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23 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 23:38 GMT+2

02/11/2012Nei first nine months of the 2012 traffic goods enlivened from the port of Rotterdam has grown of the 1.7%
In the solo third trimester is recorded a bending of 1.0%

02/11/2012Associated British Ports has ordered to four new cranes ship-to-Shore to the Liebherr
the store clerk has a value of 26 million pounds

02/11/2012It continues the trend it drop clearly of the economic performances of Panalpina
In the third useful trimester and operating profit is diminished respective of 87.1% and 84.4%

02/11/2012Nel the 2013 port of Salerno previews to realize a crocieristico traffic of 150.000 Programmed passengers
the ports of call of 79 ships

02/11/2012DP World adjudicates the concession for a new container terminal in the port of Nhava Sheva
Previewed an investment of approximately 200 million dollars

02/11/2012Clearly improvement of the economic results of the shipowning group operating turned
out Yang Ming Il quarterly returns of positive sign

02/11/2012Cuneo and Nice ask throw again of the railway line Turin-Cuneo-Nice
From December 2009 not are more Italian French trains neither that carry out the direct connection

02/11/2012Royal Caribbean Cruises starts the placement of senior unsecured notes for 500 million dollars
the group has a fleet of 41 ships from cruise

02/11/2012Green light cession of the Canadian ship yard Davie Yards to the Zafiro anglo-Monegasque Maritime
the transaction is authorized by the government of the Quebec

05/11/2012Hanjin Shipping reduces the losses
the third trimester of this year has been archived item with a net loss of 47,3 billion won

05/11/2012Nel third trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the port of Marseilles is diminished of the 1.4%
decrease is determined by the decrease of the hydrocarbon volume

05/11/2012Thursday to Venice will hold the final conference of the European plan APEX the
objective is to characterize a common strategy of the Mediterranean for the mitigation of the emissions in the ports, the industries and the cities

05/11/2012They improve the economic performances of Wan Hai Lines Nel third
party trimester the profit clearly is increased of 34.5%

05/11/2012Asciano will acquire the entire control of the harbour society New Zealand C3
remaining Otterrà 50% of the share capital for 57 million dollars

05/11/2012Started it puts down it of the keel of the new ship from cruise Norwegian GetawayMeyer
Werft will construct the unit, of 146.000 tsl, in little more than 12 months

05/11/2012TUI Cruises orders to STX Finland the construction of a ship from cruise of 99.300 tsl
Verrà delivered in the April of 2015

05/11/2012Aldo Grimaldi returns to the direct management of the ships
Holding Grimaldi Thursday will inaugurate a new trisettimanale service Augusta - Salerno dedicated mainly to the goods

05/11/2012Agreement PSA Peugeot Citroën - RZD for the cession of 75% of GEFCO to the Russian railway group the French
group will receive 800 million euros let alone an extraordinary dividend of 100 million euros from GEFCO

05/11/2012The Liguria Region asks an encounter with the minister Passera in order to guarantee the doubling of the Pontremolese the
agency announces deep for 15,7 million for plans legacies to the sea and the green economy

05/11/2012Gianluigi Miazza assumes the guide of the Harbour Authority of Savona
Succeeds to Cristoforo Canavese, which reached according to mandate and therefore not more eligible

06/11/2012The Green Alliance will cancel seven travels on the Asia-Mediterranean
route the departures will be suppressed in the next weeks

06/11/2012Encounter to Genoa between Large workers of the Navi Veloci, from Liguria unions and institutions
Reunion in order to discuss about the future of group GNV and the worries approximately an eventual reorganization of the staff

06/11/2012Grimaldi will start a new freeway of the sea between the ports of Ravenna, Brindisi and Catania
Will have trisettimanale frequency

06/11/2012Nel third SeaCube trimester Container Leasing has recorded an increase of the profit clearly of 29.9% the
revenues is increased of 9.4%

06/11/2012Beniamino Maltese is promoted senior vice president of Costa Crociere Coordinerà
and will manage the activities reported to the field Fiscal Administration, Finance, Control and Transactions and Lawyers

06/11/2012Rise of the economic results of Finnlines the
third trimester has been archived item with a profit clearly of 5,3 million euros (+33%)

06/11/2012Textainer previews that the trend of increase of own economic results will continue also in the 2013
company has closed the third trimester of 2012 with a profit clearly of 50,7 million dollars (+10.6%)

