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09 December 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 18:36 GMT+1

03/12/2012Friday to Milan has held the conclusive ceremony of the eighth edition of the prize “the logistic one of the year”
Conferred the business prizes “to personam” and prizes

03/12/2012Today to Genoa photographic exhibition “O.A.R.N will be inaugurated., a history of men and ships”
Will be open until next 16 December

03/12/2012Trasportounito preannounces a national arrest warrant of the Tir
Thought: from January they will undertake actions of protest

03/12/2012Wärtsilä will supply the system of propulsion of the first fed ferry to natural gas which liquified of the America North the
ship of Société DES traversiers du Québec will be constructed by the Fincantieri

03/12/2012The results of the trimester July-september of Anek Lines and IN the Lines
the first company has closed the period with a profit clearly of 10,3 million euros, the second one with a net loss of 7,3 million

03/12/2012The EU commission adopts a marine strategy for Mare Adriatico and the Ionian Sea the
objective is to return the sea a central space of innovation, economic opportunities and well-being for all the Countries that encircle it

03/12/2012The Rickmers German forms an alliance with Oaktree Capital Management in order to finance the construction of the eight portacontainer
objective is to ulteriorly widen the capacity of the understanding

03/12/2012The secretariat of the European ports lascerà Verhoeven in order to guide that of the European shipowners Will
remain in ESPO until the summer, in order then to become general secretary of the ECSA

04/12/2012Friday to Novara will domestically hold a round table of Logistics 2011-2020
Is organized from the University of the Piemonte Oriental “Amedeo Avogadro” in collaboration with CIM - Interporto of Novara

04/12/2012The fusion of Universal Shipbuilding Corporation and IHI Marine United will happen 1° January
has announced It today JFE Holdings and IHI Corporation

04/12/2012The port of Zeebrugge tightens agreements in New Zeland in order to maintain the leadership of main importer of kiwi in Europe
With the terminalista SEA-invest, has signed understandings with the Zespri group and the port of Tauranga

04/12/2012With “Little Gipsies” the world of the shipping supports the search on the emato-oncologiche diseases beneficial
Initiative of Fedespedi, Federagenti, Spediporto and Assagenti

04/12/2012Encounter of ATHENA on the management of the energetic efficiency of the ships
has held today to Rome with the support of Confitarma

04/12/2012Viking orders to others two new ships from cruise to Fincantieri
Bono exhorts union and workers to manifest confidence and engagement for the competitiveness of the company

04/12/2012Nel the 2011 world-wide commerce via sea has reached a level record
However the excess of offer of hold of the fleet puts to risk the economic sustainability of the field of the marine transport

04/12/2012Doubled the intermodal connections of the Interporto of the Marche the trains are gone
up to four weeklies magazine that travel from and for the logistics center of Jesi

05/12/2012Reached an agreement in order to place term to strike in the ports of Los Angeles City and Long Beach
the abstention from the job in existence from eight days - it has emphasized the mayor of Los Angeles City - has cost billions of dollars to our local economy

05/12/2012It lands to the maiden voyage of the service weekly magazine AE20 of Maersk Line and CMA CGM
Before touched to La Spezia Container Terminal of the group Contship Italy

05/12/2012Assologistica asks transparent and objective criteria for the handlers in the Italian airports
Mearelli: it is in existence a perverse game is straziando the budgets of the operators of the field

05/12/2012Exmar and Teekay LNG plan joint venture 50:50 with a fleet of unit for gas of liquified oil the
new company will be equipped of 23 ships

05/12/2012RINA participates to the plan of expansion of terminal GNL of Revithoussa in
Created Greece joint venture between RINA Services, Of Appolonia and the Greek Exergy

05/12/2012The prize “Personality of year WISTA Italy 2012” to Marco Simonetti (LSCT)
is conferred friday to Genoa

