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25 May 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 22:53 GMT+2

02/01/2013Group CMHI of Hong Kong will acquire the 25% of the society that manages the port African of Djibouti
The group will become also the greater shareholder of the terminalista society Chinese Shenzhen Chiwan Wharf Holdings

02/01/2013The Norwegian group Westcon buys ship yard STX Norway Florø
The society of naval planning STX Norway passes of hand also Florø Design

02/01/2013In the first eleven months of the 2012 traffic in the port of Taranto it is diminished of the 13.5%
Enlivened beyond altogether 32,9 million tons of goods

02/01/2013Exceptional boarding in the port of Bari
Three tanks of the weight of approximately 1.000 tons are loaded on the ship "Zhen Hua 21"

03/01/2013Textainer increases the consistency of the quota container of its property
In last the five months the society has invested 275 million dollars in order to buy 257,000 teu

03/01/2013In 2013 Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. previews an increase of the 52% of the new orders
Attended an increment of the 7% of the turnover

03/01/2013They continue the negotiations between the DFDS and the German ship yard of Stralsund for the realization of two ships ro-ro
The offered price for the two constructions is of 84 million euros

03/01/2013Terminalista society genoese VTE has established the own new record of traffic anniversary
In 2012 container has enlivened 1.242.947 teu

04/01/2013The Japanese "K" Linens, MOL and NYK confirm the necessity to reorganize own model of business
The presidents of the three companies confirm lasting of the state of difficulty of the shipping

04/01/2013Satisfaction of Assonautica Cagliari for the delay of three years of the marine state property concessions
Two hundred harbour activities saved

04/01/2013Christened eighth of the 30 new portacontainer from 8.452 teu of the Evergreen Line
It is constructed by Samsung Heavy Industries Ltd.

07/01/2013In the 2012 traffic enlivened from the port of Zeebrugge it has recorded a decrease of the 7%
For this year a stabilization of the volumes is attended

07/01/2013Genoa is center of the new organization Central Mediterranean Cluster of Maersk Line
Maersk Italy has assumed the coordination of the activity of the company in Greece and Cyprus. New service feeder to Salerno

07/01/2013The port of Taranto tightens the ties with China
Mission of the president of the agency, Sergio Prete, on invitation of the Shanghai International Shipping Institute

07/01/2013Bergen will sell the Bergen Group Halsnøy ship yard
Dock will be yielded to the Halsnøy, that it is controlled by the Cinus, the main shareholder of the navalmeccanica company Fjellstrand

08/01/2013Chineses COSCO, Lower Shipping and China Merchants Group invests in the port of Kaohsiung
They have acquired the 30% of Kao Ming Container Terminal, society controlled from the Yang Ming group

08/01/2013MSC Cruises decides the withdrawal from the activity of ship MSC Melody
It is the smallest and old unit of the fleet of the company

08/01/2013Public encounter with the candidates to the presidency of the Harbour Authority of Naples
Promoted from Propeller Club Port of Naples, January to the Marine Station will hold 14

08/01/2013A center of formation of Santo Domingo will be fed to solar energy graces to an initiative promoted to Genoa
To the demand for aid they have answered Harbour Authority and Chaplains of Lavoro

08/01/2013To March the last departure from the programmed port of Gioia Tauro from Maersk Line
The Danish company will insert a port of call eastbound to Marsaxlokk in the Ecumed service

08/01/2013In the 2012 fleet of the COSCON it has transported a volume eight record million container
Increment of the 16.0% regarding the year precedence

08/01/2013Fincantieri delivery two new ships to Marina Militare of the United Arab Emirates
Draft of a corvette launched in February 2011 and of a pattugliatore launched in January 2012

09/01/2013In the 2012 traffic of the container enlivened from the port of Kaohsiung it has grown of 1.5%
To December a decrease of the 4.1% is recorded

09/01/2013Last year the container terminal to the Pier of the port of the Pireo has enlivened 625,914 teu (+27.5%)
For the 2013 Harbour Authority it previews an ulterior year of intense activity in the field of the container

