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24 April 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 05:53 GMT+2

02/05/2012Lloyd's Register has bought American WEST Engineering Services
the company is specialized in the advisory activities and formation for the offshore industry and in the supply of services to the perforation systems

02/05/2012Zim announces the restoration of the Asia service - North Europe AEX2
will be operated newly with nine portacontainer by 8.000-8.500 teu

02/05/2012To March the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa is diminished of 3.4%
In the first trimester of the 2012 decrease has been of 4.8%

02/05/2012Interporto of Bologna has widened own at the market Russian advertising action
the society has participated for the first time to TransRussia

02/05/2012They land to the largest VTE portacontainer never arrived in the port of Genoa
Take part of the Mediterranean service Club Express/AE11 di CMA CGM and Maersk Line

02/05/2012The shipowning alliance G6 renounces to activate the seventh spin between Asia and Europe
is not started programmed Loop 2

02/05/2012Interporto Marche creates a business unit for the management of interportuali railway infrastructures
is called Terminal Italy Center (TCI)

02/05/2012In the first trimester of the 2012 port of Venice the traffic has enlivened six million tons of goods (- 5.0%
) Last March has been of 2,1 million tons (+2.2%)

02/05/20129 May to Rome a convention on the topic "Trieste/World the first "sovra-communitarian" bonded area"
the Harbor Authority of Trieste throws again the plan of the "bonded area"

02/05/2012Propeller of Genoa Tomorrow makes the point on the preparation of the commanders and the Italian
crews conviviale evening on the topic "Italian Marineria and profiles of quality"

02/05/2012Yang Ming, Wan You have and Evergreen has recorded turned out quarterly of sign negative
In red is the operating result that the result clearly

02/05/2012The new flagship of Oceania Cruises has left the ship yard of Fincantieri to Sestri West
"Coast" will be christened next 11 May to Barcelona

02/05/2012The court of Torre Annunziata has declared the failure of the Rejected
Deiulemar the proposal of agreed and received the request advanced from seven creditors

02/05/2012Prologis has sold industrial areas and logistic in Europe and Nord America
the total value of the cessions piles to 965 million dollars

03/05/2012Investment of 1,2 billion dollars in order to second increase the ability to traffic of the container of the port of Melbourne
the forecasts, the plan will allow the creation of 2.600 new places of work

03/05/2012Hapag-Lloyd inserts ports of call to Barcelona in the service Mediterranean US East Coast Express
the line connects the Mediterranean with the east coast of the USA

03/05/2012Jakobsen (APM Terminals): the productivity is the land of challenge of the terminals operators
is terminal - it has explained - where an increase of the 40-50% of the productivity is not an unrealistic objective

03/05/2012The port of Casablanca ago space to the Inaugurated
cars a new silo of the ability to 5.000 vehicles

03/05/201216 May the Italian ports will be stopped if does not decide itself for safety
emphasizes She Assoporti, entrepreneurial associations and unions of the field

03/05/2012CSCL does not exercise the options for the construction of four portacontainer from 10.000 teu
the maturity date was 27 April

03/05/2012Provision of the Marine Authority in order to allow with the ships from cruise to pause in front of Portofino
the decree disciplines to the activity of pause and mooring for the disembarkation of the passengers

03/05/2012The Harbor Authority of has introduced its plan for a logistic corridor multimodale
Paita (Liguria Region): necessary to insert the Pontremolese in the map of the nets IT TRY

03/05/2012The Hanjin Rome lands to the port of Naples
For every landing place is previewed a traffic of approximately 1.200 teu to the disembarkation and 1,000 teu to the boarding

03/05/2012Inaugurated the new Indian private port of Equidistant
Angré from Mumbai and Goa, currently it can enliven goods several and bulk sand banks

03/05/2012In the first trimester of the 2012 traffic of the goods in the port of Dunkerque it has grown of 2%
In the 2011 French port has enlivened 47,5 million tons (+11.2%)

04/05/2012Panalpina records a decrease of the economic performances sharpened from the impact of the fine EU
In the first three months of the 2012 turnover clearly of the Swiss logistic group is diminished of 6.8%

04/05/2012In the first trimester of the 2012 revenues of the group Bureau Veritas they are increased of 12.0%
In the naval field is recorded a bending of 1.0%

04/05/201214 May to Milan presentation of IV the relationship of the Economy of the Sea will hold
the event will hold near Palace Bunged up (via Astonishes 9/b)

