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25 June 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 06:07 GMT+2

02/07/2012New terminal for bulk sand banks of the Adani group in the port of Kandla
the investment will pile to 215 million dollars

02/07/2012The Japanese Sanko Line asks the controlled administration
Failed the attempt for agreement with the creditors

02/07/2012The port of Porto Torres parts to charm from the sirens of the traffic of transhipment the Harbour
Committee has adopted unanimously the lines guides of the new Portuale Town development plan, that it includes a terminal ro-ro and container of the ability to approximately 1,5 million teu

02/07/2012I throw again of the Italian economy passes through the ports
Introduced to Genoa the volume “The new Economic Port Landscape. Economic Performance and Social Progress”

02/07/2012Piero Lazzeri is reconfirmed president of Fedespedi for the three years the 2012-2015
three years that has crossed - he has found Lazzeri - has been particularly difficult for the spedizionieristico section and in the near future decisive challenges for the category will be played

02/07/201211 and 12 July to Civitavecchia will hold “the 2 days of the Mediterranean” will be
introduced a plan in order to make of Civitavecchia a logistic important hub the service of the second area of production and consumption of Italy

02/07/2012The unions manifest worry for the stall of the procedure of privatization of Tirrenia
Pico (Federmar): there is always something that the filler in open sea. Ugl Transports proclaims the state of agitation of all the dependent of the company

02/07/2012CMA CGM sells the branch crocieristica Companies du Ponant to the Bridgepoint the
company has 580 dependent

02/07/2012Trieste wants a modern regime of “free zones” to the free points of the port
Is on the international conference “Global Connectivity with the Mediterranean Basin”

02/07/2012The Harbour Authority of will arrange of the areas of the port of call goods of S.
Stefano Magra Siglato a Logistic lease contract with FS

03/07/2012The joint service West Med - USA di Maersk Line and CMA CGM land to Tanger Med rather than to Malaga the
first touched to the port of call hub African will happen friday

03/07/2012The association of the CNA-Fita road haulage announces throws again of confronts with the committenza the national
council has decided not the adhesion to the arrest warrant which proclaimed from the 8 to the 13 July

03/07/2012Airbus will for the first time install an own productive center in the USA the
new factory, situated to Piece of furniture, in Alabama, will become operating in 2015

03/07/2012Started in experimental phase the operating activity on the Muelle Prat of the port of Barcelona the
container terminal is managed by the Tercat of the Hutchison Port Holdings group

03/07/2012“K” Linens previews to close the period 1° April - 30 september in Waited
for loss an increase of the revenues

03/07/2012Triple di Maersk Line is included in the list of the one hundred solutions for the construction of a sustainable
society is defined by the not governmental organization international Sustainia

03/07/2012DP World has yielded 60% of Adelaide Container Terminal to Flinders Ports
the Australian society stops the entire capital stock now

03/07/2012Pico (Federmar-Cisal): CIN confirmation the will to acquire Tirrenia
Waited for this afternoon the ok of the banks to the financing of the operation

03/07/2012The 30 large chests in order to put again in Costa Concordia floatation will be realized by Fincantieri
Sfuma the allocation of the store clerk to New Apuania Yards

03/07/2012Order of the Enesel Greek (Lemos family) to HHI for 10 new portacontainer from the 13.800 teu
ships will be rented to the shipowning group Evergreen

03/07/2012The Harbour Authority of Livorno has introduced the formative program the 2012-2013
Leighorn agency is front man of a plan that involves eight Port Authority

03/07/2012NOL offers for sale the palace that accommodates own headquarters to Singapore the
cession has been programmed to the aim to free destined economic resources to strategic investments

03/07/2012CHEP has opened an own new center services to Cerea (Verona)
the company sends, collects, it per year repairs and it resends beyond 300 million pallet and containers

03/07/2012Friuli Venice Julia and Calabria heads at the bonded areas which opportunity of conclusive development
Day to Trieste of Global the international convention “connectivity with the Mediterranean Basin”

04/07/2012Maersk Line signs a contract with the American department of the Defense of the value of 2,1 billion dollars
consisting Others store clerks to companies APL, ARC, Farrell Lines, LGL and Hapag-Lloyd