09/01/2013Joint venture of Kerry Logistics in Vietnam
Acquired the control of express the private society of deliveries and logistics TTC Express

09/01/2013Ancanap, the Italian private ship yards are left at the mercy of the crisis
The association emphasizes the complete absence legislations and financial institutions of support to the field

09/01/2013Rickmers-Linie has instituted an own branch to Singapore
The objective is to strengthen the presence of the German company in Southeastern Asia

09/01/2013Freed the three marine ones of the Ace Twenty-one kidnapped in Nigeria
of Friend (Confitarma): we attend that it comes as soon as possible completed and been profitable operating the norm for the boarding of the armed guards on board of the ships of Italian flag

09/01/2013In the 2012 containerized trade in the port of Gioia Tauro it has grown of the 18.5%
The calabrian port of call has enlivened approximately 2.720.000 teu

09/01/2013Last year the port of Venice has enlivened 25,4 million tons of goods (- 3.6%)
In the last trimester of 2012 an increase of the +10.4% is recorded

09/01/2013Convention on the topic "To bring back in Italy the control of the international transportation of the goods"
Organized from the The International Propeller Club - Port of Milan, will hold 28 January to Milan

09/01/2013In the 2012 traffic enlivened from the port of Savona I go is diminished of the 10.3%
Hard regression of the goods several. In decrease also the liquid bulk, while the solid bulk volume is increased

09/01/2013Completed the levelling of the before backdrops the dock of the commercial port of Augusta
Garozzo: step ahead in the tie elimination that has created in the past prejudices and instrumentalizations in the operativity of the port of call

10/01/2013SDV has acquired a quota majority in the logistic society Swiss Safcomar Overseas
The company is renamed SDV Suisse

10/01/2013In the 2012 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Naples it is diminished of the 2.0%
Container in increase of the +3.8%. Increase of the passengers of line (+2.9%) and decrease of crocieristi (- 5.3%)

10/01/2013Last year the port of Dunkerque has enlivened 47,2 million tons of goods (- 0.6%)
In increase goods several and bulk sand banks. Decrease of the liquid bulk

10/01/2013The Council of State reinsedia Haralambides to the guide of the Harbour Authority of Brindisi
Suspended the esecutività of the sentence of the REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COURT for the Apulia that had cancelled the nomination

10/01/2013Confetra denunciation an excessive increase of the harbour taxes in Italy
The increases - it has emphasized the Confederation - risk "to make to stray from our Country the great international shipowning groups"

10/01/2013Trasportounito has programmed for monday a day of mobilization of the road haulage
The objective is to evidence the alarming situation in which it pours the section

10/01/2013New program of the EU for the fight against piracy in the Gulf of Guinea
It is centralized on the formation of the Coastgards and on the creation of a net for the exchange of information in the region

10/01/2013Contship Italy closes the 2012 with an increase of the traffic in the terminals of transhipment and a decrease in the terminals gateway
Cecilia Eckelmann-Battistello: "2013 more complex than seen in the years will be a year still precedence"

10/01/201323 January UIR will introduce a relationship on the Italian interportuale system
This that emerges - has anticipated the association - he is the optimal state of health of taken a census interposing to you

10/01/2013International conference on safety of dangerous the marine and fluvial transport of goods
Organized from ALOT, January to Mantua will hold 31

10/01/2013The Harbour Committee of Trieste declares the rigassificatore of not compatible Zaule with the development of the port
It is of the 411.247 teu new records of traffic of the containers established in 2012 from the giuliano port of call

10/01/2013Initiative to Bari for the sensitization of the harbour user towards a sustainable management of the refusals
The students will produce an appropriate instrument of multimedia communication

11/01/2013In the 2012 Singapore world-wide container has been confirmed according to port and has established three new records
For the first time exceeded the threshold of 30 million teu enlivened in a year

