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22 April 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 15:00 GMT+2

01/08/2012Fincantieri records an improvement of the performances financial institutions and a contraction of the orders
the company confirmation with the resource to the extraordinary redundancy fund for the Italian yards that will be found in a situation of empty of job

01/08/2012Nei first six months of this year the terminals of DP World have enlivened 28,2 million container (+7.5%) the
group preview to record 2012 with advanced operating and financial results regarding those of 2011

01/08/2012Tomorrow the signature of Contratto of development for the railway director to high Naples-Bari-C#lecce-Taranto
ability the total value of the work is of beyond seven billions of euro

01/08/2012Travel towards Stromboli of the president Napolitano with the Siremar-Company new of the Islands
To midnight has happened the historical passage of property of the former Sicilian regional company of Tirrenia

01/08/2012The EU commission has concluded without outcome an investigation antitrust in the field of the marine insurances the
International Group of P&I Clubs confirmation the intention to bring some amendments to the International Group Agreement

01/08/2012Ugl Transports, positive the encounter with the summits of the Tirrenia new
Confirmed the will to maintain the levels occupational and to promote the development of the company

01/08/2012APM Terminals and ICA sign the contract for the realization of according to container the terminal of Lázaro Cárdenas the
first phase of the plan will be completed in 2015

01/08/2012Archer Daniels Midland Co. he buys a harbour terminal in the Brazilian State of Pará
will be used for the traffic of agricultural cereals and producing

02/08/2012Seaspan has archived item the first semester with a profit clearly of 44,5 million dollars
In according to trimester is recorded a net loss of 6,7 million dollars

02/08/2012Hanjin Shipping returns to record a quarterly operating result of positive sign
In the period April-june of this year the revenues of the company has grown of 18.4%

02/08/2012Costa Crociere participates to the Korean International Expo of Yeosu
“Costa Victoria” has accommodated the reception for the celebrations of the “Day of Italy”

02/08/2012Nel first semester the operating result of OOIL is diminished of 25.9%
the revenues is increased of 6.9%

02/08/2012Green light of the of Campania regional committee to the integrated system harbour of Salerno
the plan previews participations for 73 million euros

02/08/2012Large the Navi Veloci increases to the Possible share capital of 30 million euros
a successive increase until ulterior 20 million

02/08/2012Financing of 100 million euros of BEAUTIFUL to the Harbour Authority of Genoa
the resources is destined to the realization of the new container terminal of Bettolo Descent

02/08/2012Lorenzo Forcieri is the new president of Ligurian Ports
is named today the assembly the association

02/08/2012The Region Friuli Venice Julia lines up from the part of the users of the railway connections the
objective is to open confronts political with the government

03/08/2012Nel according to Matson trimester has recorded an increase of 11.3% of the operating profit the
revenues is increased of 4.5%

03/08/2012Without deepening of the backdrops the port of Ravenna on the agenda risks the marginalization
Worry to Cgil and Filt Cgil for the put lacked one for the today's reunion of the CIPE of the financing of the deepening plan of the Candiano channel

03/08/2012Confindustria Reggio Calabria considers that Special an Economic Zone is useful to the port of Gioia Tauro, but not sufficient
Second the association, is priority to head at throws again of the activity of transhipment

03/08/2012Started the realization of the Intermodal Logistics base Terni-Narni Goods the intense
activities will be completed the next year

03/08/2012HSBC Bank will sell the society of shipbroking and advising HSBC Shipping Services Will
be acquired from senior management of the same company

03/08/2012The conjunctural note on the transport goods of Confetra confirmation the trend negative of the field
In suffering is the national road haulage that the aerial cargo, the railway section and that marine one

03/08/2012The Liguria Region anticipates a new site web on infrastructures in plan and under realization on the
Analogous territory monitoring is carried out by Trail Liguria and OTI Nordovest

03/08/2012Third reunion to Trieste of the technical table institution-concessionaires on the Old
Port Others three meets in the next few days in program

03/08/2012Assigned to the contest for the reclamation and the escavo of the basin of evolution of the ships in the Gulf of
Previewed the dredging until quota -15 meters

03/08/2012Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti reject the hypothesis of deregulation of the technical-nautical services and harbour
Second the unions, are the hour to end it with attempts of somewhat imaginative applications of law 84/94

