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04 June 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 03:27 GMT+2

01/10/2012Nel first semester of the 2012 transport goods for fluvial way in Germany is dropped of 0.1%
is enlivened approximately 109,8 million tons

01/10/2012The Japanese MOL will record turned out economic semiannual gets worse regarding the forecasts
the operating result of the period April-september will be of sign negative

01/10/2012Transocean orders to DSME the construction of four ships of perforation
the investment piles to approximately 3,0 billion dollars

01/10/2012Attended an improvement of the profits generated from the airlines the
profits of this year (4,1 billion dollars) will be however the half of those recorded in 2011

01/10/2012Order from 35 million dollars to ABB for a new generation of ships icebreaker the
unit, under construction near Baltic Shipyard on behalf of the Rosmorport Russian, will be employed in the Sea Arctic

01/10/2012Prompt Assoporti the government to start I confront in center EU on the duration of the concessions of harbour areas
Merlon: the dimension of the challenge launch from the market and large the container operators does not allow hesitations

01/10/2012Singapore plans to concentrate all the harbour activities of the field container in the new port of Tuas
the area will have a annual ability to traffic of 65 million teu. The government previews that the first docks will become operating in 10 years from now

02/10/2012Next tuesday to Livorno a convention on the topic “the port of the cruises”
Is organized from the Harbour Authority and Port of Livorno 2000

02/10/2012The British crocieristica industry guards from the accusations not to respect the working
standards the case is raised by a television inquiry

02/10/2012Cargotec announces the start of negotiations for the reduction of the staff
To risk 245 places of work, of which 130 in Finland, 35 in Sweden and 80 in other nations

02/10/2012Sardinian fleet - Trasportounito emphasizes - must be engaged also in the field of the goods and to the truck transport the
monopoly generated with the Tirrenia privatization - accusation the association - risks to strangle also the haulers

02/10/2012The Employment agency of the Seafarers of Genoa disembarks on the
Realized web a portal for the marine user

02/10/2012Nel 2013 will increase to the investments Spanish publics in the ports, but they will drop in the fields railway, street and airport the
deep ones will pile to 10,16 billion euros (- 14.8% on 2012)

02/10/201210 October to Massafra will hold a conference on the port of Taranto
Is organized from Lions Club Massafra-Mottola “the Crypts”


03/10/2012Textainer invests newly in the container purchase
Bought 81,000 teu that they take part of the fleet managed from the company

03/10/2012The Turkish group Yildirim acquires 54% of the harbour port of call Gemport
Agreement in order to buy the quota from the bank group Isbank

03/10/2012Maersk Line program a new service between the Mediterranean and the coast oriental of the South America Will
have frequency weekly magazine

03/10/2012Saipem adjudicates from Statoil a contract that extends uses it of means of perforation
Scaroni (Eni) has illustrated to the president of the Kazakhstan the plan for the construction of a ship yard in the Sea Caspian

03/10/2012Vincenzo Onorato discharges itself from the charge of councilman of Tirrenia
From the Board of Directors exits also the son Alessandro Onorato and commander Giuseppe Savarese

03/10/2012Venetian Assoagenti, Venice can assume the burden and honor of port pilot of the renewal of the technical-nautical services the
association retort to Federimorchiatori

03/10/2012Monday to Naples the conference on the topic “Shipping and the law”
Is organized from the Lauro Law firm

03/10/2012Grimaldi and IN the Lines cooperates on the marine route Brindisi - Igoumenitsa - Brindisi
the Greek company puts into effect the reduction of the capital

03/10/2012The port of Civitavecchia will be first in endowed Italy of a dam in a position to converting the billowy energy in electric power
In the port of call will be realized the plan “Rewec3”

03/10/2012Friday to Genoa an encounter on the transeuropee nets of transport
Is the third appointment with the europarlamentari organized from “Europe in city”

03/10/2012Alla inaugural ceremony of the Nautical Hall of Genoa will not participate the entrepreneurs of the nautical one
With absence UCINA intends to express the state of deep prostrazione of the field

03/10/2012The Harbour office of Venice certifys the new draughts of the channels to Marghera Port the
activities of escavo aims to reach quota -12 meters between end 2012 and beginning 2013

03/10/2012New intermodal terminal for producing cooled and dept freeze in the port of Rotterdam
Plan of the Harbour Authority, of ECT and Kloosterboer

04/10/2012The Australian group Austal expands own activity to
Darwin Acquisite the Hydraulink NT and its subsidiary KM Engineering

