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19 June 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 05:04 GMT+2

01/06/2012Assologistica invites the government to assume for the aerial cargo the decisions taken for the ports
Evidenced the strategicità of the airport of Brescia

01/06/2012Last year the volume of transactions of German group BLG has reached the quota record of beyond a billion of euro
the profit before taxes has grown of 42.2%

01/06/2012Saremar riavvia today own marine service Porto Torres - Vado Ligure
Cappellacci and Solinas: "the battle for the defense to the right of mobility of the Sardinians continues without pause"

01/06/2012Maersk Line has announced the cut of 400 places of work in own office districts
is situated to Copenhagen (where the reduction will be of 250 units), London, Singapore, Mumbai, Pune and Manila

01/06/2012The port of Koper Yesterday meets the Japanese
customers to Tokyo and today to Osaka they are in program the Luka Koper Day

01/06/2012In April the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is diminished of 2.2%
In the first quadrimestre of the 2012 decrease has been of 4.3%

01/06/2012The EU and the USA have agreed the mutual acknowledgment of the regime of safety of the services of aerial transport of the Kallas
goods: "this measure is an important step and will have important commercial implications"

01/06/2012Confcommercio writes to Napolitano so that it unblocks the issue of the dredging of the port of Pescara
This year the SNAV will carry out the departures for Croatia from the port of Ancona having abandoned the Abruzzi

01/06/2012The European Cruise manifest Council worry for the impact negative on the cruises of strike of the Norwegian
pilots Manfredi Levebvre d' Ovid: the risk is to carve the attrattività of Norway which crocieristica destination

04/06/2012In April the traffic in the port of Taranto is diminished of 31.8%
In the first quadrimestre of 2012 is recorded a bending of 12.7%

04/06/2012Offshore Wison & Navy will plan and construct to a Floating LNG Liquefaction, Regasification and Storage Unit for Exmar
the new system, first to the world of this type, will become operating in the last trimester of 2014

04/06/2012The EU commission proposes the allocation of deep FEG for the workers of the Danish ship yards that have lost the place
draft of 550 of the 968 workers in esubero of the plant Odense Steel Shipyard and of four supplier companies of the yard

04/06/2012Luc Nadal will be the new managing director of GEFCO Yves
Fargues has decided to leave the assignments of president and CEO of the logistic group

04/06/2012I renew of the summits of the Trieste Paoletti Passenger terminal
, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Trieste, is the new president of the society. Franco Napp will be managing director

04/06/2012Nel first quadrimestre of the 2012 fleet of the 669,400 CSAV has transported container (- 42.3%)
In April are transported 169,600 container (- 40.3%)

04/06/2012After the record of the 2011 traffic of the goods in the port of Montreal it records a bending
In the first trimester of the 2012 Canadian port of call has enlivened almost six million tons of cargos (- 8.2%)

04/06/2012The harbour authorities of Helsingborg and Copenhagen Malmö plan the fusion the
objective are to constitute a great harbour pole in the region of Øresund

05/06/2012Odfjell confirmation the Native-born acquisition of more 25% an action than Noord Terminals
the transaction will be completed in these days

05/06/2012The mayor of Palermo asks the Region to start the intense activities on the Fincantieri
ship yards the Next regional city council member retort: we have made our part

05/06/2012Today the Harbour Authority is started the intense activities for the doubling of the Palacrociere of Savona
1° the june has delivered in concession the area where the structure will be realized

05/06/2012Nel first quadrimestre of the 2012 traffic in the port of port of Valencia has recorded an light increment Containerized
trade +4.8%. In decrease the bulk is liquid (- 19.3%) that solid (- 25.9%)

05/06/2012The from Liguria city council member Paita exhorts the government to favor the insertion of the Tyrrhenian Corridor Brenner in the nets TRIES
Letter to the minister Passera

05/06/2012The apulian portualità does not find peace
the Harbour Authority of Manfredonia claims its right to the survival and independence

06/06/2012The Region Friuli Venice Julia with confidence attends penultimate the green light to the Corridor Baltic Sea-Adriatic
Tomorrow will hold the board meeting EU of the Transports called to approve of the initiative “Connecting Europe Facility”