03/08/2012The town council of Naples has approved of unanimously to the Town development plan of the port
de Magistris: an important page for the port of call is opened

03/08/2012Light decrease of the traffic of the passengers in the port of Bari in the first semester
the cruises have made to mark a +25%

06/08/2012Nel first semester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice is dropped of 5.6% the
crocieristi is increased of 4.4%

06/08/2012To Kombiverkehr October it will inaugurate a new railway service between Kiel and
Verona Previste initially two departures to the week in both the directions

06/08/2012Launched in ship yard FSG of Flensburg before two ordered twin ships ro-ro from the Ulusoy Turk
With 208 meters it is the longest unit than this type constructed from the German navalmeccanico plant

06/08/2012The Municipality of Ravenna asks the government a precise engagement on 60 million for the
Benino port - the mayor Matteucci explains - the declaration for the minister Passera, but it is necessary to exceed those too much conditional

06/08/2012Boredoms (Confcommercio): protocollo Transports is “a hard sandstone for the competitiveness” of Italy
Like has made France - it has explained - is necessary to ratify placing it a clause of guarantee to protection of the national interest

07/08/2012In strong increase the economic results of SeaCube Container Leasing
In the first semester of the 2012 profit clearly are increased of 25.9%


07/08/2012Nella first half of the 2012 profit clearly of Textainer has grown of 7.7% the
volume of transactions is increased of 20.6%

07/08/2012The port of Trieste records a traffic container record for the month of July
From the beginning of 2012 is recorded an increment of +17%

07/08/2012Rejected to two resources against the allocation of the new Moin Container Terminal to APM Terminals the
start of the construction of the system will happen the next year

07/08/2012Published the ban of contest for the allocation of the Nautical Dock of Genoa It
is - it has emphasized the Harbour Authority - an important dowel to the realization of large the hub for the nautical one from diporto


08/08/2012Nella first half of the 2012 traffic of the goods in the port of Taranto is diminished of 7.9%
the decrease is attenuated by the increment of +9.4% of the bulk sand banks

08/08/2012Last Italy for the quality of infrastructures in a ranking of 26 European and extra-European nations evidences
It a relationship realized from the Office Studies of Confcommercio

08/08/2012In increase the traffic of the container in the port of Bari generated from the landings place of the MSC
ships This year is previewed a next traffic to 30.000 teu

08/08/2012The economic loss of group NOL is emphasized
In according to trimester of the 2012 revenues is increased of 8.4%

08/08/2012Renewed the board of directors of the Adriafer
President of the society that work railway handling in the port of Trieste is Vincenzo Agostinelli

09/08/2012It will be of 45 units organic of the enterprise authorized to the supply of temporary harbour job to Under way Trieste
the appropriate procedure of contest

09/08/2012The Panamanian government has approved of the increases of the rates for the transit of the ships through the Central American
channel Will take effect 1° the October 2012 and 1° October 2013

09/08/2012The Greek Marine Petroleum Network Aegean at the beginning disembarks in the port of
Previewed Barcelona the start of the activity of bunkeraggio of the next year

09/08/2012Last month the marine traffic in the Suez Canal is diminished of 0.7% the cargo
volume on the ships in transit piled to 61,1 million tons (+3.9%), of which 31,6 million north-south (+14.7%) and 29,6 million in that south-north (- 5.5% transported in the direction)

09/08/2012Assistance of European Bottom FEG to the workers of the ship yards of the Galizia that have lost the job
has proposed It the EU commission in order to help them to find a new occupation

09/08/2012Nel first semester of the 2012 traffic goods enlivened from the port of London is diminished of 6%
the decrease is determined mainly by the reduction of the production of the refinery of Coryton

10/08/2012The most ancient British shipowning company is placed in liquidation the
Stephenson Clarke, founded in 1730, had yielded the last ship of the fleet to July

10/08/2012Hapag-Lloyd will introduce a eighth ship in service IOS Nord Europe - Indian
subcontinent the new spin will be inaugurated next 31 August

10/08/2012FuoriMuro has obtained the Certification of Safety and the qualification like Railway Enterprise the
society work the railway maneuvers in the port of Genoa