04/05/2012CNA-Fita, the problem of the dear diesel oil remains the priority
Cinzia Franchini: "it would be serious if it were not taken part in some way"

04/05/2012The EU commission is oriented to abolish the specific norms antitrust for the field of the marine transports
Started a consultation with the parts interested in sight of the expiration of the current lines guides in september 2013

04/05/2012Participation in order to increase to safety and the functionality of the passenger terminal of the port of Trieste
the scalandroni is transferred to the Old Port

04/05/2012To the great new portacontainer of service AMX1 line is landed
before is operated with seven ships of the UASC and three of the CSCL

04/05/2012Los Angeles City is the first European port to adopt the program Environmental Ship Index
Prevede the allocation of incentives to the operators who use little polluting ships

04/05/2012CIM Spa - Interporto of Novara has closed 2011 with a profit clearly of 103 thousand euros
the revenues is increased of 16.0% to 4,15 million euros

04/05/2012In March the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona has accused a contraction of 6.2%
In the first three months of the 2012 decrease has been of 10.9%

04/05/2012It closes the genoese center of the Damco
the unions ask a urgent participation the organs you premail

07/05/2012The new city council member to the Transports of the Calabria Region has visited the port of Gioia Tauro
Encounter with the summits of the Harbor Authority and the Medcenter Container Terminal

07/05/2012Coast Cruises has taken in delivery the new flagship Charming Coast
company has introduced has introduced seven new initiatives for safety

07/05/2012New initiatives of Jaccar Holdings in the field of the marine transport of gas and bulk sand banks
Previewed a total investment of approximately 900 million dollars

07/05/2012Trasportounito confirmation the block of the road haulage from 28 May to 1° the june
For the road haulage of goods - the association restates - is necessary urgent actions and realizes

07/05/2012HMM has closed the first trimester of 2012 with an operating loss of 200,8 billion won
the revenues is increased of 9.4% to 1.800, 8 billion won

07/05/2012Columbus International Terminals Container orders to 52 harbor cranes to the ZPMC
the store clerk has a total value of 178 million dollars

07/05/2012To risk the health and the work safety harbor of the marine ones and
the Carcassi (UIL): the government urgently assumes decisions that allow to postpone the terms of the operativity of the current norms

07/05/2012Offer of German GC Rieber in order to acquire the entire control of the Armada Seismic
the company possesses two seismic ships rented to the Dolphin Geophysical

07/05/2012Great Fast Ships will open two new marine lines between France and Morocco
Will connect the port of Silks with the ports of Tangeri and Nador

07/05/2012Agreement in order to privatize the Croatian ship yards 3.Maj and Brodotrogir
would be reached by the government of Zagreb with trusts guided from Quaestus

07/05/2012UCINA Nautical Confindustria participates to a mission in Brazil
Previews a plenary session which unified of Saint opening to Paolo and sessions parallels in various resorts of the South American nation

08/05/2012Danaos Corporation has taken in delivery a new portacontainer from 13.100 teu
the ship, constructed from Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries Ltd. Co., is rented to Hyundai Merchant Marine

08/05/2012Stable the traffic of the goods in the port of Valencia in the first trimester
Altogether the Spanish ports have enlivened 114,78 million tons of cargos (+9.1% on the first three months of 2011)

08/05/2012Bresaola (Confetra East Nord): incomprehensible slowness and bureaucratic-administrative inefficiencies penalize the logistic enterprises
the association illustrate six measures to adopt in order to invert the route and to return the customs system efficient and harbor Italian

08/05/2012Kombiverkehr increases the ability from and for Austria
the next week the departures will go up from eight to ten on the Vienna-Neuss line

08/05/2012In the first trimester of the 2012 terminal of HPH Trust the terminalista society has enlivened 5.269.000 container (
+5%) has recorded turned out economic inferiors to the waits

08/05/2012Increments to two figures of the economic results of Textainer
Brewer: we continue to record a strong question of new container

08/05/2012In the first three months of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna is diminished of 12.1%
Increase of the liquid bulk. In decrease goods several and solid bulk

08/05/2012Gallant (Gefco): it is necessary to widen the port of Vasto in order to develop to the productive and industrial activities in Abruzzi
Increase of the draft and realization of a railway connection from and for the port of call

08/05/2012The port of Taranto closes the first trimester the 2012 with a decrease of 3.4% of the traffic
decided decrease of the goods several and of the liquid bulk it is compensated by the emphasized rise of the bulk sand banks

09/05/2012Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Kaohsiung is diminished of 0.1%
In the first quadrimestre of the 2012 is enlivened 3,2 million teu (+3.5%)