11/01/2013Federagenti, the increase of the anchor duties weakens the competitiveness of the Italian ports
Pappalardo: the immediate benefit is made useless by possible, if a not sure one, reduction of the traffic

11/01/2013the port of Amsterdam has established the own new record of traffic anniversary
In the 2012 Dutch port of call has enlivened 77 million tons of

11/01/2013Last year the harbour terminals of group PSA have enlivened beyond 60 million container (+5.2%)
To Singapore the traffic have been of 31,26 million teu (+6.4%) and in the terminals foreign countries of 28,80 million teu (+3.9%)

11/01/2013group SKF buys the German Blohm + Voss Industries
will be yielded by the STAR Capital Partners for

11/01/2013Rilancio of the port of Gioia Tauro to risk for the increase of the anchor duties
the alarm is launch from CISL

11/01/2013Loan of the BERS for the realization of the railway connections with the port moldavo of Giurgiulesti
Concessi 12 million dollars to the Danube Logistics

14/01/2013Rossi (Tuscany Region): Piombino is the better port in order to receive the property left at death one of Costa Concordia
the ship from cruise could be removed between July and september

14/01/2013group RINA to support of the TASNEEF creation, the first registry of naval classification of the Arabic world
In the 2013 will be beyond 44 the followed plans of classification from the two

14/01/2013Paita (Liguria Region): the Third Pass is a strategic work for the Country
the perception of the work - it has emphasized the city council member - must be counterbalanced from the appraisal in terms of occupation and job

14/01/2013Agreement Sardinia Region - Italian Space Agency for the development of satellite technologies in railway field
Between the objectives, the optimization of the infrastructural investments

14/01/2013ANITA has signed an agreement of collaboration with the stock exchange of cargos and Wtransnet truck
the objective is the creation of a point of encounter for the Italian companies of the field of the transport and the logistics

14/01/2013the ships of the Japanese "K" Linens return to the container Contship terminal of
Landed before the portacontainer of service MD1

15/01/2013In the 2012 Russian ports has enlivened a traffic of 565,5 million tons of goods (+5.6%)
the goods sand banks is increased of the +7.3% and the liquid bulk of the +4.3%

15/01/2013the American Vigor Industrial has ordered the construction of a floating dry dock to Chinese DDHI
With a length of 293 meters and a width of 57 meters, will be the greatest basin than this type in the USA

15/01/2013In the 2011 volume record of the transport arranged not accompanied in Europe
Totalizzate shipments for 18.116.920 teu in national and international services (+16.3%)

15/01/2013the port of Hong Kong has closed 2012 with a traffic of 23.097.000 container (- 5.3%)
In the first ten months of the year the total traffic goods has been of 225,3 million di.tonnellate (- 2.3%)

15/01/2013CruiseVenice, the crocieristico traffic is irrenounceable for the city of Venice
Bernardo: "to Venice some "bow" does not exist, the ships furrows the wide channel of the Giudecca on an obliged route"

15/01/2013and March to Trieste will hold the first edition of Adriatic Sea Forum
the event is dedicated to the tourism via sea in the Adriatic legacy to the fields cruises, ferries and nautical (sail and motor)

15/01/2013Last year the terminals of COSCO Pacific have enlivened 55.685.700 container (+9.8%)
In China the traffic has been of 48,4 million teu and of abroad 7,3 million teu (+8.9%)

15/01/2013Posa of the first stone of the new terminal of the Grimaldi group to Barcelona
the investment piles to 20 million euros

15/01/2013a new portacontainer from 8.888 teu of OOCL
Is third of eight ships ordered to the Chinese Hudong-Zhonguha Shipbuilding

15/01/2013In the 2012 port of Monfalcone has enlivened 3.716.753 tons of goods (+7.2%)
Sgarlata (Special Company for the Port of Monfalcone): for the escavo of the access channel, "than God it sends to us good"

15/01/2013the port of Los Angeles City has concluded 2012 with a traffic of 8.077.714 container (+1.7%)
To recorded December a bending of the 9.4%