10/08/2012MSC Cruises previews to conclude the summer the 2012 with an increment of 18% of the passengers
purchase of the travel is moved more and more close of the departure

10/08/2012The genoese companies of naval repair manifest worry for the delays in the intense activities of dredging
To risk the acquired store clerks from the societies

10/08/2012ICTSI signs the contract for the container terminal of the new Nigerian port of Tolaram Port@Lekki
the port of call will be realized with an investment of the total value of 1,4 billion dollars

10/08/2012Hyundai Merchant Marine closes according to trimester with operating liabilities of 124,5 billion won
the revenues is increased of 13.7%

10/08/2012The Nautical Observatory National denunciation “a real escape from nautical” the
decrease of the presences in the Italian ports - the ONN emphasizes - can “involve the loss at least 10,000 places of work in the short times”

13/08/2012To July the traffic of the container in the port of Kaohsiung is increased of 5.8%
In the first seven months of this year the increment has been of 2.0%

13/08/2012Shipping Corporation of India closes the period April-june with an accentuation of the net loss the operating
revenue is increased of 24.3%

13/08/2012Last month the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Singapore is diminished of 5.2%
In the first seven months of the 2012 port of call has enlivened altogether 314,6 million tons (+0.6%)

13/08/2012Nella first half of the 2012 harbour terminal of 2.697.735 ICTSI has enlivened container (+9%)
In according to trimester the traffic has grown of 4%

13/08/2012Traffic of the goods in the port of Zeebrugge in decrease of 8.1%
In the first six months of this year the Belgian port of call has enlivened 22,5 million tons

13/08/2012ACL has ordered five new ships with-ro of large-capacity to Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding will be
delivered in 2015

14/08/2012In decrease the economic results of A.P. Møller-Mærsk although the return to the profit of Maersk Line
In according to trimester of the 2012 fleet of portacontainer of the group have transported 2,2 million container from 40 ' recording a medium hire for feu of 3.014 dollars (+4.2%)

14/08/2012Decided rise of the operating result of Hapag-
Lloyd La German company it has closed the second trimester with a net loss of 7,3 million euros

14/08/2012HHLA records a contraction of the rate of growth of the volumes and an improvement of the economic
results the German terminalista group has closed the second trimester with a profit after the taxes of 38,9 million euros (+39.4%)

16/08/2012The port of Bremen/Bremerhaven has established own new record of semiannual traffic
In the first six months of the 2012 German port of call has enlivened beyond 43,7 million tons of goods (+9.3%)

16/08/2012Deterioration of the economic results of navalmeccanico group STX Europe
In the period April-june has confiscated new orders for 5,18 billion Norwegian crowns (- 37.2%)

16/08/2012Give it fusion of Intermarine and Scan-Trans is born a fleet of beyond 50 ships heavy-lift attendant
the volume of transactions of the new company will be of beyond 500 million dollars

16/08/2012Fourth consecutive month of the reduction of the traffic of the container in the port of
Hong Kong Nei first seven months of the 2012 Asian port of call it has enlivened 13.724.000 teu (- 2.6%)

16/08/2012Christened a new portacontainer from 7.100 teu of Hamburg Süd
the ship is constructed by the South Korean Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co.

16/08/2012The traffic in the port of Amburgo grows thanks to the exports
In the first semester of this year the port of call has enlivened 65,8 million tons of goods (+2.7%), of which 28,4 million tons to boarding (+6.4%). Decrease of 7.6% of the containerized trade with China

16/08/2012The port of Bari previews to close the 2012 with a crocieristico traffic Waited for record
630 thousand passengers with the landings place of 213 ships


16/08/2012Launched in the plant of Monfalcone of the Fincantieri the new flagship of Princess Cruises the
ship “Royal Princess” will to make one's debut the 16 june 2013 in the Mediterranean

16/08/2012To July the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City has grown of 5.5%, while to Long Beach it is dropped of 8.8%
In the first seven months of the 2012 two ports have enlivened respective 4.736.579 teu (+6.3%) and 3.344.251 teu (- 5.5%)

17/08/2012MISC has closed second trimester 2012 with an increment of 31.1% of the profit of the activities currents
the revenues is diminished of 4.0%

17/08/2012Nella first half of the 2012 Port Vancouver Meter has enlivened a traffic of 62,3 million tons of goods
Increase of 6.0%