09/05/2012Shipowning alliance CKYH restructures the Asia services - East Coast USA
On the route will be offered five spins

09/05/201231 May to Livorno the workshop will hold "the sediments of the ports is a resource"
a new technology takes advantage of plants adapted to the salt atmosphere in order to remove or to transform the various polluting elements presents in dredging sediments

09/05/2012Tomorrow the new railway intermodal terminal of the port of Gioia Tauro will be introduced
Completed the feasibility study. In Region an encounter of update on the situation of the port of call

09/05/2012Federmar-Cisal confirmation strike of the Tirrenia workers for the day of Pico
Sunday: "it leaves the absolute abashed Hush that it encircles the risen ones of the workers of the society"

09/05/2012Delivered diplomas to the future managers of the Iraqi port of Al Faw
the course in "Expert in attended harbor management" to is finished

09/05/2012ABB more carries to term with success an emission of bond for
2,5 billion dollars draft of consisting the put into effect bond emission from the group

09/05/201218 May to Genoa the inauguration of the academic year 2012 of the Italian Academy of the Merchant navy will hold
Encounter on the topic "Profession sea. Towards the construction of the cluster formative of the Economy of the Sea"

09/05/2012Tomorrow to the Idroscalo of Milan the inauguration of the nautical review Midro 2012
Two days business and technical oriented and two days dedicated mainly to the simple visitors and the families

09/05/2012Today to Livorno a seminary on the customs services and Present immaterial
infrastructures the summits of Customs, the institutions and the police forces

09/05/2012The port of Trieste anticipates own plan of development which pivoted on uses it intensive of the bonded area
Marina Monassi: "the free points as ulterior Vincente ticket in order to create flies economic and productive on the territory"

09/05/2012In the first trimester shipowning group NOL has totaled a net loss of 254 million dollars
In the period cut costs for 100 million dollars. The revenues are diminished of 2.7%

09/05/2012Last month the marine traffic in the Suez Canal has recorded a bending of 2.0%
the goods transported by the ships is piled to 61,3 million tons (+6.0%)

10/05/2012In the first Hapag-Lloyd trimester it is incurred in a net loss of 132,4 million euros
the revenues are increased of 8.0%. The fleet has transported 1.323.000 container (+10.5%). The medium hire is come down to 1.484 dollars (- 5.1%)

10/05/2012CSAV archivia the first trimester of the 2012 with a net loss of 202,9 million dollars
Chilean company has completed the restructure plan

10/05/2012Assomarinas asks the minister Gnudi to immediately place in Italy liquidation Being navigated
"a market already heavy compromise from the crisis economic in existence - denunciation the association - cannot endure ulterior disturbing"

10/05/2012Federmar-Cisal announces the suspension of strike of the workers of Tirrenia
CIN confirmation pregresse the reached understandings with the union

10/05/2012In the first three months of the 2012 terminal of 1.338.316 ICTSI they have enlivened container (+14.2%)
the group has closed the period with a profit clearly of 36,0 million dollars (+28.5%)

10/05/2012General Consulta for the road haulage and the logistics has activated own new site web
Is approachable to the address

10/05/2012The Harbor Authority of has found the quota majority of the consortium Discover La Spezia
the objective - Forcieri has explained - is that to realize a pleasant and attractive context for the crocieristi

10/05/2012The Harbor Committee of Naples has approved of unanimously the budget 2011 of the Port Authority
Anticipates a remainder of administration of 75,6 million euros

10/05/2012The European Investment Bank grants deep for 900 million euros to the port of Rotterdam
In great part will be used for the realization of the new harbor area Maasvlakte 2

10/05/2012Renewed the mandate of Of Auctions to general secretary of the Harbor Authority of Genoa
Today the Harbor Committee it has approved of the deliberation

10/05/2012In the first trimester the ports of the Havre, Rouen and Paris have enlivened a traffic of 22,3 million tons
In decrease the bulk. Decided resumption of the container and the passengers

10/05/2012World-wide marine traffic containerizzato in increase of 5.2% in the first three months of 2012
In the seven which monitored world-wide regions, CTS has found a traffic of 30,46 million teu

11/05/2012Euronav has archiviato the first trimester of this year with a net loss of 9,0 million dollars
the revenues is diminished of 2.4% to 108,7 million dollars

11/05/2012In the first trimester of the 2012 traffic in the Russian ports it has grown of 5.3%
are enlivened 127,3 million tons of goods

