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23 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 16:02 GMT+1

01/03/2012The crocieristico group and hotel Louis Cypriot has closed 2011 with a net loss of 60,9 million euros
the revenues is diminished of 10.2%

01/03/2012Last year Seaspan Corporation has totaled a net loss of 83,4 million dollars
the result clearly adjusted has been positive for 123,4 million dollars

01/03/2012Saturday the minister of the Instruction will visit the center of the Italian Academy of the Merchant navy to Genoa
From the 2005 is the 300 officials formed from the institute who have found employment on the ships of the Italian fleet

01/03/2012In the 2011 profit clearly of the Vopak group it has grown of 44.8%
In 2012 is attended an ulterior increase of the operating result

01/03/2012Al via the sixth season of monitoring in the Sanctuary of the cetaceans
In the 2011 the eight species of present cetaceans is sighted all

01/03/2012Legambiente and WWF Italy, dispositions "critical" for atmosphere and health in the provisions of the government
Between these the norms of the dredging of the ports

01/03/2012Last year the transported containerizzati volumes from the RCL fleet are diminished of 7%
the company have closed exercise 2011 with a net loss of approximately 26 million dollars

01/03/2012Zim announces a GRI for shipments from Asia to Europe/Med
Will be pairs to 475 dollars for container from 20 '

01/03/2012In Abruzzi a bill in parliament catches on the hypothesis to constitute a Harbor Authority
regional Al sieve in Region in order to throw again the business activity of the ports of Vasto and Giulianova

01/03/2012Federagenti Yacht, satisfaction for the modification of the provisions for the nautical one
Is approximately 200 million euros the year the sun expenses managed from the marine and riconducibili agencies to the boats

01/03/2012The port of Dublino will be equipped of a new terminal cruises
Will cost 30 million euros and will be completed in 2015

01/03/2012Inaugurated to the new center of the Agency of Customs
it is realized with an investment of 7,5 million euros

02/03/2012The ship from cruise Rhapsody of the Seas is subordinate to intense activities of restructure of the value of 54 million dollars
is carried out in the ship yard Sembawang Shipyard of Singapore

02/03/2012Hanjin Shipping announces a new installments restoration for the Asia-Europa/Med transports
Increase of 400 dollars/teu in vigor from 1° the April

02/03/2012In the 2011 passengers transported from the regular services for the Corsica they are diminished of 4.5%
Increment of 23.7% of the crocieristico traffic

02/03/2012SUCH International, the perspectives of the field of the chartering of the container In the 2011 profit
clearly of the American company continue to being promising have grown of 90.1%

02/03/2012ANITA, the government takes part with urgency in order to place term to strike of the transport of Arcese
motors vehicle: "we do not admit that who wants to continue to carry out own job cannot make it because hindered or threatened from manifesting"

02/03/2012Also CMA CGM announces a second phase of increase of the hires of the services westbound Asia-Europa/Med
the increase, in vigor from 1° the April, will be of 408 dollars for teu and 806 dollars for feu

02/03/2012Gallanti (AP Livorno): the tariff system of the towing service is too much onerous
Moreover, being carried out in monopoly regime, is little justifiable to light of the current legislation on the competition

02/03/2012Apulian (Cisl Puglia): to Taranto it goes interrupted every relationship with TCT and goes recovered the public character of the port
the monopolistic management of the ionic port of call - it has denounced the union member - has alienated in fact the interested companies to carry own ships

02/03/2012Today neoRomantica Costa is christened and has left from the port of Savona
the ship from cruise has been subordinate to a restyling of the value of approximately 90 million euros

05/03/2012In the 2011 result clearly of the group Bureau Veritas it has grown of 10.4%
the revenues are increased of 14.6%

05/03/2012Introduced the lines guides Slowly for the newsroom of new "of the Ports and the Coasts of the Lazio"
"the Era from years - it has emphasized the mayor of Civitavecchia Moscherini - than the territory waited for that the institutions favoured the development of the field of the logistics"

05/03/2012Inaugurated in Kenya the intense activities for the construction of the new port of Lamu
Second the forecasts, the port of call will be realized in five years with an investment of approximately 3,5 billion dollars

05/03/2012Diego Aponte (MSC) has met the president of Lowers Merchants Group
the Chinese group work in the harbor field through Lowers Merchants Holdings (International) Co.