04/07/2012Harbour Nell'area of Marseilles will be realized a new terminal for the arranged transport road-track
Green light to the increase of Bocca Nord of the basin

04/07/2012The port of Rotterdam tightens the ties with Switzerland
Agreement with Port of Switzerland with the objective to use the region of Basel which gateway towards the railway Switzerland and passes and street transalpines towards Italy

04/07/2012In Spain the institution of the organism is born the Permanent Observatory of the Market of the Harbour
Services, that it has advisory character, is previewed by the new law on the ports of 2010

04/07/2012Drydocks agreement World - Kuok in order to create a ship yard leader in the region of the Asian
south-east the plant will have center to Singapore

04/07/2012Renewed for 53 years the concession to La Spezia Container Terminal the
society will invest 200 million euros, of which approximately 80 million dedicated to civil works that will be confiscated by the public part

04/07/2012The Harbour Authority of Livorno enters in the Board of Directors of the Interporto Toscano
Amerigo Vespucci Rappresentante of the agency is the general secretary Massimo Provinciali

04/07/2012The future development of the port of Genoa is on the sea
Introduced the lines guides for the new Portuale Town development plan that include a series of hypothesis from the only comun denominator of the displacement to south of the dams breakwater and the fillings

05/07/2012Saturdays the children de “the Port of the Little ones” will visit the port of
In program the experimentation of the naval simulator of School LITAV

05/07/2012Rossi (Tuscany Region): the removal of the property left at death one of Costa Concordia will offer opportunity for from Tuscany
enterprises Confides - it has specified - than a part of the job can be capacity to New Apuania Yards

05/07/2012Evergreen stops orderbook the record of the industry of the containerized marine transport the
ability to the ships under construction on behalf of the taiwanese society piles to total 446,000 teu

05/07/2012CMA CGM intends to invest in the port of Abidjan
the French group has confirmed the participation to the contest for the realization and management of according to container the terminal

05/07/2012MSC and Bertschi acquire 20% of the railway society private Crossrail Swiss the
other associates are the Jeune Capital & Partners, LKW, Hupac and GTS

05/07/2012Trasportounito announces the renunciation to the arrest warrant of the road haulage which proclaimed for the 8-13 July
Opening of a table of confronts from the undersecretary to the Improta Transports

05/07/2012Seminary on the protection of the human life from attacks of
Introduced piracy a system of formation for the protection of the crews of the Italian ships

05/07/2012Nel first semester of the 2012 traffic of the container in the port of Trieste is increased of 18.6%
Volume record for the june month

05/07/2012Merlon-Mount alternation to the guide of the Association of the Italian Ports the
directive one of the association will propose to the assembly the alternation of the two presidents in the phase of transition of two years

06/07/2012Groupama is in negotiations with Helvetiums in order to yield them own insurance pocketbook in the marine field the French
group is present in the branch risks navy and transports with Groupama Transport

06/07/2012CMA CGM will participate to the contest for according to container the terminal of Abidjan within a consortium the
other partner will contribute financially to the initiative

06/07/2012Nei first six months of this year the traffic in the port of Savona is diminished of 12.4%
Visit of the Danish ambassador in Italy to the basin of Goes in order to inquire on the state of the intense activities of the platform container of Maersk

06/07/2012The 11 July to Rome will hold the encounter anniversary of the national Observatory on the transport goods and the logistics the
topic of the meeting is “the future of the ports between public and private dimension”

06/07/2012Italy has much to make in order to equip of effective integrated systems port-retroporto organized
Convention from WISTA Italy

06/07/2012Perplexity of Confitarma for the cancellation of the nomination of Haralambides to president of the Harbour Authority of Brindisi
“Al beyond the closely legal aspect - it has explained the shipowning Confederation - raises perplexity on its opportunity”

06/07/2012Activity record to the Medcenter Container Terminal of Gioia Tauro with the contemporary presence of three mega portacontainer MSC
Bagalà: it is clearly a sign of rebirth of the port

06/07/2012Started the operating activity on new Marina Bay Cruise Center Singapore
the next autumn will be inaugurated officially