06/06/2012Agreement between Russian Railways, Transmashholding and Caterpillar in order to realize locomotori of maneuver fed to gas
the phase of planning, construction and experimentation of means pilot will be capacity to term within the end of 2013

06/06/2012Germanischer Lloyd signs an agreement with Chinese CNSA in order to promote activity of naval demolition to low environmental impact in China the
understanding previews the cooperation in the activities of search and formation and in the definition of plans pilot

06/06/2012Friday has held the first assembly of the new association of naval industry European SEA Europe
Lars Gørvell-Dahll, senior vice president of the Norwegian Kongsberg Gruppen, is elected president

06/06/2012Convention on the topic “Be green! The logistics that saves the
Organized atmosphere” from Assologistica Culture and Formation, will hold the 13 june to Milan

06/06/2012Anek Lines tuesday will activate a service ferry between the ports of Bari and Durrës the
line will be operated in Adriatic collaboration with Ferries

06/06/2012CMA CGM has archived item first trimester 2012 with a net loss of 248 million dollars the
revenues has grown of +2.6% and the transported volumes of +13.4%

07/06/2012Thick the representation of the Italian ports to the edition the 2012 of the Transport Logistic China
fair is on from the 5 to the 7 june to Shanghai

07/06/2012Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Kaohsiung is diminished of 3.9%
In the first quadrimestre of the 2012 Asian port of call has enlivened 4.069.229 teu (+1.8%)


07/06/2012Saturday Marino Rosettes will deliver to a new Platform Supply Vessel to the Siblings D' Amato La
ship has a length of 75 meters, a width of 16 meters and a gross capacity of beyond 3.000 tons

07/06/2012Within the end of the Native-born summer the Belgian group Katoen will obtain the control of Interporto Rivalta Scrivia
Agreement in order to acquire until 90.215% of the capital of the interportuale society

07/06/2012Saturday to Taormina will hold the fiftieth assembly anniversary of ANITA
the association of the road haulage heads for confronts with the committenza in order to establish a shared system of rules

07/06/2012Group RINA has acquired the ministerial notification for the inspecting verifications on means of raising the
qualification includes also the verifications on the equipments in pressure

07/06/2012Agreement of cooperation between Europe and Russia in the railway
field is signed by UNIFE and UIRE

07/06/2012New terminal for forest in the port of operating Ventspils
Diventerà at the end of 2013

08/06/2012Minoan Lines suspends the service of Venice-Greece line
Garrison in front of the Venetian Town hall of the workers of the companies in contract in Fincantieri

08/06/2012The port of Livorno tightens ties with the Bulgarian port of call of Burgas
Nikolov: “I will propose to the European institutions that Livorno becomes the center of the secretariat of the new corridor Mediterranean-Balkan”

08/06/2012Green light to the widening of the container terminal of APL in the port of Los
Angeles Il plan previews an investment of 196 million dollars

08/06/2012Grimaldi Lines will double the frequency of the marine service Brindisi - Igoumenitsa - Patrasso the
line will scale also the island of Corfù


08/06/2012International seminary on the topic “the resource of the cruises for Livorno and the Tuscany” will
hold tuesday to Livorno in the within of the communitarian plan “Seatoland”

08/06/2012CMA CGM reunites the five branches that takes care of intermodal transport in an only Constituted entity
Greenmodal Transport

08/06/2012The ports of and Livorno are inserted in the European Corridor Helsinki - the TV assistant
from Tuscany city council member Ceccobao, taking part to the bureau political of the CRPM to Helsinki, has introduced the “Paper of the Lily” for safety in sea

11/06/2012Fincantieri has launched a pattugliatore second for Marina of the United Arab Emirates
In yard STX Turku Shipyard has carried out the ceremony of multipurpose baptism of a ship of the Gaiamare company

11/06/2012Costa Crociere records an sensitive increase of the
25 reservations May the company has exceeded quota million passengers reserved on the cruises

11/06/2012The REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT Latium has cancelled the award of Siremar to Company of the Islands
Received the resource introduced from Society Sicilian Navigation (Ustica Lines and Charon & Tourist)

11/06/2012Last month the marine traffic in the Suez Canal is diminished of 1.2%
the ships in transit transported altogether 63,1 million tons of goods (+10.1%)


11/06/2012The Chamber of Commerce of Savona chooses Angrisano for the presidency of the Harbour Authority the
agency has specified to have verified the availability of the admiral