04/10/2012Nel port of Crotone consolidates the crocieristica activity Landing
place of nava “the Deutschland” of the German Reederei Peter Deilmann

04/10/2012Kombiverkehr takes advantage of the new railway line to normal gauge in order to connect the Germany with
Programmed Barcelona a through train with three departures weeklies magazine in both the directions. New night service between Cologne and Monaco

04/10/2012Green light of the Tuscany Region to the Flat anniversary 2012 of the new Harbour Authority Regional
Sled in the end of this month the term of the putting in safety of the property left at death one of “Costa Concordia”

04/10/2012Dall'8 to 12 October to Venice the assembly will hold anniversary of the Fonasba
To the event will participate approximately 150 coming delegates from all the world

04/10/2012Holding Glencore and Kernel buy a terminal for granaglie in the Russian port of Taman
are yielded by Russian group EFKO

04/10/2012Disappointment of the ICS for not of the IMO to the acceleration of the study on the fuel availability to low sulfur tenor for the ships
Kallas and Hedegaard: the marine industry is in the better position in order to take the initiative and to obtain fast and effective reductions of the gas emissions greenhouse

04/10/2012Inaugurated the new Vopak Eemshaven
Terminal it is realized by the Vopak group and bottom NEIF

04/10/2012A new train shuttle of Hupac connects Ludwigshafen with Novara
Service via Lötschberg-Sempione for the transport of semitowings P400

04/10/2012of Friend (Confitarma): the international Registry is the hinge of the increase and of the estate of the Italian
armament “It can still be improved to cost zero - it has found the president of the Confederation - through a renewed season of modernization and simplification of the rules”

05/10/2012Novel (Group Young Shipping of Confitarma): politics are set back the real Country
Must return to listen - it has explained - to the associations as carriers of interests of the various truths that compose the economic and social woven one

05/10/2012Undersigned I renew of the protocol on safety of the job in the port of Ravenna
Mingozzi (Common of Ravenna): it would have to become law of the State to apply in all the Italian ports

05/10/2012Geodis Wilson will transport the floodgates of the closed new of the channel of Panama hat produced from Cimolai
the contract has a value of 50 million dollars

05/10/2012Begun the intense activities of modernization of the container terminal APM Terminals Callao
They will have a cost of 307 million dollars altogether

05/10/2012To Genoa 2012”
Al via the second edition of Italian Cruise Day is introduced the relationship of search “Italian Cruise Watch. Decrease of 4.2% of the crocieristi in the Italian ports

05/10/2012HHLA has acquired the entire property of the intermodal society
Bought Polzug 25.5% of the capital stock in the hands of railway company Polish PKP Cargo

05/10/2012With the acquisition of Amarcon group ABB sets up a complete system Marine Advisory Per the
first turns in the history the operating costs daily paper of a ship has exceeded the every day costs for its construction

05/10/2012New railway service between the port of Rotterdam and Monaco
is started by European Gateway Services (group ECT) and TX Logistik (Trenitalia group)

05/10/2012The initiative is born the “house of the Italian crocieristici ports”
is introduced today to Genoa

05/10/2012Nei first nine months of this year in the port of Trieste the traffic of the container has grown of 6.6%
the giuliano port of call has enlivened 306,188 teu

08/10/2012Al via the intense activities for the construction of according to container the terminal of the port of Dammam
will be managed by joint venture between PSA and Public Investment Fund

08/10/2012Mounts (AP Civitavecchia): it is favorable that the law of reform of the ports is approved of within the end of the legislature
Would be however - has emphasized - an important sign and a meaningful step forward regarding law 84/94

08/10/2012Maersk Line will extend the offer “Daily Maersk” to others six Asia-Europe
routes In Asia will be served the Indonesian port of Giacarta and that Thai of Laem Chabang

08/10/2012To August the traffic goods in the port of Barcelona is diminished of 2.2%
Passengers in decrease of 19.2%

08/10/2012Contest for the construction and management of a new navy in the port of
Previewed Barcelona an initial investment of 30 million euros

08/10/2012Contship Italy will adopt a new organizational model will be
adopted next 1° January. The headquarters will be transferred to Melzo (Milan)

08/10/2012Boredoms (Confcommercio): with I decree to development an ahead meaningful step for the Italian ports
Simplifies and velocizza - it has explained - the bureaucratic procedures for the ships in arrival and departure from the ports