09/07/2012Nel first semester of the 2012 port of Kaohsiung has enlivened 4.856.976 container (+1.4%)
In june the traffic is diminished of 0.9%

09/07/2012Wärstilä signs an agreement with Princess Cruises in the long term
Is relative to the assistance and maintenance of the motors installed on seven ships of the company

09/07/2012DFDS renews the agreement for the supply of services of transport to the automotive house Volvo
Found also the management of the terminal ro-ro Mercatordok Terminal of the port of Ghent

09/07/2012Boluda agreement - PB Towage in order to acquire contracts of towing to the terminals LNG in Australia
Previews the combined presentation of offers

09/07/20126 October to Genoa will hold career day “Carriere@ICD” dedicated to the crocieristica
the initiative will follow the Italian Cruise Day, in program near the Marine Station

09/07/2012Technical table for the creation of a system integrated between Piacenza and the port of Genoa the
first objective is to slim practical the bureaucratic ones

09/07/2012Danaos Corporation has completed own program of new constructions
Taken in delivery the new portacontaner “Hyundai Ambition” of the ability to 13.100 teu

09/07/2012The MSC traffics throw again the port of
Gioia Tauro Grimaldi: “a detail approval goes to the optimal performances exercised from our harbour work force”

10/07/2012MSC renews two Asia services - Europe North
Touched to Singapore in the Lion line and port of call to Yantian in the Swan service, by which the landing place to Vung Tau is cancelled

10/07/2012Lombardy region will sign an agreement with RFI and Ferrovienord in order to eliminate the necks of bottle from the railway net
“93% of the transport goods in Lombardy - it has emphasized the Cattaneo city council member - still happens on rubber and solo 7% on iron”

10/07/2012The shareholders' meeting of Assoporti will hold the 18 July to
Roma Incontro will happen near Roma Eventi-Piazza of Spain with beginning to hours 10.15

10/07/2012The port of celebrates the first landing place of the service Med/West Africa of COSCON
To Marigola Villa has held “COSCO DAY 2012”

10/07/2012Nel the 2011 industrial accidents in the marine section are dropped of 21.0%
the Seven mortal incidents, five of which in the field they fishes

10/07/2012Bureau Veritas anticipates a new system of certification of the ships based on a computerized procedure
Maillot: “that of the certification of the ships is the last great area in which it is present obsolete documentation”

10/07/2012GEFCO acquires the greater contract of logistics of its history
is selected by General Motors which exclusive partner for the logistics in Europe and Russia

11/07/2012Vopak will sell 30% of the terminal for liquid bulk of Durban to the South African Reatile Chemicals the
system has a total ability to 130.000 cubic metres

11/07/2012Nel first semester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Dunkerque is diminished of 3.9%
In increase the goods several. Contraction of the bulk volume

11/07/2012SBB CFF FFS Cargo will widen the offer for the intermodal traffic in Switzerland in forecast of an increase of the market
Previewed the institution of a net of trains of line and terminal of transfer on all the national territory

11/07/2012Financed the first draft of the only American railway line express dedicated to the high speed
California High-Speed Rail Authority it joins to the International Union of Railways

11/07/2012CNA-Fita has met the undersecretary Improta
Confronto on the topics that regard the category of the road haulage

11/07/2012Brussels authorizes a delay of the subsidy Italian-French for the alpine railway freeway on the Digione-Modane-Turin axis the green
light is subordinated to the concession of the service within the 30 june 2013

11/07/2012It begins according to cycle of presidencies of the North Adriatic Ports Association
the Reunion to Koper, port that has assumed the guide of the association from 1° the July

11/07/2012The EU commission temporary authorizes the distribution of an aid to German ship yard P+S Werften
draft of a subsidy of 152,4 million euros

11/07/2012The port of Civitavecchia anticipates a development plan that previews investments for beyond 650 million euros
Direct co-financing from the Harbour Authority of the works in a position to certainly producing an economic return

11/07/2012Completed the outer dam that protect the new harbour area Maasvlakte 2 of Rotterdam the
first container terminal it will become operating in 2014