05/03/2012Stable the profit clearly of the group Kuehne + Nagel in the 2011
revenues is diminished of 3.3%

05/03/2012ANITA, to confirm in the EU the limitations to the cabotage and to harmonize the market conditions
Audition in EU commission in order to estimate the position of the associations on the perspectives of an ulterior liberalization of the street cabotage

05/03/2012Wärtsilä Corporation acquires assets of MMI the Boiler Managements of Singapore
the company is specialized in the repair and maintenance of boilers of naval and industrial use

05/03/2012The automated system of rizzaggio/derizzaggio of the container of the KALP will be commercialized with the Kalmar brand
the Finnish group Cargotec has acquired the license in exclusive right

06/03/2012Agreement of cooperation between the navalmeccanica society Spanish Navantia and the Marine Veercraft South African
Will collaborate to the construction of pattugliatori for the Navy of the South Africa

06/03/2012Assologistica, the arrest warrant of the bisarche has become a law and order problem
the association asks an immediate participation for the government

06/03/2012Coast Cruises replaces the ship Glad Coast with Costa Voyager
From 18 March to 1° the July the ship will carry out a series of routes in the Mediterranean and the Europe North

06/03/2012Zim announces a General Increase Installments for shipments eastbound-westbound between Asia and Europe
the increase will be applied by 1° the April

06/03/2012Survey of MSC Cruises on the perception of safety on board of the ships
78.5% of the holidayers considers that the travel in cruise is sure

06/03/2012ICTSI will acquire the 33-55% of the capital stock of Pakistan International Container Terminal
the society manages the container terminal of the Pakistani port of Port Qasim

06/03/2012Carnival Cruise Lines assigns to Fincantieri the work of restyling of the ship Carnival Destiny
investment piles to 155 million dollars. Still the yard is not decided to which assigning the intense activities

06/03/2012Eurogate Container Wilhelmshaven Terminal receives the first four cranes ship-to-Shore
Is able to operate on disposed ships with 25 container shooting vertical on the bridge

06/03/2012Passera: the modality of privatization of Tirrenia probably will be rejected by Brussels
has said today the minister to It in the course of the audition in Commission Public works of the Senate

06/03/2012The Harbor Committee of Naples has approved of modifications to the new Harbor Town development plan
Shortly Committees monotemati to us on the current criticalities of the port

06/03/2012The from Liguria ports to taken with the Switzerland challenge
From Helvetic part the confirmation for 2016 of the opening of the tunnel of the Gottardo and for the 2019 that of the Mount Ashes

07/03/2012Decided increment of the economic performances of Panalpina
Last year the volume of transactions but is diminished of 9.3%

07/03/2012GEFCO extends its partnership with Dacha in cooperation with Mercury
From Pitesti (Rumania) the cars is sent via road and railroad to the park car of Parma, by where they are distributed on all the Italian territory

07/03/2012Offshore OLT LNG Tuscany obtains four certifications
Which released from Bureau Veritas, is relative to quality, atmosphere, social responsibility, safety and health of the workers

07/03/2012The Council of State confirmation the Marian regularity of the nomination of to president of the Harbor Authority of the Confirmed
East the inammissibilità of the resource proposed from Guadagnuolo

07/03/2012The Harbor Committee of Livorno has examined the new Harbor Town development plan
Gallanti: "all have comprised that we must exceed the fragmentation and head for the aggregation of the functions"

07/03/2012In 2011 CMA CGM has recorded a net loss of 30 million dollars
the revenues is increased of 4%. The fleet of the group has transported beyond ten million container (+11%)

07/03/2012Last year the ICTSI terminals have enlivened 5,2 million container (+24.5%)
In the 2011 result clearly of the Philippine group have grown of 33%

07/03/2012Luka Koper has ordered to three cranes to portal on rubber to the Konecranes
Last year the Slovenian port has enlivened a traffic 589.314 records of container

08/03/2012The Panhellenic Seamen's Federation accusation the Greek government of wanting to dismantle the apparatus of safeguard of the marine job
Is in existence - it has accused the general secretary of the union - a real one slowly predetermined in order to cancel all those institutions that operate specifically for the marine ones

08/03/2012Last year the port of Hong Kong has enlivened 277,4 million tons of goods (+4%)
the single traffic for marine way is piled to 194,9 million tons (+7%)

08/03/2012Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Kaohsiung has grown of 12.2%
In the first period of two months of the 2012 increment has been of 6.4%

08/03/2012Guadagnuolo retort to the accusations rivoltegli from the Harbor Authority of the East
Nobody of the reliefs which budged in my confronts - it emphasizes - has some minimal foundation of truth

08/03/2012The European Railway Agency would have to be the only authority delegated to the emission of the certifications and authorizations
emphasize It the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies and the Association of the European Rail Industry

08/03/2012Started a new railway service that connects the ports of Gioia Tauro and Taranto to the Interporto of Bologna
MARIPLAT he is bidirectional with cadence weekly magazine