08/10/2012Tomorrow the issue of the dredging of the port of Pescara will land the ministry of Infrastructures and of the Transports
the pescarese Chamber of Commerce anticipates the proposal to activate a public-private partnership for throws again of the port of call

08/10/2012The nine questions for the participation to the contest for the construction and management of the Logistic Platform in the
Verified port of Trieste the possession of requirement, to the subject participants will be sent a invitation letter to introduce offered

09/10/2012Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics acquires the control of the British Abnormal Load Services As well
as in the United Kingdom, the company has offices in Belgium, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Holland, Rumania and Singapore

09/10/2012Nei first nine months of the 2012 traffic of the container in the port of Kaohsiung is increased of 2.3%
Last month the increment has been of 5.7%

09/10/2012FerCargo protests for the “assumed unilateral initiatives” from Railway Net Italian
RFI - the association explains - has not received no observation sent from the interested operators

09/10/2012Møller-Mærsk throws again own activity in the oil field the
objective is to increase the production of Maersk Oil to 400.000 barrels to the day in 2020

09/10/2012The EU commission continues the investigation on the fiscal advantages granted by the Greek authorities to COSCO Pacific
the Chinese group manages the Piraeus Container Terminal from 1° October 2009

09/10/2012Trenitalia orders the 70 elettrotreni one-floor to Alstom
convoys will be produced in the three sites of the Railway Alstom to Savigliano, Sesto San Giovanni and Bologna

09/10/2012Austria and India have signed agreements in the field of the technologies for the transports and shipping the
Mission Austrian in order to intensify the cooperation with the Asian nation

09/10/2012To Inchcape Shipping Services 51% of the livornese Palumbo
the Italian company, specialized in the offshore logistics and shipments, will be renamed ISS Palumbo Srl

09/10/2012Meyer Werft delivery the new ship from cruise Celebrity Reflection to Celebrity Cruises
the unit, of 126.000 tons of tonnage, will be christened 1° the December to Miami

09/10/2012Oiltanking will buy Helios Terminal Corporation of Singapore
the transaction will have a value of 285 million dollars

09/10/2012The shipowners oppose to the imposition of a compensation for the “environmental recovery”
the Insurance Committe of the ICS reject the proposal of the International Salvage Union

09/10/2012To Livorno the institutions manifest the will to develop the crocieristico field
Gallanti: “we must be entrusted to the lines guides of the Portuale Town development plan”

10/10/2012The Italian government approves of a constitutional bill that leads back ports and energy under the exclusive competence of the State
the provision centralizes infrastructural and energetic nets

10/10/2012Metrans (group HHLA) buys the trimodale terminal of the Austrian fluvial port of Krems an der Donau
Initially will be connected to the ports of Amburgo and Bremerhaven with three couples of trains to the week

10/10/201218 October to Genoa will be introduced the “New manual of the marine traffics”
is cured by a panel of experts, students and teacher of the matter in collaboration with Assagenti

10/10/2012The data on the international transportation of the goods confirm lasting of the state of uncertainty of the world-wide economy
Survey of the International Transport Forum (ITF) of the OCSE

10/10/2012Federmar-Cisal Marine Italy accusation not to respect the pacts for the construction of the new center of the company
According to the union, the concession on the area would have to be withdrawn

10/10/2012Damco will buy the Australian shipment society Pacific Global Network Logistics
In the exercise 2011 PacNet has recorded a turnover of 180 million dollars

10/10/2012A delegation of the Baltic Port Organization has made visit to the port of Venice the
representation of the BPO will meet all the five ports of the North Adriatic Ports Association

10/10/2012Potential goal of the port of Amburgo is to triple the traffic of the container over 14 years
In 2025 is previewed a total traffic of the goods of 296 million tons

10/10/2012Audition of the Union To interpose to you Reunited to the Eighth Commission of the Senate
Curly: necessary fast actions if the tendency to the decrease of the rail shipment of the goods is wanted to be inverted

10/10/2012The Harbour Committee of Genoa approves of the program of ban of contest for the cession of the quota the Harbour Authority in Airport of Genoa
Merlon invites ADR and Chamber of Commerce to formally melt reserve on the sale of the respective quotas within 15 days

11/10/2012Exceptional boarding in the port naval of Carrara
In departure first of the five giganteschi realized industrial modules in the retroportuale yard of GE Oil & Gas - New Pignone

