+14.2%)

13/02/2012With the inauguration of the Harbor Year 2012 Venice makes the point on the strategies of development of the Ciaccia
port: the action of the Harbor Authorities can be effective single within a picture of autonomy and flood responsibility of the agencies

13/02/2012Last year Saipem has achieved a profit clearly record
the new orders is increased of 3.3%

13/02/2012APM Terminals will manage a new container terminal in the Turkish port of Petkim
an initial investment of 350-400 million dollars

13/02/2012Made official the cession of the navalmeccanica society Baglietto to the Gavio group
On purpose near the harbor authority of the signature for the obtaining of the state property concession

14/02/2012CSAV has archiviato 2011 with a heavy net loss of 1,2 billion dollars
the revenues is diminished of 1.2% to 5,1 billion dollars

14/02/2012In the 2011 port of Bremen/Bremerhaven the container has enlivened 80,6 million tons of goods (+17.3%
) has been pairs to 5.915.487 teu (+21.0%)

14/02/2012The Ofer group will introduce liquidity in the Zim for 100 million dollars
50 million will be distributed by Israel Corporation and 50 million from Millenium Investments Elad

14/02/2012Light increase of the traffic in the port of London
In the 2011 is enlivened 48,8 million tons of goods

14/02/2012The EU commission starts a consultation on the norms in matter of aids of State on the marine transport
the more recent guidelines is defined in 2004

14/02/2012In the 2011 traffic of the goods in the port of Bari it is diminished of 4.5%
the passengers are increased of 2.5%

14/02/2012Filt Cgil, alarming the impact of the crisis on the shippers and the marine agencies of Genoa
the union asks the Harbor Authority to assume a direction role in order to characterize strategies for protecting the job

14/02/2012Forcieri (AP La Spezia) has visited the intermodal terminal of Melzo
Is the 24 trains that every week connect from Liguria port to the Lombardic terminal

14/02/2012TUI is come to an agreement with the consortium Albert Ballin in order to reduce its participation in Hapag-Lloyd to 22%
the consortium will invest 600 million euros, of which 420 million at the expense of the city administration of Amburgo, 160 of Holding Kühne, 13 of HanseMerkur and seven of Signal Iduna

15/02/2012Hapag-Lloyd closes 2011 with a decrease of 82% of the operating result
the revenues is diminished of 2% to 6,1 billion euros

15/02/2012The government of Athens has approved of the bill that allows the employment of armed guards on board of the ships
the Greek ships - it has emphasized the executive - risks to being cancelled from national the naval Registry

15/02/2012Maersk Line will insert the port of Genoa in the relation eastbound of the service Rhumba
the line connects the South America and the Mediterranean with the Middle East and India

15/02/2012Convention on infrastructures and the logistics on 6 the Switzerland-Italy
axis will hold March to Lugano

15/02/2012Ron Widdows will be the new managing director of the shipowning group German Rickmers
1° the subentrerà April Jan Steffens

15/02/2012Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of 6.0%
Within year-end will be completed the floor of feasibility for the construction of the Container Terminal 10

15/02/2012The port of Trieste has asked the Region the state of emergency for exceptional atmospheric adversities
Encounter between the regional city council member Riccardi and the unions on the new bill on the portualità for regional competence

15/02/2012To January the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City is increased of 5.8%
Sbarchi and embarks respective +5.2% and +5.9%; empty +6.8%

16/02/2012Fincantieri has archiviato 2011 with a profit clearly of beyond euro 10 million euros
the revenues is diminished of 17.2% and the new orders are dropped of 2.6%

16/02/2012Last year the result clearly of group ABB has grown of 24%
the new orders has totaled the value record of 40,2 billion dollars (+23%)

16/02/2012First landing place to Genoa of the service Marmara Sea
is operated by Seago joint venture Line in with Turkon Line

16/02/2012Milan and Genoa, connubio possible?
It is the topic of a convention that will hold 19 March to Milan