09/03/2012Seaspan Corporation has taken in delivery a new portacontainer from 13.100 teu
is rented for 12 years to the COSCO Lines Container

09/03/2012About to resolution - the Province of Genoa signals - the problem of the noise produced to harbor terminal VTE
Waiting for the electrification of the docks, the Harbor-office has asked Maersk to hold only ignited the less noisy motor during the mooring

09/03/2012The port of Tacoma removes to Seattle the traffic of Grand Alliance
From the next July Washington United Terminals will acquire a volume of approximately 400 thousand teu

09/03/2012Assologistica nozzle an alarm for the possible block of the Italian ports to May
In expiration the delay on the times harmonization between the general dispositions in matter of work safety

09/03/2012SNCM propose to the Territorial Collectivité de Run to acquire the control of the company for an euro
the CTC are estimating the possibility to institute a regional marine company

09/03/2012Confetra, the confidence on I decree liberalizations penalizes the road haulage
has caused to the withdrawal of an amendment face to repeal the pain of the forfeiture in order to ask the quarterly reimbursement for the octrois on the diesel oil

09/03/2012For the removal of the hull of the Coast Concord Al months will be necessary
10-12 sieve are six operations plans. To fine March-beginning April the enterprise will be selected that will carry out the operation

09/03/2012Deputy mayor of Ravenna it has met the representatives of the Navi/MSC
Bezzi: they still serve a pair of years before to return to the enlivened numbers of container in 2007 and 2008

09/03/2012The ports of Amburgo, Antwerp and Rotterdam make lobby in order to convince the EU to invest in their connections with hinterland
the Meier, Bruyninckx and Smits: 21,7 billion euros would have to be used for plans of "Core network" of the nets TRY

09/03/2012Carnival has archived item the December-February trimester with a net loss of 139 million dollars
For entire exercise 2012 is attended a profit per.share 1,40-1,70 not-GAAP dollars regarding 2,42 in the exercise precedence

12/03/2012Last month the marine traffic in the Suez Canal is diminished of the 1.8%
volume of the goods transported from the ships in transit is increased of 9.1%

12/03/2012CKYH and Evergreen anticipate the configuration of the new Mediterranean Asia-Europe services/
draft of 12 spins weeklies magazine that will be inaugurated at the beginning of the next month

12/03/2012OOIL closes the 2011 with of 182 million dollars a clearly Determined
profit worsening of the economic performances in the second half of the year

12/03/2012In the 2012 crocieristico traffic in the Italian ports it will diminish light to 10,8 million Sienese
passengers (Cemar): "a first analysis of season 2013 allows to assume us an imminent return to the increase"

12/03/2012Order to ABB for the systems constituents and of propulsion of the two new ships from cruise of
AIDA Il ship yard of Kobe di Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. has launched its last commercial ship

12/03/2012Corsica Sardinia Ferries on a voluntary basis starts a program of reduction of the environmental impact bound together to a Previewed plan
of reforestation also the involvement of the passengers in the purchase of certificates greens

12/03/2012The Ports of Auckland grows the tension in the port of Auckland for the lay-off
of 320 workers This morning has called in the police

13/03/2012The Museum of the Sea and the Emigration to Naples
Is the topic of an organized convention from the The International Propeller Club - Port of Naples that will hold friday in the of Campania chief town

13/03/2012Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore has grown of 2.2% to 40 million tons
the container has been pairs to 2.345.400 teu (+7.1%)

13/03/2012Assologistica plaude to the opinion of the Authority Antitrust on the costs minimums of the Mearelli
road haulage: we attend with confidence that also the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT of the Lazio is pronounced on this issue and that the ministry recepisca the contents of the opinion

13/03/2012Last month the traffic of the container in the Chinese marine ports has grown of 20%
is enlivened 11,9 million teu

13/03/2012MSC Cruises signature the contract with STX France for the new ship from originally destined cruise to GNMTC
the unit, of 140.000 tons of tonnage, will be taken in delivery at the end of March 2013 and will be positioned in the Mediterranean

13/03/2012Tomorrow to Genoa the final conference of the European plan Secur Med Plus
introduced Verranno the results of the activities developed in the course of last the three years

13/03/2012Monday to Milan will hold the convention "Milan and Genoa: connubio possible"
It is organized from the The International Propeller Club Port of Milan

13/03/2012Bisarche Italian, risk 1,200 places of work
the arrest warrant of the field has reached the fourth week

13/03/2012Entrusted to GEFCO the imports via sea in Europe and Middle East of produced of the Alpargatas Brazilian
the Footwear and sandals are sent towards the port of Marseilles and other European and Middle Eastern ports