17/08/2012Nella first half the traffic of the goods in the Swiss Rhenish ports has grown of 34.7%
the imports is piled to 3.268.594 tons (+43.6%) and the exports to 434.327 tons (- 9.4%)

17/08/2012Horizon Lines closes the first semester with a net loss of 78,6 million dollars
the revenues is increased of 8.1% to 534,3 million dollars

17/08/2012Régional Lines Container returns to the profit
In according to trimester of the 2012 fleet of the company has transported 554,505 container (- 11%)

17/08/2012Nel according to Global trimester Ship Lease has totaled a profit clearly of 7,5 million dollars the
revenues is cresciuiti of 1.2% to 39,2 million dollars

20/08/2012Nella first half of the 2011 profit clearly of the Sinotrans Chinese is diminished of 9.7%
the revenues has grown of 12.4%

20/08/2012Stable the economic results of the terminalista group Asian Terminals
Primo closed semester of 2012 with a profit of clearly 779,0 million weight Philippine

20/08/2012The Convention on the marine job, 2006 will take effect between a year
is ratified by 31 nations

21/08/2012Marine Petroleum aegean will start activity of bunkeraggio in the port of Hong Kong Una
first lighter will be transferred the next month from the port of Singapore to the Chinese port of call

21/08/2012CMA CGM embarks three politicians in own board of directors
Is the former Bussereau secretary of state, the former first private secretary Pierre Mongin and the former Lebanese minister Jihad Azour

21/08/2012DFDS accusation the impact of the economic recession in Europe
the shipowning group previews to conclude 2012 with an inferior operating profit to the waits

21/08/2012Dockwise closes the first semester of 2012 with a profit clearly of 600 thousand dollars
according to trimester has been archived item with a net loss of 8,4 million dollars

21/08/2012Ship yards P+S Werften towards the state of Angela
Merkel insolvency confirmation that the company cannot more count on the economic support of the State

22/08/2012The economic performances of Lower Shipping Development Co. they turn to the negative
the company has closed the first semester of this year with a net loss of 461,2 million yuan

22/08/2012Nella first half of the 2012 port of Rotterdam has enlivened 222 million tons of goods (+3.2%)
the exports is increased of 7.8% and the imports of 1.3%

22/08/2012Russia has entered to take part of the World Trade Organization the
adhesion - it has emphasized European commissioner De Gucht - will offer enormous opportunities is to the Russian enterprises that to those Europeans

22/08/2012Last month the traffic in the port of Barcelona is diminished of 6.6%
In the first seven months of the 2012 bending has been of 5.5%

23/08/2012The taiwanese group christened two new portacontainer from 8.452 teu of the Evergreen
will take in delivery the first seven of the 30 new ships of class L within the end of this year

23/08/2012The European norms have determined an improvement of the quality of the air in the ports of the EU
find the Joint Research to It Centre, that it has lead a specific investigation in 2009 and 2010 having used a monitoring station on the ship from cruise “Costa Pacifica”

23/08/2012Green light of the EU to joint venture Marquard & Bahls - Tidy for the supply of LNG as combustible for the ships
the activity of the society will be carried out in the main ports localized in the areas of control of the emissions of north-western Europe

24/08/2012Vopak archivia first semester 2012 with a profit clearly of 193,4 million euros (- 26%)
Shell will be the first customer of the new terminal LNG Break Bulk of Vopak and Gasunie to Rotterdam

24/08/2012Chinese CSSC has instituted a branch for the logistics in the field of the shipbuilding the
objective is to improve the efficiency of the supplies, supplyings and the deliveries

24/08/2012OOIL agrees the dismissal of the taken one in delivery of two new portacontainer from 8.600 teu
is ordered to the ship yards Lowers Shipbuilding Trading Co. and Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co.