11/06/2012ANITA, the indefensible levels of taxation and costs emphasizes the risk of destrutturazione and offshoring of the
Arcese enterprises: every one hundred vehicles registered abroad the Italian state treasury loses almost eight million euros the year

11/06/2012Norwegian Cruise Line will exercise the option of purchase of the ship from cruise Norwegian
transaction will have a value of 259,3 million dollars

11/06/2012The Harbour Authority of Taranto to Shanghai to hunting of new customers
Undersigned a protocol of understanding with the Shanghai International Shipping Institute

11/06/2012The International Chamber of Shipping exhorts the EU to maintain the regimes of tonnage tax
the association proposes not to change the lines guides on the aids of Been about to the marine transport

12/06/2012Black smoke for the presidency of Assoporti
the directive council has unanimously decided to send back the shareholders' meeting asking Nerli to convene it for July


12/06/2012Vasto candid own port for the marine connections with the other side of the Adriatic the
mayor Lapenna has sped up an encounter with the city council member to the Transports of the Abruzzi Region

12/06/2012Last April the world-wide containerized marine shipment volume has grown of 4.1% the
exports from Europe is piled to 1,3 million teu (- 0.1%) and the imports to 1,8 million teu (- 4.9%)

12/06/2012The harbour operators of the crotonese ask the institution for a regional harbour Agency Sped
up the abrogation of decree that he has extended the administration and the management of the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro to the ports of Crotone and Corigliano

12/06/2012Of Appolonia antibomb for airplane wins a prize for its textile container
Protect aircrafts and passengers from outbreaks caused from eventual devices hidden inside baggages

12/06/2012APM Terminals under construction orders to new crane for the terminal in the area Maasvlakte di Rotterdam Store
clerk to the Austrian Hans Künz GmbH


12/06/2012Gallanti: the port of Livorno has need of a terminal for the cruises
“Rotterdam - it has emphasized - is even being equipped of a terminal in order to receive the ships from cruise. We, that we have behind the Tuscany, cannot lose other time”

12/06/2012Necessary ulterior analyses before to leave with the dredging of the port of Pescara
Head: “today we have at least the certainty that the government has realized of the gravity of the situation of our port”

13/06/2012The 25 june to Turin will hold a convention on “Italy to the center of the commercial exchanges of the future”
Are organized from Uniontrasporti

13/06/2012Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore has grown of 1.2%
In the first five months of the 2012 increment has been of 1.0%

13/06/2012The Greek group Attica has taken in Blue delivery the new ferry PatmosÈ Star
constructed from the South Korean Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co.

13/06/2012“K” Linens constitutes joint venture with Noble Chartering the
objective is to operate ships portarinfuse Capesize commercially

13/06/2012Danaos Corporation takes in delivery a new portacontainer from 13.100 teu
Boxes Ships acquires two portacontainer of the Orient Overseas Line Container

13/06/2012Terex fines tune the offer for the harbour industry with the new brand Terex Gottwald
With this brand will be proposed produced of Gottwald Port the Technologies

13/06/2012The Greek IN the Lines has threatened to suspend own marine services the
company denunciation not to be able to buy the fuel because of the lacked arrival the deep civil servants

13/06/2012Hamburg Süd, CCNI, CSCL, Hanjin and HMM upgrade the services Asia-Mexico/West Coast South America Will
continue to being offered two lines

13/06/2012MOL will withdraw temporary or definitively by the market from 10 to 20 to rinfusiere Capesize the
ships will be demolished or placed in disarmament

13/06/2012The Helvetic operators of the railway transport goods organize themselves in order to tackle to the interruption of the line of the Saint Gottardo
Initiatives in order to increase the ability on the Lötschberg/Sempione draft

13/06/2012The two candidates to the guide of Assoporti anticipate a common proposal for throw again of the association
Merlon and Mounts will together work to a unitary programmatica proposal to subject to the directive one

13/06/2012Tomorrow the new genoese council will decide on the green light to the yards of the Third Pass
deputy mayor the Bernini: from tomorrow the intense activities will be able to be begun. From the opposition: in the majority - Musso denunciation - there is a new coalition that is opposed at work