13/03/2012In the 2011 European crocieristica industry it has exceeded the six threshold for the first time million passengers
Manfredi Lefebvre d' Ovid: the field holds and will continue to grow

14/03/2012SBB CFF FFS Cargo has put in service before the 30 hybrid locomotives ordered to Stadler Rail
the store clerk has a total value of 88 million franchi Swiss

14/03/2012Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. has undersigned an agreement of collaboration with the Sinopacific Chinese
the cooperation will be started with the development of a new rinfusiera ship of 82.000 gross capacities in tons

14/03/2012The ports of Savona, Genoa, La Spezia and Salerno to Miami in order to evidence the respective offers in the segment of the Canavese
cruises: Frank (Carnival group) "has restated the full support to Coast Cruises and its investment programs"

14/03/2012Confetra, in the 2011 Italian traffic goods has shown a positive balance is in terms of Strong volumes that of
turnover: the altogether positive balance is in reality the result of a first semester in expansion followed from a progressive aggravate slowing down in recent months of the year

14/03/2012Kuehne + Nagel chooses Vienna which hub for shipments groupage via earth from and for Europe oriental
Offered more than 300 departures weeklies magazine

14/03/2012Diesel MAN & Turbo the contract will carry out the maintenance of the motors of the nine ships from NCL cruise
has a value of 30 million dollars and a duration of four years

14/03/2012To Miami the port of Naples makes system with Salerno in order to attract new crocieristico traffic
Last year the partenopeo port of call has enlivened 1.297.239 crocieristi (+12.2%)

14/03/2012Today to Genoa they have met the partner of European plan TIGER
Has the objective to decongest the traffic in the European ports with new operating solutions, favoring fines it modality

14/03/2012American Cruise Lines has ordered a new ship from fluvial cruise
will be constructed by the ship yard Chesapeake Shipbuilding di Salisbury (Maryland)

14/03/2012Thirteen parliamentarians of the PdL have asked the commissariamento for the Harbor Authority for the Introduced
East an interpellation the Chamber

14/03/2012Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City is diminished of 5.3%
Calo of 7.8% of disembarks of the container full. Increase of 9.6% of the export of container full

14/03/2012The eight destined cranes of dock to the container reach Barcelona terminal to the Muelle Prat
Last week Tercat have taken in delivery four means. The other four cranes will arrive Sunday

14/03/2012ICTSI will manage the container terminal of the new Nigerian port of Lekki
Will per year have traffic ability pairs to 2,5 million teu

15/03/2012Eighth consecutive month of the reduction of the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach
To February the Californian port of call has enlivened 388,589 teu (- 15.2%)

15/03/2012Wärtsilä will take care of the maintenance of the motors of six ships of the fleet of Prestige Cruise Holdings
is operated with the crocieristici marks Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises

15/03/2012Seaspan Corporation has taken in delivery a new portacontainer from 13.100 teu
the ship is rented Chinese COSCON

15/03/2012To February the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is increased of 7.6%
In the first period of two months of 2012 is recorded a bending of 0.3%

15/03/2012Pisa signs with five European capitals the Paper for the development of the fluvial transport
Previewed the resource to sustainable solutions for the city distribution of the goods through a greater one uses of the water course that cross the cities

15/03/2012Bourbon whiskey has closed 2011 with a profit clearly 6,8 million euros
the revenues is increased of 18.6% to a billion of euro

15/03/2012Global Ship Lease has archiviato 2011 with a profit clearly of 9,1 million dollars
the revenues is diminished of 1.6% to 156,3 million dollars

15/03/2012Tomorrow the cargo will leave from the Interporto of Cervignano del Friuli the first train block loaded with beer directed to
Catania will be carried out three shipments to the month transporting annually on track correspondent to approximately 630 trailer trucks

15/03/2012Shanghai Guandong International Container Terminal Co. it orders two crane of dock to ZPMC
Will be able to operate on portacontainer of the ability to 18.000 teu

15/03/2012Last year in Germany the goods transported for railway way has grown of 5.4%
the medium distance of transport has been pairs to 302 kilometers

16/03/2012The crocieristico group Carnival signs an agreement in order to invest 150 million dollars in harbor infrastructures of Mexico
Cahill: it is in plan the construction of a terminal cruises to Calica, in the State of Roo Quintain, and of in the State of the California Lowland of the South

16/03/2012APM Terminals has opened an own trade commission to Hong Kong
"Thirteen of ours twenty main customers - the commercial director of the Christiansen company has explained - has center in Asia"