06/11/2012Still in decrease the marine traffic in the Suez Canal
To October is journeyed 1,473 ships (- 4.4%) transporting altogether 62,2 million tons of goods (+3.8%)

07/11/2012Large the Navi Veloci will double own marine connections for the Sicily from Civitavecchia the
departures from Livorno will be transferred to the Latium port

07/11/2012With aggravating itself of the crisis of shipping the HSH Nordbank German the plan of billetings for the losses raises the danger level
Rivisto on credits

07/11/2012of Friend International Shipping the
operation deliberates an increase of the capital is finalized mainly to renews of the fleet of the group through the purchase of new tankers

07/11/2012Positive the results of Bureau Veritas that records suffering single in the fields Marine and Construction
the French group have closed the period July-september with volume of transactions of 999,2 million euros (+20.3%)

07/11/2012Monday to Milan will hold a workshop on the marine economy, the infrastructures and the transports
Will take part Umberto Masucci (Federation of the Sea), Luigi Merlo (Assoporti) and Corrado Antonini (Fincantieri)

07/11/2012Brussels extends the investigation on the aids in support of the former Tirrenia Group
Under the lens of the EU commission also the measures adopted after October 2011

07/11/2012Trieste Passenger terminal previews very intense a crocieristica season 2013 in the giuliano port
In course negotiations with important international groups of the field

07/11/2012The Spanish Santiago Garci'a-Thousand is the new president of the European Sea Ports Organisation
Is assistant general manager of the Harbour Authority of Barcelona. Vice-president is Eamonn O'Reilly (Dublino) and Julian Skelnik (Danzica)

07/11/2012Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Kaohsiung has grown of 5.7%
In the first ten months of the 2012 increase has been of 2.8%

07/11/2012Friday to Savona will hold a convention on the portualità and the economic development
Is organized from the Harbour Authority

08/11/2012Russian group FESCO records an sensitive increment of the volumes transported
In the first nine months of the 2012 single fleet has enlivened 308,595 container (+9%)

08/11/2012Decided attenuation of the trend of increase of the traffic of the container enlivened from ICTSI
In the third trimester the terminals of the group have enlivened 1,4 million teu (+1.9%)

08/11/2012The Harbour Authority of Genoa has been awarded of the ESPO Award on Societal Integration
Prize to the plan “City of the Port” realized in the within of Genoa Port Center in collaboration with Province and Harbour office of Genoa, Foundation Carige and Fondazione Muvita

08/11/2012Within year-end the start of the intense activities for the completion of the overwhelmed one of Marisabella to
Bari Saranno concluded within the half of August of 2015

08/11/2012Federmar-Cisal accusation Cgil, Cisl and Uil to pursue agreements at all costs to the detriment of the marine
ones Failed the attempt to bring up again the agreement signed to July with Marine Italy for the extension of the period of boarding

08/11/2012In worsening the quarterly results of the Indiana company SKI the
period July-september has been archived item with a net loss almost 3,0 billion rupees

08/11/2012A Japanese delegation visits the port of Naples in order to study the safeguards measures is
received by the president of the Harbour Authority

08/11/2012An ability to 16.020 teu has commissioning portacontainer the record CMA CGM
Marco PoloCon
, is the full hand container of greater ability to the world-wide fleet

09/11/2012In increase the economic results of Maersk Line group
leader A.P. Møller-Mærsk has closed the third trimester with a profit clearly of 933 million dollars (+151%)

09/11/2012Tomorrow to Trieste a round table will hold on the reform of the harbour and logistic systems
Monassi (Harbour Authority): “the encounter serves to make the point on the future of the harbour legislation”

09/11/2012The port of Rotterdam will reduce the harbour taxes ulteriorly the
next year will be applied an ulterior reduction in price of 2% and will be introduced other measures anti-crisis

09/11/2012New site informative web on the phases of removal of the property left at death one of Costa Concordia
is realized by Costa Crociere in collaboration with Titan Salvage and Micoperi

09/11/2012The Harbour Committee of Trieste has approved of the budget of forecast for the exercise 2013
Prevede a remainder of administration of 5,3 million euros

12/11/2012The Harbour Committee of has approved of unanimously the forecast budget 2013
Forcieri: the autonomy financial institution of the ports does not go considered a cost for the public budget, but an investment in infrastructures

12/11/2012Emphasized increase of the traffic in the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven
In the first nine months of the 2012 German port of call it has enlivened 64.839.000 tons of goods (+7.3%)