14/06/2012The 21 june will celebrate the “World-wide Day of the Hydrography”
In occasion of the celebration Istituto Idrografico of Marina has organized a day “to open doors”

14/06/2012The Province of Savona has formalized the indication of Marson like its candidate to the presidency of the Harbour Authority
Vaccarezza: my auspice was of confronts between the agencies that not have been

14/06/2012The unions announce the approval of the platform for renew of ccnl of the workers of the ports
the Green light also to the hypothesis of platform for renew of the logistic contract, transport goods and shipments

14/06/2012Inaugurated in the port of Rotterdam the first system of cold ironing for the oceanic ships it is
installed near the terminal of the Stena Line

14/06/2012Last month the traffic of the container in the Chinese marine ports has grown of 9.2%
In the first five months of the 2012 increment has been of 8.7%

14/06/2012The logistics on account third party is one of the keys in order to reach the objectives of environmental sustainability of the economic activities yesterday
Concluded to Milan the convention “Be Green! The logistics that saves the organized atmosphere” from Assologistica Culture and Formation

14/06/2012Today the experimental start of the operating activity to the Eurogate Container Wilhelmshaven Terminal the
only terminal for containers in deep waters of the Germany will enter in exercise to the end of September

14/06/2012Today a governmental delegation Algerian has visited the port of the
initiative makes keeps on the two “Days of study on the management and the economy of the held ports and the naval industry” in November to Algeri

14/06/2012The assembly of the shareholders of Premuda has approved of the budget of exercise 2011
has shut with a result negative of 4,7 million euros

14/06/2012The shareholders' meeting of Assoporti will hold the 18
Confirmed July the participation of the vice minister of Infrastructures and Ciaccia Transports

14/06/2012Ok of the genoese council to the first yard of the Third Guccinelli Pass
(Liguria Region): it is a work to which we cannot renounce

14/06/2012Zim will insert the port of Durrës in the spin of service ADX
the Albanian port of call will be touched beginning from the next month

14/06/2012Today the intense activities of construction of the new South Korean port of Saemangeum are inaugurated will be
completed in 2030

14/06/2012Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City has grown of 5.5%
In the first five months of the 2012 increment has been of 6.0%

15/06/2012UCINA expresses strong worry on the hypothesis of cut of the contributions for the development of the exports
the association wishes that an ulterior increase to the companies of the nautical section is avoided already hardly hit by the crisis

15/06/2012Tuesdays the members of the committee of designation for the new president of Assoporti will meet Merlo and
Monti Obiettivo is to deepen the terms of the proposal of unitary candidacy of the presidents of the ports of Genoa and Civitavecchia

15/06/2012Paolo Odone is the new president of the National Committee of Coordination of the Customers and of the Harbour Operators
Currently he is president of the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa let alone president of Uniontrasporti

15/06/2012Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is increased of 2.7%
In the first five months of the 2012 increase has been of 2.0%

15/06/2012The 25 june will be inaugurated the renewed railway park of the port of Venice
Operatively will be able to manage a traffic of 50 trains to the day

15/06/2012NEL continuous Lines to operate own marine services regularly the
company has received reassurances from the government on the deposit of the rear payments

15/06/2012Meeting to Trieste of the plan “Policy marine Enviromental Research for Southern European Seas”
Table of job on the impact of the human activities and the natural pressures in the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea

15/06/2012The port of Long Beach records the eleventh consecutive month of bending of the traffic of the container
In the first five months of the 2012 port of call has enlivened 2.266.406 teu (- 6.1%)

15/06/2012Joint venture of APM Terminals and Ningbo Port Group in order to manage three docks of the Meishan Container Terminal of Ningbo
the terminal will be completed to end 2014 and will have a annual ability to traffic pairs to 2,8 million teu

15/06/2012Mingozzi (Common of Ravenna) appreciates the engagement of the Harbour Authority on the
Priority dredgings - it has confirmed deputy mayor - also the realization of the new terminal container and the realization of the E55

15/06/2012Nel the 2011 increase of the container in from Liguria ports has been of +2.6% the rate of
increase has been inferior to that of the other ports of call of West Med and the ports of the Northern Range

18/06/2012Nel bill Development the government has inserted an article on the autonomy financial institution of the ports
Nerli (Assoporti): favorable that the Parliament makes an ulterior effort in order to return it more adequate to the effective requirements of the portualità. Calabria Region unstops (): the norm strongly penalizes the port of Gioia Tauro

