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20 February 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 22:21 GMT+1

01/02/2013Mechel buys the 21.64% of Vanino Sea Trade Port
Last month the mining group and metallurgical Russian had acquired the 55% of the harbour society and then yielded great part of the quota

01/02/2013Conference on the strategies and the services in order to promote the excellence and the competitiveness of the nautical industry
will hold 21 February to Padua

01/02/2013In the course of the tenth assembly ESPO anniversary will be discussed about cooperation and politics for the ports
31 the 30 event will hold and May to Vahrn

01/02/2013the Indonesian ambassador to Livorno in order to promote ties with the Leighorn port
Italy is the third European exporter towards the Asian nation

01/02/2013From the 6 to 8 February to Marina di Carrara will hold the eleventh edition of Seatec
To the nautical review will participate 437 exhibitors, of which 259 Italians

01/02/2013Konecranes archivia an optimal only vintage year with the new ones of the fourth trimester
the exercise anniversary has been shut with a profit clearly to 84,7 million euros (+30.4%)

01/02/2013Ciaccia indicates the urgencies of which the next government will have to be made cargo in order to remove the brakes to the logistics
To the Interporto of Bologna has held the second workshop of the plan "the ports of the North"

01/02/2013Coke finds Terminal Genoa Bulk for approximately 10 million euros
the society inside has in concession the area of the bulk of the port of from Liguria chief town

01/02/2013the port of Trieste sends back to 1° the July the application of the increment of the 33% of the harbour taxes
Monassi: we must allow with the enterprises to operate in the best possible conditions

01/02/2013Convention on service RO-LA Trento-Regensburg
will hold 11 February to Trento

01/02/2013MSC has acquired a quota in the container terminal of the group Hanjin Shipping in the port of Long Beach
the investment in the Californian port of call follows that carried out to end 2012 from the French group CMA CMG

04/02/2013Last year the traffic enlivened from the port of Marseilles is diminished of the 3%
Record of the containerized trade and the passengers

04/02/2013In the 2012 terminal of HPH Trust has enlivened 22,9 million container (+4.7%)
the clearly recorded profit from the group has grown of the 18.8%

04/02/2013group ICTSI will manage a new multipurpose terminal in the Honduran port of Puerto Cortés
Will have a annual ability to traffic pairs to approximately 1,8 million container

04/02/2013the Italian shipment society Casasco & Nardi has signed agreement of collaboration with the American UTC Overseas
commercial and operating Cooperation in the business segments full hand container (FCL) and groupage (LCL)

04/02/2013To ABB an order of 40 million dollars in order to extend the terminal of export of the ENI refinery of Taranto
the end of the intense activities is previewed for August 2015

04/02/2013CAM Transports has doubled own takeover in the Interporto Marche
the new logistics center of 5.000 square metres

04/02/2013the critical ICS the decision to introduce tariff increases for the transit of the ships in the Suez Canal
Hinchliffe: for some routes they seem to be indeed absolutely dramatic and many shipowners will find impossible to transfer them to own customers

04/02/2013In the fourth trimester of the 2012 Royal Caribbean Cruises has accused a net loss of 393 million dollars
turned out Sul hung a reduction of the value of the assets of the Pullmantur branch for 385 million dollars. Fain: we continue to having confidence in the Spanish brand

04/02/2013the INAIL Field Navigation has extended the obligatory cover to the crews against the piracy actions
Until last month was previewed the voluntary insurance cover

05/02/2013Undersigned an integrating agreement that avoids the lay-off of 17 workers of Neapolitan Tugs
the understanding with the unions previews the immediate reduction of the 13% of the force job

05/02/2013Last year the traffic of the goods in the fluvial port of Duisburg is dropped of the 12%
is enlivened 110 million tons of cargos

05/02/2013Delay in the distribution of the contributions of redundancy fund for the CSAV Agency Italy
Assagenti and the unions speed up Liguria Region and INPS to place remedy

05/02/2013the companies of the The G6 Alliance widen the scope of the collaboration to the transpacifici traffics
From May will be offered to six services coordinated between Asia and the coast oriental of the America North via Panama hat and Suez