16/01/2013To South Korean HHI the order of the Seaspan for five new portacontainer from 14.000 teu more five in option
the store clerk has a value of 600 million dollars. The ships will be rented Yang Ming

16/01/2013OECD and WTO anticipates a new method of esteem of the flows of the world-wide commerce based on the added value of the exports
Ridimensiona the consistency of the export of some nations, between which China and Germany, and of exporting important of raw materials

16/01/2013Two deep of the Buss German has yielded their pocketbook of container to the American Seaborne Intermodal
Sold 275,000 container for approximately 410 million dollars

16/01/2013Carlo Lombardi is confirmed general secretary of the Federation of the Sea
Vice-secretary is Paolo Ferrandino, Paolo Lotti, and Marina Stella

16/01/2013a multinational of the harbour and airport logistics is ready to install itself in the area of former Headquarters of the Tinplates of Genoa
has announced It the city council members to the Job and the economic Development of the E region the Municipality

16/01/2013the new ship yard of the Austal group in the Philippines
Already completed the construction of a ship and other four will be finished within the turn of the year

16/01/2013Concluse with success the first tests in sea of the new flagship of MSC Cruises
"23 MSC" will be christened March to Genoa

16/01/2013Named four vice-president of Federagenti for biennium 2013-2014
Sono Norberto Bezzi, Pietro Busan, Laura Miele and Giulio Schenone

16/01/2013Review of the spin of the service Adriatic Express Service di Hapag-Lloyd
the line connects the adriatic ports with Egypt and Turkey

16/01/2013the tourist ports of the Cilento are put in net
Between the initiatives, the realization of a card that affords to the diportisti to have use of a series of operating within the national health service services

17/01/2013decrease of the number of the piracy actions
Last year 297 have happened attack regarding 439 in 2011

17/01/2013Italy must place in existence new diplomatic and commercial strategies in order to increase export towards the side the South of the Mediterranean
Incontro of Propeller Club of Venice on the perspectives of the traffics with the area

17/01/2013This year the G6 Alliance will not reactivate 3 Loop Europe Asia-North
the regions will continue to being connected with five services

17/01/2013In the 2012 containerized trade enlivened from the port of Long Beach is diminished of the 0.3%
In light increase the container full in import and export

17/01/2013Last year the port of Haifa has established the own new record of traffic of the container
the Israeli port of call has enlivened 1.377.162 teu (+11.5%)

18/01/2013Silversea Cruises program the offer of cruises short duration
will be realized this year in Europe North and the Mediterranean

18/01/2013the port of Genoa closes 2012 with an light bending of the traffic of the goods
Record of the container. Decrease of the bulk, the goods conventional and the passengers

18/01/2013Last year the intermodal operator German Kombiverkehr has operated 927,200 shipments (- 4.7%)
an increment of the activity in 2013

18/01/2013tomorrow in the EU will be released the new European driving licence
the licenses in circulation will be replaced at the moment of renew or, however, within 2033

18/01/2013China Shipping Lines Container previews to clearly close 2012 with a result of positive sign
2012 had been archived item in loss

18/01/2013Confartigianato Transports Marche denunciation aggravating itself of the crisis of the road haulage is in regional within that national
In the single second half of the year of 2012 in Italy has closed down beyond two thousand enterprises of the section

18/01/2013Di Marco: 60 million to the port of Ravenna are an acknowledgment of the importance of the port of call for the economy of the Country
the president of the harbour agency inhabitant of Romagna retort to the affirmations of the number one of the port of Venice

18/01/2013iter for the cession of ability for the routes da/per the Sardinia of Tirrenia-CIN
the interest manifestations will have to reach within 29 January

18/01/2013ESPO, sussistono the foundations in order not to introduce a new European legislation on the ports
Verhoeven: "the Commission takes in consideration three options, from simplest to the most articulated. Without a doubt ESPO is in favour of the first"

18/01/2013Coffee: the Harbour Authority of Trieste confirmation the reduction of the 20% on the state property canons
of the initiative is to stimulate of the traffic