16/02/2012The line of Luino is the more important director for the transport arranged accompanied on the Switzerland-Italy axis
does not emphasize It a position paper of UIRR, ERFA, VAP, VÖV UTP, Ralpin and Hupac

16/02/2012The composition of the new Harbor Committee of Livorno
Today Gallanti has signed the nomination provision

16/02/2012Al ship yard Fincantieri di Sestri West the new role of "polifunzionale shipbuilding pole"
the understanding between company, rsu business, unions and Genoa Confindustria, that it previews 330 surplus, is approved of today by the assembly of the staff of the plant

16/02/2012The taxes the Italian ports will be adapted to the inflation rate
Remain the part of the norm that of it allows the variation until the zero setting

16/02/2012Bisarche Italian confirmation the national arrest warrant of the services of transport of 20 February
the association considers "instrumental" the convocation of the associations of representation of the committenza

16/02/2012Seventh consecutive month of the reduction of the traffic of the container to Long Beach
To January the Californian port of call has enlivened 456,424 teu (- 3.9%)

16/02/201223.1% of the capital of the Piraeus Port Authority are transferred to the bottom for privatization HRADF
Scende to 51.04% the quota the government of Athens, than in its turn HRADF controls integrally

16/02/2012Cooperation of MSC and ZIM on the route South America East Coast - USA
At the end of the next month will be under way two spins

16/02/2012Installed in the port of Rotterdam a scanner for trains that travel until 60 km/h
It is the most advanced system to the world

16/02/2012The unions ask put up controls and endorsements for who viola the rules in the port of Livorno
Yes to the starter of long call for the workers of art. the 17

16/02/2012Metrans (group HHLA) will construct according to terminal in the Czech Republic
Initially will have an ability to approximately 150 trains to the week

17/02/2012Quiñenco (Luksic group) obtains the control of Completed Chilean company
CSAV the increase of capital for 1,2 billion dollars. Cessation of the share pact

17/02/2012Inactivity of the traffic of the container in the Chinese ports in January
the marine ports of call have enlivened altogether 12.309.600 teu (+0.7%)

17/02/2012Drydocks World and Goltens sign a memorandum of understanding
"the heart of the cooperation agreement - the president of the American company has explained - consist in the proposal of marine a unitary brand to the industry"

17/02/2012Last year the Spanish ports have enlivened 442,9 million tons of goods (+6.1%)
In the field of the cruises the traffic have been of 7.997.893 passengers (+11.8%)

17/02/2012Maersk Line will reduce of 9% the ability offered on the Asia-Europa/Med route
the Danish company confirmation that will not exercise the option for last the ten portacontainer of the Triple series

17/02/2012Recovered 40% of the fuel contained in the tanks of Coast Concord
If the marine conditions weather will continue to being favorable, the withdrawal of money operations would have to be concluded in approximately three working weeks

17/02/2012In the last trimester of the 2011 profit clearly of the Indian group SKI is diminished of 39.8%
the revenues has grown of 36.4%

17/02/2012Textainer archivia a rich year of record
In the 2011 revenues and profit clearly has grown respective of 39.1% and 58.0%

20/02/2012They continue the negotiations for takeover of UPS on TNT Rejected
Express a first offer of the value of 4,9 billion euros

20/02/2012The port of New York - New Jersey has established own new record of traffic of the container
Last year the port of call has enlivened 5,5 million teu (+4%)

20/02/2012Union To interpose Riuniti to you and International Union of Railways tighten a pact of Information
collaboration technology, best practices, corridors of transport goods and dialog with the EU commission will be some of the faced topics together

20/02/2012In the exercise the 2010-2011 port of Miami has enlivened 906,607 container (+7%)
the crocieristico traffic has been of approximately four million passengers

20/02/2012Sergio named Prete commissioner for the realization of the relative works to the port of Taranto
Vendola: the nomination will allow to realize in quick times an impressive amount of public works