05/12/2012Ligurian Ports has participated to the Forum Italian-German on the logistics and the transports of Monk of Bavaria
Forcieri: in increase the number of the German operators who look with interest to the Italian ports, even if sussistono prejudices

05/12/2012Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti accuse the government to ignore the protest of the workers of the ports
This unwarrantable closing - the unions accuse - force to make to permanere the state of agitation to indeterminate time

06/12/2012Albertoni (UCINA): “in these conditions not there are more the foundations in order to make enterprise in Italy”
In spite of the engagements taken from the government - the president of the association of the boat yards has denounced - not are references to nautical in the bill “the Increase”

06/12/2012The Portek group will collaborate to the management of the two main container terminal of the Papua New Guinea
quinquennial Agreement with the png Ports Corporation

06/12/2012Collision between the car carrier Baltic Ace and portacontainer the Corvus
is died four marine ones, seven turn out dispersed and 13 have been features in salvo

06/12/2012The delivery of the terminal of regasification FSRU ToscanaL'arrivo
to the wide one of the coasts of Livorno slips is previewed at the end of the first trimester of 2013

06/12/2012Head (Province of Pescara): in I decree to development deep for the port of Pescara and the marineria
million draft nine euro for the operations of dredging and three million euro for the aids to the marineria

06/12/2012Nel yard of Ancona of the Fincantieri is launched the ship from extra cruise luxury
the SolealL'unità will be delivered to the French Companies du Ponant in the next june

06/12/2012Undersigned Protocollo d' Intesa for the constitution of the Logistic System of the Port of Taranto
will be constituted a whom charged working team to define a ricognitiva map of logistic and trasportistiche infrastructures

06/12/2012Coastal warehouses Savona will upgrade the ability to own terminal
Ok of the Harbour Committee of Savona to oppose during Council of State the resource of the Municipality of Go up the dredging for the new Maersk platform

06/12/2012Sunday Trenitalia and Trasposervizi they will inaugurate the travelling freeway Trento-Monk
Collegherà the interporto Italian of Roncafort with that German of Regensburg

06/12/2012The port of Trieste previews to become in the 2013 first port of call of Italy for the oil traffics and tenth in Europe
the next year is attended an increment of 20% of the volumes to terminal SIOT

06/12/2012Record of productivity to La Spezia Container 1,744 Terminals
Enlivened container during the operations of boarding and disembarkation of the “MSC Emma”

06/12/2012Agreement in order to throw again and to promote the competitiveness of the logistic system Venetian
Encounter between the representatives of Agency of Customs, Venetian Region, private port of Venice and operators

06/12/2012Francesco Mariani is the new president of Med Ports Community Il
president of the Harbour Authority of the East subentra to Announced (port of Salerno)

06/12/2012Istituto Internazionale of the Communications has a new general secretary
draft of Pier Giuseppe Naso Rappis, than subentra to Alberto Cappato

07/12/2012Agreement of cooperation between group PSA and the Harbour Authority of Busan
Prevede the progettuali hypothesis and exchange of information in the fields of the development, direction and management of the ports

07/12/2012Satisfaction of UCINA Nautical Confindustria for the introduction of the new Redditometro is
ended - it has explained the association - the era of possessory of boats criminalized from the state treasury

07/12/2012Encounter between the president of the Harbour Authority of Trieste and europarlamentare Serracchiani
Monassi: the realization of the rigassificatore is in contrast with an economic development that has the port like point of reference

07/12/2012Green light with some prescription to the plan for the modernization of the dock of the Polisettoriale Pier of Taranto
Yesterday has held the reunion of the Conference of the Services

07/12/2012Conference of ATHENA on the choice of naval paintings
Organized from the Piedmontese From Liguria Section of the association, will hold 17 December to Genoa

07/12/2012The Intereuropa Slovene has yielded own logistics center for car of Moscow to UCTAM (UniCredit group) the
transaction has a value of 45 million euros