05/02/2013ETF and IDC exhort the EU commission to limit the "superpower" of the shipowners
the two organizations manifest worry for "the disproportionate infuence that this category has on the point of view of the Commission"

05/02/2013To January the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Savona has grown of the 9%
increase of the passengers of the ferries and the cruises

05/02/2013Some societies of the group Contship Italy have joined to Assiterminal
draft of LSCT, CICT, MCT, Dock Service and Speter

05/02/2013the ports of the North Adriatic Ports Association confirm theirs an unit of attempts
the association emphasizes of wanting to increase its competitiveness continuing to support the plans of development of every port

05/02/2013Protocollo of understanding between the Region Basilicata and the Harbour Authority of Taranto
the Jonian harbour port of call will constitute the outlet on the sea of the lucane enterprises

05/02/2013Incontro on the topic "the force of the sea - Ideas of government for the economy of the sea"
from the Party Democratic, will hold tomorrow to Rome

05/02/2013is begun the construction of the first ship from cruise of the plan "Sunshine" of Royal Caribbean
the two units produced from the Meyer Werft yard will call "Quantum of the Seas" and "Anthem of the Seas"

05/02/2013the society of classification ABS will transfer the nordeuropea regional center from London to Amburgo
Al German headquarters will be under responsibility beyond 40 offices of the society in the area

06/02/2013Kombiverkehr will widen the offer of transport arranged in forecast of an increase of the question
Potenziamento of the services in Germany and from and for France, Poland and Hungary

06/02/2013European the marine and internal ports restate the necessity not to carve the budget for transport infrastructures
Tomorrow will open the European board meeting with the objective to reach an agreement on the budget of EU 2014-2020

06/02/2013Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. records an increase of the net profit and a decrease of the orders
the first nine months of fiscal year 2012 have been archived item with a profit of clearly 49,9 billion yen (+52.6%)

06/02/2013the port of Gioia Tauro, after the agreement with New York, forms an alliance also with Shanghai in order to promote the East-West marine route via Suez
the institutions of the three ports will start a campaign in order to stimulate the route through the Mediterranean like alternative to that transpacifica

06/02/2013Masucci (To propel Clubs): the Harbour Authorities, I place side by side to "a political" president, they have need of a managing director
We must have the courage - it has emphasized - to innovate in order to allow with our ports of call to compete better

06/02/2013Mauri (PD): for I throw again of the marine-harbour system do not serve alone investments and norms, but also the attention of the government
Servants in the first place - it has explained - a ministry only of the Transports and a true minister of the Transports

06/02/2013Convention of Propeller Naples on the engagement of the Neapolitans in Europe
will carry out next 19 February

06/02/2013d' Amico (Confitarma): the Harbour Authorities make use quickly from of the faculty annulling the increment of the taxes
the representative of the shipowners has found as the requests of the Italian marine-harbour cluster continue to being unheard

07/02/2013formative Seminary on the prevention of illicit the administrative ones dedicated to the harbour operators
will hold next tuesday to Livorno

07/02/2013In the last Saipem weeks has acquired total contracts for 3,2 billion euros
New activity in segments E&C Onshore, E&C Offshore and Offshore Drilling

07/02/2013In the 2012 volume of goods transported in Germany has recorded a contraction of the 2.2%
In increase the transport via sea and pipeline. Decrease in the other modalities

07/02/2013deterioration of the economic results of Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. in the fourth trimester of 2012
the period has been archived item with a net loss of approximately 319 million dollars

07/02/2013logistic group GEFCO has opened a filial new in South Africa
GEFCO South Africa has center center to Johannesburg and three warehouses in the cities of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban

07/02/2013To the Interporto Marche has held the kick-off of the European plan "Intermodadria"
is the increase of the competitiveness of the marine transport short beam and its integration in the logistic chain

07/02/2013terminalista group German HHLA records a bending of the economic performances
Last year the managed harbour terminals from the society have enlivened 7,2 million container (+1.4%)

07/02/2013Last month the traffic of the container in the port of Kaohsiung has grown of the 5.3%
Sbarchi and embarks in increase respective of 1.2% and the 9.7%

07/02/2013ICS denunciation the delay of Italy in introducing to the IMO the results of the inquiry on the shipwreck of Costa Concordia
Morooka: this lack is simply unacceptable. Conference of ATHENA on the removal of the property left at death one