11/05/2012Encounter of Propeller of Genoa on the rigassificatore of Livorno
will hold 15 May

11/05/2012In the first trimester 2012 Hanjin Shipping has accused a net loss of 296 million dollars
Turned out operating negative. Stable the revenues

11/05/2012Railroads of the State, Hupac and Cemat agree a common strategy for the development of the intermodal terminals in Signed Italy
North a memorandum of understanding for the terminalistici plans of Milan, Brescia and Piacenza

11/05/2012ESPO anticipates a Manifesto for giving to a common programmatica base to the European ports
the association invites the institutions and the EU to favor the sustainable development of the marine ports of call

11/05/2012Trasportounito asks the government to give back to the companies the money of the Longo
SISTRUM: the system is in best of the hypotheses a clamorous and scandalous "misunderstanding"

11/05/2012The new president of the port of Savona - the unions say - will have to safeguard the current model of portualità
To Canavese - they have emphasized Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti - goes recognized the competence and the tenacity with which he has characterized the period of its mandate

11/05/2012UIRNet, the government confirmation the support to the plan of the platform for the management of the national logistic net
Introduced the triennial industrial deck of the society, that it has closed the budget profitable

11/05/2012Finnlines closes the first trimester with a net loss of 5,8 million euros
Revenues in increase of 4.3%

11/05/2012In the first trimester of the 2012 traffic of the container in the port of Tanger Med the Moroccan port of call is diminished of
31.3% has enlivened 413,660 teu

14/05/2012Special mention to megayacht of the Palumbo Yards to the "World Superyacht Awards"
To October the boat had received to Montecarlo the Green Plus Star

14/05/2012Third edition of the "International Congress on Mediterranean Trade and Port Cities"
will hold from the 7 to the 9 june to Mersin

14/05/2012Last month the traffic in the port of Singapore is diminished of 11.6%
the bending is determined by the drastic reduction of the oil bulk volume

14/05/2012In the first three months of the 2012 traffic of the container in the ports Panamanians it is increased of 21.3%
are enlivened 1.796.328 teu

14/05/2012In the 2013 Coast Cruises "Victoria Coast" will double own presence in Asia with the positioning
of a second ship Thursday will make its debut in the region replacing "Classic Coast". By May 2013 it will be placed side by side by "Atlantic Coast"

14/05/2012New service of United Feeder Services that connects the Adriatic with Egypt
Acquired cargo spaces on the ships of the Hapag-Lloyd German

14/05/2012STX Europe to hunting of new orders for the division Cruise & Ferries
Bending of the economic performances in the first trimester

14/05/2012Premuda has concluded the first trimester of 2012 with a net loss of 1,9 million euros
the revenues Time base charter is diminished of 1.3% to 26,4 million euros

15/05/2012In April the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 12,9 million container (+7.9%)
In the first quadrimestre of the 2012 traffic have been pairs to 54,2 million teu (+8.4%)

15/05/2012Fires (Confapi You transport): the measures for the fight to the counterfeiting must be co-ordinate with Customs of the other States EU
rigid Controls and effective in Italy they are only one of the concomitant causes of shunting lines of the traffics towards ports and airports foreign countries

15/05/2012General Roberto Visintin will be the new general secretary of the Harbor Authority of Unanimous
Savona yes of the Harbor Committee to the nomination

15/05/2012The EU Naval Force has used average airplane in order to destroy to equipment of the pirates on the coasts somalis
Up to now to the aircrafts was assigned alone recognition tasks

15/05/2012Bending of the economic results of HHLA
In the first trimester of this year the harbor terminal of the German group has enlivened 1,7 million container (+4.7%)

15/05/2012Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of 4.2%
In the first four months of the 2012 traffic has been pairs to 7,7 million teu

15/05/2012Confartigianato Transports restates the necessity to be extended the Corridor at least Baltic Sea-Adriatic until Ancona
Without this extension - Gasparoni has sottoineato - the marchigiano productive system and of central Italy seriously it would be penalized

15/05/2012The traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City returns to an increase to two figures
In April the Californian port of call has enlivened 707,182 teu (+14.6%)

15/05/2012TransAtlantic incurs in a advanced loss to the waits and decides to accelerate the cut of the expenses
the program of savings will have full load effect from the next 1° september

16/05/2012Emphasized decrease of the quarterly operating result of A.P. Møller-Mærsk
Andersen: we will continue our initiatives for the increase of the hires for all 2012