20/02/2012In the 2011 traffic of the goods in the Tunisian ports it is diminished of 19%
are enlivened approximately 25 million tons

20/02/2012This year the port of Trieste will be scaled by 54 ships from cruise regarding 12 in 2011
Attended a traffic of 135.000 crocieristi, of which 95,000 in departure or arrival

20/02/2012The Greek Danaos Corporation has taken in delivery the greatest ship of own fleet
draft of the portacontainer from 13.100 teu "Hyundai Together"

20/02/2012In the 2011 operating profit of the American Matson Navigation it is diminished of 37.6%
the revenues are increased of 6.0%

20/02/2012Consortium OHL Concesiones/Marítima Davi it will operate the container terminal to the Dique of Este of the port of Saint Cruz de Previewed
Tenerife the minimal traffic pairs to 60.000 teu in the first year of management

21/02/2012Polemis (ICS): necessary a "moratorium on the new orders for ships that do not have an economic purpose"
"the greatest danger - has specified the president of the International Chamber of Shipping - it is perhaps the present excess of ability in the ship yards"

21/02/2012Assomarinas, the nautical tourism risks a real Perocchio
shipwreck: "we are navigating in a rough water"

21/02/2012ICAP Shipping has acquired the Island Shipbrokers of Singapore
the society is specialized in the chartering, sale and acquisition of tankers

21/02/2012Convention of ATHENA on the inland navigation
will hold 2 March to Passignano on the Trasimeno (Perugia)

21/02/2012In the 2011 HPH Trust the main terminals of the group have totaled
a profit clearly of 389 million dollars have enlivened approximately 21,9 million container (+4%)

21/02/2012The next month BBC Chartering will inaugurate a new service of line between Europe and Asia
fortnightly Frequency on the relation eastbound. Departures westbound every three weeks

21/02/2012They improve the economic performances of STX Europe, but they drop the new orders
In the 2011 navalmeccanico group is returned to the profit

21/02/2012New discipline of approaches of the tankers to the Port Oils of Appropriate
Genoa decree of the Harbor office

22/02/2012Garci'a (CAI): the American company will continue the favorable trend for the field of the chartering of
the container has closed 2011 with an increment of 76.8% of the profit clearly

22/02/2012The Harbor Authority of Venice has obtained the environmental certification ONES EN ISO 140001:2004
the attestation is released by the RINA

22/02/2012NOL closes the 2011 with a heavy Light loss of
478 million dollars decrease of the revenues. Chung: "we are acting with urgency in order to place under control the costs and all the other factors"

22/02/2012Ligurian Ports arrives to the institutions and to the Indian enterprises
the association will participate to manifestation SITL to Mumbai

22/02/2012ANITA, good result the extract you transport from the Convention the Alps
Arcese: "a limitation to the road traffic of goods, in absence of a valid railway alternative, would penalize not only the road haulage but the entire Italian economic system"

22/02/2012In 2011 group MISC it is incurred in a net loss of 432 million dollars
the revenues are diminished of 9.5%

22/02/2012ABB obtains the first order for the installation of a system of distribution in continuous current on a ship
by It will be equipped to a new ship platform of the Myklebusthaug Norwegian Management

22/02/2012Assoporti, on the topic dredgings is vital to make steps Nerli
forward: "ulterior uncertainties risk to put game outside the Italian portualità"

22/02/2012Inchcape Shipping Services will constitute joint venture with the Saudi Al Bakri
ISS Saudi Arabia will have center to Jeddah

22/02/2012In the 2011 port of Santos the container has established own new record of
traffic has been pairs to 2.985.922 teu (+9.7%)

22/02/2012Visit of a delegation of the Republic of Liberia to the port of Salerno
Primo boarding in the of Campania port of the humanitarian and sanitary aids for the nation African

23/02/2012Last year the volumes transported from the intermodal operator German Kombiverkehr are increased of 4.2%
For 2012 are attended an analogous rate of growth

