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18 July 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 14:56 GMT+2

03/09/2012The Greek group Attica reduces the losses
Determined decrease of the passengers and vehicles transported from the fleet

03/09/2012Nei first seven months of the 2012 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Savona is diminished of 10.8%
Heavy contraction of goods conventional (- 25%) and of the liquid bulk (- 11%). In rise the bulk sand banks (+11%)

03/09/2012Potenziamento of the railway service that connects the port of Koper to the Poland
From Sunday doubling of the connection with another couple of trains

03/09/2012G6 Alliance will suspend the service temporary 3 Loops Far East - Europe
the last departure is in program 6 October from the port of Shanghai

03/09/2012Plan of formation for the haulers with the objective to reduce the fuel burnup is
realized by the Intermodal Consortium Logistic Formation, the agency of formation of the Harbour Authority of Venice

03/09/2012CMA CGM complete the cession of the Companies du Ponant to the Bridgepoint
Last year the crocieristica company has recorded revenues for 80 million euros

03/09/2012Proposals of WWF in order to reduce the risks for the caused atmosphere and safety from navigation in the Mediterranean
Preview zones off-limits to navigation and severeer rules for the transit in the sensitive areas

03/09/2012Saturday is inaugurated the new port of Khalifa Vi will be
transferred the harbour activities in the field of the container carried out Mina Zayed

03/09/2012Service MCA of Hapag-Lloyd will scale Lisbon also in the relation eastbound
Doubling of the touched ones to the portuguese port of call

04/09/2012Chilean CSAV contains the losses
Attenuation of the liabilities in according to trimester of this year

04/09/2012Adriatic Gate Container Terminal signs a new collective bargaining agreement with the unions
specifically is turned to the field of the harbour traffic of the container

04/09/2012Trasportounito, solo the government can ask for the paralysis of the road haulage
Thought: “the restitution of the regional octrois to the road haulage enterprises goes tax to the Regions”

04/09/2012CNA-Fita asks the government for recepire the proposals on the beloved fuel advanced from the association
From the April of the 2011 continuous price to grow without pause because of an exorbitant taxation

04/09/2012Semiannual positive for the French Bourbon whiskey the
first six months of the 2012 have been archived item with a profit clearly of 17,0 million euros

04/09/2012Decided decrease of the volume of transactions of the crocieristico group and hotel Louis Nella Cypriot
first half of this year is recorded a net loss of 26,6 million euros

04/09/2012Saturday Marino Rosettes will deliver to a new unit AHTS to Augusta Offshore Un
' twin unit will be completed in 2014

04/09/2012The dredging with micro loaded in the port with Genoa will continue with the technique of “flown”
Merlon: “the dredging intense activities allow to be competitive and to the height of the necessities of the market”

05/09/2012Kirby Corporation signs an agreement in order to acquire the barges and the tugs of the Allied Transportation Company the
transaction will have a value of 116 million dollars

05/09/2012Jorge Quijano is the new managing director of the Panama hat Canal Authority
Will remain in charge for next the seven years

05/09/2012Interest of Russian Railways to the acquisition of the control of logistic group GEFCO
PSA Peugeot Citroën has recently manifested the will to open the capital of the company to new investor

05/09/2012Last July the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Genoa is diminished of 8.5%
In the first seven months of the 2012 decrease has been of 2.2%. In increase the single section of the container

05/09/2012Rise of the economic results of Wan Hai Lines in according to trimester
Still in decrease the volume of transactions

05/09/2012PSA rewards the managing director of Voltri Europe Terminal
To Gilberto Danesi the “Global PSA Champions Award” for Europe

05/09/2012Nei first six months of the 2012 port of the Havre has enlivened 31.931.000 tons of goods (- 0.6%)
Loaded containerized in increase with 14%. In decrease liquid bulk (- 6%) and the bulk sand banks (- 24%)

06/09/2012This afternoon to Imperia the seminary of closing of Ports will hold Objective Cooperation
Coast of the initiative has been the valorization of the harbour activities for the promotion of the local economy

06/09/2012APL new ULCS will consume 20% in less than fuel the
hull of the ships is planned in collaboration with DNV and HHI

06/09/2012To Amsterdam January Terminals Container the
terminal of Amsterdam will close down is not successful at the beginning to attract other traffics after the loss of the service of Grand Alliance of 2010

06/09/2012To Taranto the development of the retroportuali activities becomes fundamental for the future of the Jonian economy
“does not have to be realized a public work - however it has specified the regional city council member Minervini - than not active the interest of the operators”