12/11/2012Andrea Annunziata is reconfirmed president of the Harbour Authority of Salerno
Guide the agency from 2008

12/11/2012The Samskip group finds great part of the activities of the Coolboxx and its fleet of container Coolboxx refrigerator
will become charter of container reefer for its three founding associates Samskip Visbeen Transport Group and Post Logistics

12/11/2012The EU commission sends back of a year the effectiveness of the tax on the emissions of the air traffic
Hedegaard: the EU is convinced that a total solution in order to face the problem is within reach in occasion of the assembly of the ICAO in 2013

12/11/2012The Federation of the Sea proposes a permanent round table of the marine clusters of the Mediterranean
the idea has been launch from Umberto Masucci in occasion of the third edition of the Euromediterraneo Forum

13/11/2012Last month the traffic of the goods in the Chinese marine ports has grown of 9.8% the container
volume has been pairs to 13.368.500 teu (+7.7%)

13/11/2012Hapag-Lloyd records an sensitive rise of the economic results
Decrease of the volumes transported from the fleet of the German company in the third trimester

13/11/2012ASL Marine Holdings will buy the Germans Vosta LMG and CFT International
Vosta work to service of the dredging activities and takes care of the planning of dredges

13/11/2012Nel third trimester Hyundai Merchant Marine returns to record an operating result of positive sign the
revenues is increased of 12.2%

13/11/2012The Harbour Committee of Livorno has approved of unanimously the budget of forecast 2013 Green
light also to triennial program 2013-2015 of the public works

13/11/2012A decrease gets worse the quarterly accounts of terminalista group German HHLA
the traffic of the container enlivened from the harbour terminals of the group accusation after ten consecutive trimesters of increase

13/11/201220 November to Lerici a convention on the topic “Is born from the port the La Spezia case”
Is organized from the Harbour Authority spezzina

13/11/2012Last September the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona is diminished of 2.3%
the passengers is diminished of 3.2%

14/11/2012Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore is increased of 1.3%
In the first ten months of the 2012 increase has been of 0.8%

14/11/2012A train block of Holding InterRail travels from central China to the Czech Republic in 16
Crossed days Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland

14/11/2012Al via today to Cairo the EU-Egypt Task Force Meeting, to which the Harbour Authorities of Trieste participate, Taranto and Cagliari
Sessions and meets is focused on the thematic ones of the logistics, of the international cooperation, the tourism and the technological transfer

14/11/2012Joint venture Vopak - Sabic in order to realize a new terminal for chemicals in the Saudi industrial port of Jubail the
system will become operating at the beginning of 2015

14/11/2012Nei first nine months of this year the traffic of the container in the port of New York - New full Jerseys is increased of 2.5%
the container has been 3.303.595 teu (+2.0%) and those empty 935,948 teu (+4.2%)

14/11/2012The port of Amburgo archivia the first nine months of the 2012 with a decrease of 0.8% of the traffic
traffic of the container has been pairs to 6,7 million teu (- 0.6%), of which 3,6 million teu with Asia (- 8.3%)

14/11/2012Riccardi (Region Friuli Venice Julia): it is necessary to double the efforts on the Corridor Baltic Sea-Adriatic
Insertion in the programming financial institution EU 2014-2020 of the railway infrastructural participations that allow an effective one use of the axis

14/11/2012Italy and Algeria have signed an understanding on the marine traffics
Have the scope to optimize the cooperation between the two nations for the potenziamento of the bilateral traffics and the simplification of the bureaucratic procedures

14/11/2012Martinoli is named president of the Commission Navigation Short of Beam of Confitarma
Is managing director of Large the Navi Veloci

14/11/2012Premuda archivia the third trimester with a net loss of 1,2 million euros the
revenues Time base charter are diminished of 37%

14/11/2012Harbour authority of Genoa, Province of Piacenza and Emilia-Romagna Region signs a pact for the logistic
Agreement for the promotion of operating relations and the planning coordinated between the logistic pole piacentino and the genoese port

14/11/2012Assorimorchiatori and Confitarma reject the hypothesis to grant to two concessions of service of towing in a single port
Of opposite opinion the Guarantor Authority of the Competition and the Market in the pronunciamento on the case of the port of Milazzo

15/11/2012Overseas Shipholding Group will rerun to the chapter the 11 of the American bankrupt law
Without success attempts to reach an agreement with the creditors