23/02/2012The Coeclerici group opens a new center to Miami
the initiative is finalized to the development of the activities of trading of coal, of its by-products and petcoke

23/02/2012Arrest warrant to oltranza of bisarche
It has announced the Bisarche association Italian

23/02/2012Decided bending of the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona
Last month the Catalan port of call has enlivened 3,2 million tons (- 15.8%)

23/02/2012Encounter to Rome on the occupational perspectives for the Nautical Institutes
will hold tomorrow within Big Blue, the Hall of the Nautical one and the Sea

23/02/2012of Friend International Shipping it closes 2011 with a net loss of 20,5 million dollars
the revenues are diminished of 6%. Flowers: positive the vision of mean-along period for the market of the tankers and for the segment of ships MR in particular

23/02/2012A.N.CA.NA. P., after ten years of furtiveness Italian politics lathes to take care of navalmeccanica
the problematic ones of the section is aggravated by the lacked respect even the assumed engagements. Reconfirmed Silvestroni president of the association

23/02/2012The Harbor Authority of Livorno anticipates "Ferry-Livorno"
Is a software in order to help tourists and motorists to trace without hard work own ferry and the mooring of berthing

23/02/2012Monday to Genoa will be introduced the volume "the Marine Stations of Genoa. Travels and passages"
Tell a history of from Liguria chief town seen through a magnifying glass detail

23/02/2012Confapi Transports has met a delegation of the Ukrainian one
was guided by the vice minister of Infrastructures, Volodymyr Kornienko

24/02/2012The Russian United Shipbuilding Corporation acquires the control of the ship yard Vyborg Shipyard
Undersigned a contract for the construction of two ships icebreaker

24/02/2012The mayor of Manfredonia wishes throws again of the local Harbor Authority
Riccardi: I share in full load the demand for nomination of the president of the agency advanced from Vendola governor to the minister Passera

24/02/2012Industry Technology is born the new European association Maritime
Fusion of the Community of European Shipyards Marine Associations and of the European Equipment Council

24/02/2012Warriors (Assoporti): it is necessary to pick the occasion in order to supply to the ports an organic normative picture and clear on the dredgings
the article in Decreto Liberalizations - of the association has confirmed vice-president - can be improved still making some limited rettifiche and integrations

24/02/201212 March to Genoa the "1st Sustainable Maritime Transport Conference"
Is organized from SOSLOG, IIC and the Harbor Authority of Genoa

24/02/2012Completed for the study on the trimodale platform for the container marine of Basel Nord
the area it has a connection directed with the trans-European corridor goods Genoa-Rotterdam

27/02/2012In the 2011 result clearly of group A.P. Møller-Mærsk is diminished of 33%
the revenues in increase of 7%. The line services have generated a loss of 537 million dollars

27/02/2012Thursday to will hold the workshop "immaterial Infrastructures for the harbor competitiveness"
In the morning will be inaugurated the new center of the Agency of Customs

27/02/2012Austal archivia second half of the year 2011 with a net loss of three million Australian dollars
US Navy has exercised the options for the construction of eighth and the ninth Joint High Speed Vessel

27/02/2012Tomorrow to Mestre a meeting on the topic "the Port of Interposing" Will participate
the presidents to you of the port of Venice and the interportuali societies of the Italian northeast

27/02/2012The shipowning industry rejects the hypothesis to prevent the payment of the ransoms to the pirates
to the shipowners - the ICS emphasizes - would not remain other alternative that to abandon their crews to months, if not years, of ill-treatments

27/02/2012Assologistica, indefensible the costs of the airport spaces for the logistic operators of the aerial cargo
our enterprises - accusation the association - are forced to pay an average of approximately 35% in more regarding the competitors of the other European airports

27/02/2012Fire of the ship from cruise Glad Coast
incident has on board not caused hurt. Arrest of the system of propulsion of the ship, from which it has been launch a demand for aid