06/09/2012The Calabria Region will introduce to the government a plan for special the economic zone for the port of Gioia Tauro
the objective is that Italy avvi fastly the negotiations with the EU commission for its approval

06/09/2012The new ranking of the Economic World Forum on the infrastructural equipments of the world-wide nations
Italy is altogether in 82ª position and to 57° the place for the roads, to the 89° for the ports, the 40° for the railroads and the 67° for the airports

07/09/2012The fleet in class Bureau Veritas has exceeded the ten thousand threshold ships
Reached a total of 10.055 total units for 93,4 million tons of tonnage

07/09/2012Nei first eight months of the 2012 traffic in the container terminal managed from the Harbour Authority of the Pireo has grown of 34.4%
In the first half of the year the terminal managed from COSCO Pacific has recorded an increase of the 117, % of the enlivened volumes

07/09/2012Al via the procedure of environmental appraisal of the new harbour town development plan of Porto Torres
Piro: “with today we enter in the alive one of the programming of the future of the port of call”

07/09/2012Repealed the norms that preview a minimal quota the government in the Greek Harbour Authorities the
provision regards the ports of the Pireo, Salonicco, Alexandroupoli, Volos, Eleusi, Igoumenitsa, Heraklion, Kavala, Corfù, Lavrio and Rafina

07/09/2012The ship from cruise Superstar Gemini (former Norwegian Dream) re-enters in the fleet of Cruises
Star the unit has been subordinate to intense activities of restructure cost 50 million dollars

07/09/2012The authority Japanese antitrust inquires on a presumed trust constituted from the shipping
Inspections in order to ascertain if the hires for the exports of motors vehicle and other producing are agreed

07/09/2012Means billion of euro in order to make of Foggia hub railway of regional importance and national
Minervini: it will be a nevralgico node in which various nets are concentrated, inside of which we will have the exchanges of the passengers, the goods, the logistics

10/09/2012Last month the marine traffic in the Suez Canal is diminished of 1.0%
cargos transported from the ships in the direction north-south is increased of 22.4% and those in the direction south-north are dropped of 5.9%

10/09/2012To August the traffic of the container enlivened from the port of Kaohsiung is increased of 1.1%
In the first half of the 2012 port of call has enlivened 61,6 million tons of goods (- 3.6%)

10/09/2012APM Terminals will enter in the Russian market acquiring 37.5% of Global Ports the
quota will be yielded by the N-Trans Russian for approximately 860 million dollars

10/09/2012Pacific Basin will sell all and the six ships ro-ro of own fleet to the Atlantic company Spa di Navigazione the
transaction will have a total value of 153 million euros

10/09/2012The EU co-finances 74 infrastructural plans with 200 million euros
is selected on the base of the ban anniversary of 2011

10/09/2012CMA CGM has closed the second trimester of this year with a profit clearly of 178 million dollars the
revenues has grown of 12% to 4,1 billion dollars

10/09/2012Textainer buys 52,000 container teu for approximately Brewer 66 million dollars
: we will use our resources financial institutions in order to benefit from analogous opportunities

10/09/2012Ansaldo STS adjudicates a new contract from 65 million euros in Australia
Will supply systems of signaling, communication and control of the trains for the doubling of a railway line in the Pilbara

11/09/2012National Retail Federation and Hackett Associates previews a pull-up of the containerized imports in the USA In
sight of possible strikes in the ports of the East Coast and of the Gulf the importers have emitted orders before the customary one

11/09/2012Europorte (Eurotunnel group) will manage the railway activities of the fluvial port of Strasbourg
Last year the French port of call has enlivened a traffic of 7,6 million tons (- 17.2%)

11/09/2012The revolution of the systems of nautical cartography electronic in the era of the e-navigation
Is the topic of a next organized encounter from the The International Propeller Port Club of Genoa jib

11/09/2012Inaugurated in the port of Jurong (Singapore) a new landing place for barges and lighters
it is realized by the Harbour Authority with an investment of 13 million dollars

11/09/2012Protocol of understanding in order to upgrade the intermodal transport of the goods in the Southeastern
Sicily is involved Sicilian Region, Ministry of Transportation, Harbour Authority of Augusta and Catania and Interporto of Catania

11/09/2012Under consideration a new railway wagon for the intermodal traffic
Part the ViWaS plan coordinated from the HaCon German. For the first time SBB CFF FFS Cargo participates to a research project of the EU