08/02/2013the logistic group Nippon Express buys the Italian shipment house Franco Vago
the Italian company is specialized in the shipment and logistics of the apparel heads

08/02/2013Assagenti, insignificant the impact of the pause of the ships from cruise on the protect marine area of Portofino
Muscatels: numerous crocieristiche companies have cancelled Portofino from the ports of call and in the 2012 passengers they have been halved

08/02/2013the Harbour Authorities of Savona and Tarragona and Reefer Terminal to Logistic the Fruit fair of Berlin
Miazza: in the 2012 field ortofrutticolo it has held the blows of the national and international recession well

08/02/2013ABB has obtained from the ship yard Jurong Shipyard an order of the value of 160 million dollars
Prevede the supply of wirings for seven ships from perforation

08/02/2013In the 2012 traffic of the goods enlivened from the Spanish ports is increased of the 3.9%
Nuovo historical record of the container with beyond 14 million teu, of which beyond the half in transit

08/02/2013the contract of solidarity for the harbour Company of Monfalcone
Asked for 32 lay-offs between the 82 dependent

08/02/2013Battle of the Sardinia Region in order to make of the entire one isolates a bonded area
a communication to the communitarian organisms for the activation of the integral bonded area

08/02/2013Last year the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona is diminished of the 3.6%
Fleeting in decrease of the 10.6%

11/02/2013Last month the traffic of ships and goods in the Suez Canal has recorded a strong contraction
the important via of water Egyptian is crossed by 1.311 ships (- 15.9%)

11/02/2013In Italy the field of the tourist portualità is to the final grip
Assomarinas asks "less Is been and more enterprise"

11/02/2013the fall of a lifeboat cause the dead women of five marine ones of Thomson Majesty
Wounded others three members of the crew. The "Carnival Triumph" has remained without propulsion

11/02/2013ANITA and Trasportounito denounce the inability of Italy to face the bad weather
Arcese: the announcement of presuming "hard snowed" is sufficient in order to block all the field of the transports and the normal industrial activity

11/02/2013the Baleària Spanish doubles the connections between Florida and Bahamas
a service between the port of Miami and the island of Bimini

11/02/2013the Harbour Authority of Antwerp signs an agreement of collaboration with the Rosmorport Russian
Cooperation in the fields of the harbour development, the widening of the trasportistiche and logistic nets and the attraction of investments in harbour infrastructures

11/02/2013a distributor in province of Bolzano is first to allow recharges it hooligan-fast of the vehicles constituents
a system of the Helvetic group of ABB

11/02/2013International C.I.S.Co. Conference on North South Traffic
will hold and April to Catania

11/02/2013the Dutch Damen Shipyards has bought the Shipdock compatriot
the society work yards of naval repair to Amsterdam and Harlingen

11/02/2013Master in management and policy of the logistics integrated in the Mediterranean
is promoted by Link Campus University and Rete Mediterranean Freeways with the support of the Inpdap

11/02/2013from Abruzzo port of Vasto will be coupled to the Network of the world-wide containerized marine transport
From thursday will be connected via feeder with the port of Trieste

12/02/2013In the 2012 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of is diminished of the 9.7%
the container has been 1.247.218 (- 4.6%). Heavy contraction of the liquid bulk. Rise of the bulk sand banks

12/02/2013the crisis of the hires to the buoy turn
To the question will be tried to give to an answer thursday to Genoa in the course of an organized seminary from the Group Young of Assagenti with Wista Italy

12/02/2013CMA CGM announces the completion of the plan of restructure of the situation financial institution of the shipowning group
is based on three pillars: agreement with the credit institutions; agreement with the public fund Fonds Stratégique d' Investissement; investment of the Turkish group Yildirim

12/02/2013ABB buys American APS Group Technology
the Californian company develops systems of automation and optical reading for the harbour and intermodal terminals

12/02/2013the port of Amburgo closes 2012 with a bending of the traffic in all the main merceologici sections
conventional Container -1,7%, bulk -0,4% and goods -15,6%. Increase of the exports

12/02/2013Cargotec will install the headquarters of the activities of MacGregor to Singapore
the possibility to place the division on the securities market