16/05/2012Trasportounito rejects to the invitation of the Commission of Guarantee Strike to defer the arrest warrant of the Longo
field: "who avoids I confront directed is own the government"

16/05/2012The Liguria Region front man for the logistics and nautical of the governmental mission in 24
Brazil May to Santos a seminary on the topic "Economy of the sea between challenges and opportunity"

16/05/2012Sunday will be celebrated the European Marine Day
Maritime the main event will be the conference European Day that will hold from the 21 to 22 May to Goteborg

16/05/2012First trimester in loss for Asian companies MISC, RCL and STX Pan Ocean
In decrease is the revenues that the costs

16/05/2012Concluded today to Rome convention of the International Federation of Warehousing Logistics Associations
the presidency of the IFWLA is passed by Italy (Carlo Mearelli, Assologistica) to China (Shen Shaoji, CAWS)

16/05/2012In the first three months of the 2012 traffic in the port of Amburgo Increment of the goods
has grown of 3.8% containerizzate. In decrease goods conventional and bulk

16/05/2012Two meeting of Athena on the control and the management of the ballast water
Genoa and tuesdays to Rome will hold tomorrow to

16/05/2012The Harbor Authority of Antwerp participates to the consortium that will realize a railway terminal in the south of Holland
the investment of the agency piles to 15,5 million euros

17/05/2012Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach is diminished of 13.0%
In the first four months of the 2012 is enlivened 1.768.514 teu (- 5.8%)

17/05/2012Seaspan Corporation has closed the first trimester with a profit clearly of 51,3 million dollars (+1.4%)
the revenues is piled to 152,1 million dollars (+25.7%)

17/05/2012Piombino will be the logistics base for the removal and the recovery of the Coast Concord
port of Talamone instead will be used for the selection of the refusals

17/05/2012The interscambio commercial via sea with the Med Area newsletter "
Porti and the Mediterranean" of Assoporti and Studies and Searches for Southern Italy is worth 40,6 billion euros New

17/05/2012Regional contribution of the six million euro to the Harbor Authority of Trieste
resources will be destined to the development of the intermodal transport

17/05/2012The Harbor office of Genoa accommodates the Coastgard of Yemen
the Middle Eastern delegation participates to course of formation in marine professional matters

17/05/2012Monday will be introduced the Tuscan Port Community System
is elaborated by the Harbor Authority of Livorno inside of the European plan Mos4Mos

17/05/2012The Tuscany assembly has approved of the text of law for the institution of the Regional Harbor Authority
Will manage the ports of Viareggio, Isola del Giglio, Saint Stephen Port and Marina of Field

17/05/2012Started the construction of the new terminal cruises dominican of Puerto Plata
it will be completed in the first months of 2014

18/05/2012Confetra, approved of the amendment proposed from the Confederation on the loyal responsibility in the contracts
Green light of the Commission Job of the Senate

18/05/2012The Russian group Summa would be negotiating the acquisition of the control of compatriot FESCO
Negotiations in order to buy 56% of the capital stock in the hands of Sergey Generalov

18/05/2012PSA strengthens the ties with the Tianjin Port (Group) Co.
Undersigned an agreement of strategic cooperation

18/05/2012CNA-Fita exhorts the government to place attention to the emergency of the maximum costs
Al president Mounts asks to put into effect the mechanism of the mobile octroi and above all to sterilize the Vat on the octrois

18/05/2012Coast, Titan and Micoperi illustrate the four phases of the plan of removal of property left at death of the Coast the Concord
will be used large chests realized from New Apuania Yards

18/05/2012Rewarded to Livorno the best plans than "the initiative Tells your port
" has been organized inside of the manifestation Open Port

18/05/2012Inaugurated academic year 2012 of the Italian Academy of the Merchant navy
new course 2012-2014 counts in total 60 students of covered and 40 students of car

21/05/2012Sitting of UCINA in order to make the point on the section of the nautical one and to delineate a strategy in order to exit from the crisis
Slowly for I throw again of International the Nautical Hall of Genoa with the strengthening of its international positioning

21/05/2012CNA-Fita has sped up the Italian haulers not to join to the arrest warrant
Emphasizing of being very aware who would be all the reasons for a strike, the association evidences the necessity to renounce to you in a moment of exceptional emergency

21/05/2012The new government of the Queensland ahead rejects the floor of widening of the port of Abbot
Point Va the plan for the construction of a terminal for the coal in the port of Gladstone

21/05/2012Saipem adjudicates new Offshore contracts E&C for beyond 1,1 billion dollars
the activities will be realized in Russia and the Sea of Nord