11/09/2012Complete ABB the purchase of the field of the members of power for railway vehicles of Italian RGM
Frei (ABB Italy): it is another acquisition that will allow us to create an Italian team for the railway business

11/09/2012AP Venice, the co-financing EU confirmation the strategic importance of the harbour terminal in deep waters Will
cover 50% of the cost for the completion of the aspects financial lawyers and of the plan

11/09/2012Defined the shortlist of the ten European ports in race for the ESPO Award Sono
Anversa, Bremen, Cartagena, Having, Genoa, Marseilles, Pireo, Rotterdam, Saint Cruz de Tenerife and Venice

11/09/2012The fixed European Parliament you limit severeer for the sulfur tenor in fuel for marine
use the normative new is passed with 606 favorable ballots, 55 contrarys and 13 abstentions

12/09/2012The Italian Prysmian Group will acquire the entire capital of Global English Marine Systems Energy
the British company is active in the installation of cables and systems energy submarines

12/09/2012The Court of the EU has cancelled the decision of the EU commission that has approved of the measures of support of France in favor of the SNCM
Second the judges, the Commission is incurred in errors appraisal manifestos

12/09/2012The Spanish group Noatum buys the terminalista society Codemar-Iberbulk di Tarragona the
company manages a terminal for agricultural and food- bulk

12/09/2012The South America is earth of conquest for MSC Cruises
In the region the crocieristico tourism has grown almost the 3,000% in little more than ten years

12/09/2012DP World in negotiations in order to yield own quota (60%) of the terminal DP World Breakbulk of Antwerp
Could be sold to the Belgian group Zuidnatie

12/09/2012Friday to Venice will hold the presentation of the results of the European
plan Artemis Creato an Internet portal that allows with the companies to choose the transport of the goods more convenient

12/09/2012Gloomy it is named chairman and CEO of the new unit Carnival Asia Will
have the task to constitute the new offices of Carnival Corporation to Singapore and to guide the strategies of the group in Asia. It will maintain the charge of president of Costa

13/09/2012Yesterday the Senate has approved of the text of reform of the legislation in harbour
matter the bill passes to the examination of the Chamber

13/09/2012To August the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Singapore is diminished of 7.9%
the container has been pairs to 2.744.700 teu (+4.5%)

13/09/2012Initiative of the EU commission in order to develop to the Economy Blue the
objective is to pick the offered opportunities of increase from the marine and marine field

13/09/2012The Harbour Authority of Salerno adjudicates intense activities for beyond 150 million euros
draft of the first part of the dredging of the harbour backdrops and the realization of new features of city practicability

13/09/2012The port of Livorno tightens an agreement with the Egyptian General Organization for Export and Import Control
is centralized on the interchange of the data between the platform of control of the GOEIC and the Tuscan Port Community System

13/09/2012The bill on the ports risks to crystallize the market
If the legislator confides that in future the investments of the terminalisti will include also the construction of the docks are deceived

13/09/2012Ban of the Italian Academy of Marina Mercantile for 80 aspirants students of Covered and Car
Is relative to the boarding on fleeting ships and ferries

13/09/2012DFDS cancels the orders to P+S Werften for two ships ro-ro the
investment previewed era of approximately a billion of Danish crowns

13/09/2012Last July the traffic in the port of Taranto is diminished of 20.9%
In the first seven months of the 2012 bending has been of 13.9%

14/09/2012SIAT has closed the first semester with a profit before taxes of 4,2 million euros (+128%)
the collection rewards of the insurance company is piled to 75,8 million euros (- 10%)

14/09/2012Last month the traffic of the container in the Chinese marine ports is increased of 3.8%
In the first eight months of 2012 is recorded an increase of 7.2%

14/09/2012American group SDV has acquired 80% of the capital of the Milanese shipment house Getco the Italian
company has a annual turnover of 15 million euros

14/09/2012The Chilean group Ultramar acquires 30% of Terminal Puerto
Rosario La terminalista society work in the Argentine fluvial port of Rosario

14/09/2012Trenitalia Cargo has activated a new railway service Planned Koper-Milan
weekly magazine the possibility to double the offer to beginning 2013

14/09/2012Assoutenti, the new Authority of regulation of the transports must begin quickly its Ulterior activity
delays - it has emphasized the association - is unacceptable

14/09/2012The government of Kiev promotes the development of the crocieristico field in 21 the Ukrainian
ports the 20 and september to Odessa is in program the third edition of “Black Sea Cruise 2012”