16/03/2012In the 2011 traffic goods through the Swiss Alps it has reached the quota record of beyond 40,1 million tons
Light contraction of the volumes in the second half of the year of the year

16/03/2012Dark of the Antitrust on Assagenti, Spediporto and 15 marine agencies
Endorsements for beyond four million euro in order having place in being a which lasted secret trust beyond five years

16/03/2012Trasportounito, release of the arrest warrant of the bisarche only if draft
the automotive houses, that they are enduring the consequences of the arrest warrant - explains Longo - would have to favor the opening of the dialog

16/03/2012Within the end of May the participation will leave the intense activities of levelling of the before backdrops the commercial port of
Augusta - Garozzo has explained - not only becomes necessary in order to restore the initial value of the backdrops to -14 meters, but also in order to return them homogenous

16/03/2012ANITA, absurdity to pay for the Sistrum, a system still in experimentation
On 70 million euros poured from the Italian enterprises - she has found the association - those of transport has paid the more considerable quota

16/03/201226 April to the Venice Passenger terminal will hold the world-wide conference on "cold ironing"
In the lagoon port of call is in program the realization of a system in a position to feeding four ships at the same time

19/03/2012The unions ask the minister Passera to take part in order to avoid a catastrophic outcome of the Tirrenia event
the minister - Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti emphasize - "cannot more assist inert to the destruction of an important economic activity of the Country". Federmar-Cisal, "imminent the social disaster"

19/03/2012Convention on the topic "the ship towards the future. International normative laws Italian versus"
Organized from WISTA Italy, friday to Rome will hold

19/03/2012Polemis (ICS): the shipping it is not "a cow to milk"
the measures for the control of the environmental impact of the economic activities - it has emphasized - must be rapportate to the truth of the economy

19/03/2012the next Cosiarma month will inaugurate a service for dry cargo between the South Europe and Central America
Collegherà Portugal (Lisbon), Italy (I go) and Spain (Tarragona) with Dominicana Republic (River Haina) and Costa Rica (Puerto Moin and Puerto Limon)

19/03/2012RINA participates to the first plan of marine transport of the natural gas compressed in Previewed
Indonesia the transport from three to six million cubic meters to the Cng day

19/03/2012Container empty "not graces"?
It is the topic of a convention that will hold 30 March to Genoa

19/03/2012It takes to the way from Trieste a visit in the Northeast of Italy of the Commission Transports and Tourism of the Parliament EU
Introduced the logistic platform of the Friuli Venice Julia

19/03/2012The European School of Short Sea Shipping has realized its cent course of formation
the center is instituted in 2006

19/03/2012From 10 May the ships of the service pendulum UAM will land to the port of Koper
Will have frequency weekly magazine and will be realized with portacontainer by 5.300-6.300 teu

19/03/2012APM Terminals anticipates the innovative characteristics of the new terminal to Maasvlakte II of Waited for
Rotterdam one improvement of the 25-50% of the productivity

20/03/2012Hanjin and the companies of Grand Alliance have in program two new transpacifici services
will be started between April and May

20/03/2012ABB anticipates an innovative transformer of destined traction to the railway field
Used the power electronics in order to reduce the dimension and the weight of the equipment

20/03/2012Hamburg Süd and Aliança will restructure the service Nord Europe - east coast South America
Will come employees seven portacontainer from 7.100 teu

20/03/2012ECG invokes renews of the incentives to the rottamazione of the motor vehicles
With the reintroduzione - Baldissara has explained - the European governments will supply a remarkable support to this critical industry

20/03/2012IT HOISTS exhorts the naval provveditori to adopt measures for the respect of the atmosphere
"Beyond helping the atmosphere - it has found the president Olsen - some of these measures can make to save money to the same companies"

20/03/2012In two years the ability to the employed fleet of portacontainer in Mediterranean the Asia-Europe services/has grown of approximately 1,5 million teu
In the period is delivered altogether to new ships full hand container for an ability pairs to 2,6 million teu

20/03/2012Evitt (InterManager): negative is necessary to allow the payment of the ransoms demanded from
the pirates Otherwise would be had an effect extremely is for the marine ones that for the total economy

20/03/2012Coast: the ports of the Napa are one of the privileged points of intermediation of the goods from and for Europe
Encounter with a delegation of the Commission Transports of the European Parliament

20/03/2012Bureau Veritas has undersigned an agreement in order to acquire American TH Hill
the society of American engineering work to service of the industry of the oil and the gas

20/03/2012Confcommercio asks the government to unblock the problematic one of the lacked dredging the port of Pescara
Evidenced the huge damages is from the commercial point of view that tourist