21/05/2012STX France has delivered to MSC Cruises Divine flagship MSC
ceremony of the launch will hold saturday to Marseilles

21/05/2012Confindustria, Confetra, Anita and Fedit ask the government to supervise on the arrest warrant of the road haulage which proclaimed from 28 May
Sped up participations in order to limit the damages, the uneasiness and the violences

21/05/2012SinOceanic Shipping has taken in delivery the new portacontainer from 13.100 teu MSC Completed
Regulus the program of acquisitions of the Norwegian society

21/05/2012The management of the Pakistani port of Gwadar will pass to China
group PSA of Singapore and Pakistanis AKD and NCL would be about to yield the respective quotas

21/05/2012Wednesday to Genoa will land largest portacontainer that it has never made port of call in the Waited for
port the "Maersk Eindhoven", that has an ability to 13.092 teu

21/05/2012The Harbor Authority of Livorno has introduced the new platform data transmission TPCS
Soon a protocol of cooperation with the ministry in order to insert the Tuscan Port Community System inside of the plan European pilot Honey

22/05/2012The American Frank Crystal enters in the market of the shipowning responsibility in cooperation with the Italian BED. Ferrari
Signed an agreement of exclusive cooperation

22/05/2012Convention on the integrated management of harbor infrastructures
Organized from the Order of the Engineers of the Province of Salerno, will hold 1° the june to Amalfi

22/05/2012Agreement of cooperation between the ports of Venice and Santos
is signed today in the within of the mission of the Italian government in Brazil

22/05/2012Chinese COSCON will increase own presence in the port of Koper
the Slovenian port of call will be included in the network of services of the COSCOL

22/05/2012Last year the Interporto of Bologna has recorded an increment of 22.4% of the traffic goods
Curly: "a passage year, this has been about to we 2011"

22/05/201231 May to Rome the first forum will hold on the legality in the field of the transports and of the logistics
the first edition will concern on the topic of the malavitose infiltrations

22/05/2012Group RINA participates to a new plan for a floating terminal LNG in Indonesia
the system will enter in function to half 2014

22/05/2012Taranto agreement Container Terminal - unions for the start of the Extraordinary Redundancy fund
Will interest the maximum number of 500 workers for the duration of 24 months

22/05/2012The port of Basel adapts to own structures to the increasing crocieristico traffic on the Rhine
Last year the Helvetic fluvial port has totaled a traffic of 108.684 passengers (+12.9%)

23/05/2012The Chinese yard Ch Rongsheng delivery three new VLOC
the ships portarinfuse will be employed by the Brazilian mining group Are worth

23/05/2012Young next Wednesday the Group Assagenti will introduce the profession of the marine broker
Seminary turned to the graduating young people and the staff of first income of the associate companies

23/05/2012ICTSI announces new investments for the Adriatic Gate Container Terminal
Within half 2013 will be realized a new dock of 320 linear meters

23/05/2012A study evidences the increasing importance of the port of Houston for the economy of Texas
Although the decrease of the traffic is in increase the generated occupation and the economic value from the marine port of call

23/05/2012Fincantieri heads for the segment of means offshore signing partnership with Norwegian NLI
an understanding among other things previews the development of an innovative tower of perforation

23/05/2012UCINA signs an agreement of cooperation with Brazilian ACOBAR
Between the initiatives, the realization of a federal table that will supervise the promotion of poles of the nautical one in Brazil

23/05/2012At the beginning of 2013 the new logistics center of FERCAM near the Interporto of Bologna will become operating
the intense activities is started some days before

23/05/2012Trasportounito sends back the arrest warrant of the road haulage to period 8 - 13 July
Thought: the auspice is that the opening revealed from the government is translate in concrete actions

24/05/2012Interporto Marche meets the shippers with the objective to promote the Introduced
intermodalità the new business unit Terminal Italy Center

24/05/2012Offer of APM Terminals in order to manage the main terminals of the port of Virginiums
the society of group A.P. Møller-Mærsk wants to operate the terminals Norfolk International Terminals, APM Terminals Virginia, Newport News Marine Terminals, Portsmouth Marine Terminal and Virginia Inland Port

24/05/2012The new investigation of the Spediporto Observatory evidences the moment of crisis of the genoese shipment houses
Turnover and activity in decrease of 8%. Hard resorted to the social shocks-absorber

24/05/2012Initiative of the Institute "Duke of the Abruzzi" of Naples for the formation of the future officials of cars
Encounter of deepening on I use it of the turbosoffianti in the systems of naval propulsion