11/07/2012Signed the agreement on the management of the “vinciane doors” in order to avoid the sand fill of the port of Livorno
Previewed extraordinary participations of the value of 1,35 million euros

11/07/2012Fincantieri excluded from the ban for the restructure of a floating dock of the port of Palermo the intense
activities will be assigned to the Cimolai group

11/07/2012Interrogation parliamentarian in order to resolve the problems caused to the marine agencies from I decree Saves Italy
is introduced by the deputy Roberto Cassinelli

12/07/2012Nel first semester of this year the Chinese marine ports has enlivened 75,6 million container (+8.7%) the
traffic in the port of Shanghai has been pairs to 15,9 million teu (+3.7%)

12/07/2012Umpteenth dismissal of the dredging of the port of Pescara
the interregional Provveditorato for the public works rejects the hypothesis to use the overwhelmed bathtub of

12/07/2012Pellegrino (MSC Cruises): to start quickly politics on a national level in support of the Italian portualità the
presence of a cabin of national direction - it has explained - would avoid the dispersion of resources financial institutions

12/07/2012Guarantee SACE on the financing for the purchase of a ship ro-ro from the Grimaldi group the
new “Eurocargo Livorno” is taken in delivery 28th june

12/07/2012Nel first semester of the 2012 Suez Canal has recorded the transits of 8.573 ships (- 1.6%)
the cargo volumes that have crossed the water way are piled to 370,2 million tons (+10.7%)

12/07/2012The Harbour Committee of Naples has approved of the modifications to the Portuale Town development plan the
document recepisce the strategic lines of development of the port and the relative contained infrastructural participations in the Great Plan

12/07/2012Fincantieri and Viking Ocean Cruises Under consideration sign the contract for two new ships from extra cruise luxury
ulterior possibilities of collaboration in the field of the ships for the fluvial cruises

13/07/2012Nel port of Livorno will come undersigned a pact on the
Assumed job the income of harbour operators in the social compages of the Agelp, the agency that supplies labor for the job peaks

13/07/2012Nel first semester of the 2012 traffic in the port of Singapore has grown of 1.2%
the container is pairs to 15.640.300 teu (+7.3%)

13/07/2012Parlamentary inquiry on the privatization of Tirrenia
Laboccetta (PdL): if the purchase price is inferior to 380 million, “we would be in presence of a heavy opaque operation”

13/07/2012To days the signature of a new agreement between Italy and Korea for the experimentation of a marine only door the
plan pilot will involve the ports of Genoa, La Spezia and Busan

13/07/2012Nel according to trimester of the 2012 revenues of OOCL container (+6.1% has grown of 10.6%
In the first semester of the year the fleet of the company has transported 2.587.260)

13/07/2012Gallanti (AP Livorno): “the Harbour Authorities must be endowed of a greater contractual force” Would
have to be business oriented - it has explained - and to have the faculty to make investments to out of the harbour area

13/07/2012The unions denounce the serious situation of crisis to the Terminal Bulk of the port of Genoa
the ships go elsewhere - explain Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti - and who more is suffering are approximately 80 workers

13/07/2012The ICS renews the invitation to the Panama hat Canal Authority to send back the application of the plan of increase of the rates the
objective: to agree new a slowly tariff one to introduce when the plan of expansion of the channel is completed at the end of 2014

16/07/2012Last May the traffic of the goods in the port of Taranto has grown of 15.9%
In the first five months of the 2012 apulian port has recorded a bending of 7.1%

16/07/2012The three former ferries SeaFrance will resume the sea in August under the new brand My Ferry Link
Will carry out four race every day between the ports of Calais and Dover

16/07/2012Nel according to trimester of this year the port of Marseilles has recorded a decrease of 8.8% of the traffic of the goods
In the first semester the bending has been of 4.1%

16/07/2012Nel according to trimester of this year EBITDA and EBIT of the group Kuehne + Nagel is diminished of 6.7% and 9.0%
the revenues have grown of 5.3%

16/07/2012Bisarche Italian preannounces a new season of protest after the summer the
association accusation is the committenza “of heavy and evident nonperformances” that the Observatory of Consulta of the road haulage

16/07/2012Systems of management of energy ABB for five multipurpose ships of Rickmers
Ridurranno the emission and fuel burnup