20/03/2012Introduced in Slovakia new solutions for the intermodal transport
Gefco it reveals the new lines under consideration and it proposes a service for the urgent and exceptional transport

21/03/2012Stable the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa to January
the container has been 150,330 teu (+3.9%)

21/03/2012New service all toilets To make East - Gulf of Mexico di Hanjin Shipping and COSCON
will be started on the end of April with eight portacontainer from 4.000 teu

21/03/2012The terminals of the main ports hub of the world must be ready to receive new ULCV from 22.000 teu
Ross (APM Terminals): now it is the moment to prepare itself

21/03/2012Deferred the delivery of five new portacontainer from 4.500 teu of Yang Ming
Concordato with CSBC Corporation a 10-16 dismissal months

21/03/2012In the 2011 German ports pairs to 15,3 million teu (+16.5% have enlivened 296,0 million
tons of goods (+7.3%) the container have been)

21/03/2012ANITA asks the government to take part on the arrest warrant of bisarche
the association denunciation damagings and aggressions and demands the restoration of the order and the legality

21/03/2012Hapag-Lloyd has archiviato 2011 with a net loss of Behrendt
28,8 million euros: "we have been the only great company of the transport of line to obtain positive an operating result in all and the four trimesters"

21/03/2012Federmar-Cisal confirmation strike of 29 March of the workers of Tirrenia
the protest - the union explains - is turned against indetermination and the insufficient action of the government

21/03/2012Delay of 90 days to CIN in order to resolve the problematic ones raised from the EU on the acquisition of Tirrenia
is authorized by the ministry of the economic Development

21/03/2012of Tankers Friend the purchase price of the ship of 48.400
tpl buys the tanker medium range High Prosperity, constructed in 2006, is of 22,5 million dollars

21/03/2012Genoese Naval repairers a oriented model asks for Agency Basins the private management
the other associates is classified to subject a proposal to the Harbor Committee and the competent ministry

22/03/2012From the 25 to 27 March to Camogli (Genoa) the assembly of Global Tandem Logistics Network will hold
the net of shippers and international logistic operators cover beyond 70 nations

22/03/2012Green light definitive of the Senate to the Convention of the Alps without the protocol you transport
Being inspired to the principle of the control of the alpine traffic, without to still have realized tunnel railway between which the Tav - Giachino has commented - the protocol transports would penalize only our Country economically

22/03/2012Monday will be inaugurated the new one gate of access to the container terminal of the port of Taranto
will be illustrated the plan of the Logistic Plate of the apulian port of call

22/03/2012FastShip raises white flag, but the American authorities of potential violation
of license bring charges to the USA government the society accusation

22/03/2012The next Grimaldi month will start a trisettimanale service Brindisi-Igoumenitsa-Patrasso
In the summery season will be carried out an ulterior port of call weekly magazine to Corfù

22/03/2012The operations of withdrawal of money of the fuel from property left at death of the Coast the Concord have come to an end
Now a garrison of environmental protection waiting for the removal of the hull

22/03/2012Decree of the Harbor office of Venice with more rigid norms for navigation in the Recepisce
lagoon and applies the indications of interministerial decree "Bows Anti"

22/03/2012Protocol of understanding between UCINA and the Commerce Commission Tianjin Binhai New New
Area outlets and new opportunity for the Italian nautical industry on the Chinese market

23/03/2012Reunion of Propeller Port Club of Genoa jib on the state contributions in favor of the shipping
will hold 27 tuesdays March

23/03/2012Practice anti-terrorism of the NURC of the NATO to
Has the objective gives to develop the interoperabilità and to increase the abilities and competences in the field of marine safety

23/03/2012The provoked economic damage from strike of the bisarche - Fiat emphasizes - is becoming indefensible for the Italian field automotive
the company is forced to many times over stop the activity in some plants

23/03/2012This year 116 ports of call of ships from cruise to the ports of Olbia and Porto Torres (+65% are attended)
Are approximately 250 thousand the previewed crocieristi

23/03/2012The ministers of the Transports of the EU have approved of the new lines guide for the development of TRY
the final text of the provision could be adopted in the first semester of 2013

23/03/2012Bisarche Italian announces the opening of the negotiations with the committenza
the association has announced that a first encounter to Milan will hold

23/03/2012Proposal of the EU commission in order to stiffen the norms on the demolition of the ships
Previews the definition of a directory of the authorized yards world-wise. NGO Shipbreaking Platform, the new rules will be able to make very little in order to prevent that the ships continue to being dismantled on the spiagge of the Developing countries

23/03/2012Stable the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona in February
Still in fort decrease the goods several