07/12/2012Al mining group and iron and steel Mechel Russian 55% of the capital of the Vanino Commercial Sea Port
the investment piles to 502 million dollars

07/12/2012The Brazilian government tip on the ports in order to return the exports more competitive
Announced a plan of investments for 26 billion dollars with the objective to increase the efficiency of the ports of call and to reduce the costs

10/12/2012Last month the marine traffic in the Suez Canal is diminished of 9.4%
the cargo volumes transported from the ships in transit in the water way Egyptian is piled to 58,9 million tons (+0.8%)

10/12/2012American International Group will sell 90% of International Lease Finance Corporation to a consortium of Chinese investor the
transaction will have a value of 4,75 billion dollars

10/12/2012To November the traffic of the container in the port of Kaohsiung is diminished of 4.0%
In the first eleven months of 2012 recorded an increment of 2.0%

10/12/2012New logistics base of Italian Schenker in the Interporto di
Nola Dispone of 6.000 square metres of warehouse and 1.000 square metres of offices

10/12/2012Sembcorp Marine makes sure a contract for the maintenance of the ships of Royal Caribbean Cruises
In 2013 and 2014 previewed intense activities for 41-57 million dollars

10/12/2012The construction in basin of Costa Diadema is begun, the future flagship of Costa Crociere Il
yard of Marghera di Fincantieri will complete it 30 October 2014

10/12/2012ESPO confirmation the suspiciones of dumping goods in foreign market from some European ports in the application of the customs norms the
association denunciation the phenomenon of the “shipping harbour one”, that it determines a distortion of the competition between the ports of call EU

10/12/2012From five years the workers of the CULMV P. Batini of the port of Genoa attend the payment of the CIG
denounce It Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti

11/12/2012Scorpio Tankers orders to the construction of six product tanker
Practised MR options with the South Korean ship yards Hyundai Mipo Dockyard and SPP Shipbuilding

11/12/2012A new railway trace is indispensable for the development of the port of Koper
Riccardi (Region Friuli Venice Julia) exhorts “to avoid the divisions that characterize to us and that they risk to slowly place in second the Adriatic axis regarding that of the Tyrrhenian one”

11/12/2012Operating the first 18,5 kilometers of the railway line to high speed between Bari and Naples
Connect Cervaro with Bovine. The doubling of the draft will be completed within 2014

11/12/2012The International Association of Classification Societies has reopened own center of Brussels
Event with the participation of 80 representatives of the marine community of the European Union

11/12/2012American Alla Delta Air Lines 49% of the British airline Virgin Atlantic the
group American buys the participation of Singapore Airlines for 360 million dollars

11/12/2012In a letter to the minister Clini the Harbour Authority of Trieste restates the perplexities on the rigassificatore the
port - the agency explains - has new and important development plans that at the moment of the beginning of the preliminary investigation on terminal GNL still compiutamente were not formulated

Fifth consecutive month of contraction of the volumes transported from the line services continues the trend negative of the containerized trade via sea

12/12/2012At the beginning of the 2013 CKYH - the Green Alliance will reduce the ability on the route Asia-North Europe Med In
program the cancellation of seven travels

12/12/2012The Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. upgrades the repair activity and conversion of ships from cruise
In the next weeks two units will enter in the yard Yokohama Dockyard & Machinery Works

12/12/2012Coast has introduced the plan of the terminal of height of Venice to the president of MSC
Incontro to Geneva with Gianluigi Aponte

12/12/2012Nel Sanctuary of the cetaceans almost is doubled the sights
Concluded the summery campaign of the international plan for the monitoring of the cetaceans

12/12/2012The next month to Ancona will be launched the greatest ship never constructed from ship yard CRN
draft of megayacht the CRN “Chopi Chopi” of 80 meters

12/12/2012The council of Confitarma nomination the three tests in sight of I renew of the Which co-opted presidency
a councilman