17/09/2012Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach is increased of 1.4%, while to Los Angeles City it is diminished of 2.3%
In the first eight months of the 2012 Long Beach has recorded a decrease of 4.6% and Los Angeles City an increment of 5.1%

17/09/2012The SembCorp group Marine of Singapore will buy the British SLP Engineering
the investment piles to approximately 2,5 million pounds

17/09/2012Ocean Yield (Aker group) has ordered the construction of two PCTC of the 6.500 ceu to the DSME
ships is rented to the Höegh Autoliners

17/09/2012Nella first half of the 2012 terminal of the Global Russian Ports has enlivened 796 thousand container (+6%)
the company clearly has archived item the period with a profit of 72,5 million dollars (- 12%)

17/09/2012CNA-Fita invites the associations of the road haulage to tackle common regarding the dear diesel oil
Asked the reintroduzione for the mobile octroi with a cut at least 10 cent

17/09/2012Fifth consecutive month of bending of the traffic of the container in the port of
Hong Kong Il Singapore port gets ready to return overhead to the ranking of the world-wide ports container

17/09/20125 October to Genoa will hold the second edition of Italian Cruise Day
Al via to Singapore the event Cruise Shipping Asia-Pacific today

17/09/2012The Iraqi minister to the Transports has visited the port of
Middle Eastern Gioia Tauro Nella nation is on the construction of the new port of Al Faw

17/09/2012Cargotec has in program to quote the branch of activity in the field Marine on an Asian stock market the
business of the group will be reorganized in the three Marine areas, Terminals and Load Handling

17/09/2012Undersigned Protocollo di Legalità between the Prefecture and the Harbour Authority of Trieste
Has the scope to prevent attempts of infiltration of the organized crime in the field of the contracts

18/09/2012Costa Crociere signs an agreement with the Singapore Tourism Board and with the group Changi Airport
he is turned to the promotion of the cruises in Asia with departure from Singapore

18/09/2012Assomarinas, the crisis of the nautical-tourist enterprises is “most obvious and generalized” the
association the conjunctural cognitive investigation anticipates on the course of the market of the harbour services

18/09/2012Mission in India of the harbour community of Livorno the
objective is to create direct and fast marine connections between Alto Tirreno and the Indian subcontinent

18/09/2012DP World orders 19 cranes ship-to-Shore and 50 cranes to portal
Are destined to new great Terminal 3 of Jebel Ali that will be inaugurated in 2014

18/09/2012Al via the study of feasibility of a new director of transport goods iron-river from Trieste to the Black Sea
To Trieste the first reunion of European plan ADB Multiplatform

18/09/2012Start of the second tranche of intense activities for the remittance in floatation of
free Costa ConcordiaVia of the Observatory on the recovery of the property left at death one

18/09/2012Monday to Naples will hold an encounter on the topic of the great plan for the port
Is organized from Propeller Club Port of Naples

19/09/2012Green light of the Senate to ratifies of Protocollo Transports of the Convention of the Alps the
provision passes to the examination of the Chamber

19/09/2012Defined the plan for Special the Economic Zone for the port of Gioia Tauro to introduce to the government the
new enterprises they will have to maintain to their activity in the ZES in order at least ten years

19/09/2012Tomorrow to Genoa a workshop will be carried out on the Corridor 24 Genoa-Rotterdam the
encounter will happen in the within of the plan “TAILS 24”

19/09/2012Voltri Europe Terminal has achieved certification OHSAS 18001:2007
In the first eight months of the 2012 traffic of the container enlivened from the genoese terminal has grown of 10%

20/09/2012Japanese NYK will assume the control of the logistic activities of the Russian
ROLF In program the constitution of joint venture 51:49

20/09/2012Nordic American Tankers will acquire the entire control of Orion Tanker Pool Il
next 1° Frontline January will yield 50% of the capital

20/09/2012NEL Lines communicates to have reached an agreement with the majority of own creditors the
company of Greek navigation has closed the first semester with a reduction of the net loss

20/09/2012DP World makes official the cession of the quotas in DP World Breakbulk and Dubay & Aden Port Development Gli
purchasers are Orienta and Yemen Gulf Aden Ports Corporation

20/09/2012Three candidates for the management of the container terminal TC3 of the port of Casablanca
Sono Marsa Maroc, TCB/SNI and Somaport/Comanav/Terminal Link

20/09/2012Pacorini Silocaf accorpa near the center of Trieste the activities of customer service carried out to Genoa
Lay-off of seven workers