21/01/2013emphasizes the trend of bending of the marine traffic through the Suez Canal
Last month is dropped of the 11.1%. In entire the 2012 water way it is crossed by 17.225 ships (- 3.2%)

21/01/2013Sardinia Ferries has doubled the frequency of the service for passengers and rotabili Livorno-Gulf Oranges
From thursday slid on the route is employed two ships

21/01/2013Höegh Autoliners orders three PCTC to the ship yard Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry
Will have an ability to 8.500 cars and will be delivered beginning from 2015

21/01/2013Wärtsilä will supply the system of propulsion of the new ferry of the Caledonian Maritime Assets
the ship is under construction in the German ship yard Flensburger

21/01/2013the Dachser German has bought the Spanish shipment house Transunion
the Iberian society has 235 dependent and a turnover of approximately 95 million euros

21/01/2013Contraction of the economic performances of Belgian group CMB
exercise 2012 has been archived item with a profit clearly of 130,5 million dollars (- 4.8%)

21/01/2013GEFCO has inaugurated a new line groupage that it connects Tunisia with Europe
the consolidation hub is to Pregnana Milanese (Milan)

21/01/2013Battezzate the first two megaone from 13.208 teu of the OOCL
is constructed by Samsung Heavy Industries Ltd

21/01/2013the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Piombino in 2012
the passengers are diminished of the 6.7%

21/01/2013prompt Feport the EU to define lines guides on the aids of Been about to the ports
the association has restated the exhortation in occasion of the consultation on European harbour politics

21/01/2013Three Large Hooligan Carrier Container operated at the same time to terminal MCT of Gioia Tauro
Saturday is landed "Joyful MSC", "MSC Ravenna" and "MSC Daniela"

21/01/2013Shortly the ports will join to the computerized platform for the Italian logistics of UIRNet
Incontro with the association of the Harbour Authorities

22/01/2013In the 2012 enlivened volumes of intermodal traffic from Hupac is dropped of the 10.7%
Kunz: "the market of the transports continuous to find itself under strong pressure and for 2013 our forecasts is prudent"

22/01/2013bending of the transported containerized volumes from the fleet of OOCL in the last trimester of 2012
In the entire year is recorded an increase of the 6.7%

22/01/2013the chartering society SeaCube container will be acquired from the pension fund Canadian Teachers'
the transaction will have a value of approximately 467 million dollars

22/01/2013Six you carry Chineses in the first ten place of the ranking 2012 of the world-wide ports of call container
Tianjin climbs over Rotterdam, that it slips to the eleventh place

22/01/2013Al the Congo Terminal of Pointe Noire has arrived the first two of eight new cranes ship-to-Shore
the objective is to double the traffic already in 2013 and to triple it in 2014

23/01/2013ABB Turbo Systems will reduce organic and structures in Switzerland because of the impact of the crisis on the marine field
the cut of 145 places of work and the closing of the plant of Deitingen

23/01/2013In entire the 2012 Euronav has totaled a net loss of 85,9 million dollars
the revenues have grown of the 4.1% to 410,7 million dollars

23/01/2013Monday to Milan the convention of Propeller on the riappropriazione of the control of the international transportation of the goods
will hold to Palace Stopped

23/01/2013D' Appolonia has introduced an innovative plan for the marine fresh water transport
Prevede the employment of modular bags

23/01/2013OLT has started the procedures of contest for the first phase of the reopening of the Incile Channel
the objective is to restore the navigability from the center of Pisa to the port of Livorno

23/01/2013Fincantieri has perfected the acquisition of the 50.75% of STX OSV
Between two or three weeks the start of obligatory the public purchase offer on remaining sets in action

23/01/2013Brussels approves of modifications to the Finnish program of support to the investments in less polluting ships
an investigation on the aids to portuguese ship yard ENVC

23/01/2013Convention on the development of the section sea in the province of Massa Carrara
will hold 7 February near Centro Fieristico Carrara Fiere