18/06/2012Convention on the topic “logistic Corridors: motor of development of Organized the marine-harbour logistics”
from Wista Italy in collaboration with Assagenti, will hold the 29 june to Genoa

18/06/2012The conference has been concluded to Genoa quarantunesimo anniversary of the ANPAN
Valentina Schiavi is elected president for biennium 2012-2014

18/06/2012Ports America will acquire 10% of Kao Ming Container Terminal of the port of Kaohsiung the
system is of property of the shipowning group Yang Ming

18/06/2012ETC and CLIA evidence the increase of the crocieristica industry in Europe
This summer in the European seas will navigate 206 ships from cruise that will touch 528 destinations

18/06/2012This afternoon the Harbour Authority of Trieste anticipates restored Central Hydrodynamics
Inauguration of the exhibition “Hydrodynamic Headquarters: before and after the restoration”

18/06/2012Nel first trimester of the 2012 traffic goods in the Swiss Rhenish ports has grown of 34%
the increment has mainly had to the solid rise of the liquid fuel imports

18/06/2012Satisfaction of ANITA for the clarifications of the EU commission on the vehicles ecocombi
draft - it has emphasized Arcese - of an opportunity that we must pick at least on the national traffic

18/06/2012Al the 2025 traffic of the container in the nordeuropei ports will go up to quota 94,3-112,5 million teu
previews a study to It of Ocean Shipping Consultants

19/06/2012Silversea Cruises buys the tour operator ecuadoregno Canodros and its ship Galapagos Explorer
september the 2013 unit will be subordinate to a radical restructure

19/06/2012Companies Tunisienne de Navigation have taken in delivery new the great TanitLa ferry
ship will be employed on the route that connects Tunisi with the ports of Genoa and Marseilles

19/06/2012Kuehne + Nagel inaugurates a new warehouse in Hungary
Is to service of the plant of Mercedes-Benz to Kecskemét

19/06/2012Wilh. Wilhelmsen acquires 35.4% of the capital stock of NorSea Group the
society offers to logistic services and systems to the Norwegian industry of the oil and the gas

19/06/2012The Russian Summa obtains 56% of the shipowning, terminalistico group and logistic FESCO
“We have acquired a great company with good perspectives of increase”, it has emphasized the president of the group Summa, Vinokurov

19/06/2012Confapi Transports, the government “has been forgotten” about the Unico Doganale Contemporaneamente Door
- accusation Fires - comes emanated norms that heavy aggravate the endorsements previewed from art. the 303 of the TULD

19/06/2012The Town council of Palermo revokes a deliberation with which various marinas they were entrusted to the Harbour Authority
Bordering: “the city of Palermo has the right not to be expropriated neither of own ports neither of own coast”

20/06/2012The assembly of Golar LNG approves of delisting of the society from the Stock exchange of Oslo
the company is present also on the securities market NASDAQ

20/06/2012Inaugurated the second berthing for ferry boats to the Pier of East of the port of Arbatax
it is realized with a financing of 4.582.000 euros

20/06/2012All'Interporto of Bologna has held a seminary on the changes in the
Fercam logistics has introduced the plan that will see the realization of a new logistic system in from Bologna node

20/06/2012Dal 27 june will be activated check-in for the trucks that are embarked in the port of Trieste directed in Turkey the
initiative in order to eliminate the congestion of the caused city traffic from the flow of Tir

20/06/2012Rotterdam World Gateway obtains a credit line of 360 million euros will be
used in order to finance the construction of the container terminal in the area Maasvlakte 2 of the port of Rotterdam

20/06/2012FerCargo wishes the exclusion of the rail shipment of the goods from strike tomorrow the
field - it has explained the association - is found to live a period of serious difficulty in our Country

20/06/2012Undersigned today the pact between government, local and private institutions for I throw again of the port of Taranto
Priest: it is a “historical result”. Previewed investments for approximately 190 million euros. TCT revokes the putting in mobility of 160 workers. Grimaldi (Gioia Tauro) expresses perplexity for the provision on the autonomy financial institution of the ports

20/06/2012The Harbour Committee of Livorno has given the go-ahead free to the town development plan of the port
Now the plan will have to be subordinate to the procedure of environmental appraisal