11/10/2012Attended for this year a contraction between the -15% and the -25% of the turnover of the Italian
nautical industry In 2011 an increase of 1.9% of the volume of transactions is recorded

11/10/2012Nei first nine months of the 2012 marine traffic in the Suez Canal is diminished of the 1.4%
cargo volume transported from the fleet in transit is increased of 8.8%

11/10/2012Completed the Native-born cession of the control of Interporto Rivalta Scrivia to Katoen the
operation is approved of yesterday by the assembly of the associates

11/10/2012The ship yard Grandweld Shipyards of Dubay has increased own productive ability
Inaugurated the widening of the plant

11/10/2012A delegation of the Swedish port of Umeå has visited the Estimated port of Livorno
the possibility to elaborate strategies common in order to develop the traffic of the cellulose

11/10/2012Al Suez Canal Container Terminal is landed with success the first portacontainer from the 15.500 teu
Last year terminals Egyptian has enlivened 3,2 million container

11/10/2012Today to Saint-Nazaire of STX France the “Coin Ceremony” of the new ship from cruise MSC PreziosaL'unità has been carried out will be
based on the port of Genoa

12/10/2012Chineses COSCON and CSCL tighten an agreement of collaboration for national the marine routes
Initially will start services that will connect northern China and north-oriental with Fujian and Shantou

12/10/2012Tomorrow to Genoa the forty-fifth edition of the Prize S will be carried out. Giorgio La
badges “Saint George” will be delivered to commander Roberto Giorgi

12/10/2012Next month UASC Arabic Gulf will inaugurate a new service Indian subcontinent/- Turkey will be
realized with eight portacontainer by 4.250 teu

12/10/2012The next month to Livorno the sixth edition of the manifestation will be opened “Port Opened”
In program guided visits, television literary competitions, cultural talk show and events and of amusement for the citizenship

12/10/2012Maersk Line still reduces the ability on the Asia-Europe route, than in 2012
Cancellation of service AE5 and temporary suspension of service AE9 will be cut totally of 21%

12/10/2012The American International Shipholding Corporation buys the compatriot United Ocean Services the
transaction will have a value of approximately 111 million dollars

12/10/2012The AVIC International Investments of Singapore will buy the Finnish society of naval planning Deltamarin the
acquisition will happen for 32,1 million euros

12/10/2012Euroports acquires the entire control of the main terminalista of the remaining port of
Acquired Rostock 50% of the capital

12/10/2012A woman for the first time guides the world-wide Federation of the agents and marine brokers
In the course of the assembly of the Fonasba to Venice are elected American Mary Grace Collins

12/10/2012Panalpina previews an sensitive decrease of the Gross Operating Margin of the third Waited
for trimester a 15-20 result million franchi Swiss ones regarding 54,2 million in the period june-september of 2011

15/10/2012Dal 17 to 19 October to Naples the conference NAV 2012 will make the point on the progresses in the field of naval
engineering Focus of this edition is the answer of the naval industry and the search of field to the international crisis

15/10/2012Kuehne + Nagel closes the third trimester with an light increment of the economic performances the
volume of transactions is increased of 12.4%

15/10/201223 October to Genoa will hold the presentation of the search “marine Transport and economic development”
is realized by SRM - Studies and Searches for Southern Italy

15/10/2012Nei first nine months of the 2012 port of Singapore has enlivened 404,2 million tons of goods (+0.7%) the
container has been pairs to 23.763.700 teu (+6.8%)

15/10/2012NYK orders four ships PCTC in sight of an increase of the question of car transport will be
constructed by the Japanese yards Imabari Shipbuilding Co. and Shin Kurushima Dockyard Co.

15/10/2012Thursday to Rome will be introduced a book on logistics and transports of Bartolomeo Giachino the
former undersecretary to the Transports evidences as the application of the National Plan of the Logistics can increase the competitiveness and increase the increase of Italy

15/10/2012CMA CGM will cancel the Turkey Shuttle and will restructure the Asia-Mediterranean
services the new programming of the lines will have effect the next month

15/10/2012The economic crisis will continue to having an impact on the marine traffics of Asia-Europe line
Encounter to organized Genoa from Maersk Line with customers, representatives of the institutions and operators

15/10/2012Agreement in the port of Trieste for a new traffic of bramme and an ulterior increase of the volumes
Engagements assumed from Harbour Authority, Saipem and GMT