24/05/2012Al via the redundancy fund in exception for the workers of the genoese center of the Damco
Vesco: I ask the companies of the Maersk group in Liguria that make cargo to absorb, at least partially, these workers

24/05/2012The organic one of the Harbor Authority of Livorno will go up from 90 81 people
Green light of the Harbor Committee

24/05/2012The regional Council of the Friuli Venice Julia has approved of the bill on the discipline of the portualità of regional competence
Riccardi: we do not centralize, but we order this that was of the State and today it is of our competence

24/05/2012GEFCO has opened a filial new in Bulgaria
Supplies a range wide of services, between which those legacies to the automotive logistics

25/05/2012The REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT Liguria confirmation the allocation of the new container terminal of Genoa to Bettolo Descent to Received the Bettolo
Consortium the resource proposed against the Harbor Authority

25/05/2012NCTM, the sentence on the harbor concession of Bettolo Descent appear destined to constitute a principle of acting of Public Administration
Rossi: the Harbor Authority of Genoa has interpreted too much rigidly the discapito harbor law to the efficiency of the port

25/05/2012Federagenti has decided unanimously the delay of the mandate of the president Filippo Gallo
the confirmation in order to allow it to carry to term some important issues a lot for the category

25/05/2012Tuesday the final manifestation of the triennial plan "the Port of Naples meets the schools"
Encounter near the Marine Station of the partenopeo port of call

25/05/2012In the first trimester of the 2012 traffic in the port of Bremen-Bremerhaven it has grown of 15.2%
Decided rise of goods containerizzate (+20.9% in tons)

25/05/2012Masamichi Morooka is the new president of the International Chamber of Shipping
Subentra with immediate effect to the Greek Spyros M Polemis

28/05/2012Stable Danish DFDS closes the first trimester in
loss the revenues

28/05/2012Divine saturday MSC, the new flagship of MSC Cruises, is christened to Marseilles
Is the twelfth ship of the fleet of the crocieristica company

28/05/2012Bureau Veritas has bought the Tecnicontrol Columbian
the South American society services of technical inspection and quality control for the industrial enterprises

28/05/2012Damen Shipyards has bought the Swedish yard of naval repairs Oskarshamnsvarvetin
the plant appoints to a job 60 people

28/05/2012International Chamber of Shipping asks the withdrawal for the plan of increases of the rates of the channel of Hinchliffe
Panama hat: us of urgent need is not "some" since "the returns generated from the channel are currently a lot consisting"

28/05/2012Municipality and Harbor Authority of Salerno under consideration have the construction of a new dock for the cruises
Tercek (Royal Caribbean): in the 2012 "Serenade of the Seas" it will make port of call 15 times in the of Campania port for a total of beyond 37.000 passengers and in the 2013 this number it will go up to 17 ports of call

28/05/2012The International Propeller Club Port of Venice opens to the university world
Bernardo: the objective is to create a relationship more and more integrated between the world of the job and that of the school

28/05/2012Mexican group TMM confirmation the intention to leave Wall Street
Will start the procedures for the delisting from New York Stock Exchange

28/05/2012Seminary on the European idrovie and the 8
marine channels will hold june to Trieste in the within of the visit of a Flemish delegation in the giuliana city

28/05/2012The Harbor Authority of Venice has illustrated own plans of development to the ministry of Infrastructures and of the Transports
the objective is to place the Italian portualità to the height of the European and world-wide requirements

28/05/2012Established in business as a new plant for the production of tubes of the German Meyer Werft
the systems of a modern ship from cruise need medium of approximately 250 kilometers of pipelines

28/05/2012Public assembly in order to support in open form the economic and professional truth of Coast Cruises
Is organized from the Province of Genoa and the 9 will hold june

29/05/2012Anek Lines accusation the impact of the crisis economic of Greece
the first trimester of 2012 is archiviato with a loss after the taxes of 17,2 million euros

29/05/2012Agreement of collaboration of the Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. and Imabari Shipbuilding in the field of portacontainer
the objective is to define the type of ship, the system of propulsion and the other technological characteristics more adapted to satisfy the requirements of the shipowners

29/05/2012The Harbor Authority of the Sardinia North will participate to the Transport Logistic China
the data of traffic of the first quadrimestre - Paolo Piro has announced - "is more and more worrisome"

29/05/2012Europe flash has bought the international shipment society Roberts Europe
Has 160 dependant and offices in Holland, Portugal and Poland