15/11/2012In decrease the traffic of container full in the port of Los
Angeles Ad October the Californian port has enlivened 718,406 teu (+0.8%)

15/11/2012Seventh decrease consecutive salary of the traffic of the container enlivened from the past port of
Hong Kong Lo month the port of call has enlivened 1.891.000 teu (- 9.9%)

15/11/2012Confetra invites the government to modify norms that complicate rather than to simplify the administrative procedures for the marine transports
Marcucci: it is possible to avoid is additional costs of management to the operators is to save public resources

15/11/2012They leave to Venice the course of formation in the within of the European plan X-Posse will be
concentrated on the sustainable logistic alternatives

15/11/2012Emphasized deterioration of the economic performances of STX Europe
In the period July-september the revenues and the profit clearly are diminished respective of 36.7% and 14.6%


15/11/2012Two competitors for the supply of the temporary labor in the port of Trieste have
introduced offered to Minerva Servizi Srl of Trieste and the Enterprise Alto Adriatico Srl di Portorosega

15/11/2012The Harbour Committee of Naples has approved of the forecast budget the 2013
harbour sat one has examined and approved of various state property practical

15/11/2012This summer the marine services with the Corsica have transported 3.456.599 passengers (- 0.9%)
In decrease the traffic in the two main ports of landing place of Ajaccio and Bastia

15/11/2012Cruise Lines International Association and European Cruise Council anticipate three new safeguards measures
Are relative to the positioning of the life belts, the implantation of the heavy objects and to the operating procedures on the bridge

16/11/2012This year the crocieristico traffic in the port of Vancouver has grown of 0.4% the
next year is attended a advanced increment to 20%

16/11/2012Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Long Beach has grown of 8.7%
In the first ten months of 2012 is recorded a decrease of 3.2%

16/11/2012BAE Systems buys the ship yard Marine Hydraulics International di Norfolk
approximately 400 dependent of MHOS will be integrated in the BAE Systems Ship Repair division

16/11/2012New decided rise of the hires for marine shipments from the Far East to Europe Med Consistenti it raise the
price announced from COSCON and Hapag-Lloyd

16/11/2012The mayor of Trieste has met the president of the Neapolitan shipowning group Grimaldi
Undersigned a text understanding base on a series of points that regard the acceptance and the tourist collaboration

16/11/2012of Friend International Shipping the tanker announces the acronym of a contract of chartering to rates in clean resumption
MR “High Progress” is rented for six months to rates pairs to beyond 15.200 dollars to the day

16/11/2012Italferr will plan 60 kilometers of the railway corridor River - Zagreb - Budapest the
minister of the Transports and of Infrastructures Australian the managing director of the group has met FS

16/11/2012The Harbour Authority of Trieste has acquired new areas to retroportuale use
draft manufactured areas and of the Station of Prosecco for a total of beyond 27 thousand square metres

16/11/2012Convention on the topic “the importance of the cruises in the field of the transport and the 23 tourism”
will hold November to Rome

16/11/2012The Italian ports participate to the Logitrans Transport Logistics Exhibition in Sylvan course to Istanbul
(Gioia Tauro) illustrate the strategies in order to intercept ulterior traffics. Forcieri (Ligurian Ports Alliance): we cannot frapporre ulterior delays in the investments

16/11/2012Pasqualino Monti calls the Italian ports to a union of attempts
Servants - he emphasizes - an industrial plan of the Italian portualità, with plans, investments and sources of financing. Coast (AP Venice) defends the plan of the terminal of height from the genoese assault

19/11/2012Saturday in ship yard CRN of Ancona is launched a megayacht of 60 meters
To January will be launched a megayacht of 80 meters, largest never produced from the plant

19/11/2012Wista Italy will hold two seminaries on customs and 26 marine insurances
will carry out November to 30 and November to Genoa

19/11/2012ASL Aviation signs a preliminary agreement with TNT Express in order to buy the airlines TNT Airways and Pan Air Lineas Aéreas
the acquisition is conditioned to the completion of the fusion of TNT Express with UPS

19/11/2012Riccardo Genta is the new managing director of Cable cars Spa
Sostituisce Gianluigi Miazza who has become president of the Harbour Authority of Savona

19/11/2012Aponte (MSC), Battistello (Contship Italy) and Eckelmann (Eurokai) have visited the port of
servants not to construct new ports - the president of the shipowning group has declared - but are necessary to develop and to upgrade convinces it of the current ones, that they are in number than more sufficient