16/07/2012Nel according to trimester of the 2012 result clearly of the Bahri Saudi has grown of 126.6%
the operating profit is increased of 42.3%

16/07/2012Nella first half of the 2012 traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of 0.7%
In the single month of june the bending has been of 6.8%

16/07/2012Plan for the construction of a terminal for hydrocarbons, diesel oil and biodiesel in the port of Pozzallo
Blanco Srl Oils has introduced request for the start of the procedure of VIA

16/07/2012The port of Casablanca increases to own ability in the field container with two new cranes post-Panamax
For the 2012 German group Liebherr previews an increment of 10% approximately of the volume of transactions

16/07/2012The port of Los Angeles City closes first semester 2012 with a traffic of beyond four million container the
increment regarding the first half last year is of 6.4%

17/07/2012Decided decrease of the number of it attacks of the pirates to the ships
In the first six months of the 2012 have been 177 regarding 266 in the first half last year

17/07/2012Nei first six months of the 2012 traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach is diminished of 4.9%
To recorded june an increment of 0.2%

17/07/2012Signed the protocol of understanding for the Intermodal Logistic Plate of Brindisi
the mayor of the prompt apulian city the government to take part for giving a guide to the local Harbour Authority

17/07/2012Federmar-Cisal fears the next dismantling of the structure of sanitary assistance to marine the
Pico: with the transfer to the Regions the expenses very probably will be destined to increase and the service to get worse, to the face of the spending review

17/07/2012The International Chamber of Shipping defends the role of the shipowning consortia for the stability of the markets
Restating not to support the unilateral decision of the EU to prohibit the conference marine, the shipowning organization wishes that the EU commission maintains in vigor at least the regulations of exemption for category for the consortia of marine transport of line

17/07/2012Region Friuli Venice Julia: within the year a strategic partner for I throw again of the airport of Ronchi of the Legionnaires the
objective is the cession of the half of the parcel of shares

17/07/2012To risk deep for the infrastructuring of the ports in Sites of reclamation of National
Interest it emphasizes It the deputy Vico (PD), that he tomorrow promises to battle on article 15 of Decreto Development in voting

17/07/2012Dal next November MSC Cruises will use Sharm el Sheikh which home port for routes in Red Sea
“MSC Harmony” will carry out 21 cruises between Egypt, Israel and Jordan

18/07/2012Nel according to trimester of this year the volume of transactions of the Wärstilä group has grown of 6%
New orders in increase of 2%. Supply of four scrubber for two new ships of Royal Caribbean

18/07/2012The International Transport Forum confirmation the inactivity of the world-wide
commerce Fears of a potential deterioration in the EU

18/07/2012European financing of 770.000 euros in order to prepare the contest for the harbour terminal of height of Venice
Costa: the plan is selected in Europe with single others five infrastructural plans pertaining to the net TRIES between that realizing in PPP

18/07/2012Nerli (Assoporti): the guide of the Association of the Italian Ports is the risk of an exclusion from the Italian ports of the great international
operators passes duumvirato Merlon-Mount

18/07/2012New order for four great ships with-ro emitted from Ignazio Messina & C. Spa
Investment of beyond three hundred million dollars. The new units will be constructed by South Korean STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Co.

18/07/2012Merlon: the Italian ports must evolve passing from the industrial model to that logistic manufacturer
Ciaccia exclude the hypothesis of amalgamations or abolitions of Harbour Authorities. Monassi: yes to a “Cernobbio” itinerant for the ports. Coast: the rates on the technical-nautical services are the fact that returns the ports less competitive

19/07/2012Slowly of Asciano in order to increase to the productivity and profit of the container terminal of Port Botany to Sydney Il
program it previews the halving of the force job

19/07/2012The Council of State overturns the sentence of the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT Latium that had blocked the cession of Siremar to Company of the Islands
is considered to regulate the development of the concorsuale procedure and legitimate the deposited surety bonds

19/07/2012The UIRR anticipates own position in sight of the definition of the fourth railway package the
association of the enterprises of arranged transport advances six proposals

19/07/2012Fifty-eight plans for the requalification of the outer dam of the port of
Named the giudicatrice commission

19/07/2012The port of Melbourne has closed the exercise the 2011-12 with an increment of 9.1% of the traffic of the goods
container has been pairs to 2,58 million teu (+7.8%)

19/07/2012ABB will buy the Amarcon Dutch, company that produces to applications software for the marine industry the
transaction will be capacity to term in the third trimester of this year

19/07/2012Antonini (Assonave): the 2012 get ready to being numbered between the years of historical minim of the question
Between the worry elements, the recent acquisition of the double store clerk of Aida Cruises from the Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.