16/10/2012Sixth consecutive month of the reduction of the traffic of the container enlivened from the port of
Hong Kong Nei first nine months of the 2012 port of call it has totaled 17.512.000 teu (- 3.9%)

16/10/2012CNA-Fita Second anticipates own hypothesis of reform of White of the haulers
the association, the territorial competences would have to be transferred from the provinces to the camerale system concentrating all on regional base

16/10/2012To september the ports of Los Angeles City and Long Beach have enlivened respective 744 thousand (+5.6%) and 512 thousand container (- 2.9%)
the two Californian ports of call have closed the first nine months of 2012 with traffics pairs to 6,2 million (+5.2%) and 4,4 million teu (- 4.4%)

16/10/2012Protocol of understanding for the development of the logistic platform intermodal cuneese
the pole will rise in the industrial area of the former Co.bra to Mondovì

16/10/2012The Harbour Authority of intimate Livorno to the enterprises to put in rule all means used in port the maximum
number of enterprises authorized to the development of the operations and the harbour services will come down from nine to eight

16/10/2012To Venice it is born Centro Studi and Ricerca on the portualità
Initiative of the Harbour Authority of Venice and the University House Foscari and IUAV. On January Management will be started a master in Port Economics and

16/10/2012Financial CMA CGM makes sure the contribution of the FSI and an ulterior support from the Yildirim
Turk the French bottom will go 6% of the capital of the shipowning group and to Yildirim ulterior a 4%

17/10/2012Economic performances in increase for Wärtsilä in the third trimester
Revenues and profit before taxes are gone up respective of 28% and 19%. Increase of the new orders

17/10/2012Friday to will be discussed about reform of the norm on the ports Will take
part Lorenzo Forcieri, Luigi Grillo, Mario Tullo and Luigi Merlo

17/10/2012Tomorrow in Luxemburg the European Maritime Networks of Clusters will meet the EU commission
Reporter for Italy will be Umberto Masucci, vice president of the Federation of the Sea

17/10/2012Plan in order to promote the internationalization of industrial the logistic section of the port of Ravenna in India will be
introduced friday to Ravenna. Tomorrow the opening of the convention “Ravenna port of the Balkans”

17/10/2012AnsaldoBreda signs agreement of the value of 200 million euros in China the
understanding previews the transfer of the relative technology to the Dog Star platform for 600 new trolley cars

17/10/2012Ok of the Chamber to it ratifies of Protocollo Transports of the Convention of the Alps
ANITA, received proposed of the road haulage

17/10/2012Nei first nine months of this year the traffic in the port of Antwerp is diminished of 2.2%
the Belgian port of call has enlivened altogether 138.905.003 tons

17/10/2012Nel 2013 is attended a volume of deliveries record of container vessels will be
introduced on the ulterior market ability for 1,7 million teu

18/10/2012Norwegian Cruise Line orders a new ship from cruise with option for a second unit to
contracted Meyer Werft Il will have a price of approximately 700 million euros

18/10/2012UASC has instituted an own marine agency in Joint venture Turkey
with the Turks Fevzi Gandur and Mitas Uluslararasi

18/10/2012Hanjin Shipping and Evergreen Line reduce the ability offered on Determined the China-Europe
route the cancellation of three travels of the service weekly magazine CUS/CEM

18/10/2012Unions and enterprises have undersigned the new pact for the job in the port of Livorno
In the next few days the text of the agreement will be transmitted to the Harbour Authority and to the institutions

18/10/2012The marine career offers to excellent opportunities also in the current phase of economic crisis
Encounter to Genoa, in the offices of Sirius Ship Management, with the president of the International Maritime Employers' Council, Greg Triantafillou

18/10/2012Trasportounito is ready to new actions of protest in lack of concrete answers from the government
Saturday to Genoa will hold the assembly of the trade-union association

18/10/2012Reunion of the Commission Oceanic Navigation of Confitarma in order to make the point on the measures of contrast to piracy
To the today's encounter has participated to the undersecretary to the Foreign policies Staffan de Mistura

18/10/201223 October to Genoa will hold the convention “Genoa-Rotterdam: a sustainable corridor” is
promoted by the Embassy of Switzerland in Italy and by the general Consulate of Switzerland to Milan

18/10/2012On December the Grimaldi group will start a marine line passenger-mere us between Trieste, Ancona, Igoumenitsa and Patrasso
In program three departures to the week

18/10/2012The German Federal Administrative court has received the resources of urgency introducing against the dredging of Elba the
association of the terminalisti and of the harbour enterprises of Amburgo he wishes that he comes quickly taken a decision