27/02/2012Administrative endorsements of the Authority Antitrust to the companies Medmar Navi and Alilauro
the first is fined for an amount of 70.000 euros, the second one for 100,000 euros

27/02/2012CMB has yielded own entire participation in shipbroker the British Realized
Clarksons a Capital gain of 41,5 million dollars

28/02/2012Glad coast, towed from the Trevignon fishing boat, will arrive tomorrow to the island of Desroches
Christine Duffy (CLIA): the crocieristica industry joins to the severe norms of Convention SOLAS

28/02/2012Harbor committee of Naples, green light to the propedeutici regulations to the performance of the lines of address for the development
Approved of the criteria for the newsroom of the Harbor Town development plan of Castellammare di Stabia

28/02/2012CMA CGM restructures the connections between Asia and the coast oriental of the USA
Jean Philippe Thenoz: the potenziamento previews three departures to the week and a wider geographic cover

28/02/2012Shipowning society Indonesian BLT has suspend payment of the installments of the loans
is last month not poured approximately 46 million dollars. In the 2012 company it would have to disburse 418 million dollars

28/02/2012International conference on the topic "Safety in to Liberalized Marine Market for Services: European cases"
will hold friday in the port of Venice

28/02/2012CNA-Fita writes to Mounts: the dear diesel oil is a still unsolved emergency and indefensible
the association proposes sterilization of the Vat on the octrois, a decided liberalization of the distribution fuel and an European Stock exchange of the oil

28/02/2012A delegation of the South Korean government has visited the port of
Friday to Rome will hold the conclusive event of the cycle of visits completed in Italy from the Asian delegation

28/02/2012Two ships from British cruise of Princess Cruises and P&O Cruises are rejected by the Argentine port of Ushuaia
Costa Crociere have announced that the "Glad Coast" will be hauled until Mahé (Seychelles)

28/02/2012Finnlines has archiviato 2011 with a net loss of 2,5 million euros
the revenues is increased of 7.9%

29/02/2012"Slow steaming" it anticipate remarkable benefits from the environmental point of view and economic
it supports It a study commissioned from the organizations enviromentalists Seas At Risk and T&E. A decrease of 10% of the average speed of the fleet would determine a decrease of 19% of the emissions of CO2

29/02/2012The port of Venice heads to tighten the collaboration with interposing you of Veneto, Friuli Venice Julia and Emilia Romagna
the attempt is to activate a political new of integration in the governance of the traffics of the Mediterranean north-oriental

29/02/2012Tomorrow to Genoa the conclusive conference of the Sectram plan - Safety in the transport of the goods
Between the objectives, the putting in safety of the services and infrastructures of transport of transfrontaliero interest

29/02/2012Bisarche Italian exhorts institutions and committenza to be confronted with the category
the main ports of shunting of the motors vehicle, like Livorno, Salerno and Civitavecchia - it has evidenced the association - are blocked

29/02/2012Wärtsilä and HHI extend the agreement of license for the motors to lowland speed of the European company
the contract between the Finnish society and the South Korean group is in vigor from 1975

29/02/2012Royal Caribbean Cruises exercises the option with Meyer Werft for the second ship from cruise of class "Sunshine"
Also this unit will be completed in the spring of 2015

29/02/2012General for the Road haulage consults and for the Logistics, the TAV Turin-Lyon is fundamental
Will push to the logistics of Italy

29/02/2012Railroads of the State will invest in order to improve the railway connections of the port of Trieste
Encounter between the representatives of the local institutions and the Moretti managing director

29/02/2012UCINA depends on the next modification of the parking tax
Yesterday 10ª the Commission of the Senate has approved of the containing amendment the requests of the nautical field

29/02/2012Voluntary pact in order to save the workers of the port of Livorno in difficulty
the dependant Are approximately 630 that to spin have had use of the social shocks-absorber

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