29/05/2012Reefers star has changed corporate name in Siem Shipping Inc.
The company has closed the first trimester of this year with a net loss of 39 thousand dollars

29/05/2012In the port of Genoa the traffic of the container grows while the other cargo types drop
Last month the port of call have enlivened beyond 3,9 million tons of goods (- 8.9%)

29/05/2012Terminal Investment Limited has become partner of Holding Russian UCL in the Container Acquired Saint-Petersburg
Terminal 20% of the SP capital Container Terminal

29/05/2012The Brazilian Ultrapar Participações buys the Marítimo Terminal gives Maranhão of the port of Itaqui
is yielded by the Noble Group Ltd. of Hong Kong

30/05/2012The Council of State sentence the ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports to pour 70 million euros to the Harbor Authority of Received
Genoa the appeal for the reform of the sentence of the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT Liguria that received the thesis of the ministry

30/05/2012The Attica Greek archivia the first trimester with a net loss of 21,7 million euros
Emphasized decrease of the passengers and the cars transported from the fleet

30/05/2012In the first Zim trimester the fleet of portacontainer has recorded a net loss
of 163 million dollars of the Israeli company has transported 570,000 teu (+3%)

30/05/2012To Coeclerici the Ambrogio Lorenzetti prize dedicated to the governance social
the acknowledgment is conferred to the societies that have been distinguished in order to have adopted good practical of business management

30/05/2012Contraction of the economic results of the Emphasized
Eimskip increase of the transported volumes

30/05/2012Italian consortium ITASBA to the conference Breakbulk Europe of Antwerp
Was the only Italian association present to the manifestation

30/05/2012The Harbor Authority of Antwerp acquires a participation in Indiana Essar Which signed
Ports an agreement of collaboration with the objective to develop to the traffics between the Belgian port of call and the ports of the Asian group

30/05/2012Medcenter Container Terminal has obtained the certification of Economic Operator Authorized Bagalà
Full hand: from now on we will be able to enjoy a kind of prefered lane in the procedures of import and export of the goods

30/05/2012Shipping Corporation of India closes the exercise red anniversary 2011-12 in
the result records the losses generated from the line services

30/05/2012Stena Line buys great part of the marine services of Scandlines in the Baltic Sea
draft of the routes Travemünde-Ventspils/Liepaja, Nynäshamn-Ventspils, Rostock-Trelleborg and Sassnitz-Trelleborg

31/05/2012The ship lowers Shipping Lines Container has taken in delivery a new portacontainer from 14.100
teu is constructed by Samsung Heavy Industries Ltd.

31/05/2012Boluda will close the ship yard Unión Naval Valencia for lack of Under way
orders the negotiations with the unions

31/05/2012Tomorrow and saturday to Genoa will hold the third edition of the "Port Of the little ones"
Opened to all the citizenship, has the objective to introduce the secrets of Saint Palace Giorgio and the port

31/05/2012Tomorrow to Rome the Info Day on the communitarian plans Adriatic Gateway and ITS Adriatic Multiport Gateway
Al center of the intense activities will be the topic of the valorization of the Adriatic Corridor

31/05/2012Proposal of Spediporto and the unions in order to tackle to the crisis of the field of international shipments
Found the necessity of an adapted formative proposal that it allows with the workers to conserve competences

31/05/2012In the first three months of the 2012 traffic in the port of Livorno Bending of the container
and the bulk is diminished of 5.7%. In increase the traffic ro-ro and that crocieristico

31/05/2012Panalpina anticipates the first Boeing aircraft 747-8 Freighter dressed with the livery of the Helvetic logistic group
the second will be taken in delivery in the next few months

31/05/2012Stable the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona to April
Attenuation of the bending of the volumes of goods several and liquid bulk. In increase the solid bulk

31/05/2012New installations of the system of treatment of water CleanBallast the ballast of the Recent
RWO agreement with navalmeccanico group South Korean HHI

31/05/2012Brussels invites Italy to adapt to own legislation to the communitarian norms on the equipment on board of the ships
the measures would have had to be understood within 10 past December

31/05/2012Stasis (Calabria Region) has met the summits of Contship Italy/Eurokai
Talk with Cecilia Battistello and Thomas Eckelmann on the port of Gioia Tauro

31/05/2012The Antitrust Second starts a preliminary investigation on the acquisition of Tirrenia from Italian Company of
Navigation the AGCM, the operation will determine important structural effects on the main routes of connection of the Sardinia with the continent

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