12/12/2012UIRNet confirmation the success of the experimentations of own logistic platform national digital the
next month is in program the last technical implementation with the test of the ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports

12/12/2012Massimo De Gregorio is the new president of the Pan-European confederation of the customs brokers Confiad
Italy returns to the summit of the association 20 years after the presidency of Osvaldo De Sanctis

12/12/2012The BERS finances the plan for the realization of the street tunnel Eurasia under the Strait of the Bosforo will be
completed in 2017

13/12/2012Last month the goods enlivened by the port of Singapore is increased of 2.3% the
container has been pairs to 2.589.100 teu (+4.7%)

13/12/2012Round (Region Friuli Venice Julia): “if and to Trieste the rigassificatore is considered incompatible, the
president of the agency lets bygones be bygones itself” has invited to face in alternative the topic of the development without this perspective

13/12/2012Last month the Chinese marine ports have enlivened a million traffic 562,2 tons of goods (+10.2%)
The container pairs to 13,5 million teu (+8.4% have been)

13/12/2012Prompt CNA-Fita a fast release of deep 2010-11 for the Freeways of the Sea
"In the current economic conjuncture - the association emphasizes - it would be most serious an European refusal"

13/12/2012A society for the commercialization of equipments for cargo handling is born to Genoa
Medport Equipment will offer also a complete package of complementary services

13/12/2012Propeller Club Port of prompt Taras I throw again of the plan for the distripark of the port of Taranto
Count: "the communal administration must assume the "governance" of the hypothesis-plan"

13/12/2012CMA CGM invests in the Pacific Container Terminal of the port of Long Beach
is landed to new service MEX3 operated from the French company with Maersk Line

13/12/2012The association the Port of the Little ones aims the bow for Livorno
The objective is to create a synergy with the plan of the harbour authority Leighorn "Open Port"

13/12/2012The Municipalities of Ravenna and Genoa intend to return the commission newly operating Ports of the ANCI
The initiative in answer to the financing granted to the port of Venice. Previewed the involvement of Trieste

13/12/2012Clini: urgent a program of punctual job for the last phase of the removal of Costa Concordia
Letter of the minister to Costa Crociere, the Civil Protection and the Tuscany Region

14/12/2012Appropriation of 8,5 million euros for the promotion and the development of the port of Gioia Tauro
Scopelliti (Region): "we are worried for the anchor duties, from the moment that the resources previewed from the executive Mounts are pairs to 3,5 million while they would serve at least 11"

14/12/2012Japanese NYK announces the fusion of NYK-Hinode Global Line and NYK Corporation Bulk
Next March will be put into effect

14/12/2012Allibo Adriatico and Monfer in race for the allocation of the activity of allibo to the San Leonardo dock of the port of Venice
The two companies will have to introduce the technical-economic offer within the half of February

14/12/2012To November the port of Long Beach has recorded a pull-up of the +20.8% of the traffic of the container
In the first eleven months of the 2012 traffic it is piled to 5.485.542 teu (- 1.2%)

14/12/2012Marsa Maroc adjudicates the management of the Terminal Container 3 of the port of Casablanca
The system will become operating in the second half of the year of 2015

14/12/2012Introduced to Trieste a shared proposal of harbour railway layout
She will be subordinate to Italian Railway Net

17/12/2012Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Los Angeles City is diminished of the 16.0%
In the first eleven months of the 2012 7.489.560 teu (+2.7% are enlivened)

17/12/2012The port of Trieste will close the 2012 with a new record anniversary of traffic of the container
Attended a total volume of beyond 400 thousand teu

17/12/2012of Friend International Shipping it orders to two ulterior new tankers
They will be delivered by Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co. between the end of the 2014 and beginning of 2015

17/12/2012In the 2015 Rickmers-Linie German it will take in delivery two new multipurpose ships
They will be constructed by the navalmeccanico group Chinese Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding

17/12/2012Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Hong Kong is diminished of the 4.3%
In the first eleven months of the 2012 bending it has been of the 4.5%

17/12/2012Agreement Stemcor - Katoen Native-born for storage and handling of producing iron and steel in the port of Antwerp
The stock trader of the steel has warehouses in France, Germany and Scandinavia

17/12/2012Proposal of directive of the EU commission on the equipments for the marine field
The objective to simplify the normative context, reducing the costs for the enterprises and guaranteeing a better application of the norms

17/12/2012Italy-Switzerland agreements in the fields of the energy, infrastructures and the transports
Between the objectives, the improvement of the railway lines of the Saint Gottardo and the Sempione

17/12/2012General Dynamics NASSCO will construct first portacontainer with propulsion to which liquified natural gas
Contract with TOTE Shipholdings for two ships more three in option

17/12/2012In the Interporto of Rivalta Scrivia three new warehouses for storage of hazelnuts have become operating
They have a storage capability of approximately 6.000 tons

17/12/2012Al via the contest for the works of requalification of the Polisettoriale Pier of Taranto
Presentation of the apulian port to Shanghai

17/12/2012World-wide the crocieristica industry will be represented by the new Cruise Lines International Association
Fusion of associations CLIA, European Cruise Council, Asia Cruise Association, Passenger Shipping Association, AFCC, Abremar, Northwest and Canada Cruise Association, Alaska Cruise Association and International Cruise Council Australasia

17/12/2012Sicilian society Rescues renounces to the service of harbor tug to Freezes
The company has denounced "the total rigidity which met is on the tariff front that organizational"

18/12/2012The German ship yard Peene-Werft will be acquired from the Lürssen group
Manifestations of interest also for the plant of Stralsund

18/12/2012In the 2013 Assomarinas it will head to recover the markets foreign countries traditionally legacies to the Italian nautical offer
The association will participate to the "Boot" of Düsseldorf and to the "M.I.B.S." of Moscow

18/12/2012Hapag-Lloyd and Hamburg Süd make official the start of negotiations for the fusion
The new company would put in field a fleet of 250 portacontainer for an ability to beyond a million teu

18/12/2012Ok of the Harbour Committee of Naples to the putting in liquidation of the society of promotion of the Logical logistics
Protest of the dependent of the Harbour Authority against the application of the spending review to the harbour agencies

18/12/2012In the 2012 port of Bremen/Bremerhaven it has enlivened a traffic record of 85 million tons of goods
New supremacy of the container with 6,3 million teu (+6.3%)

18/12/2012The BERS finances the development of the crocieristico traffic in the Shovelled port of
Granted a loan of 18,8 million euros

18/12/2012The commission Transports of the Parliament EU approves of the modalities of uses of the deep CEF in order to finance the net TRIES
Three fifth of the entire equipment, that is 31,7 billion euros, are destined to the Trans-European Transport Network

18/12/2012To Venice it has been discussed about e-Navigation, safety and fluvial transport
Organized event from the Harbour Authority and Vemars

19/12/2012The Harbour Committee of Trieste has examined the issue of the terminal of regasification of Zaule
Faced also the topic of the Old Port

19/12/2012The crocieristica division of group TUI has closed financial year 2011-12 with a decrease of the 73.2% of underlying the EBITA
In the period of 12 conclusosi months 30th September the revenues of Hapag-Lloyd have grown of the 12.1%

19/12/2012The understanding protocol works undersigned from the Harbour Authority of with the haulers
A technical table will be constituted permanent

19/12/2012In the 2012 crocieristico traffic in the ports of the Sardinia North it is doubled
Handling crocieristi records of 142 ships from cruise and approximately 280 thousand

19/12/2012Brussels authorizes the distribution of public funds for 100 million euros to the port of Augusta
The EU commission instead has ordered the restitution of aids of Been about to 360 million euros granted to SEA Handling