12/02/2013the system of inland navigation from the Adriatic to Mantua is percorribile from boats of fifth European class
Inaugurate the new conche of Cavanella d'Adige

13/02/2013Brewer (Textainer): 2012 have been an exceptional year for the company
"- it has emphasized - we have not only obtained performance record in the last trimester, but also for the entire year"

13/02/2013the Italian ports do not have to continue to being considered a kind of optional
emphasizes It Assoporti, that a directory of the priorities of the field for the new government anticipates

13/02/2013In the 2012 traffic in the Swiss Rhenish ports has recorded a rise of the 27.0%
Movimentate beyond 7,2 million tons of goods

13/02/2013Cargotec closes 2012 with a decrease of the results and the new orders
the value of the orderbook to 31 past December has been attested to 2,02 billion euros (- 17%)

14/02/2013Increase of the economic performances of the charters of container CAI International and SUCH International
Positive the results of the exercise anniversary 2012

14/02/2013Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Singapore is diminished of the 6.6%
the volume in containerized tons of the goods is dropped of the 2.9%

14/02/2013In 2012 group ABB has recorded a rise of the 3.5% of the revenues and a decrease of the 14.6% of the result clearly
Stable the new orders. Hogan: all the main device drivers for our activity over the long term remain intact

14/02/2013the definitive data of the traffic enlivened in the 2012 from the port of Bremen/Bremerhaven confirmation the record
the volume total of the goods is inferior of a million tons regarding the preliminary figure

14/02/2013Last year the harbour terminals of Eurogate have enlivened 13,3 million container (- 0.1%)
Eckelmann: it is improbable that 2013 can carry a long-lasting improvement

14/02/2013UCINA anticipates to the candidates parliamentarians its plan for the economic reconstruction of the nautical Italian
the association has announced that a first estimates relative to 2012 evidences a possible decrease of the turnover of the field on 2011 of ulterior a 20%

14/02/2013Maersk Line is extended the suspension of service AE9 Asia-Europe
To April will be melted with transpacifico service TP7

15/02/2013To January the traffic of the container enlivened from the port of Hong Kong is diminished of the 0.7%
the Asian port of call has enlivened 1.987.000 teu

15/02/2013Bending of the economic results of the crocieristica division of German group TUI
In the last trimester of 2012 recorded an increment of the 28.4% of the revenues

15/02/2013Last month the two ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles City have enlivened 1,2 million container (4.3%)
In the first port the traffic has grown of the 17.5%, in the second is diminished of the 4.3%

15/02/2013In Liguria will be formed the "geometricians of the sea"
a provision of the Region institutes a two-year course of "expert advanced technician under construction in harbour, coastal, fluvial and lacustrine within"

15/02/2013Moving away the great ships from cruise, Venice risks to lose 365 million euros per year and 6,800 places of work
emphasizes It the Harbour Authority, that it evidences the necessity to maintain the landings place to the terminal of Marine

15/02/2013After 30 years a ship of US Navy returns to carry out intense activities of repair in the port of Genoa
"USS Mount Whitney" in the Saint George yard of the Port

15/02/2013Convention on the administrative responsibility of the agencies with reference to the harbour terminals and the companies of navigation
will hold 22 February to Genoa

18/02/2013Deep of the Tuscany Region in order to upgrade the four regional commercial ports
To Viareggio, Santo Stefano Port, Isola del Giglio and Marciana Marina will go 7,16 million euros

18/02/2013Port Vancouver Meter has concluded 2012 with a new record of traffic of the container
the Canadian harbour port of call has enlivened 2.713.160 teu (+8.2%)

18/02/2013CSAV orders to Samsung Heavy Industries Ltd. the construction of seven portacontainer from 9.000 teu
Option for seven ships of the same ability

18/02/2013the transports deserve more than a quota pairs only to the 2.4% of the new budget EU
emphasizes It European organizations EFIP, ESPO, INE, IRU, PDI, ECGs, ECSA, ETF, ECASBA AAA road service Europe and CER

18/02/2013In the winter season 2013/2014 MSC Cruises will return in the United Arab Emirates
"MSC" will propose cruises in departure from Dubay