24/08/2012Nel first semester of the 2012 traffic enlivened from the port of is diminished of 9.8%
Calo of the goods containerized and the liquid bulk. In increase bulk conventional sand banks and goods

27/08/2012CKYH-the Green Alliance will reduce to ability to hold offered on the Asia route - Europe
North the number of the spins will be diminished by five to four

27/08/2012Decided contraction of the economic results of Chinese CIMC
In the first semester of this year the revenues are diminished of 25.0% and the profit clearly is dropped of 63.9%

27/08/2012Nel the 2013 ship from cruise Mein Schiff 2 of TUI Cruises will land to the port of Bari the
unit, that it transports two thousand passengers, will carry out 12 ports of call

27/08/2012Safmarine yields 51% of Ocean Africa Container Lines to Grindrod
the South African group stops the entire property of the company

27/08/2012Towards the breach of the Gulf agreement of Aden Ports Corporation - DP World
In 2008 to joint venture was entrusted the management of the container terminal of the port of Aden

28/08/2012Nel first semester of the 2012 profit clearly adjusted of Bureau Veritas has grown of 15.2%
the operating result of the division Marine is diminished of 3.9%

28/08/2012In decrease the transalpine traffic goods because of the economic crisis and of the closing of the Saint Gottardo
In the first the 2012 semester of the goods transported on road or railroad through the Swiss Alps has been pairs to 19,6 million tons (- 6.5%)

28/08/2012Zim returns to record a quarterly operating result of positive sign
In the first semester of the 2012 fleet of portacontainer of the Israeli company has transported 1.173.000 container (+2%)

28/08/2012Contraction of the result clearly of COSCO Pacific because of the decrease of the performances of participated the CIMC
In the first half of the 2012 harbour terminal of the Chinese group container (+10.8% has enlivened 26.876.860)

28/08/2012The port of Trieste proposes like towing of the development of the macroregion of the North
the president of the Harbour Authority, Marina Monassi, has met the governors of the Lombardy and the Friuli Venice Julia

29/08/2012Nella first half of 2012 Premuda has achieved a net loss of 6,6 million euros
is not attended an improvement of the market in the second half of the year of the year

29/08/2012CNA-Fita faces the topic of the beloved fuel with the representatives of the Franchini government
: there will be other encounters in order to verify the praticabilità of the proposals that the CNA-Fita has introduced last April

29/08/2012Last month the Chinese marine ports have enlivened 13,5 million container (+4.5%)
In the first seven months of the 2012 traffic are piled to 89,0 million teu (+7.7%)

29/08/2012The Harbour Authority of Venice anticipates a volume of ideas and plans in order to return the cruises to impact the zero for the city
publication “To Venice from the Sea. The Cruises”, published by Marsilio, are centralized on the discussed topic about the arrival of the ships from cruise in the lagoon city

29/08/2012The EU commission proposes the creation of a digital map of the European seabeds
One of the head physicians objectives is to realize new opportunities of offered increase and occupation from the seas and the oceans

29/08/2012DP World closes first semester 2012 with an light increment of the economic results the
revenues is piled to 1,53 billion dollars (+1.8% and +9.9% to constant currency)

30/08/2012Nel first semester of 2012 China Shipping Lines Container records a doubling of the net loss
the revenues is increased of 9.6%

30/08/2012Boarded Shanghai two new destined cranes of dock to the VTE of the port of Genoa the
means of raising will reach in from Liguria port of call November

30/08/2012Hard accentuation of the semiannual net loss of China COSCO
In the first semester of this year the revenues of the Chinese group are increased of 1.3%

30/08/2012Unifeeder buys Feederlink
the agreement with Irish Continental Group previews the payment of 29 million euros

30/08/2012Chinese CMHI has bought 50% of the society that will realize the Lomé Container Terminal the
quota is yielded by Terminal Investment Ltd. (group MSC), that it maintains remaining 50%. In the first semester the 2012 profit clearly of CMHI is diminished of 45.3%

31/08/2012The shipowning group Evergreen archivia according to trimester with a result clearly of positive sign
In entire the first semester of 2012 recorded a net loss of 2,4 billion dollars of Taiwan

31/08/2012Nel first semester of this year the profit clearly of Singamas is diminished of 62.0%
the revenues is dropped of 13.4%

31/08/2012Nel according to trimester 2012 Yang Ming is returned to the profit
the first half of the year has been archived item with a double net loss regarding the first semester of 2011

31/08/2012Minoan Lines reduces the semiannual liabilities
Revenues in decrease of 14.9% in the first six months of 2012

31/08/2012Collapse of the volume of transactions of the Greek company Anek Lines Nei
first six months of the 2012 revenues is diminished of 28.9%

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