20/07/2012Delivered to the assets of Tirrenia to the Italian Company of
Stipulated Navigation the new convention of public service of marine cabotage

20/07/2012Third consecutive trimester of contraction of the traffic enlivened from the port of Antwerp
In the first semester of the 2012 Belgian port of call has totaled 93,8 million tons of goods (- 2.1%)

20/07/2012The Croatian government has accepted the offer of Kermas Energija for the acquisition of the Brodotrogir
ship yard 95.24% of the share capital will pass of hand to the symbolic price of a kuna

20/07/2012Deep EU for the restructure of the port of Brazzaville the
plan previews a total investment of 25 million euros

20/07/2012An amendment saves the deep ones for the infrastructuring for the ports Until
Received in the night the corrections to article 15 of proposed Decreto Development from the deputy Vico

20/07/2012To Trieste Passenger terminal an area for services to the passengers waiting for boarding
Fanigliulo (Uiltrasporti is granted) is named president of Society Alpe Adria

20/07/2012The Spanish economic crisis is aggravated and the Infrastructure and Ministry of Transportation announces new cuts
Up to now with the restructure plan and rationalization of the ministry is proceeded to the liquidation or cession of 98 public societies

20/07/2012The Interporto di Cervignano is a fundamental structure for the logistics has emphasized
It the city council member to Infrastructures of the Friuli Venice Julia, Riccardo Riccardi

20/07/2012The cession of Tirrenia to CIN would have to exceed the danger of paventato spezzatino the
Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, and Uiltrasporti: now a requirement of great attention from the union is opened

23/07/2012The State Audit Court has recorded the deliberation of the CIPE that finances the Logistic Platform of Trieste
It has announced the president of the Harbour Authority in occasion of the workshop on the future of the Old Port


23/07/2012The prices of the cruises in the Mediterranean are diminished of 2.4% evidence
It a relationship of the Permanent Observatory on the proposals of travel formulated by the tour operator of EBNT and Federconsumatori

23/07/2012The status of Fincantieri is not inserted in Inventory OCSE of the aids of Been about to shipbuilding naval
the document is face to promote the market transparency and to reduce the market distortions

23/07/2012Federmar-Cisal rejects the demand for Marine Italy to increase to the duration of the boarding of the navigating staff the
union accusation the company to place a blackmail in existence threatening the transfer of the ships of the company under other flag

23/07/2012The enterprises with vehicles are the 149,563 Italian
enterprises of road haulage are 106,726 and those without motor vehicles almost 43 thousand

23/07/2012The nordeuropeo crocieristico tourism is in strong increase
This year is previewed the presence of 1.486.773 passengers (+16.0%)

23/07/2012The Municipality of Located has participated to International the Marine Festivity of Brest
the bases in order to consolidate the tie between the Festivity of the Marineria of and the French event

24/07/2012Twinning between the International Propeller Club of Naples and Venice
Masucci: the things are many that tie the two cities and the two ports. Bernardo: it is a virtual bridge between the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian one

24/07/2012Nel according to trimester of the 2012 profit clearly of CAI International has grown of 38.1%
Revenues and costs in increase respective of 39.1% and 29.8%

24/07/2012Nel 2013 Fjord Line will put in equipped service first cruise ferry of a single fed motor to which liquified natural gas Been
extended the construction in order to install the new type of propulsion

24/07/2012Initiative in order to increase the quota rail shipment of the container between the port of Amburgo and Bavaria
Currently beyond 62% of the container travels on track