20/06/2012Friday to Genoa the conclusive conference of the European plan “Wind and Ports”
Faces the monitoring of the wind to the aims of a planning in all safety of the harbour operativity

21/06/2012Local institutions and unions sign the agreement for the acquisition of the Baglietto Yards from Azimut
the understanding protocol are signed yesterday by Liguria Region, Province of Savona and Comune of Varazze

21/06/2012Hapag-Lloyd will suspend the service ocean-going liner weekly magazine Atlantic Express Shuttle
Colleague the ports of Amburgo, Antwerp and New York

21/06/2012Contract Marino Rosettes - Rolls-Royce of the value of 18 million pounds
Is relative to the finish of the system of propulsion and other destined equipments to a ship support put down-anchors

21/06/2012ITF protests for the unjustified arrest of a Moroccan union member
Cockroft: “we expect that the Moroccan government active for liberalo immediately”

21/06/2012Assologistica protests for the lacked inclusion the Unico Doganale Door in decrees
Mearelli Development: “he is serious not to pursue an activity of objective simplification that for the Italian economy is one of the main levers of resumption and development”

21/06/2012The EU commission has started a consultation on the quality of the harbour services and on the efficiency and the transparency of the harbour system
Verhoeven (ESPO): “we receive with favor the initiative of the Commission to consult the interested parts”

21/06/2012Israel Corporation introduces other 25 million dollars in Zim La
participation of the Israeli group in the shipowning company is gone up by 99.62% to 99.66%

21/06/2012Ok of the council of Livorno to the decree of the Harbour office in exception to I decree “anti to bow” the
exception - the city council member has explained Fat - allows the full operativity of the port of Livorno

21/06/2012New slowly for the privatization of the Croatian ship yards 3.Maj and Uljanik
Prevede the privatization of the plant of Pula, than successively will acquire the yard of Rijeka

21/06/2012Green light of the Technical Committee Regionale of the Apulia to the rigassificatore of Brindisi
Vendola: “it is a ballot that we consider lacking in legitimacy, contesting some the procedure. We announce therefore a resource to the Regional Administrative Court”

21/06/2012The minister of the Shipping of Bangladesh has visited the port of Naples
is received by the president of the Harbour Authority, Luciano Dassatti

21/06/2012Round table on the topic “Road haulage: the aggregation as
Organized lever of development” from Federtrasporti, will hold saturday to Alberobello (Bari)

21/06/2012The Harbour Authority of Trieste has renewed own Internet site the
portal is still in phase of development in order to allow with all of giving own contribution to the realization process

22/06/2012Green light conditioned of the Antitrust to the acquisition of Tirrenia from CIN
the authorization is subordinated to the price cutting, to the cession of routes, the escape of Moby from the route Torres Genoa-Port and to the cession of transport ability. Brussels invites Italy to comply to the norms of the EU on the contracts publics for the regional services of ferry

22/06/2012Brussels exhorts Lithuania to abolish the barriers to the allocation of harbour
areas the Lithuanian legislation guarantees a preemptive right to the terminals operator for renews of theirs contracted of concession

22/06/2012The HHIC yard Subic Shipyards has obtained an order in order to construct ten portacontainer from 5.000 teu
the store clerk has a value of 450 million dollars

22/06/2012Tomorrow the new line will be inaugurated Bari-Durrës
ferry will be operated by Tnitsea Shipping with the ship “European Voyager”

22/06/2012Manifest Federagenti worry for the absence of the Unico Doganale Door in I decree to Development the
federation of the agents and marine brokers have asked an encounter the minister Passera and the Ciaccia undersecretary

22/06/2012Aricò (Sicilian Region): on the PRP of Palermo you respect iter approbative
the Portuale Town development plan - it has emphasized the city council member - cannot be object of querelle between Harbour Authority and town council

22/06/2012The crocieristico group Carnival has closed the period February-May with a profit clearly of 14 million dollars (- 93.2%)
Revenues in decrease of 2.3%. The operating profit is piled to 253 million dollars (- 9.3%)

22/06/2012Ugl Transports, well the green light of the Antitrust to Tirrenia-CIN, but remains reserves the
union attends clarifications on the restrictions taxes to Moby