23/01/2013Investigation of the EU commission on the subsidies to the Sardinian airports
Under examination also the financial contributions granted to carriers airplane

23/01/2013another order for new portacontainer of large-capacity emitted from Seaspan Corporation
Store clerks to the Jiangsu Chineses New Yangzi Shipbuilding Co. and Jiangsu Yangzi Xinfu Shipbuilding Co. for four ships from 10.000 teu

23/01/2013Med Cross Lines will extend the Venice-Libya service to Turkey
In program ports of call to Istanbul and Izmir

23/01/2013Last year the revenues of Eurotunnel have grown of the 14% to 993,1 million euros
increment of the passengers, rotabili and goods transported in the Channel Tunnel

24/01/2013Costamare has closed 2012 with a profit clearly of 81,1 million dollars (- 7.4%)
Bought a portacontainer from 5.928 teu constructed in 2003. Joint venture with V.Ships Greece

24/01/2013Last year the four main Greek crocieristici ports have enlivened 2.925.711 passengers
the home activity port has totaled 440,098 passengers

24/01/2013the Spanish government meets the stakeholder of the harbour field in order to characterize the measures in order to increase the competitiveness of the ports
Last year the national ports of call have enlivened 470 million tons of goods (+5%)

24/01/2013ESPO is opposed to the hypothesis to impose to the main ports of the net TRIES to equip itself of stations of GNL refueling
Proposed of directive of the EU commission for the creation of a net of stations of alternative fuelling

24/01/2013Ballot of Commission IMCO of the European Parliament on the proposal of directive on the award of concession contracts
the adopted text excludes the marine ports and the internal ports from the within of application of the provision

24/01/2013Agreement between the Harbour Authority of Livorno and the Interporto Padua
the main objective is to connect the platform electronic of the livornese port and the managerial computer science systems of the interporto Venetian

24/01/2013Conference on the removal of the property left at death one of the ship from Costa Concordia cruise
from ATHENA, will hold 7 February to Genoa

25/01/2013Wärtsilä has recorded clearly an improvement of the economic results in the second half of 2012
At the end of the exercise the value of the orderbook is gone up of the 12%

25/01/2013the extension of "promiscuous waters" of Veneto
Chisso: besides to reduce the bureaucracy, we stimulate also the development of the net of inland navigation

25/01/2013Last year the traffic goods enlivened from the port of Cagliari is diminished of 1.3%
Al Cagliari International Container Terminal two ships mother and six feeder in 24 hours

25/01/2013Today to Singapore encounter between the summits of the Harbour Authority of Genoa and PSA
Illustrated the lines guides of the new town development plan of the port of from Liguria chief town

25/01/2013Within half year CMA CGM will yield the 49% of Terminal Link to Chinese CMHI
the transaction will have a value of 400 million euros

25/01/2013In the 2012 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Ravenna is diminished of the 8.1%
Reduction of the volumes in all the sections: goods several -16,2%; bulk sand banks -2,7%; liquid bulk -4,8%

25/01/2013Last year the port of Taranto has enlivened 34,9 million tons of goods (- 14.4%)
Container in decrease of the 56.4%. The liquid bulk is diminished of the 23.4% and those solid ones of the 4.7%

28/01/2013Germanischer Lloyd and German Aerospace Center renew and widen the capacity of their agreement in the naval field
the objective is to develop to new technologies and applications for the marine section

28/01/2013In the 2012 result clearly of navalmeccanico group South Korean DSME is diminished of the 81.6%
Revenues in increase of the 2.5%

28/01/2013the Harbour Authority of the East asks the candidates parliamentarians to support the development of the harbour system of Bari
the agency denunciation that to the apulian port is removed resources for 64 million euros assigning them to the plan of the terminal of the Maersk group to Vado Ligure

28/01/2013Mameesh (SCA): "the marine traffic in the Suez Canal is carried out regularly and totally is guaranteed"
Investments and loans of the BERS for a billion of destined euros to the plan of development of the water way Egyptian