20/11/2012Filt-Cgil defines “generic, discounted and unsatisfactory” the industrial plan of Tirrenia
Today in Liguria Region will hold a table of confronts on the Great crisis of the Navi Veloci

20/11/2012General Rate Increase announced from Hanjin Shipping and MSC for the routes applied Asia-Europe
Med Saranno from the half of the next month

20/11/2012Qatar Airways intends to yield own quota 35% in Cargolux
the Middle Eastern company had acquired the participation little more than a year it makes

20/11/2012Assoporti, the financing to the port of Venice must be placed in a picture of total strategic design the directive
council of the association has expressed appreciation for the job and the results achieved under the guide of Merlon

20/11/2012Last month the traffic in the port of Barcelona is increased of 4.5% the
increment is produced by the increase of the bulk

20/11/2012Plan of APM Terminals for the construction of a great port in Nigeria
the initiative is got ahead by a consortium in which figure also the terminalista society Terminal Investment Limited of group MSC

20/11/2012CMA CGM has closed the third trimester with a profit clearly of 371 million dollars
Also the French company announces a rise of the hires for the marine shipments the Asia-Mediterranean

20/11/2012The port of puts on display His Excellency and its opportunities I
become Lerici on founded the economic and entrepreneurial system on the port of call

20/11/2012Propeller Port Club of Genoa jib has organized an encounter centralized on the channel of Panama hat
will hold next 29 November to Genoa

21/11/2012Maersk Line increases the rates for the shipments Asia-Europe
Med Rincaro of 600 dollars/teu for forwards to it towards the Mediterranean and of 550 dollars/teu for the Europe North

21/11/2012The European ports fear a cut of the destined budget EU to infrastructures of transport
ESPO and EFIP speed up the European leaders to safeguard the previewed appropriations. Open letter of the harbour community of Rotterdam to the Dutch government

21/11/2012Union To interpose Reunited rejects the hypothesis to you that the tracing of the Corridor Baltic Sea-Adriatic can be turned aside
Curly: it is an option that would carve the future and the role of the Italian ports

21/11/2012Started the intense activities of lengthening of the East Wharf of the port of Golfo Aranci
they will be concluded within the end of the next summer

21/11/2012Monday to Genoa will hold a public encounter on the topic of reorders of the harbour legislation
Is organized from the Filt-Cgil union

21/11/201230 November to Milan the eighth edition of the prize the Logistic one of the Year
will hold Is organized from Assologistica

21/11/2012APL Logistics buys the customs broker American Carmichael the
company has center to Los Angeles City and is founded in 1961

21/11/2012Today Hupac and CEMAT have activated a new intermodal service between Milan and Barcelona
Initially the frequency is weekly magazine and will be doubled by half January

21/11/2012Begun to Saint-Nazaire the last retouchings to the new ship from Precious cruise MSC of MSC Fincantieri Cruises
it has concluded to Trieste the careening intense activities on megayacht “the Eclipse”

21/11/2012The ports of Barcelona, Genoa and Marseilles have sped up the EU to re-balance the net TRY in favor of the ports of call of the South
Terrier: the ports of the western Mediterranean would have to be considered like a true alternative to the ports of the Europe North

22/11/2012Filt-Cgil and Fit-Cisl announce a strike in the ports the 5 December of the attache's of the Harbour Authorities
To the base of the protest, the provision of the Ministry of Transportation on the dependent of the agencies

22/11/2012The trasportistico group and logistic Fercam resident of Upper Adige constitutes a new society in Tunisia
Has center to Rades and has an own structure with warehouse

22/11/2012Ravenna calls Genoa and Trieste to tackle common against the financing to the harbour platform of height of Venice
draft - it has denounced deputy mayor ravennate - of very dangerous a competitive hypothesis for our ports of call

22/11/2012The Hoyer German has bought the activities in the field of the petrochemical bulk of the Dutch De Rijke
Passano to the company of Amburgo 240 dependent of the centers of Goteborg (Sweden), Preston Brook (United Kingdom), Moerdijk (Holland), the Havre (France) and Piacenza (Italy)

22/11/2012Started on Livorno a distance in order to institute a “Agelp 2” for the supply of temporary job in port
the joint Commission will meet 3 newly December, when the enterprises estimate the opportunity to join to the NewCo

22/11/2012Agreement BLG - Arkas for the transport of new cars of factory in Turkey and Black Sea
Previewed the constitution of joint venture