26/03/2012Ligurian Ports to the SITL of Paris with the objective to develop to the ties with the Africa North
the international week of the transports and the logistics will open the clappers tomorrow and friday will be concluded

26/03/2012Assomarinas to the Moscow Boat Show to hunting of the Russian customers
Perocchio: the Russian nautical customers are today to the search of a "place in sunlight" along the Italian coasts

26/03/2012The Brodosplit ship yard will be acquired from Rejected industrial group Croatian
DIV the offer for the plants Brodotrogir and Kraljevica

26/03/2012To Venice meeting on Core business of the cruises
It is organized from Propeller and the Venice Passenger terminal. Will hold 5 April

26/03/2012The active trust InfraMed invests in the development of the Turkish port of Bought
Iskenderun 20% of the capital of Limak Iskenderun

26/03/2012Coast Cruises, over the past few weeks the trend of the reservations is returned to grow
the company has closed the exercise 1° Decembers 2010 - 30 November 2011 with a turnover of 3,16 billion euros (+9.6%)

26/03/2012The sentence of the Antitrust - Assagenti and Spediporto accuse - is unjust and excessive punitive
the associations announce the presentation of resources to the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT Lazio and, if necessary, to the Council of State

26/03/2012Bisarche Italian asks the government to open an institutional table in order to close the dispute
strike has reached the sixth week

26/03/2012Workshop of the Pole COUNTERPART centralized on the harbor activity of Genoa
the Pole promotes the technological development and from Liguria innovative industrial truth in the field of the intelligent automation

26/03/2012UCINA has illustrated the new provisions for throws again of the nautical Italian
Takes part of Decreto Liberalizations approved of in definitive way from the Chamber

26/03/2012Confetra, the Protocol Transports continuous to arouse alarm
Two orders of the day engages the government to strive so that it is ratified

26/03/2012Saipem has adjudicated new contracts in the perforations sea and earth
the contracts have a total value of approximately 300 million dollars

27/03/2012Last year Deutsche Shipping has increased of a third party the distribution of financings
is gone up by 1,2 billion euros in 2010 to 1,6 billion euros

27/03/2012Hanjin Shipping has taken in delivery the first two of nine portacontainer from 13.100 teu
is constructed by Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd.

27/03/2012Still in decrease the containerizzati volumes transported from the CSAV
In the first period of two months of this year the decrease have been of 37.7%

27/03/2012In the 2011 result clearly of COSCO Pacific the volume of transactions has grown
of 8.6% is increased of 34.2%

27/03/2012Inaugurated the start of the realization of the Logistic Platform of the port of Previewed
Taranto an investment of 219 million euros

27/03/2012DFDS and LDA widen the capacity of their cooperation with a joint new company
operating Diventerà the next 1° July and will operate nine ships on the routes the Havre-Portsmouth, Dieppe-Newhaven, Calais-Must, Dunkerque-Must and Marseilles-Tunisi

27/03/2012The Civil Protection will characterize a site outside from the Abruzzi where to unload the material to dredge in the port of Pescara
It the commissioner of the dredging has announced Head to conclusion of an encounter to Rome

27/03/2012The fallen back one of the cruises on the Italian economic system is still much limited
Zini (EBNT): "what indeed it counts for the tourism of our Country is the turnover that is generated to earth"

27/03/2012CMA CGM forms an alliance with MSC and CSAV on the route Europe North - east coast South America
the collaboration will become operating at the beginning of the next month

28/03/2012In the 2011 revenues of the Harbor Authority of the Pireo they are diminished of 9.9%
In the three years the 2009-2011 staff of the agency is reduced of 410 units

28/03/2012Last year Singamas has recorded revenues record for 1,82 billion dollars (+32.4%)
the profit clearly is piled to 153,8 million dollars (+49.6%)

28/03/2012Spediporto asks Italy if it believes wide-ranging in the opportunities offered from the portualità and
the logistic Examination of the association on the problems that stop the increase of the economy and the exchanges with the foreign country

28/03/2012Fine of 169 million euros of the EU to 14 shipment houses in order to have place in existence four trusts
Agreements in order to define commercial practical rates and in the field of the shipment services for aerial way

28/03/2012Bisarche Italian announces the decision to suspend Longo
strike: within two months it will have to be restructured the field, will have to be returned applicable the costs minimums and verified the contractual conditions which the carriers are subordinates sub

28/03/2012The Court of the EU has confirmed the bastardy of the loan granted from the State to Alitalia
Confirmed also the decision of the EU commission that authorizes the sale of the assets of the company. Rejected the resource of Ryanair

28/03/2012Mounts (AP Civitavecchia) to school of Short Sea Shipping
Reunion to Naples of the European School