24/07/2012The mayor of Ravenna asks the confirmation for the investment of 60 million for the deepening of the Candiano channel
In program 3 August the ordinary sitting of the CIPE by which the green light is attended definitive

24/07/2012German ADAC evidences the necessity that all the ships from cruise navigate with the watertight doors closed
Investigation of the German Club on the state of safety of ten ships employed in the Mediterranean

24/07/2012TransAtlantic leaves at home 25 marine ones and changes to flag to four ships
the measures takes part of the program of cost reduction of the division Industrial Shipping

25/07/2012Konecranes records a new record of the orderbook
Decided increase of the economic results in according to trimester

25/07/2012German HHLA rectifies to the decrease the forecasts of the operating and economic performances for 2012
Attended a volume of traffic of the analogous container to that of 2011 (seven million teu)

25/07/2012Costa Crociere invites the representatives of German ADAC to a new visit of Costa SerenaNaturalmente on board
- he has specified the company - this invitation is extended to all the other ships from cruise of the Costa fleet

25/07/2012Nella first half of the 2012 traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona is diminished of 5.3%
Fort decrease (- 18.4%) of the goods containerized. Bending of 5.2% of the liquid bulk. In decided increase the bulk sand banks (+43.2%)

25/07/2012Al Master MEMIT of the Mouthfuls has spoken about military logistics
Henry (GEFCO) has illustrated the activities of the logistic group to support of the Mission Been born in Afghanistan

25/07/2012Pact between the ports of Civitavecchia and Barcelona for the development of the cruises and the freeways of the sea
Undersigned an understanding protocol

25/07/2012SNCM confirmation the intention to renew the fleet
In sight orders for eight ships ro-pax. In pole position the ship yard of Saint-Nazaire of STX France

25/07/2012Confetra, the modification on the loyal responsibility in the contracts the
norm is approved of today to the Chamber in the within of the voting of confidence on Decreto Development well

25/07/2012The EU commission starts an investigation on the Maltese regime of tonnage tax
Brussels approves of a public loan to Polish ship yard CRIST and a program of Austria of support to the rail shipment of the goods

25/07/2012Within August the definitive cession of the Baglietto Yards to the today's group Azimut
Reunion near the Liguria Region

25/07/2012The Region Apulia places three conditions for the regionalization of Railroads of the East South the
agency wants to see us clear in the accounts of the railway company

26/07/2012Filt Cgil, to risk the territorial continuity towards the islands the
union irresponsibility accusation the Regions Latium, Campania and Sardinia

26/07/2012Nel first semester the result clearly of SUCH International has grown of 11.6%
Revenues in increase of 17.8%

26/07/2012ABB closes the first semester with an increase of 1% of the new orders and a decrease of 13% of the result clearly
In according to trimester the orders is increased of 2%

26/07/2012Nella first half of the 2012 volume of traffic transported from the Hupac is diminished of 11.7%
the operating activity is penalized by the numerous interruptions happens in the railway net

26/07/2012Initiative of pilots and shipowners for the correct and sure installation of the Maritime rope ladders
International Pilots' Association and International Chamber of Shipping has realized a specific pamphlet

26/07/2012Finnlines has closed the second trimester with a profit clearly of 5,7 million euros
the volume of transactions has grown of 2.8%

26/07/2012Nel according to trimester the group Royal Caribbean Cruises is incurred in a net loss of Fain 3,6 million dollars
: “the America North is holding enough well; Asia is a great opportunity, but Europe is in a rather marked decline”

26/07/2012of Friend International Shipping the unit price orders to two new tankers Handysize to Hyundai Mipo Dockyard
is of 30,65 million dollars

26/07/2012Nel first semester the HPH terminals Trust has recorded a +5% of the traffic of the container
In according to trimester the revenues has grown of 6.1%

26/07/2012Christened before the 30 new portacontainer of the series L ordered from Evergreen Line
Samsung Heavy Industries Ltd. it has completed the construction of the wind farm installation vessel larger of the world


27/07/2012Unusual shipment for the Italian Fortunes International Transport the
company in travel for Europe and Asia with the “Fortunes Tour”

27/07/2012Bending of the Marine results of the division of Rolls- Royce In
increase the total performances of the group