18/02/2013Konecranes will produce reach stacker and the fork trucks for Tidy container of the German
Agreement with group KION

19/02/2013Undersigned the contract that assigns the management of the Pakistani port of Gwadar to the Chineses
Previously the conduction of the port of call was conferred to group PSA of Singapore

19/02/2013to I do not renew of the guiding lines EU on the application of the rules of the competition to the marine transport
the EU commission has announced the decision to confirm of the expiration next the 28 september

19/02/2013the CIPE has authorized the second constructive lottery of the gallery of base of Brenner
the value of the participation is of 638 million euros on a all in cost of the plan of beyond 4,8 billion euros

19/02/2013In the 2012 result clearly of the Greek Diana Containerships has grown of the 64.4%
the revenues Time base charter are increased of the 109.8%

20/02/2013To January the traffic of the goods in the Chinese ports has recorded an emphasized rise
the containers enlivened from the marine ports of call have been pairs to 14.001.900 teu (+14.4%)

20/02/2013a new service ro-ro of Greek MCCL connects the Adriatic with the Black Sea
Effettua ports of call to the ports of Koper, Pireo, Derince and Poti

20/02/2013Brussels authorizes a modification to the plan of restructure of the Croatian ship yard Brodosplit
the privatization contract will be signed within next 28 February

20/02/2013In rise the containerized trade enlivened from the Australian Patrick
In the second half of the year of the 2012 is totaled 1.567.900 teu (+3.1%)

20/02/2013Last year the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Livorno is diminished of the 7.6%
In increase the liquid bulk and the crocieristi; decrease in the other sections of activity

20/02/2013the strategy Leadership 2020 in order to safeguard and to develop the naval shipbuilding competitiveness of the European
Will be subordinate to the Council of the European Union on the competitiveness in program to May

21/02/2013the prefect of Savona has visited the port of from Liguria city
Inspections to the Maersk yard to I go and the docks of Savona

21/02/2013Ignazio Messina & C. Spa have taken in delivery the fourth of a series of eight new portacontenitori ships ro-ro
the unit is constructed by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering. Yielded a Suezmax in compartecipazione with Premuda

21/02/2013Clergeau (CRPM): the regions will support with conviction the development of the European navalmeccanica industry
"In the marine-harbour field - it has emphasized - is the potential one for the birth of real European industrial champions and for the increase of the occupation"

21/02/2013ITF against the sentences that condemn the Moroccan union members Elhairech and Chamchati to the detainment
Crumlin: "we will fight in any case against these unjust and absurd decisions"

21/02/2013Last year the port of Ancona has enlivened beyond 7,9 million tons of goods (- 5.5%)
the traffic of the passengers has accused a decrease of the 24.5%

22/02/2013In the 2012 profit clearly of A.P. Møller-Mærsk has grown of the 19.6% thanks to the halving of the voice of the taxes
the revenues are dropped of the 2.0%. Improvement of the performances of Maersk Line

22/02/2013Agreement VTE-CSP for velocizzare the entrance and the escape of cargos to the container genoese terminal of Prà-Voltri
Bertacchini: the Consortium Harbour Services is constituted in order to answer to the organizational imperatives of a harbour system that looks to the future

22/02/2013the certification Port Environmental Review System to the ports of Corfù, Lagos, Kavala, Volos and Piombino
That from Tuscany one is the first Italian port of call to obtain this certificate, that it is the only standard of specific environmental management for the harbour field

22/02/2013Today the port of Venice has celebrated the "Safety Day"
Rewarded the workers who have marked themselves for practical "sure"

22/02/2013In 2012 shipowning group and logistic NOL has reduced the losses
the fleet of portacontainer of the APL has transported beyond 3,0 million container (+1%)

22/02/2013the Italian Association of the Tourist Ports asks less Is been and more enterprise
Assomarinas renews the exhortation to the abolition of Italy Navigating

22/02/2013APM Terminals signs the definitive contract for the management of the new container terminal of the Turkish port of Petkim
Verrà the terminalista society Aegean Gateway Terminal

22/02/2013To January the traffic in the port of Ravenna is increased of the 6.9%
Movimentate 1,8 million tons of goods