19/10/20125 November to Genoa a convention will hold on the formation offered from the Nautical Institutes the
encounter is promoted by the ministry of the Instruction in collaboration with the Foundation Italian Academy of Marina Mercantile

19/10/2012Nel third trimester of the 2012 result clearly of the Bahri Saudi records a rise of 157.3%
the operating profit is piled of 111.0%

19/10/2012Halved the new orders of shipbuilding to Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd.
In the first nine months of the 2012 South Korean group it has confiscated some for 5,0 billion dollars (- 49.9%)

19/10/2012The text of the new pact for the job in the port of Livorno
Has the objective to throw again the competitiveness of the Leighorn port of call

19/10/2012Started in the German ship yard Flensburger the construction of the greatest ship with-ro Canadian
it is ordered by the Oceanex, Inc.

19/10/2012To Saipem contracted Offshore E&C of the total value of 1,1 billion dollars They
are relative to activity in Brazil, in Angola and the Sea Caspian

19/10/2012TransAtlantic buys the assets of the society of Finnish navigation Merilinja
the company work services feeder between Finland and the port of Antwerp

22/10/2012The ambassador of Vietnam in Italy has visited the port of
Forcieri: we have the intention of develop relations in particular with the Vietnamese marine section and the port of Haiphong

22/10/2012Nel third trimester the OOCL fleet has transported 1,36 million container (+3.4%) the
revenues is piled to 1,60 billion dollars (+10.9%)

22/10/2012Al via the fusion of the fleets of the Saudis Bahri and Vela International
the transaction has a value of approximately 1,3 billion dollars

22/10/2012DP World yields to Global Ports 25% of Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company
the container terminal will be of entire property of the Cypriot group

22/10/2012Last week to Tangeri the Union To interpose to you Reunited has signed the agreement of collaboration with the UIC
the signature in the within of the third edition of the Global Rail Freight Conference

22/10/2012Last month the traffic of the container in the Chinese ports is increased of 10.5%
In the first nine of the 2012 increase has been of 7.3%

22/10/2012It continues to come down the number of attacks of the pirates to the ships
Mukundan (IMB): the naval presence in waters somalis must be maintained

22/10/2012Signed to Taranto the protocol of understanding for the activities of coordination between operating Public Administration in port
the administrations have been engaged to collaborate between they and to carry out own activity in tight coordination

22/10/2012Marfin Investment Group sells the airline Olympic Air to Aegean Airlines the
transaction will have a value of 72 million euros

22/10/2012Three great ships from cruise are at the same time landed to the port of
Bari Il total traffic have been of 10.319 passengers

23/10/2012Nel third trimester the profit clearly of CAI International has grown of 21.3%
the revenues is increased of 36.3%

23/10/2012Dal 1° January navigation on water the internal ways of China will be classified exclusively to ship and Chinese enterprises
In the first nine months of the 2012 production of the Chinese ship yards are diminished of 18.5%

23/10/2012Yang Ming and Evergreen Line have taken in delivery two new portacontainer of large-capacity the
ships are constructed by CSBC Corporation and Samsung Heavy Industries Ltd.

23/10/2012Nei first nine months of this year the traffic goods in the Swiss Rhenish ports is increased of 23.8%
Collaboration of nine ports on the Rhine in order to develop the fluvial transport

23/10/201212 November
Agreement for the installation of four new radars to completion of the servicings to the marine traffic will take effect the prohibition of navigation to two miles from from Tuscany coasts

23/10/2012New dismissal of the date of fusion of Universal Shipbuilding Corporation and IHI Marine United
is postponed to 1° the December

24/10/2012Shipping Italian RBD has started a program of Previewed restructure financial institution
also the participation of the shareholders with the effettuazione of maneuvers of patrimonializzazione and strengthening of the society

24/10/2012A study illustrates the benefits of the railway Corridor Genoa-Rotterdam
Door (FuoriMuro): necessary intermediate pauses for the refuel/defuel of the goods

24/10/2012Nei first nine months of the 2012 traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna is diminished of several 11.5%
Goods -17,9%. Bulk sand banks -8,5%. Liquid bulk -6,1%

24/10/2012The Regional Administrative Court for the Latium has received the resource of six marine agencies and of Spediporto against the Antitrust
the AGCM had accused the recurrent ones to have put into effect a restrictive understanding of the competition