22/06/2012Concluded the cataloging and the police record of assets of the transferred Lloyd Triestino Saranno collection
under gratuitous title to the Municipality of Trieste

25/06/2012Agreement USC - STX for the construction of ships for which liquified
natural gas will be realized in the ship yard Admiralty Shipyard of Saint Petersburg

25/06/2012Summit to Venice on the tourist portualità
Encounter between Italy and France in sight of summit ICOMIA 2014 to Istanbul

25/06/2012New prize “The Best Marine Woman of the Year 2012”
Has the objective to value and to make to emerge the high feminine professionalities in the field of the nautical one from diporto

25/06/2012Fit-Cisl protests for the lacked involvement the trade-union part to the convention on Maritime the Labour Convention 2006 Di
Fiore: “strongly a social part has been discriminated”

25/06/2012Approval of Confetra for the possibility of the non stop clearance for the certifyd operators
Luzzati: “draft of a sign a lot appreciated from the enterprises”

25/06/2012GEFCO widens the collaboration with
Leroy Merlin Il logistic group manages also destined shipments to the new sales point of Udine

25/06/2012German ship yard FSG of Flensburg acquires an order for a new ferry
is emitted by the Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd.

25/06/2012Introduced the widening of the railway park of the port of Venice
Nuovo system of connections via train with interposing you of Padua and Verona

25/06/20122 and 3 July to Trieste will hold the world-wide convention on the Zones and the Carriage frees Will
have for topic “total Connectivity with the basin of the Mediterranean”

25/06/2012Installed a new photovoltaic system in the plant of Saint George of the Port It
is first to being positioned in the area of the naval repairs of the port of Genoa

25/06/2012Nel port of Marseilles is inaugurated a new Point of Inspection Borderer
is realized with an investment of beyond 300 thousand euros

25/06/2012Labor relation on the difficult conditions of job of the marine ones of the ships that operate in the Black Sea
Cotton (ITF): The document “is a true catalogue of shame”

26/06/2012It continues the fort increment of the traffic of the container in the port of the Pireo
In the first five months of the 2012 terminal operated from PPA has recorded an increase of +54.9% and that managed from PCT of +130.8%

26/06/2012In May the traffic in the port of Genoa is increased of 4.9%
In the first five months of 2012 recorded a bending of 3.6%

26/06/2012The Steinweg Dutch acquires the control of the logistic group South African Shipping Bridge
To December the company of Rotterdam had bought the Nomad Freight di Johannesburg

26/06/2012GAC has started a new service of street transport LCL between Turkey and the United Kingdom ago
Offers to two departures to the week and stage in Germany, France, Belgium and Holland

26/06/2012Brussels authorizes Vitol to acquire 50% of the Cockett
Marine Oil Partnership of the Dutch company with the South African group Grindrod

26/06/2012The ICS Second opposes to the location of a route which predetermined for the transit in the Channel of Mozambique
the shipowning organization, would be risked to increase the risk of collisions rather than to diminish it

26/06/2012Saipem adjudicates new contracts in the perforations for 500 million dollars
Is relative to offshore and onshore activity in areas

26/06/2012New measures for safety of the cruises introduced from the CLIA and the ETC
In the 2011 contribution of the crocieristica industry to the European economy have reached the quota record of 36,7 billion euros

27/06/2012The REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT for the Apulia cancels the nomination of Haralambides to president of the Harbour Authority of Brindisi
the judges considers that the Italian citizenship is an indispensable requirement in order to approach the charge

27/06/2012The port of Bilbao equips of a new terminal cruises
will be realized in the harbour zone of Getxo in an adjacent area to the new Marine Station

27/06/2012Commerzbank announces the decision to reorganize and to abandon the branch that takes care of 22 naval
financing May the German group had carried to term the fusion with Deutsche Schiffsbank

27/06/2012The port of Shanghai previews to arrive to quota a million crocieristi in the 2015
Last year traffic is piled to 300 thousand fleeting

27/06/2012The EU commission opens an investigation on the public subsidies distributed to French companies SNCM and CMN
Under examination the deep ones granted in order to operate the connections via sea Marseilles-Corsica

27/06/2012The Bulgarian government anticipates a plan of privatization of harbour terminals, Waited for airports and railroads
investments for beyond means billion of euro