27/07/2012Nel first semester the ports of Olbia, Golfo Aranci and Porto Torres has lost a traffic than more 300 thousand
Piro passengers: general politics of the prices are still anachronistic regarding the current consistency of the pockets of the Italian

27/07/2012ITF renews the exhortation to the Moroccan government so that Said Elhairech is freed
the union member assisted the marine ones of Comarit and Comanav

27/07/2012Tuesday to Bari will be introduced Given the Port plan Exchange
is developed by the Harbour Authority of the East of understanding with that of Durrës

27/07/2012The government appeals the law of the Friuli Venice Gulia on the regional portualità
Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti exhorts the executive to safeguard the role of the Harbour Authorities

27/07/2012Concluded the iter of approval of the law of reform of the harbour system near VIII the Commission of the Senate
Odone (CUTOP): finally the reform of the harbour ordering resumes its walks, but the approved of text leaves some criticalities unsolved

27/07/2012Riccardi (Region Friuli Venice Julia): the government has confirmed the total system of the law on the regional portualità
Serracchiani (Pd): continuous the Round committee the black series and wrecks also the regional portualità. The executive - retort the city council member - has eccepito on the minimal and completely insignificant aspect


27/07/2012Upgraded the line Med - Mexico - coast the west Nord America di Hapag-Lloyd and Hamburg cancelled Süd
Verrà the touched one westbound to the port of Tanger Med

30/07/2012Nella first half of the 2012 traffic in the harbour system of Amsterdam has grown of 0.5%
the single port of call of Amsterdam has enlivened 38 million tons (+1.5%)

30/07/2012Belgian CMB archivia the first semester with a contraction of 53.4% of the operating result
More than tripled the result clearly thanks to the contribution of financial proceeds

30/07/2012Fincantieri will realize an innovative ferry for the Canadian Société DES traversiers du Québec
the store clerk has a value of 148 million dollars Canadian. The ship will be delivered at the end of 2014

30/07/2012ABB will acquire the relative business to the members of power for railway vehicles of Italian RGM the
understanding regards 68 dependent of the company with center to Genoa

30/07/2012Marine Italy defends the decision to demand the extension of the period of boarding for the communitarian
staff Federmar-Cisal restates the contrarietà to the agreement undersigned from Cgil, Cisl and Uil with the company

30/07/2012Nel according to trimester the profit clearly of Saipem has grown of 7.6%
Revenues +6.5% and new orders +2.9%

30/07/2012CAI International will invest 86 million dollars for the container purchase
draft of containers of Austrian property of the Straight bottom Fund that is managed by the same American company

30/07/2012Part today from Cagliari the Tirrenia new
Passed under the management of Italian Company of Navigation, the company anticipates the ferries “Good-natured” and “Amsicora”

31/07/2012Named five vice-president of Assoporti Sono
Garozzo (Augusta), Warriors (Piombino), Marian (Bari), Massidda (Cagliari) and Monassi (Trieste)

31/07/2012Contraction of the economic performances of Panalpina in according to Monika
Ribar trimester: “we are successful to earn market shares”. Panalpina Italy has met a governmental delegation of the Chinese city of Wuhan

31/07/2012“K” Linens, MOL and NYK attenuates to the losses
Revenues in emphasized increase in the period April-june

31/07/2012To june the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa records an increase of 8.6%
In the first six months of the 2012 port of call has enlivened a traffic 1.043.817 records of container

31/07/2012It enters in alive the plan “Sustainable Cruise” for the reduction and the money laundering of the solid wastes on board of the ships
Ship pilot is “Costa Pacifica” of Costa Crociere

31/07/2012Nella first half of the 2012 traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna is diminished of 11.4%
In decided decrease (- 33.3%) also the passengers

31/07/2012The Chamber of Commerce of Savona expresses regret for the failure of the nomination of Angrisano to president of the Harbour Authority the
new presidency - the Chamber of Commerce emphasizes - must operate online of continuity with the precedence management

31/07/2012Green light of the ministry of the Atmosphere to the realization of a wind park in the external oadstead of the port of Taranto
the plan was rejected by the Puglia Region

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