22/11/2012The Calabria Region gives course to the protocol of understanding for the creation of a regional crocieristico system
Previews to put in net Region, Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro, Harbour offices, Municipalities, Provinces and Chambers of Commerce

22/11/2012Unitary agreement of the unions for Large the administrative dependent of the Navi Veloci No
of Cgil to the reduction of the extraordinary ones of the marine ones

23/11/2012Louis records a drastic decrease of the revenues generated from the crocieristica
activity the first nine months of the 2012 has been archived item with a net loss of 8,5 million euros

23/11/2012The Harbour Committee of Gioia Tauro has approved of previsional budget 2013
Previewed assets of approximately 17 million euros

23/11/2012A delegation of French journalists has visited the port of Naples
Initiative in the within of the program Urbact II of the European Union

23/11/2012The Pope has met the participants to the world-wide conference of the Apostolate of Mare Benedetto
XIV: the Church is near the fishermen and the marine ones in difficulty

23/11/2012Inaugurated a new container terminal in the intermodal center German Köln Eifeltor the intense
activities have cost approximately 47 million euros

23/11/2012Luka Koper asks the support for the local community and the Been about to one to develop the cruises
Introduced the study on the perspectives of development in the crocieristica of the Slovenian port of call realized from Answers Tourism

23/11/2012Ciaccia: “the crocieristica is a field between lights and shadows in crisis of participation”
Convention to Rome on the importance of the cruises in the field of the transport and the tourism

26/11/2012Assoporti invites the government not to destroy to the social peace in Sped
up dock the revocation of the provision that blocks retributive increases for the dependent of the Harbour Authorities

26/11/2012Michele Pappalardo will be the next president of Federagenti the
candidacy will be proposed the assembly of the associates that will hold 12 December

26/11/2012Encounter of Propeller Club Port of Taras on the possibilities of development of the port of Taranto
will be discussed also about the modifications to law 84/94

26/11/2012The Boskalis Dutch anticipates an offer for the acquisition of the entire capital stock of the Dockwise
compatriot the previewed value of the transaction is of 682 million euros

26/11/2012The Chilean Grupo Empresas Navieras orders two new portacontainer gives beyond 9.000 teu to South Korean HHIC
Option for other four ships of the same type

26/11/2012Nei first ten months of the 2012 traffic enlivened from the port of Venice is diminished of 5.6%
To recorded October an increment of 10.5%

26/11/2012The Propellers Clubs Italian agree on the necessity to upgrade trasportistica politics to systemic level
Received a proposal of Bernardo (Port of Venice) on the wake of the controversy between the ports of Genoa and Venice

26/11/2012In a book the history of the port of transhipment of Gioia Tauro Grimaldi
(Harbour Authority): the port of call is the more important economic truth of the Calabria

26/11/2012Debate to Genoa on a bill on the portualità that piace to nobody
has not been organized from Filt-Cgil. Robba (Assiterminal) and Marcucci (Assologistica) launch an alarm for the possible excess of ability to the ports

26/11/2012GNV confirmation the maintenance of the occupational levels of the administrative staff and the marine staff
Valeri: the agreements with the unions allow with the company to exceed the critical moment avoiding staff reductions

26/11/2012Rolls-Royce agreement - Lauro Shipping for the planning of the first ship ro-pax with propulsion to gas of the Mediterranean Will
be the first application of the Environship plan to the fleeting ships

27/11/2012The port of Sydney has closed the fiscal year 2011-12 with a traffic of 2.036.142 container (+1%)
In the period July-October of this year is enlivened 731,394 teu (+4%)

27/11/20129 December to Naples will carry out the second Maratonina Propeller di Saint Barbara
Is organized from Propeller Port Club of Naples

27/11/2012Thursday to the Interporto Toscano will hold the convention “New horizons for the ports and the logistics. Exchanges of experiences between Tuscany and Holland”
Are organized from the Embassy of the Low Countries and from Livorno Confindustria

27/11/2012Nel the 2013 market of the cruises in the Mediterranean will grow of 7%
previews the genoese Cemar to It Agency Network

27/11/2012Today in the port of Genoa two destined cranes of dock to the VTE
With new means of raising have arrived could be served portacontainer give beyond 10.000 teu

27/11/2012Costa Crociere has introduced the seventh edition of own associate-environmental budget
In the 2011 reduction of 50% of injurious gases for ozone, -3,8% of gas to greenhouse effect and increment of 40% of the hours of formation