25/02/2013the genoese and Italian world of the shipping supports the search on the oncologiche diseases emato
the proceeds collected with the publishing initiative "Little Gipsies 3"

25/02/2013In the 2012 result clearly of the shipowning company Saudi Bahri has grown of the 74%
the volume of transactions is increased of the 24%

25/02/2013Eni-Rosneft Agreement for the development of opportunity of trading and logistics
has been undersigned saturday to Rome

25/02/2013Under way the intense activities of dredging in the port of Pescara
In program the removal of approximately 200.000 cubic metres of sediments

25/02/2013This year the crocieristico traffic produced from MSC Cruises to Civitavecchia will increase of the 55%
Previewed 119 ports of call for a handling of 516.480 passengers

25/02/2013Initiative in order to promote the partial transfer of the transport from the rubber to the track
is agreed by the ministry of the Atmosphere with Trenitalia and Autamarocchi

25/02/2013portacontainer Emma Maersk has reached today Palermo
the ship will be subordinate to intense activities of repair in the Fincantieri yard

26/02/2013On the new ships with-ro Messina is installed the systems of cleansing of gases of Wärtsilä drainage
Undersigned the order for the four ro-ro portacontenitori under construction near STX Offshore & Shipbuilding

26/02/2013In the 2012 port of Santos has enlivened a traffic record of 104,5 million tons of goods
Increment of the 7.6% on the year precedence

26/02/20136 March to Genoa will be introduced the book "is not the sea my enemy. The shipwreck of the Seagull"
the volume of Liliana Lanzardo is published from Mursia

26/02/2013Antonini has been discharged from the charge of president of Fincantieri
the Italian navalmeccanico group has closed 2012 with an increase of the exercise result. The value of the orderbook is diminished of the 6.5%

26/02/2013the new Marine Station of Trieste will open the March clappers at the beginning
the structure has a total surface of 2.700 square metres

26/02/2013Last month the traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Genoa is diminished of the 9.3%
Calo of the bulk. The goods containerized is increased of the 3.7%

27/02/2013Monday to Genoa will take to the way the first European experimental course on the blue and green economy
Is organized from Liguria Region and the University of Genoa

27/02/2013Proseguono the intense activities of extension of the dock the west of the first container terminal of the port of Marsaxlokk
the dock, currently used for parking moorings, will allow operating moorings

27/02/2013Agreement RINA - IB for the development of software dedicated to the management of the ships
a system dedicated to the governance energetic of the ships

27/02/2013the EU commission newly prohibits the takeover of Ryanair on Aer Lingus
Verrebbe to create a monopoly or a dominant position, is once again the motivation of "not"

27/02/2013IVECO renews for others three years the contract of partnership with Kuehne + Nagel
the logistic operator on behalf manages of the Italian society five distributive centers for the replacement parts in Italy, Germany, Spain, France and United Kingdom

27/02/2013Eurispes, Italy is the back marker of the European rail shipment of the goods
Tosti: the tendency has been that to concentrate itself on great works, for other often announced and never realized, without to cure itself to value the system of the internal connections

28/02/2013In the 2012 traffic of the goods enlivened in Germany on track is diminished of the 2.4%
Trasportate altogether 366,1 million tons

28/02/2013In the exercise the 2011-12 traffic of the goods in the Indian ports has grown of the 3%
In the period April-september 2012 recorded an increment of 1.8%

28/02/2013Bergen has yielded the Rosenberg ship yard to the Australian group WorleyParsons
the transaction has a value of approximately 146 million euros

28/02/2013With plan INWAPO the port of Trieste studies the opportunities in order to interact with the systems of fluvial water ways
the interest of the giuliano harbour agency is turned is to the idroviario system of the Italy North that to the system of fluvial water ways in Central Europe

28/02/2013the Board di Finnlines has deliberated the new emission 4,6 million sets in action
the company has closed 2012 with a net loss of 0,1 million euros

28/02/2013In the fourth trimester of 2012 of Friend International Shipping is returned in profit
Fiore: "the market of the tankers comes from four years of cycle negative, but many factors now seem to move in the just direction"

28/02/2013Last month the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona has grown of the 2.5%
Rise of the bulk and several decrease of the goods

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