20/09/2012New logistic platform near the Interporto Rivalta Scrivia for produced fresh of Coop the Consortium North the West is
equipped of a warehouse of approximately 45.000 square metres to controlled temperature

21/09/2012CLIA and ETC establish the development of practices for the maneuver of the life boats Will
be obligatory for all the crews of the ships from cruise

21/09/2012In Friuli Venice Julia new logistic operator NEST
has been born is constituted by Interporto of Cervignano del Friuli Spa, Inter-rail Spa, Marlines Srl and Midolini Spa Brothers

21/09/2012Conference of ATHENA on the system of propulsion 5 PODS
will hold October to Genoa

21/09/2012Trasportounito nozzle the alarm for the lack of areas of pause for the Tir near the port of Genoa
the association has proposed to the institutions the subscription of a program agreement

21/09/2012ANITA asks the Chamber not to ratify Protocollo Transports of the Convention of the Alps
Arcese: she would limit our ability to cargo handling in the international traffic

21/09/2012Today the new port has become operating German container JadeWeserPort di Wilhelmshaven
is inaugurated the Eurogate Container Terminal and the Logistics Zones

21/09/2012Maersk Line will renew the connections with the Middle East and the South America
the service Rhumba will be operated jointly with MSC

21/09/2012The Harbour Authority of Trieste will start the contest for the supply of temporary harbour job
In the first seven months of the 2012 traffic is dropped of 7.6%. The container has recorded an increment of 15.7%

24/09/2012CIMC it has ordered the construction of four portacontainer from the 9.200 teu to STX Dalian
ships will be rented the French CMA CGM

24/09/2012The new port Turkish container Asyaport will become operating the next year
Mediterranean Shipping Company is completing the construction of the port of call

24/09/2012Presentation of the Italian marine cluster in Switzerland
Friday the Federation of the Sea will meet Propeller Club of Geneva

24/09/2012Saipem adjudicates new Offshore contracts E&C for approximately 950 million dollars
Is relative to activity in Angola, Kazakhstan and Sea of Nord

24/09/2012Joint venture of the Middle Eastern navalmeccanici groups Drydocks Holding
World and Privinvest will take care of the restructure of naval units, mainly mega yachts and military ships

24/09/2012The European citizens wish a greater competition in the national and regional rail shipment
Introduced the first results of the plan 5L for the construction of the railway wagon goods of the future

24/09/2012The Harbour Authority of Venice meets the Venetian parliamentarians
Confronts in sight of the argument to the Chamber of the reform of law 84/94

24/09/2012“The Law of Yachts and Yachting” makes clarity in the legislative forest of the field superyacht
Volume by lawyers Filippo Lorenzon and Richard Coles

24/09/2012Assigned to the prizes of the competition of ideas for the requalification of the outer dam of
Winner it is composed the Temporary Association between Professionals from architects Clementi and Hinners

25/09/2012The second phase of the sixth container terminal of the port of Kaohsiung will become operating in the june the 2014
system is managed by the KMCT of the Yang Ming group

25/09/2012APL Logistics will obtain the entire capital of the logistic group Chinese APLL-Zhiqin
Acquisirà 51% in the hands of Legend Holdings Co. and Beijing Willway Information Technology Co.

25/09/2012The ability to port the Australian Lambert Chief will be increased by 203 million to 133 tons the port of
call is of property of the Things River (Rio Tinto, Mitsui & Co., Nippon Steel Corporation and Sumitomo Metals Industries)

25/09/2012Thursday the king of Spain will inaugurate the container terminal to the Muelle Prat of the port of
29 Barcelona November 1972 Juan Carlos inaugurated the first terminal for containers of Spain

25/09/2012DP World equips of the Terminal Operating System OPUS developed from the CyberLogitec
South Korean the computer science system will be used to new Terminal 3 of the port of Jebel Ali

25/09/2012The ships of the Carnival group embark an increasing number of passengers, but the revenues drop
Arison: a rise of the prices of the cruises is possible beginning from according to trimester of 2013

25/09/2012In increase the volumes enlivened from the Interporto Campano
Increase of the activity in the first seven months of 2012

26/09/2012CIMC it makes official the order for others six new portacontainer from 9.200 teu
Store clerks also to the ship yard Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co.