27/06/2012Tomorrow to Naples a round table on the topic “the customs door, an opportunity not to lose”
Is organized from Propeller Club Port of Naples

27/06/2012The Helvetic federal Council proposes the construction of a second cane of Traforo of the Saint Gottardo Would
have to be open to the traffic around 2027

27/06/2012Positive the start of the service of check-in of the Tir Turkish that is embarked in the port of Trieste carries
out near the traffic centre of the Intermodal Terminal of Trieste - Fernetti

28/06/2012Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona is diminished of 7.9%
In the first five months of the 2012 bending has been of 7.2%

28/06/2012Christened a new portacontainer from 7.100 teu of the German Hamburg Süd
the ship is constructed in the ship yard of Geoje of South Korean DSME

28/06/2012Plan of fusion between Bahri (The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia) and Sail (group Saudi Aramco)
Will be born a company with a fleet of 77 ships, of which 32 VLCC, 20 to chimichiere, five product tanker, four ro-ro and 16 ships under construction

28/06/2012Workshop on the marine lefts and the insurance covers
Organized from the Faculty of Economy of the University of Genoa, will hold the 5 July in from Liguria chief town

28/06/2012Tomorrow to Salerno the meeting will hold anniversary of GEIE EUROPHAR (European Protection Harbour Area) Will
deal the topics of the marine transport and the safeguard of the atmosphere

28/06/2012The main European organizations of the marine-harbour industry ask guarantees on deep the EU destined the nets TRY
32 billion euros of the program Connecting Europe Facility - they emphasize - constitute the vital minimal resources and must be absolutely guaranteed

28/06/2012Zim will insert the port of Halifax Regional Municipality in the spin of Mediterranean service ZCA - America
North transit the Time from Genoa will be of eight days

28/06/2012ABB acquires an order of the value of 80 million dollars of Samsung Heavy Industries Ltd. Will
supply systems constituents and of propulsion and energetic efficientamento for five systems of perforation and two to metaniere

28/06/2012The conference is opened to Bari anniversary of the SIET - Society of Economy of the Transports and the Logistics
This afternoon round table on the topic “Infrastructures, accessibility and increase”

28/06/2012From Liguria institutions and unions ask the government not to extinguish the reflectors on Tirrenia
Emphasized the necessity of protecting the role exercised from the society of navigation in the harbour, regional and macroregional economy

28/06/2012Fincantieri obtains a loan of 140 million euros from the BEAUTIFUL
ones Is face to finance the programs in research & development. Green light to the upset to sea of the plant of Sestri West, but - Fiom Cgil emphasizes - the government has not distributed necessary 50 million euros

28/06/2012APM Terminals opens regional headquarters to Singapore
the office of the company to Shanghai will concentrate own attention on China and Japan

29/06/2012Inaugurated the sixth dock of Manila International Container Terminal
the annual ability to traffic of the system is gone up by 1,9 million to 2,5 million container teu

29/06/2012Cargotec buys the assets in the field of the technique of automation of the autraliano group Asciano
Passes to the Finnish group also the relative team constituted from 23 people

29/06/2012Saipem has adjudicated new Offshore contracts E&C of the value of approximately 350 million dollars
the activities will be carried out in Angola and Nigeria

29/06/2012MOL announces the completion of the construction of the first ship ship hybrid garage
Agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. for the construction of a new generation of ships for which liquified natural gas

29/06/2012Tuesday Grimaldi Lines will activate the new line ro-ro Savona - Barcelona - Valencia Nel from Liguria
port the ships will land to the Savona Terminal Car

29/06/2012Assembly of the Committee of the Companies of Marine insurances of Genoa
Barberis: the severe hardening of the waited for market as a result of the incident to Costa Concordia can be be a matter of a straw fire

29/06/2012Convention on the topic “Livorno tomorrow, an European harbour city” will
hold Wednesday in the auditorium of the Chamber of Commerce of Livorno

29/06/2012Today the inaugural reunion of the High Level Group for the Logistics of the EU commission has held
Has the task to supply a strategic advising on the future measures in the section of the transports that can influence the field of the logistics

29/06/2012Nei first five months of the 2012 traffic in the port of Valencia is increased of 1.1%
the container has totaled 1.768.506 teu (+1.2%)

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