24/10/2012Ship Finance International introduces in own fleet the first car carrier
Comprate two ships from 6.500 ceu constructed in 2005 and 2006

24/10/2012Euroports and Compagnie Fruitière will realize a terminal yield in the port of Antwerp the
investment pile to 8,2 million euros

24/10/2012Nei first nine months of this year the HPH terminals Trust have enlivened 17.184.000 container (+6%)
the revenues are increased of 40%

24/10/2012The vice minister Ciaccia has met the holder of the German federal ministry of combined the Peter Ramsauer Lettera Transports
to European Commissioner Kallas

24/10/2012Nel period January-september the 2012 profit clearly of Saipem has grown of 8.9% the
revenues is increased of 8.3%

24/10/2012The representatives of the Rail group Austria Cargo have met the summits of the Harbour Authority of Trieste
Regter (RCA): the partnership with the port she will continue in future also

25/10/2012Germans MPC Münchmeyer Petersen Steamship and Thien & Heyenga join the fleets of portacontainer
Constitution of joint venture 50:50 Contchart Hamburg

25/10/2012In the end of the May 2013 David Cockroft the guide of the International Transport Workers' Federation lascerà the
assignment will be assumed by Stephen Cotton, current coordinator of ITF for the marine field

25/10/2012Nel third trimester ABB has recorded a rise of 4% of the revenues and a decrease of 4% of the result clearly
the new orders have been pairs to 9,3 billion dollars (- 5%)

25/10/2012Cargotec has closed the third trimester with a profit clearly of 24,9 million euros (- 30%)
the revenues is increased of 5% and the operating profit is diminished of 29%

25/10/2012Students high school students to the discovery of the port of have
visited control room and the large squares for storage and handling of the container of La Spezia Container Terminal

25/10/2012COSCO Pacific archivia the third quarterly with a profit clearly of 101,3 million dollars (+3%)
In the period terminal of the group have movement a traffic of 14.576.903 container (+9%)

25/10/2012In decrease the achieved economic results from Royal Caribbean Cruises in the summery trimester
Fain: the results are substantially better of the previewed one

25/10/2012Zim will insert ports of call to the Israeli port of Ashdod in service ZCA
transit the Time from New York to Ashdod will be of 22 days

25/10/2012Claudia Marcolin is the new general secretary of the Harbour Authority of Venice
Will cover the charge for four-year term 2012-2016

25/10/2012of Friend International Shipping archivia the third trimester with a net loss of 9,7 million dollars
the company has evidenced the signs of resumption clearly evidenced in the course of the period

25/10/2012Encounter on the logistics to the Interporto Marche with the representatives of task force the Italian-Russian
Russia - it has remembered Curly (UIR) - has with Italy a commercial interchange of approximately 27 billion euros

25/10/2012Neptune Orient Lines returns to the profit after six archived item consecutive trimesters in loss
In the third trimester of this year the fleet of portacontainer of the group has transported 707 thousand container feu (+1%)

25/10/20127 November to Milan a convention will hold on the topic “Infrastructures to verification test”
Is organized from group RINA

26/10/2012Rolls-Royce creates a new team specifically dedicated to the naval planning
Previewed the competence and technology transfer for the commercial field to that soldier

26/10/2012Nel third trimester of this year the profit clearly of SUCH International has grown of 72.3% the
revenues is increased of 8.2%

26/10/2012To september the port of Barcelona has established own new record salary of crocieristico
traffic is enlivened 341,353 passengers, of which 66% to the disembarkation or the boarding

26/10/2012Nei first nine months of the 2012 traffic goods in the port of Venice is diminished of 7.2%
Bulk sand banks -9,8%; liquid bulk -5,6%; goods several -7,3%

26/10/2012Started in the port of the operating phase of the plan of cooperation in the marine logistics between Italy and Korea
Forcieri: it is an ulterior element of competitiveness for the port of call break in terms of velocizzazione and efficiency

26/10/2012Green light of the Italian government to the recepimento of the European norms on the interoperability of the railway systems the
text will come subordinate to the opinion of the Parliamentary commissions

26/10/2012The crocieristico group Carnival American orders to two new ships estern Fincantieri
an unit of 99.000 tsl will be delivered in 2015 to Holland America Line; the other of 135.000 tsl will be completed in 2016 and employed from Carnival Cruise Lines

26/10/2012BBC Chartering institutes an own agency in Turkey
is created in partnership with the Turk Normed Denizcilik