26/09/2012Last month the volumes transported from the portacontainer of the CSAV are diminished of 41.8%
In the first eight months of the 2012 decrease have been of 42.6%

26/09/2012The group FS has closed the first semester the 2012 with an increment of 11.7% of the Gross Operating Margin
profit clearly is more than doubled

26/09/2012New marine service directed Venice-Libya of
activated Med Cross Lines Sarà the next month

26/09/2012DFDS and Louis Dreyfus Armateurs have completed the constitution of joint venture
society (82% DFDS and 18% LDA) will begin the operating activity 1° the October

26/09/2012Russian Railways could acquire 75% of the capital of GEFCO within the turn of the year
Negotiations in exclusive right with PSA Peugeout-Citroën in order to acquire the quota for 800 million euros

26/09/2012ABB supplies systems of management in remote of the cranes of two terminal of the area Maasvlakte 2 of Rotterdam
will be used by APM Terminals and Rotterdam Gateway World

26/09/2012Régional Lines Container obtains a loan from its shareholder of reference
From Ngow Hock Co. it will receive 300 million baht (9,7 million dollars)

26/09/2012Hapag-Lloyd will employ only own ships in Med Canada Service Ritiro
from the route of the South Korean Hanjin Shipping

26/09/2012Friday to the Fair of Bergamo will hold a convention on the cruises
the encounter in the within of the event business-to-business for the tourist field “NoFrills”

26/09/2012New railway connection between the port of Trieste and the multimodale platform of Bettembourg the
new service manages the coming and directed flows goods in Turkey

26/09/2012The Municipality of Ravenna considers an error the cession of public
quotas Sapir Mingozzi: “the port of Ravenna constitutes a value and a useful infrastructure to all the provincial and regional economy”

27/09/2012Green light of the Council of the Sardinia to the constitution of the regional company Sardinian Fleet Spa
Cappellacci accusation: “the interests of our enterprises are object of a constant aggression from the new feudatari of the sea”

27/09/2012The traffic of the goods enlivened from the German ports continuous to grow, but is still inferior to the level pre-crisis
In the first half of 2012 is recorded a total volume of 152 million tons (+5.1%)

27/09/2012Christened the third new with-ro of the shipowning group Italian Messina
the industrial plan it previews the delivery of eight new ships within 2014

27/09/2012The Spanish law that imposes to the terminalisti to participate financially to the harbour pools of labor is under the view-finder EU
the intimate EU commission modifications to decrees legislative Spanish of the 5 september 2011

27/09/2012EU and USA sign to Genoa a protocol on safety of the marine transports and airplane the
signature in the center of the Harbour office

27/09/2012To days the ban of contest for the realization and management of the intermodal terminal of the port of
Gioia Tauro Autorità Portuale and Consorzio Asireg has signed the convention that disciplines the institutional and financial relationships between the two agencies

27/09/2012CNA-Fita denunciation the immobility of the government on the mobile octroi
Franchini: alarming the behavior of the minister Passera”

27/09/2012of Friend International Shipping the unitary purchase price orders to two new tankers MR to Hyundai Mipo Dockyard
is of 33,0 million dollars

27/09/2012To August the traffic in the port of Genoa has grown of 11.8% thanks to the rise of the bulk volumes the
passengers is diminished of 10.5%

27/09/2012Positive the outcome of the mission of the harbour community of Livorno in India In
sight agreements with the ports of Jawararlal Nehru and Chennai

28/09/2012Londoner ICAP Shipping buys Indiana CTI Shipbrokers the brokerage
society has offices to New Delhi and Mumbai

28/09/2012Federimorchiatori, “misleading and distorsiva” the accusation of excessive cost of the services of towing turned from AP of Venice To
rise Venice to port pilot in order to change laws, norms and regulations - the Federation emphasizes - cannot that to appear at least bizarre”

28/09/2012ECSA, a modernization of the technical-nautical services are essential condition for the improvement of the efficiency of the
Riva ports: in front of the current crisis economic financial institution and, this objective is more important that never

28/09/2012The Harbour Committee of Naples has approved of the understanding reached with the town council on the new PRP
Sodano: it is an important sign of the attention that the Municipality has in confronts of the port

28/09/2012Nel the 2013 Italian crocieristico market will be stable
previews the Cemar to It, that it attends an increment of 1.6% of the crocieristi and decrease of 4% of the number of ships

28/09/2012Agreement Italy, Greece and Albania for the political support to the plan of the gas pipeline Trans Adriatic Pipeline Will
have a annual ability to 10-20 billions of cubic metres

28/09/2012Japanese armament NYK previews to close the trimester July-september in loss
Waits also contractions of the revenues and the operating result regarding the forecast precedence

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