28/03/2012The Neapolitan shipowning group Grimaldi has obtained the status of Economic Operator Authorized
the acknowledgment has turned out of a preparatory job of six months

28/03/2012Shipping lowers Lines Container closes 2011 with operating result and clearly of sign negative
Also "2012 - it has found Shaode - are a rich year of challenges"

29/03/2012In the 2011 result clearly of DP World it has grown of 66.5% thanks to the sale of the activities in Australia
the revenues are diminished of 6.6%

29/03/2012The Harbor Authority of Naples participates to the fair of the logistics and of transports SITL
the stand is inserted in a collective of the Italian ports

29/03/2012Service AE12 of Maersk continuous Line to regularly sail from Trieste
the next departure from the giuliano port of call will happen 14 April

29/03/2012Worrisome stagnation of the world-wide transport of the goods
Bending of the aerial transport, pointer - Kauppila explains, economist of the ITF "that it identifies the possible points of carried out in the total economic development with approximately six months of advance payment"

29/03/2012Harbor authority of Gioia Tauro and Sogemar with the SITL of Paris
the objective is to develop to strategic relationships in support of the development of the logistics and the intermodal transports

29/03/2012MSC will melt the two services that connect the Indian subcontinent with the Europe North and the Mediterranean
the ports of the Mediterranean (Barcelona, Genoa, La Spezia, Istanbul and Port Saïd) will be served via Gioia Tauro

29/03/2012Also this year the Harbor Authority of Salerno is present to the SITL
In occasion of the fair has held the first shareholders' meeting of the year of the European group "Med Ports Community"

29/03/2012Saipem adjudicates new Offshore contracts E&C for 700 million dollars
the activities will be carried out in Brazil and Saudi Arabia

29/03/2012Green light of the Harbor Committee of Savona to the planning of the system of electrification of the platform container of I go
Ok also to the participations that complete accommodation of the adjacent zone to the gallery of access to cross harbor savonesi

29/03/2012In the 2011 Zim Israeli it has totaled a net loss of 397 million dollars
the revenues are increased of 1.8%. The operating result has been negative for 276 million dollars

29/03/2012The next May will be adopted in new Harbor Town development plan of Approved of
Livorno the regulations for the starter of long call

29/03/2012Introduced the third edition of the Relationship on the Nautical Tourism of National the Nautical Observatory
the NaQI - Nautical Quality Index To make one's debut and the Thematic Atlas of the Nautical one

29/03/2012New order to ABB for the supply of the systems of power and propulsion for a ship from cruise
Regards before two new ships from cruise for German TUI Cruises

29/03/2012Stable the volume of containerizzato traffic enlivened from the terminals of Hutchison Port Holdings in the 2011
Revenues and operating profit are increased respective of 12% and 14%

30/03/2012Warriors (AP Piombino) Spediporto accusation to practice "lobbysmo without culture" when it asks the reduction for the number of the Italian Harbor Authorities
"afflicts to Us - the president of from Tuscany port explains - to see to propose the liquidation of positive experiences, vital and useful"

30/03/2012Exmar beginning from orders to eight new ships LPG to Hyundai
Mipo Verranno taken in delivery first trimester 2014

30/03/2012In the 2011 Anek Lines it has recorded a net loss of 22,9 million euros
In bending is the traffic of the passengers who of the vehicles

30/03/2012Of container, in this case empty, organized Convention from
the C.I.S.Co., the Genoa jib Port Center and the Department of Economy has been discussed today to Genoa and Quantitative Methods of the University of Genoa

30/03/2012To Venice analytical controls on fuel champions of the ships will be carried out
Protocol of understanding which signed from Harbor Authority, Harbor office and Interregional Direction of Customs

30/03/2012The Association is constituted Young Operating of Sea (AGODM)
is composed of students and young people joined professionals from desire to deepen and to diffuse the culture of the sea

30/03/2012Sogemar (Contship Italy) has upgraded infrastructures of the intermodal terminal of Melzo
Established in business as the new society of railway traction Oceanogate Italy (Sogemar - Transport Fleeting Emilia Romagna)

30/03/2012Assoporti, to the SITL the confirmation that the Italian harbor system interests to the foreign operators
the Harbor Authorities reunited in the stand "Italy, All in One"

30/03/2012To February the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa marks the -11,5%
In increase container. Passengers -2,9%

30/03/2012PSA International archivia the 2011 with a decrease of 3.7% of the result clearly
volume of transactions is increased of 5.8%

30/03/2012Shining performances financial institutions of Last year useful
German HHLA clearly and revenues are increased respective of 17.1% and 14.0%

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