26/10/2012Group NOL sells own headquarters to Singapore the
building is yielded for 311 million dollars

29/10/2012Today to the Mouthfuls of Milan it will be discussed about the National Plan of logistics 2012-2020
Is organized from MEMIT and CERTeT

29/10/2012The Grindrod South African deep the activities of marine agency with those of the compatriot Sturrock
Constituted Shipping joint venture 50:50

29/10/2012Success of the first phase of the landing place of Eimskip to the share list Nasdaq OMX Iceland
Tomorrow will begin the public offer

29/10/2012The Central Committee from the White one of the Haulers establishes the increase of the quota of registration, payable only on-line
CNA-Fita rebukes the decisions

29/10/2012Evergreen Marine Corporation has closed the third trimester with a profit clearly of 86 million dollars
the revenues is increased of 3.6%

29/10/2012The economic performances from the Belgians Archived item CMB, Exmar and Euronav
the first nine months of 2012

29/10/2012The producer of Nexans cables under construction obtains a contact of the value of six million euro from Fincantieri
Riguarda the supply of cables constituents for two ships from cruise to Monfalcone

29/10/2012Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Genoa is diminished of 9.8%
the passengers is dropped of 4.7%

30/10/2012Nel third trimester of this year the terminals of the DP World group have enlivened 14,2 million container (- 1.0%)
In the first nine months of 2012 are recorded an increment of 4.5%

30/10/2012In Mexico Administraciones Portuarias Integrales is thrown again the hypothesis to privatize the 30 the harbour
authorities Currently manages 60 harbour ports and 17 terminals

30/10/2012Concluded the feasibility study in order to realize a terminal in order to supply LNG to the ships in the port of Amburgo
It is the first plan of the joint venture new Bomin Linde LNG

30/10/2012Nei first nine months of the 2012 port of Koper has enlivened 13,2 million tons of goods (+5.5%)
In the solo third trimester the increase has been of 0.3%

30/10/2012The Harbour Committee of Naples has adopted the plan of works 2013 and the triennial plan the 2013-2015
flat anniversary previews works for 64 million euros

30/10/2012The company lowers Shipping Lines Container returns to a quarterly operating result of positive
sign In the period July-september of this year has recorded an increase of 29% of the revenues

30/10/2012Nei first nine months of this year the traffic of the container in the port of Trieste is increased of 5.6%
the Harbour Authority wants to take in management the docks that are not used by at least 12 months

30/10/2012Propulsive ABB supply Azipod for ships from installation wind shovels
Altogether are eight systems of propulsion produced from the new factory of Shanghai

30/10/2012The DG Move has published a study on the impact on marine safety determined from the certificates of exemption from the pilotage the
results of a survey between the stakeholder of the field

31/10/2012The Japanese “K” Linens, MOL and NYK close the trimester July-september in loss the
three companies have recorded rises of the revenues pairs respective to +7,8%, +2.7% and +0.6%

31/10/2012Seaspan has closed the third trimester of this year with a profit clearly of 17,8 million dollars
the operating profit is piled to 82,8 million dollars (+22.4%)

31/10/2012The fleet of portacontainer lowers COSCO reduces the liabilities
In the period July-september of this year of the COSCON has transported 2,1 million container (+13.4%)

31/10/2012Approved of Triennial Operations plan 2013-2015 of the ports of Olbia, Golfo Aranci and Porto Torres
Green light unanimously from the Harbour Committee

31/10/20126 November to Genoa the encounter will be discussed about feeding to LNG of the marine engines
is organized from the The International Propeller Port Club of Genoa jib

31/10/2012In Switzerland the controls of the containers for the transport of goods dangerous will be carried out by private companies
the Helvetic authorities have adopted an European directive of 1999

31/10/2012Deposited the dispositive second of sentence of the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT for the Latium that cancels the provision of the Antitrust against agents and shippers
Duci (Assagenti): “the Antitrust has managed the event in superficial and rough way”. Oliaro (Spediporto): “this pronounces gives back dignity to the job of the associations”

31/10/2012After seven consecutive trimesters in red Chilean CSAV it returns to the profit
In the first nine months of this year the transported containerized volumes from the fleet are diminished of 41.7%

31/10/2012Inaugurated to Trieste the new center of Stella Maris it is
situated in the former-Culp mansion in Nuovo Port

31/10/2012Signed to the substitutive agreement with terminalista LSCT
Forcieri: “it is an participation of great importance”

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