27/11/2012Thursday and friday to Genoa the fourth edition of Port&ShippingTech introduced
Verranno will hold the main technological innovations in the field of the portualità and the shipping

27/11/2012The European coordinator of priority plan 6 will meet all ports of Alto Adriatico Riccardi
(Region Friuli Venice Julia): in that center it will be opportune that beginnings to speak itself about that “parity of harbour conditions” between partner

27/11/2012Zim returns to the profit
the Israeli company has closed the period July-september with a net profit of 16 million dollars

28/11/2012Assologistica exhorts the government to activate itself in order to ask for strike of the dependent of the Harbour
Authorities the association wishes the billeting of the circular of the ministry of Infrastructures and Transports

28/11/2012Scandlines decides to cancel contracts for two new ferries with yard P+S Werften the previewed
investment piled to 230 million euros

28/11/2012MISC closes the third trimester with a decrease of 39.1% of the operating result the
volume of transactions has grown of 4.5%

28/11/2012Friday to Trieste will be inaugurated the photographic exhibition “the cars of the industrial revolution”
Initiative of Italy Ours in collaboration with the Harbour Institute of Marine Culture

28/11/2012New portal web of the EU commission on the transeuropea net of the transports
is updated with the most recent information on the state of the net

28/11/2012TSA and WTSA towards fusion
TSA have asked American FMC the authorization to widen the perimeter of the shipowning alliance to the travels westbound

28/11/2012DSM has developed with Samskip an innovative type of container with panels in composite
their weight is of 20% inferior regarding traditional the container constituted by wrinkled in steel

28/11/2012Trieste Passenger terminal “capture” the crocieristica company AIDA Nel
2014 previewed 17 touched to the giuliano port of call of the ship “Aida Aura”. In the 2015 “Aida Sol” will join

28/11/2012UIRR, accompanied is not the best modality than arranged transport
Introduced the results of a study commissioned to the KombiConsult German

29/11/2012Propeller Club Port of Taras tomorrow sends back the encounter on the possibilities of development of the port of Taranto
Era is programmed in order

29/11/2012In decrease the volume of the goods transported for railway way in Germany
In the first nine months of the 2012 total has been of 273,1 million tons (- 3.5%)

29/11/2012APM complete Terminals the acquisition of 37.5% of the terminal operator Global Ports Investments
To the Russian Transportation Holding Investments remains a quota pairs to 37.5%

29/11/2012Confitarma, unacceptable the boycotting of Tunisia to the ships of the Grimaldi group the
“Eurocargo Bari” is from six days in oadstead to Tunisi because of a berthing prohibition

29/11/2012The Harbour Committee of Livorno has started the argument on the Triennial Operations plan 2012-2015
Gallanti: “it is not a dream book”

29/11/2012The EU commission unblocks more than 1,2 billion euros in order to finance plans IT TRY
the final deadline for I forward it of the 28 proposals is February 2013

29/11/2012They improve the economic performances of the shipowning group Greek
Attica Deciso decrease of the volumes transported on the Greece-Italy routes

29/11/2012Al Seatrade Med the port of finds confirmation of own good perspectives like crocieristico port of call
Contacts with the main crocieristiche companies, between which Royal Caribbean

29/11/2012FerCargo emphasizes the importance to inside promote the railway service of the Italian ports
Door: “it is in the first place necessary to give to rappresentatività to all the railway enterprises in the Harbour Committees”

30/11/2012Disney Cruise Line will use Miami for the first time as home port
On the port of call will be placed “Disney Wonder”

30/11/2012The innovative directives of the POT of the Harbour Authority of Livorno for the respect of the rules in port
the document turns greater attention to the composition of the rates, the plans of enterprise and their sustainability financial institution

30/11/2012The Vitol group disembarks in Germany Will
supply fuel in the harbour areas of Amburgo, Bremerhaven and Weser

30/11/2012For entire 2012 a limited increase of the traffic of the container enlivened from the world-wide ports
Shanghai International Shipping Institute is attended previews that the increment will be of 4% approximately

30/11/2012Puntualizzazione of the Harbour Authority of Trieste on the program of reconversion of the Ironworks of Servola the
agency is contrary to any proposal of sdemanializzazione

30/11/2012Last month the traffic enlivened from the port of Genoa has grown of 9.3%
the increment is determined by the increase of the mineral oil volume

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