28/01/2013Facility for the access of the graduates of the Nautical Institutes in the world of the marine job
the allocation of 280 scholarships

28/01/2013the government will sign a protocol of understanding for the completion of the Civitavecchia-Orte superhighway
Incontro of the prime Minister Mounts with the president of the Harbour Authority of Civitavecchia

29/01/2013In the 2012 harbour terminal of DP World has enlivened 56,1 million container (+2.4%)
the group previews to record an ulterior increase in 2013

29/01/2013Mearelli (Assologistica): the logistics will have to be a priority of the new government and the new parliament
Fires (To propel Milan): the creation of an industry of the logistics can create an effect flies for the entire economy

29/01/2013Evergreen Line has inaugurated a new service in the Mediterranean oriental
Collega the hub of the Pireo with the ports of Salonicco, Gebze and Marsaxlokk

29/01/2013In decrease the number of the accidents in the ports of the Sardinia North
Last year twelve incidents (- 40% have happened)

29/01/2013the port of Savannah archivia the 2012 with a new record anniversary of traffic of the container
In the last trimester of the year is recorded a bending of the 3.7%

29/01/2013the Italian government applies to the national airports the criterion of classification adopted from the EU for the knots of the transeuropea net of the transports TRIES
"Core Network" of airports of national interest. The competence on the other ports of call will be transferred to the Regions. The realization of new airship stations is not previewed

29/01/2013the Harbour Committee of Livorno has given the go-ahead free to the cession of the quotas majority of the Port of Livorno 2000
the takeover in the Leighorn port of activity of the Indonesian group Musin Mas

30/01/2013Saipem see again to the decrease the esteem on the results achieved in 2012 and the forecasts for 2013
examination of the course of contracts and the perspectives of the group lead from new management

30/01/2013Hanjin Shipping reduces the losses
the South Korean company has closed 2012 with a net loss of 638,0 billion won. Previewed a return to the profit in 2013

30/01/2013Paolo Uggè (Make) is named president of Unatras
Secretary of the Union is Mauro Concezzi (CNA-Fita)

30/01/2013the EU commission adopts the fourth railway package
the opening of national the rail shipment of passengers from December 2019. The infrastructures will have to be managed from independent managers

30/01/2013Brussels formalizes the prohibition to the takeover of UPS on TNT Express
"the new society - it has emphasized the group American - could have brought a transformation to the field of the logistics"

30/01/2013ABB has signed a contract of service in the long term with the Cruises Star
Prevede the preventive maintenance of all the equipment of the Helvetic group on board of the ship "Virgo Superstar"

30/01/2013In the 2012 port of Algeciras has established the own new record of traffic of the goods
the Spanish port of call has enlivened 88,6 million tons (+7.9%)

30/01/2013the Pakistani government authorizes the transfer of the management of the port of Gwadar from PSA to China Overseas Ports
the concession contract has a duration 40-year-old

31/01/2013Japanese NYK returns to record a clearly quarterly result of positive sign
In the period October-December of the 2012 revenues has grown of the 5.1%

31/01/2013Green light of the ministry to the widening of the organic plant of the Harbour Authority of Livorno
Otto people will be assumed this year and four in 2014

31/01/2013"K" Line archivia the trimester October-December 2012 with a profit of clearly 10,5 billion yen
the revenues have grown of the 8.6%

31/01/2013the definitive plan of the transboundary section of the new line to high railway ability Turin-Lyon
the base tunnel is along 57 kilometers, of which 45 in France and 12 in Italy

31/01/2013the shipowning group Japanese MOL records an important quarterly loss
In the period October-December the liabilities has been of 501 million dollars

31/01/2013the ambassador of the Low Countries in Italy has visited the port of Taranto
the diplomatic delegation has met the president of the Harbour Authority and the commander of the Harbour office

31/01/2013In the 2012 port of Trieste has established the own new record of traffic of the goods
Movimentate altogether 49,2 million tons (+2.0%)

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