19/12/2012Damen Shipyards has bought the French ship yard Arno
It is the only plant of repairs and naval conversions situated in the port of Dunkerque

19/12/2012Garozzo (AP Augusta): thanks to the ok of the EU commission we can finally to set the work going
"In preenforced way - it has found - we have continued in the definition of the notices for the allocation of the contracts

19/12/2012Launched to Castellammare di Stabia an unit multirole for Italian Guard Costiera
It is before the two units commissioned to Fincantieri from the General Command of the Harbour offices

19/12/2012Harbour authority of Trieste and Inail signs an understanding protocol on safety in harbour within
It includes two agreements

20/12/2012A study of the Foundation for the Sustainable Development emphasizes the importance of the railway corridor Genoa-Rotterdam
In last the four years the corridor has seen to increase to the transport question goods in controtendenza regarding the remainder of Europe

20/12/2012Agreement for the division of the ability for the cargo trains on the lines Rotterdam-Genoa and Antwerp-Lyon/Basel
He has been undersigned from Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Countries Bassi and Switzerland

20/12/2012The societies of classification and certification Det Norske Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd announce the fusion
DNV will stop the 63.5% of the new group, Mayfair (family Herz) the 36.5%. The division Assurance Business will have center to Milan

20/12/2012Arison: exercise 2012 has been most difficult of the history of the crocieristico group Carnival
Previewed a resumption in 2013 with the overcoming of the quota ten million passengers accommodated on the ships of the fleet

20/12/2012Of Friend (Confitarma): "I restate the full military solidarity of all the Italian armament to the two unjustly withheld ones in India"
Their return in Italy for the festivity - it has emphasized - is truly a beautiful news

21/12/2012Fincantieri buys STX OSV
Agreement in order to acquire the 50.75% of the capital stock. With the successive obligatory public purchase offer, the value total of the operation will be pairs to approximately 900 million euros

21/12/2012Approved of in definitive way the triennial Operations plan of the port of Livorno
Gallanti: "we have made a step forward on the road of the social cohesion"

21/12/2012Today the port of Genoa celebrates the two millionth container enlivened from the beginning of the year
Besides to establish the new record, the container will be also first to be cleared telematicamente

21/12/2012General Electric will buy the activities in the aerial field of the Aviation group
The transaction will have a value of 3,3 billion dollars

21/12/2012Agreement Minoan Lines - Neorion Syros Shipyards for the effettuazione of intense activities to ships of the company in the Greek yard
The oldest navalmeccanico plant of Greece appoints to a job some 500 people

21/12/2012The Turkish group Yildirim acquires the control of the port of Gemport
Robert Yuksel Yildirim: we will invite foreign investor to approach our pocketbook after we reach a critical dimension and sustainable

28/12/2012The port of Trieste for the first time exceeds the threshold of 400 thousand container enlivened in a year
To the midnight of 24 December the quota 402.221 teu is reached

28/12/2012Royal Caribbean Cruises orders a third new ship from cruise of class "Oasis" to STX France
The agreement includes an option for a fourth ship and the transfer to the yard of the ship from cruise "Atlantic Star"

28/12/2012The repercussions of the Middle Eastern situation on the commercial and crocieristici traffics in the adriatic ports
It is the topic of an organized encounter from the The International Propeller Club Port of Venice

28/12/2012In the 2012 port of Antwerp it has enlivened approximately 183,8 million tons of goods (- 1.8%)
The container has been pairs to 8.629.992 teu (- 0.4%)

28/12/2012The port of Rotterdam closes 2012 with a traffic of 443 million tons (+1.7%)
Modest also the increase previewed for 2013

28/12/2012ICTSI abandons the management of the container terminal of the Syrian port of Tartous adducing the subsistence of force majeures
Repatriated all the Philippine staff

28/12/2012Last month the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Barcelona is diminished of the 8.5%
In the first eleven months of 2012 a bending of the 4.4% is recorded

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